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Our Guest Keith Ellis

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KEITH:  The other day I prayed for a woman with a 4 centimeter tumor. It was in her stomach. 4 cen… My driver’s here. He was there. 4 centimeter tumor in her stomach. And I looked at her and I said “Healed!!” And she just left and went back to her doctor. I didn’t know she was scheduled for surgery. She’s goes. She’s out shopping. She gets a call on her cell phone and her doctor says you need to come by. We need to get some tests ready for surgery. She goes and guess what? There’s no 4 centimeter tumor!


AUDIENCE:  Hallelujah!! Whooo! (CLAPPING)


KEITH:  There’s no… the blood has cleared up. The blood is perfect. She’s standing in the church crying. The blood is perfect. The 4 centimeter tumor is gone! What did God do? He gave her a minute! Just one minute with God. Sixty supernatural seconds. But here’s what the Lord said. You remember those sixty seconds? I said yeah. He said, He said you know you keep telling everybody about that Esther, if you read in the book of Esther, as the Jews were about to go into destruction, you keep telling everybody that there’s a word that all of a sudden things turn for the Jews favor. And the Jews came out on top. Right? You understand that? He said you’re always telling everybody. He said I want you to tell people this. He said I want you to tell them that this year, this year, right? This year just like that word “turn,” in the… you can even look it up in the Strong’s. It’s the number is 2015. What does that tell us? WOW! That things are going to turn for us for the good. Just like it did for the Jews in the book Esther in 2015. But God said the way that I showed you that hand going around sixty seconds? He said how old are you going to be this May? And I said Lord, I’ll be 60 years old. 60 seconds and 60, my book’s coming out, you know, so God waits till I was 60 to let me write the book that happened 35 years ago.




KEITH:  You know it took me a while didn’t it? You can tell I’m not a writer. But anyways it was you know 60 seconds and I’m turning 60 years old. Now watch this now. Here’s what He said to me last night in a dream. He said 60 and 60 is how much, my son? I said 120. He said how many was in the Upper Room?




KEITH:  120. He said if I was you I’d get prepared.


AUDIENCE:  Whooo! Hallelujah!


KEITH:  He said you know what happened on the day of Pentecost. By the way the mother of Jesus was in that Upper Room. C’mon you all. When the Holy Spirit came and the glory and the presence of God. You know David knew how powerful that was. You know when Saul was king that Ark was down there and he just left it. You know King Saul? Who when David come back what was one of the first things he wanted to do? He wanted to bring the Ark home. The glory and the presence of God. God is sending His glory, His presence home. Where? Israel! And to the Jewish people. The Jews first and then the rest of them. And you know what? I have Jewish blood in me too so I know what God’s doing. God is speaking. You’re about to see the greatest move of God among the Jewish people you’ve ever saw. You’re about to see creative miracles. That’s going to cause the Gentiles to come into revival. Worldwide revival. Is that right? I’m glad we’re connected to Sid Roth. I’m glad I’m connected to Jesus, he and I both.    I’m glad God is about to bless your life. I’m glad you’re about to get “sixty supernatural seconds.” Some of you have been hurting in your left arm. You’ve been hurting in your left arm. I felt it several times. Some of you it may be arthritis. It may be poor circulation. I keep feeling this in my left arm. God’s, I believe God’s healing that right now by faith. If you believe that, if that’s you, you’ve been having problems in your left arm raise your hand right now. Somebody… yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Your left arm. Yeah, yeah. There it is right there. It’s in your left arm. Not only that, somebody’s been having trouble in their sciatic nerve. Their sciatic nerve. I kept feeling my sciatic nerve in my leg, going down the side of my leg while I was sitting there. Who in the world in here has got that problem with your sciatic nerve? Yeah, hands are being raised all over in sciatic nerve. Not only that, there are people that are in here that literally you’ve been having trouble with your ears? Your ears. Raise your hands, all those that’s having trouble in their ears. Yeah, yeah. I command that spirit of deafness to go in the mighty name of Jesus. You get out spirit of deafness. GO in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Some of you are going to begin to have prophetic dreams. How many want them? You can’t release something unless you have something! I have prophetic dreams all the time, that’s every night. I mean I’m a dreamer. People ask my wife says what does your husband do the most? She says dreams.



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January 18th, 2018 at 10:04 am

Our Guest James Maloney

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SID: You know, Dr. James Maloney, you have such an outstanding ministry with signs and wonders, and being translated to other parts of the world, and there are so many things we’ve talked about previously. But 50 years of divine health and then you get hit. What happened?


JAMES: At 58 years of age, I had been in the ministry over 40 years or so, and I just got exhausted and allowed some frustration in my life over hundreds and hundreds, and hundreds of services. And I opened up the door to vocalizing the frustration and it had turned into anxiety.


SID: Would you say you got very critical?


JAMES: Yes. I began to murmur and complain. First Corinthians 10:10 says that, “The Children of Israel, as they murmured and complained in the wilderness,” we all know this, “that they opened the door and they were destroyed of the destroyer.” And my particular situation, I want to make it very clear to our viewing audience, that none of this God authored. None of it is in his perfect will. I’m the one that opened up the door to verbal frustration and complaining. Now you know, I don’t want anyone out there to think we’ve all complained at one time or another that if you have just a little open door of complaining and murmuring that’s really going to open up a major door of the enemy against you. No. Just in my situation, God expected more of me because of what I’ve seen and experienced.


SID: You found the open door. What did you do about it when you found it?


JAMES: Repented. And I mean fell on the rock and just came into, cut into even a greater referential fear of my Heavenly Father in just a childlike simplicity of no matter how difficult, painful, whatever I was going through, that I could just cast all my cares upon the trustworthiness of God the Father. You know, I don’t understand all of this, what doors were open. When the door or the revelation came, I quickly repented, but as many of us could relate to this, I wanted God the Father to do an instantaneous miracle.


SID: You’ve come a long way because I talked to you when you couldn’t go out, your condition was so bad. But you have a long way to go. You are a hundred percent convinced it’s going to manifest and I would not have you on the show if I wasn’t a hundred convinced it’s going to manifest. But why aren’t you just waiting? Why are you coming on in this condition you’re in?


JAMES: Well I refuse to give up. I refuse to die.


SID: Even though it hasn’t manifested completely on the outside, you are now moving in such extraordinary miracles, such extraordinary presence of God coming from you, it would be a crime for you not to be on television right now.


JAMES: Thank you. I’m going to do something here. I’m going to smile over that statement because it’s so gracious of you, Sid, but I have to have a little help, so I’m going to lift up this left lip.


SID: A merry heart is good medicine.


JAMES: Hey, I want to first state before everyone, I do not have cancer. I’m completely healed of it.


SID: Praise God. And I’m going to tell you something else. The Anointing does not depend on the way the temporary earth suit looks. Did you know that? And James is now walking in such extraordinary creative miracles. When we come back I’m going to have James share just a few of them. And I have to tell you, in all the years I’ve been investigating miracles, I’ve never heard of so many outrageous miracles. I mean, you went through hell, but you entered into Heaven on Earth. Be right back.

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January 11th, 2018 at 7:35 am

Our Guest David Yanez

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DAVID: Sleep walking miracles, right? (laughs) Well get this. I didn’t even remember this. I didn’t. The only time, the only reason I remember this is because two people that were with me on that trip were on my radio show and when they were on my radio show they told me, I asked them both what kind of miracle was the best miracle or something, well you can’t say really the best, but what really encouraged you? And they all said that miracle. And I’m like I don’t remember that one. I did that? What? And I called some friends in India that were in the vehicle and they all confirmed it. God can touch whoever He wants to touch!




DAVID: God is seeing His servant David Yanez sleeping on the job (kidding), no, seen him resting and he was coming. and say you know what? David’s passing by and this guy’s been here for 28 years. Finally I’ve got a man of faith that can go and do this for me that I can, that is submitted, that I can get this taken care of. Who wants that to happen in their life?




DAVID: Who wants God to use them in great ways that you don’t even remember what you did? You don’t even remember but God did it. God did that! I wanna talk to you about “whosoever, whatsoever.” Whosoever, I wanna go into this one and then into prayer. I wanna tell you this. I suffered from just an injury that made it difficult to sit down, difficult to drive, difficult to travel in planes, difficult to do anything. Difficult!! I couldn’t. It was just constant pain. I’m holding healing services and during the services I’m moving and I think I’ve got my healing, praise God. No, after the service I look like Yoda trying to get back to my room.




DAVID: And then I started reading this scripture here. Mark 11:23. “For verily I say unto you that whosoever shall say unto this mountain be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea shall not doubt in thy heart but believe those things which he saith shall come to pass. He shall have whatsoever he saith.”  “Whosoever” when you see that in the Bible means you. You put your name in there. Insert name here. And “whatsoever” is whatever’s bothering you, whatever you need, whatever blessing you need to get in. And I read that and when I read that well that pain left but guess what? Another pain came in. It was my knee this time. And I’m holding healing services in Louisiana and the knees are popping! There’s a sound of faith that I could hear the popping but praise God, I thought I was healed but after the service I’m over there trying to get to my room. I takes me ten minutes cause I couldn’t even walk fast. But you know what? I did not stop doing my call. I did not stop. I did not stop existing. C’mon!




DAVID: I did not go and lay in a puddle of sweat and tears. I kept praising the Lord. I kept walking it forward. I kept being a do-er of the Word. God says He loves a do-ers of the Word. And I kept doing it and I kept believing but it got to a point where I’m like Lord, we’re gonna have to cut this leg cut off or do something with it cause it’s just killing me. It’s hard. I’m gonna have to get surgery or something Lord but I know that You can heal me and I’m standing on that. And I started reading it and then I had to look at that story again in Mark. And I looked at it when Jesus talked to the Fig Tree He said you will not produce anymore, you will wither and die. One of the very only illustrations, maybe the only, that He saidà that He didn’t bring anything back to life, that He caused it to die. Everything else God brought, Jesus brought back to life almost. Almost everything. This is one of the only instances He said you must die. And I had to study that and it gave me revelation. We have to dictate and decree the terms! C’mon, it’s not enough to say God bless me with this or bless me with that. We gotta know our rights! And I said Lord, I declare I got my knee! I said I declare and I decree that this knee will be healed! I said knee you will be healed by the end of this week! That’s where my faith was. By the end of this week during this healing service you will be touched and you will never bother me again. That’s according to Nahum 1:9. You will never return unto me again! And do you know I’m preaching and that week it wasn’t too hard to lay down and go to bed because the pain would keep you up. And then by the fourth night, third night and the fourth night I was doing better and then by the fifth night I’m preaching and I heard that beautiful sound that I heard in Louisiana. Something popped. It was a knee. I could hear it. And I looked down and I was healed. I touched the leg and guess what? The healing was so awesome that I did not remember which knee was bothering me, praise God!




DAVID: And I did something VERY foolish! I did something very foolish. I jumped off the stage but praise God for grace.




DAVID: I was still healed. I was still healed. I want you to set the terms right now, right now for the things you need in your body. Right now. I want you to believe for it. I want you to believe for it and I want you to right now we’re gonna talk to this mountain. We’re gonna command this mountain to leave in our life. I want everybody to say: “I am whosoever!”


AUDIENCE: I am whosoever!


DAVID: And I can have whatsoever!


AUDIENCE: And I can have whatsoever!


DAVID: And I command this mountain to leave!


AUDIENCE: And I command this mountain to leave!


DAVID: In Jesus’ name!


AUDIENCE: In Jesus’ name!


DAVID: I believe!


AUDIENCE: I believe!


DAVID: I tell you what. God does the miraculous. We just have to believe. We just have to agree with the Word of God and the Word of God always is a blessing! Amen?




DAVID: Amen!



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