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Our Guest Joan Hunter

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SID: Okay. Joan Hunter, death sentence, cancer, two years to live. They can’t understand it. It disappeared, the cancer. How many years has that been now?

JOAN: It’s been over 14 years. Praise God.

SID: Okay. There are a lot of people with broken hearts. I think, Joan, to be human is to live in a human world with imperfect people. Of course, we’re perfect. Just to be married is enough to get a broken heart. But what do you do about it? What did you do about it?

JOAN: What happened to me is that I got rid of all the junk in my heart and I told him, I said, I felt like that somebody, that he had taken my heart. My heart was literally shredded, taken it out, run through a meat grinder and then stomped on, and then handed back to me, of which it obviously, metaphorically, I received the heart back. I gave it to God and I said, “God, you’re the only one who can heal the heart.” I went to doctors, counselors. They said seven to eight years you might feel a little better, but you will never, ever get over this. You will never, ever get over it. I’m so over it, I teach about how people can get healed and over it, and then forget about it. Praise God. Hallelujah. Have it completely wiped from your memory. And then my teaching of this, 14 years ago, they have just recently over the last couple of years, a broken heart syndrome.

SID: It’s a medical term.

JOAN: It’s a medical term, a broken heart syndrome. And what they do is they’ve gone in and looked at the actual physical heart and the x-rays in like the camera that goes in, oh, you have broken heart syndrome. It’s actually shredded. I think that is so amazing. And literally, a couple of months ago, I had my heart examined, you know, and they said, “You have the most amazing heart. I wish I had your heart.” My doctor is 40 years old and I’m 61. So yeah.

SID: A 40-year-old cardiologist said, was he a cardiologist?

JOAN: A regular GP.

SID: Okay. He wants her heart, 61.

JOAN: That’s pretty good. I have a new heart. I have a brand new heart, totally not shredded, totally healed.

SID: You know what I’d like? You did something for a number of members of my staff.

JOAN: We’re having a revival here.

SID: I know, but they’re not working. They’re just so ecstatic. What did you do for them?

JOAN: They’re healed and whole, and working better now because they do not have to think about the past.

SID: I’m teasing.

JOAN: I know you are. But it was so amazing, some of the different things. Several of them, I ministered to them yesterday, they slept through the night for the first time in years. One person, every night their father would come at the same time, take the covers off and beat them. And every night for probably 30 years, waking up at the same time, same time every night going [breathe].

SID: What causes that, by the way?

JOAN: Oh, it’s trauma, trauma and cellular memory. So I prayed for her yesterday to break that clock of that memory and she slept through the night for the first time last night with no waking up going [breathe], it’s my father coming in. Hallelujah. That’s just one of the miracles.

SID: Tell me a little bit about this thing called cellular memory. What is that?

JOAN: It’s really amazing with cellular memory. Like I prophesied, I had a word of knowledge, which you know, you did earlier today. I had a word of knowledge that this person had been beaten by a baseball bat by their mother when they were younger. And he’s now, he came to me later, he’s now 35, had had 30 years of pain every place where his mother beat him. And I spoke that out. He went home that night, slept through the night, no pain. Came back the next day. He says, “Every place that was bruised because of cellular memory was completely healed and all the pain of those beatings and the memory of it was completely gone.” It’s amazing.

SID: It is. You know what? Joan was teaching yesterday and she explained when someone has an organ transplant, like a heart transplant, explain the cellular memory there.

JOAN: It depends on how the person died. Like I’ll give you an easy one. The person dies and they died in a falling accident. Well this person gets the new heart and they’re going, they wake up and they’re going, I feel like I’m falling. I don’t know what, I can’t stop. I just keep falling. Well it’s because that’s how this person died. And then their hearts have been transplanted because of murder and they’re being bludgeoned to death or being, you know, the murder is happening again to them, even though it’s not physically. They’re able to see the murderer’s face, even though it happened to this person. They’re able to identify, get a composite sketch

SID: So the heart actually has a memory.

JOAN: Has memory.

SID: When it comes from one body to another, the memory travels.

JOAN: Yes. And between that, blood transfusions, body part transplants, any of that kind of stuff. I’m not against that, but you make sure that that heart has been prayed over, trauma out of it, cellular memory out of it to go before it comes in. And once that person got arrested, you know, that had murdered the other one, then she had no more nightmares.

SID: All right. What if I ask Joan, when we come back to pray for you, to pray for that shredded heart and to pray a very supernatural prayer that those memories, your memories of every day. I mean, let me tell you how traumatic it was for Joan. Her husband, after the divorce, would take her daughters to a gay bar. I mean, can you picture that? What about those memories?

JOAN: Well he took two of the daughters there, and it’s a long involved story where that’s concerned. I learned how to really pray for my kids and give them to God. But what happened is all of those, I know that that happened. I know his lifestyle. But all the other things, God has totally wiped it away, totally wiped it away. All I have is awesome great memories of him, which that’s got to be God.

SID: It’s got to be God. We’ll be right back and it’s your time, your turn.

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Our Guest Bill Johnson

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SID: Hello. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. You know, my guest found a key and he operates in so many major miracles it’s almost unfair. And this is his key. He read a scripture one day that said, “Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done on Earth,” get this, “on Earth as it is in Heaven.” And he figured out there’s no sickness in Heaven. There’s no fear in Heaven. There’s no poverty in Heaven. And he figured out keys of how, and it’s just so profound and so wonderful, of how all of us can walk on Earth as we would do in Heaven. I want you to get ready to not just hear a man that walks in spectacular miracles, but get ready for Heaven to invade Earth. Now [unintelligible] in the Bible, a renewed mind. But Bill Johnson, this was, if not the key, one of the major keys to transform your walk with God into the Kingdom of Heaven being on Earth as it is in Heaven. What do you mean by a renewed mind?

BILL: A renewed mind is the mind of Christ. It’s actually seeing from God’s perspective. He sees things differently. Jesus wasn’t nervous when there was a need to feed the multitudes when they only had a few loaves and fishes. He sees differently and he expected his disciples through the experience of the miraculous to learn to see the way he did. In fact, he asked them, “Can’t you perceive? Don’t you understand?” He asked them that question when they were worried about not having enough food for lunch, and it was right after multiplying food. So they were still locked into an Earth to Heaven perspective.

SID: You know, a lot of people read the Bible but were so bombarded by everything going on, on Earth, it’s almost like it goes in one ear and out the other.

BILL: That’s true.

SID: And we go back into automatic pilot.

BILL: That’s true. Most believers live from Earth towards Heaven hoping, begging God to intervene, to come into the middle of a problem. The renewed mind is living from Heaven towards Earth.

SID: If you had understood these premises you’re teaching today, as a new believer, what difference would it have made in your ministry?

BILL: Well it makes all the difference in the world. First of all, it starts with the cornerstone of theology, the goodness of God, that He actually is good, a father. He’s a loving father that sent His son to an orphaned planet. And when you realize the goodness of God is kindness, that He’s a loving, perfect father, then suddenly that changes everything, the way you see Him, the way you see yourself, the way you see your past, the way you see your potential. Everything shifts and changes when you realize that you have an absolute loving, perfect father. And it’s not a license to do what I want. It’s the passion to do what pleases Him most, and it comes out of that understanding what He’s like. That’s the beginning of the renewed mind. It changes how we see Him.

SID: So just give me an illustration. Someone walks up to you. They say, “My hip is hurting me.” What goes on? What’s the process inside of you? What do you do?

BILL: Well first of all, Jesus healed everyone who came to him and healed everyone the Father directed him to. So my approach is Jesus Christ is perfect theology, and so my approach is always going to serve that person as though Jesus were standing in these shoes. Sometimes I don’t get the breakthrough he would have gotten, but I don’t lower the standard of expectation or the standard of Scripture to my level of experience.

SID: So if the next ten people that have a bad hip you prayed for and nothing happens, what affects Bill Johnson? What’s going on inside of you?

BILL: Well if I have ten people with the same problem come to me and I don’t see a breakthrough, for me that’s an invitation to get alone with God to cry out for a breakthrough. It’s not as though I have to persuade Him. It’s that the process of encountering Him is what changes me and often times enables or equips me, empowers me to deal with the stuff that He’s bringing my way.

SID: Okay. You talk a lot about the scripture that says, when Jesus prayed that the Kingdom of God would take place on Earth. “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Now that is a major statement. Is that how you live your life?

BILL: Yeah. That’s it. That’s my focus. I try. I mean, that’s my whole life is, there is no Plan B. You know, he gave us a very clear example in how he lived and a very clear commission in what he told us to do, and it is to bring the reality of his dominion to Earth over any and every situation. And that’s my passion. That’s our passion.

SID: So help me out. At your school, you require, get this, he requires his students to fail three times. I didn’t say be successful three times. He requires them to, why do you do that, Bill? Come on now.

BILL: Let me give you an illustration. I used to live in an area where we would steelhead fish. And this old-timer took me out fishing, and he says, “If you don’t get your tackle, the bait and weight, if you don’t get it caught on the bottom of the river now and then, you’re not fishing deep enough.” And my approach to ministry is I have to live with risk to such a point that sometimes it’s not going to work. If I play it safe, if I am overly cautious everybody around me will call me, call me wise, but I won’t move many mountains. And so we require students to learn to take risks, to go beyond what’s comfortable for them, to come into new territory. When we talk about failure, obviously we’re not dealing with ethical moral failure. We’re talking about just the efforts in ministry to get a word of knowledge, to bring a word of encouragement to somebody, to sense what God might be saying in a given situation. We want them to be stretched and to put themselves in great risk to be used by the Lord. And so that’s our approach, we require them to fail.

SID: Tell me about that. Let me just pull one person out, the woman with the esophageal cancer. Tell me about her.

BILL: She, during worship she had esophageal cancer, during worship, she felt heat come on her hands. She had her hands raised like this. She felt heat come on her hands and she turned to her husband and said, “I think I’ve been healed.” Now how she associated heat on the hands with healing of the cancer is beyond me. But she did. She just felt the presence and assumed she was healed. She turned to her husband. When she went to the doctor she said, “I believe I’ve been healed.” He said, this cancer doesn’t go away, and when they examined her he said, “Not only is it gone, you have a brand new esophagus.” It’s just that presence of the Lord that just comes in the atmosphere of honor, in the atmosphere of celebration, in the atmosphere of celebrating his goodness and kindness. And that one didn’t come as a prayer of faith from anyone. It just came in the presence.

SID: Are you saying that is normal Kingdom business? Are you saying that anyone, the housewife watching right now, the high school student watching right now, the kindergarten student watching right now, are you saying it’s available to them?

BILL: Oh absolutely. Absolutely. If people come to me for prayer, for example at home, they come to me for prayer and there’s not a breakthrough, I will often tell them, “Go find a five-year-old. Go find somebody that doesn’t, isn’t struggling, trying to, you know, pick up the will of God for this or for that.” Because this is for everyone. Everyone gets to participate in this.

SID: When you talk about we have to change the way we think…

BILL: Yeah.

SID: …and the way we see, comment on that.

BILL: Yeah. Well we do. We have to, but it doesn’t come through just discipline. It comes through an encounter with God. Encountering God gives me the opportunity to change how I see my life in the world around me. And if I don’t see differently, I will constantly try to beg God to fix a problem instead of minister in the authority that He gave me to represent Him to fix a problem.

SID: I want this to be your normal life. We’re going to continue this teaching when we come right back.

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Our Guest Mark Biltz

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Sid: Now you explained on yesterday’s broadcast that a key scripture is Leviticus Chapter 23 verse 2 in which God is talking about His feasts. He uses the English words like Convocation in that sentence which actually means dress rehearsals. Dress rehearsals of what? His first coming and His return who wouldn’t want to be in a dress rehearsal of His first coming and His return?   You know I have an idea Mark that people that love God with all of their heart and don’t understand the dress rehearsals will miss His return just as so many Jews missed His first coming.

Mark: And what I think is so important to bring out is that it says “These are the feasts of the Lord.” He says “Even these are My feasts.” So we have to realize that these are God’s appointed times and He welcomes the One New Man, Jew and Gentile, to come to His Feast just like in the parables where He invites all of these people to come.

Sid: Now He says “These are My appointed Times.” What does that mean “Appointed Times?”

Mark: For me God has a day timer okay this is when He wants to intersect with us with mankind. Just like you got a boss and he said “He wanted to meet you at 5:00 on Friday.” And you said “No, how about 2:00 on Tuesday.” You’re not going to have a job for very long. God is the creator of the universe and He sets the time to meet with us. And these are holy dress rehearsals and as you said “For the time when He going to miraculously supernaturally intersect human history.” Why wouldn’t we want to be there? So I really believe the fall feasts will be fulfilled on the day just like when they were fulfilled to the day of the spring feast.

Sid: Okay, speaking of the feasts let’s talk about in detail on this day the spring feast his first coming and I mean it’s so specific. And by the way is there anyone listening to me that would not like to sit in on a dress rehearsal of the return of Jesus? There would be no big questions about what’s going on if you’ve seen the dress rehearsal. So explain the dress rehearsal of God’s Moed, or feast. Which means in Hebrew His appointed time, tell me about God’s appointment book for the first coming of Jesus.

Mark: Well sure, I’d love to Sid. On Passover what did we see, Jesus didn’t die any random day this was planned out from the beginning of time that he would die on Nisan 14 on Passover. Being bound to the cross at the time of the morning sacrifice at 9:00 in the morning; dying at 3:00 in the afternoon at the time of the evening sacrifice. Being put in the earth being buried on the Feast of Unleavened Bread, Nisan 15; rising on the Feast of First Fruits. Then the Spirit being poured out at the time of the morning sacrifice on Shavuot, or the Feast of Pentecost, the Jews had always been celebrating. A total dress rehearsal not only to the day but to the very hour it’s just incredible God’s impeccable timing. For example, God even had David write the song that was going to be sung at his son’s funeral; it was Psalms 118. So what do we find? Even the night before when He was betrayed and rejected it says at the last supper they sang a hymn and went over to Mount of Olives. I know the words to that song, most Christians are surprised but they even have the hymn book they would sing the Hallel Psalms 113 – 118. So the final Hymn they sang before He was betrayed and rejected was Psalms 118 where it says “This is the stone which the builders have rejected.” The following morning then when He’s being bound to the cross again 2 million people Josephus records was the choir which was singing and I could hear their voices ringing all through the valleys in Jerusalem. And their singing at 9:00 in the morning “Bind the sacrifice with chords to the horns of the altar.” This is the very moment that Jesus is being bound to the cross and the Passover lamb to the horns of the altar. And then at 3:00 in the afternoon there also singing it as it goes dark from noon until 3:00 it’s pitch black and I could just see quaking with fear wondering this supernatural event and they can’t read the words but they do know when they’re singing that “The right hand of the Lord is lifted up” you know. And then He dies at 3:00 in the afternoon the time of the evening sacrifice. This is just totally incredible to me. And then on unleavened bread the very day all of the first born of the Egyptians were buried the first born of God is buried and then He rose on First Fruits. This is just too incredible to me.

Sid: Now what is first fruits?

Mark: Well first fruits if, you remember Jesus said He was the first fruits of the resurrection. And the first fruits they were to bring the first fruit of the barley harvest to the temple. Representing giving to God the first fruit the best of what they had. And here Jesus becoming the first fruits of the resurrection here He is as everyone on earth is waving the sheath of first fruits. I can see Jesus standing before the throne of heaven waving His hand saying “Here I Am the sheath of the first fruits offering.”

Sid: What about the last of the last of the spring feast what was Shavuot or in Greek Pentecost?

Mark: Yeah, what happens after the first fruits offering in what is called the counting of the Omer. Just when people get all exciting waiting for either grandma or grandpa to come or some big event they begin to count the days. Well God has them count the days from the feast of first fruits the barley harvest to the feast of the first fruits of the wheat harvest which is known as Shavuot or the Feast of Wheat. So here they are their all counting and what we find on the 40th day of the counting of the Omer is when the Lord ascended and told them to wait just 10 more days for the feast of Shavuot. And what do we see at 9:00 in the morning the time of the morning sacrifice the Spirit is poured out. It’s just amazing their all gathered together in the temple at this time. And they’re reading the book of Ruth about Jews and Gentiles coming together. And their reading Exodus 19 about the Spirit of God being poured out on Mount Sinai, and here they are in the Temple gathered when the Spirit is poured out. Absolutely fascinating when you see God’s impeccable timing.

Sid: You know when you read the New Testament if you have zero knowledge of what the Jewish customs were; zero knowledge of what was going on that day, you’re going to miss a whole lot of what was happening.

Mark: Oh my goodness it’s incredible you’re going to miss a whole lot even for example I love to bring out the Ameedah prayer the standing prayer. Which is a perfect example of if you don’t know the context. Here when Peter and John say “Silver and gold we have none but what we do have ‘Rise up and walk.’” That man that had been lame from birth and he was over 40 years old which means that Jesus had walked by him every single time he had walked into the temple and never healed him. And yet it was at the standing prayer that he was able to stand. Here every single day for 40 years he prayed that he could stand for the standing prayer. And when it says in Acts that it was in prayer that’s a wrong translation from the Greek. It’s at the hour of the prayer and the prayer that he was praying was the Ameedah which is the standing prayer. So you need to know the culture and the context of these things.

Sid: Now just as there is such understanding of the first coming of Jesus from the Biblical Feasts. Is the same thing true of the last Biblical Feast covering His return?

Mark: I believe absolutely so and that’s based on the fact that God said “He’s the same yesterday, today and forever.” And if He fulfilled the spring feast to the day of His first coming I believe He’ll fill the fall feast to the day of His Second Coming. Now we have no idea what year so I’m not setting dates, but I believe that the Body of Messiah needs to understand that God’s Devine appointment and get on His day timer so that they’ll know what to be expecting by doing the dress rehearsals.

Sid: Why does a believer need your new book and DVD titled “Blood Moons Decoding the Eminent Heavenly Signs”?

Mark: Because I believe in these last days one of greatest revelation that God is giving to His Body is to be on the right calendar. We’ve been on the wrong calendar and if you remember the anti-Christ he wants to change times and seasons. It’s referring to the Biblical calendar. We’ve been following the wrong calendar and I think it’s urgent.

Sid: Oh, that’s pretty interesting. Why would the anti-Christ want to get rid of the Biblical calendar in the last days? That makes sense because it decodes all of the mysteries in the Bible.   It decodes everything about His return. No wonder the anti-Christ wants to get rid of it. But I don’t even think we need an anti-Christ most Christians have thrown the Old Testament out.

Mark: Completely, do you know Sid I can show everyone in their Bible where the Apostle John was kicked out of the church, the Jews were kicked out of the church, and any non-Jew allowed Jews in were kicked out of the church. It’s in every Bible and everybody misses it. But that’s how quickly anti-Semitism set in.

Sid: Now the fall feast which you’ll talk about on tomorrow’s broadcast they originally were about things like barley and wheat. But you say in the last days there going to be about grapes?

Mark: Exactly, that’s what it says in the Book of Revelation. Because the season has changed He’s now at the fall feast. These events of the return of the Lord will happen in the fall. And it’s so exciting if they read the book and see the movie they’re going to get a better understanding of how important God’s…

Sid: Our time has slipped away we’ll talk about the fall feast on tomorrows broadcast.

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Our Guest James Maloney

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SID: Hello. I’m Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Have you ever heard of a man by the name of William Branham? He had without a doubt since the days that Jesus walked in the flesh the greatest miracle ministry I ever read about. No guess work on his part. He knew when people were going to be healed. He never missed it. Well I have a guest that operates in that same type of presence of God. He was telling me that he, many times, almost every time, he sees what are known as panoramic visions. He’ll see a light over someone and he’ll pick that person out, and then he’ll see photographs of their entire life right above their head, their past, their present, their future. And he was mentored by an individual that said, she’s in Heaven now, but she said he would transmit the most supernatural anointing to people in the last days. Are you interested in hearing about it? I have to tell you something. I read in the Bible that the Gentile believer is supposed to provoke the Jew to jealousy. So my friend James Maloney has been provoking me to jealousy. But I just found out he’s not Gentile. He just found that he’s Jewish. So I don’t know how can you be provoking me to jealousy? People see a flame of fire. Explain that, when you speak many times.

JAMES: Well Sid, well what many times happens is I’m ministering after the Word sometimes I enter in to what’s termed, in Hosea 12:10, “multiplied visions.” It’s what we term a seer operation, prophetic seer operation. So what happens is the person that’s, you know, I feel impressed to call someone out. I have him stand in front of me and they welcome the anointing and the congregation is drawing on that gifting and anointing. And then I just have this overwhelming sense that an angelic person comes to my side. I’ve actually had people as well as myself sense the weightiness of this angel, and it’s like a flame of fire. It’s, I can’t describe. But just that way, hundreds have seen this terror kind of fire just hover over the person and I, and just drop on us. And when it does extraordinary things happen.

SID: Speaking of extraordinary things, I mean, you should have been at a meal that I recently had with James. I mean, you were telling me one thing after another. Tell me about the person with the tattoo.

JAMES: You like that one, don’t you

SID: I do. I do.

JAMES: Out in Anaheim, California there was a drug addict that had just gotten saved, just a couple of weeks, and he was so embarrassed, precious brother, because not only did he have needle marks in his arm, hundreds of them on both arms, but tattoos, and they were all demonic. I mean, they were just grotesque. And he said, “You know, I just want to serve Jesus, but I’m so embarrassed because I’ve been a drug addict and I have hepatitis C, and this and that, and look at these needle marks.” And I just saw the hands of Jesus in a vision just put his hands on him, and 30 seconds later, all the needle marks disappeared. And, hey, that got him excited. And then I said something. I said, he’s worried about the tattoos. I said, “Just watch what the Lord does. Wake up in the morning. Just watch what God does.” That’s how I said it. And he woke up the next morning and he was there in the bathroom, you know, brushing his teeth, and all of a sudden he felt this tingling. He said, “I felt this shaking and tingling.” Then poof! And he had brand new baby skin, not one tattoo left. Hallelujah!

SID: You’re looking at James and you’re saying, boy that man is such a blessed man. But you don’t know what that man has gone through. You see, his, he was born illegitimately. His mother’s husband was in prison. He gets out of prison, recognizes that James could not be his. He was in prison, could not possibly have been his son and abuses James. He locks him in a closet. He doesn’t eat. He’s beaten. He’s rejected. How long were you locked in that closet?

JAMES: Nine months straight and then periodically about six, seven months.

SID: Did they give you much food

JAMES: Oh no. I’d go two and three days with no food. They would just throw a bottle of water, a little milk or a half-eaten hamburger in there, and the only time I was taken out was to be beaten and then thrown back in there. So my nose was broken several times, my eye area, ribs, fingers were broken, this and that, you know.

SID: But God had mercy and he was adopted by a wonderful family. At 15, he hears the audible voice of God and he becomes a believer in the Messiah. Nineteen, he’s off to Bible college and you had a visitation. You believe it was from the Angel Gabriel. What happened?

JAMES: I was doing a lot of fasting and praying. Now that may sound real spiritual, but I was a student at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas, and we didn’t have a cafeteria, so I had no money, so I had no other choice but to fast. But God used it. I think it was on the fourteenth day that I had 22-minute visitation from an angelic person. I knew it was not Jesus because when I was born again, Jesus was the one that appeared to me. So there’s a difference, of course. And I was given mandates and certain scriptures that I would identify my life ministry calling in the future. And it was at that time that I received just certain impartations and callings, and I didn’t wait. I was 19. I just, you know, hey, I’m ready, let’s go for it. And I just started stepping out as a student and God began to give me words of knowledge and wisdom, and prophetic words for students, and they were quite specific.

SID: I am in awe the gifting that you operate in. But in 40 years of the most amazing, amazing ministry, this is the single most profound experience. We’ll talk about it when we come back.

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