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Sid Roth welcomes Corey Russell

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. It’s been stolen. One of the most precious gifts given to man has been stolen. Either it’s been demoted to the back room within a congregation or kicked out of the congregation. And yet Paul himself says he did this more than any man. Well my guest Corey Russell came from a nice Christian home, gets to college and does what so many young people do, goes berserk, gets into drugs, sex, parties, everything that goes on in college today. But Corey, about how many years ago was it you were in college?

COREY: It was about 16, 17 years ago.

SID: Okay. Today it’s so much worse. The pressures these young people have to go under. I mean, I don’t know how they can even exist in the environment there in most colleges. But Corey, you had a friend, a best friend, Zach. Tell me about him.

COREY: Yeah. I mean, he was the one I was running with like most of those kids who are getting into college these days and just getting destroyed by the spirit of this age. I never knew Jesus for myself. So I found myself giving myself to the things of this world. It increases in college. I’m running with my good friend. We’re doing the drugs.

SID: It’s addictive.

COREY: Oh yeah.

SID: Which means you just keep going deeper and deeper, and deeper.

COREY: Deeper. And the big drive for me was how high can I get. It was a seek for pleasure.

SID: Wait a second. Even though you didn’t have an encounter with the Lord, you knew you had a bit of a foundation. Wasn’t there any conflict at all?

COREY: There was initially. But I think the more and more that you just begin to get deeper and deeper into this water, you just find yourself to where you’re being pushed by a current that you don’t drive it any more, and that you’re being pushed along a stream, and you don’t make the decisions any more. And so everything was gone with the wind. It was a cry for pleasure, how high can I get. We were doing the drugs that keep you up four and five days a week at a time. My friend who had a praying mom, I had a praying mom, we had intercessors crying out for us, in November of ’96, my friend lost his mind for a season. He went out a little too far on drugs, and for the next four months he would sit there. He would look real deep at you, but never say anything. And were saying, what in the world is going on with him. Little did we know that there was a real war in the heavenlies going on over his soul. It culminated on February 1, 1997. I showed up at his house another day to hang out with him. He comes running out the front door, screaming, “Corey, it’s Heaven or Hell! Corey, it’s Heaven or Hell! You got to make a decision.

SID: You figured he really flipped.

COREY: Oh yeah. I’m like, this is the first real conversation I’ve had with him in so many months and he’s talking about Heaven or Hell. What in the world is wrong with him? And so I said, “What’s wrong with you?” He goes, “You got to make a decision.” I end up leaving. And it was known that his mom, a praying woman, led him through three days of a supernatural deliverance, pulled the power of the devil off of him and brought him back to the Lord. He gets saved and I get angry. Two weeks later he shows up at the university that I was at and he takes me to lunch, and he begins to share with me everything that was going on with him for those four months. He says, “Corey, for those four months the whole spirit realm was opened up to me. I was seeing angels. I was seeing demons. I was seeing what was controlling people. And Corey, I can see that you’re being controlled by real things that you don’t know about.” He said, “This went on for these four months and it culminated in the very last night. We were shut up in a little house and the voice of the Lord broke in the middle of our party, and the Lord said, ‘Satan is raising up an army, but I’m raising up an army, too, and I’m calling you out tonight, and I want you to go call your friends out.'”

SID: So how did you react?

COREY: I’m freaking out. I don’t know what in the world are you talking about. First off, for him to tell me I have demons or I have spirits that are attacking me, I’m like, how dare you. I put up with you as a good friend while you acted weird for four months. I said, “Dude, just shut up and take me back to school.” And so he takes me back to the college. By this time I had two DWI’s. My license was gone for 16 months. He pulls into the college parking lot and right before I get out of the van to say good-bye to him forever, the Holy Spirit filled the van. I didn’t know it was the Holy Spirit. I began to feel a presence enter the van and I’m literally feeling it come across my body, and before I know it, I’m beginning to shake violently like I’m having a seizure. I mean, literally like I’m having a seizure. And I began to see flashes of light and darkness like a tug of war battle in the spirit over my soul. And I felt that there was a real battle over every soul. He pulls in the back of the parking lot and he starts praying. And after a little bit he goes, “In the name of Jesus, I bind the Antichrist spirit.” As soon as he binds that spirit it manifests into a choke hold around my throat. I didn’t know what was happening. I just knew I couldn’t breathe.

SID: Something was choking you.

COREY: Yes. The demon manifested and I couldn’t breathe. And at that moment I had all these objections to Jesus mostly because you get saved when you’re older in life. You spend these years having fun and Christianity is something you do later. At that moment I knew I had to get out the name Jesus. I had to get out the name Jesus. So I go to say the name and I went, “Jeez” and the hole got tighter. “Jeez”, it got tighter. Sid, I tried about five or six times trying to get the name out, “Jesus” and the spirit would not let me say his name. My buddy is in my ear saying, “Say it! Say it! Say it!” I said, “I’m trying! I’m trying! I’m trying!” Finally I just remember taking a deep breath and with all the power inside of me just going, “Jesus!” like that, and the hole just breaking right off of me. And it was like someone came and breathed right into my mouth. And after a couple of moments I kept just saying, “I got air. I got air. I got air.” And then I heard a voice in my mind saying, “Now get out of the van, get on the pavement and give me your life. You’re mine.” Just like that. I jump out of the van, February 18, 1997. By those days we were sticking needles in our veins, smoke a bag a day, drink a case a day, threw away sexuality throughout those teenage years. And one touch of the supernatural power of God brought instantaneous deliverance, salvation and freedom right there.

SID: You’re telling me no withdrawal?

COREY: No withdrawal.

SID: Now that’s my kind of drug-free program. But what happened? You went back to your old high school. They probably couldn’t even recognize you.

COREY: Well I was in college at the time and I had a drug room of friends. My little brother, who was in the high school, was running with us. All of us had encounters like that one or bigger in their explosions. I end up leading my little brother to the Lord, who goes crazy for Jesus in the high school. And over the next six months we begin to see half the high school get saved and come to the Lord.

SID: Whoa. You’re exaggerating. Half the high school?

COREY: Half the high school was either coming back to the Lord, the backslidden and coming back, either saved for the first time, baptized with the Holy Spirit. Something was happening with over half of the high school.

SID: I’m going to tell you something, and I’m going to tell you something. Shortly after Corey had that experience he tapped into the greatest supernatural power of his life. You think that was something what you just heard, wait until you hear about this dorm that opens up everything you’ve ever wanted with God. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

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Sid Roth welcomes Judith MacNutt

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SID: Hi. Sid Roth here with Judith MacNutt. And I’ve asked her to teach just a little bit about angels because literally the spiritual scales come off of people’s eyes and they begin to see angels. They begin to feel angels. You’ll feel something just tapping your head. It’s not a power of suggestion. It’s an angel. As a matter of fact, I was talking to Judith and both of us agree that God assigns angels to everyone. And I believe this angel has been waiting for you to speak, and this angel wants to help empower the promises of God in your life. Judith, angels come in three forms primarily. Explain.

JUDITH: They do. They come in three different ways. These ways are in Scripture, too. The first one that we talk about is their spiritual bodies. And that’s kind of the way they’re seen in Scripture. They’re very bright, they’re very large, they have spiritual bodies. They have glowing, they’re like lightening, one description in Scripture. Bright eyes. Just very loving. And they’re very large when they come that way. The second way is human form. You know, the Bible says to be careful when we’re entertaining strangers, that it might be an angel. Of course we have story after story in the Bible where people show up and they’re really angels, but they look like humans. And so those angels are assigned a specific task to protect someone, to help someone. And when they complete that they just disappear right in front of their eyes. They just disappear.

SID: By the way, before we get to the third form, tell me about Edna, speaking of disappearing. This is an amazing story.

JUDITH: Edna was a wonderful woman. She was in her 70s and she volunteered a year and a half of her time to travel with us to help take care of our children, because we were on the road all the time. One night she was driving. She was alone and she had prayed for protection. But she had a flat tire. And she was sitting beside the road. No one was stopping. And she said, “Lord, please send me the help I need.” And within seconds, an old rusty pickup truck, she said she couldn’t even believe it was moving, pulled up and this very handsome blond, he had on blue jeans and a t-shirt, and these brilliant blue eyes, and a smile, she said, that just knocked you out. And he came over and he never talked to her. He just got down and started changing the tire. And Edna kept looking at him because she just knew there was something special. And she kept saying, I know who you are. And he would look up and smile at her. And then when they finished she tried to get him to talk, and he wouldn’t, but he got back in his truck, which was parked right behind her car. And just for effect the truck and the man disappeared.

SID: She was like looking at the truck.

JUDITH: She was looking at it.

SID: I mean, there was no where it could go.

JUDITH: No where it could go. It just vanished. And since Edna had that experience I probably have 20, 25 stories of that angel in an old rusty pickup truck that had been turned into me. So he’s around.

SID: That sounds so exciting to me. Now tell me the third form that angels come.

JUDITH: Third form is, like you said a moment ago, we don’t see them, but we feel them. They’re invisible. But they’re right beside us. And we might feel a hand on our shoulder or maybe on our head. If our back is hurting we might feel one just touching us there, and there’s no one there. It really is kind of comforting because you can sense a presence. But when a hand is touching you and you can’t see it you know it’s an angel.

SID: I have to tell you. This whole show, I have been sensing the presence of angels. What kind of angels are they?

JUDITH: Oh you’re sensing healing angels right now.

SID: If I was to guess I would have said that. That means you could pray right now and release them over those that are watching. Would you do that right now?

JUDITH: I’d be happy to. Lord Jesus, we thank you so much for your presence here. We thank you for all the people that are watching right now, especially those, Lord, that are suffering in their body. Pour in their minds. And Father, we pray now that you release healing angels right into the room where they are. Lord, we pray that they carry that healing power right from you from the very throne you’re in, Lord, right into their bodies. And Lord, we just pray for especially going up and down the back right now, spinal problems.

SID: I’m hearing “crack” right now. Someone’s back is cracking into place.

JUDITH: It’s cracking into place. Scoliosis is one of the problems. And we were sensing this earlier, that God was healing scoliosis. And just it sometimes feels like fire. Sometimes it feels like a coolness. So we just pray, Lord, right now, in your name that all those backs would just come into alignment and all that healing, Lord, that you send with the holy angels will just come in to those that are watching right now.

SID: And I am hearing right now there are people with arthritis in their fingers. If you will just move your fingers, you’ll see that you walk right into your healing. And hearts, hearts are beating two ways, mended from pain. I’m talking about emotional pain. I’m talking about anguish. You’re being set free right now. And others are being set. Someone is getting a new heart right now. And boy is it strong on backs and necks. Are you catching anything more, Judith?

JUDITH: Well you when you said that about hearts, I thought of that scripture, Isaiah 61, where he’s come to heal the broken hearted. And there’s so many people suffering right now watching that have a broken heart. And so Lord, we pray for those broken hearts, Lord, to be healed. You know, because the angels, Sid, brought Jesus comfort. Remember? They brought him comfort and they brought him strength, and he was able to carry on. So we just pray now that those healing angels will bring you the strength, emotional strength and healing of your heart, and your deep mind to experience that peace and renewal.

SID: You know my favorite angel story from the Bible is an angel came to Miriam, or Mary. His name was Gabriel. And he announced that she was going to have a supernatural son, Yeshua, Jesus, the Anointed One. And this Anointed One came to live a perfect life as a human and died in your place. And if you  will believe to the best of your ability that he died for every sin you’ve ever committed, he died for every sickness or pain, or emotional hurt, or trauma that you’ve ever gone through, take that great exchange. Why be imprisoned? Get out of prison. Make Jesus your Messiah and Lord. He’s come to set you free. It’s up to you. Just choose life. Why won’t you die.

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Our Guest Judith MacNutt

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Judith MacNutt and we’re talking about angels, and here’s the most amazing thing. When Judith teaches about angels and talks about angels people that have never seen them or felt them, or experienced them start seeing them, feeling them and experiencing them. Angels protect us. I mean, I know wouldn’t be here right this minute without an angel protecting me.

JUDITH: That’s true.

SID: But tell me about the time you were in Israel and you went to the florist shop.

JUDITH: Oh yeah. God has saved my life so many times, and that was one of them. My friend and I were in the old city we called Old Jerusalem, and we were going into the new city for a prayer meeting. And I was walking with a friend to meet Lynn, my friend at the florist shop. And I kept hearing this voice say, “Don’t go there. Stop. Don’t go there.” And it became more and more insistent. Don’t go there. And so finally, I said, we weren’t too far from the florist shop when I finally told my friend, “I don’t think we’re supposed to go there.” And he said, let’s pray. So we joined hands and we started praying. Within a few moments a bomb went off, and the bomb was in the florist shop, and we would have been standing right in front of the florist shop. And it killed everyone in the area. I mean, it was just a horrible scene. And of course, my heart went out to all those people. But then I thought my friend who was always on time, I was sure she was there. I was always late. She was always on time. And he said, “If God warned you he would have told her, too.” And so we went to the prayer meeting and she was at the prayer meeting. And I said, “Why didn’t you go to the florist?” And she said, “I just kept hearing this voice tell me don’t go there.” And she listened the first time. She was always very obedient.

SID: Tell me about healing angels. There are actually angels and that’s their assignment?

JUDITH: Well the way we understand it, Sid, is there’s healing angels. There’s angels that protect us and there’s angels that are in spiritual warfare, engaged in spiritual warfare. We have a healing ministry of course. So we see angels all the time and their prayer ministers see them all the time.

SID: Okay. Tell me about the time you had uterine cancer and the healing angel.

JUDITH: Yes. I was diagnosed. They told me, I was only 28 years old, they told me I would have to have a hysterectomy. I wanted to marry. I wanted to have children. And I heard that Francis MacNutt was in town. And so my friend and I went to a little home prayer group that night where he was praying. And I was seated in a chair, and he had his hand on my head praying for God to heal me. And there was only five or six of us there. And I was sitting in the chair and my head kept going back on the back of the chair. And I felt like he was pressing too hard on my head. So I opened my eyes to ask him to not press so hard. And he had moved. He was standing across the room with his arms held up praying, and there was no one with a hand on my head. And so I knew it was an angel. And I literally couldn’t get out of the chair for a long time. I was held into the chair while God’s healing power just went through my body. And the next day I went to the surgeon that was going to do the surgery over in Tampa. And he examined me, and he said, “You’ve been totally and completely healed. There’s no cancer.”

SID: That is neat. That didn’t even take faith on your part. I like that.

JUDITH: I know.

SID: I pray that healing angels show up sometime while we’re speaking.

JUDITH: Well what was so wonderful to me about that story is we did marry later, and we have two amazingly wonderful children.

SID: Very briefly, tell me about that sign you saw of the three angels, so you knew you were supposed to marry Francis.

JUDITH: Well we were at a retreat center because we both needed to be there. It was God’s will. And we were praying in our room together, and three angels came into the home while we were praying. And one of them leaned over next to him and said something to him, and I just knew that he had heard. And so when we finished praying I said, “Did you hear?” I didn’t tell him about the angels. He said, “No, not yet.” And he went up to the chapel and got on his face before God, and he said, “I’m not going to move until I know what I’m supposed to do.” And then he heard it, that he was meant to marry and to take me as his wife.

SID: Tell me about that conference you were at and literally the room changed.

JUDITH: That was an extraordinary. I actually have that in writing from several people. We were in a conference. This has happened many times all around the world. We were in a conference and the whole back of the room disappeared. We were having a healing service.

SID: But you were not the only one that saw this.

JUDITH: Oh no, no. At least six or seven, or eight people turned in, wrote it down that they had seen this. And Jesus, a golden staircase came in. It’s like the room just vanished and this golden staircase, and Jesus came into the room followed by just hundreds of angels. And Jesus went over to every person that was sick and laid his hands on them. And when he walked away an angel would come and take his place, and stay with that person. And we had so many healings.

SID: That’s what I was going to ask you. It’s wonderful the angels prayed. But what is the fruit? That’s what people are asking.

JUDITH: Tremendous healing. We had cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes. Several people got out of wheelchairs. It was an extraordinary healing service that night.

SID: Well I believe as you teach a little bit on angels when we come back, that many of you are going to get healed. I mean, I’m hearing this already. Don’t go away. Be right back.

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Sid Roth welcomes Matt Sorger

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Sid:  I want everyone everywhere to receive this outpouring of God’s Spirit that is going to usher in the return of the Messiah. It’s only those that hunger and thirst for righteousness that are going to be filled.  Now my guest is Matt Sorger, I’m speaking to him in his office by way of telephone Long Island, New York.  Matt you talked about angels that accompany you, an angel of miracles an angel, and an angel of revival.  I can tell you as we started this broadcast my body started visibly shaking from the presence of what’s about ready to happen.  I would like you to teach just briefly on miracles and healing or anything God wants you to because I believe your gifts are going to be released.  I believe those angels are here; are they?

Matt:  Yeah, as we’re talking now I feel the presence of God all around me in the room right now.  And I think something really is going to be released and imparted over the airways today. Let me share something here from Acts chapter four; I love this because it really prophetically talks about the season that we are in right now.  And it’s a season of great of great grace because when you talk about the glory of God, and you talk about signs and wonders, and miracles, and the demonstration power of God, you’re really talking about the amazing great grace of God.  What I’ve learned is that this level of anointing and glory is not something that we can earn ourselves; it’s not something that you know that we can be good enough, and then somehow we qualify and then we somehow qualify. You know God gives it to us by our own striving or in for our ability.  I really, really learned that it really is all about yielding and surrendering and receiving, it’s not about earning and striving and working for it.  Because if we could work for it then we could take credit for it and the great glory, the greater glory that God’s releasing today is not something that any person will be able to take credit for.  We won’t be able to say look at me, look what I’ve done to earn this.  It really is all about God’s great grace.  And when you understand the source that it is by God’s grace that the gifts of the Spirit come into operation in our lives, God’s great grace that release His anointing and presence and glory in our lives, we understand the source of it.  And I think it helps us to have supernatural faith to operate in it.  In Acts chapter 4 I just want to read this scripture here where it’s talking about in verse 30 the disciples are praying a prayer “While you stretch out your hand to perform signs and wonders through the authority and by the power and the name of your Holy Child and Servant Jesus. When they had prayed the place in which they were assembled was shaken and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit; they continued to speak the word of God with freedom and boldness and courage.”  And it goes on to say in verse 33, “And with great strength ability and power the apostles delivered their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus and great grace and favor rested richly upon them all.”  And really right there that says it all, they were endued with great strength, they were endued with great power, they were endued with great boldness.  And I think the church in this hour is going to become more bold than we ever been before; we’re going to be filled with more courage to speak the word of God and to testify of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus more than we ever have before; and its going to be a testimony of the great grace that’s upon our lives.  And I just really encourage the folks today to understand that that it’s not about what they can do themselves to qualify.  You know and I love this scripture in Revelation.  In Revelation 22:17 there’s two invitations that are in this scripture.  Number one there is an invitation that says you know “The Spirit and the Bride say come to the Lord Jesus.”  And there’s this invitation to the Lord for His second coming, from the Holy Spirit and from the Bride of Christ.  And then it shifts and there’s a second invitation given and it’s saying “Everybody who is thirsty come, everybody who is hungry come and receive the waters of life freely without cost.”  And when I read that scripture the Lord spoke to me and He said, “Matt I want you to understand something, because the greater glory that’s coming upon the church and the increase of miracles, the increase of signs and wonders and the display that you are seeing, I want you to understand the source of it that it’s not coming from something you’ve done to earn it, it’s coming because you surrendered and yielded to Me.”  And it says there “Come and receive the waters of life without cost.”  In other words, there’s no price that we can pay to earn it from God. It’s all about the price that Jesus paid so that we could receive it freely from God.  The Bible teaches “Freely you have received, freely give it away.”  We can freely give God’s anointing away, we can freely give His glory away, we can freely give his miracle power away to other people only because we have freely received it from God.  And it’s a very different mindset when you understand that it’s not about working for something; it’s about receiving a free gift that God gives us.  It’s an important truth that God’s emphasizing to the Body of Christ right now; that we’re in a season of great grace.  And we can receive His great grace and we can step out in His great grace and we know that grace is not a license to sin.  It’s not about now I can just live however I want to live and God will use me, no God is using you by His grace but it’s that same grace that empowers you to live how God wants you to live.  Not so that you can do whatever you want in your flesh, and then you know have the grace of God to experience His anointing and miracles and signs and wonders.  But God wants it all to be one; He wants to display His power through us, but He wants that power working in us, that grace working in us, enabling us and empowering us to live holy, to live right, to walk in the Spirit and really it’s all by His grace it’s not something we can do ourselves.  And I am sure people are listening today you’ve found that out that you know you’ve tried to do it sometimes in your own strength and it just doesn’t work, but God wants to display his grace in your life.  And Bible teaches that in the moment of your need you can come boldly to the throne of grace and receive help, well timed help and in your exact moment of need.  You can receive help, well timed help in your exact moment of need you can receive God’s grace to walk in the Spirit to overcome sin, to overcome temptation, to overcome sickness, to overcome oppression, to overcome the works of the enemy. It’s a display of the supernatural grace of God that we can receive today.

Sid:  Matt, would you pray for people to be healed right now?

Matt:  Yes, definitely, as your listening and I can just sense that flow of God’s presence and grace right here with us today, wherever you are listening by radio, if you can lay your hand on the part of your body where there’s sickness or pain or disease as a point of contact for your faith.  And Father I thank you for your glory and anointing that is going over the airways right now.  And Father I release mass miracles and Lord I release a wave of Your glory through the airways.  Holy Spirit is moving right now, Holy Spirit is touching, He’s moving over your body right now. Somebody just felt a fire shoot right through your body in the Name of Jesus.  Some of you are feeling the tangible glory come on your body right now.  Father, I take authority over sickness and infirmity that would afflict your people.  There are tumors that are dissolving right now in the name of Jesus.  Even as I see it I speak it out, tumors are dissolving out of your body in Jesus Name.  Father I take authority over every affliction, of every torment and disease and Lord I command it to lose your people.  I command it to go out of your people’s lives, and I lose Divine healing and I pray an impartation into them right now Lord.  Father, not only that they would be healed, but they would be anointed to heal; Father that not only they would receive healing but they would freely receive it and freely give it away to somebody else.  Lord I pray for a transference of signs, wonder and miracles.  Lord I pray that people would be empowered, that they would catch it right now Lord.  This outpouring that you are releasing let it flow right into their homes right into their cars, right into their place where they are right now.  Father let the flow of the Holy Spirit, the glory of God be released.  Lord I thank you for divine healing, every single person listening I decree total health and healing over their bodies in Jesus Name.  Father God I thank You Lord for healing heart conditions right now, Father God I thank you right now that heart murmur is being healed right now in Jesus name.  There’s a woman by the name of Mary, and you’re listening today, the Lord is healing that that’s been a real concern in your heart that like your heart skips a beat and the beating has been off, but right now there’s coming a stabilization into your heart and that heartbeat is going to made totally normal in the Name of Jesus.  Father God I thank you for right now the Lord is speaking to me there is a man by the name of Ralph, your name is Ralph and you’ve been having a lot of fear afflict your life and I see at night while you sleep at nightmares and real anxiety you’re worried about many things, but right now I just release the peace of God over you.  And the Lord is losing you from that fear, he’s losing you from that anxiety, it goes in Jesus name.  There’s been some transition in your life in your life and you’ve not understood the shaking and things that are happening around you; it’s like things are very unstable, but the Lord wants you to know today that He is your rock, that He is your stability and there’s a peace that He’s giving to you right now in the Name of Jesus.

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Sid Roth welcomes Judith MacNutt

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. And before we went on the air I feel angels. My guest provokes me to jealousy. She sees angels. She told me in the makeup room and around the studio she has been seeing angels. Have you seen many? I mean, tell me, you say, I don’t know. I just feel them.

JUDITH: Just a few. You have a lot here, yes.

SID: I sense there are.

JUDITH: I think it’s because you welcome them.

SID: I welcome everything of God according to the Bible. That’s where I’m coming from. But you provoke me to jealousy in another area. You had godly parents. Your mother was known for praying for the sick. When you were like eight years of age, a young kid, a doctor’s child, had cancer. How bad was it?

JUDITH: Well it was very serious cancer. It was a tumor on the bone. And they were going to amputate his leg. And they were taking him to the Mayo Clinic for the amputation. Before he went, my mother prayed. And by the time he got to Mayo Clinic the tumor was gone. And so he never had to have the surgery.

SID: Now this being a doctor’s child, I imagine a lot of people knew about it.

JUDITH: Oh the whole town. It was a small town that I grew up in.

SID: Oh then I’m sure.

JUDITH: They all knew about it, everybody.

SID: But to have that type of heritage, I mean, that is so wonderful. I mean, my heritage is I wasn’t even sure there was a God.

JUDITH: I know.

SID: I didn’t know my left hand from my right hand, as it says in the Bible, when it came to spiritual things. But then when you were eight, I think the devil tried to snuff your life out because he knew what was going to happen in your future. There was a drunk driver. What happened?

JUDITH: Well I was a little girl and I begged my mother to go and see the girls at the prom. So she let me ride my bicycle out to the high school. And I was on my bicycle on the sidewalk and a young man who had been drinking came to the prom. And he first hit me and knocked me off the bicycle and then he ran over me.

SID: He did this because he was just panicking?

JUDITH: Well he was so drunk. He didn’t even realize he hit me. And so they carried me back to my home. And this same doctor came over and said, “Don’t drive her the hundred miles to the hospital. She won’t make it.” And my mother sat beside my bed three days and prayed for me. And on the third day I opened my eyes, and I never had any affects of the accident after that.

SID: Now I hate to say this, but Judith keeps provoking me to jealousy. She’s in one of my favorite places in Israel, the Garden Tomb. And she had an encounter with God again. But you do know that gentile believers provoke the Jew to jealousy.

JUDITH: I do know that.

SID: That’s your DNA. You’re doing a good job.

JUDITH: I’m doing a good job.

SID: Tell me what happened.

JUDITH: Well I was in the Garden Tomb and a group, I won’t go into the whole story, but I was young woman seeking God. I was in my late 20s. And this woman asked me if she could pray for me. And it’s the first time I really saw the light of God so powerfully on a person. And I thought it was just this one woman that wanted to pray for me, but she was part of a tour group and they were all spirit filled.

SID: Wait a second, when you say the light of God, explain to me exactly what you saw.

JUDITH: It was a light coming out of her and in her eyes.

SID: Is was sort of like those ancient pictures of Jesus and the apostles, and they have like a light over them, a halo or something?

JUDITH: Yes. It’s like glory. I don’t know what to call it.

SID: And you could actually see that.

JUDITH: I could see it that day. And when I said yes to the prayer, even though I had grown up in a Christian home, I needed more. I said yes to the prayer, and she called 40 people over that were on a tour group. And they were all spirit filled, and they were just reaching for me because they couldn’t wait to pray for me.

SID: Now sometimes that’s not a good spirit. But it was good for you.

JUDITH: It scared me though. And they started praying for me to have a deeper experience with God. And within a matter, I don’t know, of a few minutes I was lifted out of my body. And the next thing I knew I was in, I don’t know what to call it, it was another realm. And I heard God’s voice, and He called my name. He said, “Judith.” And none of these people knew my name, so I knew it wasn’t a person calling my name. And I said, “Yes Lord.” And He said, “I love you.” He said, “I have always loved you.” He said, “You are mine.” And I heard these wonderful angelic songs and I saw this brilliant light. It was just an incredible experience. And when I opened my eyes, I don’t know how long I was that way, but they were all gone. I don’t know. I must have been there for a long time standing or wherever I was. And they were gone. And from that time on—

SID: You had an experience with the love of God. That’s what that tells me.

JUDITH: Well I read something in one of your books. You said something about liquid love. It’s like I felt something poured out on my head and it came down over my body, and I’ve never felt God’s absence since then. It’s like something came, His presence came to me in such a supernatural way. It wasn’t just an experience that was wonderful. It’s like since that time on He’s been just right with me, and I know He’s there.

SID: And then she went back to Jerusalem and actually worked at the Garden Tomb. But when it closed she would go into the tomb and she would pray. But then she started having experiences with angels and angelic music. Tell me about it.

JUDITH: I would be drawn into the tomb and I would sit in the outer chamber. You know, there’s two rooms at the Garden Tomb, one where the body of Jesus was, and then a little outer chamber, and wealthy people tended to have those tombs. When I would go to sit in the outer chamber and pray angels would be there. They keep their presence there to make it sacred. I would hear the heavenly voices of angels and the instruments that they use, and they’re not of this world. They’re very different.

SID: I assume you’re not a musician.

JUDITH: I am a musician, actually.

SID: You are. So when you say they’re not of this world, you know what you’re talking about.

JUDITH: I yes. I play several instruments and my son is a musician, my mother was a musician. It’s not of this world. And the harmonies of the angels singing when they worship God is not of this world.

SID: When we come back I want you to talk about angels that accompany us to protect us. I can tell you as a fact two things. I can tell you, number one, I wouldn’t be here right now if I didn’t have angelic protection, and number two, someone’s back and neck has just been healed. Take it. It’s yours. Don’t go away.

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