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Jim Barbarossa (1344) 2003

Sid: We want everyone everywhere to hear the anointed shofar the rams horn. Why? Because I have a guest I’m speaking to him at his home in Valparaiso, Indiana. Jim Barbarossa. And Jim was instructed through a prophetic dream that he must blow the shofar, the rams horn. When he does this miracles take place. I believe it’s an end time sign and wonder but not only does miracles take place others that begin to understand the shofar and start blowing the shofar miracles take place when they blow the shofar. It’s a transferable anointing. At some point this week Jim I’m going to have you blow the shofar. And when you blow the shofar in a church no longer does miracles take place of healings and emotional miracles people get set free from fear and even pride, demons literally tremble what do you mean by that?

Jim: Well I have had people tell me that they can actually feel the presence of the room change that they know something took place. And at first people would ask me and I wouldn’t have an answer for them I just didn’t really understand them. But as I started to learn the learn showed me through the word, for example the book of Revelation chapter l verse 10 it says “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day and heard beside me a great voice as a trumpet. The voice of God is like that of a sound of shofar and when we’re obedient and we blow the shofar as He tells us we’re leasing like His voice in the atmosphere. And I’ve seen the presence of the room completely utterly change.

Sid: Well, I can tell you that when I traveled to do my television there a couple Bob and Janie DuVall that work in the ministry and they bring their two children. And there son Paul blows the shofar. I have them come into my hotel room and clear out (I’ve just been saying this a lot lately) clear out the demonic atmosphere he blows the shofar in the bedroom I’m staying and I literally feel like the atmospheres cleared out.

Jim: And it lines up with scripture because Ephesians 2:2 it says “Where in times past you walked according to the course of this world and according to prince of the power of the air.” The devil domain is the atmosphere that’s where he’s at. And when we’re obedient to the ordinance to sound the shofar we’re releasing that which is like the voice of God into the enemy’s camp. It’s like a bazooka were pounding oomph!, right into the enemy’s camp.

Sid: Now you told me that when you were in Africa this is where your wife had the dream about the shofar. You started blowing the shofar and all of these miracles started happening that’s when you realized. But then she had a second dream, tell me about that.

Jim: Well the second was that she was to come and tell me that I was to do more than blow the shofar but I was to have an understanding of why I blew the shofar. God was going to give me knowledge so that I could explain people why I would blow the shofar. And when we got home from that trip from Africa I have to say that I was not obedient quickly and I just kind of let it lie for awhile. But then the Lord started telling me to take it and use it and as I would take it and use it we started seeing more miracles, more healings, more things were happening. And at that time my cry was “God why? I know this is you but why are these things happening? If this is You it has to line up with the word, it has to be in the Bible.” Then I started to see. And the more I looked the more I sought the more I found and I found things like “The voice of God is like that of the sound of a trumpet” and that answered that question, why the atmosphere would clear. And there are just so many scriptural reference to the shofar and examples as to what can happen when we are obedient to blow it.

Sid: Jim besides the dream that your wife had there was something else that pushed you even further into blowing the shofar and seeing these miracles happen what was that?

Jim: Well in May of ’98 Carla and I were heading to New York to teach at a church in the area of witnessing. And on our way there we stopped at a church in Cleveland, Ohio. Met the Pastor once but we had never been there but they had just happened to be having a little conference of some sort that night and the Pastor said “I want you to take 10 minutes and I want you to share about your ministry, tell people about what you do and so on and so forth.” And I asked Carla I said “Well, what do you think we should do what should we talk about?” She said “Ask the Holy Spirit she’s a smart lady and I did that and the Holy Spirit told me to blow the shofar. And so when the time came and we were released to do that I blew the shofar and didn’t see anything happen, didn’t hear anything. The people let out a mighty shout when it was blown of course but at the end of that service the Pastor said “Has anybody got a testimony?” And I was totally amazed, a man came forward who spoke only in Spanish and spoke with an interpreter the man interpreted it into English so I could understand it. The man pointed at me and said “I wasn’t going to come here tonight because I’ve been in so much pain I couldn’t lift up my arm higher than my shoulder because the pain was so bad and when I saw that man with that horn God told me something great was going to happen when he sounded it; and when that horn was sounded the pain totally left my body. And he stood there waving that arm that he could not lift above his shoulder. Shortly after that a man was there got up and spoke prophetically to Carl and I and he said “God has not only called you to blow the trumpet but God has called you to teach and bring understanding so people know why miracles, healing why these things are happening. And when I heard that it just confirmed further what Carla had said to me in a dream, the dream that she had, that I was to become more and more knowledgeable and have a better understanding so that the people would be able to see that the shofar was not just for back then, but God is calling and raising people up to use it today.

Sid: As I mentioned you were amazed when you saw so much about the rams horn, or the shofar, or trumpet, but it all refers really outside of the silver trumpet in one instance it really refers to an animal’s horn; the Bible is loaded with that.

Jim: I was totally amazed when I saw that it was just trumpet I guess I must have just passed over it. But when I started to relate that it meant shofar then it just really started to come to life for me.

Sid: Give me just a few things that the shofar was used for in the Bible that we can use for today.

Jim: Well one of the areas that really spoke to me was found in Judges and it has to do with the enemy camp going into chaos and Gideon and the 300 were instructed to use a lantern and a ram’s horn. They surrounded the enemies camp. And I thought I think I would have rather had a tank but you know they only had a lantern and a rams horn. Well as they were obedient and they blew the rams horn it shattered the lamp the enemy who out numbered them 30, 40, 50, 100 times however big the numbers were but the enemies camp totally turned on itself, sword to sword and annihilated itself, totally wiped itself out. And I thought “If God would anoint a ram’s horn to do that then why would not God anoint a ram’s horn to do that today defend the enemies chaos.” And it really tied into one of the things that Carla had spoke to me. She said in the dream that she had she saw a dog running down the road with his tail between his legs. And that the Lord had said to her “That’s what happens to the enemy when you obey and blow the shofar.”

Sid: Now you’ve done the studies you have experimented by blowing the shofar and seen that God is honoring this today the same way that He did in the Bible. Then you wrote a book called “The Ministry of the Shofar” tell me about this book.

Jim: Well the book was something I had never planned on doing number 1. I was heading home from a conference one night and we had just blown the shofar at this conference and the Lord said to me “Write the Book.” And I said “Write what Book?” I was kind of lost and He made it very clear to me that I was to take all of the things that He had shown me from the scripture and all of the things that we had actually been walking out as we used the shofar. And we were take these and we were to put them in a book so that people could see what the Bible says about the shofar and how God is using it in this day and this stage that we live.

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Our Guest Jane Glenchur

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Sid Roth 785-Glenchur

SID: So God put Jane in a situation where she became an apprentice of prayer. She literally sat at His feet to learn how to pray. Tell me one of the secrets of power of prayer that God showed you.

JANE: Yes. One of my favorites is called tapping into God’s heart. Because when you ask God what is on His heart first before presenting your concerns, you’re really giving Him free reign to speak about anything in your life or the life of the person you’re praying for.

SID: If I’m understanding you right, when you start every morning praying, is that the prayer you pray? Say it again.

JANE: Yes. I start—

SID: Tell me how you pray it.

JANE: I simply, after I’ve thanked God and praised him, I’ll say, “God, what is on Your heart today?

SID: That is so different. It’s normally a laundry list.

JANE: Yes. And I’ve heard amazing things by doing that. So for instance, one time a friend asked me over to her house to pray about a problem, and I said, “I would like to honor God first and ask Him what’s on his Heart.” When we did that, I was surprised by what God said to me. He said to me very clearly, “Your mother will not die this year.”

SID: Had she been sick?

JANE: No. She was in her 80’s, but she was very healthy.

SID: So that was a pizza dream.

JANE: No. I heard it again twice, very, very clearly. So I wrote it in my journal, not realizing that several months later this would be extremely important because three months later, my mother is stepping from her house into her garage at 9 p.m. at night. She falls. She sustains life-threatening injuries. No one hears her cry for help. So she lays on the garage floor for seven hours before someone, a neighbor, calls the police. So I get a phone call and immediately I’m reminded, God told me she’s not going to die this year, so I can stay calm. So I went to the hospital emergency room where the emergency room doctor says to me, “Her injuries are so severe, you would best call in your family members because she may not make it.” And he pulled up the x-rays, and I looked at those black and white facts, but they were no match for God’s truth. And I said to him, “She’ll be fine.”

SID: Wait a second, you’re a doctor. Is this guy a little upset?

JANE: He probably thought I was crazy.

SID: Meshugah. We like that word.

JANE: Right.

SID: It’s Hebrew for crazy.

JANE: Not only that. But he says, “Her injuries are so bad we have to ship her off to a level 1 trauma center.” So we go to the next hospital.

SID: But you’re convinced she’s not going to die.

JANE: Oh absolutely because God told me she was not going to die.

SID: God is so fabulous. Before she’s even sick, before she’s even injured you get the answer. I love it. Is that part of power prayer?

JANE: Oh absolutely. Absolutely. And because I knew what was on God’s heart that day it made the difference in making medical decisions for my mom. Because she ran into multiple complications as she recovered, and every time she did, I would just declare Psalm 118:17, my mother will not die, she will live to declare the Glory of God. And so all my decisions were based on the fact that I knew she would recover.

SID: You shared a little earlier about the way you used to pray and the way you pray now. Give me a real life example of the way you pray now.

JANE: Okay. One time I needed a Christmas gift for a friend and I had no idea what to get her. Now before I would have probably not even prayed about it, but if I had, I would have gotten, I would have said, “God give me wisdom please about what to buy her for a gift.” But then I would have gone from store to store, to store looking for items, buying one or two, bringing them home and then fretting about whether she would like them or whether I spent too much money or not enough money.

SID: You sound typical. Are you relating to her? I think you are.

JANE: But in reality, what I did was I sat down and I prayed. I said, “Lord, I have no idea what to get my friend. But I know You know. So would you show me what would bless her.” And instantly I get this impression, buy her a fleeced jacket. Well this was back when fleece first came out and it only came in sleeveless vests. So I corrected God and I said, “I’m sorry, but fleece doesn’t come in jackets. It only comes in vests. So what would she like?” And I hear again, a fleece jacket. So I thought well maybe this is a deception from the enemy. So using Matthew 18:18, “I bound the enemy from speaking to me.” And I asked a third time, “God, what would my friend like?” And of course, I hear fleece jacket. So I thought, well how can I confirm that this is God? My next question was, God, if this is You, would You show me where I can find it. And I get a picture in my mind of a store that’s in an area of town that I normally don’t shop in. So I felt let’s test this out. And I drive there, look at all the racks, and I said, “God, where is the fleece jacket?” I get to the clearance rack and there is one periwinkle fleece jacket in exactly my friend’s size at a great price. And so the beauty of power praying is one trip to the right store to buy the right item, and it saves time and money. My friend loved the present. It fit her perfectly.

SID: I happen to love that power principle that she pointed out rather than my laundry list to God. God, every morning pray, God, what is on your heart? I want to be a God pleaser. And I have to tell you that you are on his heart. He wanst you not to know about Him. He wants you to have experiential knowledge of Him. If you will tell God you’re sorry for your mistakes, believe the blood of Jesus washes them away as if they never happened, ask Him for help to turn from doing these wrong things and then say, Jesus, come inside of me, become my Lord, become real to me, I want experiential knowledge with you. You are on His heart.



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Our Guest Michael Lane

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Sid: You know what if you understand the foundations of which the New Covenant was based and you see the Messiah and you feel a need to explain these foundations because he was speaking to Jewish people that knew that knew the Jewish scriptures of that time. Today most Jewish people traditional Jewish people don’t even know the Jewish scriptures. And most Christians and it’s our job to communicate the gospel to the Jew first we don’t even understand the Old Covenant and the Biblical prophecies, and so how in the world are we going to get together? And I believe God has culturally brought to the surface it’s like the Spirit of God people all over the world are getting interested in their Jewish roots and the Biblical Festivals and Christians are beginning to observe these festivals as tremendous times of unity for Christians from all different backgrounds to come together and lay down their differences and worship God. And the Spirit of God is going to show up in this unity and then Jewish people will really be provoked to jealousy. So there’s so much more in just the understanding there’s a prophetic understanding of the end time events hidden in these Biblical Festivals. But let’s just start with basics I have my friend Michael Lane on the telephone he’s a Jewish Believer in the Messiah an outstanding Bible teacher. And Michael as you know this week Friday night begins Rosh Hashanah, Feast of Trumpets and then 10 days later we have Yom Kippur. Give us a basic understanding of these events.

Michael: Rosh Hashanah which means the head of the year is the Jewish New Year. My mother actually gets New Year cards like during Christmas and New Year’s time. In America we would get Merry Christmas and Happy New Year kind of cards we would get in this Festival and Tishrei, which is September/October. This coming Friday my Mom will get New Years cards Happy New Year. Rosh Hashanah begins the 10 days of Ave traditionally when Jewish people are just for 10 days wondering whether they’re in the book of life and they’re humbling themselves. In the Day of Atonement Yom Kippur Leviticus 16, in fact I think that it says in three different places in four verses it says “Humble yourselves.” In you don’t humble yourselves I’m going to cut you off of Israel. And these people are just humbling and afflicting themselves. Kind David said “It’s good for me to be afflicted that I might learn your statues before I was afflicted I went astray but now I’ve kept Your word.” So these 10 days the Jewish people are wondering if they’re in the book of life or not in the book of life. And of course we know we’re in the book of life as born again believers but they’re still wondering whether or not their saved or not. And we’re looking towards the blood of the Lamb and of course our Messiah to be saved. But during these 10 days it’s an interesting number in scriptures weren’t the 3 children in Daniel’s time prove your servants for 10 days give us vegetables and water that we might not be defiled by Nebuchadnezzar. There in Revelation 2:10 Jesus tells Smyrna you’re going to be tested 10 days and Moses wrote the down the 10 Commandments, and the disciples tarried 10 days they didn’t know how long they’re were going to have to tarry. But 10’s an interesting number in the scriptures 10 is just the testing time and the humility time for Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur. From the first day of the month up until the 10th day of the month, 10th day of month begins and that’s the Hebrew calendar the Day of Atonement. Even the shofar is shaped the Rosh Hashanah the letter that starts the “R” the Rosh that starts the word Rosh Hashanah the shofar they say traditionally they say that the shofar even looks like a resh the way it’s shaped interesting. But what will happen on the Day of Atonement Aaron the High Priest was the only time that he went into the Holy of Holies and he would take incense with him and sacrifices and he would bath first and wash. And Paul would speak of the washing of the word and regeneration. He would go in at that one time of year and everything that Paul, Paul was a walking Torah everything that he said he was just speaking of things that happen in these Feasts and things that happen in the Torah and the instruction from Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy Paul was just memorize all the scripture. By the time he was 6, 7, 8 years old he knew it all and he was just speaking about these feasts mostly. The golden censor ministry of Aaron he would go in with incense, we know that incense is just finely ground and it was in his hand that was how he got ordained. The word ordained means to fill the hand. They would put unleavened bread and incense and oral sometimes but we know that David years later said “May my prayer be counted as incense before thee. He was in the Holy of Holies in his little tent that he built for the Lord, and the lifting up of my hands as the evening offering, there was a morning and evening offering.” In Revelation in a couple of places there was just 4 Living Creatures and the 24 Elders they fell down before the Lamb each having a harp and golden bowls full of incense which were the prayers of the saints. So the saints, our prayers go up as incense as the morning and evening offering is we lift our hands. As we pray, as we intercede for our loved ones, or countries or Israel or Jerusalem it’s like incense going into the Lord’s nostrils. And He’s very pleased with that.

Sid: You know Michael I’m having a thought since this Friday begins the 10days of Awe and repentance and then follows with Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. We have to pray the Jewish people have their sins forgiven. And as Jewish people throughout the world are focusing “Is our Name in the Life?” What does this all mean? Is there life after death? What is this book of life? As Jewish people are focused on this I believe if Christians were to take their prayers like this incense and be praying for the salvation of the Jewish people in their community that literally what happened to you, what happened to… I mean there’s no logical explanation Michael of how here you were deep in the New Age and guru and India and just almost instantly you saw Jesus as the Messiah. That wasn’t an act because your sister was so persuasive it was an act of God!

Michael: Yeah, Yes.

Sid: And I really believe if our Mishpochah were to take the next 10 days and to pray and even on Yom Kippur to fast for the salvation of Jewish people in their city that when we get to heaven we’ll find out that literally history was changed as a result of these prayers.

Michael: I agree totally, totally the most important thing we can do is pray, yes, yes.

Sid: So on Yom Kippur I have recollections they’re not real good recollections from when I was a traditional Jew I used to go in the synagogue and we used to pray all day. And you know it would be one thing if we understood what we prayed but I was in an Orthodox Synagogue and I know how to read Hebrew beautifully but I didn’t understand a word of what I was praying. It was in the most boring thing in the world and then we were fasting and then I would see some of the men slip out of the Synagogue and go to the store and buy something to eat and then they’d come back and I’d see all of this hypocrisy. You know I was proud of being Jewish but I just saw religion is such hypocrisy and I understand that in Israel the average Israeli there is really offended by the religious Jews that are pushing their faith upon them. But what would happen if Jewish people saw the sense of the scriptures, saw that all of the scriptures all of these festivals speak of the Messiah? I believe the reason that God is restoring these Biblical festivals to Gentile Believers today is:

  1. They have insight in the times we’re living in and to understand the last days which you can’t understand.
  2. To unify Jews and Christians to become one.

Are you seeing, I mean you’ve been a believer over 30 years like myself have you seen an increase in Christians wanting to understand their Biblical Jewish Roots?

Michael: Yes our whole group has just started with a B&B which you started, you called me one day “Would you have a prayer meeting in Philadelphia and pray for Israel and the Jewish people in the Philadelphia area and our ministry? And I prayed about it a couple of days and I said “Yes.” I called you about two days later it was in the wintertime this was many years ago. I remember seeing it only lasted about an hour there was the snow, the little inch of snow flakes out on the ground were all… not all they were mostly Jewish stars and I called 2 other people within a mile and a half in both directions one of them being my sister and somebody else and they saw them out there. I took a picture and sent it to you and you put it in your newsletter.

Sid: I remember.

Michael: But yes, our whole group was started with our Bagels and Bible and intercession and as people have gathered and definitely.

Sid: Now what is your group, you have a home bible study a house church if you will.

Michael: Yeah.

Sid: What does your group on the Biblical Festivals?

Michael: Well, as I mentioned the other day we don’t necessarily build a Succah hut but there’s some talk…

Sid: Now a Succah is Tabernacles Jewish people have done this every year since the Exodus to remind us of what life was like with our people and it’s called a Succah, go ahead.

Michael: Right, we don’t necessarily do that but there’s some rumors I’ll be doing it on my deck this year. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a Succah personally but we’ll if they want to do it maybe we’ll do it. Again we appreciate the spiritual blessings Paul writes that in Corinthians of what these feasts are or whether we do this or do that traditionally properly is irrelevant but that would understand all about the Lord. When Aaron goes into the Holy of Holies and he’s dressed in linen garments and he has incense in his hands he was actually taking a bath under the guidance of the Lord in the Tabernacle. Wow, that is so awesome. But we’re to understand that we are to do that now we’re priests of the Lord and we can actually put on our linen garments spiritually and we can have the incense with our prayer and we can be washed in the word and we can be regenerated. And for us it’s just a spiritual thing.

Sid: Tell you what Mishpochah the presence of God is starting to pour out on this broadcast because we’re yielding to the Spirit of God.

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Our Guest Julie Meyer

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julie meyer

Sid: Well, I just got a hold of a CD that was done for us exclusively for a period of time and it’s by Julie Meyer. And she is a Worship Leader at IHOP International House of Prayer, not pancakes. And Julie I have to tell you I’m a feeling kind of person and I feel something on your music. I have felt peace on other artist’s music before but yours is a different type of peace the most calming peace that I’ve ever…it’s almost like a Psalmist is on a frequency and I’m trying to come up with words in English to describe the frequency that you’re on. What would you describe the frequency you’re on from heaven.

Julie: I don’t know I think part of it is I love to sing the word and when you sing the word those words are alive I mean, they’re alive on the inside. And it has to bring about peace and it has to bring hope because that’s what His word does.

Sid: Well I have to believe and you must have reports of people that have said to you how much peace your music brings them.

Julie: Absolutely, absolutely I have that happen frequently. In fact I started getting emails from counselors that and I love this they said that they put on my CD and they put it on in their waiting room and they made their clients just set there in the presence. Because a CD can carry presence, it’s the word with music and there were several of the counselors. And I get these 2 or 3 times a year and they said that the anger, the offense, the bitterness, it was as if it was washed away when they were setting in this room just listening to the music because it’s the word being sung.

Sid: Well, I have to tell you I’m personally using it for my own soaking music and I am loving it. Now for those that don’t know you I’ll tell a little bit about your background. You had an alcoholic mom and you had a piano and your only peace and solace you could find when you were sad is to retreat and to play that piano. Did it bring you peace when you did that?

Julie: It did I didn’t know the Lord you know when I was young but I ran to the piano and I loved to sing old hymns. And the one hymn that I would sing over and over was “Sweet hour of Prayer, sweet hour of prayer” and I don’t know I just loved the hymn and that became my shelter, the piano it became my refuge and my shelter until many years later when I ran into Jesus.

Sid: Well first you ran into and I can’t I’ll never forget this because it’s the same last name as mine but we’re not related the Roth twins. And you were in a competition of music statewide music competition and they were really begging you to come to Bible studies and they wanted you saved. And you said “If I win this contest I will go.” Did you think you have a chance of winning?

Julie: No. They were Lynette and Jeanette Roth and we all took piano lessons from the same teacher Mrs. Wilson in Wamego, Kansas.

Sid: Hm.

Julie: And we went to these competitions every year and I kind of thought the twins were weird you know, they were identical I could never tell them apart and they both loved music. And I was actually it was third year to go, each year you would either pass and go on to the next year or you would get eliminated. And it was my third year and whoever won like would go to the State. And I remember they were bugging me the whole trip, “Come to Bible study.” And really to get them off of my case I said “You know what if I win I will go to your Bible study” because I knew that I wouldn’t. I was a Junior in High School and there were Musical Majors that were at a Sophomore in college that were there and it was the whole state of Kansas. And I didn’t play that well, I mean I played okay and I went and I sat down by my music teacher and she was nice but she patted my leg and she goes “Well, you could have done better.”

Sid: Hm.

Julie: Because I used to get so nervous when I played the piano you know, I used to make my mother I’d say “Please make fried chicken.” And I would get my hands all greasy and then I would practice my Beethoven and my Bach and my Brahms because if I could play it with greasy fingers then if I got nervous and my fingers sweat I knew that I could play it for the competition. But the funny thing is is that I won the musical division and I remember they said “The first certificate award goes to Julie Soupy” that was my maiden name. And then I won the whole competition I mean of every single musician that was at this I won and I knew I didn’t play that well. And I set there going “I think I think God wants me to go to Bible study and I went.”

Sid: And how long after that did you get saved?

Julie: I got saved that night I mean when I went to Bible I always believed in Jesus I just didn’t know that I needed a personal relationship with Him. My prayers were mostly “God, if you will answer this I promise I’ll never pray again, I’ll never bug you again.” And that was my prayer life and of course He loves the sound of our voice. He loves when we pray, He loves when we talk to Him. But I went right home and I asked Him to come into my life and you know it’s been great, I mean I never backslid, I just was in, I was in in the whole commitment and I love Him more today gosh years later than I would have ever thought imaginable.

Sid: Now you were in a historic meeting some one that is now in heaven right now a Prophet by the name of Bob Jones prophesied a 24 hour House of Prayer which later became known as IHOP International House of Prayer. And you were at that historic first meeting but the thing that intrigues me even more than that is you cried out for about 4 years for God to give you dreams and visions. Why did you even have that prayer?

Julie: You know I just wanted to know Him I mean I just wanted to see Him. I have amazing friends and they were always telling me about their encounters and their dreams and I was just hungry to know Him. And I just remember sitting down one day saying “I don’t just don’t want to sign up that after I die I meet You, I want to meet You on this side.” And it was just a hunger that I just wanted to know Him.

Sid: Now in addition to being a Worship Leader in addition to this hunger you also were a soccer mom with 3 boys. And out of curiosity they’re people listening to us right now and they’re being pulled apart as soccer moms and housewives and they got so much to do how were you able to carve out that time?

Julie: You know I have 3 boys my husband and myself. My husband and I have 3 boys we have Isaac and then we have identical twins also.

Sid: Double trouble, oh double blessing (Laughing.)

Julie: Double blessings, the blessings of the Lord can be hard sometimes though. And when I had my twins I couldn’t go anywhere for 2 years. Everything shut down and there was no web stream and no any…you know nothing then. But you know what really helped me I love this because ever since 1983 that’s when I was at the prayer meeting with Bob Jones and Mike Bickle and Bob began to prophesy about the day where the Lord would raise up 24-7 Houses of Prayer. But what I always did is I would take scripture and maybe it was just 2 scriptures and I would take it and I would pray it, I would, and then I would sing it.

Sid: You know I just thought when I read that in your book I just started doing that I would never sing scripture. But the reason that really clicked with me was because as an evangelist years ago I used to have long healing lines I don’t do that now I operate primarily through words of knowledge and I found something amazing when I would sing over someone they would…the anointing would go into them stronger then when I would speak over someone. I don’t understand it and then if you’re singing scripture you can’t get any stronger than that.

Julie: No, that’s right.

Sid: But you understand that maybe you can help me, why is it singing of scripture seems to be more powerful than speaking of scripture?

Julie: It is powerful and when I studied the life of David, King David that I love and the most dire of circumstances he would always write “I will sing to the Lord a new song.” And when you study him it is said of King David that he went to war with a sword in his hand and a song on his lips and I love that. There is something about singing and the reason is your ears have to hear your sound too that’s when it just gets written upon your heart.

Sid: I have good news for everyone listening can’t carry a tune so if I can do it you have no excuses okay.

Julie: Exactly, we’re all supposed to make a joyful noise unto the Lord anyway.

Sid: Julie, tell me about the song “God is Alive” I want to start with that from you’re a…we have the 2 CD albums one is brand new and we have it on exclusive basis. And your brand new book “Dreams and Supernatural Encounters.” And I don’t know what feedback you’re getting but I can tell you that I know what happened to me. And this is what my staff is telling me they are telling me that they actually feel that there in your dreams and visions and the messages you have from God there not just for you they’re for them. It’s just like God was giving it just to them, have you heard that before?

Julie: That’s the main testimony that I hear from every single person that they will email me or write me just personal letters and say “I felt like I was in the dream when I was reading it.” And “The emotional pain that I was walking through as I began to read the dream and just see a new facet and understand the love that Jesus has for us that suddenly it was as if that pain and that sting was washed away because they saw the truth of who Jesus is.”

Sid: Tell me about the song “God is Alive.”

Julie: “God is Alive” I wrote when I was with my friend Joshua Mills.

Sid: I’ve interviewed Joshua, he’s the one that has all of that gold dust and plays the piano.

Julie: He does and it happens all the time! And he was preaching a sermon and he was going “God is alive” and he was saying “Hallelujah I must praise Yah.” And it was almost coming out of his mouth. His sermon was as if it was coming out like a song. And I just began to write down his words but as I’m writing them I can hear a melody. And I literally and Joshua will probably remember this when he was done with his message I went up and I sang the song.

Sid: Let’s hear it right now! “God is Alive.” (0.14.53 – 0.19:24)

God is alive, it’s too late to tell me God is not alive, it’s too late to tell me Jesus isn’t the Messiah I know Him! “This is eternal life that you might have experiential knowledge of God through Jesus, this is eternal life.” I want everyone everywhere to know Him. And I recently got back from a trip to Israel and I had this is unprecedented 500 unsaved Jewish people came out to a lecture on the supernatural. And I’m going to tell you miracles occurred and the majority of them stood up and made professions of faith, unprecedented, unheard of in Israel. Don’t you tell me God isn’t alive, it’s too late! And I’m going to tell you something else we’re coming into something pretty trying times on planet earth but God is alive and this book “Dreams and Supernatural Encounters” by Julie Meyer is going to change your understanding of the invisible realm. I believe that her dreams and visions are messages from God on how to have intimacy with Him no matter what is going on in your life and if you have intimacy with God you have everything. And then the 2 CD’s trust me the peace, the tranquility that it’s going to bring in your life. The 2 CD’s one of them is a brand new exclusive soaking CD….When we come back I want to find out a lot more about singing scripture.

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Our Guest Dale Fife

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Dale Fife

Sid: We want everyone everywhere to get unstuck, unstuck? Well, what do you mean by that Sid? Well, I’m glad you asked. You see everyone that’s a true believer is caught in some point in their life in a move of God’s Spirit but history records that most people that get caught in a move of God’s Spirit at least to come to the Lord get stuck. And then they see something new that happens and they say “Well, that’s not God because that’s not the way God operates with me.” I mean as if we have the audacity to think we know everything of God. Even the gospels state that if everything that Yeshua, Jesus, did was recorded in books there wouldn’t be enough books to contain it. Well it’s time to get unstuck, why? Because the word of God says the best wine is for last. Do you remember the wedding supper of Cana? The Master of the Feast said to the Bridegroom you have saved the best wine for last.” Wines a type of the Holy Spirit, the best move of the Holy Spirit is last.” And the Messiah said “That when you have a new wine, a new outpouring of God’s Spirit, you need a new wineskin.” And I’m looking at what we call church is the new wine skin and I’m saying we need a new wine skin to contain the best that is reserved for last. But you know what is even more important than the new wine skin in the church? The new wine skin in us and that’s why I have on the telephone Dr. Dale Fife. One of our supporters said “Sid I just got a hold of his book and it is doing more for my intimacy with God than anything that I’ve seen before you got to read it.” So I got a hold of this book it’s called “The Secret Place” subtitled “Passionately Pursuing His Presence.” And the moment I opened this book Dr. Dale Fife says “He believes angels accompanies every one of these books.” The moment I opened this book the presence of God came on me and that was God saying “Hey, there’s something in here Sid that you have to learn and your Mishpochah must learn.” So on January 1st 1999 a pastor that accomplished a lot for God that was involved as a Pastor in a Methodist Church and then he got involved in something real radical with 3 different denominations came together and it was interracial and interdenominational and three churches came together and God really moved and he started something called the barn which young people that were not even acceptable in most churches became acceptable. So he knew the Spirit of God, he knew about the moves of God’s Spirit but Dale there was a desperation inside of you tell me about it.

Dale: It’s a joy to be with you Sid I firmly agree with you that we need to embrace what God is doing in the present moment. And after 30 years of ministry in a more traditional setting sometimes I pastured a small church outside Johnstown, PA in a coal mining community, from there into a larger denominational church, and then a community church. And an inner city church and a barn ministry and then on to Connecticut where I’m pasturing now but in my heart of hearts the long that has continually pressed me into God is a desire for intimacy with Him. And after 30 some years of ministry I just was so hungry for God and so destructed, stuck on the normal responsibility of ministry, the administrative things. And on the first day of 1999 I went into my study at home locked the door, I said “God I’m locking myself in in with You.” Took the phone off the hock and sat down in my what I call now my prayer chair. And I opened my journal I have an 8½ x 11 hardbound journal and I took a pen and I sat there in God’s presence and I said “God I desperately need to draw closer to You, how can I minister to your people if I have no intimacy with You?” And…

Sid: By the way anyone that saw you minister and knew what you did that is the last thing they think you’d be praying. They would say “Ha, I wish I had the same intimacy with God that Pastor Dale has.”

Dale: Well I think that’s true in God’s grace and His gifts are without repentance and the anointing of God comes upon us not for our benefit but for the benefit of those we minister to. And many times we’ll say “Well, Lord we need to be anointed.” And I remember one particular day God said “Listen, I’ll anoint you when the time comes for you to minister and that’s when you’ll need it because My anointing is not for you it’s for those you minister to.” And so God was gracing me in ministry and there were many powerful moments in my life but there was such a longing in my heart for a deeper relationship with God than I’ve never known.

Sid: You know Dale that’s what’s going on inside of heart right now and that’s what’s going on inside of most of our listeners right now there’s this longing. And there is this how do we get from point… I’m a real logical thinker.

Dale: Hmm, hmm.

Sid: My biggest asset is my greatest liability “How do I get from point A to point B I know where I’m at but I am totally dissatisfied where I’m at. I’ve got to get greater intimacy God “How do I do it?” And I’ve been crying out for it, but tell me what happened that day January 1st 1999.

Dale: Well even as you express your heart Sid it reminds me of a vision the Lord gave me one day of a priest ministering the Old Testament Tabernacle and his responsibility was to carry the ashes from the altar out of the Tabernacle. Day after day he would come in and he would be close to the presence of God but not in the presence of God. And a longing developed in his heart after all of those years of just carrying ashes of firewood that he came to the point where he was desperate where he said “I need to get into the Holy of Holies.” So I think that’s a perfect description of where I was on that day and as I sat in my study I prayed this prayer “Lord Jesus I just long for intimacy with You.” And something came deep out of my Spirit unpremeditated just a longing. And I believe it’s the cry of every human being alive today that cry for intimacy with God. And I said this prayer I said “God I want to be like Enoch, I want to walk with You.”

Sid: Now that wasn’t premeditated I mean it just came out of your spirit?

Dale: It did, it wasn’t like I said “Well, I’m going to go and pray this prayer.” It just was birthed it’s almost like the cry of my life. “God I want to be like Enoch, I want to walk with You and be Your friend.” In that moment that I prayed that prayer I heard the voice of the Spirit say to me “Son, I’m going to come and answer your prayer and I’m going to walk with you like I walked with Enoch, I long for you to be My friend.” And that prayer and that moment literally changed my life because God became to come day after day after day in such a powerful way into my study at home as I would sit in His presence. I remember one particular day Sid that I went into my study at 8:00 in the morning and sat in God’s presence seeing and hearing, seeing vision and hearing what God was saying to me for 9 hours without interruption. The presence of God was so powerful in the room.

Sid: Now you can’t do that without God’s grace without the presence of God there.

Dale: No, tears were streaming down my face, the glory of God so present that I could hardly see to write in my journal what God was saying to me. And in fact one particular day my wife was so concerned because I had been locked in my study for so long she actually snuck out the front door walked around the house and peaked in the window to see if I was still on the earth she thought I had gone home like Enoch did. (Chuckle) Another woman a powerful intercessor walked into our home one day and I was on one of what I call now my Enoch walks with God. She walked into the house and she to my wife “What is going on in this place, God’s presence is so powerful in this house I can’t… what is happening?” And my wife began to explain what was going on.” And she said “I can sense the presence and the glory of God in this house.” It was just amazing what was going on and it was actually you had mentioned to your listeners about the book “The Secret Place.” I never started out to write a book, I started out to see God and in those days of powerful intimacy it was about 2 weeks into this experience when I had almost filled the journal with the prophetic revelation of what God was saying to me. And one day I said to the Lord I said “Father, You were showing me so many things surely there for more than just me.” And the voice of the Spirit said “They are son, and I want you to write them in a book and they’re for My church and for My people.” And so I said “Why me, who am I just I’m hidden back here in the trees in my study and I kind of felt like Moses God pick somebody else to do this.” And I even said “Well Lord how will I even get a book published?” And the Lord said “Son you obey Me and I’ll take care of the rest.” And so I really didn’t intend to write a book, in fact when this book was published it is 95% straight out of my journal as I wrote it in God’s presence.

Sid: But you know refresh my memory because I spoke to you a while ago and you said something about you really believe an angel accompanies every book that’s someone gets.

Dale: I believe that because in the book and if you know the listeners will read they’ll understand that there was a point in my journey with the Lord that the Lord gave me a powerful vision and in that vision He said “I will release an angel to carry this word to my people.”

Sid: Well some people that a lot of us are familiar with Tommy Tenney, Dr. Kingsley Fletcher, Mark Chironna, I mean Mark says “Get ready for an incredible journey into the presence of the Living God within these pages you’ll experience a depth of prophetic revelation and insight that will provoke you to respond to God’s invitation to intimacy.”


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