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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah but the truth of the matter is there are many of you that want to be red hot for the Messiah but these little foxes that are getting in your way.  And I know the name of the major obstacle that is getting in your way from getting you healed.  From having intimacy with God; from not being judged and it’s a subject called “The Fear of the Lord.”  And that’s why I have on the telephone the pastor of Canton Christian Fellowship in Canton, Ohio Pastor Michael Cameneti.  He’s just written a brand new book and the title is “The Missing Ingredient to Success.”  Explain to us what the fear of the Lord is Michael.

Michael:  Well, the fear of the Lord is of course the Bible gives us some definitions; so I’ll tell you one.  In Proverbs chapter 8 verse 13 the Bible says “The fear of the Lord is to hate evil; pride, arrogancy; the evil way, the forward mouth do I hate.”  So we can say it this way the fear of the Lord is dislike or disapprove of whatever God dislikes or whatever God disapproves of.  And so we could go through scripture after scripture the Bible talks about “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; the beginning of knowledge.”  But I found a definition Sid because the subject of the fear of the Lord or the fear of God is even found in the New Testament.  So it’s not an Old Testament thing; so I was looking the in Vines Expository dictionary of Old Testament words. And where is what the Bible says about the fear of the Lord.  I think that this is a definition that will help people. “The fear of the Lord is not a mere fear of His power and of His righteous retribution but it is a wholesome dread of displeasing Him.”  Sid if I could say anything to the people that are listening to the program; if you want to fear God.  If you want to understand what the fear of the Lord is it’s simply having a wholesome dread within all of us that I don’t want to displease God.  So at that I’m going to do everything I can within my spiritual ability to serve the Lord and to please Him in everything that I do.  That is what the fear of the Lord is.

Sid: Your book was written to get this ingrained into our heart.  How can we when we know better yet we keep gossiping; we keep doing things that the world is doing, and we know better but it just keeps going on.  How do we stop it?

Michael:  Well, I believe the only way to stop it; I mean I think we can probably say there’s 15 ways.  But I think the one thing Ecclesiastes chapter 12:13 says “The conclusion of the whole matter.”  I mean after the book of Proverbs is written Solomon writes Ecclesiastes and he says “The conclusion of the whole matter is you must fear God.”   And I don’t think Christians really understand what the fear of the Lord is nor how to do it. Really what the fear is if you break it down into a Christian’s life is it’s referencing God all day. So in other words if I’m at work because people that are listening to this today I’m sure they deal with this at work.  I worked in the world before I became a pastor so I understand this people telling dirty jokes; people cussing and doing things that I don’t really want to be associated with that but how so you get out of that.  I mean hear they are telling you a dirty joke and you can’t stop them.  So what you have to do as a Christian is you have to have a monitor in your life.  Proverb’s talks about guarding your heart. It even talks about it in the New Testament about guarding your heart or guarding your mind. What you have to do is you have to put a guard on it.  And how you do that is with the Bible with the Word of God. I think most Christians forget about the fact that the Bible says to renew your mind to the word.  And the more that we get into the word I don’t have to be a Bible quoter and tote my Bible to work every day to have the word on my mind and to have the word up in my heart.  And I don’t have to quote it to other people. I can just be thinking about it and quoting it my own heart.  This will keep us in the fear of the Lord.

Sid: You talk in your book about practicing the presence of God; of being… explain that a little bit.

Michael:  Well, practicing the presence of God I believe I got the privilege in my personal life to be around some great men and woman of God.  You know Brother Hagin was one of them and we talked about his prophecy this week.  I got to be around some other men and woman that are even still alive today I liked watching what they do in their life.  And what I’ve noticed what they do is they always are acknowledging God.  In other words if you’re sitting down and talking to them every so often they’ll say “Praise the Lord.”  They’re acknowledging God in them.  As a believer we’re spirit, soul and body. We have God living in the inside of us according to the Word.  He comes by the Holy Spirit and He dwells inside of us.  So how I practice the presence of God is I begin to always everywhere I go everything that I do I think about God.  I think about His presence; I reference Him.  And so what happens in doing that is I carry the presence of God.  I’m sure that you’ve heard of Smith Wigglesworth.

Sid: Of course.

Michael:  I’m sure people have told stories about him.  And Smith Wigglesworth was riding on a train and they have different stories I have heard different things about him.  But one of the things that I read about him that was written by his son-in-law so I think it’s pretty accurate.  Is that a man come up to him and fell to his knees and Smith was not… he was on a train and he was not preaching and the man began to confess that he was a sinner.  And he said that the presence of God on this man convicted him so much that it made him you know fall on his knees and want to repent to God. Well maybe not everything’s going to happen in that sense, and I don’t want every person to think that.  But I believe one of our challenges is keeping our thoughts fixed on God. And the Bible talks about this in Colossian’s chapter 3.  That we’re to think on things above; that we’re to put out minds on Him. Roman’s chapter 12 talks about renewing our mind and keeping our mind on Him.  I believe one of the ways that we reference God is that we have to clean our thought life up.  And I heard a minister minister one time and called it stinking thinking. And a lot of times you know we’re doing the Christian thing and we’re going to church and maybe we’re saying “Praise the Lord” when we need to and maybe even worshiping God in the church service. But our thought life Sid this is where most of us either rise up and be the Christian that God wants us to be or we fall.  It’s because of what is going on in our mind. And I believe if you just learn how to keep the word; I started practicing this years ago working in a secular job.  Where I would bring a scripture or two on a card to work and I’d look at them every so often and I’d memorize those scriptures and I’d think about them all day and it kept me in the presence of God referencing God and practicing His presence wherever I was at.

Sid: Let me ask you a question, we were talking earlier about the biggy “The fear of the Lord.”  What happens when we do not reference the Lord; when we do not fear God?

Michael: When we don’t fear God and I have this in a chapter in the book.  And what happens is according to the word.  I mean I went into scripture after scripture where it talks about dishonesty.  Where that becomes something; you know negative results of not fearing the Lord is we could be dishonest without even thinking about it.  We live in a life of flattery which I have a couple pages on that where flattery begins where you know it’s perverted praise. It’s where you’re saying things that are not true and it’s prevalent in the society today.  We get desensitized to sin.

Sid: Now that’s a biggy, because once you’re desensitized to sin you can’t repent. And if you can’t repent you’re in big trouble.

Michael:  Well, that’s where we have to believe the Lord. I believe that someone especially who’s a Christian Sid this book… not that we’re… I want to see everyone that we can be brought to the Lord that doesn’t know Him.  But to a believer and I minister mainly to believers; we have to watch out.  I don’t think people know this and I don’t think that they’ve ever equated it in the world of God. But there’s a guy by the name of Lot in the Bible and we can read about him in 2nd Peter chapter 1.  And Lot the bible basically says that Lot was warned down because of what he saw and what he heard.  And I think that we as believer’s we have to monitor what we see and what we hear.  Because we live in a society where we’re seeing things all the time on our TV and we’re hearing things all the time in what we listen through radio or whatever it might be.  If we don’t watch and we don’t monitor those areas they will cause us to not have that conviction about sin that we once had.  And so in the book we talk about that and in the  book we talk about how our prayer are not going to be answered when we don’t fear God.  In the Bible there are some scriptures about that unanswered prayer happens when we don’t fear the Lord. So many different things happen.  I mean people can either lose their healing or not be healed because they’re not living right.  They’re not living the way that the Lord wants them.  Now He’s not talking; God is never telling us to be perfect because if we’re going to be perfect then we’re going to be exactly like Jesus was.  He came so we could be like Him; he paid the penalty for sin but He knew that we were going to have areas in our life where we missed it. That’s why the blood of Jesus is so important.  So a believer needs to understand that if I don’t fear God sin is going to be an issue in my life.  And Sid I can honestly tell you this I’ve watched believers over the years I’ve been pastoring now this church for 16 years.  I have seen Christian’s who love the Lord and are on fire and 5 years later in their life with God they’re now back into the same sin that they were in before they were saved and even worse.

Sid: Now we have people listening to us right now and they’re saying “That is me.”  If they read your book and if they do what your book teaches will they get that fire back?

Michael: I believe they will Sid. And one of the reasons and we haven’t talked a whole lot about this but we have a chapter in our book about it.  If you start to recognize that this life is more than just living on this earth. It’s more than just I got born on the earth; I go to school, I go to college.  I get married I have kids; it’s more than that.  We’re here for a purpose and it’s divine and it’s a purpose that’s God. And if we can understand that and we can understand that we begin to fear God and understand this that the judgment is for the believer.  There’s a great white throne judgment that’s for the unbeliever.  But I’m going to stand before the judgment seat of Christ.

Sid: And we don’t hear much about that; what we hear is “Our sins are forgiven and that we’re going to Heaven.” But what we don’t hear is the judgment seat of Messiah.

Michael:  We don’t and there’s a parable that Jesus talks about and it’s not about the judgment seat of Christ per say but it’s about a great suppers.  It’s in the Bible and I don’t believe that it’s dealing with the marriage supper of the Lamb because at the end of the parable he says go out and bring in the lame, the maim, the blind.  We don’t have those in Heaven I believer that it’s a parable about earth.  And if you remember the parable it’s in Luke’s Gospel Sid there are reasons why people couldn’t come to the supper.  The supper is the representation of the Bible; it’s a representation of the Word.  Well, most of us find that at church; we also can find that home, we can listen to programs like this.  We can listen to tapes and all that is wonderful but nothing replaces you getting into church.

Sid: Listen Michael I think that many of us need a jolt.

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Our Guest Kevin Turner

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Kevin Turner

Sid:  I have on the telephone Kevin Turner caught up with him just outside of his base in Sudan, Africa.  He is President of Strategic World Impact.  He works in 3 areas: war zones, disaster areas, and area’s Christians are being persecuted in.  He wrote an article and that’s why I called him and his article is called “Why Isn’t the American Church Growing?”  Kevin “Why isn’t… I mean when we see other parts of the world that it’s growing so fast that we can’t keep track of the number of people that are being saved and radically discipled, but here in America the Church really isn’t growing.  Why?

Kevin:  Well, in fact statistic that might have stoned people that I speak in churches all over the United States and I ask people this one question.  “What is largest Christian country in the world?”  And of course a lot of people say “The United States” or some people will say like “Brazil” or whatever.  The largest according to numbers right now the country with the largest amount of Christians in it is Communist China.

Sid: Hm.

Kevin:   The largest Christian nation in the world is Communist China where the church is illegal, where preaching is restricted and you can’t hear legally the gospel until you are at the age of 18. Then they have the largest population of Christians in the world.  And the reason that I believe as I have world in almost 100 nations and here’s what I’ve seen over and over again “Comfort confuses; calamity clarifies.”  She’s a perfect teacher; when calamity strikes we’re no longer concerned about the mortgage; we’re no longer concerned about the lawn care; we’re instantly absorbed with one important thing and that’s life.  And it teaches us and there’s another principal that I use and I’m always preaching and it’s this that “Persecution purifies and prosperity often pollutes.”

Sid: Well, would you define 21st century Christianity as polluted?

Kevin:  Absolutely; its hot tub religion at its best.  When Christian’s speak of their blessings in America they point to things.  They say “Look how God has blessed me I have this; I have this I got this boat and got this lake home.” And this whole thing of having heaven now verses you know… There were 2 young men who started one of the largest mission revolutions that we had seen since the disciples.  There were 2 young Moravian men; they were with a man named Count Zinzendorf in northern Germany.  They’d experienced a massive revival; God had so touched and quickened their hearts.  These 2 young men became aware that in the West Indies, which would be modern day Jamaica, that there were 5,000 black slaves on an Island that were owned by a godless man who said publicly “No Christian, no man of God will ever step foot on my island and pervert the mind of my slaves with this foolish Christianity.”  When these two young men heard that they were cut to the core. They prayed; committed themselves and did the unthinkable.  There was no way that they could access that island accept one way.    They sold themselves into slavery simply to be a love slave for Jesus.  The man was such a miser that they actually had to use the money from the sale of their bodies to pay their ship fare to get there.

Sid: Hm.

Kevin:  Within 20 years this group of Moravians’ had sent out more missionaries than all of Christendom before that time. When we come to the place of utter resignation; where we lay down all our hopes, dreams and ambitions and just say “Jesus You’re the Lord take me where You want me to go.”  That’s when you’re ready for a revolution of love.

Sid: And you know what really clarifies your theology here in America we strain a gnat and swallow a camel.  And argue about different jots and tittles of theology.   But where the rubber meets the road is what you’re talking about.

Kevin:   It’s simply living for Jesus; it becomes more than just some pie in the sky theology and believe me I study the word of God.  I have an 11,000 volume library.  I love to read; I study theology and to study theology is to know God.  But when our aim becomes simply knowledge rather than to know Him it is when we run askew.  And that’s why we have swivel-chair theologians in America sitting in Ivory towers handing out edicts to the people down below.  And we’re producing cookie cutter Christian’s that have never had an experience with Christ.  This is the reason why I believe with all my heart that the Church isn’t growing because they have no raison de vivre, they have no reason for living. My passionate heart cry is that the church once again would say “Jesus I sell myself to be your love slave; I give you my life.  The man who discipled me Leonard Ravenhill said this he said “Kevin, you lay your life down on the altar and  let God burn you up” and he said “He’ll do more with the ashes than with your life than you could if you possessed the whole thing.”

Sid: Kevin, what will it take for our version here in the west to change?

Kevin:  Well, once again to quote Leonard Ravenhill he said “In America we will either have Pentecost or prison camps.” And then he said “Or perhaps we’ll end up having Pentecost in the prison camp.”  I believe that Jesus loves America so much that He’ll let us suffer persecution.  I believe He loves us so much that He will take us through the fire.  I tell people all the time remember when the 3 Hebrew children were thrown into the fire it’s then that the pagan ungodly world looked in and said “Hey who’s the 4th man?”  If we want to see Jesus revealed to the world; then we would be willing to go through the fire and not around it.  And this is how we become Jesus with skin on; this is how we… you know people talk in theology that “Jesus is the propitiation for our sins.”  In other words, He was that thing which took away the anger of God. And His cross became that propitiation for us.  Our cross; our cross is for propagation; it’s to get out; it’s to lay your life down and people know that Jesus is alive and well and He rose again from the dead.  This – makes – my – heart – leap!

Sid: Obviously persecution could end up being a two edge sword; a blessing as well as persecution.  But what about someone that says I want to be like Kevin but there’s no persecution going on in this country and I don’t want to be just be persecuted to be persecuted.  How do I get on fire like him?

Kevin:  Well to be honest with you I hate to use the term key because I think that everything has been unlocked through Jesus . If there’s anything that I would say to living the Christian life it’s continuing dwelling in brokenness and repentance…

Sid: Wait a second; how can you be broken and repentant when you have everything that your heart desires that’s purchased with money?  When we’re living in this culture? I turn on TV, I see homosexuality in my face.  I see sex outside of marriage in my face; I see abortion, woman’s rights they call it, what about the child’s rights, in my face?  We see it so much I’m wondering if we’re not growing so used to it and saying “This is just the way it is?”  How’s it going to change?

Kevin:  I see the cross; I see that to a world that mocks God and raises their fist in utter defiance toward Him I see the cross of Jesus.  And in the morning when I wake up I look in the mirror.  And you know what?  I realize that what I’m capable of without Jesus and it breaks me.  You know there’s an old hymn that says “Follow to the fountain Lord I fly, wash me Savior must I die.” Renewal is simply this; realizing who you are without Jesus and realizing what you’ve become in Him and that breaks me.  Because when I realize that when God left the glory of heaven.  Psalms 113 nails it for me; it’s a testimony of my life.  “Whose like the Lord our God who looks down upon the poor and needy and He lifts them out of the ash heap and the dung hill and He sets them at a table with princes; the princes of His people.”  If God could literally, leave heaven and think of this God had one Son and He buried Him on the mission field.  One Son and He buried Him on the mission field. (Crying) And oh, that God would just apprehend us with His Spirit of brokenness and once again we’d rend our hearts and not our garments.

Sid: Is that how we should pray for the Spirit of Brokenness?  How should we pray Kevin? 

Kevin:    I just say “Read the word and see what He’s done for you and if that doesn’t break you I don’t know that anything will.” A good old fashion baptism of repentance is what the church needs.  We need to repent of our big churches; and I’m not saying that to have a large church is wrong.  What I’m saying is to focus on that is wrong.  I’m not saying that to have money is wrong; it takes money to live here in Africa. I’m not saying that those things are wrong in and of themselves. I’m saying that anything that takes your focus off the Lamb of God becomes sin.  Anything!

Sid: I have to believe here in the west idolatry is the big sin.

Kevin:  Yes it is it’s the golden cow of materialism.  We’ve fallen down at the altar of materialism and we’ve worshiped and we’ve forsaken the God of Israel and it grieves me.  And I’ll tell you what grieves me most is when I see it in my own heart. (Crying) You know what’s amazing?  We have these huge beautiful buildings with perfect sound systems; the mood lighting; the carpeted aisles and yet I meet God in a mud hut somewhere in Afghanistan where a few people who used to be Muslim’s now call on the Name of Jesus and they bury their face in the dirt because the glory of God comes down. (Crying)

Sid: Kevin we’re out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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Our Guest Jordan Rubin

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Jordan Rubin

Sid: I’ve got a Jewish man on the line and I have a Jewish woman right opposite me and I’m Jewish maybe the whole world’s Jewish who knows.  Her name is Janie DuVall she’s producer of Messianic Vision and she has been talking non-stop about a diet called “The Makers Diet.”  I said “Janie, there are so many diets out there and you’ve been on all of them. You have, I have you that are listening to me you have” but she’s been on this and she says it’s the first one making a difference.  Janie, what you told me is that he got like the best of all of them in this.

Janie: It takes everything because you have the all-vegetable diet and there’s a truth to that but it doesn’t have everything it’s like.  And there’s a truth to the Atkin’s as far we need fats but it’s the wrong fats.  But he takes everything and it all makes sense.  When I read that book I realized why all the people around me were sick.  The other day I was in a doctor’s office and saw a 2 ½ year old little girl who was about to get her tonsils out and she’s having all this pain in her ears.  And I wanted to… and the mother left and I wanted to run out and say “It’s what the child’s been eating you’re giving her pasteurized milk” which I didn’t realize all the harmful effects until I read his book.  People are sick, teenagers are who are in rebellion.  Now I understand the way the world is today but a lot of it is from the food that they’re eating.

Sid: Okay, let me introduce you to Dr. Jordan Rubin I’m speaking to him at his office at West Palm Beach, Florida.  Jordan on yesterday’s broadcast we found out that you were headed quickly short of a miracle from God to death.  You had Crone’s disease; you had one of the worst cases and you were literally starving to death. You went down to I saw your picture before and after and that’s amazing transition that occurred.  But your book is called “The Maker’s Diet.”  Tell me some of the things you learned from the Bible form the Maker’s Diet.”

Jordan:  When I grabbed the Bible and looked at it with really new eyes and realized that God has a plan for us and the Bible is to our bodies what that book that we get in our glove box to our new automobile is. It’s the manufacturers manual; and what I found when I read the Bible was that God made promises to the people of Israel that went something like this. “If you follow my commandments and you listen to what I’m saying and you follow Me, I will put none of the diseases upon you that I have put upon the Egyptians for I am the Lord that heals you.”  And what I realized was that people in Egypt 4,000 years ago they had the best medicine; the best culture and the  best technology but they did things in opposition to God’s word and they suffered illness.  They had all the same problems that we have today. And what I realized in my own life was that I have inherited the promises and curses rather of Egypt rather than the promises of God. I found a way to eat and a way to live and took God’s plan and packaged it in a modern day program applicable program.  And you know what I agree with Janie this plan has the best of the best in it.  Why, because I took it from the greatest source.  And what I like to say is isn’t it time that we got a prescription from the great physician.  Instead of the person that we’re going to with a white coat that gives us a pill so that we can easily get rid of what’s ailing us.  Rather than us working out our salvation with fear and trembling living a life in obedience and discipline to our Creator. And that’s what “The Makers Diet” is all about it’s not easy but if you follow it the results are well worth any sacrifice.

Sid: Actually I was talking to Janie about that and I was saying to Janie “I cannot be on a diet that has so many things in it.”  And her comment to me was “Do it as well as you can and you’ll be way ahead.” What do you think about that doctor?

Jordan:  Well, Sid I agree in fact what you shared with me off the air about some of the things you’re eating now I would not say that that’s not on “The Maker’s Diet.”  The Maker’s Diet is really about eating what God created for food and eating food that’s healthy for the body; so we’re talking about quality.  Now if you’re at a restaurant you have certain…

Sid: You see as I told you as I met you in person I eat most of my meals in restaurants.

Jordan: And a lot of us do but the point is that there are choices and you can always do better if you have the ideal plan in mind.  And what my point is that we’re not trying to be perfect; no one can be perfect.  I’m not perfect by my diet by any stretch.  But what I do is I make it a priority.  I understand that what I eat, how I live and how I practice hygiene all the areas of health that are important it doesn’t just affect me it affects others.  And Sid we want you on the air proclaiming the good news for a long time; we want you to have long life and abundant life.  And the way you do it is by following in obedience to God’s plan for your life.  And just as we strive to live a moral and ethical life in accordance with the scriptures.  We are not perfect but the model of perfection has been lived out in our Messiah Yeshua.  And our goal on earth is to emulate that but we do deviate from that but it doesn’t change perfection and if were not… we get what we strive for.  And if you look at “The Maker’s Diet” and say “This is what I want to move towards.”  And so many people say “I can’t do it because of this; I don’t have the money; I don’t have the time; I don’t have the discipline.”  There’s a lot of people that are looking for an excuse to stay the way that they are. But I’ll tell you right now that you can’t just skate along in life abusing your body, which by the way is referred to as the Temple of God by God’s only Son.  You can’t do that your entire life and not pay the consequences.

Sid: One of the things that concerning me a lot is that people because of medical science are living really longer than ever but they’re quality of life.  Who would want to be old and live like?

Jordan:  I can’t agree with you more on that statement because I had two grandmothers.  I still have one but one grandmother despite having cancer in her mid-seventies followed this health plan is still alive at 82.  My other grandmother despite our best efforts would not follow a health plan and a healthy lifestyle and she… not only did she died at age 77. but her last 7 years she lived with pain, dementia, Parkinson’s disease not knowing who we were and being in assisted living in a nursing home; just a miserable existence.  And in the Bible Moses died at 120 his eyes did not grow dim; Joshua died at 110. God used them weeks before they died instead of getting older and more feeble I believe that they became more wise and added more to society.  That’s what I want to see today and that’s what God is doing. You know what it’s not about me it’s not about my story.  God is on a mission to change the health of His people one life at a time.  All I’m doing is getting onboard with His mission. And boy it’s an exciting one because people eyes are being opened.  We are finally desperate enough to make health and our bodies a priority.

Sid: You know as I read your book you have a lot of things in there that I’ve never even thought about. But one of the things that I wanted to bring up is the Bible talks about not having pork products and being Jewish I was raised not having pork products. But then as I got a little older and got on my own and especially the Jewish major meal Chinese Food.

Jordan:  (Laughing)

Sid: I went into it but I was always told that that was because in the Bible days there was trichinosis and things like that but today we don’t have that and so there for pork is okay to eat.  But that’s not what you say.

Jordan:  Well it’s interesting that a few chapters after  God handed down the dietary laws through Moses which talks about not eating certain animals they’re unclean either detestable; a few chapters later he talks about a man should not lie with another man as he lies with a woman.  He uses the same word detestable and unclean in that chapter that He uses when He talks about eating pork and shellfish and other unclean meat.

Sid: Hm.

Jordan: There is a scientific reason behind it which I’d love to share in the future but more than anything God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  These are not kosher laws by the way even though the term kosher means the way that you should go and it is a good terminology this is God’s plan.  Everything in the Bible when Science bothers to study it they prove exactly what God said.  And when it comes to easting meet clean and unclean I’ll tell you pork is anything but more healthy than it used to be.  The pig didn’t change, the pigs anatomy didn’t change and we certainly been redeemed by the blood of Yeshua; we are born again into His family.  But that didn’t change our physical body and God did not make a mistake 4000 years ago.  In fact the dietary laws even predate Moses when Noah was on the earth he could delineate between clean and unclean when they were bringing animals into the ark.  I love talking about this topic and when people hear it I really believe it resonates with their spirit and we’re seeing some big changes.    

Sid: Tell me briefly what is “The Maker’s Diet.”

Jordan:  “The Maker’s Diet” is a 40 health experience that changes people’s lives by following a plan; not a diet but a plan based on the Bible history and science and goes into every area of our health.  Physical health, mental health, emotional health and of course spiritual health.  And when you follow this for 40 days you instill habits into your life, changes into your life, and departures from which you are doing into a lifestyle more conduces to health that allows you to build a lifetime of health.  And I believe start a new generation; start a legacy to affect your future generation.

Janie: You know I have to say that “The Maker’s Diet” is yummy (Laughing).

Sid: Wait a second now, I’ve got it in front of me and you’re talking about eating raw sauerkraut.  Now I don’t mind it with the hotdog but I can’t have the hot dog on The Maker’s Diet.”  (Laughing)

Janie:  No, I’m really not kidding when I go off of “The Maker’s Diet” and I’m feeling really awful.

Sid:  Why do you eat sauerkraut?

Janie: I love sauerkraut.

Sid: Jordan why does she eat your sauerkraut?

Jordan:  Sauerkraut is actually cultured vegetables and we’re hearing a lot about enzymes and probiotics.  Well, every culture in the world really has some type of a fermented vegetable as a condiment to eat with their meat.  That’s why sauerkraut was combined with sausage or a hotdog because sauerkraut especially if it’s raw contains enzymes to help digest protein food.

Sid: Is that very important to help our body digest proteins?

Jordan: You don’t need sauerkraut as part of your daily diet.

Sid: Good.  (Laughing)

Jordan:  Consuming vegetables in one form or another is beneficial.  And there are some food that even that are healing food; they call them super-foods.  And so while sauerkraut is not an obligation there are important concepts in “The Maker’s Diet” that go back to your question.  You mentioned “Aren’t we different don’t we need different foods.”  “The Maker’s Diet” doesn’t tell you what to eat at every moment of the day it gives you the solid principals and foundation in which to build a healthy life.

Sid: Jordan we’re out of time right now.

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Our Guest Dr. David Remedious

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Dr. David Remedios

Sid:  The devil has been trying so hard to separate Jews and Christians, but devil it’s too late because there is a move of God’s Spirit that is removing the spiritual scales from the eyes of Jewish people.  What Paul describes the glorious church because it is so explosive with the Spirit of God and the glory of God.  I mean when you walk into a gather of believers and when people hear me say church they think building.  No it doesn’t matter.  This is God’s house; no no no God’s house is we’re believers gathered together.  God’s house is in the believers not in the building.  When these believers come together; when that glorious church is restored.  When the Jewish olive tree comes back in that tree is going to get so healthy that people will walk into the gathering of believers whether it’s in your house or it’s in the cathedral it doesn’t matter.  The Spirit of God, the glory of God will be just so leased that everyone will be healed; they’ll repent to sins.  And then we’ll have what the Bible says and not the best we can do until we have what the Bible says.  I want what the Bible says; nothing more, nothing less.  Jesus said, “You will do the same works that I’ve done and even greater.”  I have a man on the telephone I’m talking to him at his home at Alexandria, Louisiana.  His name is Dr. David Remedious; David is a Vascular Surgeon but very different than most surgeons.  He’s one that hears God’s voice.  He’s one that operates in the gift of visions where he literally will be speaking to someone and have an open vision of how to solve their problem through surgery or perhaps another method.  On yesterday’s broadcast David you were talking about one of your patients, Dee Sap and will you continue.

David:  That is correct we were in the emergency room and of course we decide; she has a surgery abdomen wound and we have to take her to surgery.  Her husband and I; her husband is a minister and myself we just prayed and we just asked God to just intervene and for God to send His angels literally ministering spirits.  That’s exactly what I said “Lord send Your angels and ministering spirits into that operating room.”  Of course I pray that all the time before (chuckling) but little did I know that was what was about to occur  at that point in time.  And so I took her into the operating room and when I opened up her abdomen I was very surprised her gallbladder was gangrenous; this tumor in the transverse colon had totally obstructed her bowel, and the sekum was about to explode; so it was a very tenuous situation.  So at that point obviously what I would do because we’re dealing with infection.  This is just principals of surgery; these are just things that we’ve got to do.  This is very serious by the way; so I don’t want to make light of any of this.  This is extremely serious this is human life on the balance so to me obviously because of my professional training; because of the oath that I’ve taken and there’s a great sense of sobriety over my, if I even tell this story.  But I began to operate and obviously I would just take out the gallbladder and I would take out the colon; I’d take out the right part of the colon the right hemicolectomy obviously ileostomy and a colostomy and obviously as a surgical principal you’re not supposed to put the bowel back together because we had infection in the area.

Sid: Now did you prepare her ahead of time that that’s what you’ll do?

David:  There was no way of repairing the bowel because she was totally obstructed.  So that’s just the way….

Sid: Did you mention to her that she might need… or you

David:  Oh yeah about a colostomy yes.

Sid:  That’s a very radical thing it’ll be a total change of her life.

David:    Yes, correct and so as I’m doing that it was so clear that the Lord, the Spirit.  First of all there was a very… for one of the dramatic times in my career and I’m not in church and all of sudden the presence of God invades the operating suite.  So I’m very intensely operating I’m concentrating on what I’m doing.  And all of a sudden this wonderful incredible awesome presence just shows up in that operating room.  I’m going “This is awesome I recognize the presence of God” and I look around and look at the people and obviously my assistant is handing me the instruments and circling nurse is doing her thing and everything is going normal.

Sid: I have seen you in person when the power of God comes on you and you start shaking.  Oi vey if you’re a surgeon that’s shaking. (Laughing)

David:  (Laughing) Well, it’s amazing when the anointing comes on me when I’m operating my movements like at a church setting it’s become very very precise.  The concentration become extremely intense and so it’s sort of like; I don’t know it’s such preciseness that comes.  There’s an incredible tangible anointing and obviously losing control would not be of help in an operating room.  So God knows exactly how to direct our movements.  So I become very focused so I looked around me and it was so clear to me that the voice that I saw myself putting that colon and putting it back, sewing it back together.  And closing the skin; see I was supposed to have left the skin open.  And that’s just a normal basic thing that one would do as a surgeon.  And so I’m sitting there and I’m just thinking this and why would I be thinking this and why would I be thinking that.  I’m supposed to leave an ileostomy and colostomy and so for the second time it was so strong that so strong impression I’m trying to think logically.  “Well, that’s not right.”  I can’t be doing this and after the second time I just said out loud “I need another opinion.”  So I asked a colleague of mine to come in. A very wonderful surgeon came in and he looked.  And I said “What would you do so so?”  And he said “Well I would be ileostomy and a colostomy and I would leave the skin open.”  And I said “Well, that’s what I was planning on doing too.”

Sid: That’s the standard procedure

David:    Well of course, of course and by the way I’m not in any way making light of this because this is such serious and somber.  You understand this is very very serious and forget about license and forget about a title this is not even about this; this about a human being and their life.  And so I want everyone this is not just “Well, I just saw a vision and I just did it.”  Oh, no to me I was faced really with a most incredible, awesome sense of responsibility. This is the way I am trained I’m trained to save lives and that’s my passion.  But this was one of those moments when both seemed to come in apparent contradiction to each other. What do you do at that point?  What do you do?  Well, before me was a decision of “Well, if I obey what I’m feeling in my heart obviously I’m putting this person’s life in jeopardy and that’s you know no physician out there wants to do that.  And I’m not about to and I wouldn’t do that either because that’s very very serious and so.

Sid: And so if there were 100 vascular surgeons how many would approach this the way you approached it?

David:  What I ended up doing no I don’t think none of them.

Sid: Okay, go ahead.

David:   And that’s why literally God was asking me taking me out of my totally out of comfort zone and asking me to trust Him totally with what He was doing. And obviously I was thinking; this is not an easy decision.  I had a group of people around me and after that surgeon walked out of the room the third time He said just go ahead and do it.  So I said “Lord I do trust You and I do know Your voice.” And He did not come out for me to hear the voice of the Lord at that point but He had begun when I was a youngster in New York City. So I learned to trust Him and you know I want the people listening to me to understand that this is not; this is very serious and I did it and…

Sid: But wait a second David with what is going to happen of planet earth we need to hear His voice to save our lives based on.  Look when that tsunami hit if you could have heard God you would have run up to a high mountain with enough time.

David:  Right that is correct and that same voice that protected my life numerous times when I was younger now was there to save someone else’s life.  But at the same time everything that I had worked for all these years with so much sacrifice was also being put on the line.  So does that make sense; it was sort of like it was a very very… I was stepping back and I said “Okay, I know what He’s done I’m going to obey and I’m going to trust Him.”

Sid: I have to ask you a quick question this was a couple that was suing you over land; did it occur to you if you missed it the land suit would be nothing compared to what would have happened?  Oh, absolutely and that’s what made it even more dramatic to me because I went “Lord, are you serious?”  There was all these thoughts going through my mind but knew where my heart and I did it I closed.  I put the bowel together, I closed the skin.  

Sid: David, hold that thought we’ll pick up here on tomorrow’s broadcast.


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Our Guest Jose Santana

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Jose Santana

Sid:  You know what I was just thinking my guest is Jose Santana from the Rochester, New York area. And he’s a New Covenant prophet and he has extraordinary gifts in the prophetic realm.  One of the things he explained is many times when he prophesies over someone he can pick up their thoughts and if they’re saying “I don’t believe that’s true or I’m not capable of that” he’ll just tell them that. Do you realize that if I was involved in secret sin Jose you are the last man I would have opposite me on the microphone.

Jose:  Hmm.

Sid: So I was thinking, I bet a lot of people are afraid of you especially in ministry.  You realize this Mishpochah that the gifts that God has given him if there was some really bad thing going on in my life I believe that God would show it to you Jose.

Jose:  Wow! But I believe that people have lost the fear of God.  As I travel I see 90% of the pastors being overwhelmed with the counseling in the church.  As I counsel people; as I tell them you fast for 3 days, I’ll fast for 3 days then I’ll give you the word of the Lord.  So they do it and a lot of times it is that this particular case the lady was telling the husband that I’m not competitive to you anymore because I’m going to college.  And the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said “She’s lying, she’s having a sexual relationship with a kid in college; she’s going to leave her husband in 6 week and she’s going to leave the church.” That took only a minute.  And it all came to pass.

Sid: And when you shared that what happened?

Jose:  Well, the pastor almost had a heart attack because he was wasting 6 months of his time counseling but it was in the flesh no results.

Sid:  Jose, you had in addition to all of these things that provoke me to jealousy; you went to Heaven.

Jose: Yes Sir. 

Sid: Tell me about that.

Jose: Oh, my Lord as I said I was in a life of drugs and street addictions and so forth. When I came to the Lord I struggled with the love of Jesus Christ.  And 3 years later of that He took me up to Heaven and showed me not only the street of Heaven and the angels but He sat me on His lap as a daddy would set his son.  And He put His hand around me and He told me He loved me so much.  But my mind couldn’t comprehend the width, the length, the height of His love.

Sid: You still were thinking “How could He love you because of all the sin that you had been involved in but you had repented but it still was harassing you.

Jose:  Yes, yes.  And when He took me to Heaven I go “Oh Lord you truly love me that you would do that for me.” Was no other encounter, I saw the angels it was a large room the street of gold.  And they knew that I was just passing through but they took care of me so nice and I never forget that experience.  Then I have seen the Lord Jesus in a local body with a basket full of gifts giving them to His people but none of them realize that the Messiah was in the house.

Sid: So did they not take the gifts?

Jose:  No.

Sid: You mean you saw Him trying to hand gifts to people; why wouldn’t they take it anyone would take a gift?

Jose: Because He will not violate His word.  The Bible says He exalt His word above His Name.  James says “We do not have because we do not ask.”  We must ask for gifts and things and then He will release them unto us.

Sid:  And you were asking for the gift of prophesy.

Jose:  For over 3 years.

Sid: Did you ever think that you would get such an outstanding gift as this Jose?  I’m just curious.

Jose:  Not even in my wildest dream, not even in my wildest dream that He would give me a chance to be used by Him.

Sid:  And that’s by the way; I can see why He chose you; because I have to be candid with you Jose I hate to interview some household names in Christianity.  Do you know why? Because there have been layer and layer of hurts in their life and protection and miss understandings and pride.  I see the problem that God has, he takes the humble vessel.  He gives his best gifts to them; He gives His love to them and then over time not instantly little by little.  The gifts and calling of God is without repentance, He does not take it away, but the vessel is not that same broken vessel that He gave the gifts to.

Jose:  My God talking about that one day I was just washing my mouth out and He took me by His Spirit He took me to Puerto Rico; He took me to Washington DC.

Sid: That’s sort of like the Bible talks about being translated.

Jose:  Like Elijah.

Sid: Elijah and…

Jose:  Philip.

Sid: Philip. So tell me exactly what happened.

Jose:  Something that is beyond my control He would take me to places to show me what has happening in the region or He will take me to other places to show me what they are planning.

Sid: Now are you taken in the Spirit or…

Jose: In the Spirit.

Sid: Have you ever been taken in the flesh to another area?

Jose:  No, but it’s so real I could see what their eating; I could see the room; I could see the meeting; I could see the hand writing in the legal pad.  And I could tell you; I could describe you the face of everybody in the room and what they said in the room but it’s all by the spirit my body is still in Rochester, New York.

Sid: Hmm, well what do you do with this information?

Jose: Okay, I take all that information and I go back to the Lord and I say “What do you want me to do with this you know prayer, intercessor, you know what is it?  And usually He gives me instruction right after I ask Him what to do with it.  But it’s not scary it’s just a peace of God and it’s nothing I asked the Lord to take me there He does that when He want to.

Sid: Jose, has God given you any insight into what is going to happen in this country or other countries.  We’re living in such a crazy world right now; I mean you look at Iran.  They got atomic weapons now; you look at the former Soviet Union; you look at Russia.  Russia is giving these rogue nations atomic weapon information.  You look at China kind of a sleeping giant ready to do something.  You look at North Korea, I mean it used to be in this country it was outrageous that we would ever think the possibility we could have an invasion on our shores and then we had 9/11.  What insight has God given you?

Jose:  I always look at things at Israel; I look at things at Europe the European market. It’s seems like those two places there are key players.  And then I look at the economy in the United States.  The Bible says “That no one will be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast.”  So I said “Lord if America is so strong in the dollar how come they are going to yield to another nation.”  And so that means that we as an American must suffer some shipwreck with the economy.  And then the European company will come and say “We’re going to bail you out and you’re going to come under our covering and then from there I believe that the engagement between them and Israel will take place and the rest you find it in the Bible.  But I believe that those are key things to look out.

Sid: Well, how quickly could major changes happen in the world?  In your opinion; I mean are you talking down 100 years from now or are you saying this is imminent?

Jose:  I see changes coming between 5 and 8 years we will look back and your hair will stand.

Sid:  It’s interesting, I feel like God has said “I want you to put together a 5 year plan for expansion.  I want you to get your message out especially He tells me He wants me to get into Europe, the Middle East, and as I mentioned to you and our Mishpochah this week we started on a new book to reach Muslims.  See I have found this Roman’s 1:16 has such insight into spiritual laws that most people don’t understand.  Paul says “I’m not ashamed of the gospel because the gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes to the Jew first.”  Now that was God’s historical order He started with the Jew.

Jose:  Yes.

Sid: However every time something major happens as you just brought up look at Israel. I involved the Jew. Well, I have found that is God’s law for salvation.  When you go to the Jew first it opens up a supernatural door for evangelism for all people.  But then I just recently got a new revelation; I feel like jumping up and down. The word salvation means “forgiveness of sin, Jesus died for your sins it’s all caught up in there but it means more.  It means deliverance, it means healing.”  And here’s where I’ve put my faith, as I move out to the Jew first which I do, we have big evangelistic meetings planned in German and Israel this year.  And God’s given me a new strategy to reach Jewish people in Israel.  I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen.  But I am putting my faith out there that I will be walking in greater miracles because God said “When you go to the Jew first it is salvation, it is miracles.”  And it will be greater miracles for all people; now without faith, you can’t please God but without knowledge you can’t even have faith. So I have knowledge from revelation from the Word of God.  Now faith in that knowledge and the minute my foot touches the ground that word of God is going to be activated.

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