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Trisha Frost

Sid: I’ve been talking all of this week to Trisha Frost about her book on “Bound” Breaking Free from Life’s Entanglements.” Trish is you and Jack could get free from the mess, I mean you were sabotaged from day one, from the mess you were sabotaged in anyone can get free. What is the Number 1 issue you find as you talk to people about being free from their strongholds?

Trisha:   Well I think that it’s abandonment in the people that I relate to because so many people they have basically been abandoned whether it’s been from a father, or if it’s been from a spiritual father, or of course your father of origin or whatever. That’s how you begin to relate to your heavenly Father. Well you can’t believe you have value, and I see that over and over that when people don’t feel that they have a place of value they live life beneath and below their potential. You know they just can’t believe that their purpose is supernatural. You know I believe in my heart that nobody and that’s why I love the name of your show is because I think that it’s the most supernatural thing we can do to live our natural lives pursuing the things that have wounded us; the things that hinder us from living out our destiny. How do we define our destiny? Well I think that you define your destiny at some point in time by uncovering the things that have hindered you from living and walking in your destiny. And so I see it over and over again people that feel like they’ve been abandoned in life, so they’ve used the excuse well “I can’t.” I’ve taken “I can’t” out of my vocabulary. I can do all things through Jesus, I can live my destiny, I can live my purpose you know whenever I’m on a journey pursuing purpose and destiny. And you know after Jack died I felt abandoned, I felt abandoned by Jack. What am I going to do? You know I have lived my life dependent on Father God to always be there or Jack to always be there. I’ve never had to be the lead person, I never had to be the one in charge and now what am I going to do now that I have this huge ministry that’s just been dumped in my lap so to speak. I had no clue Sid, and so as I begin to pursue what is the things that are hindering me. Well first of all it was the belief that I had been abandoned, I had to deal with that belief, well to start with that’s a lie. I had not been abandoned because the word tells us that He’ll never leave us or forsake us. So if I’ve not been abandoned then Father I need for You to show me a plan. You know, what is the plan, what is the purpose for my life. And He’s doing that, day by day step by step.

Sid: Yeah, but you had something that I have to tell you sure provokes me to jealousy. Now I know that it didn’t start out that way but you’re kind of minding your own business and the Arc Angel Michael shows up, you’ve got to tell me about that.

Trisha: Well I’m just sitting out on my porch thanks to Jack’s mother that passed away and left us a beautiful enough money to buy this beautiful piece of property on the inlet waterway. Which was fulfilling Jack’s dream and so we built this beautiful house and Jack was able to live there only 6 weeks before he went on to be with the Lord. But I’ve lived there since Jack’s passing and so you know at the beginning of this year you know Jack has been gone 7 years. And although I miss him and have had to deal with abandonment life goes on. And so we’re starting our 8th year of new beginnings. And I just love the fact that 8 represents new beginnings. And so I’m sitting on my porch and I’m not fully wake yet and all of a sudden I look up and there is this huge angel, you know and he is huge. And he’s sitting on this beautiful horse and he’s suspended over the waterway in midair. And I look up and you know you hear about things like this Sid and I’m sure that you see a lot of this but I’ve never experienced seeing an angel but only one other time. And so I’m sitting there and there he is and I guess just being female or whatever my curiosity is peaked and so I began to ask questions. “Who are you?” And then that’s when he told me that I am Michael the warring angel, I’m Michael of the angel army.” And so I asked him I said “What are you doing here?” I should have known the answer to that question but I didn’t it just didn’t dawn on me. And he said “It’s taken me 7 years to break through the heavenlies on your behalf but we’re here now.” And when he said “We, I only saw him so I’m thinking who is we.” And at that moment it’s just like a veil was removed from behind him and all around suspended in midair all up and down the waterway was angels as far as you could see was angels back to back. And so I asked him “What is this all about?” And he goes “We are here on your behalf and you can ask the father to commission us to give us assignments to whatever Father is doing in your life.” And still today, and you know that was at the first of the year still today those angels are there in my prayer time. I asked the Father, Father would you show me what the assignment is for my angels today. And by one by one we ask, I asked the Father to give these angels assignments, I have charged, the Bible tells us “He will give angels to have charge over you. And look at all of the stories in the Bible where Father God sent ministering angels to his servants and so they’re there. And every day and especially when I go out and I teach you know on the…

Sid: Have you seen anything different since that encounter when you minister to people?

Trisha: We have seen an increase in our ministry and it’s not an increase of finances, I’m not looking for that. I have seen an increase in gifts in the gifting’s that Father God has given each one of his children. You know whenever I travel now I hear words of knowledge, I see people… it’s amazing to me to where I’m minding my own business again and I’ll be teaching on whatever topic the church has brought me into teach on and all of a sudden this light will go off over somebody’s head.

Sid: Now when you say a light explain to me what you see.

Trisha: Well I see a light go off it’s like a flood light and I’ll be standing up and you know you’ll be in a room with anywhere… I go to seminars and I teach from anywhere from 100 to a 1000 and I’ll be teaching and I’ll be going through my points it’s usually on the orphan mind set. And then I’ll look at someone and that light will go off and I literally have to pause my teaching and listen for a minute. I have to invite the presence of the Holy Spirit to come and He begins to just fill my thoughts, He begins to fill my heart with words that He wants to speak to that individual.

Sid: Give me an example of a real life situation where a spotlight went off on someone and you gave them a word.

Trisha: I was in North Carolina doing some meetings The Orphan Heart Sonship is usually my favorite topic and all of a sudden there was this couple right in front of me and this floodlight went off over their head. And I’m looking at them and I get the word builder. So I have the couple standup and I just look at him and I told him I don’t even remember the whole word but basically the word was around building. That Father God… “You’re called to be a builder in the Kingdom of God and I told him son, I don’t know what you do in the Kingdom of God but I know that God has called you to build, build, build. And there’s a dream in your heart that you’ve just kind of forgotten about and the Lord is going to take that dream He’s breathing life back on that dream because that dream is to build in the Kingdom.” And he started crying and then I looked at his wife and I had her stand up and I said “Sweetheart the Lord has not forgotten you, you feel as though you have been forgotten or you’ve been abandoned or rejected; He wants you to know that He sees the desires in your heart.” And so I asked her I said “I feel like,” well I asked her, “Have you ever thought about adopting children?” And I asked them you all have 2 children and they actually had 2 children. And I said “Do you want any more children?” And she just began to weep and she couldn’t have any more children. And so with the Lord I said “I see adoption, you guys are going to adopt children.” Well after the meeting I went on and started preaching again, I hate to say preaching I just said sharing. And so after the meetings they came walking up to me and they both were still crying and he told me he goes, “I’m a builder he goes, I have a construction company.” And then she began to cry and she told me “I just took my name off of the adoption list because I had lost hope that we would ever get a child.” And the dream that they both had was they felt like the Lord told them that they were supposed to go to another town and that they were going to build a church but the doors just seemed to never open up so they just lost the hope for that dream. Well that day life was breathed back into that dream and they began to dream again and the pastor just got so excited for them because he’s been trying to encourage them to dream that dream again. You know to ask God to breathe life on it. So we prayed and I commissioned one of my angels and I said “And I just ask the Lord to give that angel assignment to cause this dream to come to fruition.” And I haven’t spoken to them but one time since then but they are making plans to actually go to this town and I think that it’s going to be like another campus for the church that I was at. But to go to this other town and they’re going to start a church in that other town. And she went and she put her name back on the adoption list.

Sid: You know I’m thinking about your description of about the way you were and the way that your husband was, if you two hadn’t been free you’d never be able to be freeing all of these other people. But think about all of the people that are listening to us right now Trish that they want that freedom for themselves, they want that freedom for their family….

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Our Guests Nancy Alcorn & Laura Schultz

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Laura Nancy

Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah and she almost became a statistic. Her name is Laura Schultz and Laura found herself binge eating and purging. And she was involved as so many people today in trying to keep up and look like the models on television, or the woman that they see in the magazines and the newspapers and she wanted to look normal, and be normal. And if you look better on the outside and you say “Oh, she isn’t fat, she has a 4.0 grade average in college, she teaches Sunday School, she’s working a part time job; she’s really got her life together, but Laura tell me what was really going on inside of Laura at that time.

Laura: Well at that time it was just misery, I hated myself, I hated who I was. I was trapped in this cycle of binging and purging and depression. You know none of the doctors could provide any answers and it was just this cycle of just destruction was what I was in.

Sid: Tell me about when you were in college they found you on the floor in the bathroom, tell me about that.

Laura: Well I had gone away to school and you know I was binging and purging and abusing laxatives and got up one morning to take a shower and I guess blacked out; came to 10 or 15 minutes later on the bathroom floor. And at that point realized I knew I had a problem but it was obviously starting to really affect my health at that point.

Sid: Well they took care of you according to my notes, you were on 15 different medications. It was suggested you have shock therapy, and you were diagnosed by the state as mentally ill. Did you actually have the shock therapy?

Laura: I did it was a last ditch effort, I was in the hospital and tried to kill myself and my insurance was going to run out and the doctors just didn’t know what to do with me. And so they went ahead and did the shock therapy and then sent me home. They were just kind of at a loss not knowing how to help.

Sid:   Well they’re at a loss, you’re at a loss. Obviously your parents at a loss, what does someone in that position do?

Laura:   Well thankfully, you know at that point I heard about Mercy Ministries I mean God just did an amazing work in my life.

Sid: What were you like when you walked right into that place for the first time? If someone were to describe you what would they have seen?

Laura: Well I was a mess. I mean I couldn’t make eye contact, just looked… you could just see the depression on me. Didn’t want to speak to people, just had really lost all hope. Walked into the doors thinking either this works and God’s going to show up or I’m going to die. Those were my choices and that’s how I walked into that place.

Sid: And how old were you at the time?

Laura: I was 21 at the time.

Sid: My goodness, everything to live for but as far as you were concerned nothing to live for. What was the first gleam of hope that you had in this program because you had been going for 6 years with this eating disorder and no hope. No hope from Over Eaters Anonymous, no hope from psychiatrists, no hope from your parents, no hope from dietitians. You prayed had no answers from God, what was the first glimmer of hope that you got?

Laura: Well I was reading through from some scriptures. My counselor had given me a whole big list of scriptures to read through. And I hit 1 Corinthians 1:9 and it says “God can be trusted.” And in the Amplified it makes it even more beautiful. You know “God is faithful, reliable, trustworthy, ever true to His promise and can be depended upon.” And something just clicked in me and I knew that God has saved me and I had trusted Him for that salvation and yet I had never trusted Him with anything else. I was trying to do this all on my own and something, I mean just made revelation to me that day and I realized I could trust God and I’m going to get through this. His promises are real and that was a huge turning point for me.

Sid: So in other words, you had believed a lie.

Laura: Hm, hm. I believed a lot of lies. (Laughing)

Sid: Tell me some other lies you believed.

Laura: I believed that God had made me broken, that there was something wrong with me. And you know that I was not fixable, that I would be this way forever. That I was a horrible person, that no one loved me, that no one accepted me, that I had to perform to be accepted. I mean there was just a whole slew of lies that I was living.

Sid: One of the biggies was shame, tell me about that.

Laura: You know I just never felt good enough, I never felt that anybody would want me around. You know I just felt I mean it’s just a horrible feeling. Thankfully God is so faithful and when you bring Him that brokenness you know He replaced that with just joy and peace and comfort. But that was something that I had to be willing to give to Him and go to Him with. You know He’s not going to just snatch it from you.

Sid: In your story you talk about you had to learn what the triggers were that made you want to binge and to purge. In your case if I’m not being too personal tell me one trigger.

Laura: Well I mean the first one that comes in my head is that stress, that feeling like I’m never going to measure up and I need to do something to measure up. And so any time something would come at me I didn’t feel I had done it absolutely perfect I would binge or purge to calm myself down to deal those uncomfortable feelings. Really any uncomfortable feeling that would come my way I had learned to binge and purge to deal with that.

Sid: And so when you get an uncomfortable feeling today that comes your way what do you do?

Laura: Well now I have tools, now I know that I’m not controlled by my feelings. I know that I can go to the Lord I can pour my heart out to Him like David did in the Psalms. And that He is faithful to be there and sometimes it’s going through those feelings. But other times, I know my joy does not change, because I know that joy, that joy is more than a feeling. Joy is a gift from God and I know that even in the craziest of circumstances have that joy, have that peace that’s my bedrock. And so I just know this okay this uncomfortable feeling is here. I can pray through this, I can give this to God, I can sing a worship song. I’m going to get through this I don’t have to do some destructive behavior to deal with that feeling.

Sid: How many years later is this now?

Laura: It has been almost 6 years.

Sid: Okay according to my notes you went on to complete and get a Master’s Degree.

Laura: I did.

Sid: And you are currently working for the ministry that helped set you free, Mercy Ministry as Director of Education. What’s the real burden of your heart right now?    

Laura: I am just passionate about telling people especially girls that there’s freedom. So many people in my life, doctors. You know that they were well meaning, they just didn’t know the truth. But you know a doctor told me “You’ll never finish college, this is going to be your life, eating disorders are not curable, you’re going to struggle for the rest of your life. No one ever told me there was freedom. So I am passionate about telling these girls. Don’t let the world tell you you can’t be something, or don’t let the world put limits on you, because in Christ there’s complete freedom. There’s new beginnings, He’s a miracle working God and nothings too hard for Him. So don’t let the world tell you any differently. And that’s my passion is to convey to them “What God did for me He can do for you too.”

Sid: Okay, there is a 15 year old binge eater who then purges. Fifteen? She’s listening to us right now and she knows she’s a mess but she can’t help herself. She can’t go to that school that you have there because actually you’ve got more people waiting to get in. What advice would you give her right now because she’s in a life critical situation?

Laura: Well if people don’t know she needs to surround herself with some Christian people who can uphold her in prayer.

Sid: What kind of feedback are you getting on her book?

Laura:   We had a girl that email us and she had just randomly found this book on a book shelf at a Christian bookstore and read it. And she told us that she had read all kinds of books on eating disorders I’ve been struggling for so long and none of them gave hope. They all just gave this dismal outlook and you know some of them even made it worse because they would trigger. And she said “This was the first book that helped me get free.”

Sid: Laura quick question, how’s your weight?

Laura: Oh, it’s great… I look real good, I’m very happy.

Sid: How about your eating?

Laura: Oh, I eat what I want, I stop when I’m full. You know I just have balance now.


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Our Guest Sherri Stone

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Sid: I can almost hear you speaking through the radios saying “I do too, I need a healing.” Well guess what most people need healings. And I am convinced from having read the Bible of what God’s will is. It’s God’s will that every pain, every sickness, every disease that you have He wants you healed of in this life. Sure you’ll be healed when you die and go to heaven but He wants you healed now. You won’t even need a healing after you die you’ll have a new earth suit that will never get sick. Now is when you need the healing. And Jesus made such a profound statement, He said “You will do the same things that I have done and even greater.” I mean I have heard lots of interpretations of what the greater is but I don’t even care I just want to see the same at this point. Just show me the same and I’ve interviewed so many people that have had miracles of everything possible. For instance, I have on the telephone right now Sherri Stone and I’m speaking to her at her home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. And interviewing her on her book called “Miracles Still Happen.” God showed her that most nonbelievers don’t believe that miracles happen and many believers don’t even believe that miracles happen and that they can get healed and walk in the miraculous. And of course Sherri does, she was healed of cancer and members of her family were healed and people she’s prayed for. And so she compiled a book of miracles and the subtitle is “Inspiring real life stories of Supernatural Intervention.” And speaking of supernatural intervention I find I used a word yesterday it’s a Hebrew word Sherri it’s called chutzpah. And the way that I can find out if someone is Jewish or not is whether they can pronounce that word. You see it’s very difficult for a non-Jew to say chutzpah. (Laughing) I’m just easing, but any way Sherri, I read your story you have a chapter in the book called “Canning Day Special.” And you had a roadside produce stand and you were there with a friend and your friend was selling the produce. I guess you raise this at your farm or…

Sherri: No, no.

Sid: You just were in the business, okay. But your friend was out there selling and something happened to you, tell me about that.

Sheri:   We had a break and we had a very busy day in the produce and we had a break so I went into the back behind the produce business, we had a little warehouse for that so we could bring it back and out front. During that time I heard a car drive up and look out the door and saw 2 men get out of the van and someone get out and said “Well the man must be getting canning specials for the wife. Immediately the Holy Spirit hit me and I began to pray. And I said “What in the world is going on,” it was a prayer almost of fear, what is going on. And…

Sid: Help me out, when you say use… terminology when you say the Holy Spirit hit me and what do you mean by that?

Sheri: The Holy Spirit came on and within my spirit told me that there was danger.

Sid: Hmm.

Sheri:   I then went into the Spirit, the Holy Spirit baptism of the Holy Spirit and began to pray accordingly to what the danger was.

Sid: Were you praying with your understanding or were you praying in tongues?

Sheri: I was praying in tongues.

Sid: Okay go ahead.

Sheri:   And there was great fear, and I was why would there be such fear. And fear was upon me and God is not of fear so I rebuked the fear and settled down and started to get up and the Lord said “No, continue to pray through.” So I was back down on my knees and praying severely and finally I was given the clearance and okay to go back out. And these 2 men were actually in the process almost accosting Jeanie. They didn’t know I was there and they looked a little bit shocked when I walked out and they pulled back from where she was. And I nonchalantly without them knowing that there was a danger and I said “Can I help you gentleman?”

Sid: But wait a second, weren’t you I mean you could see them accosting your friend and you’d already had a warning that something bad was about ready to happen how do you walk out there and just casual?

Sheri: (Laughing)

Sid: Tell me, how do you do that? I mean you’re just human like me, how do you do that.

Sheri:   Well I knew that the Lord was stronger than whatever was out in those men. And they didn’t have a chance. So I was fortified by the Holy Spirit and I guess we call that brave but it wasn’t I just knew, that I knew that nothing was going to happen. And God had brought those men there for a certain reason.

Sid: Okay, so you kind of what did you say to them?

Sheri:   I said “Good morning gentlemen can I help you? And they in turn said “Yes, we came to take you ladies for a ride.” I said “Well I’m sorry but we don’t have time for that.”

Sid: Oi vey!

Sheri:   And it blew their mind a little bit and they said “Well it doesn’t matter what you don’t have time for or what you want to do we’re going to take you for a ride.” And Jean and I both said I’m sorry but our husbands wouldn’t be happy about that, we’re not that type of women.” And they said “Well it doesn’t matter your going to go with us.” So in the process…

Sid: Now wait a second, I understand you supernaturally being okay but how about your friend Jeanie, how could she be okay on this?

Sheri:   She was walking right beside me in the Lord.

Sid: Okay, go ahead.

Sheri:   Strong spiritual Christian.

Sid: Okay, all right.

Sheri:   Well they tried intimidation and they tried grasping at us from the back and they couldn’t get to us and so they were a little dismayed. And they said “We’re still going to take us with them and I said “No, you’re not because we are Christian’s and our God is stronger than your god, not knowing that we knew who their god was but not realizing that they were Satanist. Then they proclaimed that faction that well you’re God is not as strong as ours. And we’re just going to take you anyway don’t you understand that we’re Satanists. And we in turn said I’m sorry but we’re not going with you our God is stronger than yours. And in the Name of Jesus we rebuke you, and we said that almost simultaneously and they both fell back. The one man ran back to the van and the other stood there trembling and he started to cry.

Sid: And when you said… did they like take a step back or did they fall?

Sheri: One man ran to the car.

Sid: Okay, but you said they stepped back.

Sheri:   It was as though there was a wall where even though they were trying to come toward us they couldn’t get through…

Sid: Okay, like a shield of protection

Sheri:   A shield, oh yes.

Sid: Oh, that’s a neat shield to have.

Sheri:   That’s our shield of faith and our shield of the Holy Spirit. And the one just stayed ended up accepting Jesus right there. He said “He’d been looking for nearly a dozen years and he never found anything as strong that actually would keep him from doing what he wanted to do. So what we had is what he wanted, so we proclaimed Jesus Christ as Savior.

Sid: Well I understand there’s a little PS to this story something very supernatural happened one year later.

Sheri:   Laughing) Once this fellow received the Lord he repented, he prayed with him.

Sid: Now what type of guy was he from a viewpoint of appearance, what did he look like at that time?

Sheri: Well tall big heavy set fellow, not fat big man. Blue jeans, cigarettes in his pocket, sleeves rolled up, long hair, dirty.

Sid: A real scruffy looking guy.

Sheri: Yeah, both of them were that way.

Sid: Okay, so a year later what happened?

Sheri:   Let me go back to just prior to that leading. All of these people started coming back into the produce business and this man panicked and we said “No, you can’t go we have to talk with you.” And he said “No, I’m going.” And so he fled to the car and we almost did a panic because here we had just been with this man about 10-12 minutes lead him to the Lord and there’s no follow-through but he’s gone.

Sid: Well he’s probably still a little afraid that you might have him arrested.

Sheri: (Laughing) That’s possible I hadn’t thought of that that’s possible. Just come kind of frustration on his part or fear and it had been too much at the time. Anyway the following year we had moved the produce business into a building and Jeanie wasn’t with me any longer and Leta was there. She was working outside and I was with the cash register and the produce on the inside. And it was a very very busy day we were just packed and I really didn’t have time for talking to many people I just kept serving wherever I could. And I happened to look over at the ice cream counter and there was a gentleman dressed very well with a little boy holding his hand. And they were asking because of the ice cream area. And I said, “Is there something I could help you with?” And I didn’t see anyone else standing there and he said “No, I’m fine.” So a half hour later and the man had kind of left for a little while and Leta and I were going to kind of again start restock our produce. I realized that the man was still standing there and I said “Oh, my goodness I’m so sorry I didn’t realize that you were here what can I do to help you? And he said “You’ve already done that Mam, thank you very much.” And I what in the world and as he did he took a little boy, and mind you he’s very well dressed at this point and he walks around outside the door and I look at the door to see who it was and who was this man?” Did I possibly know this man I didn’t recognize him at all. And as I did I realized that he walked into the green van and it was the man from the year before.

Sid: I guess there is no higher reward than leading someone and seeing them go on with the Lord.

Sheri:   That is so exciting.   And what is really wonderful that God would actually bring that man back just to let me know that he’s safe and he’s okay.

Sid: But you have a legal tangible type of faith that it’s contagious. And that’s why I’m so glad you put this book together, of course it wasn’t your idea, it was God’s idea called “Miracles Still Happen” subtitled “Inspiring Real Life Stories of Supernatural Intervention.” And who was this written for?

Sheri: The Christian’s and the unsaved Harrison House is a cross-over market they go into the Wal-Mart and stores like that along with the Christian book stores. And that’s who we knew we had to write to.

Sid: And as you explain to me non-Christians don’t believe in miracles and when they read it they’ll have to because these… You had 66 different stories and they’re all verified miracles and Christians need this too to build their faith..

Sheri: That’s right.

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Our Guest Eddie James

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eddie james

Sid: Eddie when you were a young man God opened your eyes and you started seeing angels. Tell me about one particular angel you saw often.

Eddie:   This was so amazing for me between the age of 16 and about 18 years old I would go to different places, my father perhaps would take me into a restaurant and I’d see this man there, or I’d be at this park or I’d be at a gas station. I could be at various different things and there was a man he was an angel showing up as a man. He had this kind of like a flannel knit shirt on, he was a white gentleman kind of a white beard. It looked like he was in maybe mid 50’s. This guy he was late 40’s or 50’s and he would just appear and no one else seemed to notice him, no one else was going to see him but he would come. But I remember one moment specifically Sid I was in a Chinese restaurant and he just come up to me and he just blessed me, just began to pray over me. I can’t really articulate everything that he said I just know in that moment that he was imparted into me and blessing me. And it was from about the age of 16 to 18 years old this angel would show up over and over again.

Sid: Eddie, you go into schools and with young people and you talk about angles. Do many of them then see angels?

Eddie: I’ve had so many testimonies of while we’re leading worship, while we’re sharing especially among the children the angels that God would show them, they would draw pictures, they would give me a drawing of the various things that God was showing them. Angels in many different forms where light is appearing, in form of lights, where they have their facial expressions of what they are doing in the room, how they are flying in different places or if they’re standing over a person and praying. I’ve got drawings of children who bring that up to me it’s very interesting to me that as we would share testimonies. And many sometimes I haven’t shared with them about my angelic experience but the children would see them, it’s beautiful.

Sid: Now tell me one picture that comes to mind that someone saw and they painted.

Eddie: The most recent one I was just in Cleveland, Tennessee at a conference there with Perry Stone. And this young girl I was headed… we had done this conference and I was headed to the back and she had to catch me she ran to me. And she gave me this picture, this is one of the first images that came to my mind we were going to talk about this. This has been maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago, she brings me this picture and she sees rain coming down from the sky. These angels she has drawn them flying through the sky as rain is coming down and this was what she saw while I was leading worship. She saw the out pour of the Holy Spirit and angels soaring through that outpouring while I was leading worship. And she drew it and she gave it to me.

Sid: Well how appropriate for a song called from the 3 CD’s…

“Let It Rain” excerpt.

Sid: Eddie, you told me that these angels were assigned to you to do such things as miracles. Tell me one that comes to mind.

Eddie: (Laughing) I’ll tell you this we were in Suriname, South America and there was a woman while I was leading worship, while we were worshiping the Lord and God is pouring out His Spirit. By the way the kids there were seeing angels as well and this is why this really ministers to me. While we were leading worship Sunday morning this was a very specific moment. There was a lady there who sent in this testimony to the people who brought us in where she had heart failure, she had lung, her one lung wasn’t working. During the service God completely heals her heart, God completely heals her lungs, she’s breathing in a way that she’s never been able to breathe before. She’s running, she begins to scream, I remember the scream because I felt this heat come over my chest and over my stomach and God was healing me. She’s gone to the doctor, they’ve already verified. We don’t know what happened but this woman is completely healed and it was just during the worship, while we’re worshiping God and the presence of God is moving this woman, the Lord divinely heals her body.

Sid: Just out of curiosity did a lot other neat things happen on this recent trip?

Eddie: Ahh I don’t know if we have the space and the time to tell all of testimonies of what God did in Suriname. Just the outpour of God, everything from restoration of Pastor’s hearts that were broken to miracles of people who were struggling. For example I remember this one individual who had a problem in their legs walking and God healed their legs and they were able to dance for Jesus and to just glorify God when they had trouble in their legs. I had just various different people sharing different healings throughout their bodies.

Sid: You know what we’re out of time right now.


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Our Guest Kynan Bridges

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Sid: My guest Kynan Bridges, I’m going to put some very difficult questions to him that you need the answer to. Kynan, is it God’s will for everyone to be healed? I mean everyone?

Kynan: Yes.

Sid: That’s the short answer comment a little more.

Kynan: (Laughing) Well yes and this is why. Remember the Bible said that “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” Now that everlasting life is not just eternal life.” It is don’t get me wrong its eternal life but it’s what Jesus referred to in John 10:10. He said “I would that they would have life and have it more abundantly.” The word zoe “That’s life overflowing, supernatural life, life to the full, life that overcomes.” So God is not just interested in salvation but He’s also interested in our quality of life. So my statement will be this or my question will be this, “If God desires for all men to be saved via Yeshua why wouldn’t He desire for all men to be healed through Yeshua?” That’s the question.

Sid: Well that’s a fair question. You know what come to my mind Kynan Psalm 103 which most people know “Bless the Lord all my soul and forget not all of His benefits, who’s forgiven all of my sins.” And a real Christian would never doubt that but keep reading “And healed all of my diseases.” Can you get any more specific than that? (Chuckling)

Kynan: No you can’t. Now let me give you another scripture in the New Testament that even confirms it further. In Matthew chapter 12 verse 15 the Bible says that Jesus went into the coast, he departed from a place and the people brought all of their sick before him, they brought multitudes. The Bible says that He healed them all. Now all comes from an interesting Greek word which means “all.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Kynan: (Laughing) And when people understand that it was the heart of Jesus to heal all that were sick. Now when people understand that it was the heart of Jesus to heal all that were sick. Now I hear people say this “Well you know Jesus didn’t heal everybody.” Well Jesus also didn’t leave Judea. So of course everybody on earth was not healed during the ministry of Jesus but it was His heart, it was His intention that He heals anyone that came to him in faith and sincerity.

Sid: Now we were talking about deliverance and sometimes it’s a healing, sometimes it’s deliverance. You’ve been teaching lately about open portals to be demonized such as these adult book stores and adult clubs. What do you mean by that?

Kynan: Well this is… I can show you in the scripture but I also want to give you a practical example of something that literally happened to me. I was driving down the street one day and the road that I take to get home there’s a string of adult stores. And one day I was just minding my business and the Lord draws my attention to a store on the other side of me and I turned to the left and I see it. And the Lord says “Do you see this store?” And I say “Yes Lord.” And He said “That store is a demonic portal.” And I said “What do you mean?” He said “That store is a gateway to which Satan and his demons can enter in and bring in chaos, death, murder all sorts of things. That’s why many of the very problem areas in communities in neighborhoods you often see two things. You’ll see adult clubs and stores and you’ll see liquor stores and things of that nature. There is a spiritual connection between those stores as gateways and the calamities in the communities. Well the same thing is true because the Bible says that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. It says in 1st Corinthians 7 that we are to flee fornication. Now fornication the Greek word pornea is not just talking about sexual intercourse. But it’s talking about the literal translation pictures of prostitutes. It’s talking about immorality both with our eyes and with our actions, and it was a symbolism of idolatry.   Simple prostitutes would engage in sexual acts and fill themselves with demons so that they could venerate the gods. Now what happens to a believer who is exposed to this kind of demonic activity? Paul poses a question “Can you be a partaker of the Lord’s table and the table of devils? God forbid.” Remember Sid the role of demonic spirits and the kingdom of darkness is to inflect disease, calamity, oppression and even death if possible. So many times Sid people are actually being demonized and the fruit of that demonization is sickness and oppression and they don’t even know it.

Sid: Well what about forget the adult stores, in every home there’s computers and pornography is just running ramped now among young people. Among Christians, I mean it shouldn’t be if those adult stores and those liquor stores are that dangerous what about in your own home?

Kynan: That’s even worse because your home is where your heart is, it’s where your safety is. And many people are opening the gates to their family, to their children to be oppressed to be afflicted by the devil through those kinds of portals. And what you have to do if you want to see breakthrough Sid, you have to begin to collapse demonic portals. As you collapse those demonic portals by the Name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus and the word of God you will close the door and you will find that the propensity toward affliction, prolonged illness it will begin to dissipate from a person’s life.

Sid: Let me ask you this question because a lot of people are pondering this. What does someone do that understands intellectually about healing? They’ve been hearing it for the last 20 years healing in the atonement but after a long time they’re just not healed; what do you advise them to do?

Kynan: Well I would advise them to do like Paul advises all of us to in Ephesians chapter 6. “Having done all to stand, stand therefore with your loins girt about with truth; having on the breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation, the sword of the spirit, your feet shod with the gospel of peace.” And that’s talking about the full armor of God, my point though is I have experienced this many times, I have gone through this many times, I have loved ones, I have friends that have experienced this many times. And we have to get to a place Sid where we recognize that God’s word is immutable, is unchangeable. And we need to do 2 things Number 1 we need to identify strongmen that maybe holding out healing captive. So this could be demonic strongholds, it could be generational influences, the other demonic forces that are preventing your healing from manifesting. And 2, we have to persevere by taking on the shield of faith. Because the darts of the enemy that comes against a believer comes in the form of discouragement,  depression, despondency, despair. These things are designed to cause us to cast away our confidence and right when where we’re at the time we’re about to strike oil, anointing oil that is, healing, that’s when many people give up Sid, I’ve seen so many times they become cynical, they become bitter, they become frustrated right about the time they’re about to receive the manifestation of their healing. So those are the two things that I would definitely advise. Number 1 identify is there something preventing my healing from coming forth? Is there a demonic force? Is there some sort of stronghold? And 2 I need to persevere, I have to refuse to give in to my feelings.

Sid: Our time unfortunately is slipping away, but how would you like Kynan to teach you all of the secrets that’s taken years for him to learn. Tell me why you wrote the book your brand new book “Ninety Days to Possessing Your Healing.”

Kynan: I wrote this book because I am on a mission to see the body of Christ liberated from the oppressive hands of the enemy. You know the Bible says in 1st John chapter 3 verse 8 it says “For this purpose was the son of God manifested that He might destroy the works of the evil one.” I’m going to do as Jesus did Sid, John 14:12 says “The works that I do you shall do also and greater than me you do because I go to the Father.” Jesus destroyed the works of the enemy and I want to do the same and that’s why I wrote this book so that people Sid can be set free from debilitating sickness that we keeping them from fulfilling their purpose. God does not want you in a hospital bed; He does not want you in Hospice because as long as you are there you cannot go out to the nations, which is the way He’s called us all to be.

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