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Our Guest Mel Bond

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Sid: It is outrageous that when one man, Mel Bond had a revelation in which Jesus came to him and taught Him how to pray with his whole heart, his whole ministry was transformed.  He’s seeing the deaf hear, the blind see the lame walk, the dead raised.  I mean Mel, you’re seeing everything you read about in the New Testament and the good news is that it could happen to anyone!  Tell me about that little ten year old girl that was blind in one eye and her face was deformed in Mexico.

Mel: This happened two years ago and its up in the mountains a little town or village outside of Quatela, Mexico and there is thousands of people in Quatela that know about this miracle.  But there is a little girl in a tent church way up in the mountains and her face was deformed, she was born that way and blind in one eye.  The eye where the deformity was after I prayed with my whole heart right in our eyes her faced was recreated and she received perfect eye sight.

Sid: Now think that this is so wonderful especially for someone like myself who is an evangelist; you can just show a group of unsaved Jewish people or unsaved Muslims that a spectacular miracle like this and you know what’s the easiest thing in the world then for them to want to know the healer then after they’ve seen a demonstration of the kingdom.  But let’s bring this into where we are right now in this day and this country.  What happens to people in your church that are unemployed or that are losing their homes?  Tell me how this wonderful way that God taught you to pray affects them?

Mel: Okay, well just recently there is a lady that’s been coming to our church for maybe about five or six months.  Her name is Linda McKinney and she lives in O’Fallon, Missouri and she’s a widow lady, she is probably about sixty years of age – sixty-five she drives a school bus, very limited income and she’s a very conservative person and very cautious with her words and she is always full of the joy of the Lord and she doesn’t go around begging or hinting that she has needs she would never do that.  But so she learned the teaching with praying with her whole heart, she got $5,000 over due in her rent because she’s renting a house and so she went to her rent lady and told her that you know that I’m a Christian and I’m extremely sorry but I’m going to have to move and I will pay you all this money that’s due, but you know I don’t want it to just mount up.  And so about a week or two later before she had a chance to move out her land lord called her back and said, God gold me to just forget this and so that’s learning to pray with your whole heart.  So we’ve seen people in our church testimonies beyond…

Sid: How about someone, give me an example of someone that they got an unusual pay raise.

Mel: Okay, we’ve had a few of those and all over the world different places that I go I’ve taught this and I’ve seen people that get jobs that they’re not supposed to.  There’s a man by the name of Frank Jon Formaggio and he was in prison for twenty-two years of being an accessory to murder.  He wasn’t involved at all he just happened to be there, a long story.  And so he gets out of prison, he gets born again and he’s coming to our church, learns to pray with his whole heart and wasn’t able to get a job not suppose to get a job and he was able to get a fantastic job working at a place that they don’t hire x-convicts at all or anybody with any kind of criminal record at all.  But he received a great job and so we’re seeing the impossible, God does the impossible and it just knowing God’s word.

Sid: Now why would God be interested, I understand that you and your wife have supernatural direction to get bargains when you go shopping.  Why does God care about that?

Mel: Well, the Bible says that, Jesus said in Mark 11:24 that he’s give us the desires of our heart.  God wants us to be blessed and I think a real key is when you want to be a blessing.  In Matthew Chapter 17:27 Jesus said, “That if you will be a fisher of men that, in essence I’ll pay your bills, and he told Peter to go down and get the coin out of the fishes mouth,” that told Peter that if you will be a fisher of men God will pay all of your bills.  And that’s one of the great secrets that we have learned and God has taken care of us because our focus is not on us, our focus is on winning people to the Lord and that’s the reason why we use miracles and signs and wonders the gifts and the Spirit.  We use them to bless people, to glorify God, to win people to the Lord and a side excretion is that God just blesses us.

Sid: Tell me about getting a brand new car without money.

Mel: Immediately I’m thinking of an automobile and I didn’t really want to be flashy because of being in the ministry sometimes you know, you get a lot of criticism but we went to a salesman and he had a beautiful beautiful Lincoln Continental that was just a used Lincoln that not Continental, but man it looked like it was brand new drove like a brand new car and I didn’t ask for any deals but I prayed, I prayed with our whole heart.  My wife and I looked at it and we liked this car and so we laid our hands on it and we prayed and the man gave us the car for about 60% off of what he would sell the car for to anyone else.

Sid: And do you know what I believe Mel?  When you pray for something like that God sends a special angel that gives you favor when that happens.  That’s what I believe, what do you think?

Mel: I don’t doubt that, Jesus said that he would give us a mouth and wisdom that our adversaries are those people that have things that they will not be able to gainsay or resist.  And that’s what I do, I write on the contract what I will give them and most of the time it’s pretty ridiculous.  But however I’m giving people an opportunity to invest in God’s kingdom not my kingdom it’s God’s kingdom and what an opportunity.

Sid: You know what I find, I find many people like you pray for others to be physically healed, but then when they get sick they don’t have enough faith to pray for themselves to be healed.  I see this happen often.  How about you, do you have enough faith for you and members of your immediate family to be healed when you pray for them?

Mel: Absolutely, my youngest daughter she was legally blind, we have the documentation.

Sid: I’m looking at it.  I’ve got it right in front of me.

Mel: Yeah, and what does it say?

Sid: It’s actually an eye exam and let me just pull this out, it says test used smaller alphabet at twenty feet, you want me to read a doctor’s hand writing Mel?  Ha-ha

Mel: Basically I could just tell you what it says, that she was legally blind, she couldn’t see ten feet away if I had one finger or if I had my hand up.  After I prayed for her with my whole heart she had twenty-twenty vision.  You’ve got documentation medical documentation for both; before and after.

Sid: How, about for yourself when something happens to you, give me an example of when you prayed.

Mel: My wife and I we haven’t taken any medicine what so ever probably in five to eight years.  If we needed medicine we would take it, but we get more attacks probably than anybody else because we are a bigger target.  So we’ve had some extremely horrible situations, diseases and sicknesses.

Sid: Tell me about that problems with your Esophagus

Mel: Okay, this happened probably right around nine years ago, eight years ago something like that and I had been having problems and so I didn’t get real serious about it and I had a lot of burning sensation and so I finally went to the doctor.  And he said that this muscle I think they call it the spinster muscle, it’s between the esophagus and the stomach.  He said that mine was totally dead and there’s nothing that can be done and my stomach I would end up getting stomach cancer because the esophagus was already beginning to be eat up and it was inflamed. And so he said, I would take this medicine the rest of my life every day and so I thought, that’s what he’s saying, but I’m going to trust God.  I did, I took the medicine for about two months because I just wasn’t, you sometimes we don’t get serious and that’s the loophole that the devil can use, God will get as serious with us as we get with Him.  So when I finally decided I don’t want to keep taking this medicine.  So I prayed with my whole heart and truthfully in that situation and sometimes you have instant miracles, but thank God that I don’t take any medicine what so ever that I got that where I just take I started backing off and within probably two or three months I was taking no medicine and haven’t taken any since.   And it has probably been about eight years.  If I needed medicine I would take it.

Sid: Tell me about Donna your wife who was healed of thyroid problems.

Mel: Okay, this happened she went to the doctor and he said that she going to have to take thyroid medicine the rest of her life because her thyroid isn’t working, so she did the same thing.  And after a short period of time of just praying and trusting God, praying with your whole heart sometimes we have battles and sometimes there’s a little bit progressive and the upshot of the whole thing is that it’s probably been I don’t know five to eight years she hasn’t taken anything.  After about a year of not taking anything she went back to the doctor for her normal checkup and he said, “Boy this thyroid medicine is working great, I have never seen it work that good, and he said just keep on taking it and she said, “I don’t take any.  He said, “Whatever your doing keep doing it.”

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Sid Roth welcomes Mel Bond

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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah, he had a revelation from God.  Jesus literally came to him and downloaded information on how to pray the way that Jesus prayed to get the results that Jesus got.  Mel, tell me the first time that you prayed for a dead person and they came back to life.

Mel:  Okay, it would have been in 1991 and I went to Monterrey, Mexico.  A pastor friend of mine, he’d married a Mexican lady.  His name is Pastor Bill Clifton and he could very all of these miracles, Pastor Bill Clifton, he lives in West Frankford, Illinois.  And so he set this crusade up and the very first night I’m preaching and I’m so excited because this is a first miracle meeting outside of country and so there wasn’t a lot of people there maybe 6 to 700 people something like that.  And we put banners up, “Bring the blind, the deaf, the crippled, the incurable, bring those that…even the dead.”  And I said that because Jesus said that He said, go raise the dead and so forth and do all of these things and it was the last thought in my mind that they’re going to bring a dead person.  So I’m preaching this sermon, I’m real excited and so I’m full of emotions and really preaching strong and right in the middle of my sermon all of a sudden four men are carrying this lady, one man on each arm, one man on each leg and they carried her and they bring her here and lay her on the ground under this big tent.  And I asked this the interpreter I asked, “What are these guys doing?”  And they said, “Well you have been advertizing, because we had advertisements with billboards and bull horns, people advertizing for us to do all these things and you advertised to bring the dead and so she’s dead.  The doctor said that she has already had one or two heart attacks and if she has another one she’ll die.  And so earlier this day she had another one and she died; and so one of the neighbors said, “Take her there!”  And so that evening they brought her and she’s dead; I’d been pasturing full time since 1972 and so I’ve seen a lot of dead corpse and she’s dead and she’s laying on the ground.  And so I’m thinking, the first thing I’m thinking is that I’ve never prayed for a dead person before and I’m thinking, man God why couldn’t we have had at least some headache’s or something first, let me warm up to this.  And so none of those things happened, I prayed for the lady, nothing happened, nothing happened at all, but I prayed with my whole heart and I said, “Okay God, I did my part the rest is up to you.”  I went back to preaching and in fact I got away from the lady and probably about ten minutes later all of a sudden the crowd, these Mexican people are all standing and shouting and I turned around and looked and that woman is up walking around and sort of dancing.  And so that was my first experience of praying for somebody with my whole heart that was dead and so that took place.

Sid:  Tell me also in Monterrey, Mexico about the woman whose one leg was at least half a foot shorter than the other.

Mel:  Right, it was a little more than a half a foot shorter than the other leg and she was, her body was deformed, she had like, to the best of my remembrance it looked like she had a hump back that her back was bowed over, it looked like there was a hump probably at least four inches thick on her back.  And so I brought her up on the platform because I’m convinced that we’re living in sometimes where the Apostle Paul said, “That I come not with Excellency of speech but I come with demonstration and power.” I think that there is a time, this is the time, in fact that is one of the things that the Lord has told me that the shortest dispensation is about to take place and we could have crossed that threshold already.  Dispensation of demonstration, people need to see the demonstrative miracle working power of God.  That brings masses to people, people that can’t even understand your language they can understand that you have a God that’s more than enough and that you have a God that’s greater than all these other religions and isms and schisms it speaks a lot of truth.  And so I bring people on the platform and demonstrate the power of God.  I did that I put her on some chairs so where the people could see the short leg and I prayed with my whole heart and within my goodness within three seconds, something like that that leg just grew straight out.  Her body straightened out.

Sid:  Now I’ve seen the leg grow out a half an inch, even an inch, but I’ve never seen a leg grow out more than half a foot.  That must have been amazing to watch!

Mel:  Absolutely, and we do have a video it’s a long story, but I’ve got so many video’s and so I’m trying to find it, but we have shown that at our church.  But Pastor Bill Clifton was there you could call him and he’ll verify that particular miracle and the lady stood up, she’s perfectly healed.  The next night she came the first time in her whole life she wore a pair of high heels and they were spike high heels, red high heels the first time in her life she was so proud to be normal.

Sid:  How about, I mean this is so well documented the Calico Queen of Guyana.

Mel:  Okay, this happened a few years ago where we were doing a miracle crusade in the country of Guyana, South America and so there was about 1,200 people there and I was praying first for the blind people. And so there was probably about…

Sid:  Do many people get their sight back under your ministry? 

Mel:  I would say about 98% of the people that are blind will receive some manifestation and probably maybe 30% that are totally blind receive full manifestation.

Sid:  How many people were at this event?

Mel:  Well, there was only about 1,200 people, but now I had prayed for her she received full sight and the crowd came…

Sid:  Now, was she totally blind?

Mel:  She was totally blind; she could not see your hand three inches in front of her face.  And the next morning after she was healed because the crowd started shouting and you know I believe in being very kind and considerate, but I believe we have to be strong, this is how you are going to receive and if you don’t do these things you are not going to receive.  And when I finally said that she received and boy I mean when I said that instantly her eyes opened, she read a newspaper on the platform and if they’d get hold of Pastor Filbert London in the country of Guyana, he’s probably one of the most well know ministries in the country of Guyana because he set this crusade up for me.  He’ll verify that, he’ll also verify they had me on nationwide TV the next morning asking me how in the world could you…

Sid:  Geraldo where are you when we need you?  Okay, tell me in Bulgaria about the man whose face was eaten up with cancer?

Mel:  Okay, that happened just recently a year or two ago, maybe last year in fact I’ve given you the information where you can get a hold, his first name is Vassal (and I can’t  pronounce the last name and he’s in Bulgaria we have that on film.  There was a man whose face was eaten up by cancer, he had a mask on.  We prayed for him, prayed with his whole heart, he fell in the Spirit and that’s the last time I’ve seen him.  The next time I’ve seen him this pastor interviewed some doctors and they also interviewed him and his face was just brand new, not a scar on his face totally healed by the power of God, recreative miracle.

Sid:  …tell me about the eight year old girl in Japan.

Mel:  Well, I can teach people this if they just read the book I can only be at every place at the same time, only Jesus could do that.  But in Japan I have teaching sessions where I teach people how to do this and so I showed the people because they are very intellectual people and I wanted to show them how simple it is.  And everything must be simple, and that’s the way that my book is because Psalm 119 verse 130 the Bible says, “That the entrance of God’s word they give life, they give understand to the simple.”  If it’s not simple God is not involved in it.  And that’s where most of the time people make it too complicated, it’s simple.  So I brought a little eight year old girl on the platform that she wasn’t even born again and I explained to her in about two minutes how to pray with your whole heart what it meant to be born again and then filled with the evidence of speaking in tongues and she wanted both.  She received both then I brought her on the platform and then I explained to her just about two minutes how to pray with her whole heart and then we prayed incurable conditions on the platform and this is videoed.  I don’t have the videos, but you if you get a hold of Pastor Hiroko in Tokyo she sets up all my meetings and they have the videos of this little girl.  She prayed for people that had incurable conditions for like fifteen years, lived with pain for fifteen years and the people, these adults were totally instantly healed by God’s power.  And so it can be learned and even remember Jesus said the works that I do shall you do also.

Sid:  Oh, our time is up Mel…

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Sid Roth welcomes Mel Bond

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Sid:  I’m talking to Mel Bond on the telephone and Mel in 1978 you had a vision from Heaven, tell me about that. 

Mel:  Well, that was November the 14th 1978 and that was a Tuesday evening, I went to bed at night.  And as soon as I went to bed that an angel came into my room; it was like I wasn’t allowed to his or her face and they reached down their right hand, grabbed a hold of my right hand and I stood up and we started going up to Heaven.  And I can remember looking back and I’d seen my bed, I’d seen my body still laying in the bed and I went to Heaven and when I went to Heaven, I mean just like a second and I seen an angel’s and there is a lot of things it would take me a long time to go over everything.  But the major point or focus was for me being there was that this angel looked at me and told me that there’s a lot of people.  Now his words were this “There’s a lot of people that are not going to make it if they don’t learn to walk in love.”  So if you’re ever in the presence of an angel or in Jesus, it’s sometimes there’s no words even spoken and a but volumes of information goes forth; so I knew in my spirit what this angel was saying, that here I was a Pastor and that I’m not going to make the rapture if I don’t learn to walk in love.  That I was preaching the letter, but not the Spirit, that God is love and I was preaching a lot of condemnation and damnation, but not the love of God.

Sid:  Yeah, but isn’t it the love of God to warn people when they’re in sin?

Mel:  Well, you absolutely, but at the same time what’s the nature of a person’s heart.  My heart wasn’t right, I was…

Sid:  You were more legalistic than having such compassion that you didn’t want to see that person miss Heaven.

Mel:  It was probably more out of anger then it was preaching out of love.  And so anyway that’s what took place and of course since that particular time it just seems like every time that I open the Bible that I read the word of God, highly saturated with the love of God.  Even it talks about things that are wrong like homosexuality and lesbianism that’s wrong, that’s a demonic last days heavy, heavy demonic spirit.  But we can tell people about this with the love of God that we don’t want them to miss out on God’s best here on this earth; and we certainly don’t want them to miss out on eternity in Heaven; and so we can say that with love and compassion in our hearts grieved and that’s the way that we should.

Sid:  So, you’ve been practicing walking in love since 1978.  Is that the reason that I feel such a strong presence of God as you’re speaking?  Do you believe that?

Mel:  Well, I would say because God is love and the more we walk in God’s love and one of the things that I find too as you study the Bible the Bible says that Jesus was moved with compassion and that’s how he did miracles and so it’s like the love of God is the power of God.  If you show me any person that has a lot of miracles in their ministry I’ll show you a person that walks in depts of God’s love.

Sid:  So give us a couple of tips on how to, how to walk in God’s love.

Mel:  Well, I just think that we just need to start practicing every day with our words and start looking for opportunities to walk in love because the devil’s certainly going to challenge us to get us to not walk in love, not talk in love.  And love is a decision, it’s not a feeling and so sometimes if someone cuts you off driving down the highway we can have a feeling that’s not love…

Sid:  You should have seen me this past Sunday, I spoke at my home congregation, I was on my feet for a couple of hours.  We went to a new restaurant and the elevator wasn’t working and I had to walk up five flights of stairs to get lunch after standing on my feet for over two hours and you would not have known that I was a believer in Messiah.  I’m telling you I was so upset with myself, Mel.

Mel:  Yea, I could understand and sometimes I think that things of that nature do bother us and so we have to…

Sid:  But I’m not going to do that again, in Jesus Name.  Ha-ha.

Mel:  We just have to make it a practice.

Sid:  Oh oh, it got worse than that then after I started complaining and really letting everyone know how unhappy I was a woman walked up and said, “I watch you on TV all the time.”  Ha-ha, I mean the Lord knew how to put that exclamation mark on the whole deal.

Mel:  That’s right, that’s right.

Sid:  Tell me, I am so fascinated that in 1984, I mean this was the real life changing thing that happened to you, tell me about the visitation from Jesus.

Mel  Okay, what took place it was September 28th, 1984 that was Friday evening; and one of the things that a person needs to know from studying the scriptures from the heart of God is that the word vision and dream is interchangeable terms many many times in the Bible.  If you look here in Job 33:14-16 it says “For God speaks once, yes twice yet a man perceiveth it not in a dream, in a vision of the night when deep sleep falls upon men and in the slumbering upon the bed then He openeth their ears of men and sealeth their instructions.  So real plain you know God loves us to much and he’s talking to us during the day, but we’re so busy mentally and physically some time that we don’t hear God and so He has to wait until our mind and our body is laying asleep and then he gives us a vision, a dream and the Bible calls it a vision of the night when deep sleep falls upon men and the slumbering upon they’re bed.  And so very obvious as well as looking at it in the Greek and the Hebrew that many times the word dream is interchangeable with the vision and the word vision is interchangeable with vice versa dream and vision.  And you see that even in Jesus’ life was saved and Jesus was the Messiah and He’s the most important thing that humanity or the most important entity person that is needed for the blessings of humanity.  And His life was saved six times you see it just in the book of Matthew the first two or three chapters just because somebody;  the Jewish people they knew that dreams, there were dreams that were actually spiritual encounters that they were having a vision and so His life was saved because of dreams.  And so anyway September the 28th 1984 I went to sleep at night and so had a vision and in this vision I saw Sunday morning service and there was a lady that I don’t remember ever being there before and her name was Maureen, a red headed lady and I could take you to where she was setting.  While I was preaching, that Jesus in this vision, walked up and touch my right shoulder with His left hand and I turned around because I was sort of shocked in this vision that while I’m preaching someone is going to touch me and I turned around and it was Jesus.  He had a smile on his face and then He looked at me and he told me the lady’s name and He told me what was wrong with her and He told me that there were some female problems.  And He said, “Now Mel, if you’ll pray with your whole heart He said that my anointing will always go into her, go into people (I’m sorry).”  And when He said that there was volumes of information, so when Sunday morning came it was real easy, all I did was just copy what I’d seen done.  The lady was setting right where Jesus said she would be setting, I asked her to come forward.  I asked her if that was the problems that she had?  She had that female problem and she said, “Yes.”  I prayed with my whole heart exactly the way that Jesus said; she was instantly healed and has been healed ever since.

Sid:  Now, you find that when you teach people and we have this special CD in which you really amplify the teaching that you do in your book where you go into detail of what Jesus revealed to you.  And I’ve had other people say this Mel, that when they have an encounter in Heaven or they have an encounter with Jesus it’s almost like they remember very little of it, but it was down loaded into their spirit and as they need this information God just brings it to remembrance.

Mel:  I guess with me, the more I think about it the bigger it gets, I have never forgotten details. If I were an artist I could draw picture exactly what Jesus looked like, His exact words He said, very few words, but it was amplified when He spoke to me it was just like truthfully I could have written a book in 500 pages, but I tried to be conservative and get right to the point to make it simple for people to pick it up.  And my teaching an eight year old child could pick up this book read it and have the same…

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Our Guest Mel Bond

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Sid:  I’ll tell you what; you’d think that after all of these years that a Gentile believer in Jesus could not provoked me to jealousy with all that I’ve seen and all the people that I have interviewed.  But I have Mel Bond on the telephone right now and I told Mel the minute I met him by way of telephone, you are provoking me to jealousy!  Mel we have a mutual friend, name is Eddie Rogers and in fact I’ve interviewed Eddie and Eddie had the privilege of going to Nicaragua with you and he said that there was something like 4 or 5,000 people and he saw such an outrageous miracle.  I did a secular live talk show this morning on radio and I was talking about this miracle that I have an eye witness that saw the miracle of that person, that little girl in Nicaragua and rather than you talk about it or me talk about it Eddie Rogers was there and I just interviewed Eddie.  I want you to hear what he saw with his own eyes and I’ll tell you a head of time; I’ll prep you ahead of time; you’ll have difficulty believing it.  I don’t I know that it’s true!  Let’s go to that interview. 

(Clip of Eddie Rogers on the telephone with Sid)

Sid:  I have Eddie Rogers on the telephone; he’s been a guest on its Supernatural – Messianic Vision previously.  And Eddie went Mel Bond to Nicaragua and he was an eye witness.  What you told me is Mel went to the Pastors and said find me the two most difficult cases, and there was about 4 to 5,000 people there and what do you remember Eddie?

Eddie:  I remember it being a very hot sultry night with volcano ash raining down upon us from about ten miles away and these people had been standing there for probably four hours or more waiting for a prayer.  And his idea was just bring the two most difficult cases up; and then when God demonstrates His power on the stage then they can believe that He’ll do out there where they were.  So the first case was a young girl about six years old that was born blind, she had no eyeballs, no pupils, no irises she had eyes, but it was totally whiteout and the mother brought her up on the platform and was sitting in a chair.  And Pastor Mel said told everybody to bow their head and close their eyes and I’m standing ten feet away and I’m thinking if something’s going to happen I’m going to witness this, I’m not bowing my head and I’m not going to close my eyes.  And he stretched his hand out and began to pray and as I began to watch her eyes it looked like two whirlpools were forming in the center of her eyes; it was like a spinning motion and perhaps two to three minutes later I really don’t know the time context of it out popped these two beautiful brown eyes.  It was just a spontaneous pop and there they were and this girl all of a sudden she was looking around, she was looking at the lights, she was looking up and her mother just started weeping.  And I was weeping to think that this young girl is seeing her mother for the very first time in her entire life, the woman that has carried her and gave birth to her and now she’s seeing her for the very first time.  And that was probably one of the most awesome miracles I have ever seen.

Sid:  But, what did it do for your faith to see that?  I mean eyes materialize, while you’re watching.

Eddie:  It’s really incomprehensible, you know even thinking back on it all these years, again it’s one of the most highlights that I can ever remember seeing anywhere, it built my faith up.

Sid:  What about the second case, the second most difficult case?

Eddie:  The second case was a young man probably about fourteen fifteen years old something like that who had never walked on his own before, he had had crutches, he had a lame leg and he had been born that way as well.  And they brought him up on the platform and after prayer again he laid his crutches down and just began walking back and forth as though he had been doing that his entire life so that was the two most awesome miracles that I think I’ve ever seen in my life.

Sid:  Mel, I want to hear what you saw with your eyes, what did this little girl what did her eyes look like to you before?

Mel:  Her eyes and you see this in third world countries every now and then, her eye socket was just filled with there was no eyeballs, she was born with them.  It looked like a white glistening type of fat, kind of like chicken fat, lumpy and no eyeball figure whatsoever.

Sid:  Now, when you prayed for her were you believing or did you have a revelation from God that she’d get her sight back?

Mel:  Well, when Jesus appeared to me in September 28, 1984 on Friday evening, He just told me to pray with your whole heart and of course I wrote the entire book about that, and I could talk about that for hours, but I just did what Jesus told me to do.

Sid:  But why is it that most Christians don’t understand how to pray with their whole heart?

Mel:  I think that you just have to spend a lot of time in God’s word, that God’s word is not like a book, it is not like reading a newspaper you read it one time and you’ve got it; it’s amazing how many times I’ve read the Bible, I have lost count when I got up to 300 times and just said I’m not counting anymore and it’s amazing how new the Word of God is.  It’s alive, His word is alive if you can’t just read it and you get it.

Sid:  I’ll tell you, since Jesus taught you how to pray with your whole heart, I mean I have in my hands another outrageous miracle, listen to this; “On Sunday morning March 2nd, 1986 when a lady with ileostomy bag on her side was prayed for, not only was she instantly healed, but the bag vanished without a trace, how do you explain that Mel?

Mel:  Yeah, that’s just God, that’s God.

Sid:  How, but I mean that is outrageous!

Mel:  Absolutely!

Sid:  Now, you use to have to go to other countries to actually, you called it a training ground, to learn how to walk in the miraculous, but people don’t see that in America, but you say it’s really changing, explain.

Mel:  Absolutely, well I think a lot of it has to do with the days that we’re living in, you know God said in the last days He’d pour out His Spirit there’d be signs.  And wonders and the word sign in the Greek as well as in the Hebrew that the full meaning is supernatural miracles in the senses realm proving that Jesus Christ is Lord.  And the word wonders is supernatural miracles in the imagination realm proving that Jesus Christ is Lord and we’re there and I believe that the United States, it’s time.  We’ve seen a lot of it overseas, but I’m beginning to see it in the United States as simple as it was in third world countries ten years ago.

Sid:   Mel, if someone were to read your book in 1984 where Jesus came to you in a vision …praying with your whole heart and do what you instruct could they do what you do?

Mel:  Absolutely, I could talk for hours about medical people, doctors, nurses, ….doing it we had a heart surgeon from Kansas, which is quite a ways away from us probably a eight hour drive and he bought the book and he said I’m going to do it and he brought the x-rays to our church of a gentleman that he examined.  And the man he said, “You need open heart surgery and this is the reason why and he told the man this is what I do for profession, I could do you surgery and it’s going to cost you, I forget how much money it was back then maybe $45,000 something like that or I can pray for you and God will heal you, and he said, that’s free and guy said well I’ll take the free one.”  So he came, he drove purposely to be in our church on a Sunday morning and he testified, he showed x-ray before and after he prayed and the man had needed surgery because he was healed by the power of God.  So that’s just one case, a nurse that works in a nursing home she said that she wrote back to us and called and told us she read the material and all it is and one of the things that you’ll find with any book that I write, that I don’t write one verse and write whole chapter or whole book on that verse, you’ll find my books that I validate everything with a lot of scripture, every page will be full of scriptures validating every point that’s brought out.  They could get the same thing if they would just read the Bible; the Bible is like a huge puzzle, many, many puzzles so you have a puzzle for healing, so there’s a lot of pieces you got to pull out from Genesis to Revelation.  Then you’ll have a beautiful picture for healing, that for prosperity there is just hundreds and hundreds and thousands of verses for financial prosperity and so in my book there’s hundred’s of verses for praying with your whole heart and I’ve diligently gone through the scriptures.

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