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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah, he had a revelation from God.  Jesus literally came to him and downloaded information on how to pray the way that Jesus prayed to get the results that Jesus got.  Mel, tell me the first time that you prayed for a dead person and they came back to life.

Mel:  Okay, it would have been in 1991 and I went to Monterrey, Mexico.  A pastor friend of mine, he’d married a Mexican lady.  His name is Pastor Bill Clifton and he could very all of these miracles, Pastor Bill Clifton, he lives in West Frankford, Illinois.  And so he set this crusade up and the very first night I’m preaching and I’m so excited because this is a first miracle meeting outside of country and so there wasn’t a lot of people there maybe 6 to 700 people something like that.  And we put banners up, “Bring the blind, the deaf, the crippled, the incurable, bring those that…even the dead.”  And I said that because Jesus said that He said, go raise the dead and so forth and do all of these things and it was the last thought in my mind that they’re going to bring a dead person.  So I’m preaching this sermon, I’m real excited and so I’m full of emotions and really preaching strong and right in the middle of my sermon all of a sudden four men are carrying this lady, one man on each arm, one man on each leg and they carried her and they bring her here and lay her on the ground under this big tent.  And I asked this the interpreter I asked, “What are these guys doing?”  And they said, “Well you have been advertizing, because we had advertisements with billboards and bull horns, people advertizing for us to do all these things and you advertised to bring the dead and so she’s dead.  The doctor said that she has already had one or two heart attacks and if she has another one she’ll die.  And so earlier this day she had another one and she died; and so one of the neighbors said, “Take her there!”  And so that evening they brought her and she’s dead; I’d been pasturing full time since 1972 and so I’ve seen a lot of dead corpse and she’s dead and she’s laying on the ground.  And so I’m thinking, the first thing I’m thinking is that I’ve never prayed for a dead person before and I’m thinking, man God why couldn’t we have had at least some headache’s or something first, let me warm up to this.  And so none of those things happened, I prayed for the lady, nothing happened, nothing happened at all, but I prayed with my whole heart and I said, “Okay God, I did my part the rest is up to you.”  I went back to preaching and in fact I got away from the lady and probably about ten minutes later all of a sudden the crowd, these Mexican people are all standing and shouting and I turned around and looked and that woman is up walking around and sort of dancing.  And so that was my first experience of praying for somebody with my whole heart that was dead and so that took place.

Sid:  Tell me also in Monterrey, Mexico about the woman whose one leg was at least half a foot shorter than the other.

Mel:  Right, it was a little more than a half a foot shorter than the other leg and she was, her body was deformed, she had like, to the best of my remembrance it looked like she had a hump back that her back was bowed over, it looked like there was a hump probably at least four inches thick on her back.  And so I brought her up on the platform because I’m convinced that we’re living in sometimes where the Apostle Paul said, “That I come not with Excellency of speech but I come with demonstration and power.” I think that there is a time, this is the time, in fact that is one of the things that the Lord has told me that the shortest dispensation is about to take place and we could have crossed that threshold already.  Dispensation of demonstration, people need to see the demonstrative miracle working power of God.  That brings masses to people, people that can’t even understand your language they can understand that you have a God that’s more than enough and that you have a God that’s greater than all these other religions and isms and schisms it speaks a lot of truth.  And so I bring people on the platform and demonstrate the power of God.  I did that I put her on some chairs so where the people could see the short leg and I prayed with my whole heart and within my goodness within three seconds, something like that that leg just grew straight out.  Her body straightened out.

Sid:  Now I’ve seen the leg grow out a half an inch, even an inch, but I’ve never seen a leg grow out more than half a foot.  That must have been amazing to watch!

Mel:  Absolutely, and we do have a video it’s a long story, but I’ve got so many video’s and so I’m trying to find it, but we have shown that at our church.  But Pastor Bill Clifton was there you could call him and he’ll verify that particular miracle and the lady stood up, she’s perfectly healed.  The next night she came the first time in her whole life she wore a pair of high heels and they were spike high heels, red high heels the first time in her life she was so proud to be normal.

Sid:  How about, I mean this is so well documented the Calico Queen of Guyana.

Mel:  Okay, this happened a few years ago where we were doing a miracle crusade in the country of Guyana, South America and so there was about 1,200 people there and I was praying first for the blind people. And so there was probably about…

Sid:  Do many people get their sight back under your ministry? 

Mel:  I would say about 98% of the people that are blind will receive some manifestation and probably maybe 30% that are totally blind receive full manifestation.

Sid:  How many people were at this event?

Mel:  Well, there was only about 1,200 people, but now I had prayed for her she received full sight and the crowd came…

Sid:  Now, was she totally blind?

Mel:  She was totally blind; she could not see your hand three inches in front of her face.  And the next morning after she was healed because the crowd started shouting and you know I believe in being very kind and considerate, but I believe we have to be strong, this is how you are going to receive and if you don’t do these things you are not going to receive.  And when I finally said that she received and boy I mean when I said that instantly her eyes opened, she read a newspaper on the platform and if they’d get hold of Pastor Filbert London in the country of Guyana, he’s probably one of the most well know ministries in the country of Guyana because he set this crusade up for me.  He’ll verify that, he’ll also verify they had me on nationwide TV the next morning asking me how in the world could you…

Sid:  Geraldo where are you when we need you?  Okay, tell me in Bulgaria about the man whose face was eaten up with cancer?

Mel:  Okay, that happened just recently a year or two ago, maybe last year in fact I’ve given you the information where you can get a hold, his first name is Vassal (and I can’t  pronounce the last name and he’s in Bulgaria we have that on film.  There was a man whose face was eaten up by cancer, he had a mask on.  We prayed for him, prayed with his whole heart, he fell in the Spirit and that’s the last time I’ve seen him.  The next time I’ve seen him this pastor interviewed some doctors and they also interviewed him and his face was just brand new, not a scar on his face totally healed by the power of God, recreative miracle.

Sid:  …tell me about the eight year old girl in Japan.

Mel:  Well, I can teach people this if they just read the book I can only be at every place at the same time, only Jesus could do that.  But in Japan I have teaching sessions where I teach people how to do this and so I showed the people because they are very intellectual people and I wanted to show them how simple it is.  And everything must be simple, and that’s the way that my book is because Psalm 119 verse 130 the Bible says, “That the entrance of God’s word they give life, they give understand to the simple.”  If it’s not simple God is not involved in it.  And that’s where most of the time people make it too complicated, it’s simple.  So I brought a little eight year old girl on the platform that she wasn’t even born again and I explained to her in about two minutes how to pray with your whole heart what it meant to be born again and then filled with the evidence of speaking in tongues and she wanted both.  She received both then I brought her on the platform and then I explained to her just about two minutes how to pray with her whole heart and then we prayed incurable conditions on the platform and this is videoed.  I don’t have the videos, but you if you get a hold of Pastor Hiroko in Tokyo she sets up all my meetings and they have the videos of this little girl.  She prayed for people that had incurable conditions for like fifteen years, lived with pain for fifteen years and the people, these adults were totally instantly healed by God’s power.  And so it can be learned and even remember Jesus said the works that I do shall you do also.

Sid:  Oh, our time is up Mel…

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