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Sid Roth welcomes Bill Johnson

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SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter of the supernatural here with Bill Johnson. He is desperately praying to God. “God, I need more at any cost.” Now that’s a condition, at any cost. Well God shows up at three o’clock in the morning. He feels volts of power, of electricity if you will, just going through his body. And then he sees scenes… Was this like a vision, or…?

BILL: It wasn’t a vision; it was just a power encounter. Very unusual, I expected to hear or see. It wasn’t that I could just, in the quiet of my heart, I could tell that he was after my desire for dignity and respect. And he wanted to know if I would give that up to get more of him.

SID: Why was it necessary for you to give that up to get more of him?

BILL: I have no idea but there is a lot of dumb things that we do in the ministry, in his name that are just simply to make us look good and to keep us from embarrassment and to keep us from risk.

SID: Well you said that you could just see yourself speaking in a church and just flopping all over the place.

BILL: Yeah, unable to control myself, and realizing that could happen with what I’ve asked for.

SID: How could you have the respect of your congregation if that happens to you?

BILL: I had to be willing to lose that to get more.

SID: And what was your decision?

BILL: I said yes, if I get you in the exchange. If I get you in the exchange, I’ll take it. You can do anything you want with me.

SID: In retrospect are you glad or sorry?

BILL: Oh my goodness. That was the smartest decision of my life. Absolutely, there’s no question.

SID: Okay, I want you to tell me about some miracles that you have firsthand observed. Tell me about someone that was healed of cancer.

BILL: We had, earlier this year, we had a gentleman who flew in from Canada; was given a fairly short time to live. He was taking Morphine because of the pain and he walked with a cane because of just the difficulty of walking. And he came and we prayed for him corporately, which we don’t always do. We have teams of people, but the man in charge of the meeting asked him to come up front, all of us prayed. The next day he came back – we were in a conference.

SID: Out of curiosity, did anything tangible happen to him at that moment? Did he fall over from the power of God? Do you recall?

BILL: I don’t remember him falling over. He may have, but you know what, I don’t recall. I was in on it but we pray for so many, that I just forgot what happened to him. But eventually he goes back to his seat. He comes back the next day, and he’s waiting in line to get in. Its’ a large crowd because of a conference, and a woman noticed he had hearing aids and said, “Hey can I pray for your ears?” And she prayed for him and his ears opened up. And he came back and told us he quit taking the Morphine, and he was off the Morphine. He didn’t have his cane. He could walk up and down the stairs without any difficulty. And when he got back to Canada he went to the Doctor and he had no more cancer, his deafness was gone. And we didn’t even realize he had arthritis and that was healed in the process.

SID: This was the whole package. Any feedback on what the Doctor’s had to say. They gave him a death sentence before he came.

BILL: They just gave him a clean bill of health. I did a conference in Canada. And some of the leaders from his church came and were giving me a report on the boldness that was coming from his family that was very timid and a quiet family; the boldness that they now have: the children, the wife, everyone and the doctor gave them a clean bill of health, it is just a miracle.

SID:  Are many people healed of cancer?

BILL:  More all the time, but not near as many as we need in most towns. It’s just something that’s worth contending for its, cancer is the Goliath of the church and we must run at that beast and work to remove its head.

SID:  Do you see it as the body going haywire, or do you see it as actually demonic?

BILL:  Absolutely demonic. You cannot watch somebody suffer with that disease.

SID:  Now you have a lot of compassion for people, in fact I understand one of your trade secrets is when you look at someone and you feel compassion, that’s a tip off that God wants you to pray for them.

BILL:  Yeah, the Apostle Paul said in Corinthians that you are restricted by your affections. Interesting phrase, and so what we have been learning to do, when we get moved by the affection of the Lord, when we get moved by the compassion, it’s the Holy Spirit signaling to us that there’s a person that he wants to give a special touch too. And so we try to pay attention to where our heart gets drawn into a situation and we don’t always know what he wants to do but it’s just worth pursuing.

SID:  Okay, you told me that just recently there has been a rash of healings of people that have been in any type of accident. Explain that.

BILL:  Well several years ago, I felt like the Lord gave us an insight so we started experimenting. And the insight was that many people who have been in accidents, they had to learn to live with pain. You know they were in an accident thirty years ago – they had to learn to live with pain an unintentionally…

SID:  I know a lot of people with say, arthritis, that have learned to live with pain.

BILL:  Exactly, but unintentionally they open themselves up to a spirit of infirmity that sustains the effect of the accident, long past its normal course of healing. So, with that queue in mind, we felt like we had permission to just mention that at the beginning of a meeting. And so I’ll have anyone who has ever been in an automobile accident, sporting accident, whatever it might be have them stand and then we just pray corporately over the entire group without anybody laying hands on them. But we come against that spirit of infirmity and there have been just hundreds and hundreds of people that have suffered for ten, twenty, thirty years. In fact, the longest has been over seventy years.

SID:  Someone had suffered from pain for seventy years?

BILL:  Seventy years. Yes.

SID:  And they got healed?

BILL:  They got healed yes they got set free. We’ve had bones that the Lord just resets.

SID:  Wait a second that tells me that that person didn’t have to suffer for seventy years. If he could have been set free after seventy years, he could have been set free after seven minutes.

BILL:  Exactly, and that’s the way were contending for is to change the way we think. To realize what God has made available what he has put within reach. And we must contend for we must have the renewing of the mind to see what he’s made available.

SID:  Sounds very exciting to me when we come back, I am going to have Bill pray for you. Get ready for a power encounter. Be right back after this word.

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Sid Roth welcomes Bill Johnson

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SIDHello Sid Roth your investigator of the supernatural here with Bill Johnson. Bill Johnson is senior pastor of Bethel Church in Redding California. That’s not why I have him as a guest. I have him as a guest because he has more miracles take place when he speaks than almost anyone that I know. Now Bill, you come from such an unusual background; I have to tell you – being Jewish and being the first member of my family to become a believer in Jesus as the Messiah, I envy the heritage that you have. What is it five generations of pastors on one side and four on the other?

BILL:  Yes, it is five on my dad’s side of the family and four on my mom’s.

SID:  I don’t know whether you would take this for granted or not, but that is a wonderful heritage, you didn’t have to go through a lot of the junk, maybe, that I went through.

BILL:  That is true; it is amazing, and all three of my children are the sixth generation. They are all three in the pastoral type ministry.

SID:  Now your grandparents would tell stories of greats like Smith Wigglesworth; I mean they saw him with their very eyes.

BILL:  I grew up hearing about of course Wigglesworth; my grandfather told me he said “not everyone liked Wigglesworth,” you know and of course we like him now because he is dead.

SID:  That’s the way it is.

BILL:  We grew up hearing about Aimee Semple McPherson; my uncle was a soloist for her and so, just a lot of background in the early part of the 1900’s.

SID:  So what is it like to hear these stories…to love them, believe that they’re true; go to church and see same old same old – just religion?

BILL:  Yah. It’s a bummer (laughs).

SID:  I’m glad you said that (laughing).

BILL:  It’s just…you know it took a while for it to sink in, that it wasn’t necessary; its powerlessness is unnecessary.

SID:  So, out of curiosity even with all of that heritage, did you think in terms just throwing in the towel or saying well this is all I got and I’ll do with what I got?

BILL:  You know I think I’m just slow; it just didn’t kick in that you know what this could happen in my lifetime. I just took for granted that it happened once and it was because there was very special people involved. And it’s really easy to look at the Kathryn Kuhlman’s, or the Benny Hinn’s, or whoever and say well it’s just a gift on their life, not realizing they are gifts to the church to equip us so that all of us get to do the stuff. And like John Wember would say, “Everyone gets to play.”

SID:  But you know we have evolved to a superstar system not recognizing we have a superstar. I loved it in your book when you’re talking about that heaven wants to invade earth and that everything that is going on in heaven we can do here on earth.

BILL:  Absolutely

SID:  But, I mean it took a lot to get you to that to make that jump from the superstar to – I can do these things too! But there was a particular moment that, it intrigues me because I believe it was a turning point in your life. It was an evening and all of a sudden you had a visitation. Were you expecting a visitation, were you caught unaware?

BILL:  Yes, we had been experiencing tremendous breakthrough in the recent months leading up to this. I had been crying out to God literally day and night. I would wake up in the night praying God I must have more at any cost. And…

SID:  How important is it to be desperate like that? I mean did you hear what he said? He said he would wake up in the middle of the night, he would say constantly, God I need more; I know it’s there but I don’t have it I need more. At any cost – now that’s a risky prayer.

BILL:  Yeah, well, that was a prayer though and it was genuine. It wasn’t a careless prayer whatsoever. So I would pray that continuously and this one night he just came into the room in a way that I have never realized or experienced before. I had absolutely no control of my body. To say I trembled is an absolute understatement. It was as though thousand volts of electricity is going through me.

SID: Has something like this ever happened to you, before?

BILL: No, nothing of that measure, ever.

SID: Were you scared?

BILL: No, because I knew it was him. But it wasn’t pleasant. It was glorious but not pleasant. Physically what was happening was, was not this feel good thing. And yet the Lord…it happened at exactly 3 AM, and I had just given a word to a friend of mine the previous evening that God was going to touch him, and it could even be at three in the morning. Could be at any time of the day and I mentioned Three in the morning. And so when this thing hit I turned my head…

SID: Let me get this straight. In other words, what he did was he gave a prophetic word to someone else, but it was really for himself, or maybe for both of you.

BILL: Yeah, and that’s what happened is at 3AM this thing hit me like a freight train. And I had enough ability to turn my head. I saw the clock – 3 AM. And I said out loud, “You set me up.” Because I knew exactly, I had prophesized that word to a friend, and there I was with this divine encounter, and um. I had no control. I couldn’t stop what he was doing. It was, it was impossible.

SID: Did you want to?

BILL: I tried to see if it was something…it wasn’t that I wanted it to stop it, but I wanted to make sure that this is beyond me, if that makes sense.

SID: Oh so you were lying in bed?

BILL: Oh yeah, yeah.

SID: What was your wife doing while all this was going on?

BILL: Apparently God knocked her out. We had a waterbed; there should have been tidal waves (laughs) with what was going on.

SID: Well explain exactly, what was going on with your body?

BILL: Well, it was just a trembling in all the limbs of my body that I could not control. It was like electricity, but it was tremendous power…unlike anything that I had ever even considered or imagined before.

SID: In hindsight, what was God doing to you?

BILL: Well I can tell you exactly, because I began to see scenes of my life as I lay there because He reminded me, “You asked for more at any cost.” And my fear was laying there: I may never have control of body again. I may never be normal again. And I saw myself walking in front of my favorite restaurant

SID: Wait a second; it says count the cost in the Bible. Were you having second thoughts about this?

BILL: No I don’t think I was, but he was, he was after something. And I had a picture of me trying to teach the Bible and not being able to control myself, and the embarrassment that would cause to me and my family and the church. Walking downtown, unable to control myself, and the mockery, and the ridicule that was involved; and it was like the Lord was saying, “Are you sure you want me at any cost, because you may lose your reputation.” And I lay there and said, “If I get you in the exchange, I’ll take it.”

SID: What about you? Would you pray such a bold prayer? I want more at any cost? This is quite a cost, count the cost. We’ll be back right after this word.

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Our Guest Jan Aldridge

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SID: Hello. I’m Sid Roth your investigative reporter. I’ve been here with Jan Aldridge; and Jan just had the most wonderful miracle! And now Jan prays for people and she has supernatural words for, not all, but for those that God gives her. These supernatural words for from God that we’ll talk a bit about that and many people that she prays for are physically healed. For instance I have on the live line Nistka from, where is Nistka from? Nistka where are you from? Hi Nistka, this is Sid Roth. Where are you from?

Caller: Hello, I’m from northern Kentucky.

SID: Well Nistka, what happened to you?

Caller: One year ago to the date on May 22, 2003, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. A few days after that, on May 29th, I luckily enough to be where Jan was and had her pray for me. And she told me at that time that I no longer had MS. And up to this day; the side effects that I was experiencing from MS were numbness, and tingling in my arms, legs, and lips; and I had had them almost every day for six months prior.

SID: Nistka I have to ask you a question: I am told that many times MS symptoms go into remission. How would you respond?

Caller: That’s what they say. (laughs)

SID: That’s what they say…

Caller: Yes, but usually not over a year and mine have already, since the day Jan prayed for me, I have not had one single symptom for a year. Nothing!

SID: When she prayed for you, just out of curiosity; were you believing that you would be healed? Did you feel anything special?

Caller: I was caught off guard because I wasn’t expecting her to say that I was healed; I was just expecting her to say that I would be okay for the rest of my life.

SID: Jan why did you say that she was going to be healed? You were really putting God on the spot.

JAN: I was and that’s why if it was Jan on the spot, I would’ve never said it.

SID: But why did you say it?

JAN: Because when I prayed for her, that’s exactly what I felt the Spirit of the Lord said. The agreement that we had and the word and I would of never said that, but at that moment when I prayed with her, I remember the Lord saying ‘it’s taken care of.” And so his word will not return void. If it would of just been me, she would probably she would still be having side effects.

SID: Okay now Nistka when she said it was done what did you think?

Caller: I thought it was a miracle. I wasn’t sure; I was scared and taken by surprise and then; but when I got home I felt an incredible sense of relieve and calmness. And I believed in God, that he would stick with His word and heal me.

SID: Thank you so much Nistka. Let’s go to Emily. Emily you’re in Ohio. How are you doing?

Caller: I’m doing great.

SID: How old are you Emily?

Caller: I am eleven.

SID: My goodness. Well, tell me what happened to you?

Caller: Umm, Jan came to our church for a revival service, and she asked for the people that need a healing to come down to the altar; and I did and she prayed for me and I have seen single ever since.

SID: What was your vision like before she prayed for you?

Caller: I would see two of everything.

SID: Was this your whole life?

Caller: Yes.

SID: Only eleven years, but your whole life. What is it like to see single rather that two of everything?

Caller: I am more sure of what I am doing; like I would go and I would grab for something and I would be grabbing the air, but now I know I’m grabbing it for real.

SID: What do you think about God?

Caller: I know he’s real.

SID: You know 90% or 100%.

Caller: I know 110% He’s real.

SID: 110%.

JAN: Go Emily.

SID: I’ll buy that Emily, thank you so much.

Caller: You’re welcome.

SID: Let’s go to Dominique in is that Southington, Connecticut Dominique?

Caller: Yes sir.

SID: And what do you want God to do for you now? Not tomorrow, not yesterday but now.

Caller: I had a knee surgery and I am presently paralyzed from my knee down.

SID: Just one leg or both?

Caller: No, just in my left leg.

SID: Okay.

Caller: I had like nine surgeries. I lost my whole calf muscle, I had my ankle fused which it didn’t take; and I’m suffering – pain; I’m angry, I’m bitter; I feel like I was robbed.

SID: Let me ask you a question; so where are you with Jesus?

Caller: I’m falling out; I’m lost.

SID: Did you ever feel you had a relationship with him?

Caller: Absolutely.

SID: What was the problem? Because of your injury, that you have this estrangement from him or what would you say is the reason?

Caller: Yes, yes.  I have a two-year-old son and I can’t play with him. I can’t do anything with him, and it’s just you know, it’s very hard to accept what happened to me.

SID: Let me ask you a question in your heart of hearts: do you blame God?

Caller: No.

SID: Who do you blame?

Caller: The doc.

SID: Well let me tell you something: according to the Bible we have an enemy, and we are at war as long as we are in this earth suit. And the enemy is not flesh and blood, but the enemy is the spirit realm. Now the truth is that the spirit realm uses people with the flesh and blood, but if that doc did not exist, you would still have an enemy; and somehow blaming someone else releases – even from a physiological view point – releases toxins and poisons in your body. And that’s why the Messiah says -he literally commands us to forgive people. I believe that the beginning of your journey to being whole will begin with you making a willful decision; not based on the doctor deserving it, but based on your love for God, to forgive that doctor. And that’s a hard thing I’m asking. I understand that, but I tell you, if you will follow God, not me; but if you will follow God, I believe that this will be the beginning of a great miracle in your life.

Caller: (sniffles) I could do that.

SID: Would you do that right now with the two of us as a witness and with anyone that happens to be listening, but most of all because God is listening right now? Would you tell God that because you love God so much you choose to forgive that doctor?

Caller: Father, I just ask you to know that I forgive the doctor for what he done and I don’t think that it was him. I want to put the blame on satan; and I ask you to soften my heart in your name.

SID: I speak to your leg and I say just like in the book of Ezekiel, the prophets spoke to the dry bones; I want to speak to your leg and leg I command life in Yeshua’s name. I command – oh that’s it! There is a release – there’s some faith going on that’s inside of you Dominique right now. And that faith is drawing the presence of God into your leg from your knee down. I speak life. Is it possible to try to do something you could not do before? Even if it’s a very little thing Dominique, would you try right now?

Caller: I’m trying.

SID: I believe you, I believe you. Is there any difference?

Caller: Yes, I can move. I can move my foot a little bit.

SID: Could you do that before Dominique?

Caller: No.

SID: You know what – I am feeling such,

JAN:  Amen.

SID:  God really; did you know that God loves you Dominique?

Caller: Yes.

SID: You know, it’s so trite – the statement “God loves me.” “God loves you.” Talk is cheap, but you know what? Religion – if you don’t have an actual encounter with the living God is just a dud; it really is. I say to you that God wants you to experience him right now. Not just an intellectual thing but experientially there is, if you can imagine that God loves you so much that he want to wrap his arms around you right now; he wants to comfort you he wants to literally take you in his lap; he wants you to say and you may be 74 years old, but he wants you to say daddy, daddy. But your sins have separated you from your God. And if you will turn from your sins and say, just say this with me: “God I am sorry that I have sinned. Please forgive me. Give me the ability to stop. I believe that Jesus died in my place and by his blood I am forgiven, and now that I am forgiven I am clean; and now that I am clean, Yeshua come inside of me; take over my life. I make you Lord of my life. Fill me with your Spirit right now. Fill me. Let me experience your love. Hug me Abba Father. Hug me, hug me I need you.”

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Sid Roth welcomes Jan Aldridge

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth right here, and I tell you I love genuine miracles. And many of you say oh yes but they’re phony. Well you can’t have a good counterfeit unless it’s a counterfeit of something authentic. And I fancy myself if you will, as your coach to help you move from that visible realm to that invisible realm; to capture the miracle that God wants you to have. Now, last week I interviewed Jan Aldridge. What an amazing miracle! I mean she was born – she should have died at birth. Her tongue was twice the size; she should have choked to death. They wanted to abort her before she was even born. But her mother knew better. And so she grew up, but she was grotesque, her tongue was twice the size of normal, and she even went to the point of considering surgery. The surgery would make her beautiful.  Cosmetically, however she would never be able to say a word again. And one night she received a word from God. What did God say to you Jan Aldridge?

JAN: I was being prayed for, the Lord spoke to me in an audible way; and he reinstated to me that he was not the author of this but he would be the finisher and he was.

SID: And then a few months later, she was at a meeting and she was prayed for. And what happens to the tongue that the doctor said that the only solution was cut?

JAN: Well, as I had my hands raised and the tongue was burning and shaking, Diane Ard just began to pray and she spoke to the tongue and she said I command that this tongue line up with the way God created it; and I command that this string of the tongue be loose. And I remember just standing there thinking, okay I can’t do this. I can’t fake it or anything. And in the time frame probably between five and ten minutes of just standing there, I began to feel the tongue move a little. It was not just like a zip up but a little movement; and the whole time I remember just telling myself, I probably just turned my head. I probably was just shaking or something, but in a matter of moments when that tongue went over in my lip; the doctors later confirmed that in that moment, it had to shrink and the length and the width and the thickness and here I am (sticks her tongue out).

SID: (laughs) I have to laugh every time that happens. Now, there are two more things you have to tell me. Number one: when you went home and you said mamma for the first time without slurring…

JAN: Right; without an impediment.  The whole way home I kept the light on in the car and kept looking at the tongue. I thought that the Lord had made it too small because I had never felt it fit in my mouth. And when I walked in the door and my parents had already gone to bed that night, and when I got to the end of the hall I cried out mamma! And it was the first time that I had said it plain. And my mother had come out of her bedroom and I remember she said, “The Lord’s has done gone and healed you hadn’t he.”

SID: What a feeling for your mom? What a feeling for you!

JAN: Amen! It was a healing for her as well.

SID: Tell me, as best as you can remember; what was it like realizing you were normal?

JAN: It was like, everything was like new. I remember even in reading the word of God that night; I had a Bible all of my life. I knew the Bible stories. But I remember opening the Bible to Ecclesiastes. And I remember reading it and to every time there was a season and I would just weep. Everything was just so precious. I was thinking you know, to everything there’s a season. It was just like seeing the world through a whole different, a whole different view. It was like something that never should’ve happened – it happened

SID: Okay, someone needs a miracle right this second –

JAN: Yes.

SID: besides praying for them what advice would you give to them?

JAN: Well number one: the greatest thing is it’s great to have a prayer of agreement, but we don’t have to have them, because the Lord says ‘what would you have me do?’

SID: What do you mean by prayer of agreement?

JAN: Well I mean, if you can find somebody to agree on a scripture and pray for you great; but you don’t have to have ten people on your side. If you call upon the name of the Lord in the day of trouble he hears your cry. If you believe with him – even an ounce of faith – your faith and His faith.

SID: Yes, yes, yes but I’ve prayed before and nothing happened!

JAN: Well pray again! It said that the lady bombarded the king until she got his attention. Be persistent and remember, hey this is a battle for you. You’re the one having to deal with it. Nobody else does but God hears your cry; and it said that he passed the disciples on into a storm and they were fighting in their own strength and it said he would’ve passed them by until they called out to him. And Jesus sees’ your situation right now, and he sees’ people lost and he wants to heal them, but we have to confess our sins to be saved; but the greatest thing is ask and ask believing.

SID: Now you’re just someone special that’s why God healed you.

JAN: No. No, trust me I have lived with myself all of my life. It’s mercy. It’s mercy, I mean even after I got healed I messed up, but he didn’t take it back. I mean he died that we would be saved he took strikes so we would be healed.

SID: All right now we know exactly why the devil tried to do this and it was the devil why the devil tried to get your tongue cut so that you would never be able to speak again. You literally can hear from God and speak into people lives and tell them about themselves. Give me one example.

JAN: Well I remember one time I was speaking at a conference in Tennessee, and I just felt led to share a tape, a set of my testimony tapes with someone to take to someone who had already been taken off of the donor list for a liver transplant. And he began to listen to the testimony, and the testimony, I prayed over this that if he would see if God did it for me, he would do it for him; and he began to confess I’m going to be healed. And the nurses told him your cancer is just too far gone; we’ve even taken you off of the donor list. And He said “No…”

SID:  That’s bad.

JAN: Right, but he said no the Lord is going to heal me. And they got a call at the nurses desk and told them prep him that he is receiving a new liver; a donor had. And they said that he is not even on the list he is too far gone. And they said all we know is we have a liver being flown in to do a transplant. And they opened him up, and as the opening up the cancer was gone. He got a new liver, but if they would’ve never opened him up, they would’ve never seen that the cancer was gone.

SID: Tell me about another healing

JAN: We had a lady in Virginia, probably five years ago, at a state lady’s conference. The lady was legally blind, came in with a cane with a red tip. I didn’t even know that the lady was there; and the Lord just told me to speak to the right. And there was about 600 other women there and I’m not embellishing. And the Lord said ‘there’s someone blind to my right.’ And I called out and this lady came forward and the Lord said ‘this time next year you won’t need that cane, you won’t need a guide dog. You will be healed.’ And we got a call eight months later, that sitting in her church in an evening service, the Lord reminded her of that promise and she received her sight.

SID: And let’s suppose you got a phone call and she did not receive her sight. Would you stop saying God is saying this?

JAN: No.

SID: And why would she not receive this?

JAN: First of all, I’m not going to judge. I think too many times we try to defend ourselves and say our ministry they didn’t have enough faith. That’s not my part to judge a person’s faith. That’s not me I’m not in their shoes, but as long; I would rather leave this earth knowing I spoke everything he spoke to me to say and have the critics, then to be a naysayer; worried about how I looked. Because I trust the Lord, that if I’m listening to his voice, that His words won’t return void and his time his season; not that I get the glory, not that everybody hears that I hear from God, but that God be lifted up.

SID: One last miracle.

JAN: One last miracle: we had a lady in Alabama that had multiple miscarriages and the Lord just spoke to me and told her to be at peace that if they tried again; and I think that they have two kids now and doing great.

SID: Okay, let’s go to the telephones right now and have Jan and perhaps – I’ll even do some praying too; but even more important than that – I want to see God show up. How about you? I’m ready to see a miracle and even now, even at the beginning, right now some of you are beginning to feel the peace of God. That’s called the Shalom of God; just penetrating – going right through your television set; and there’s some of you, you feel like you have been beaten down so bad. Well I’ve got some good news for you, I’ve got some great news for you; there’s a victory – music I’m hearing; I’m hearing victory for you. There is, listen! Believe God; believe his word that he has provided for every one of your needs. We’ll be right back with these telephone calls don’t go away

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Sid Roth welcomes Hank and Brenda Kunneman

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SIDHello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Hank and Brenda Kunneman and we are talking about the most important thing; I mean with what we are facing on planet earth with all the things – I mean you can’t open up a newspaper without seeing things that your candidates for a spirit of fear. We’ve got to hear God’s voice, I mean to survive, to function, to fulfill destiny, to be satisfied. I mean there is no satisfaction if you don’t have intimacy with God. If you, I mean, most Christians I know have greater intimacy with their own religion than they have with God himself. Hank, I wonder if you would give us some keys that God has shown you in hearing God’s voice.

HANK:  I think that the first thing that I have learned is, again set a time, set a place and not an agenda. You know sometimes we set an agenda and then we expect God to conform and adjust to what our agenda is for the meeting; you know the meeting time and the meeting place, and what I have learned to do is, I have times where I just go in and I talk to the Lord and I say “Lord the Bible says let the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” So I go in and I say Lord what is on your heart? That is the first thing I do is I ask him what is on his heart and then I wait. The second thing I do is I always take in a journal most of the time because it is very important. You know we want to hear from God and the Lord rebuked me one day in a gentle way. He said “do you really believe that I am going to speak to you?” And I said “Well yes” and He said “Well then why do you never document or write down what I speak to you is your memory that good?” And of course, I know it’s not and so I write down what I believe that I’ve heard. The other thing is I think hearing God is an obedience too, sometimes we don’t realize we hear God or sometimes we hear God like this – with our fingers in our ear, or we are selective in our hearing. I have two children and sometimes they are selective in their hearing.

SID:  We only hear what we want.

HANK:  That is what I am saying. Now you heard something very powerful about Samuel that maybe we could share also, I think would be a great key.

BRENDA:  Well sometimes I think we make, we as human beings we make hearing God difficult. I think the most important thing is that we have to remember that God wants to talk to us. You know we are his church we are his kids and so He loves us He cares about us He wants to speak to us. You know as a parent I want to speak to my children. You know I love talking and communicating with them. And I think that so many people feel like well you know, God isn’t interested in me, or I sinned today. So you know now He is mad at me and He doesn’t want to talk to me, and we forget that God is interested in talking to us. And I think the important thing is that we need to make it simple. When God spoke to Samuel when He was laying on his bed at night, it’s interesting that the voice of Samuel or the voice of God came to Samuel and it sounded a lot like the priest. In fact, so much that he ran to Eli and said “did you call me?” It sounded to him like what was familiar – what He could hear. And God will speak to us in ways that we can hear him. He doesn’t always speak to, you know, the way that He speaks to you may not be how He’ll talk to me. But He will communicate to me and I think the reason sometimes we don’t hear him is not because He is not talking, because God does talk to us. I think it is more sometimes that we are not believing that He wants to speak to us and that his voice is coming clearly. I think that it is more often that we are not listening and that up here we think that could not have been God, or that was just me, or I have heard that somewhere else. Or boy that just sounded like my own thoughts and a lot of the times that is not the case it is the Holy Spirit, coming to us.

SID:  Hank, you could have easily done it, but remember the time that you prophesied a woman that had a hysterectomy was going to have a child? If you had only known, I don’t know if you could’ve prophesied that.

HANK:  I didn’t know that, in fact how it happened is the Lord called this woman out, and I began to tell her, I said “Ma’am, God is going to give you a son, and you will see within one year from now the Lord will reward you with a son. Well she stood up and said “but, but, but” and I said “no, no, no, sit down.” And I didn’t really realize like you said that she had a hysterectomy. Well then her husband begins to stand up and He says “But you don’t understand.” But I heard it so clearly, down inside of here. You know a lot of people are in mental institutions that say they have heard God, and they have gone out and done something horrific or something that is totally against the character of God. It’s not a mental thing I don’t hear God in my head; I don’t hear voices I hear the Lord down inside of my heart. Sometimes it is a knowing sometimes it is an impression sometimes it is a still small voice that I hear and in this case it was very loud with this woman. What the Lord was wanting and He literally wanted to tell this woman that she was going to have a baby, within a year. And what is funny about this, and you will appreciate this (speaking to Brenda), is this woman about a year later came running up to us and said “Look what you did, look what you did.” I said “Look what I did?” And she was pregnant; this pregnant lady was running up to me I said “Ma’am’…”

SID:  You did this.

HANK:  I didn’t do this – I am a very faithful man and a very faithful husband to my wife. And I said what are you talking about?

SID:  It’s a good thing that Brenda wasn’t there look with this pregnant woman look what you did. (laughing)

HANK:  And of course, I wanted this story because everybody around the book table they were listening. Then she said you prophesied you spoke to me. She said that I would have a son, and she said the ultrasound proved it right, and then later on I did see the baby. But it was a son, but had I known ahead of time that information, it probably would’ve pulled me completely away from the place of faith. And expectancy and it could’ve maybe hindered her receiving.

BRENDA:  Because sometimes you know we get in our head and listening to the voice of the Lord coming to us you know and we just can’t trust you know that is God.  He does talk He is there and He is speaking clearly. And you know that our human side gets in the way you know.

HANK:  Well how many of us have always grabbed our Bibles to get a word from God, so we reach down we grab our bibles we put our finger in it, we open up to the first scripture and it’s the one about locust’s will come out of your face or something.

SID:  We’ll try it again.

HANK:  Right. And we have tried that and there have been powerful times though, that if I stay in the word, not just those times where you hope God will speak; even though by his grace many times He has, but if you will stay in the word. And another thing that I have learned and people say, well how do you get in the spirit? How do you see in the spirit? You know what I tell them pray in the spirit.

SID:  Did you do that a lot?

HANK:  I do that a lot. Not just in the past but I do it a lot, I pray in the spirit.

SID:  Okay when you have a pad and you are writing down what God says, you are there and you are saying God what is on your heart? What else: do you play music, do you sing do you what so you do during this time?

HANK:  That is a great thing, I do a lot of different things a lot of times if I feel sleepy sometimes I will put on worship music, other times I have done this before, you know I want to spend time with God and so I am going to lay before the Lord only to wake up disappointed an hour later and I had a good nap. So I try to keep myself very active when I am in prayer, in other words there are times when I am real tired and I get up and pace and pray.

SID:  By the way has God showed you anything about Israel?

HANK:  Not really, not really, I have not been one who has been called to that great nation. At this point, so no.

SID:  Are they going to find oil there?

HANK:  That I have actually yes, the Lord has shown me.

SID:  Look we’ll be right back I want to find out other things, that God has told Hank. I want to see what He has told him about you. Be right back after this word.

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