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SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter of the supernatural here with Bill Johnson. He is desperately praying to God. “God, I need more at any cost.” Now that’s a condition, at any cost. Well God shows up at three o’clock in the morning. He feels volts of power, of electricity if you will, just going through his body. And then he sees scenes… Was this like a vision, or…?

BILL: It wasn’t a vision; it was just a power encounter. Very unusual, I expected to hear or see. It wasn’t that I could just, in the quiet of my heart, I could tell that he was after my desire for dignity and respect. And he wanted to know if I would give that up to get more of him.

SID: Why was it necessary for you to give that up to get more of him?

BILL: I have no idea but there is a lot of dumb things that we do in the ministry, in his name that are just simply to make us look good and to keep us from embarrassment and to keep us from risk.

SID: Well you said that you could just see yourself speaking in a church and just flopping all over the place.

BILL: Yeah, unable to control myself, and realizing that could happen with what I’ve asked for.

SID: How could you have the respect of your congregation if that happens to you?

BILL: I had to be willing to lose that to get more.

SID: And what was your decision?

BILL: I said yes, if I get you in the exchange. If I get you in the exchange, I’ll take it. You can do anything you want with me.

SID: In retrospect are you glad or sorry?

BILL: Oh my goodness. That was the smartest decision of my life. Absolutely, there’s no question.

SID: Okay, I want you to tell me about some miracles that you have firsthand observed. Tell me about someone that was healed of cancer.

BILL: We had, earlier this year, we had a gentleman who flew in from Canada; was given a fairly short time to live. He was taking Morphine because of the pain and he walked with a cane because of just the difficulty of walking. And he came and we prayed for him corporately, which we don’t always do. We have teams of people, but the man in charge of the meeting asked him to come up front, all of us prayed. The next day he came back – we were in a conference.

SID: Out of curiosity, did anything tangible happen to him at that moment? Did he fall over from the power of God? Do you recall?

BILL: I don’t remember him falling over. He may have, but you know what, I don’t recall. I was in on it but we pray for so many, that I just forgot what happened to him. But eventually he goes back to his seat. He comes back the next day, and he’s waiting in line to get in. Its’ a large crowd because of a conference, and a woman noticed he had hearing aids and said, “Hey can I pray for your ears?” And she prayed for him and his ears opened up. And he came back and told us he quit taking the Morphine, and he was off the Morphine. He didn’t have his cane. He could walk up and down the stairs without any difficulty. And when he got back to Canada he went to the Doctor and he had no more cancer, his deafness was gone. And we didn’t even realize he had arthritis and that was healed in the process.

SID: This was the whole package. Any feedback on what the Doctor’s had to say. They gave him a death sentence before he came.

BILL: They just gave him a clean bill of health. I did a conference in Canada. And some of the leaders from his church came and were giving me a report on the boldness that was coming from his family that was very timid and a quiet family; the boldness that they now have: the children, the wife, everyone and the doctor gave them a clean bill of health, it is just a miracle.

SID:  Are many people healed of cancer?

BILL:  More all the time, but not near as many as we need in most towns. It’s just something that’s worth contending for its, cancer is the Goliath of the church and we must run at that beast and work to remove its head.

SID:  Do you see it as the body going haywire, or do you see it as actually demonic?

BILL:  Absolutely demonic. You cannot watch somebody suffer with that disease.

SID:  Now you have a lot of compassion for people, in fact I understand one of your trade secrets is when you look at someone and you feel compassion, that’s a tip off that God wants you to pray for them.

BILL:  Yeah, the Apostle Paul said in Corinthians that you are restricted by your affections. Interesting phrase, and so what we have been learning to do, when we get moved by the affection of the Lord, when we get moved by the compassion, it’s the Holy Spirit signaling to us that there’s a person that he wants to give a special touch too. And so we try to pay attention to where our heart gets drawn into a situation and we don’t always know what he wants to do but it’s just worth pursuing.

SID:  Okay, you told me that just recently there has been a rash of healings of people that have been in any type of accident. Explain that.

BILL:  Well several years ago, I felt like the Lord gave us an insight so we started experimenting. And the insight was that many people who have been in accidents, they had to learn to live with pain. You know they were in an accident thirty years ago – they had to learn to live with pain an unintentionally…

SID:  I know a lot of people with say, arthritis, that have learned to live with pain.

BILL:  Exactly, but unintentionally they open themselves up to a spirit of infirmity that sustains the effect of the accident, long past its normal course of healing. So, with that queue in mind, we felt like we had permission to just mention that at the beginning of a meeting. And so I’ll have anyone who has ever been in an automobile accident, sporting accident, whatever it might be have them stand and then we just pray corporately over the entire group without anybody laying hands on them. But we come against that spirit of infirmity and there have been just hundreds and hundreds of people that have suffered for ten, twenty, thirty years. In fact, the longest has been over seventy years.

SID:  Someone had suffered from pain for seventy years?

BILL:  Seventy years. Yes.

SID:  And they got healed?

BILL:  They got healed yes they got set free. We’ve had bones that the Lord just resets.

SID:  Wait a second that tells me that that person didn’t have to suffer for seventy years. If he could have been set free after seventy years, he could have been set free after seven minutes.

BILL:  Exactly, and that’s the way were contending for is to change the way we think. To realize what God has made available what he has put within reach. And we must contend for we must have the renewing of the mind to see what he’s made available.

SID:  Sounds very exciting to me when we come back, I am going to have Bill pray for you. Get ready for a power encounter. Be right back after this word.

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