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Sid Roth welcomes Dr. Michael Brown

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Sid:   My guest, Dr. Michael Brown has a new book, it’s called “A Queer Thing Happened to America,” it’s 500 pages, hardback book, it is literally three books in one it’s got every fact you need to understand what is happening to America; where it’s morality is being destroyed from the White House to Hollywood to reeducation in the schools and Christians are almost asleep.  As a matter of fact I’ll go one step further, I happen to believe many pastors are supernaturally blinded to this issue.  Dr. Brown, there are many people that say, “Wait a second, if someone was born homosexual who are you to change them?”  “You can’t!”  What would you say?

Mike:  I would say first, even if someone was born homosexual God can change anyone to the core of their being, however the idea that someone is born gay is just more of the media hype; in fact there is no scientific evidence that there is such a thing as being born gay.  I have a whole chapter in the book that’s called “Is Gay the New Black,” analyzing the argument, I was born that way.  And I go through the quotes, the evidence on both sides, the arguments and I thought okay rather than rehash that, because a lot of it has been told in other places; and again let me say categorically that the reason that gay researchers and activists are still looking for a gay gene or still looking for a gay cause for homosexuality or excuse me a biological or genetic cause for homosexuality is because it hasn’t been found yet.  And the concept is, if I can show that this is innate and immutable; in other words I was born this way and I can’t change; if I can show that then I’m entitled to civil rights the same as a black person, or a Hispanic person, the same as a man or a woman that is intern entitled to certain rights because this is who they are and they can’t change; this is the mentality so this is a very strong argument in the “Gay Civil Rights Movement.”  Hey this is the new black, look at how blacks were discriminated against, look at terrible American History towards African Americans it’s the same thing towards the homosexual community.  So I analyze this argument in great depth and I have other chapters that have taken on from other angles.  But let’s look at it like this, aside from the fact that there is no evidence of some of this born homosexual, what we know is that people are born with certain predispositions; one person may be more predisposed to be an artist; one person may be more predisposed to be an athlete; the other person may be predisposed to be something else; and then other influences in life, society come in with child development could have come in from very early on.  Most homosexual men and women that I know say that from their earliest memories this is who they have been.  I understand that it’s very deep; I understand that it’s not a conscious choice that they made like I’m just going to be homosexual; they may have decided to act on their desires but this is very deep, in their own minds it’s as if they were born this way, it’s at the core of their being.  So what I go through in the chapters there are scientists who argue there is a violent gene, there’s a ruthless gene, there’s an adultery gene, some have even claimed there’s a liberal gene, maybe they don’t like your show Sid because they have a liberal gene.  You know I’m sorry honey, I didn’t mean to cheat on you but I had an adultery gene, it’s not my fault.  Right!  So what I go through in the book Sid is show that there are many behaviors that people find that may have some genetic contribution, obesity.  What do we do?  Do we have fat pride parades to celebrate obesity?  Do we get fatter and fatter or do we work against it if we have a tendency to go in this direction; so I analyze the data and then I have one chapter in the book called “The Ex-gay Movement, Fact or Fiction?  Because here’s the other thing and Sid pastors need to know that this is an area where they will come under sever attack.  How dare you say an homosexual can change, that is the worse lie, that is the ugliest thing, that is the most tormenting thing, that’s like saying something like someone with blue eyes can change of green eyes.  That’s like saying someone who is right handed can become left handed.  It’s bigoted, it’s cruel, reparative therapy leads people to suicide, it’s destructive, you’ve got to accept me for who I am and stop trying to change me.  So pastors if you don’t want to get involved politically, you don’t want to involved same sex marriages issues, you don’t want to get involved with any of those things, I’m just telling you the day is coming when you will no longer be allowed to say that a homosexual man or woman can be changed through the power of the gospel, such speech will be called intolerant and bigoted.

Sid:   Okay, I personally have interviewed and met people that were homosexual their whole life and through the power of God, got set free.  To me that destroys all those arguments.  Tell me a couple stories like that.

Mike:  Even if someone was born that way Sid, which again the evidence says that that is not the case, that’s the power of the gospel.  And this is yet another reason that we need to recover the power of the gospel.  Sid my late brother in law whom you knew, he was homosexual.  My sister-in-law recently said, you can come out and share this publically, you can share his testimony.  He was homosexual when he got saved Sid, he gave his whole life over to Jesus including his sexuality and said if I marry or not or whatever I belong to the Lord.  And then when it was time to marry he found that he had heterosexual desires and he didn’t have homosexual desires.  One man with a very powerful ministry to the homosexual community talked about when he got saved, he knew what was right, he was doing what was right, but he had some struggles still in his own life towards homosexuality and then he got reconciled with his father.  Think of God using this; there had been a fractured relationship with his father in his case and when he reconciled with his father and his father hugged him he was instantly delivered and this is now for his life ever since; totally delivered from homosexual desires to being reconciled to his father through the power of the gospel!

Sid:   Now I don’t know if there is any scientific data, but my experiences have been Mike that most people that are homosexual have father issues.

Mike:  Yeah, here’s the scientific data, conservative Christian therapists will tell you that you are dead on exactly right.  Pastor’s who counsel people will tell you, you are exactly right, the homosexual community will tell you you are crazy you are making it up; absolutely not.  Hey look, we know the importance of mother father relationships, we know people who are violent, who are, angry, who are alcoholics; you go down the behavior cycles because of lack of a father or lack of a mother or broken relationship in the home; children are very impressionable and fragile in many ways and we do get affected.  And I am sure that there is a homosexual man listening and says hey, this is who I have always been, I have a great relationship with my Dad, a great relationship with my Mom, I came from a happy home, I understand we’ll meet people like that but in many, many cases there are father issues.  Which means, I sat with a local gay activist a few months ago Sid, had lunch with him and with tears coming down my cheeks I said to him, I just want you to know the love of the Father.  One Psalmist, powerfully anointed Psalmist Sid has written to me and told me that when he sings about the love of the Father that homosexual men have been drawn to his meetings and have experienced deliverance, real deliverance by the power of God.  Real deliverance as he has ministered the love of the Father they have been set free.  And I know, I have worked with others that still struggle, just like a heterosexual man is struggling to be holy in his thoughts, that someone coming out of homosexuality is still struggling, I don’t want to feel condemned during the midst of a battle, but Sid, you and I know the power of the gospel.

Sid:  I have met people that have been prayed for deliverance that were homosexual and when the demon was cast out of them even their walk was different.

Mike:  Listen, why is it that people can accept demonic influences in other behaviors? Someone’s a heterosexual pornography addict and they get delivered from demons and their free.  Someone’s addicted to drugs, they get delivered from demons, someone’s got a horrific fierce temper, they get deliver from demons and their free.  Why can’t we recognize that this can happen with homosexuality too?  It’s not every person.  I was in Israel Sid, talking to a top national leader and he talked to me about some men in his congregation and he said that he watched them in front of his eyes and get truly delivered, he said and they are free.  They are different, they are fully heterosexual.

Sid:  Let me ask you a question.  What is the theological basis of homosexual and lesbian churches?  I don’t get it?

Mike:  …you can’t stick your head in the sand as if it doesn’t exist.  There ‘s a leading Baptist church in Charlotte in one of the most prosperous areas in the city, wealthy church almost 2,000 members a couple of years ago.  Southern Baptist Sid, they came out and said, “We are now ordaining practicing homosexuals in our church in ministry.  So here are some of the arguments.  No. 1, the church has always misread the Bible, it used the Bible to justify slavery,

Sid:  But, wait a second, it doesn’t matter that argument, what matters is what the literal word of God says.  There’s’ no wiggle room Mike, there’s none!

Mike:   Here’s the argument that there are only a few passages in the Bible that address homosexuality and when they are rightly understood you’ll either see that they apply homosexual prostitution or abuse relationships or something else.  For example a gay person would say to you alright, Leviticus 18 says an abomination for man to lie with a man.  There are other things that an abomination in the torah, even shellfish is an abomination and various other things…

Sid:   What’s your answer to that?

Mike:  Oh, my answer is very simple that there are certain things that are universal abominations for all time for all peoples like the sexual sins listed in Leviticus 18 which it also include incest and bestiality that were of such seriousness to God that he judged the Canaanites and the Egyptians for them and he said these were abominations for all people.  There were other things that were given to Israel to keep Israel separate for the nation, where
God said this is detestable or an abomination for you. 

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Our Guest Todd White

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Sid:  My guest red hot is an understatement, normal is the correct statement. His name is Todd White.  He walks in amazing accurate words of knowledge and healing.  He expects everyone he prays for to be healed.  He was telling me about a homeless man that was in a wheelchair and pick it up from there Todd.

Todd:  Alright hear this guy’s name; they call him Mad Dog Mike, ha-ha.  I went out in the street and I was talking to him about his broken ribs and I reached my hand inside of his jacket and he told me don’t you touch me!  And I put my hands on his ribs and he looked at me with fire in his eyes; and I said Lord thank you for brand new ribs and his ribs healed underneath my hand.  And I told him to move around, and he was overwhelmed and he said, “All the said, all the pain is gone.”  I said, “God so loves you, you are so amazing He loves you so much Mike; He loves you so much man.” I said, “Come on man you got to let me pray for your knee.”  He said, “Well it’s not going to happen.”  Now he’s a little less angry because his ribs are healed.  Now I’ve giving him a God encounter that is enabling me to move on to his leg.  I said, “Come on man, you’ve got to let me pray for your leg.”  He said, “Alright go ahead do what you want, it is not moving, there’s pins and rods in there.” I said, “Mike God made metal,” so I prayed for his knee and nothing happened.  Now at this time my microphone is on inside the church and people are starting to come out of this church that I’m getting ready to do a service in.  So this is just a good set up by God to get the church open for what’s going to come.  And so now we’re praying again and he moved it just a tiny bit and he looked at me real weird because he hadn’t moved it since thirty three years.  I said, “Come on man,” we prayed it again and we hit it again and we hit it again.  We prayed about six or seven times.  And he bent his knee, and his knee was bent just like the other one.  I said, Mike what’s going on he said, “I don’t know,” and his body was trembling on the wheel chair and he was shaking.  See it’s absolutely impossible for rods to bend and its absolutely impossible in the world for rod to disappear, but God has made metal disappear and we’ve seen it before a bunch of times.  So now he’s bending his leg and he stands up and as he stands up his back is bent over and he’s hunched over.  And I said, “What’s going on with your back man?”  He said, “I broke my back,” and I said, “Is it fused?”  And it was fused so that his back was bent in a permanent position.  I said, in a seated position almost.  So I said, “Come on man we’re going to pray for your back,” we prayed for his back and in the midst of praying for him, he stood straight up and he looked at me. It was so almost impossible for him to cry, he had spent so long without even tears coming; But his eyes welled up, and I said, “Mike touch the ground and he bent over and he touched the ground right there.”  And the church has actually been in that place in Virginia by the BCU, has been actually in contact with him, talking with him and actually in fellowship with him out on the street man, because it’s the goodness of God that brings people to repentance.

Sid:  Tell me about the woman that had the knee cap broken in half.

Todd:  She, oh actually she had, this was in a place where we went up to a townhouse up in Camp Hill on a request from a lady that I had prayed for at a hotel that I stayed at up in Camp Hill.  And she got healed, her neck got healed.  She told me at the front desk that I told her, I said that “You have problems with your neck.” She goes, “No,” and I said, “Okay, I’m just hearing in my heart that you do.”  And she ended up coming up to my hotel room and slipping a note under the door and I caught it as soon as she did and I opened the door and here she gave me a note about her son that needed prayer.  And we prayed for her neck right there, she wouldn’t let me she wouldn’t let me, “Pray for my son.”  I said, okay I took her hand and prayed for her anyway.  And God healed her neck.  So now this is a follow-up appointment to pray for her son who was just really hyper and really just a real hyper kid.  So we went there and prayed for her son and her neighbors there and she’s in the house and these ladies are just cussing up a storm.  And the lady’s a chain smoker, the one that sits sitting on the couch.  Here she had broke her knee cap in half thirty years ago.  About the same time as this guy I just told you about before and her leg was solid, it was one it was just solid it was calcium the whole way through.  So I said to her, we got to pray for your knee.  She said, honey this knee ain’t bent in thirty years.  I said, I know, but God loves you and she’s like you can do what you want and she’s just cussing and smoking and I’m praying for her knee and nothing is happening.  I prayed for her knee probably six or seven times and nothing’s happening, but I know that it’s God’s will for her knee to be healed, cause Jesus would have healed it immediately.  And there’s no bad knees in heaven and He said, “Let His kingdom come.”  Let His will be done on this earth as same as it is in Heaven.  So if there is not a bad knee in Heaven there shouldn’t be one on this earth because it’s God will to be the same here as it is there.  It’s simple, so I’m praying and all of a sudden she starts to bend her knee a little bit and it’s cracking and popping.  So all of a sudden she’s down on her knees with a cigarette in her hand thanking God, because her knee has bent for the first time in thirty years.  And she said, “There is no way that I am able to do this; I said, “Well, you’re doing it.”  I said, “You are amazing God loves you so much.”

Sid:  You know Todd there is something I want to ask you and for those that are perhaps tuning in for the first time, you were set free of twenty-two years of being a drug addict at the point of suicide and Jesus spoke to you audibly.  And you were in Teen Challenge, but for three nights in a row He visited you.

Todd:  Yeah.

Sid:  Tell me about that.

Todd:   I will probably cry because it is so real.  Well I had these nightmares every night when I went to bed at Teen Challenge.  It’s the only time that the enemy had access to me cause I didn’t understand, I submit to God at night when I go to sleep I asked Him to teach me now, but I didn’t know then and I had these demonic night terrors they’re called.   And this night after I had the homeless man speak to me that day, I went to sleep and there was a, when I was in my dream and they’re was a valley and it extended as far as I could see forward and backward an there were two mountainside on the side of it with steep grades; there wasn’t any sharp edges, there wasn’t any rocks to climb so it was very smooth.  What happened was it started to tremble and it started to shake and there was nowhere for me to hide because in my dreams I could hide.  And this time it started to tremble and it started to shake and I couldn’t hide and I said, “God please help me!” and immediately I heard a voice say “Do not fear, I’ll never leave you nor forsake you.  And bang I woke up and immediately I went into my prayer closet up at Teen Challenge which was a room I could go to before the day started.  So, I open the Bible and it opened right up to Psalm 23 and I read “Though I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil.”  So I went throughout my day, I didn’t say anything to anybody.  I mean my nightmares were so bad that the guys that stayed with me and my roommates in my room were scared because I would literally run around the room screaming in fear and in terror at night and wake them all up yelling and crying.  It was horrible and now all of a sudden, I go to sleep the next night after my day didn’t say anything and the same exact dream happened again.  And in this dream I saw the same valley and the same side, and this time it shook a little more and I fell to my knees and I said, Lord I said help me.  And I heard this voice again and it sounded like a…I can’t even explain what it sounded like, it sounds like rapids like if you go beside a river and it sounded like just water off of rocks, just loud and booming and it went right through me. “Do not fear I will never leave you nor forsake you, I’m always with you.”  And it was a little more than the first night.  I went throughout my day and I told a buddy and I said, “Look man I have been having this dream and I think its God.”  He’s like “Man don’t leave,” he said, “You can’t leave; you know what happens when people leave early, because it is a year program.  That second morning I went and I opened up the same, flipped it right open to Psalm 23 again; read the same thing it’s starting to bear witness in my heart.  I had been sowing the Word up into my heart for two months in Teen Challenge, not understanding that sometimes when the Word goes in you don’t understand it, but when the Holy Spirit breathes on it it becomes revelation and all of a sudden it changes your life and it transforms you from the inside out and that was what was going on.  The third night I had the same encounter; but this time the valley shook really really like amazingly and I fell down and there was a light behind me and it shined down the valley in front of me and I was afraid to turn around.  And so this time the same voice came, but this time there was a hand on my shoulder, and it said, “Do not fear I will never leave you nor forsake you; you’re addiction will never touch you again, go home and restore friends and family; I’m always with you.”  And bang I woke up and when I woke up I packed my stuff and I called Dan, my buddy Dan Molher, I called him up and I told him what happened.  He said, “Is this God?  I told him, “I met Jesus,” he said “I’m on my way.”  He came and picked me up and that was Jesus and he totally just transformed my life.  Salvation works it’s self out with fear and trembling.  The Word of God gets in and all of a sudden it transforms you from the inside out and makes you a brand new creation to where your thought pattern is completely redirected and reestablished and you start thinking with the mind of Christ living with your mind set on things above and not things beneath.  Praying from a place called heaven praying towards the earth from a kingdom perspective allowing the light to permeate and destroy the darkness.

Sid:  On tomorrow’s broadcast I’m going to ask you to do something; I know that you’ve done this before because you prayed for one of my producers and she got healed just over the phone.  But I believe tomorrow you can pray for people over the airwaves and they’ll be healed.  Have you done that before?

Todd:  Oh yeah.

Sid:  Have you gotten results of people being healed?

Todd:  Do I have time for a testimony real quick?

Sid:  Yes, real quick.

Todd:  Okay, there was a man that called from California because he had seen a video and heard a teaching.  He is an Ex-Marine and he’s a nonbeliever; he is in the hospital with lung cancer and liver cancer.  He is in the hospital and I called out there to talk to him because he requested a call.  And I’m sharing with him and I said, there is a nurse in the room with you, he said yes; I said she’s got a neck problem.  He asked her the first time and she said no, the second time and she grabbed the phone because of the crazy guys on the phone.   So here’s she’s a Buddhist nurse with a neck problem that she wouldn’t admit to; so we prayed for her on the phone and she got healed and the presence of God was on her in the room.  I asked her if she would put her hand on him in the hospital room and she did and I had her pray in Jesus Name for the man with the lung cancer and the liver cancer and three weeks later we had a phone call that Bob was completely healed and there’s not a trace of cancer.

Sid:  Oh, I can’t wait for tomorrows broadcast.

Todd:   Amen.

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Sid Roth welcomes Dean Sikes

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Sid:  Now, if you know me I am so intrigued with Gifts of the Holy Spirit that have been refined over the years that are role models for us to learn from.  And I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and he said that he had a friend that people that are pretty high up in ministry, people like a Kenneth Copeland really looks forward to hearing prophetic words from this man.  I said, I’ve got to meet him so we called him on the phone.  His name is Dean Sikes and I have him on the telephone right now.  Dean, I understand that you really were moving in this gift of prophecy and you didn’t even understand what you had at one point.  Is that true?

Dean:  That is so true, Sid.  You know I,  when I realized that God had called me in the ministry I didn’t know what He had called me to do, I just knew that there is something happening on the inside of me and low and behold suddenly the Spirit of God began to just show up in my life.  And I as saved and I serving God, but I wasn’t operating in the prophetic like I am now way back then and when I discovered that the Holy Ghost is real, that He’ll talk today and he uses people as a messenger, my life changed.

Sid:  In fact, explain to me the call that God put on your life; my notes say that you were told you are a messenger for His people.  What does that mean?

Dean:  You know, if you go the Old Testament, messengers and prophets are synonymous.  And I was in our back yard one day and the Lord asked me a question and when he asked me that it so caught me off guard.  He said, “Do you know what I’ve called you to do?”  I said, “Well, I sure think I do, but if you’re asking I sure want to listen.”  And He said, “I’ve called you to be a messenger, and messenger does two things they receive messages and they deliver messages; He said for the rest of your life Dean, you will do three things, you’ll hear My voice, deliver My messages and share your testimony.”  And Sid that is what I do everyday all over the place.

Sid:  You know, most people that are listening to us would give anything for God to say that to them.  And one of the things that God has told you teach on is to discover your destiny.

Dean:  Yeah.

Sid:  Now before this week is over were going to show people how to discover their destiny, but I got together with you a few days ago.  You just circumstantially you happen to be in this next city to where I live.  And when I got you on the phone this morning you said that you wished you had had time because you had a word to give me and I said, hold that thought give it to me on the air.  But then I said to you, it’s not bad is it?  I was just teasing.  Would you tell me what God showed you, just tell me.

Dean.  Absolutely I will.  You know that I’ve been in 2nd Kings where Hezekiah was really going through some times and the Word says that God heard his cry and he’s seen your tears and he will surely heal you and on the third day you shall go up to the house of the Lord.  And here’s the Word that I got for you that was “He’s going to add, if you want it, fifteen more years to your life.”  You know people said, how do you make that kind of statement, especially on the airways?  Well, if you know God’s voice, you know I believe the most important thing that anyone will ever do is hear the voice of God; and I think the second most important thing anyone of us will ever do is obey what we just heard.  And so when he told me that he was adding fifteen more years to your life, if you wanted the fifteen years there yours.  I really got excited because the word that I had for you when I saw you earlier was that “I had not seen, ear have not heard nor had entered into the heart of man the exact amount of work that God still has for you to do.”  And my thing to you is, you know your work in what you are doing in reaching so many people, there’s still an abundant amount of work left to be done with your name assigned to it.  So I believe that’s why God has extending the time and that’s why God is pulling people into your life and I believe you are going to see some doors open for you that you are going to just and here’s the word going to astound the doubter.

Sid:  Well, you know between you and me and those Mishpochah that are listening, I have a grave concern and my grave concern is Christians throughout the world are more enamored with developing their friendship with Jewish people which means they can’t share Jesus then they are the Kingdom of God.  And there are too few Christians sharing Jesus with their Jewish friends because they’ll offend and how can you call on Him whom you have not heard.  And the average Jewish person doesn’t really have a handle on who Jesus is.  Oh, they know that Jesus is for the Gentiles, for the Christians.

Dean:  Right.

Sid:  And I just know that this is God’s time and interesting enough with the word that you just gave me Dean simultaneous to and you told me the first part of it from 2nd Kings previously, someone came from Ethiopia just to see me and said if I would change my eating habits, God would extend my life into the nineties and he said something very similar to what you said.  So I guess you need two or more witnesses, I’ve got my two.

Dean:  You’ve got your two.  That’s right and you know the only reason God would extend life is, if you look in John 17 Jesus glorified, the word says “I glorified you on the earth; I finished the work you gave me to do.  When we finish, Jesus didn’t retire, dear Lord, He did His work and went to Heaven, He got out of here and so if we’re not through with our assignment and we’ve not finished out work then I fully believe that God still extends our days so that we can fulfill that calling.  If you look at the Word, the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable, the gifts are plural the calling is singular.  When we are in our one calling, all of our gifts work together for the successful accomplishment of that one thing that we’re called to do.

Sid:  Now, tell me about the word that you had for the congressman that is now running for governor.

Dean:  Oh yeah, there’s a guy that is running for Governor and he’s in the United States Congress now and God had really put him on my heart.  I said Lord you’re, I know him and he and I have met but as far as having access to him I don’t in the natural and You are going to have to do it if you want me to get this Word to him.  Well, it was about ten days, I just kept believing God because it was on my heart and I spoke to someone who knows him and said the Lords really spoken to me about this race and about him and about how he is the person that God has chosen to be in that office.  I believe I’m supposed to give him that word but I don’t have access here’s my cell number.  If he’s interested call me.  About nine thirty at night my phone ring with an unfamiliar I didn’t know the number and it was the United States Congressman telling me hey Dean, good to talk to you I’ve heard you have heard from God.

Sid:  How important was the Word that you delivered to him?

Dean:  You know when you operate in the prophetic you have to always understand that again, God spoke through a donkey so there’s hope for us, you know.  I try my best to stay very humble and go you know.  God can speak through anyone who’s open, but the word that He gave me was so important to this campaign that I was able to watch the gubernatorial debate and the Word that I gave this congressman, as I said it to him he said it across the airwaves and it had literally turned the race around.  So you know it’s one of those things that Brother Copeland teaches a lot that one word from God can change your life.  I stand on that too.  When God speaks He doesn’t just say it for no reason there’s always a reason and I think the key to us is obeying what we’re hearing.

Sid:  Now, when you were a young man about fifteen, you were abused and it put a scar on you and at twenty-one you reached a point where you said, you know I’m reading your Word God, but I’m not seeing much in my life and I want you to prove yourself and what happened?

Dean:  Well, it was that’s how it went down, mine was probably much more just kind of sand paper rubbing against a wall, I was like God; I don’t know it you are real or not.  I have been in church all my life; I have gone to Christian schools.  I don’t know you, I feel kind of stupid talking to somebody I don’t even think exists, but if by chance I’m wrong would you just please show up in my life and prove to me that you are real.  And Sid, two weeks went by I forgot that I had even prayed that prayer.  I had been at lunch, I was back in my office working in real estate development, our company had a couple of air planes.  We had a Condo in Florida, I had stuff but more importantly and much more to the point, the stuff had us and I was in trouble.  I was sitting in this office, dialing the phone, and off behind me I heard a voice that would change my life.  Two words changed my life and they were call Mom.  And I didn’t say, what if.  I dialed 344-7443 the phone rang six times, seven times on the eighth ring my mother answered the telephone and when she said hello, I knew instantaneously that something was terribly wrong for in that moment in time, I now know God by His Spirit said to me “Call Mom.” And I audibly heard him and at that moment my mother was attempting suicide.  She was dying; I could hear the life leaving her voice.  I ran out of my office, got into my car went up interstate 75 to a little community called Ooltewah, Tennessee drove into my parents neighborhood, I saw their home and from the outside in everything looked fine; from the inside out my Mom was dying.  How many millions of people do you and I get to communicate with who from the outside in appear to have it all together, but from the inside out they are in their own little private search wondering how did life turn out this way?  Does God really exist?  Is there a plan for me?  Is this person Jesus, real?  Well, when I beat on that door that day, my Mom came down some stairs she was barely alive, I picked her up, carried her to her car, drove her down interstate 75 to Partridge Hospital in Chattanooga, Tenn.  On the way to the hospital, she said I cannot be dying.  I said, Mom hang on you’re not going to die, but your choices create your circumstances.  You’re going to have to choose life; you’re going to have to speak life.  When God created the world He spoke, when he created you and I to be in His image, we understand that God created His world by His words and then He created us to be like Him our words create our worlds.  So I just knew how to pray a little bit, I said God, this is what happened, you’re not surprised by this, you are going to half to save my Mom’s life, I know that you are not through with her.  To cut to the end of that story a miracle happened in that hospital.  The doctor said to my father, it’s a miracle there’s no medical reason to explain this.  She is alive, she’s fine she can go home tomorrow morning and she did and she’s doing great today.

Sid:  But this changed your life.  You no longer wonder, is God real?  I tell you what we’re out of time, but we have gone through some powerful teaching by Dean Sikes and we selected two teaching CD’s.  One is called “The power of Petition,” which is a key to get your prayers answered in the most astounding fashion you’ve ever seen.  And the second CD is “Discover You Destiny” and he has supernatural steps that you can find out why God has put you on planet earth and what you are suppose to do.  By the time this week is over you are going to discover how you can find your destiny.  We have a tool that will do it.

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Sid Roth welcomes Walid Shoebat

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Sid: My guest, a former Muslim terrorist, says seven nations will rise up to destroy the Antichrist. My question is will America be one of those nations? Next on this edition of It’s Supernatural.

Is there a supernatural dimension, a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural.

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural.

I love the rarified air of Heaven. Now many of you watch the show because want to understand the supernatural, the invisible world of God. But if you are mentored in the supernatural and understand the power of God, but do not understand what God is doing on Planet Earth right now, if you don’t understand prophesy then what good is all the power in the world if it’s not released in the right direction? And I am so pleased to tell you that I have a guest that was born in Bethlehem. This guest, because he was born in the East and because he’s such a student of the scriptures has got a paradigm for the End Times that is so sound and so solid. But it’s different than anything you’ve heard before and it’s not new. It was many, many centuries ago, but it’s just coming back right now for such a time as this. My guest was a terrorist. My guest was planning terrorism in America. My guest had bombs to kill Jewish people. Now he’s making a lot of new shows. Let’s take a look.

Man 1: The problem is a massive, racist ideology that is going throughout the Middle East and the Muslim world.

Man 2:The man sitting next to me can certainly tell us he was a terrorist.

Man 3: A former PLO terrorist.

Man 4: A terrorist now living in the U.S.

Woman 1: … is a terrorist.

Walid: I was raised a Muslim.

Woman 2: Fighting for the justice of Israel.

Walid: We have to settle this. Judea is the heart of the Jewish people.

Man 5: Walid Shoebat.

Woman 3: Walid Shoebat.

Man 4: Walid Shoebat.

Walid: One word caused me to believe in the truth of the Bible, and that’s the word “Israel”.

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Walid Shoebat. And Walid, you were born in Bethlehem. Now the last time I was in Israel Bethlehem is not like the Bethlehem you were born in. But your father’s father, or your grandfather, was Huseyni, good friend and Huseyni was the mafia of Jerusalem, good friends of Adolf Hitler. Why did Adolf Hitler like Islam so much?

Walid: Well he saw it as a more fitting religion and a more fitting system for even Germany. In fact, very few westerners know how much Adolf Hitler did compliment Islam, and he actually criticized what he called the flag religion of Christianity. And because Islam gave pride to people it was fit for the motherland, the father land, in this case, for Germany, that they would have this kind of pride that would call for war, because Islam was the religion of war and Nazis had a lot of commonality with Islamists.

Sid: And their view on Jewish people and Christians.

Walid: Absolutely.

Sid: So I mean, it was a natural fit for Adolf Hitler. Well Walid was born in Bethlehem. His mother came from America. She was Christian, but didn’t understand her religion that well, married Walid’s father and for 30-plus years your mother wanted to escape. Why couldn’t she just leave him?

Walid: It’s not that easy. She attempted to escape and she had to get her paperwork together because she had nothing. And so she had to remain one evening in the King David Hotel in which when she dashed to the embassy the second day, they were waiting for her at the entrance of the Council General in Jerusalem, the embassy. And she was taken back to the House of

Obedience, of course, because Islam mandates that the husband really is in control of the wife.

Sid: Now when you say the House of Obedience, you mean Islam.

Walid: [Arabic] That’s what Islam calls it, the House of Obedience. In other words—

Sid: Well wait a second. Our last couple of presidents have said Islam is a peace-loving religion.

Walid: [laugh] Islam is not a peace-loving religion.

Sid: So why do they say that?

Walid: Because they have to cloak something that is so obvious. No one walks around saying Judaism is a loving religion or peace-loving religion, or Christianity is a peace-loving religion. Only Islam has to be cloaked because it’s very obvious to people that that’s a major problem. Even at the BBC, I remember doing a show at the BBC in England, millions listening, and I was criticized throughout the whole show. In the end, the interviewer who was criticizing me all throughout the show asked me a question. She said, “Walid, are you not afraid for your life?” I said, “Only a person that knows subconsciously the truth that Islam is not a peaceful religion would ask such a question.”

Sid: You were raised to hate the Jew, to hate Israel with such a passion.

Walid: Absolutely. I mean, they talk about replacement theology. We believed in replacement theology of literally replacing the Jews and destroying them. It’s part of Islamic eschatology that we learn in school, that the Day of Judgment will never happen until the Muslims wipe the Jews out.

Sid: His dad married a woman from America and tried to convert her to Islam. Unsuccessful. Walid married a woman that believed in Jesus. And to convert her to Islam he took a year to read the Bible and come up with his ammunition to accept the household, all the house of Islam. So what did you find when you read the Bible and thought for yourself?

Walid: I found the most amazing things I would ever find all throughout my life. By the time I read the beginning of Genesis, I won’t put anything between you and the woman. The devil always hits the woman. All cults give a second status to women. By the time I got to Daniel, I’ve realized that there is this issue of the Antichrist, and Daniel describes the Antichrist as a person who makes a covenant for seven years, a false peace treaty. As a Muslim, I always knew the Madhya is the one that brings seven years of a peace treaty with Israel.

Sid: So you, what he’s saying is there is a Messiah figure in Islam and he notices that the Bible describes the Antichrist with the same characteristics as the Messiah figure for Islam. What else did you see?

Walid: All the characteristics of the Antichrist are pretty well described in Islam as well as the good guy, you know.

Sid: So they’re being set up.

Walid: Absolutely.

Sid: If you’re Muslim, do you realize that one is right and one is wrong. Well why did you decide the Bible was right? Why did you didn’t you decide the Koran was right?

Walid: That’s a tough question because I had to go through the Bible and examine one word: Israel. When you run into Israel in the Bible, in Amos 9:15, it says, “I will plant them in the land that is Israel and no longer shall they be pulled out of that land.” So if the Bible is a historic manuscript, this is where many historians make a mistake, if it’s a book on history, God plucked them out the Babylonian Diaspora, the Roman Diaspora. It’s talking about one verse that it’s impossible to pluck Israel out. That was the Israel [Arabic]. And by the time I reached Isaiah, Chapter 63, we talk about Isaiah 53. How often do we talk about 63? 63 talks about the battle of the Messiah when he threads the wine press of the place called Edom. And then he explains something. He talks about how God became Israel’s savior. So He, God, became their savior. In all their afflictions, he was afflicted. So he tells us how he became Israel’s savior. He suffered the same way Israel suffered. He suffered the same way in the Holocaust. If six million Jews died naked, the Messiah died naked. If six million Jews starved, he also was hungry. If six million Jews were in the ghettos, he was also in prison. If six million were silent, you’ll never find a footage. And I watched hundreds of hours of footage of the Holocaust when I was Palestinian back in Israel. Never could find a footage where a Jew made a peep when he died going through the ovens. It was amazing. And people say that you go too far with this interpretation. Jesus rose on the third day. Are you saying Israel rises on the third day? Absolutely yes. When I read Hosea 6, I was shocked. Hosea 6: “After two days he will revive us,” 2000 years. “He will revive us so we may live in his presence.” Everything that parallels the Messiah, parallels Israel.

Sid: Well what did you find out about Lucifer?

Walid: Well that’s very interesting because by the time you reach Isaiah 14, it talks about this person who is the king of Babylon who comes as the Antichrist, in this case, as explained in other places in the Bible. He is called Hillel ben Shahar. I went to the Hebrew. Hillel ben Shahar is very much a Middle Easter term, because Hillel, which in Hebrew means “brightness”. It also means “crescent moon.”

Sid: Crescent moon?

Walid: Absolutely.

Sid: Lucifer means crescent moon? Hold that thought. Wait until you find out about the seven nations that he found that will defeat the anti-Messiah. I wonder if the United States of America is in that seven. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.


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