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Sid: My guest, a former Muslim terrorist, says seven nations will rise up to destroy the Antichrist. My question is will America be one of those nations? Next on this edition of It’s Supernatural.

Is there a supernatural dimension, a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural.

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural.

I love the rarified air of Heaven. Now many of you watch the show because want to understand the supernatural, the invisible world of God. But if you are mentored in the supernatural and understand the power of God, but do not understand what God is doing on Planet Earth right now, if you don’t understand prophesy then what good is all the power in the world if it’s not released in the right direction? And I am so pleased to tell you that I have a guest that was born in Bethlehem. This guest, because he was born in the East and because he’s such a student of the scriptures has got a paradigm for the End Times that is so sound and so solid. But it’s different than anything you’ve heard before and it’s not new. It was many, many centuries ago, but it’s just coming back right now for such a time as this. My guest was a terrorist. My guest was planning terrorism in America. My guest had bombs to kill Jewish people. Now he’s making a lot of new shows. Let’s take a look.

Man 1: The problem is a massive, racist ideology that is going throughout the Middle East and the Muslim world.

Man 2:The man sitting next to me can certainly tell us he was a terrorist.

Man 3: A former PLO terrorist.

Man 4: A terrorist now living in the U.S.

Woman 1: … is a terrorist.

Walid: I was raised a Muslim.

Woman 2: Fighting for the justice of Israel.

Walid: We have to settle this. Judea is the heart of the Jewish people.

Man 5: Walid Shoebat.

Woman 3: Walid Shoebat.

Man 4: Walid Shoebat.

Walid: One word caused me to believe in the truth of the Bible, and that’s the word “Israel”.

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Walid Shoebat. And Walid, you were born in Bethlehem. Now the last time I was in Israel Bethlehem is not like the Bethlehem you were born in. But your father’s father, or your grandfather, was Huseyni, good friend and Huseyni was the mafia of Jerusalem, good friends of Adolf Hitler. Why did Adolf Hitler like Islam so much?

Walid: Well he saw it as a more fitting religion and a more fitting system for even Germany. In fact, very few westerners know how much Adolf Hitler did compliment Islam, and he actually criticized what he called the flag religion of Christianity. And because Islam gave pride to people it was fit for the motherland, the father land, in this case, for Germany, that they would have this kind of pride that would call for war, because Islam was the religion of war and Nazis had a lot of commonality with Islamists.

Sid: And their view on Jewish people and Christians.

Walid: Absolutely.

Sid: So I mean, it was a natural fit for Adolf Hitler. Well Walid was born in Bethlehem. His mother came from America. She was Christian, but didn’t understand her religion that well, married Walid’s father and for 30-plus years your mother wanted to escape. Why couldn’t she just leave him?

Walid: It’s not that easy. She attempted to escape and she had to get her paperwork together because she had nothing. And so she had to remain one evening in the King David Hotel in which when she dashed to the embassy the second day, they were waiting for her at the entrance of the Council General in Jerusalem, the embassy. And she was taken back to the House of

Obedience, of course, because Islam mandates that the husband really is in control of the wife.

Sid: Now when you say the House of Obedience, you mean Islam.

Walid: [Arabic] That’s what Islam calls it, the House of Obedience. In other words—

Sid: Well wait a second. Our last couple of presidents have said Islam is a peace-loving religion.

Walid: [laugh] Islam is not a peace-loving religion.

Sid: So why do they say that?

Walid: Because they have to cloak something that is so obvious. No one walks around saying Judaism is a loving religion or peace-loving religion, or Christianity is a peace-loving religion. Only Islam has to be cloaked because it’s very obvious to people that that’s a major problem. Even at the BBC, I remember doing a show at the BBC in England, millions listening, and I was criticized throughout the whole show. In the end, the interviewer who was criticizing me all throughout the show asked me a question. She said, “Walid, are you not afraid for your life?” I said, “Only a person that knows subconsciously the truth that Islam is not a peaceful religion would ask such a question.”

Sid: You were raised to hate the Jew, to hate Israel with such a passion.

Walid: Absolutely. I mean, they talk about replacement theology. We believed in replacement theology of literally replacing the Jews and destroying them. It’s part of Islamic eschatology that we learn in school, that the Day of Judgment will never happen until the Muslims wipe the Jews out.

Sid: His dad married a woman from America and tried to convert her to Islam. Unsuccessful. Walid married a woman that believed in Jesus. And to convert her to Islam he took a year to read the Bible and come up with his ammunition to accept the household, all the house of Islam. So what did you find when you read the Bible and thought for yourself?

Walid: I found the most amazing things I would ever find all throughout my life. By the time I read the beginning of Genesis, I won’t put anything between you and the woman. The devil always hits the woman. All cults give a second status to women. By the time I got to Daniel, I’ve realized that there is this issue of the Antichrist, and Daniel describes the Antichrist as a person who makes a covenant for seven years, a false peace treaty. As a Muslim, I always knew the Madhya is the one that brings seven years of a peace treaty with Israel.

Sid: So you, what he’s saying is there is a Messiah figure in Islam and he notices that the Bible describes the Antichrist with the same characteristics as the Messiah figure for Islam. What else did you see?

Walid: All the characteristics of the Antichrist are pretty well described in Islam as well as the good guy, you know.

Sid: So they’re being set up.

Walid: Absolutely.

Sid: If you’re Muslim, do you realize that one is right and one is wrong. Well why did you decide the Bible was right? Why did you didn’t you decide the Koran was right?

Walid: That’s a tough question because I had to go through the Bible and examine one word: Israel. When you run into Israel in the Bible, in Amos 9:15, it says, “I will plant them in the land that is Israel and no longer shall they be pulled out of that land.” So if the Bible is a historic manuscript, this is where many historians make a mistake, if it’s a book on history, God plucked them out the Babylonian Diaspora, the Roman Diaspora. It’s talking about one verse that it’s impossible to pluck Israel out. That was the Israel [Arabic]. And by the time I reached Isaiah, Chapter 63, we talk about Isaiah 53. How often do we talk about 63? 63 talks about the battle of the Messiah when he threads the wine press of the place called Edom. And then he explains something. He talks about how God became Israel’s savior. So He, God, became their savior. In all their afflictions, he was afflicted. So he tells us how he became Israel’s savior. He suffered the same way Israel suffered. He suffered the same way in the Holocaust. If six million Jews died naked, the Messiah died naked. If six million Jews starved, he also was hungry. If six million Jews were in the ghettos, he was also in prison. If six million were silent, you’ll never find a footage. And I watched hundreds of hours of footage of the Holocaust when I was Palestinian back in Israel. Never could find a footage where a Jew made a peep when he died going through the ovens. It was amazing. And people say that you go too far with this interpretation. Jesus rose on the third day. Are you saying Israel rises on the third day? Absolutely yes. When I read Hosea 6, I was shocked. Hosea 6: “After two days he will revive us,” 2000 years. “He will revive us so we may live in his presence.” Everything that parallels the Messiah, parallels Israel.

Sid: Well what did you find out about Lucifer?

Walid: Well that’s very interesting because by the time you reach Isaiah 14, it talks about this person who is the king of Babylon who comes as the Antichrist, in this case, as explained in other places in the Bible. He is called Hillel ben Shahar. I went to the Hebrew. Hillel ben Shahar is very much a Middle Easter term, because Hillel, which in Hebrew means “brightness”. It also means “crescent moon.”

Sid: Crescent moon?

Walid: Absolutely.

Sid: Lucifer means crescent moon? Hold that thought. Wait until you find out about the seven nations that he found that will defeat the anti-Messiah. I wonder if the United States of America is in that seven. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.


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