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Our Guest Brian Blount

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SID: Brian, we’re told to proclaim the kingdom of God mandate. What is the kingdom of God?

BRIAN: Well, the kingdom of God is doing what Jesus did. It’s the rule and reign of God coming on earth and just as Jesus did as He healed the sick, He cast out demons, He raised the dead, He brought the future into the present right now. It’s tangible. It’s the tangible presence of God and that everybody can walk in it.

And what I love about Jesus is He could have done this ministry all by Himself, but what did He do? He took 12 guys, put His Spirit upon them, sent them out, and they began to proclaim the kingdom just as He did.

Now, not only did He do it with 12, He did it with 72 other nameless, faceless, disciples. This was probably men, women, children, and they were doing the same thing that Jesus was doing. They were bringing the kingdom with demonstration, not just proclamation.

SID: And speaking about going, we were told to go.

BRIAN: That’s right, Matthew 10. “As you go, preach this Gospel. Heal the sick, cast out demons, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, fully receive, fully give.” And I love that first part. It says, “As you go.” That means as you go on your journey.

So, I don’t know where you go, but I go to Walmart. I go to the movies. I go to Wendy’s. I go all these normal places, business meetings, soccer games, and in every one of those mundane places we go, that’s the mission of the kingdom, right there. So it’s the body being Jesus with skin on.

SID: By the way, you had that great lightning of God hit you when Blaine Cook prayed for you. You’re just someone special.

BRIAN: Sid, it’s just not true. I’m a graphic designer. I’m just a guy just trying to love Jesus. My heart is to take people along the way and equip them to do exactly what Jesus told us to do. And it’s really not that hard. It’s simple. But it’s taking that step of faith, or we spell it R-I-S-K.

Right? And what I’ve understood is that risk opens the door to the impossible.

SID: You had a recent trip to South Africa. Tell me about the IT person, Carrie.

BRIAN: Oh, Sid, I love this story because this shows about the ordinary, everyday person. Carrie came on with me with a team of about 30 people. And she’s an IT specialist. And she had been in the meetings doing stuff, and this was the first time she’s done this stuff. Well, we had a break one day. So she was going to the Pick and Pay, which is like a Walmart.

She’s just going through the line and she sees the lady at the cash register, and she goes, “Hey, can I pray for you for anything? Do you have any pain?” The lady busts out crying and starts, “Yes, I need healing.” Carrie prays for her right on the spot and she gets completely healed.

And then guess what happens? The lady says, “Can you pray for some more people?” So Carrie says okay. So this lady took her around to the back, gave them a room, put four people in there and she’s praying for these four people. Well, she’s amazed by that because all four of them get healed.

Now, what happens next is pretty interesting. So she opens the door thinking that she’s through. And she looks down the line and there’s a queue of 20 women waiting for her to pray. Sid, that day, all 20 of those women were completely healed and she was equipping them as she had just been equipped.

SID: Do you believe you can equip any believer to walk in the supernatural, have miracles wherever they go, and then lead the people to the Lord? To me, that’s the purpose of a miracle. You demonstrate the kingdom then you’ve earned the right to present the king. Ordinary people with an extraordinary God doing the same words that Jesus did. And by the way, the Bible says you’ll even do greater.

Now, when we come back, I need you to explain the thing that revolutionized your ministry when you came to the realization … Well, you’ll explain it when we come right back.

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January 27th, 2019 at 4:17 am

Our Guest Sandra Teplinsky

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SID:  I want to conclude this with Psalm 122, verse 6. Of all the nations in the world, there is only one nation that God puts a specific blessing on. Israel! If you bless Israel, you will be blessed. He doesn’t say that about France. He doesn’t say that about England. Doesn’t say that about Australia. Doesn’t say it about the United States of America. Psalm 122:6 says: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Thou shalt prosper that love thee.” And guess what? I looked up that word “prosper.” It doesn’t mean what most people think. Most people think “money,” I’ll get money if I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Huh! It means something that money cannot purchase. It means in the Hebrew “heart peace.” Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. You shall have heart peace, God says, in a time, in a season we’re living in, when yet once more I’m going to shake this earth. That’s what you see happening right now. A thousand fall at your side, ten thousand at the other side. It shall not come near you. You’re going to be in heart peace because you pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Now I wonder if any of you have a question you would like to ask Sandy. Would you mind coming up here, please. I know, it’s sort of like a salvation [call], close your eyes, raise your hand, everyone stand up. (laughing) You know, same thing. Would you mind coming up here and make it because you’ll be in more of the light and come closer to me “cause you’ll be in more light. Okay.

QUESTIONER #1:  I just wondered if in the end time what nations are the sheep nations? Does that identify what those nations are? Because my understanding is that the nations shall turn against Israel. So are there any good ones left we need to move to? (laughter) Please?

SID:  In my opinion, I’m going to answer it first and then Sandy can, in my opinion the safest nation in the world for you and for you is to be where God calls you. Because it doesn’t, flat doesn’t matter. I agree with you, it says in Zechariah “all nations will turn against Jerusalem.” I guess it’s a matter of time. I want the United States to hold out—

QUESTIONER #1:  I do too, I do too.

SID:  — just until! (laughs) Yeah, you follow. But yeah, I think because basically “all” means all to me. How about you, Sandy?

SANDY:  That’s how I understand it. I do believe that there will be very possibly areas, you know pockets where, where, where God, God will bless communities that are serving Him and worshipping Him and maybe Christian communities in the future but my understanding is that no nation will stand with Israel in the end, only the Church, the true Church from among all nations.

QUESTIONER #1:  So would the Church be protected then?

SANDY:  Some.

SID:  But you know I like what she just said. I like the idea of there will be pockets of believers that the glory will be so strong that someone’ll walk, walk, walk in with a bomb and won’t be able to penetrate that glory. That’s what I believe. Thank you.

QUESTIONER #2:  Hi, Sandy. I just recently returned from a visit to the West Bank on September 15th so I personally witnessed the “pollywood?” Is that how you pronounce it?

SANDY:  —”paliwood”

QUESTIONER #2:  —that you spoke of. And my concern is when you have that type of propaganda, that message that goes out and its, and it’s very strategic, very real, how do you lovingly share that with believers with, and, and who are really taken in by what they perceive to be an atrocity on the Palestinian people by the Israeli, uh you know, government and by Jews in particular. How, how, how do we craft our message? What, what can we do? Besides pray?


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January 19th, 2019 at 4:14 am

Our Guest Perry Stone

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PERRY:  So here’s another one. Ready? The tail of the dragon and serpent, remember it’s actually the Greek word for serpent, draws a third of the stars of heaven. You know what’s really wild? There is another snake in heaven. All the ancients know it as “Hydra, the serpent.” And if, if you take it and put it right in the circuit of heaven where the twelve major constellations are, from head, from the head of it to the tail of it, it can take up a third of the heaven. If you, if you take it this way and then turn it around and go that way, and I’m talking about in the circuit, some say it’s about a fourth total where it sits, but if you move it in to where the circuit is— Now is that not amazing how God would take an emblem of a snake, they called it a dragon. Because why? So that the people of that day who were so aware of this stuff, He would say “Now wait a minute, let me show you the real story of what happens in the heavens. Let me, let me use parallels.” So, so the point I make is we in the west, we don’t speak in symbolism. You know, we just tell it like it is. “I’m going to tell it like it is. You know, give him my piece of mind! Okay?” And we just make it clear: that’s purple, that’s blue, uh, the floor right here is black. That’s grey carpet. And we just tell it plain. We don’t say “And I saw sapphire-looking bricks—


PERRY:      —like the firmament of the heaven on a clear day. No, I just say “That’s pretty colorful, it looks like a sapphire blue, ain’t it? Cool.” Okay? We don’t talk that way. But the ancients, if you’ve ever read the writings of the philosophers, they were detailed. They were descriptive. And the culture of that day demanded that a book be written in that form. Another thing you have to understand is let’s go back— “cause Daniel— Here’s something else. The Book of Daniel is the companion book to the Book of Revelation. I mean there are ten things that Daniel saw that John repeats. All right? One of the thing, one of the things that John saw that Daniel never got in detail with is, uh, John saw the “false prophet” in Revelation, chapter 13. And most of your Old Testament writers they see the “anti-Christ”, but they never see the “false prophet.” Now why does John wait to see the false prophet? Because the false prophet is representative as a lamb which is a false Christianity, and so God never showed it to Daniel “cause Christianity didn’t exist then. So what God does is He waits ‘til it exists. He waits ‘til it come into existence. And then He said, Okay, John, I’m going to show you something else. There’s a lamb with two horn’s going to come with this guy and he’s going to issue them— and He goes into all that. So God waits— it’s almost like— Let me say it to you this way— uh, this, this is good. I think Sid will appreciate this. It’s like the teaching of “The Rapture.” And one of the arguments I get about the Rapture teaching is, is people will say “Well, I’ve read the whole Old Testament and it’s not there.” Let me tell you something. Everything that’s doctrinally sound in prophecy is always found in the Torah. I wish I had time to show you all this. It’s always found.

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January 7th, 2019 at 8:02 am

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