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Our Guest Dr. Sandra Kennedy

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SID: Dr. Sandra Kennedy, has spent 40 plus years teaching on healing. As far as I’m concerned, without the teaching, percentage-wise, few people get healed. But she is the best teacher on healing that I know. And now, she has a new book on the proven difference makers, when it comes to receiving your healing.

SID: Sandra, you’ve been a guest many times on our show. You did the notes on healing, in our supernatural Bible. And I’ve heard this many times, but I don’t know why it is, but something about the miracle you got on your mouth. You’ve got to share it again. It’s too good for you not to hear it again.

SANDRA: Sid, thank you, because I’m always honored to be here with you. But it happened many years ago now, but my dog, is the one who accidentally, I was sitting on the edge of the seat. The dog jumped up. By the time I was getting up, and jumped up, nose hit my face, closed his mouth on my lip, ripped off my lip from my nose, almost all the way over to the side here. And I didn’t know, I ran to the hospital. The long story short, I had to go into having a surgery that very night. They told me it would take three to six surgeries before I would ever have anything to look normal. I’d never be able to smile again, never be able to see my teeth again. And of course the shocking thing of all of it Sid, was when I got there, they asked me where my lip was.

SID: Oh.

SANDRA: I didn’t know the thing was gone. It was horrifying. It was-

SID: I would think so.

SANDRA: That was horrifying. Got home later and found it of course on the floor. But anyway, nevertheless, I never had another surgery. I applied the principles that God has taught me all of these years of the Bible, and taking the word of the Lord. Put pictures up of me smiling. Spoke the word of God over myself, commanded the lip to move. Never ever have had another surgery. No one has done anything to my life, except Lord God almighty.

SID: Now did the doctor say anything about the healing?

SANDRA: Yeah, he constantly, every time I’d go back to him he’d say to me, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing it.” And he tried to get me to look at a book on cleft lips and I refused to look at it. I said, I don’t want it in my head. I want only pictures of me smiling and looking beautiful.

SID: Your new book, Healing Treasures from the Word of God.


SID: Why?

SANDRA: Because I see that people do not honor the word of God. People do not. And I see so many people that are not receiving their healing. And I personally think it has to do with, I know it does. The Lord said that people are hearing but not listening. People can quote the Bible. People can say back to you, everything you go to say to them about healing. And it’s just like rote memory. They just say things, say things, but they’re not getting the results that they should be getting, and it says because they are hearing and not listening.

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July 26th, 2021 at 3:37 am

Our Guest Rob Sanchez

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SID: But with no camera, you have no career.

ROB: That’s exactly what God was after. He was after my desire, so I could become his desire. He was after who I was, so he could make me who he destined me to be. And so that day I gave away all my photography equipment. And this is what happened. I began to reason within myself. And I said, surely Lord, this is just a test. So you’re going to allow me to answer the Bible trivia question, when the pastor asks it out, I’m going to get it back. So I was so excited because what I felt was versed in the scriptures, I felt like I had a good knowledge of things. And so I had my hand kind of partway up. And so when he got to my camera, he said, somebody is giving away a camera. This is amazing. And all of his photography gear. He said, this is an amazing seed.

ROB: This is a seed of great sacrifice. And then he said, and the camera is here. He says, we can’t just ask a simple question. We got to ask a difficult one. And so he’s thumbed through, and he comes up with the question. Sid, I still remember the question to this day, because I know the answer now, but I didn’t then. And this is the question he asked, who are the only two men in the Bible to have their wives given away to another man? And I’m thinking, I’m going to know this. And when he said that, my heart melted, my hands fell down and there’s one lady in the whole church, she’s jumping up and down. I know, I know. And I’m like, no. And she’s like, I know, I know. And in that moment he scans to her and he calls her and he says, who is it? And she cries out the answer is Samson and David. He says, you are correct.

SID: It wasn’t you that knew the answer. It was her.

ROB: It was her.

SID: She got the camera.

ROB: And the pastor calls me out. He says, who’s the young man that is giving away this camera. Where are you? And I raised my hand with tears in my eyes. And he brings me over to the woman who has tears in her eyes. She’s crying because she’s elated with joy. I’m crying because my passion is being given away. And in that very moment, he asks her a simplistic question. He says, why are you crying? And she began to declare these words. God is so good. God is so good. And he goes, why is he so good? She says, you must understand. I’m an English teacher and I’m getting ready to go on a missions trip. I’m going to spend my summer in Mongolia. And I have been going to the photography department in the high school that I work at, at lunch every single day.

ROB: Anytime I pass this department of photography, I lay my hands on the sign or on the door, and I declare that God is going to give me the very best camera equipment, so I could use it for photojournalism and share it with my people that have helped me and sponsored me.

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July 17th, 2021 at 2:32 am

Our Guest Jason Sobel

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SID: Now you’re not saying that you have to do these feasts. You’re saying, what a platform to understand who Yeshua was. What a platform to understand his teaching in reference to his own culture. What a platform to have an insight into the whole first coming of the Messiah and the whole second coming of the Messiah. What an insight into just having contact with heaven, just through this point of contact and the feasts are the appointed times. I take it a step further, the appointments with God. Now the thing that really intrigues me is you went to a healing meeting, even though you’re praying for people that are being healed, you go to a healing meeting and our friend, who’s been a guest many times on this show, Bill Johnson, is teaching on healing, but somehow you ended up in front, then he prayed for you. What happened?

JASON: Yeah. A friend of mine introduced me to him, and Bill Johnson laid hands on me. And he said, you wear many mantles like Joseph. And he gave me this word and God began to speak to me through that. He said to me, Jason, you’ve known me as the son of Joseph as the suffering servant, but you haven’t fully known me as the son of David. You’ve known me as the lamb, but not fully as the lion, don’t settle for a form of godliness that lacks power. The greatest revival in the history of the world is coming and it’s rooted in supernatural signs and healings and you need to pray for the sick and you will see me do incredible things to impact people’s lives.

SID: What happened when Bill Johnson laid hands on you?

JASON: Oh man, I felt the presence of God. I felt the anointing of God. And out of that, I had this encounter with God in that meeting, where I understood that every believer including myself, needed to be activated in supernaturally ministering to people. And what happened is shortly thereafter, I get invited to a messianic congregation to speak and I go forward and I say, before I speak, can I just pray for people that might need healing? We never even got to the message because so many people came forward for prayer. And one of the elders of the congregation who had muscular dystrophy, wound up getting supernaturally healed. The rabbi walks into the congregation the next week, he sees her dancing. She could barely walk sometimes. He’s like, how is this possible? She’s like, I got healed.

SID: Just out of curiosity, you had seen some healings before, but they evidently, after Bill prayed for you, they really increased with intensity.

JASON: There was an activation in my life. And although I had encountered that, sometimes it takes it being stirred up and us being encouraged and exhorted to walk in it. And I began to walk in it in a new way as a result of that, and started to see many supernatural things.

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July 4th, 2021 at 7:08 am

Our Guest Yvon Attia

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YVON: And I remember once praying, and I said to the Lord, “You know what? God, I love you for everything that you’ve done for me. And I’m just going to indulge in who you are. I’m really just not going to be bothered with this back condition, and I’m just going to love you for who you are.” And I remember I felt God was saying, “Good, because that’s what I want.” So I started praying that day. And as I began to pray, I was taken into a trance. And in that place, I began to see Jesus for who he is. There was divine embrace. There was divine hugs. I always tell my husband, there was even divine kisses. God was like, “I just love you. I love you for who you are.”

YVON: And I was telling God that I loved him and I did not want to get out of that glorious presence. Immediately, I was on my back, but it was a different place. It was like I was on the seabed, and I was laying on my back. Over me, there was waves and waves and waves, but the waves were heavy, but they were gentle at the same time. Then I finished my prayer station, came back to my body, and as I was getting up and leaving the room, I stopped, because I was like, “Whoa, I always used to get up with a lot of pain, but the pain is gone.”

YVON: So then I went back to my prayer closet. I said, “Lord, did you just heal my back?” And he said, “Yes, I did.” And I said, “Wow.” And he said, “My love healed you. But let me take you one step further. There’s going to come a time where, when you embrace people, they will be healed. The love that you received from me, you will release unto them and they will be healed.” And at that time, I was like, “Beautiful.” But I still didn’t believe it, or I didn’t really understand it until we had a healing meeting and this lady came in and she was embarrassed to come up the front and ask for healing, because her church, they didn’t do that. So she thought, “At the end of the meeting, I’m going to grab Yvon, and I’m going to ask her to lay her hands on me and do the whole thing.”

YVON: So she came to say hello to me, and hugged me first, before she asked me for prayer. And as she was hugging me, she started to weep, and she continued to embrace me. She didn’t want to let go. And I was embracing her, not knowing what was happening. And I said to her, “Are you okay?” She said, “No, you don’t understand. As soon as I hugged you, power hit me. I’m totally healed.” And at that moment, I began to cry, because I was like, “You were right, Lord.” I didn’t believe, or I didn’t fully understand, but then that began to happen. And I began to tell people, healing is in His love. Because of His love and because of His compassion, He will wash you clean from everything.

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June 26th, 2021 at 6:06 am

Our Guest Matt Sorger

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MATT: This happened three times until I realized, God doesn’t want me talking right now. And as I was there, just in the weighty, tangible glory of God, I started thinking, there’s other things I need to do. And God spoke to me right then and changed my life forever. He said, “Matt…” Because I didn’t see the future. I didn’t see the 35 nations we’d go to. I didn’t see the people that would get healed. I didn’t see the children that we would rescue out of trafficking. I didn’t see any of that, but God saw the future. And he said, “Matt, you won’t be able to access what I have for you in the future if you don’t have this time with me now.”

SID: Release a presence of God so that we have the grace to do what you did right now.

MATT: Lord, I thank you. Whoa. I’m telling you, I feel the anointing right now. I feel the glory of God. I’ve been feeling it throughout this time and Lord, I thank you. Holy Spirit, you are filling homes right now. You are filling people right now. Lord, I thank you that you are opening up the door to a heavenly secret place. There’s going to be a fresh visitation of the Holy Spirit in your life, where you’re going to see even the very countenance of Jesus. And He’s going to visit you. And He’s going to spend time with you and He’s going to bring you into the weighty glory of his presence. So Father, I release that over people right now and I just see the glory of the Lord enveloping you right now. I see a overshadowing of God’s presence coming over you. And not only is God going to give you a grace for prayer.

MATT: Some of you… There’s someone watching right now, you have felt dry and you’ve had a struggle in prayer, but there’s a new grace coming on you right now to just be. To just be in his presence. You’re going to say the name Jesus and His glory is going to show up. There’s going to be new grace on you for that intimacy with God. And I also see the hand of the Lord extending right now to heal people. And in the name of Jesus, there’s a miracle anointing. And I see the Lord told me that he’s going to heal cancer. And I see people be healed. Tumors dissolving right now by the fire of God in Jesus name, cancers are going right now. And I also see a heart condition being healed. And I see the hand of the Lord covering your heart. The beating has been off rhythm and there’s been fatigue in your body. And right now I see the hand of God, healing your heart and giving you a brand new heart. You’re going to have even new energy starts to surge into your body in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Lord.

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June 16th, 2021 at 5:41 am