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Our Guest Charles Vance

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. I want to learn the principles of FOG, the favor of God. I mean, because we’re coming into a time that if we’re not walking under the favor of God America is really going to have a financial crisis next year. So Charles Vance, just out of curiosity, before you tell me how to walk into God’s favor, will these principles which come right from the Bible, will these principles work in a third world country?

CHARLES: They absolutely will. As a matter of fact, we’ve been in several different countries. And once people understand these principles or just know about them they want us to teach them to their people. You know, to go to a third world country where poverty is ramped and for somebody to say don’t teach people how to be wealthy or teach people how to prosper is like going to a room full of sick people and saying don’t teach people how to be healed, because these principles are biblical principles. Anybody that will apply these laws, these principles to their lives and work them by faith, they will absolutely work for anybody. We’ve seen it happen in India. We’ve seen it happen in Haiti. There’s testimonies of it happening there when we preached it.

SID: Okay. Tell me how everyone that’s watching us right now can walk in this FOG, this favor of God. I want to be under the favor. I don’t want to be, you just explained to me the government system. I don’t want to be under that system financially, because what will happen to the government is gonna happen to me.

CHARLES: Absolutely.

SID: How can I get from under there but still be in the United States of America or any country, a third world country?

CHARLES: When we understand, and these are ancient principles. This is not something somebody has dreamt up in this new time that we live in. They’re in the Bible. They’re in the Old Testament, the New Testament. One of them is tithing. And I don’t think people understand that the tithe belongs to God. “It is the Lord’s,” the Bible said in Leviticus 27:30. Well there’s something that the tithe does that sometimes we miss because we don’t know what it does. Malachi, Chapter 3 says that “God will pour out a blessing.” It didn’t say He would pour out a bunch of blessings. It said He would pour out a blessing. As I started reaching I found out that tithing never brings a bunch of blessings. It just brings one blessing, and that blessing is that he opens the windows of Heaven and pours out what’s in Heaven into our lives. Now a lot of people thing, well, gosh, cars are coming, the houses are coming, money, U.S. currencies are just gonna start falling out of the sky. That’s not true. Heaven is a supernatural place. So if God pours what’s in Heaven into our lives He has to pour supernatural things into our life, you know, what we’ve missed so long.

SID: So people are looking when they tithe, okay, I’ve just tithed a thousand dollars, so I’m gonna get 10,000, 100,000, and they’re waiting for the money to come in, and they’re kind of missing it.

CHARLES: They miss the blessing. Now the blessing is not a chill up your neck. The blessing is what’s in Heaven. There’s ideas. There’s concepts, insight, favor that God will pour into your life. I ask you this question. You ever watch an infomercial and said, “I thought of that three years ago”?

SID: Many times.

CHARLES: Yeah. All of us have. Why? Why didn’t we do something with it? Did we get an idea? Yeah. Where was it from? Well if it was a good idea it was from God. What did you do with it? See, there’s where we start stepping into that it’s not God’s responsibility. I’ve done what God told me to do. Now God’s done what He said that He would do. What am I doing now with the blessing that is coming into my life? See, I have a responsibility to take the ideas, the concepts, the insight, the favor. Sometimes I put myself in positions I don’t want to be in just to experience the favor of God.

SID: Okay. You have the tithe. What’s the offering? And by the way, he said a very important point. He said it doesn’t belong to him. It belongs to God. Why do you say that?

CHARLES: Well the Bible says that it’s holy unto the Lord. It’s a management issue. God gives us, and Jesus said this as he goes into the New Testament, and he says this repeatedly. He’s looking, that God is looking for a faithful and wise steward, which is a manager. So if I can give you a thousand dollars of mine and say, “Sid, hold this for me” or pay one of the guys with it and I come back and say, “Did you pay one of the guys with it?” No. You’re not a good manager. It was my money. I gave you an instruction with the money. So if God gives us the tithe and it’s not ours, but He gives it to us to manage and then we do something besides what He told us to do, we need to understand that it doesn’t just go to the store house, that it goes to the priests that minister at the store house, and if we start comprehending what he said to do with it and following his instruction then he calls us faithful and wise. Man, you look in Matthew, Chapter 25, He said that He’ll give you everything He’s got.

SID: Okay. That’s the tithe. What’s the offering?

CHARLES: The offering is something above the tithe. It’s beyond the tithe.

SID: Why would someone want to do that?

CHARLES: Well Jesus said, “When you give it will be given unto you, good measure, pressed down and shaken together running over men will give unto your bosom.”

SID: And God showed you principle I personally had never heard before. It’s called the greenhouse. Explain that.

CHARLES: The greenhouse, if you look back into Malachi, Chapter 3, he said that he would not only pour you out a blessing, that he rebuke the devourer for your sake. That word “devourer” means a consumer or an eater, something that would come and eat up your stuff. All of us have probably been right on the edge of seeing something happen materially and then just all of a sudden the thing fell through. That’s an eater. That’s a devourer. The tithe creates a greenhouse around my fruit by my seed that I sow. God said, “I’ll supernaturally protect it and I’ll supernaturally cause it not to fall to the ground before its time.” In other words it’s going to come full fruition and bloom back to me or produce fruit back into my life again, and I get to take the harvest from it. So there’s a greenhouse effect as it were that the tithe creates as well as the ideas, concepts, insight and favor that God gives us.

SID: Tell me very quickly one person that took these principles and what happened to him. How about the man that cut the grass by the power lines, very quickly.

CHARLES: We’ve got a friend in our church that’s been there a few years, and he grabbed hold of these principles and went running with them. And he came to me one day and said, “We’re mowing for a power company now,” one of the utility companies. I said, “That’s great.” Well he went into a million-dollar company last year mowing power lines just applying these principles to his life. It’s incredible what God is doing in his life and in his business because of it.

SID: And you know one of the greatest areas to have FOG in, to have favor of God is Israel. I know people that give money for humanitarian aid to Jewish people. Because in Genesis 12:3, God says, “I’ll bless those who bless the Jewish people,” they have tremendous favor. I know people that helped Jewish people be transported from one country to Israel. Tremendous favor on their life. But you know, he who wins souls is wise. I believe the greatest FOG imaginable comes to people that help Jewish people recognize that the Messiah has come. It says in Romans 11:11, “Salvation has come to the gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy.” And the Jew requires signs and wonders. As you move into FOG, as you move in to favor when the world is shaking, watch how you provoke Jewish people to jealousy. As you move in signs and wonders watch how you provoke Jewish people to jealousy and watch the favor, the FOG of God. But there are people watching right now that don’t know God. This is eternal life that you might know Him. If you will believe that your sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus and you’re clean then ask Jesus to be your Lord and live inside of you. Make him Lord right now, right this moment.

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Sid Roth welcomes Brian Adams

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Sid: I’m so excited about this four CD teaching series by Dr. Brian Adams “Called the Power of Forgiveness” Yes, you understand about what the Bible says about forgiveness but you have no clue what this entails.  What this opens up for you.  What have you found that this has done in your life Dr. Brian Adams and you understood forgiveness before you got this revelation?  But what changes has this made in your life once you started forgiving and as you explained the Holy Spirit many offenses had occurred even before you were a believer in Messiah that you had just forgotten about or buried or said well it’s under the blood?  But when you dealt with them what changes occurred in your life?

Brian:  You know Sid, since God began revealing to me the revelation that faith moves God but forgiveness releases His power it’s made me conscious that not only am I suppose to forgive people but I’m suppose to walk in forgiveness every day.  Putting it on like a cloak over top of my armor.  Now when I sat down and started saying Holy Ghost could you reveal to me and show me the different things that I’ve got blockages in my life?  When he did it was like, it actually got physically brighter around me; like a collar of depression was lifted off or some- thing.  The scriptures say that He hasn’t given us a spirit of fear but a power of love and sound mind.  I actually began to have a sound mind.  I can think, I can remember, I could be more Christ centered you know.  The scriptures says plainly think on things that are pure, that are just, that are holy.  And when I began to forgive, because now the demons didn’t have a legal right to be there I wasn’t tormented anymore.  I mean it even; I believe I can remember this one real clearly, I use to toss and turn all the time in my sleep and I never woke up rested.  But once my conscience was clean, it was clear now I was sleeping better which made it healthier for me.

Sid:  Alright what about something like you pray for the sick, but what about yourself did it have anything to do with you being sick?   

Brian:  Well, I was learning from the Word that the Bible says: submit to God and resist Satan. He started teaching me that oppression and sickness was from him so I was beginning to get revelation on my walking in divine health.  It was a struggle.  I was doing better than most people I knew around me but once I got this message and I immediately forgive and release forgiveness, now Sid, it’s been such a beautiful money saving adventure walking in forgiveness because I’ve not a missed a day’s work in twenty years.  And even though I’ve been fighting that good fight of faith with the Word of God, now this key on top of it, of the power of forgiveness it is become so easy because I’m not doing it by works anymore. 

Sid:  There’s some areas that there our people really struggling with and this is revelation knowledge on forgiveness I think every believer in the world should sit under this teaching.   And do you realize how families would change if every member of the family even extended children, grandchildren were to get this teaching?  I think it would revolutionize them, Brian.

Brian:  Yes, Sir it would.  You know, I was just reading the other day Sid, speaking about families in Matthew 18.  It talks about the Lord that had a guy that owed him 10,000 talents.  He forgave him and didn’t redo the payment plan but actually cleared him of all debt.  That same guy went out and found somebody that owed him but refused to forgive him.  It’s a picture so to speak of God forgiving us but us not forgiving others.  When they brought the gentleman back in, here’s what happened.  You should have forgiven them; he said you, your wife and your children will be put and released to tormentors until the debt was paid.  So you know Sid, people say, Well, if I have unforgiveness it doesn’t affect anybody else.  But, here we see it did the wife and the children, opened the door up for the tormenting spirits where there’s sickness, poverty, whatever it might be.  It opened up the door to them so we need to take responsibility release and forgive so our whole family can be free.

Sid:  Tell me, what kind of counsel you would give a wife who is being verbally abused by her husband and she has forgiven him but it’s happening every day.  What does she do?  She wants to walk in forgiveness but that’s kind of hard when you have a wound and it’s poked at every day.

Brian:  Yes, what I believe the scripture plainly tells us is that when there are strongholds that are bad.  We got to tear those down and begin building godly strongholds.  So what I tell people is, say you have forgiven somebody you see them again, it rises up like you are saying in this exact situation.  I say I pull every thought captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ.  When that anger comes up say, I’ve chosen to forgive them and release them.  And then every time we can get into our private prayer closet, like Jesus did on the cross.  They were killing Him, mocking Him, she should begin to say Father, I pray that you forgive him because see, you’ll also see in this revelation is that forgiveness can be used as a tool of evangelism because when forgiveness is given it releases God’s power, which is His Holy Ghost and the Holy Ghost begins to convict people and now the very first process of salvation is beginning.  So just like Smith Wigglesworth wife he would verbally abuse her, lock her out on the steps all night long.

Sid:  I mean if  she had been alive now in this generation she probably have left him but somehow she stayed with him over that and look at the man of God he became because she was trusting God.

Brian:  Yes, she had a revelation I believe the scripture says.  Bless those who curse you and pray for those that despitefully use you.  If we do kingdom tactics, here this woman is being abused every day.  He is despitefully using her.  That she prays under the power of forgiveness on him.   Gods going to heal her, the Holy Ghost is going to comfort her.  We see this all the time.  People say Pastor Brian, this is supernatural, I don’t hate anymore.  I’m not so mad now I see, just like Jesus said they don’t know what they’re doing.  Their blinded, their eyes are blinded by demon spirits, Sid so we need to break the power of that demonic forces on them because we don’t fight against flesh and blood.

Sid:  Well, you talk about people that literally get addicted to emotions such as hatred and bitterness.  Let me give you an example, someone has done something bad to me and I’ve done the right thing, I choose to forgive, I’ve said a prayer and then I’m going to a grocery store and I see them right in front of me.  I don’t want to see them and all my emotions bubble up and all those emotions I thought that were gone.  What do I do about them?

Brian:  Well, I always say this saying; repetition is the mother of all learning.  Sometimes whether it’s fifteen to twenty times a day you might have to say, I pull these thoughts captive I’ve made the conscious decision through Christ I’ve chosen to forgive them.  Devil you’re not bringing this back up.  I love them.  See faith cometh by hearing.  I believe God showed me that a soul was created to respond to the sound of our voice.  We will get greater faith hearing ourselves speak the Word of God than any preacher.  We need to here ourselves say I forgive them.  I release them and you might have to do it fifteen, twenty times a day but as the weeks go bye you…

Sid:  So, what do you do in the case I used, you bump into the person, they don’t even see you and so you are in a grocery store so you go down a different aisle, so that you don’t have to confront them.  What would you do?

Brian:  Well, what I do, I’m a little ornery, Sid I would probably walk by and say praise God and say how you doing?

Sid:  Hahaha

Brian:  Faith without works is dead and so if I by faith have forgiven them, then I’m going to say devil, you have tried to rip me off with this relationship with them.  I’m going back to take what the enemy has stolen from me.  This is my sister; this is my brother, now I understand not every situation because there are levels of degrees that we can rebuild that relationship because of murder or rape or something.  But in most situations we can at least get to a place of repetition taking our thoughts captive, praying these prayers.  I make a conscious decision to forgive them and I’m stick with it.  Devil you can’t take my power to forgive because it’s a gift from God that He’s given me.

Sid:  Now you teach on not only forgiving others but two areas that most people forget about; forgiving them self and forgiving God.  Now you would think no one would have to forgive God but there’s so many misunderstandings.  I mean we look though a mirror dimly we don’t see it so clear so we come up with false conclusions about God.  Do you have any testimony about someone forgiving them self?

Brian:  Yes, you know the scriptures says that you must love one another as you love you self.  Well, I’ve met some people I wouldn’t want them loving me because they don’t treat them self very good.  Cause they’ve made bad decisions in their life.  I know a friend that he ended up with arthritis and it was turning into crippling arthritis and he was so angry at himself how he made wrong decisions and lost jobs and not treated his family right.  And he’s like I don’t deserve forgiveness and the devil had just lied to him after counsel and after prayer and encouraging and hearing these similar type messages he with help and prayer said I make a conscious decision to forgive myself and he was able to let the pass go, rebuild the relationship with his wife and kids and he’s back in school.  Got a better job and what the devil was using to chains and binds to keep him down, he doesn’t have the arthritis no more.  He doesn’t have the low self esteem anymore and all that the devil was using to torment him had to leave because the price had been paid through Christ in forgiveness and he applied that price.

Sid:  I am overwhelmed at how many people are getting healed once they get this supernatural teaching and revelation on forgiveness.  God has raised Dr. Brian Adams up dealing with the subject it’s not just physical healing better than 80% when he teaches this that need physical healing are being healed now.  It’s not just physical healing it literally will get rid of demonic oppression, rejection.  It will give you a shield of supernatural protection, allow you to walk in the love God wants you to walk in.  The four CD series “Called the Power of Forgiveness” when Dr. Brian Adams prays over you strong holds will be …you’ll get revelations of things that you needed to forgive that will literally give you a open heaven.

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Sid Roth welcomes Nathan Morris

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Sid:  My guest is more than red hot for the Messiah.  He literally was saturated with the “Fire of God”.  His name is Nathan Morris and he’s the Young Evangelist that God has called to team up with Pastor Kilpatrick in Mobile Alabama for a major, major revival.  Now Pastor Kilpatrick was involved in the revival in Pensacola Florida where over 4 million people came and had encounters with God.  And Pastor Kilpatrick tells me that this is different.  The same holiness is being preached; the same repentance is being preached that Steve Hill did at the great Brownsville Revival but the miraculous has increased to such a high level.  And I have Nathan Morris on the phone and Nathan people have to know where you came from.  Your father was a pastor but at about sixteen years of age you rebelled and you’re involved in alcohol and drugs and sex.  And just out of curiosity when someone knows what you knew, were you so hardened that it didn’t bother you or did it always bother you when you backslid?

Nathan:  I want to tell you that when you are brought up in the ways of the Lord, when you’re father…you’ve listened since you were a small child, your father preaching the gospel.  I want to tell you no matter, you can run to the ends of the earth but you’ll never out run God.  And even in my rebellion I never felt that I had run so far that God wasn’t dealing with my heart.  But there’s a lot of people Sid that run from God and I was one of them.  And the danger in that is that as you are running from God your heart becomes hard because you have to be that way to stop the conviction and the love and the presence of God from piercing your heart.  And there are many people that run away from God and God calls you and even in my darkest moments I would be in a place where, you know alcohol was being served and we call them in the United Kingdom night clubs and I would be in those places and I would go to the restroom and I just stood in the place and suddenly I would feel the love of God.  And I would feel God dealing with my heart like I…..

Sid: Listen, you had a secret weapon working for you.  Your parents’ prayers and I met your mother and I have an idea that she gave God no rest until you had your encounter. 

Nathan:  You know, Sid I want to tell all the parents out there that your son and your daughter may not be in the kingdom today.  I want to say don’t stop praying.  I was told story that my father would pace the church and he would cry out and he would say “God I cry out for my boy” and he say devil you are not having my son, you are not having him I have given him to God.  And you know I want to tell those parents that God hears your cry.  He’s already answered your cry and you must just persist like Daniel persisted for twenty one days.  I want to tell you the word is coming, the answer is coming.  And you know they didn’t know that when they thought I was the furthest away I was actually the closest to my salvation and it was a suddenly of God Sid.  I was in the house on my own, I’d come home to visit my parents it was my Birthday and just instantaneously I went to put a CD in the CD player and my father had a CD on top of his hi fi his audio system and I put it in and when the song began to play.

Sid: This was a CD from the Brownsville revival? 

Nathan:   Yes, my father used to play the Brownsville revival when I came home.  It just so happened when I came into the living room that he would be playing the messages of Steve Hill and all the Brownsville revival.  He didn’t know but there would be a tear in my eye but the time that God visited me it was an audio CD that I placed in my father’s audio system.  I wondered what it was so I pressed play and the song “Above all powers above all kings, above all nature and all created things like a rose crumpled on the ground You took the fall and thought of me above all.  And in that moment Sid, what I am about to tell you I can only describe in the way that it happened, but what I know to be the fire of God.  People say how did you know that it was God?  I want you to tell you, when God visits you when He comes in power upon you, you don’t need no one to tell you that it’s God.  I knew it was God.  And literally like someone dipped me in gasoline and just poof, lit a match.  Poof the power of God came upon me and the first thing that happened to me was that I fell into the floor and I was shaking under the power of God.  It felt like something was laid on my chest it was a weighty weight was on my chest and I knew the fire of God was all over me.  I didn’t know what was happening but for three hours I was under the Power of God and the Glory of God.  And the Lord spoke to me.  It wasn’t audibly it was in deep deep deep inside my inner man, my spirit man and the Lord said I have a work for you to do but if you go from me today I will never call you again.  For today I bring you out from underneath your father’s covering.  I right there and then..

Sid: What did that mean?  I bring you out from underneath your fathers’ covering?

Nathan:  See, I understand now that how God, when a parent when a Mom or Dad brings their child up in the ways of the Lord, the Bible says that they should not depart from it.  But there’s a moment in every man’s life that the prayers of the father and the mother, the prayers of the family, there’s a moment in a man or a woman’s life where they must take account for their own life.  And I felt like at that moment I was becoming a man and the Lord was saying Son you are going to decide today whom you are going to serve.  You can either walk down the road that will lead to destruction or you are going to answer the call and you‘re going to answer what I’m about to place in your life.  And it was my cross roads Sid.  It was my moment where I had to decide and the Lord was bringing me to that moment.  You see the gospel brings a man or a woman to the valley of decision and some people think that they can decide when and where they’re going to follow God.  And that is a lie from the pit of Hell.  The Bible says that today is the day of salvation and the Lord was bringing me to a cross roads where I was going to decide which way I was going to go.  Would I go down the broad way that leads to destruction or would I choose to answer Jesus Christ and answer the Call he placed on my life?

Sid:  Now, you were under the “Fire of God” as you put it “pinned to the ground for hours.”

Nathan:  Yeah.

Sid: You heard God speak in a way that you knew it was God.  So what was your decision?  What did you choose?

Nathan:  Right there and then with tears rolling down my cheek, with addiction in my life, with all the situations that I could have said look, let me just deal with this or let me just deal with that.  I can only tell you Sid and I can only tell your listeners I was in a moment where my whole life was hanging in the balance.  Some people say well let me just go and do this.  People said to Jesus, the rich man said well let me go and just bury my father, but right there and then I had to make a decision.   And I just literally was with tears rolling my cheeks I said Jesus I don’t know how, and I feel the anointing right now.  I said Jesus I don’t know how, I don’t know how you’re going to do this but I just give you this empty life.  I give you all my bondage, all the pain in my life, all the running that I’ve done.  Lord I don’t know how you are going to do it, but Jesus I yield to you right now.  Take this away God.  I don’t have any answers but I know that right now I just yield, I give in.  I lay at your feet.  Lord if you can do anything with this life, then Lord I give it to you now.  And Sid almost instantaneously I felt the weight of sin, I felt the weight and you know I didn’t know that I’d been carrying it but I felt the weight of sin just instantaneously lift from my life.  And I felt the life of God begin to flow into my heart.  I didn’t know how to work it out; I didn’t know what was going to happen the next morning.  I didn’t know all the situations and the things in my life.  It didn’t matter anymore.  I just had that encounter that new beginning that new creation.

Sid:  Tell me about the moment you told your mother and father, what was that like.

Nathan:  Well, I’m going to tell you something now.  That day I didn’t tell them. 

Sid:  Why?

Nathan:  Because I honestly, honestly it was so holy I didn’t know what was happening to me.  And my Mother and Father when they came home I dried my eyes, my eyes were swollen from the tears.  And my Mom and Dad said that they knew instantaneously when we looked at you we knew something had happened.   But it was the Sunday I decided I was going to go to church.  Now I was the prodigal son.  I had not been in my father’s church for years and I was in the House of God and that morning, it was a Sunday morning.  Normally in my Father’s church in those days, no one got saved on a Sunday morning.  It was the message to the body but in the middle of the service I was sat right at the back and I’m thinking Lord, what’s happening to my life?  And in a moment a dear old lady, she has gone to be with the Lord now, but a dear old lady stood up and she began to speak in tongues and the interpretation was this.  I’m calling you but if you go from me today I’ll not call you again.  And that same power Sid, that same fire fell on me on the back seat.  I began to shake and thinking Jesus, what’s happening?  And my Dad with tears rolling down his cheek he said listen, I got to open up the altar.  Someone is in the balance right now.  You’ve got to come to Christ and do you know Sid, I walked down that aisle and my Dad just stood and wept.

Sid:  Whoa, I can just picture that. Our time is out now, but let me tell you something.  I was at the meeting when Nathan Morris preached on the “Fire of God” and he prayed for an impartation for the people there and I got an impartation.  Did I experience fire?  No but I shook for over an hour and I had an encounter with God. When he prays for the “Fire of God” for you, you are going to change.  I want to get this DVD to you as soon as possible. It’s called “The Fire of God.”

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Our Guest Samuel Kanco

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SID: Hello, SidRoth your investigative reporter here with Samuel Kanco. Samuelis a fourth generation witch doctor; which meant as much power as it’s possible for a witch doctor to have; he was operating in this.Samuelwhen you were a witch doctor you would put curses on people what would happen to them when you’d put a curse on them?

SAMUEL: When I put a curse on them they would get sick, they would die, they would be destroyed.

SID: I’ve always heard that if you don’t believe it, it won’t happen.

SAMUEL: No, whether you believe it or not will happen.When the curse has been pronounced on your life, the curse will work according to the purpose through which it has been sent for.And so when they are pronounced on your life and you don’t have Jesus, whether you believe it or not the curse will have an effect on your life.And either you will die, or destroyed, or be paralyzed so it was working

SID: Samueldid you kill people?

SAMUEL: Did I kill people;a lot of people.

SID: Ok I am going to… and while you were a witch doctor is it true that you could turn into different animals?

SAMUEL: Yes, five different animals.Between the ages of 10 and 11,I could do that very easily; because I became one of the messengers by my father who sent us to do dirty work.And so you need to be able to tend to different types of animals, to be able to reach the person you ought to reach or to be able to do the kind of dirty work that you’ve been assigned for.So you need to transform into these.I had five different type of animals.

SID: Now you told me that these spirits would not let you sleep for long periods of time; only a couple hours a day.

SAMUEL: That’s right, that’s right.You see when you are working for the devil you are allowed to sleep only two hours.Two hours.When you are working for the devil he is a hard taskmaster.

SURPRISE: Alright there was one time when you went to sleep and something very amazing happened.

SAMUEL: Something wonderful happened.

SID: Tell me about that.

SAMUEL: Now let me tell a little bit of my background for the sake of the listeners.I have no background of any church, any form whether it is cool, it is hot, it is counterfeit, it is artificial;I didn’t have that opportunity to have any background of any church at all.Now my great-grandfather…

SID: Now you were raised in West Africa.

SAMUEL: I’m a Ghanaian raised in West Africa and I come from a typical idol worship home.Witchcraft home, typical my great-grandfather was into, it my grandfather was into it, my father was into it, and I was about to initiated and take over for my father.And but like I said one day I wasn’t feeling fine.It was 5 o’clock in the evening so by 7:30, 8 o’clock I would go to bed because I wasn’t feeling fine.And fortunately for me I wasn’t on duty that day and so that day I wasn’t to leave my body and go and do anything for anybody so I had that opportunity to go and sleep.Then while I was sleeping between 7 and 8 when I went to sleep; while I was sleeping between 12 and 1 someone woke me up.Then when I woke up I was angry.I said today I’m not on duty.

SID: So a spirit woke you up

SAMUEL: A spirit woke me up and I said I am not on duty, why bother me? So I wanted to contact the spirit.Now if you are in the spiritual kingdom or if you are working with the devil, you are working with a host of spirits.So when I got up the voice ceased so I wanted to connect and then find out why were they calling me.I connected the east, I connected the south, the west and the north, and there was no response.I entered the second heaven.I wanted to connect and see whether there’s something there nothing so I said ok since nobody’s minding me then maybe the wake-up call was a mistake.So I went back to sleep again and by a 4:35 he woke me again and this time he was ordering me to go and have my bath.But you see in our job we don’t bathe.I mean if I’m going to put a curse on somebody it has nothing to do with bathing.

SID: With being clean.

SAMUEL: With being clean I mean.

SID: So did you take your bath?

SAMUEL: Oh yes, I argued with it but you see when you’re working with the devil you do before you complain.So I know the rules so I went and had my bath then he says ok then, put on your nice clothes.I did that and he said now ok, I want you to go to an Assembly of God church.And I said hey, we don’t work in the day we are the forces of darkness, we work at night.Now the laws of the land would take care of the physical things that would happen, but the laws haven’t got anything to do with the spiritual.No laws in the land has something to do with spiritual things, but they have laws that take care of the physical things.So if I go there now and start doing something the law would catch me because it’s physical.Then a hand went through my back and grabbed my pants and lifted me up like this.Now I realized that it wasn’t a normal spirit I worked with it was when he pushed me out of my room a head haunted, like all the spirits were haunting me nooo, ohhh, ohhhh….

SID: They didn’t want you to go?

SAMUEL: They didn’t want me to go so they were haunting me.

SID: I’ll tell you what, hold that thought right there let me explain something to you this was not those evil spirits; this was another spirit he didn’t recognize but he was taught to obey it, and this spirit pulled him, by the scruff of his neck so to speak into an Assembly of God church.He gets in there…we’ll be right back after this word.

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Sid Roth welcomes Art Mathias

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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah; he wasn’t always red hot for the Messiah, because he was facing a two year death sentence.  He was going to die in two years, his body was allergic to over a hundred different substances; his vital organs in process of closing down.  And he got a hold of some teaching on forgiveness, he forgave, he commanded the spirits of fear that had bound him his whole life to leave.  As a matter of fact Art Mathias, it sounds too simple.

Art:  That’s one of the biggest complaints we have about our ministry, is that it’s too simple.  But when you study what Jesus did, everything that Jesus did was brilliantly profoundly simple.

Sid:  Well, if someone just reads to the section on an unloving spirit, or just reads the section on forgiveness, or just reads the area of getting control over their thoughts and overcoming fear it’s going to change their life.  Forget the physical healing; they’ll just be walking in such freedom they won’t even have to worry about… As a matter of fact what’s better than being healed physically that’s never getting sick.

Art:  Well, living in peace is better than anything else having God’s Shalom in our hearts.

Sid:  Well, let’s go to an excerpt, I interviewed a pastor by the name of Mark Biltz and his wife read your book “Biblical Foundations of Freedom” and she lost a great deal of weight.  Let’s got to that excerpt.

Excerpt of Vickie Biltz:  This was me two years ago next November; I’ve lost ninety-five pounds since that time. (applause) The reason I got this way was to make myself safe, I had a lot of things happen to me as a young girl that shouldn’t happen.  Things my parents didn’t know about and I was lied to by the enemy and by a predator about things and so I held things in secret until I was thirty-eight years old.  And as a result even though I was a normal weight in high school, food and sweets were a comfort and nurtured me I thought, it was the enemy, it was the lie of the enemy and so as a result I blossomed to this size.  About six months before this, my brother who was forty-four years old had committed suicide and left behind two boys who were sixteen at the time and eighteen year old daughter; he had lost his house, his family, his wife, his business all within a year.  So that was on Valentine’s Day three years ago this coming February, so that whole next year I was very very angry and bitter at my brother and I ate, and I gained twenty pounds in that one year.  And after this trip I came home and I saw this picture and I just thought, “You know I like food, I’m just going to eat and I don’t care anymore.”  But then in January, the Lord spoke to me in as clear a voice as almost audible where He told me, He said, “What right do you have to be angry at your brother for committing suicide because you’re doing the same thing in a different way?”  And I had to come to grips of all the self hatred, with all the loathing of myself, the anger at myself.  It wasn’t that I hadn’t forgiven those that had hurt me, because I actually had worked through a lot of that, I hadn’t dug deep enough, but I made a choice that day.  I forgave my brother for committing suicide and then I had to start working on forgiving me, and it was a process and as I worked on the forgiveness of myself, working through the book, “Biblical Foundations of Freedom.”  And through the other books and getting prayer ministry this is the result I am no longer that person, this was the bondage, this was the old me and I’ve been set free, I can honestly say “I love myself.”

Sid:  So Art, when Vickie decided to forgive her brother, even though he had already committed suicide, she was set so free she lost ninety-five pounds.

Art:  Hallelujah.

Sid:  Now that’s quite a testimony, ninety-five pounds, but you have I mean that it’s almost every time you teach the course of “Bible Foundations” or people read the book you get testimonies of this magnitude.  Tell me some diseases people have been set free from; just list them that have followed the principals of “Bible Foundations of Freedom.”

Art:  I’ve got a testimony here from Barbara; she talks about the chronic fatigue and the chemical sensitivities that she was healed of after just reading the books.  A friend of mine last summer had cancer that he was healed of; we have that testimony from the doctors before and after ministering to him and the cancer left his body.  We had seen in the last year and half six blind eyes healed as we ministered to people; more than eighteen deaf ears healed in the last year and a half as people have read our books and ministered to them in some cases.  I have a testimony in front of me from South Africa, a person that was suicidal for four years and knew that the way they were living with was not what God had intended for them.  In your book “Biblical Foundations” was the only book that had in writing the thoughts that I had and I was able to apply the principals and the knowledge that your book spoke about and how the devil lies and how to apply the power of God’s promises.

Sid:  And by the way, you just triggered something that I have found in reading your book, I am so much more aware of my thought life and getting on top of something before it has a chance to get on top of me just from reading your book it made me more aware.

Art:  That was the intent of the book because we don’t know our thoughts; we’re so use to them.  We live in that, in our reality that’s really not God’s reality and we’re living in sins that we don’t understand, or we’re living in negative thoughts that we…

Sid:  And by the way that’s another thing I’ve found, I am so much more aware of sin of things I just didn’t give a second thought.  And now I’m not talking about the big sins like, adultery or you know things like, but I mean little sins that I would classify as little, but they could stop someone from being healed.

Art:  Well, the Bible says that just hated is speaking against our brother is like committing murder.

Sid:  You are not talking about gossip are you?

Art:  Well yes, I am.  Speaking against our brother is murder and that curse that we speak to someone else comes right back upon us when we don’t hold our thoughts captive, when we don’t do what Philippians 4:8 tells us to do.  To dwell on the positive things, the things of a good report and of those negative thoughts that start that feedback loop in our bodies that leads to the “Fight Flight Responses” and those fourteen hundred different chemical and neurological reactions that according to the American Medical Associates leads to 80 to 90% of all of our diseases.

Sid:  Let me ask you a question about forgiveness.  Let’s suppose your brother offends you, you got to them and they don’t even see it, should you wait until they see it and repent before you forgive them?

Art:  If you do that, then you’re just held in bondage and God doesn’t want us in bondage, we don’t have to have acknowledgement from anyone else that they’ve offended us.  We’re free in our relationships to be set free by just forgiving.  And when we really understand that when we’ve become offended it’s our fault because we did not forgive.  We have an obligation to forgive and becoming offended is always a sin; it’s the absence of forgiveness that leads to the offense regardless of what somebody else does.

Sid:  You know I’m reminded “He that dwells in love; dwells in God” and how can you dwell in love?  How can you love God if you hate your brother?

Art:  Well, we learn that the power of God, the protection that God has for us and His love for us in His provisions are forgiveness.  We don’t have to be offended; we don’t have to get hurt.  We can only become hurt or offended when we don’t do what the Bible teaches us to do.

Sid:  And then I love the prayers you have in the book, it’s basically a work book where you spot things that no one’s every shown you before and once you’re spot these things then you actually have a prayer to proper repentance towards God and then getting rid of the spirits that have attached themselves to you.

Art:    Amen, the model of Well Spring that we teach all the time is nothing happens until we pray.  Nothing happens until we actually do what the word of God teaches.  We can have the Bible memorized, but if we don’t do what it says we have wasted our time.  So that’s why we’ve made the book a very practical hands on workbook so we can ask.  The things in life and the issues are brought to the surface, they are not just stirred up but they’re actually dealt with and closure is placed upon them and then freedom and healing follow that.

Sid:  But you know we look for the shortcut; we look for just one blanket prayer to take care of everything, why do we have to deal specifically as you suggest in your book?

Art:  Well, Hebrew 11’s teaches that bitterness is a root and roots have to be dug out and every memory, every experience in our life that has pain in it is a separate individual root of bitterness.  And just in ministering to 1,000s and 1,000s and 1,000s of people we’ve learned that unless we pray through that very specific memory the pain does not go.  We can say, I forgive this person that offended me for everything they did, and it doesn’t really help until we get down to the specifics, I forgive this person for what they did in this specific memory, we lead them through our prayer and then we measure that forgiveness being completed by the going back and looking at the memory to see it still hurts or not and if the pain is gone then the forgiveness is complete.  If the pain isn’t then there’s more issues, more fascists to that memory.  So we start working with peoples earliest memories in their life and take them through every memory.  And this is what we would call an applied course in personal sanctification, finding every spot, every blemish, every wrinkle.

Sid:  It’s freedom!  I want you to be free!

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