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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. I want to learn the principles of FOG, the favor of God. I mean, because we’re coming into a time that if we’re not walking under the favor of God America is really going to have a financial crisis next year. So Charles Vance, just out of curiosity, before you tell me how to walk into God’s favor, will these principles which come right from the Bible, will these principles work in a third world country?

CHARLES: They absolutely will. As a matter of fact, we’ve been in several different countries. And once people understand these principles or just know about them they want us to teach them to their people. You know, to go to a third world country where poverty is ramped and for somebody to say don’t teach people how to be wealthy or teach people how to prosper is like going to a room full of sick people and saying don’t teach people how to be healed, because these principles are biblical principles. Anybody that will apply these laws, these principles to their lives and work them by faith, they will absolutely work for anybody. We’ve seen it happen in India. We’ve seen it happen in Haiti. There’s testimonies of it happening there when we preached it.

SID: Okay. Tell me how everyone that’s watching us right now can walk in this FOG, this favor of God. I want to be under the favor. I don’t want to be, you just explained to me the government system. I don’t want to be under that system financially, because what will happen to the government is gonna happen to me.

CHARLES: Absolutely.

SID: How can I get from under there but still be in the United States of America or any country, a third world country?

CHARLES: When we understand, and these are ancient principles. This is not something somebody has dreamt up in this new time that we live in. They’re in the Bible. They’re in the Old Testament, the New Testament. One of them is tithing. And I don’t think people understand that the tithe belongs to God. “It is the Lord’s,” the Bible said in Leviticus 27:30. Well there’s something that the tithe does that sometimes we miss because we don’t know what it does. Malachi, Chapter 3 says that “God will pour out a blessing.” It didn’t say He would pour out a bunch of blessings. It said He would pour out a blessing. As I started reaching I found out that tithing never brings a bunch of blessings. It just brings one blessing, and that blessing is that he opens the windows of Heaven and pours out what’s in Heaven into our lives. Now a lot of people thing, well, gosh, cars are coming, the houses are coming, money, U.S. currencies are just gonna start falling out of the sky. That’s not true. Heaven is a supernatural place. So if God pours what’s in Heaven into our lives He has to pour supernatural things into our life, you know, what we’ve missed so long.

SID: So people are looking when they tithe, okay, I’ve just tithed a thousand dollars, so I’m gonna get 10,000, 100,000, and they’re waiting for the money to come in, and they’re kind of missing it.

CHARLES: They miss the blessing. Now the blessing is not a chill up your neck. The blessing is what’s in Heaven. There’s ideas. There’s concepts, insight, favor that God will pour into your life. I ask you this question. You ever watch an infomercial and said, “I thought of that three years ago”?

SID: Many times.

CHARLES: Yeah. All of us have. Why? Why didn’t we do something with it? Did we get an idea? Yeah. Where was it from? Well if it was a good idea it was from God. What did you do with it? See, there’s where we start stepping into that it’s not God’s responsibility. I’ve done what God told me to do. Now God’s done what He said that He would do. What am I doing now with the blessing that is coming into my life? See, I have a responsibility to take the ideas, the concepts, the insight, the favor. Sometimes I put myself in positions I don’t want to be in just to experience the favor of God.

SID: Okay. You have the tithe. What’s the offering? And by the way, he said a very important point. He said it doesn’t belong to him. It belongs to God. Why do you say that?

CHARLES: Well the Bible says that it’s holy unto the Lord. It’s a management issue. God gives us, and Jesus said this as he goes into the New Testament, and he says this repeatedly. He’s looking, that God is looking for a faithful and wise steward, which is a manager. So if I can give you a thousand dollars of mine and say, “Sid, hold this for me” or pay one of the guys with it and I come back and say, “Did you pay one of the guys with it?” No. You’re not a good manager. It was my money. I gave you an instruction with the money. So if God gives us the tithe and it’s not ours, but He gives it to us to manage and then we do something besides what He told us to do, we need to understand that it doesn’t just go to the store house, that it goes to the priests that minister at the store house, and if we start comprehending what he said to do with it and following his instruction then he calls us faithful and wise. Man, you look in Matthew, Chapter 25, He said that He’ll give you everything He’s got.

SID: Okay. That’s the tithe. What’s the offering?

CHARLES: The offering is something above the tithe. It’s beyond the tithe.

SID: Why would someone want to do that?

CHARLES: Well Jesus said, “When you give it will be given unto you, good measure, pressed down and shaken together running over men will give unto your bosom.”

SID: And God showed you principle I personally had never heard before. It’s called the greenhouse. Explain that.

CHARLES: The greenhouse, if you look back into Malachi, Chapter 3, he said that he would not only pour you out a blessing, that he rebuke the devourer for your sake. That word “devourer” means a consumer or an eater, something that would come and eat up your stuff. All of us have probably been right on the edge of seeing something happen materially and then just all of a sudden the thing fell through. That’s an eater. That’s a devourer. The tithe creates a greenhouse around my fruit by my seed that I sow. God said, “I’ll supernaturally protect it and I’ll supernaturally cause it not to fall to the ground before its time.” In other words it’s going to come full fruition and bloom back to me or produce fruit back into my life again, and I get to take the harvest from it. So there’s a greenhouse effect as it were that the tithe creates as well as the ideas, concepts, insight and favor that God gives us.

SID: Tell me very quickly one person that took these principles and what happened to him. How about the man that cut the grass by the power lines, very quickly.

CHARLES: We’ve got a friend in our church that’s been there a few years, and he grabbed hold of these principles and went running with them. And he came to me one day and said, “We’re mowing for a power company now,” one of the utility companies. I said, “That’s great.” Well he went into a million-dollar company last year mowing power lines just applying these principles to his life. It’s incredible what God is doing in his life and in his business because of it.

SID: And you know one of the greatest areas to have FOG in, to have favor of God is Israel. I know people that give money for humanitarian aid to Jewish people. Because in Genesis 12:3, God says, “I’ll bless those who bless the Jewish people,” they have tremendous favor. I know people that helped Jewish people be transported from one country to Israel. Tremendous favor on their life. But you know, he who wins souls is wise. I believe the greatest FOG imaginable comes to people that help Jewish people recognize that the Messiah has come. It says in Romans 11:11, “Salvation has come to the gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy.” And the Jew requires signs and wonders. As you move into FOG, as you move in to favor when the world is shaking, watch how you provoke Jewish people to jealousy. As you move in signs and wonders watch how you provoke Jewish people to jealousy and watch the favor, the FOG of God. But there are people watching right now that don’t know God. This is eternal life that you might know Him. If you will believe that your sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus and you’re clean then ask Jesus to be your Lord and live inside of you. Make him Lord right now, right this moment.

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