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Our Guest John Shorey

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I heard from God in a dream, three times He said to me, “I’m coming back soon, I’m coming back soon, I’m coming back soon.” I looked up the word “soon” in Webster’s Dictionary. This is what it said: “In a short time after something happens.” That was the definition. Well something is happening. Anyone that’s reading the newspaper, reading the Bible, you know that something is happening. And this is why my next guest has broken the code of the Book of Revelation and you are going to get supernatural revelation, as the Bible says, because He’s coming back soon. So what would you do if a prophet calls you out and tells you things that only God could know and then says, you’re going to have one of the best futures, the best year you’ve ever had and everything falls apart, it’s not such a good year. I tell you what I would do and that my guest John Shorey did. He went into prayer and fasted. What did God show you?

JOHN: Well this minister pointed me out and said that the greatest years of your ministry were ahead of you. My wife and I, we had been children’s evangelists and children’s pastors, and at that time we were part-time children’s pastors and it seemed like our ministry was getting to its end. And for this evangelist to point me out and say, “The greatest years of your ministry are ahead of you,” he said some other things, and over the next year or two, I was seeing all this stuff come to pass. So I went to the Lord in fasting and prayer, and I said, “Lord, I’ve seen the confirmation of this work, except that, what do I need to do that would lead me to the greatest years of my ministry?” Because that’s what I really wanted. And after fasting and praying for several days, it wasn’t an audible voice, but it was that inner voice loud and clear, and it said, “I want you to do a study on the End Times, self-publish it and put it into the hands of pastors, Christian leaders and Christians. And my first initial reaction was, why would pastors want to hear what I have to say about the End Times? But then I said, “Lord, if this is what you want me to do, I’ll do it.”

SID: Okay. What did he show you?

JOHN: Well what happened was I set a year apart to study only the Word of God. I didn’t listen to other teachers and preachers on the End Times. I didn’t read anybody else’s book. I just read the Bible. I was reading the Book of Revelation and I started seeing things I had never seen before.

SID: And not only did you devote that whole year to praying and fasting, and studying the Bible, and not looking at other Christian books or Christian television, but he found out a key that broke open the Book of Revelation, because he had been studying this for years. He has something in him that wanted to understand the Book of Revelation. What was the key that you found?

JOHN: John the Revelator was like, translated to the Throne of God, and Jesus gave him the Book of Revelation. And it’s like he was living, John was living on the Island of Patmos in a prison camp and when Jesus finished giving him the revelation he’s back home to reality in his man cave, kind of, so to speak. And can you imagine him having people delivering parchments and, you know, quills, and he’s writing the Book of Revelation as Jesus gave it to him. And he gets to chapter 10, and all of a sudden an angel interrupts John. Because in chapter 10 of Revelation there’s this angel that shows up and gives John a little, smaller scroll and he says, “John, I want you to read this,” he said actually, “eat it,” you know, read it, “and I want you to prophesy again about people’s nations, people’s languages and nations.” And basically what happened is this angel interrupts John in chapter 10, gives him this scroll that contains four chapters of the Book of Revelation. And when I realized what was going on, it was like, wow, that’s why so many people get confused reading the Book of Revelation because there’s four chapters in here that are like an angelic interruption. From this revelation that God gave me, I was reading Revelation, chapter 16. John had finished writing about the seven bowls, the vials of God’s wrath, and after chapter 16, chapter 17, verse 1, all of a sudden I see another angelic interruption. This angel shows up a second time and gives John two and a half additional chapters of what I call angelic interruptions.

SID: So what you did that’s so amazing is he took the angelic interruptions and put it in the right chronological order, and all of a sudden, the light bulb went on. All of a sudden he understood the revelations of the Book of Revelation. But John, like many Christians, was raised with the belief that there would be a Rapture before the tribulation comes. And I’ll tell you what, if I had a choice, that’s what I would choose, and that’s what he chose. But all of a sudden, God began shining his flashlight on things that have to occur before the Rapture that caused him to change his thinking. And he’ll explain why when we come back.

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Our Guest Stan Goodenough

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Sid: It is outrageous; it is hard for me to believe that it is even beyond my comprehension the open doors that Messianic Vision has before us.  We have opened door in secular media in the land of Israel reaching so many multitudes of Jewish people with no editorial censorship.  We’re able to preach the gospel fully and these same doors have opened now in Germany. And you say “Germany of all places, they don’t have many Jews left.” That’s where you’re wrong, as a matter of fact my guest right here I want to get him in on this conversation.  His name is Stan Goodenough; he a correspondent, a news correspondent from Israel; he’s currently in Richmond, Virginia.  Stan the doors that have opened to proclaim the gospel I believe are supernatural doors throughout Russia. Especially to Russian speaking people; because I believe that although on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about the horrible anti-Semitism in Europe that’s going on. And in the Middle East that’s going on, I believe very shortly it’s going to be horrific in the former Soviet Union. What’s your opinion?

Stan: It’s a good question Sid; there’s an interesting difference between the anti-Semitism that is currently rising in the world; which is being in compared to the pre-World War II that was seen in Europe and had prepared the way for Hitler to unleash his hatred on the Jews.  The situation back then was that the Jews had no haven to go to they had no haven state. When they tried to flee to Israel the doors were then slammed in what was called Palestine of course. And I remember when the nations of the world, I wasn’t there of course, but what I read the nations of the world they met in Geneva and Switzerland in the early 1950’s and they saw the threat to the world’s Jewry coming up on the horizon. They met to decide what to do to help save the Jews of Europe. And nation after nation slammed shut their doors and prevented the Jews from immigrating and getting away from Hitler’s trap.  And in fact they had nowhere to run to; and they were sent back to Germany those that didn’t try to flee and they went straight to the death camps so many millions of them. Today the situation is vastly different; there is a haven state it’s under incredible threat and attack from the Islamic world militarily and under attack from the western world, the diplomatic world and the democratic world, efforts to weaken the state but there is a state there, it’s a haven state for the Jews. And God has promised that when the Jews are brought back to their homeland He will plant them there never to uproot them again. And He is Himself I believe fully what I see in the word of God. He is determined to secular them in their homeland despite all the efforts of the whole world to rob them of that land and to rob them of their security.

Sid:  Although He’s going to do that because I believe the same scriptures that you believe.

Stan:  Hmm.

Sid: Many Russian Jews are as bad as it is in the former Soviet Union they don’t want to go to Israel.  And as a matter of fact what they want to do is that they want to come to the United States but they can’t get in the U.S. and Germany because of the holocaust that occurred.  Doesn’t have the nerve, the chutzpa we say to say, no to a Russia Jew that wants to go there. And that’s why over the last years over 100,000 Russian Jews have immigrated to Germany.  It’s not that they love the Jew but that it’s just politically incorrect not to accept the Russian Jews.  So what would cause a Russian Jew to want to go to Israel where they read the headlines about all the violence that we read here in the States?

Stan: I don’t have an answer Sid simply because most of the Russian Jews don’t have a faith in God.  Most of the Jews that have come to Israel certainly are agnostic or atheist in their outlook. So I don’t know what the answer is there but I do believe this; I do believe that God has made specific promises to restore Jews who come home. And I believe that one day, and this may sound bizarre and outrageous to many listeners, but I believe very deeply in my heart that one day Jews from everywhere in the world will leave their places which today may be secure and go to the Middle East, go to Israel. I believe that’s coming.

Sid: Okay, my spin is based on study of scripture it will be what the purpose of Israel is; “The only” and I put that world in quotes; “The Only safe haven for a Jew.”

Stan:  Hm, hm.

Sid: And that’s what will cause Jewish people to want to go there. And as bad as they may think Israel will be; it’s going to be worst in the former Soviet Union.  And even the good old United States of America; it’s hard to believe but a day will come when we will turn against the Jew because where it says in scriptures “All nations will turn against the Jew.”  That includes I believe the United States of America.  I mean why else would unsaved Jewish people in America want to go to Israel?” Forget the war situation; just the economic situation.

Stan:  Exactly there is no rational reason today American’s Jews want to go to Israel. But there is enough anti-Semitism in the air it’s like gas fumes Sid.  It’ll take something to ignite but when it ignites I believe it will be frightening.  And I can imagine a number of scenarios based on reality. For example Israel having to take some kind of step right now to subdue the threat against her the threat of war that comes from Iran, and from Syria. And even perhaps against the very Palestinian Arabs in her midst who are trying to carry out a mega attack that they must kill 20 to 30 Jews in their bus that will kill 3000 Jews in one attack. They’re working on carrying out that kind of attack.  When Israel is forced to either preempt a strike or to retaliate against some horrendous or outrageous attack I think things like that could drive western opinion. Even in the United States hard against Israel. And I think that in those circumstances you may be seeing a different perspective future for Americas Jews.

Sid: I’m speaking to Stan Goodenough, and Stan you told me a number of years ago the Holy Spirit told you very clearly “Do not get your understanding from other people’s prophecy books.  Get your understanding in reference to Israel from the Bible itself.  Did this change your thinking?

Stan:  Well it forced… I had to go obedient because it was a very clear directive and I had prior to that it was about 11 years ago I had read a good number of books on prophesy by a lot of well respected people.  And I won’t mention their names because I don’t want to put any of them down.  I’m not saying that they were all wrong, some of them were even wrong.  But the Lord did impress on me that if I did not know His word for myself I had no solid foundation on which to stand as I looked at what other people stand and wrote and speculated on concerning prophesy. And so yes, He told me to go to the word and I did that, I bought a new Bible and I read all the way through consecutively with one purpose to see what He was saying about His people and his plan for them. And I personally believe that I learned a lot from that and I would encourage anybody to go to the word first because that’s the foundation, that’s the rock.

Sid: Okay, listen the major scenario coming out of  Dallas School of Theology, and most prophesy books follow it; is that there is an event called the taking away or the rapture where the church is caught up in the air and then the Jews have the worst treatment of any  people group in all of history. Did you find this is as to be true from the study of your Bible?

Stan: No I did not.  From my study of the Bible and I believe that the full way through scripture and I believe that all prophesies line up in this. And what Jesus Himself said concerning the future of Israel.  That the time of Jacob’s trouble, the time of the suffering of the Jewish people was a time that was set to happen after Jesus left this earth and it happened for 2000 years. And with the return of the Jews to Israel, that marked the end of the time of that period of suffering and trial.  And I believe that we have one future, there will be a rapture because the Bible says that we will be called up to meet Him in the air; there will be a rapture but by the time that that happens the church and Israel will have come along side each other and amazing miracles are set to take place, I really believe it…  

Sid: Let me tell you something, this may sound crazy to you Mishpochah but I wouldn’t want to miss that, I would not want to be in heaven for anything. We’re going to see everything and even great… we’re going to see even the same works that Jesus did and even greater works this whole One New Man. And I didn’t have a chance to tell you this Stan Goodenough but your an example of the One New Man.  You’re an example of Ruth grabbing a hold of Boaz.   As a gentle you’ve gone to the land of Israel and you’ve said “Your people are my people.”  You’ve put your life your family’s life on the line for the nation Israel because you love the nation Israel. You’re like a modern day Esther and you’re a perfect picture of what I write about in my book “The Last Lap.”   Called “The One New Man.”  That’s where a Jew and a Gentle take arm together and function as the true body of Messiah.  We’re going to see the greatest revival the world has ever seen. And there’s an escapist mentality I want to get out.  I don’t know about you; I want to bring souls with me.  I believe that there is a listing of every person that you have ever won to the Lord sitting in Heaven.  I believe even better than that I believe they’ll be waiting for you when you get to Heaven.  And I believe that those that take part in soul winning ministers that there could be nothing more soul winning than reaching Jewish people with the gospel at this strategic time that we’re living in. There’s such hopelessness in the land of Israel because the whole world is against the Jewish people and the land of Israel.  But when the midst of this hopelessness we are dealing with secular media in the land of Israel talking about there is hope in the Messiah of Israel.  We’re doing the same thing in Germany, we’re doing media outreaches in the former Soviet Union that if I could tell you which I can’t until after they occur are unprecedented, historic.

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Our Guest Dutch Sheets

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Dutch Sheets

Sid: If you had 2 visions like my guest Dutch Sheets had of the 3rd great awakening, and I can’t wait for him to share in detail what he sees coming shortly. But maybe I’ll give you a little preview. Dutch you told me last night that you saw a billion people saved over the next 10 years worldwide. That is to an evangelist that is music to my ears.

Dutch: It’s so exciting Sid I’m confident of it I’ve seen this coming for 20 years. We’re about to move into the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit the earth has ever seen we’ll see more people saved in our day than in the previous 2000 years since Yeshua died on the cross and rose again. I believe I have a promise from the Lord that we’ll see at least a billion souls come into the kingdom over the next 10 years.

Sid: Now I hear in your voice a ring of hope; many prophets of which you are, it’s all doom and gloom. But I hear a lot of hope in your voice; why do you have such hope in your voice? Because you’ve seen some of the negatives we’ve discussed it. Why do you have so much hope?

Dutch: Well I have hope because number 1 that it’s not God’s will that any perish. To think that the Redeemer, the Lord Himself, would give up on this great multitude in the Valley of Decision the scripture say this, this great number that have not heard. To think that He’d give up on them before He returns is unthinkable. But beyond that I’ve had visitations from the Lord, I haven’t seen Him personally but I knew He was there talking to me for some times hours. I’ve had visions that you’ve mentioned where I’ve seen this coming harvest. God is about to visit this earth with the 3rd great awakening which will be, as I said, “The greatest we’ve ever seen.” He wants to see these people come to know Him more than we do.

Sid: I know I’ve got to ask you this “How close are we to what you have seen?”

Dutch: Oh, I believe we’re already in the beginning stages of it; but it’s like a baby it’s there before we can see it. Those of us that are prophetic enough to discern to see to hear clearly what He’s saying we’re like Elijah who said “I hear the sound of an abundant rain.”   He can hear it; there was no thunder yet naturally; there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Prophetically he could hear it; he could sense it and he said “It is here.” God has told me “It’s going to rain.” That’s where we are right now and for those that are out there a lot as I am traveling every weekend all over the nation; sometimes to other nations. There is a remnant of believers around the world that is passionate, on fire interceding, they are ready. God has this thing ready for this outpouring; and as I said “In some places it’s already beginning.

Sid: Tell me one; one place that you’ve seen it and what’s going on.

Dutch:   I was in a meeting just this past week in Tennessee where there is such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. They have seen over 800 people baptized in the last 8 weeks; they have seen signs wonders and miracles. This movement of the Holy Spirit caught them by surprise, they weren’t expecting. They were crying out for it, they were believing that this is coming but they had no ideas that it was about to begin. God just showed up the whole room was on their face; no one could move. I’m being told there are sometimes 45 minutes to an hour in these gatherings which by the way are up to 2000 people and 100,000 watching on line. There are times when no one moves or talks for an hour, there are times when the evangelist can’t get to the message because the Spirit of God comes during the worship. This is almost out of control; I visited it because the evangelist is a spiritual son to me and I wanted to see it firsthand. The night I was there we never got to the message; God just started moving on people before we ever got there. This is going to happen all over this nation…

Sid: No I want… we’re going to get to that later in the week. But I want to get to know you just a little bit; your dad was a pastor, you get saved at age 4. You saw the supernatural; what type of things you saw as a young person growing up in your dad’s church.

Dutch: Oh, I saw every conceivable miracle you can imagine. I have seen personally live, with my eyes, blind eyes open, cataracts dissolve and people wipe them off their eyes. You could see the red…

Sid: Now that’s my kind of eye doctor. (Laughing)

Dutch: Yeah, I’m telling you have seen… I saw one lady who had stomach cancer God could have dissolved it when He healed her. He chose to work a sign and a wonder I saw her literally vomit up that blob of cancer onto the floor in front of all of our eyes. And she was documented by her doctors completely cancer free. I have seen broken bones healed before my eyes. I saw a young boy that had never walked without braces take them off. I heard the bones snap and bop before he started running around the room. I mean I have just seen a lot of things; I’ve seen crooked backs healed; I’ve seen tumors disappear. I saw one lady that had a tumor in her stomach; it was so large she looked like she was probably 7 months pregnant. And my dad he looked like he was hitting her touch her stomach and she gasped and you could see she had a dress on like a pregnant lady would have to wear. You could see that dress go down and we watched it dissolve before our eyes.

Sid: Well actually George Cove used to punch people in the stomach, that was before there was lawsuits and things like that, and they would get healed. I think that sounds like what he was doing with her.

Dutch: Yes he wrapped a microphone around his hand and hit her with a microphone.

Sid: Okay, now at 17 the devil shows up; you have a church split; your dad gets so discouraged he runs off with the church secretary and you go into drugs and alcohol. I have to ask you a question, I got saved at 30 I had an encounter with the devil. I had an encounter with God. God’s much stronger and much better; I don’t understand a backslider seeing all that you saw how did you backslide?

Dutch: Sid my dad was my picture of what God was like, he was who I looked at when I thought of God. He was my model; he was my example; when he turned away from the Lord temporarily, he came back to the Lord; he’s in heaven now. But when he turned away from the Lord and rejected everything I had believed in all of my life I didn’t lose my belief in God. I knew that there was a God; I still knew that the miracles were real; I just turned so bitter and so angry and was so disillusioned that I had a crisis of faith. I just couldn’t believe in God’s goodness anymore. I couldn’t believe in His faithfulness anymore. I couldn’t believe He loved us; how could You leave my family destitute. I mean my mom runs out trying to find a job and gets one at the meat market and I get a part time job at school, my brother does. We find an apartment and we just survive and I turned angry and bitter and said “I’ll never darken the door of another church.”

Sid: So one night you’re in a bar feeling sorry for yourself with the unhappiest people on earth gather around you because like begets like, and that’s who gets to bars. And you hear the voice of God, what did He say?

Dutch: Well absolutely I was stoned on marijuana and I had 2 years I’m into this process listening to a band the music was so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think. And what may have been an audible voice I don’t think it was because I don’t think I would have heard it over the music. But it was so loud inside of me it was like that; I heard God say to me “What are you doing here?” And my first response I was so shocked I sort of looked around and looked behind me; and yet I knew it was God and my first response to Him was “What are You doing here?”

Sid: (Laughing) That’s a good question.

Dutch:   This was such an evil place, it was…

Sid: But that’s the place Jesus would have gone into. He would not have gone into drink but go ahead. (Laughing)

Dutch:   That’s right and I said “What are You doing here?” And He said “I’m here for you. And he said “You know that this is not who you are don’t you and don’t you know that this is never who you will be.” And I was instantly sober, walked outside, left my friends inside and walked outside that place up and down the street for an hour just talking with God. And asking Him questions “I don’t understand how could this happen? Lord I do love You and I know that this is not who I am but I can’t reconcile any of this.” In my heart I was weeping, I was crying, I cry almost every time I talk about it; the Lord patiently just loved me. I wasn’t afraid of going to hell; you couldn’t have scared me back into the kingdom Sid, but I couldn’t deal with a God who loved me enough that chased me into that place.

Sid: I’ll tell you what our time is up today; we’ll pick up here on tomorrow’s broadcast. Because the gifting that God has bestowed through grace on Dutch Sheets… this is going to revolutionize people. Why? Because people are in such despair today they’re so hopeless, they’ve seen so many failures, they’ve seen what appears to them not answers to prayer. They’ve been sick they’ve not been healed, their problems with their family, problems with their finances, they’re weighted down. They feel like they can’t bust out….

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Our Guest Dr. Catherine Millard

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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah. We’ve been robbed; what do you mean Sid?  What I mean is I have a book in front of me that every American should read; every American must read.  I don’t know about you but I feel that we have the greatest country that the world has ever seen.  I am very appreciative to have a country that can have a Christian as President of the United States and outspoken Christian at that. The opportunity that an immigrant can come to this country and arise to the highest levels.  There is no other place in the world, I’ve traveled the world there’s no place that has all of the advantages that the United States of America has.  But so few people my self included knew all of these facts in the book that we’re making available this week, and I have the author on the telephone this week the author Dr. Catherine Mallard. She is the Founder of Christian Heritage Ministry, and Christian Heritage Tours in Northern Virginia. And the book is called “The Rewriting of America’s History.” And now it’s so clear to me I’m sure it wasn’t at the time to you; but it’s so clear to me now how God hand picked you to make this information available.  Tell me about the training that you’d had briefly when you attended the University of France.

Catherine:  Yes, my first Degree is in Languages, Literature,History and Civilization.   And most of my courses were in French and I also studied American History for the first time in my life.

Sid: Now where were you born?

Catherine: In Maharishis, which is a thousand miles east of South Africa.

Sid: And out of curiosity; why American history?

Catherine:  Well, it was part of the studies there of the Histories of Civilization.  It was said that it seemed to export their best professors. We had just excellent professors but we studied documents of American history. That  university had the best Department of North American studies in France and I studied for the first time documents of American history.  Because overseas you study original history of America.  And unfortunately this I found that America is the only place where you study since the 1930’s that is revisionist that is false history and outlandish lies at that about the founders. I was fascinated by America’s history by the original documents.  It was adventuresome, griping, fascinating, fast moving, I didn’t know why it was so different though and It was only after accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior in this country.  Tis is where the Lord Jesus Christ found me 24 years ago and then after I got my Master’s degree in Old and New Testament from doctrinally sound Biblical Seminary.  Then God gave me the path to research to go back to the Library of Congress to the rare book section and research the One of a Kind Originals.

Sid: How many years have you researched the One of a Kind Originals?

Catherine:   Twenty years now; my first book “God’s Signature Over the Nation’s Capital” was began in 1983 just after I graduated.  And then I found…then I began to realize why it was so different from other histories such as French History and British, English History because I had grown up under the British.  And it was very, very different simply because they were brilliant, brilliant people that founded this nation; the founders.  But there was no..but they were humble, there was no pomp and ceremony and why were they humble?  Because they would have stayed on the word of God.   The documents of American History from1492 to 1899 the span of my books; well 8 books now that God has enabled me to research and have published.  You see in all of these documents they were reliance on the word of God; they were living it out and they are quoting it in their great speeches and proclamations and addresses. And their reliance on the Lord in prayer;  like the First Continental Congress, 7 September 1774 in Cobblers Org, Philadelphia began with 36 of the leading men of the 13 original colonies on their knees in prayer.  And Psalm 35 was read in it’s entirety and prayer was beautiful, beautiful prayer said in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  They gave God all the glory and they put Him first and their dependance was totally upon Almighty God and the Lord Jesus Christ and that’s the reason why in fact that they won the American Revolution I firmly believe. But you see that all of this is so Christian and so this nation is based, it’s history’s based on Protestant Christian Biblical truth undiluted.  And I’ve been able to prove that now in all of this research on original documents.  Now this is why the history is so different from the pomp and ceremony of the history of other nations  Except I would…the only exception I would make would be Israel because Israel has the Old Testament and it’s where our Messiah comes from and it’s God’s chosen people.

Sid: Well, on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking a bit and I just through a little information from the most popular books that are out today about some of the father’s of our nation so to speak. And one was Ben Franklin and I said “This man was not a very moral man; and you said “That proves that you’ve been educated in the US system after 1930” which obviously is true. Tell me just briefly a little bit why what I was taught is so wrong about Benjamin Franklin.

Catherine:  Yes, all the documents of American history on Benjamin Franklin I researched.  I spent more time on Tomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin because they were the most versatile and they were the most talented men.  They had been the most maligned.  Thomas Jefferson because he wrote the Declaration of Independence and because you have to discredit the man if you want to discredit the Declaration of Independence the author who wrote it.  And then you turn the youth away from studying it and then your put into dependance which the UN is currently doing.  And then you towards the one world government and getting rid of the sovereignty of this nation. But Benjamin Franklin attended Christ Church with his wife Debra, his daughter Sarah, her husband and her children. And it’s even a stain-glass window showing the founding fathers worshiping the Lord with open Bibles called “Christ Church Patriots 1790” that was removed and put in permanent storage in the neighborhood house across the road in September of 1986.

Sid:  Now wasn’t that done because it was so valuable and to protect it?  As opposed to letting it be publicly seen.

Catherine:  Well, it had been there; the stain-glassed windows was put there and there were 3 of them actually; the other one was First Prayer in Congress by T.H. Madison of the 36 delegates of the United States at the First Continental Congress on their knees in prayer and scripture reading Psalm 35. And there was a third reorganization of American states of the American Church after Independence by Bishop White Washington’s Pastor. But all 3 were put in storage, but you never put a stain-glass window in storage.  The reason that the stain-glass window is there is it has a story to tell and it’d been there for 128 years from 1861, teaching one generation after another, after another, after another of American youth by the millions.  These great events glorifying Almighty God and the Lord Jesus Christ putting Him first at the founding of the American Republic under God.  You never remove a stain-glass window to put it I storage to keep it safe. You have it put up as I said with a story in it to teach people for generations and generations some great Biblical truth. And this is was the Bible and prayer tied into the founding and to develop the American Republic.  Well he is in that famous stain glass window with an open Bible and reproduced in my book “The Rewriting of America’s History.  And…

Sid: And that’s another thing that’s very interesting about the book that we’re making available Mishpochah. The book is called “The Rewriting of America’s History “ is a lot of these original things she has photographs of in the book.  There’s something that I can’t wait, I got to have you talk about because it’s so in the news today. The separation of Church and State; which founding father established that?

Catherine:  There wasn’t any founding father that established it.  None of them did; when Benjamin Franklin stood up when he was the only one at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 in May, when there was impasse.  He stood up and said “Gentleman, groping at the dark for political truth and scarcely able to find it when confronted by it; how is it that we have never turned to our Heavenly Father? In the past when we turned to Him for guidance and prayer, He was always faithful to answer our prayers.” And of course the original speech is in my book. “And I’m a firm believer in scripture gentleman and unless the Lord build the house they labor in vain they that build it; and if our Heavenly Father, knows every sparrow that falls to the ground, how do we believe that we can build an empire without His aid? I submit gentleman’s that we adjourn and that from tomorrow morning on we begin in prayer and we invite a clergyman of the city.  (That’s Christ Church of Philadelphia, he was a member of it; a great gospel church he sat under this Biblical gospel sermon’s every single Sunday, after Sunday, after Sunday with the other founding fathers.”  In fact I’m stating this from knowledge because I was in the vault, I spent two days in the vault, one day and then I came back and spent another day.

Sid: That’s the vault of the Library of Congress.  How many years have you been pouring over these original documents?

Catherine:  Twenty years in the Library of Congress rare book collection.  I’m talking about the vault of Christ Church of Philadelphia, founding father’s church. I came out by Divine appointment miraculously with 100’s of xeroxes including 100’s of sermon’s that take you to the throne of grace that they sat under by Bishop White.  The Pastor Benjamin Franklin included and so Separation of Church and State doesn’t feature in any of the originals, any of the documents written by American history written by any founding father; any political official document, or address or writing of any founding father. If you really want to know where separation of church and state that phrase comes from you could fine it in a Soviet Constitution Article 24.  “There should be separation of church and state, and there shall be separation of church and school.” That’s really where it comes from; it’s actually separation of church from interference by the state is in Thomas Jefferson’s 1776 famous statues for religious freedom in Virginia and it’s accepted on the inner wall of the Jefferson Memorial and also in James Madison’s…

Sid: Oops, we’re out of time. Mishpochah you owe it to yourself to understand American history. I don’t know of anyone better prepared to do it than Dr. Catherine Millard.

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Our Guest Carlos Sarmiento

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Sid:  Well my guest is red hot for the Messiah; if he had only done what I see in his background I’d be in interested in interviewing him.  But he’s had an encounter, a heavenly experience that is going to revolutionize your walk with the Lord. His name Carlos Sarmiento, and Carlos you’ve had the privilege of working in ministry with Benny Hinn.  Just between you and me, and whoever’s listening to us, what is the most amazing miracle you saw in Benny Hinn’s ministry?

Carlos:  Well I mean that there’s many too consider, but I would say several of the miracles of people that were diagnosed with you know the worst stage of cancer. Giving up to death, and then all of a sudden to see right before your eyes that their color of their skin is changing and life is coming back to them. And pain leaving and to see that miracle take place in front of you to me is really impacting.  I would say miracles of cancer, and miracles of people that were paralyzed in wheelchairs for many many years and to see them actually come out of wheelchairs are miracles that you just cannot deny.

Sid: Now I have seen… I try to figure things out and I should know by now after all of these years you can’t figure things out. But I’ve heard a lot of people that receive miracles I hear them say a comment such as “I knew that if I would come here I would get healed.”  And now I know why they got healed, but have you seen people that were just dragged there and they got healed not having any faith?

Carlos:  You know from what I’ve seen I’ve seen God operate and heal in 2 ways.  Number 1 He heals because of people’s faith; and usually that’s sons of God, daughters of God that come because of their faith.  Then number 2 of sees miracles with the Lord would heal someone that had no faith at all and out of His mercy He would heal them. And when we look into that many of those people that were healed miraculously with no faith were usually unbelievers and they were a sign to that individual of the mercy of God to bring them to faith. And you would see many people accept Christ because of that miracle. So yes we’ve seen both.

Sid: Well I can see where God trained you step by step for what you’re doing today. But there was a key prophecy that got you headed in the right direction.  And it was Kim Clement prophesied over you; tell me about that.

Carlos:  Well the prophetic word that came through Kim Clement was that I was at a revival service or a group of conference here in Central Florida area. And someone told me that Prophet Kim Clement would be there. So I came and pretty much in a nutshell he had prophesied that there was somebody here in this service that was somehow connected to Indiana and through a process of elimination he said, “No, it’s not you, it’s not you and when he finally looked at me he said “It must be you.” So I raised my hand up and he said to me “Young man I want you to take 4 large steps towards this platform.” And he counted them 1, 2, 3, 4 and at the end of the 4th step he said to me “Now stop.”  And he prophesied thus saith the Lord “The next step that you’re about to take into ministry will be the biggest and the largest step you will ever take.  This step will eventually lead you to operate at a high level of the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit where it will flow out of you like water.”  So that launched me into a different phase of ministry that we’re currently beginning to operate in right now.

Sid: But between the word and the total manifestation there’s something that goes on. Would you say that that prophetic word spurred you to push harder into things of the Spirit?

Carlos: Absolutely, I mean to me it’s kind of like what Paul told Timothy, he said “Meditate on these things, study these things that your progress may become evident to all.” And I think that’s one of the major keys with many people who have the potential and the gift to operate in the anointing of the Holy Spirit or the high levels.  Sometimes we take it for granted but I believe with me personally that pushed me even though I had been exposed to the supernatural ministry, but that pushed me to a higher level to believe God to contend. That’s the word, it’s to contend for God to operate and to work through you. And so through that prophetic word there’s no question that definitely it kind of catapulted me to want to want to see those things freshly operate in my life and to a higher level.

Sid: So, I hear a lot of people say “My hunger for more of God just got beyond what I could have satisfied.”  Was that going on with you?

Carlos:  Yes, there’s no question, the encounter that I had with the Lord kind of brought me back to my first love.  And you know I think the danger with ministry so much and we get hungry for the things of God and for the ministry of God verses God Himself as being the main ministry. And so what happened to me what I’d begin to find out is that the Lord is bringing me back to my main hunger which is to encounter Him intimately. And then from that hunger and that zeal the Lord will be able to birth everything else that He wants to manifest in such a way that really all the glory and all the honor would be going to Him.

Sid: Okay, I’m taking you to May 8, 2005. You’re sleeping; it’s about 4:00 AM in the morning what happened?

Carlos:  Well, I was awakened like you said 4:00 AM in the morning and the first thing I saw I saw myself suspended over my bed. And I could see my physical body laying there and I could see my wife laying beside me and I was definitely confused I didn’t know what was going on. All of the sudden I felt the awareness that this angel was actually holding me.  I felt like I was cradled sitting in between these 2 massive strong arms. And once I became aware that instantly we began to rise. I remember going through the roof of the house, thoughts were going through my mind. I must have died, actually prayed a prayer for my wife and my 5 children that God would comfort them and then in an instant. The moment I prayed that all earthly affections left me, the thought for my wife and my children were completely gone and the only way I could explain it was that I was flooded with this unusual joy. Because somehow my inner man I understood that I was about to go see Jesus.  I remember the angel rising and going through the clouds and finally going through the atmosphere and then the next thing I know I find myself in this big open kind of a room. I didn’t see any walls, I didn’t see any buildings I just in this big open expansive place. And in the natural I’m colorblind but I could see these incredible colors, they were all before me.  The reminded me of like the weather map; you could see the jet stream and the air flowing and moving. These colors were actually breathing and I had no idea of what that meant. And I have a little bit more understanding now, but any way the colors were actually breathing like there was life. I could actually tell the difference between the blues and the greens and the reds.  Which I cannot do in the natural today but at that moment I could.

Sid: So everything, every sense is not just perfect it’s way beyond the best sight and smell and hearing on planet earth, is that fair to say?

Carlos:  I would say that is perfect way of saying it absolutely; and that was exactly how I felt completely.

Sid: Okay, so you’re up there you’re dazzled; you don’t have a pain, a problem, a worry. You’re flooded with the love of God, what happened next?

Carlos:  I’m flooded with this joy you know because I’m seeing all of these colors like there was life in them. And all of a sudden the scene changed again.  This time I’m in another open room. Again no walls, no buildings, but I heard a voice that said “You’ve been granted to stand here and listen.” And when I heard that I saw Jesus and the Father and it was standing like at an angle talking to one another. And knowing that I was granted permission I just stand there and listened. And they talked about the coming things to the Body of Christ, they talked about the coming move to the Body of Christ. They talked about the difficult hour that the earth was about to go through. But they also talked about the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit that the Church was yet to experience.  And that the earth would encounter through the cooperation and partnership of the Holy Spirit with the Church.  And so through that experience I remember thinking “This is really going to happen and I may see it in my own day.”  So I’m listing to this conversation about the urgency of the end-times, the importance of being ready and being prepared. The importance of being a friend of the Holy Spirit and being connected with the Holy Spirit in order for these things to take place. And one of the last things that I remember hearing in their conversation was when the Father said to Jesus “It’s time Son, go get Your Bride.”  And you know now….

Sid: Well, that tells me that things are speeding up I’ll tell you.  (Laughing)

Carlos:  That’s exactly how I took it.

Sid: I’ll tell you what some of the things that you’ve experienced I can’t wait to get into them later on in this week.  But you have put together based on this experience your brand new book “Encounter By God” and your 5 CD set “That we may work the works of God,” and the workbook for the 5 CDs.  Here’s what I’m getting as I’m digesting your material.  America is moving with rollercoaster speed towards such moral decline that  America’s only chance, or the world’s only chance is to hear God and pray in cooperation with God’s Spirit so that things will change for the better.  But if this doesn’t occur and things are as bad as they have appear they’re going to be, if people can’t hear God for themselves, can’t cooperate in prayer with the Holy Spirit. You have this wonderful 5 CD set that takes people step by step on how all of the gifts of the Spirit and how you can operate in them.  But then the book “Encountered by God” will prepare people for what’s coming.

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