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Sid Roth welcomes Larry Hutton

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I just love breathing in the rarified air of Heaven. Did you know statistics tell us that one in three Americans have emotional problems? How about you? Do you worry a lot? Are you stressed out? Sometimes your temper gets control over you. Sometimes you’re depressed. Sometimes you’re discouraged. Sometimes people say things and you get your feelings hurt so bad it takes you a couple of days to recover. How would you like to live stress-free 24/7? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Do you know you’d put doctors out of business because God gave us such a great body that if we’re living stress-free and living in the high road, 24/7, I believe our body could take care of anything. Well I come into my guest’s presence, Larry Hutton, I feel emanating from him just this wonderful peace, because he had a visitation from the Lord in which the Lord taught him, step by step, how to live stress-free, worry-free, anger-free, depression-free, discouragement-free, not have hurt feelings when things come. But Larry, you started life out in a very crippled state. How many different allergies did you have?

LARRY: Gosh, they did a test on me and found out I was allergic to like 120 different things; said that I had a deficiency in my body.

SID: 120? How could you even function?

LARRY: I know. The doctors said the only way you could live normal is if you dig a cave about 200 yards down to the earth and cover yourself up, and then you could live normal. That wouldn’t be normal.

SID: Did you resolve that you just had to live that way?

LARRY: Well yeah, because the church that I was raised in told me healing and miracles had been done away with. Thank God they haven’t been. So I just thought I’d have to put up with it.

SID: So what happened to you?

LARRY: Well I went to a little church that believed in miracles. They prayed for me. I believed that I could be healed and I found out Jesus is a healer today, just like when he was when he walked the earth. And I received him as my healer, and I got healed, and that was many, many years ago.

SID: Out of curiosity, was it a gradual healing? Was it instant?

LARRY: Actually, when I prayed and believed I received him as my healer, I didn’t feel anything. It was about seven days later when all of a sudden, every symptom left my body and I got to throw all the medicine away.

SID: How much medicine were you taking?

LARRY: I was taking three different medicines a day, morning, afternoon and night. Plus, I was having to give myself two injections every week. And then even with all of that, I would have to go to the doctor and get these big booster shots occasionally every other month or so.


SID: But you had to be living such a limited life.

LARRY: Well without the medicine, yes. With the medicine, it was able to let me go play sports and stuff like I did. But even with the medicine, like I said, if I got an attack, I’d have to stay in bed, miss school, miss my ballgames, whatever.

SID: In 1977, he had a visitation that changed his life forever and I believe is going to change your life forever. Tell me about that.

LARRY: Totally; talk about life-changing, Sid, this was just the most awesome things, I think, that ever happened to me. The Lord came in my room and started talking to me and said, “I’m going to show you in my Word…”

SID: Was this the first time He ever came like that or had He previously?

LARRY: You know, I would have to say the first presence that I felt strong and then I heard the voice of the Lord speak to me, I believe it was, yes, sir. But He came in…

SID: Were you doing something spiritual at the time?

LARRY: No, I wasn’t. The funny thing is I wasn’t. I was just about my business, you know, and don’t even remember what I was doing. But no, I wasn’t praying, wasn’t worshiping or anything. All of a sudden, the Lord said, “I’m going to show you in my Word what to do, and if you do what I tell you, you’ll never have another down day the rest of your life.”

SID: Wow. Did you just hear that? You will never have a down day the rest of your life. Well that’s wonderful for Larry. But he teaches what the Lord taught him, and as he teaches, people walk into this realm. Did he say anything else to you?

LARRY: Well He said, “I don’t just mean down, I mean, you know, bad temper, problem with anger, depression, discouragement, worry and stress,” which is huge in our society today. He said, “I’m going to show you how to live free from all of that.” And that’s when He started teaching me about what Jesus did at the cross for us when he bore our sins, that he also bore every negative emotion for us.

SID: Okay. I have to ask you a question, and I’m sure this is a question that you want to know right now. To live in this life, it’s not a perfect life. There are not perfect people and there’s a very imperfect devil roaming around. So Larry had tests. Tell me about one of your first tests.

LARRY: Well you know, the Lord told me that I was going to have tests.

SID: Oh, He warned you ahead of time.

LARRY. Yeah. In fact, the Bible even warns us, too. And He said, “In the world you’re going to face tribulation, but I’ve already overcome the world.” So one of the tests I had to face, I was working for Delta Airlines as a businessman, and all of a sudden, some lies were told about me at work. I had been with Delta quite a few years, and all of a sudden, it looked like I’m going to lose my job. Well you know, when you’re in a job that you absolutely just love doing and you think you’re going to be there the rest of your life and you want to be there because you like it, and all of a sudden you’re going to lose it, you’re going to lose your job, your money, your vocation, everything, I mean. Then stress tried to start coming, and worry and depression, all that stuff that everybody faces started trying to come. And the Lord spoke to me and He said, “Do you remember what I told you in my Word?” And all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance, yes, “In the world I’m facing tribulation, but be of good cheer. I’ve overcome the world.” And so He said, “Are you facing tribulation?” I said, “Yes, sir, I am.” He said, “Now this is what I want you to do. I want you to look at the feelings, all the emotion that you’re facing right now, I want you to look at it, group all those feelings, the depression, the fear, the stress, everything. Group it all together and talk to it like you would a person. And this is what I want you to say, ‘Jesus told me you were coming and he’s already defeated you.'” Sid, as soon as He said that to me, I rose up, just like I was talking to you, and I said, “Hey.” I’m talking to those emotions, those feelings. I said, “Hey, Jesus told me you were coming and guess what? You’re already wupped.” I mean, I used one of those back wood terms, and I said, “I’ve already got the peace of God in me. I’m not having you.” And all of a sudden…

SID: Well wait a second. That’s got nothing to do with these people saying these nasty things about you. How could you feel good about that?

LARRY: Because all of a sudden when I acted on what God showed me, His grace enveloped me and I guess I felt like Job in that hedge. I felt like all of a sudden I was in, for lack of a better term, a peace bubble. And for the next few days, it was like I didn’t care what anybody said or what anybody thought. I am going to live in the peace and joy of God, and I did. And you know what happened?

SID: What?

LARRY: The next few days later the whole thing got exposed, turned around and I came out smelling like a rose; better than when the whole thing because I didn’t worry, I didn’t get stressed or depressed, or in fear about it. I let the Lord take care of it.

SID: I wonder if that’s why the Lord tells us to worry for nothing. I mean, He says that, but are you able to? Am I able to? Let’s find out more. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

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Sid Roth welcomes Michael Galiga

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Sid: What is stopping you in a lot of arena’s of life?  Its fear and if you can learn to conquer fear, and that’s the word; have fear under your foot, if you can learn that you will win every battle.  My guest Michael Galiga has been raised up by God.  He’s involved in mega million dollar real estate deals.  In fact Michael you were hugely successful, but in 2005 you went into a closet and said God if you don’t become as real to me as you were as people I read about in the Bible, like King David I’m just not going to leave, and you finally sold out everything you knew to God.  Success is as good as it was before, how was it after that.  It was much, much better.  I enjoyed, you know I was very successful, but I became even more successful in the eyes of the world as far as making money and things.  But I enjoyed what I had a lot more I was much more clear, there were so many obstacles you know, one of them was the follow that owed me all that money, we can talk about that in a minute, it was much much better.

Sid: Okay, so you come to a point where you’re doing so well in real estate, and you decide to go into business for yourself so things are a little tight because you are in business for your elf, but an individual odd you 500,000 plus dollars and one day you get a phone call from him, what did he say?

Michael: He said, Mike I’m not going to pay you.  Now Sid, one thing that you need to understand about this fellow, that he was bad to the bone.  He was a guy that you don’t want to meet in a dark ally, I mean he was about 6’6” I’m going to say somewhere about 300 plus or minus pounds.  And his face was a red as, as I don’t know, as red as it could be like it was going to explode all the time.  He had a huge temper and would intimidate people very easily so I would call him back and say, usually every day or two and say, hey you know we need to get this taken care of and clearly this is payable and you know that’s what the documents say, is there some misunderstanding?  And he’d say, “No, no misunderstanding.  The documents are very clear, I’m an attorney and I helped draft them so there bullet proof.  But he said, “I know what the documents say, but I’m just not going to pay you Mike.  I’d say “Oh, then you must have a cash flow problem,” and he goes, “No, I have plenty of money, I’m just not going to pay you.”  So if you have been in business very long Sid you run into people like this, there are many of them and they just don’t want to do what they are suppose to do.  So I began to call him more regularly, almost like every day and of course he got madder, madder, madder just one day he went nuclear.  I don’t know any word to describe it; it was like he threw the phone threw the window or something and he yelled at me and he said, “Let me tell you Mike how much I’m not going to pay you, I could see him exploding in his office, probably dead people everywhere from the shrapnel but he said, “I’ll tell you how much I’m not going to pay you, I’m going to come to Oklahoma City, we’ll say it’s from Indiana.

Sid: But wait a second Mike, you’re an attorney, why don’t you just sue the man?

Michael: Yeah, litigation is just about the worst thing you can do in most situations.  Even if you win, you still lose plus this would probably taken five years to go through district court, cost maybe a million dollars and maybe he’s there and maybe he’s not there to pay it at the end.  It just wasn’t an option; it’s not an option.  I only had one place to go and that was to the living God and I laid it out before Him and called him one more time and he went nuclear and said, “This is how much I’m not going to pay you.”  I couldn’t believe he did this, he goes, “This is how much I’m not going to pay you, I’m going to fly to Oklahoma City and I’m going to tell you to your face, I’m not going to pay you and then you are going to leave me alone, I never want to hear from you again.  So I got a little room at the airport and reserved it and flew in and I met him and we walked over towards this room and he looked like he was 7’6” that day and more like 600 pounds.  His face looked like it had already detonated and done it’s damage and as were walking together he’s mumbling to himself and I think cuss words as we’re going down the hallway together and we walk into this little room, it’s a 10 x 12 and it has a little table in it and two chair.  And kind of like a room that you would see the FBI when they are interrogating somebody, and that sort of thing.  And so I open the door, he walks in and as I recall he’s so red it’s like he’s already detonated and he sits down at one side of the table and I shut the door behind me and I go sit on the other side of the table in this chair.  And so it’s been maybe seven eight ten seconds and I sit down in my chair and I look at him and Sid, his face is white as 10,000 sheets of Xerox paper, and he’s looking at the wall above my head and he’s sitting on the other side of the table, he’s looking at that wall, and I have no idea what’s happened and I start to open my mouth and I think my goodness, this guy has either had a stroke, a heart attack, or both and he’s going to…

Sid: And forgetting what he’s had, how could you have put yourself in this situation with such a mad man, why did you did you even get together with him?

Michael: Oh, Sid it was a hard drive to the airport, I’m telling you it was like King David, it little David, you know little sixteen, seventeen year old David when he went up against Goliath; I’m driving to the airport saying God, “You know, I am tiny and he is big and I’m a speck and he’s a giant and but you know what God, You fought battles for me before Sid, I really did this.  And I’m going to the airport and fear’s trying to jump on me like a bird on June bug as we say in Oklahoma and I’m shaking it off pretty well this time, but I’m still, it’s trying to get me.  But I make my way to the airport and I get out of my car and I walk in, I just had to put one foot in front of the other to go in there.  And I really felt like God would save me, but it was very stressful nonetheless that’s what faith is, it’s walking in the unknown.  So back to the room he, looking above my head and he’s looking at something, I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what it is to this day, but whatever it was it was causing the blood to drain from his head and he and then his shoulders drooped down and it was that way for seven or eight minutes.  And I started to speak and God’s hand; a long story short went in front of my mouth and just told me to shut up he was taking care of this; I wasn’t to say anything.  So it seemed like really time stood still, it seemed like an hour but it was only seven or eight minutes, finally he started mumbling and he said something like, “Willlll pay you,” and I thought God did I just hear what I think I heard, and then he said it again, “We will pay you.”  And about seven or eight minutes later the blood came back to his head, the color came back, his shoulder’s came up and he just looks at me and said, “You know Mike, I think that I’m going to go back to Indiana.”  And I said, Okay, Bob.”  Those are the only words I said in the whole meeting, “Okay, Bob.”  And he got up, I walked him out the door and he walked down the hall and I never saw him again.  And a couple of days later, I was checking my checking account and there had been a $515,000 wire transfer.

Sid: Now, short of God, you would have never seen that money!

Michael: Never, notta and there is no chance, no.

Sid: Is there one testimony that comes to mind of someone…and what happened to them?

Michael: Well, yeah there’s a fellow here in Oklahoma City, will call him Jim, and he’s a married probably twenty years and five children and I knew his father before he passed away, but we weren’t super close, but anyway Jim and I started spending time together and I started teaching him these concepts.  And long story short he had been really eaten up my fear and when I walked him through the steps this was before the book was even published and I walked him through these steps that are in the book and he was delivered from fear.  He journals now, which is a super important component and now his kids are delivered from fear, because these things are generational Sid; they come from parents, they go to our children.  And until that chain is snapped they go down generationally.  Now his children are relieved and his wife is delivered the whole family; five kids, the wife and the husband are delivered from fear and they’re living an abundant life; joy is beyond what words can say.

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Our Guest Leif Hetland

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Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Leif Hetland. And Leif, one thing I love is you even teach children to dream. You, in your own home, how has this teaching impacted your wife and your children?

Leif: Well first of all, I do believe that when I came home after just having this experience, actually it was after the Susan Boyle, I decided that I need to go home and ask my wife, “What is your dreams? What is some of the things that even from when you were a little child that you wanted to do when you’re dreaming with God?” So I decided for my wife and each one of my children, let’s write down 25 things on a list in the next few days your dream with God, something that is coming from Him that you think is. And it can be going on a mission trip. It can be different things. So we started to make that list. And then there’s another list and that is the desire of your heart. What is the desire of your heart? Align yourself with Him and he’s going to give you the desire of your heart. So I released the prayer over my wife and my four children. And my wife, she went and started to draw our next house. And since she was nine years old, she had a picture, but she never financially speaking could dream, so she just tore up the paper. A couple of times she was thinking about it. But it was always the limitation.

Sid: So she had a funeral for her dream.

Leif: She had a funeral for her dream. But after she released, this is the problem, because now the dream house is there, and I’m saying, “Who’s going to pay for this?” Now I’m chickening out. But she started to draw out her dream house. And my daughter Lila, she’s working full time in my office right now. Her dream was when she went to bed at night, I want to be with my daddy. I want to do what my daddy. And that’s what touches my heart. So she, while I’m sitting here now, is in my office. She’s been with me in Africa. She is living her dream by serving her daddy, and that became the dream that God started to realize, to travel with her daddy and do what her daddy is doing.

Sid: You know, when you said that, I could feel something in my heart. I could feel what you feel when your dream becomes a reality. And your dream will become a reality. Tell me about some children when you teach on dreaming, what’s happened to them.

Leif: We were in Eerie, Pennsylvania and doing an event. And I was actually releasing first all of the adults. But the amazing thing that I’ve seen is I go down the line and I ask children, “What would you like to do when you grow up?” All of the children have a dream. But when you go to the grownups, because of disappointments and discouragement, delays, things that happen in life, and they have to think or they’re not sure.

Sid: You know, maybe that’s why Jesus said, “Become like a little child.”

Leif: And that’s why I like to be childlike. I’m just like a little boy that has a big papa.

Sid: I’ve noticed that.

Leif: That’s what happened here. So afterwards, I released over the children. I said, “You’re going to dream with God.” And the amazing thing that happened, all of the children, they rested in the presence of God just when I touched them. And these are some, like one grandma said, “This is a very hyper child.” That’s a miracle in itself. Two hours later, I came back and the children were still down. So I went into a big church and ministered, and we had worship, and then eventually came back again. I wanted to find out what happened to the children. And I got to hear all these stories of children describing in detail. Some had seen Jesus. One of them got to sit on Jesus’ lap. Other ones were drawing what they saw while they were laying on the floor. And the parents were just blown away.


Sid: Those children will never be the same. But I remember a young boy that had a dream to go to the nations and you had your funeral for your dream. But today, you go to nations like Pakistan and you have big billboards, and these billboards, what did they say?

Leif: They’re just saying that Jesus is here. Jesus is here and he’s going to be here in this cricket stadium. If you are lame, if you are blind, if you are deaf, just come, anyone that are sick, and we’re just announcing that Jesus is coming to show up, and that is my dream for people.

Sid: And what is going to happen, what is going to happen if the people are not healed, if miracles don’t happen? This is a stadium filled with non-believers, Muslims.

Leif: Yeah. And when you go into a place where people are from a totally different faith, I know that I would be considered a false prophet if he doesn’t show up. If Jesus doesn’t heal the blind eyes, the deaf ears, tumors falling off people’s body, you announce beforehand this is going to happen, and if they’re coming and they don’t see it, I know what they are going to do, and it’s not going to be very pleasant. So I know that I don’t have a Plan B. It is only Plan A. It is a dream from God.

Sid: But this is your dream and just as he had a funeral for his dream, and God resurrected it. And just as you’re saying, “God, I want to dream with you. I’ve never had a dream,” I want you to pray for people right now to dream with God. Would you do that?

Leif: I would love to. And I just want to focus just on you. Within each one of you, first of all, I want to remind you, you’re very, very valuable and God is very good. And there’s something that He has placed within your life and your heart, and I want to release, some of you that had a funeral, some of you, I’m going to release resurrection of the dream. You’re going to start to sense something that has been the desire of your heart is going to come back. So Father, just release right now, come Holy Spirit. Just come right now and start just to stir up some of those dreams. Awaken some of the dreams. I just ask even that some of the desires of people’s heart is just going to be awakened. Even as they’re going to bed tonight, I ask that you would just download certain things, like we’ve heard stories from the Filipinos. Come Holy Spirit. I just ask that the vision is going to come back. Hope is going to come back. Passion is going to come back. Husband and wives, let them start to dream together. Businesses being resurrected. Songs being written. Wow. Songs being sung. Even the very sound of a Susan Boyle, there is a song in each one of you. I just release. I release that song to come out. Come Holy Spirit. Just feel it right now. You can feel His presence is on you right now.

Sid: I could feel His presence on me right now. I can tell you, Leif. You talk a lot about rest and resting in God. Explain that to me.

Leif: First of all, I want to say the best thing about God is God. When I come to be with Him I do nothing.

Sid: You don’t have an agenda.

Leif: No agenda. I just want to be there with him. And what happens when I go there with no agenda, this time I study and pray. But there’s a time for me just to go and to be with him. And I find me a comfortable place where I rest, because I believe when you are resting you are receiving, and that’s the hard thing. There are so many noises. There are so many things that is competing with us. That for me just to go in a place…

Sid: Don’t you have to do something? Work?

Leif: It’s called nothing. And there’s something in that nothingness. It’s called the hard work of rest because resting is receiving.

Sid: So you’re telling me, if I’m understanding right, what you do is, now what are you doing? Are you concentrating on God? What are you doing when you’re resting in God? Are you focusing on Him or are you just resting?

Leif: Sometimes I’m focusing on certain of His attributes.

Sid: You know, when I just went back like that, God spoke to me. Does He speak to you when you’re resting?

Leif: He speaks to me and that’s when downloads is taking place.

Sid: Well you know what He just told me? That someone’s neck, there’s a pain in your neck. I just heard that. If you’ll move your head until the pain is gone. And you know what happens? It seems like every time, Leif, I get that word, the anointing of God goes down the person’s spine and their back gets healed. Stand up and bend over. Come on. Come on. Sid says do it. Do it. Okay. Because Sid heard from God. What about where it says in the Bible, “I only do what I see my Heavenly Father doing.” How does that work out for you?

Leif: It’s working very well out because I am with Him, He places certain things in me and then the next moment, there’s things that’s being downloading, even financially speaking. Or like I’m just writing a book. But when some of those things is coming down into my spirit, I maybe say, I don’t have this, I don’t have this gift. I can hardly speak English. At least I do with a very strong accent. But He places something in me and in the next moment, now that very dream that I had is a reality. I’m looking at a script. And my English teacher said to me, he said, “You’re never going to learn how to speak English.” And I’m sitting here talking to you in English.

Sid: Now I’m reminded many years ago, someone sang about the love of God to you. What difference did it make at that point in your life?


Leif: It made all the difference because when I came up from that very place I knew that God is in a good mood. And the second thing I knew is I’m His son and I don’t have to live towards inheritance. I can live from inheritance. So all that Papa has is mine, as His son. So he has a whole, I mean, he has a whole Heaven full of resources that is just waiting for sons and daughters to dream with Him, and that’s what is taking place. And I think that even as we are watching this program, you’re going to hear from all over the country and all over the world people, beloved sons and daughters, that start to dream with Papa. And every problem out there is just one dream away.

Sid: And the first step to being a son or daughter is to tell God you’re sorry for everything you’ve done that’s wrong, believe that his blood just washes you clean. You’re given that A+, as Leif likes to say and you say, “Jesus, I make you my Lord. Come and live inside of me and be my Lord.” If you say it’s too simple, you’re right. It is. He’s done all the work. Now just choose Him.

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Sid Roth welcomes Bruce Allen

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Sid: Image if you were in a church service, as my guest Bruce Allen was in and they see a man and he’s got holes in his hands and they realize its Jesus.  What happened next?

Bruce: Well, as we left off previous message there, they were in the bathroom, they brought him a red T-shirt and a glass of water.  When he took off his shirt, they saw this hole in his side and the piercings in his hands and he looked like he had been whipped with a cat- a- nine tails.  But their eyes we blinded; they just thought this man had been severely mugged.  I mean that he’d been out and something had happened.  So they brought him into the service and I was up teaching.  They brought him in on the left and they sat in front.  And at the end of the service, the medical doctor who was also an elder in the church, the pastor said go over and ascertain from this gentleman what it is that he needs in prayer.  Well when the doctor went over and looked at him he thought that he should be taken immediately to the emergency room, he looked like he was on deaths door.  So the Pastor walked over and I’m watching this because I have turned it over to the Pastor at that point.  The Pastor walks over and begins to dialogue and says, “Brother, come up to the front so we can pray with you.”  Well, when the man stood up he walked bent over like he was under a heavy weight.  Now, just picture Jesus carrying the cross, and so as they’re walking up he turns to the man and says, “In the Name of Jesus, I command strength to come, stand up straight.”  And immediately the man stood up straight and this beatific smile came upon his face, and they came up to the front and dialogued and prayed a little bit and so after the prayer they said, “Well, Pastor, what do we do with him.”  He said, “Well, here’s some ringgit, he can get a taxi and get a meal.  He said, “No, I don’t need your money.”  You got to understand, they think this man is just been on the street, he’s beat within an inch of his life he’s been mugged.  This lady who had been watching from the back came forward and said, “Here’s fifty ringgits,” he said,” No thank you, I don’t need your money, and out of pockets in each side he had a thousand ringgits freshly minted bills.  And they were shocked, they went, “Whoa.”

Sid: Now which country is this the currency from?

Bruce: Malaysia, Kuala, Lumpur, Malaysia.

Sid: Alright, go ahead.

Bruce: So they said, “What do we do?”  Well, take him down stairs and get him a taxi.  And so the Pastor his wife and I left and we went out to fellowship afterwards.  They took this man downstairs, now there in the guard gate and, this is in an industrial area so the street you have to walk for at least a thousand yards before you’re out of sight.  The guard, he’s in the guard shake, the guard because it’s raining, the guard get’s on the phone, looks to his left, turns back and he had vanished into thin air.  Well, on the way home that night the Pastor began to dialogue with the Lord, and say, “You know what Lord, I don’t understand, we prayed and believed according to that word that you would give us a sign and You never showed up and immediately the Spirit of God said, “Oh, yes I did.”  And this man’s face flashed in his mind’s eye and he pulled over to the side of the road, and he called his elder and he said, “Where did this man go?”  He said, “Well, it’s funny you should ask Pastor, because this is what happened, he had vanished right out of the guard shack.”  So the Pastor for two hours drove all over looking for this man.

Sid: I imagine so.  One of the things you talked about eight hundred people seeing Jesus in the congregation.  Tell me about when you teach whole groups get caught away in the spirit, explain.

Bruce: Oh yes, sir, my passion is that people understand that it is they’re birth right not only to see into the realm of the Spirit, but actually to go into the realm of the Spirit.  Basic scripture on that is John 3:3 “When Nicodemus came to Jesus at night, Jesus said, Nicodemus unless a man is born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God.”  What He was saying, Nicodemus if you’re born again you can see the kingdom of God. And in another instance John 14:12 Jesus said, “The works that I do you’ll do also.  And in John 5:19 He said, “I only do what I see; now that’s  just a couple of scriptures.  Therefore because I can do what He does, and He only did what He saw I can see, and so we’ve taught this in many nations of the world that it is their birthright to see.  We pray a prayer of activation and what’s fascinating to me is beginning at that first conference where you saw where I’m transparent, from that time on I had begun to see chariots of fire and on occasion they literally come into the room.  And when I have seen that I know that the people are going to have a supernatural experience and many will be caught away in the spirit.  So there were times where I have taught groups of eighty five, out of eighty five, eighty four had a supernatural experience where they began to experience where they began to see and or were caught up into the Third Heaven.

Sid: And I understand as you teach, you see angels and the people see angels and people receive new mantles.  Tell me about the new mantles they receive.

Bruce: We were teaching in what they call a family camp, a retreat, but over in that part of the world their family camp retreats are five star resort hotels, which is nice.  But so we were teaching this particular message and all of a sudden, into the room there were about 210 people at the camp.  Approximately 220 – 230 angels walked in and they stood behind each individual in the room and every angel had what looked like a royal robe or a mantle.  And so I dialoged this, “Father what are we doing and what do you want me to do?  And He, the short of the story is that everybody was to stand up and as a prophetic gesture, just as a gentleman would put a wrap or a coat upon a woman they were to put it on, make that prophetic gesture.  Well, in that culture, that’s a little demonstrative for them so they were kind of looking at each other out of the corners of their eyes and finally this very dignified elderly lady kind of shrugged and she did that.  What happened is, now, I found out later that she is eighty-six years old, the Kabod of God, that weighty glory that was in that mantle when it rested on her, she felt it come on her and it made her sink, almost her posture was almost like your squatting.

Sid: Yes.

Bruce: And for about half an hour, she could not move.  Now physically even for a strong individual half an hour of squatting is very difficult; but for an elderly, that God changed her life.  Many of the teenagers when that happened began to see into the realm of the Spirit and saw the angels in there.  And just all sorts of sovereign supernatural things began to take place as well as healing and deliverance.

Sid: Now, let me ask you a question because as you talk about the anointing you have to activate people to see in the Spirit and experience these things that you’re experiencing.  Since your book is literally off the press, the title is “The Prophetic Promise of the Seventh Day” which you believe we’re entering into and this is the time that all of the it’s the entrance into it where the promises of God are going to be instant rather than taking twenty-thirty years; what do you prophetically see will happen to people that read your book?

Bruce: It will release and spark within them a revelation and an understanding of their birth rite and their destiny and will provoke them enough that we will begin to see the Body of Christ corporately, not just a select few individuals, the mystical few, begin to walk into the supernatural.  And understand that it’s the normal Christian experience, not the super or abnormal.

Sid: You know I like to say that if we had Christians today like we had at the first church every Christian would have their own television show.  That’s what you’re saying I believe; that we’re ready to enter into that again.

Bruce: Oh, absolutely, absolutely you’re familiar as we talked earlier with seed time and harvest.

Sid: Yes.

Bruce: The Lord showed me the biblical, His heart about seed time and harvest.  If you want more revelation, you give away what you’ve got.  If you want more anointing, you sow what you have.

Sid: Oh, you realize how much revelation and anointing you’re going to get from doing this revelation, show and then my television show?  How many people are going to be receiving it?  How about this book?  Because I know that as I’m reading this book I feel the presence of God and you show, I mean you would convince any biblical student that this is God’s time for the promises to manifest in their life.  I believe their going to see what areas will promises manifest in your opinion?

Bruce: Every area, yeah it covers the whole spectrum of human existence not only in the natural, but in the supernatural.

Sid: You talk about rest in this book; we’re living in such uncertain trying times, “What is God’s definition of rest?”

Bruce: Well, according to the book of Hebrews “There is now therefore a rest for the people of God,” and that rest is ceasing from our own works as God did.  If we look at what God did when He ceased, it was because it was complete, God entered into rest because it was a completion.  People of God, the rest that we’re going to enter into is understanding the fullness the completion of every covenant promise in our life.  It is going to bring us to the place of rest.  We no longer have to strive by the arm of flesh…

Sid: Well, what about the person that’s listening right now and they are about ready to lose their house?

Bruce: The God of all provision is there for the person that relies upon him right now.

Sid: See, I believe we’re coming into such trying times that you wrote this book so that people can move into those promises.

Bruce: Can I share something that’s happened just locally?

Sid: Tomorrow because we’re out of time.

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