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Our Guest Cleddie Keith

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SID: Okay. Now I know you guys are on the edge of your seat. I want to know what God himself said is the most supernatural prayer on Earth.


CLEDDIE: I believe the most supernatural prayer on Earth is Our Father who art in Heaven hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, they will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, our sins, our debts as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the Kingdom and the power, and the Glory forever. Sid, I believe that is a supernatural prayer. Anything that is not supernatural is superficial, and I believe Jesus when he was apart from his boys, the disciples, I believe this is what he was praying. I believe when he got up in the morning he was praying the prayer that he told them, “When you pray, pray like this.”


SID: But you know, when I hear this prayer like in a congregation it’s part of the ritual. It doesn’t have impact. It doesn’t have meaning. What does it have to you?


CLEDDIE: Oh it has meaning because it’s the prayer that changed my life. Number one, I began to pray this prayer because we were believing God to do something in a certain city, in Houston, Texas, in the east end, in the second ward. And we began to pray every day, and I would pray, “Thy Kingdom come” understanding that he was my Father and approaching him like “hallowed be thy name” and praying in his name. I knew that, but I had never prayed, “Thy Kingdom come.” Actually in Greek, and you know this, it means you one stomp foot, you stomp the other foot and you say, “Come thy Kingdom.”


SID: You know what, I didn’t know that until I heard what you taught on that. In other words, now do you really do that when you pray? You stomp one foot, you hear that, and he stomps another, and that’s what it means in the Greek. That’s very different than the ritualistic, “Our Father”. How do you pray it?


CLEDDIE: I pray it, “Come thy Kingdom, be done thy will.” I literally pray that way. I do it before great crowds of people. I do it in small groups. I get the people to pray like that. It’s a command. And he says, “Pray with the fire of desire.” It was an intense prayer. I was praying with tears. Jesus said this to the disciples said to him, “Teach us to pray like you pray.” Well we know in Hebrews it said that, “With strong cryings and tears he prayed.” With strong cryings and tears. I’m telling you there was a lot of times I prayed with tears and there were tears of unbelief. You could have floated in a battleship with them. But when I began to pray, “Come thy Kingdom, be done thy will,” and it was with earnest and some urgency, and the fire of desire, things began to happen. Miracles began to take place.


SID: Okay. You’re driving with your wife in Houston and you began, but you were praying “Thy Kingdom come.” Tell me exactly what you were praying.


CLEDDIE: I was praying, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done.” And what happened was my wife said, “Somebody needs to work with the young people in Houston.” This was back in the Vietnam War. I didn’t know exactly what was going on. We were going past a school one night and I just looked over to the school, and I said, will God give me that school. I meant give me a breakthrough-where-I-can-minister-to-the-young building. I didn’t want the building. It was all torn down, beaten up. It looked like something out of the 1930s, which it was, and it was a junior high school. And God gave us that school. In the next 48 days, we probably had a thousand young people come to Christ in that school because of the miracle that day. In that school, they had guys that were selling drugs, running drugs. There were mules, they would tie dope to them, send the Miami kids that were 12 and 13 years old to take drugs over to Miami for the cartels at that time. And then they had prostitution rings in a junior high school. And we would take hands full of dope and lay it down on the principal’s desk. I was a young man then. I’m telling you right now, it’s just as fresh today as it was then because when I started praying that prayer I saw the power. You know, a lot of people think that prayer is boring. I’m telling you it’s the most exciting. If they want some romance back in their Christian experience, if you will pray this prayer, God will transform your life: Come thy Kingdom in my home. Come thy Kingdom in my business. God can turn your business around. “Come they Kingdom in the ministry that I’m a part of. In the church, when we pray that way we’re praying an alliance, we’re praying in allegiance and accordance with God’s Word.


SID: You had a place, I think you called it the Salt Inn.


CLEDDIE: Well it came out of that prayer. It came out of that prayer.


SID: And there were times that people wanted to destroy that building. But tell me about that big angel.


CLEDDIE: Well what happened, we prayed that. We needed a place because we grew out of the church with the youth. And about four blocks from the church a lady gave us a large house with a three-car garage and an apartment over it, and a duplex. So we had a complex where we could work with the young people. It was like a mini church there. And the kids would come. We’d have 250, 300 kids at night sometimes packed into that house. And what took place is the drug addicts in the area began to be aware of what was going on there.


SID: So they want to stop it.


CLEDDIE: Yes. And one guy came up, he was going to rob the place, and when he was getting ready to go into the back door, a large angel stood before the door and stopped him in his tracks. He saw the angel. He ran with fear from the place and he went and told every drug addict he knew in the east end of Houston, don’t you go near that place.

SID: Now that’s my kind of favor. When we come back, and this, I have to tell you, Cleddie, this is hard for me to fathom, but they developed a prayer, it was a 30-second prayer. In fact, I’ll tell you its name: Snap. And at the end of 30 seconds people that were high on drugs and alcohol, and addicted were set free. I want to have him teach you that prayer. Be right back.

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Our Guest Mary Jo Clouse

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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Mary Jo Clouse I’m speaking to her at her home in Lake Mary, Florida about her new book called “Getting Free.” Mary Jo was a Christian and yet sickness kept just plaguing her and plaguing her and through a series of being taught by the Holy Spirit she found out from life experience and the word of God about generational curses and she’s been able to teach others about this and their lives have been transformed about this and their lives have been transformed.  And the thing that I like about her book is that it’s done in such a simplistic fashion. And you don’t need someone to help you with it you just read the book and you break the curses. In fact on yesterday’s broadcast Mary Jo we were talking about the sources of curses and perhaps we’ll continue on that.

Mary Jo: Okay there’s a scripture in Proverbs 26:2 that says “Like a flitting sparrow and like a flying swallow is a curse without a cause will not light.”  In other words a curse without a cause cannot come into my life.  So the number l thing I would say would begin to recognize that there is a curse. Like we talked about the money situation if there’s enough money coming into meet the needs and yet you still are not making headway in your life then there’s a curse on your finances. And that curse can even been put on your finances through word curses. You might have left a job a good job and got a better job and that boss that you were working for didn’t really want you to leave said “Well you will never prosper if you leave this company.”  Now if that’s happen to you it’s very simple you just say “Lord I forgive that person for speaking that word curse over me and I break that word curse the poverty over my family and I lose the blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ.”  Some things that are very simple that we don’t do because we’ve never been taught or we don’t even think about it. But some of you maybe have left a church or left and that pastor said to you “If you leave this church you’ll never prosper you’ll never amount to anything” and you’re out there struggling and God says “Forgive that pastor because bitterness and unforgiveness will bind you up and keep you from all of the blessings that God would have in your life.

Sid: You have to do something more than forgive though you forgive and then you break that curse?

Mary Jo: I forgive and then I just very simply say “I break that curse that authority curse that was put over my life” and realize that Jesus Christ is the ultimate authority in your life and once you’ve forgiven that person and realized and you break that curse you’re released from it, it’s not that hard.

Sid: That’s what I love about your teaching its very simplistic but I mean it makes all of the difference in being able to receive the blessings or not. Whether its blessings of physical healings or blessings in marriage or with children or with relationships.  Let’s talk about some more reasons for curses.

Mary Jo: Let me tell you it’s just like when my husband and I first got saved we used to laugh and say “We were both the negative if you put us out in the sunlight we would develop.  And so we started just saturating our self in the word and we had struggles financially when we first got married and yet we made plenty of money.  And we realized that he had come from a part of the country that said “We are proud but we’re poor.”  You know “We may be poor but we have our pride.”  So if there’s pride in your life repent of being proud of who you are and repent and ask God to forgive you of pride in your family and ancestral back that you have all been poor but you had your pride.  And when we did that the blessings of God just seemed to come and overtake us. And I just love it. Another thing that will bring one indication of a curse would be a mental or emotional breakdown and repeated or chronic sicknesses is what I’m talking about.  I’m not talking about we all get headaches or something like that but if it’s a repeated or a chronic sickness and there’s no cure that medical diagnosis then you will know from that that will indicate to you that there is a curse in your life and you go back and say “Well what caused the curse?” Have I been involved in the occult, do I have bitterness and unforgiveness toward someone?

Sid: Is it possible to have a curse say someone curses you that’s perhaps in witchcraft or even someone that’s supposedly a Christian curses you and you don’t know that this is going on?

Mary Jo: I think so I know I that it can happen because that’s what we talk a lot about the controlling spirits the manipulating spirits. And a lot of people that are Christians have that they are control and manipulating spirits those are not God. We’re only supposed to be controlled by the Holy Spirit and yet you can have an occult spirit come against you like a witchdoctor or something like that. A lot of people that goes overseas and minister and have come back home and found out that there was something wrong and did you not know where this came from and later realized that a curse had been put on them because they had walked into a territory that did not want them there.  Did not want the blood of Jesus Christ applied in their life.

Sid: So if that was you you went to another country and you came back you see that there’s a problem that you think that there’s some sort of curses result of it what would you do?

Mary Jo: First of I’d ask myself did I bring any object from that country did I bring back a souvenir.  And what did that souvenir and did it have a curse on it and even if I didn’t know I would probably get rid of it because I had it when I had gone overseas and picked up a little bird that I thought was a such a cute little carved bird and every time I’d go by that bird I would think you know I don’t feel comfortable about this there is something in here that makes me feel uncomfortable and the Lord would say “Get rid of it.” But I would say but that is the only souvenir that I have for that country you know.  And what had happened this young girl had come up and said “Come pretty lady come down and by some stuff from me.”  So I went and I  bought the bird and one day as I was dusting I walked past that bird and I went and I started having pains in my chest and I thought “Oh my goodness Lord Jesus what’s wrong with me.”  And I thought “I’ve been telling you to get rid of that it has a curse on it you know you bought it from a country to where they practice all sorts of witchcraft. You bought it from somebody who practices witchcraft,” and so I got rid of it and the pain went away.

Sid:  And I know of another girl that I was ministering to that was having problems with her prosperity and she had been to Greece and she had brought back what they call a good luck rock and she had that in her home and we went to visit her house. And we went for the express purpose of praying through the home cleansing the home. And when I saw this I had a real funny feeling about it but you know if you don’t want to go on a witch hunt every time you go into somebody’s home that’s where discerning of spirits a little wisdom and a little knowledge from God helps a whole lot so that you’re not always offending people. So I didn’t say anything about it I just prayed and I said “God if there is anything wrong with that rock you reveal it to her and when you reveal it to her she’ll accept it.  I asked her several questions I tried to lead her into it and that didn’t make any…she didn’t realize that was what I was talking about.  So about 3 weeks later we was teaching and she held up her hand and she “You know I realized that I probably have an object in my home that is keeping me from prospering.”  And she had a job as an accountant earlier in earlier years and yet she could not get a good job. So she brought the object in we demolished it threw it away and about 2 weeks later she went to work making 3 times as much money as she was making before she had that cursed object in her house.

Sid:  Now okay lets supposed it’s a cursed object let suppose it’s a verbal curse by a witch or someone like that. How do you break it?

Mary Jo: Okay you go through the house…I’ll tell you an incidence where a person recently that happened to them that had an encounter with this person and they were having a disturbance in the service and we had asked them to leave and they would not leave.  And so the lady that had encountered her had started having a lot of pains in her back and she realized that it was probably a curse that this person was putting on her. So we went through the house and we anointed the house with oil and we pled the blood of Jesus Christ.  We prayed over the lady and we broke every witchcraft curse that had been put on her and pled the blood of Jesus and commanded the curse to be removed through the name and the blood of Christ. And she was set free and the nightmares and the funny feeling she had when she went into her house and the pain in her back left.

Sid: You read a scripture at the beginning of the broadcast. A curse there is a cause for every curse.

Mary Jo: Right.

Sid: Let’s go back to examples of things that can open doors for curses some other areas.

Mary Jo: I think I already covered worshipping false Gods, dishonoring your parents, illicit and unnatural sex. And I talked about abortion and injustice for the weak and the helpless.  One of the indications of a curse of course I talked about the breakdown of finances the breakdown of your marriage. Being accident prone sometimes we have accidents and we just think we’re clumsy and klutzy.  If that person is clumsy and klutzy I can grant you that back when they were just learning to just walk and stand on their feet someone in their family just said “Well look at them they’re such a klutz they’re always falling. They got two left feet they can’t…” in other words that is a word curse put on somebody by an authority figure. My daughter for instance she used to every time before we would go on vacation she’d go out in the yard strap bare footed and we had clover in our yard and she’d get a bee sting.  Well of course we had reinforced that with our words because we’d say Karen be real careful when you go out in the yard to play because we’re getting ready to go to grandma’s house and we want you to be able to wear your shoes and to look pretty. And she’d go out and get stung by a bee (laughing) and then we’d have to carry her around when we went on vacation because she couldn’t wear her shoes or she’d be limping around.  And I one day read the scripture where it says that He gives ministering angels charge over us to watch us in all of our way.  So I’d been putting more curses on her but last year she went out to play and I said “You know Lord I just disburse ministering angels around my daughter to watch her in all of her ways and to guard over her and to keep her. Because she had like at that time she had 3 broken bones and when I started stationing ministering angels around her and cleaned up the way I talked about her she’s going to fall be careful you’re going to fall and break your arm when I quit doing that she never had another broken arm…

Sid: Woop we’re out of time…

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Our Guest Paul Wilbur

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Sid:  I have on the telephone I’m speaking to him at his home in Jacksonville, Florida anointed Levite psalmists Paul Wilbur. I’m interviewing him and playing selections from his CD “Lion of Judah.” Paul there is one selection, well there are more than one most of them, but there’s one in particular that really does something to my spirit. It is called “Dance With Me” tell me about that song.

Paul:  That is a song Sid that has from the very first moment I heard it impacted my life probably as much as any song I can imagine. It’s come out of the Song of Songs or the Song of Solomon and it’s a song of the lover to his bride. Yet at the same time it’s a cry from the heart of the bride to the groom. I’ve discovered this song it came out of the International House of Prayer under the direction of Mike Bickle there in Kansas City. These are houses all over the world now Sid that spend 24/7 that means 24 hours a day 7 days a week in intercessory prayer and in worship. It is a phenomenal phenomenal ministry tugging on the heart of God.

Sid:  What is going on in your heart when you’re singing that song “Dance With Me?”

Paul:  Well it is so intimate. If you read the Song of Songs the book of the Song of Solomon there are some portions of that book which are almost embarrassingly revealing of the call of the bride to the groom, and the groom to the bride. It’s an intimacy which is reserved for those who are the absolutely closest of friends. Even as Yeshua said the closest thing He could resemble it to would be a marriage covenant that is kept and walked in in its fulness by a man and a woman. But it still goes so far beyond it’s a song it’s a call and as I sing it I close my eyes I try to block out everybody and everything. I’m calling my heart it’s deep call to deep for the communion the sense of the wrapping of His arms around me to hold me close.

Sid:  There are people that are listening to us Paul that have lost their first love and we’re so close, we’re so close to the Messiah’s return. There is such a job that He has on every single person that’s listening to my voice right now. It’s… I want you to be a coach tell us what to do as we listen to this song “Dance With Me.”

Paul:  Sid I’ve gotten so many testimonies from people and not again to exclude the men but particularly from the women who listen to this song. Here’s what I would suggest, take the music take the CD sit down in a quiet place and put this on this song “Dance With Me” and you may even put it just to repeat over and over. Get yourself into a position where you can just simply put aside all the cares of the day, the thoughts and things that would distract and listen deeply to the words of this song. It is a call from God Himself to you. We have actually had so many testimonies Sid of women who had been abused or abandoned, or felt unlovely they have actually experienced listening to this music that Jesus would take them up into His arms and dance them around the room. Take them on tours around the universe if that sounds too strange for some folks. I challenge them put it on and see where the Spirit of God will take them.

Sid:  You’re telling me you have testimonies of people that have been just drifted so deep in the Spirit from this music?

Paul:  Hmm hmm and me myself I told you yesterday in the… not only in the recording time but many times in just simply singing these songs there is an anointing Sid as you said yesterday that destroys yokes. It’s not just yokes of our thought patters, it’s not just yokes of financial bondage it’s every yoke He destroys them and the anointing does it. It’s not just something you can beg for, you can’t pay for it, you can’t yearn and plead for it. It’s just His anointing that He gives freely and He’s no respecter of persons.

Sid:  There are some people with arthritis. As you worship God right now I tell you that arthritis will be destroyed by the anointing because the anointing destroys the yoke.

Excerpt: Dance With Me

Sid:  That’s “Dance With Me” by Paul Wilbur. Paul this came from the Song of Solomon, Song of Songs and what else does that tell us about intimacy Song of Songs?

Paul:  Well this thing is so intimate Sid as we said earlier it can almost be embarrassing. Listen to these words that God wrote for us in the Song of Songs chapter 2 it says in verse 8:

Listen My lover look here he comes leaping across the mountains bounding over the hills. He’s coming to us he’s coming over the mountains and the hills for us. It says: Look there he stands behind the wall. My lover spoke to and said to me ‘Arise my darling my beautiful one and come with me.’

See the winter is passed even as we sang in that song. The depression is passed, the fear is passed, the sickness is passed, the winter is passed, and the springtime has come. Flowers appear on the earth, a season of singing has come. Arise my darling come my beautiful one and come with me.

Sid:  My goodness what do you say after that? You can’t say anything but what’s going to happen on tomorrow’s broadcast? Can we top it Paul?

Paul:  (Laughing) We’re going to go on about intimacy because even though it may be a little bit embarrassing for us in our western way of thought. This is exactly why Yeshua gave Himself because He wants us to be intimate with Him.

Sid:  You have seen many many people physically healed and God’s not a respecter of persons. Your father-in-law who I personally know also got a death sentence tell me about that.

Paul:  Well he went in this past September, this last fall, to have his gallbladder removed. When they opened him up they almost closed him back because they found cancer in the bio duct, they found cancer in his liver, they found cancer in his lymph system. The doctor said “Well I’ve got him open” and spent 8½ hours operating trying to remove whatever he could see. But then they closed him up…

Sid:  Wait… quickly what was the prognosis?

Paul:  Well they said that he’d be dead by Christmas.

Sid:  Alright we’ll pick up here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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