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Sid Roth welcomes David Herzog

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with David Herzog. And David, there’s some new things that are happening in the Glory Realm, people with metal rods in their back and other things. Tell me what’s going on.

DAVID: Yeah. We’re seeing quite a few people now. They got metal plates, metal rods, screws and pins, nails that the doctors put in their body, completely disappear, dissolve or turn back to bone where it’s just not there. Just creative miracles like that that God’s doing.

SID: And blind people?

DAVID: Yeah. Blind eyes. Blind eyes opening. People that could not see, either one eye or both eyes, completely eyes opening up. We just had a trip to Asia last year, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, each of those countries, we had blind eyes open up.

SID: Now David’s father is Jewish. And David tried and tried to share the Messiah with him. No success at all. But one day when David had pretty much given up, you had an encounter about your dad. Tell me about it.

DAVID: Yeah. I was at this youth camp and the man there said, “Let’s pray for a burden for souls. How many would like a burden for your relatives?” I said, Oh that’s me. I’m tired of praying for my dad, eight years. He doesn’t want it. I don’t want to bother him with it. I don’t want to have pray and have it be a burden. So I come up to pray anyway. Okay, God, give me a burden, a bigger burden for my dad. And then I get taken to Hell. I see Hell. I see him burning in Hell, flames burning his body, non-stop, but he doesn’t die. He looks at me in the vision and says, “David, why did you stop praying for me? I was almost there.” I was weak. I felt so heavy. And then a voice said to me, “Pray for him right now because he may not have long to live if he doesn’t get saved. The Devil will try to take him.” So begin weeping and crying for his soul. God, please save my father. You know, Dad, come to Jesus. Come to Yeshua. You know, every word I was praying it was like an intercession, travail, groaning. That hour, a lady, a little lady, knocks on the door of my dad’s house and leads him to the Lord. While I was getting a vision of him in Hell simultaneously, he received the Jewish Messiah.

SID: And speaking of his dad, David just had some meetings in Hollywood. And what happened to your father’s hair?
DAVID: My dad’s hair, besides the fact that he brought Jewish people every night of the three nights, Jewish people got saved, the ones he brought, he was bald on top, his hair began to grow and his white hair began to turn black.

SID: Talk about a sign and wonder. But, you know, I’m seeing the same thing that you just described. And when I was a brand new believer in the early ‘70s, I saw that. I saw genuine Jewish revival. I saw Jewish people coming to the Lord every week in our Messianic Jewish congregation. And then after a couple of years it just stopped. What do you sense is going on?

DAVID: There is a total shift right now in the spirit, worldwide, in the USA, in Israel, around the world. I’ve never seen Jewish people so wide open to the Lord. Even relatives that I’ve known for years that just never would budge, 30, 40 years, suddenly they’re wide open begging for God to visit them. And Yeshua visits them. They get saved. Jewish lawyers, people in Hollywood. There’s a huge hunger now to know the Jewish Messiah.

SID: And you know something else? That when David talks about the glory, many times people have visitations to Heaven. But the one that happened in Israel, I mean, with two people. Tell me about that.

DAVID: We had that several times. We went to Bethel. And the Bible says, Genesis 28, “This is the gate of Heaven.” So we go on over there because it’s an open gate. And we lay on the floor. Someone plays worship and we close our eyes, and just see if God will visit us or show us a picture, or a vision, and many people began to weep, and they had been taken to Heaven corporately in the spirit realm. Their bodies were there but they saw Heaven when they were closing their eyes as if they were there. And two people said, “I went to Heaven, too.” And I talked to one girl, “What did you see in Heaven?” “Oh Jesus talked to me. In fact she, that girl over there was with me.” “And what did you talk about together in Heaven? What did Jesus tell you?” I said, “Hold on.” And we interviewed the girl and same exact story. They hadn’t talked to each other and it was a real thing. They both went to Heaven, both had visitation with Jesus, and they both came back. It was amazing to hear that people could not just get a heavenly encounter, but corporate heavenly encounters.

SID: Now I’m going back to your dad with his hair. I think that is so phenomenal. I know this happens often. Have you ever seen hair grow almost before your eyes?

DAVID: This week we saw it Sunday night. Hair began to grow right there in the meeting, in Florida. A guy comes up and he’s crying and he can hardly talk, and you can see a little bit of hair that had begun to grow. And the guy runs up and shows me his before picture. Someone actually took a picture of his head as they’re looking to see if he would get hair, and it was bald, I mean the scalp. And all of a sudden afterwards, he runs, and as we’re watching, oh yeah, we can see some hair, we’re watching it grow more and more, and more, and more. Everyone starts screaming, “Oh my gosh, look! The hair is growing!” And everyone just freaking out in a good way. He had a hair growth and we got to watch it while it grew. It was amazing. This man, and I have a before and after picture. It’s just amazing. No hair at all on his scalp and hair begins to grow.

SID: You know, David, I believe that if David prays for you right now wherever you are, because there is no limits in this Glory Realm. There’s high, medium and low, and low, low, low. But wherever you are right I’m going to believe that you are going to take a mega jump. David, would you pray for people to experience the glory of God?

DAVID: Sure.

SID: And then if God directs you maybe even to physical healing.

DAVID: Okay, great. Well I just pray for those watching right now. If you’re hungry for God’s presence, His glory, the supernatural, just close your eyes right where you’re at and just ask the Holy Spirit to come in. And as you do that I pray right now, God, open up the windows of Heaven over everyone watching, believers and non-believers. Visit people that are watching. Come God in Your glory. Fill them. Saturate every fiber of their being, their mind, their spirit, their body, their emotions. Just fill them right now with a thick, heavy, heavy presence of the glory and presence of God right now. Just open yourself to it and God will come. And as we’re in that glory I just see healings, miracles, body parts that need to be created, I release through creative miracles right now in Yeshua’s name. Teeth that are missing, grow. Hair that’s missing, grow. Cartilage that’s missing, grow. Cataracts being healed, blindness being healed, a right arm that’s paralyzed, I see strength coming back. Anything on our body that you need a healing just even lay hands on it right now. And I declare miracles in healing and start to move that body part and see if you can tell a difference. God is healing a lot of people right now, especially creative miracles on body parts, but healings as well.

SID: David, has you’re sharing about the glory, the presence of God is getting so strong I want to speak something to you. Do you remember David’s father where he had the vision of his father in Hell, and his father saying, “Why did you stop praying for me?” Well that vision could be for you. Do you know the Messiah? Do you know that he died for your sins? Do you know that if you ask for forgiveness your sins will be washed away? Nothing will be separating you from the love of God. Do you know that if you speak out loud that you believe in your heart that Yeshua, Jesus rose from the dead that his life will enter you? And he says, “I will never leave you. I will never forsake you.” There is a peace which is the opposite of what’s going on in the world that is waiting for you. It’s as if he’s knocking on your door through me right now and he’s saying, “I love you. I don’t want you to keep going through the hard things you’re going through. I want to take your burden. Give me your burden.” Make Jesus your Lord and Savior. “Yeshua, forgive me. I make you my Lord. Enter me. Live in me now.”

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Our Guest David Herzog

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with David Herzog. We’re talking about entering the most wonderful realm, the glory, the manifest presence of God. I love that realm. It’s more important to be in that realm than anything this world has to offer. And so David, despite all the wonderful things he was seeing, he was hungry for more of God. That’s what happens when you get into this realm. You just can’t get enough of God’s presence. And so a mutual friend of ours, Ruth Heflin, was known as someone that would sing and get people to enter the glory. So you went to her camp to learn more. What happened?

DAVID: Yeah. After the six-month revival I was so hungry for even more of God’s glory. And God told me, “Go to Ruth and go to her meetings.” So I show up there on January, I think it was the first or second, 1999. And I’m there to receive, and she says to me, “Oh David, glad to meet you. I’ve heard about you. I want you to preach tonight.” I said, “Oh no, no, no. I’ve been preaching for six months straight. I can’t. I want to receive what you have.” She goes, “No. I’m a prophetess of God. God told me you’re supposed to speak tonight.” I had no desire whatsoever to speak. I wanted to receive something fresh. So I go and I obey. I mean, she’s a prophetess of God. God tells her. So I go to speak. And when I’m on the pulpit to preach, the power of God hits me. The glory of God hits me in a way I’ve never had before. I end up singing two chapters of the Bible.

SID: Did you read it and sing it?

DAVID: I was singing, my message was Isaiah 60. I end up singing Isaiah 60 and 61 as my message. As I was singing in the power of the Holy Spirit, completely in this euphoric glory, the power of God started hitting the place. Healing, deliverances, signs of wonder started happening. It was like, and I felt like I was on Cloud 9, like I had died and went to Heaven. The level of glory I felt that stayed with me all week from that one night was just so out of this world. I said, “God, I’m going to do whatever it takes. I’m going to go for the glory of God. That’s going to be my main message above miracles, above anything else. I want Your glory because this is like I feel so close to You.” I had known the glory, but I didn’t realize that level of the glory. There’s different levels of it. Where I thought I had known it, okay, the glory, the anointing, goose bumps, electricity and fire, but this was different. There was such intimacy. It’s like I was in Heaven on Earth. I can’t explain it.

SID: You’ve explained it. You know, David, I’ve been in your home and I’ve met your wife, your daughters, and you are a blessed man.

DAVID: Thank you.

SID: But one of your daughters, who happens to be at this TV shoot, her name is Glory. And there was something very unusual about her when she was born.

DAVID: After that Ruth Heflin thing, about four months later, my daughter was born. And the word was, “She will be a sign and a wonder.” So we kept that word. And God gave the name “Glory” to my wife for her, Shannon Glory. So we’re in the hospital and the baby comes out, and it’s amazing. I didn’t feel a thing when that baby came out. I had no pain whatsoever. That’s a joke. You can laugh.

SID: Okay. Sorry about that. I’m thinking about what you’re about ready to say.

DAVID: And my wife was so faithful at every birth, at every child she was right by my side. She was so good. So we’re there.

SID: Are you changing your profession and you’re going to become a comedian? Are you poet and you don’t even know it? No, I’m just teasing. Go ahead.

DAVID: So the baby comes out and they clean the blood and they look, these French doctors, and she’s covered in gold, whatever you want to call it, glory dust, gold dust. She’s covered in gold and she had no makeup kit in her womb at birth. She didn’t have a makeup kit in her pocket.

SID: Of course.

DAVID: She’s born covered in gold. And at that point I was kind of like I’m not skeptical about the gold, but I’m not excited about it. I just want souls. I don’t understand it. What does it have to do anything? Where is it in the Bible? All I know is my daughter was full with gold and the glory of God was so thick in the operating room, not the operating room, in the maternity ward. And the Lord began speaking to me saying, “Don’t limit any of My signs and My glory because I want to touch people with signs and wonders.”

SID: Speaking of signs and wonders, he was recently in Sri Lanka. And what happened to that Buddhist priest?

DAVID: Well we had a lot of people come in Sri Lanka. You know, they had a 30-year war. The war ended. And this is one of the first meetings where so many souls unsaved came into the meetings. And we had every kind from government leaders, mafia, underworld people, a lot of religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslims, kind of gurus that move in the supernatural, other supernatural.

SID: Sounds like a picnic.

DAVID: It was really exciting. And this guy, a Buddhist priest, front row. Buddhist priests do not go to meetings where Jesus is preached. It just doesn’t happen.

SID: So why did they come?

DAVID: Because they didn’t know it was Christian meeting.

SID: Oh okay.

DAVID: Because the billboard we put up just said, “Do you believe in miracles? Come.” That’s all it said. Nobody knew. So they all come. Front row. He’s just excited. And I forgot what his sickness was. He was sick with something and he had gotten ill. And when it came time for the altar call, people rushing to be saved, he received the Lord, and that caused quite a stir in the city. Everyone started talking about the Buddhist priest came up to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. So it caused some controversy. But it caused a lot more people to come that were Buddhist and Hindu to check out what God was doing.

SID: I want to take a look at a Buddhist woman that had a great miracle. And you watch this and tell me whether you feel in your heart this is authentic. And you have to be a bisa meshuga, a little crazy, not to realize how authentic this is.

WOMAN: Two months back there was something in this eye. When I look at things there also a white splash or something.

DAVID: A white flash. Was it like a cataract?

WOMAN: All the time–

DAVID: Some kind of spot?

WOMAN: Yeah. It was like a spot or something.

DAVID: A cataract or something?

WOMAN: Yeah.

DAVID: Something was blocking your vision.

WOMAN: But my husband wanted me to go and check it, but I was too scared to go to a doctor because I don’t want to know the bad news or something, I don’t know.

DAVID: Yeah.

WOMAN: But now when you were saying the eye, I think my husband was praying.

DAVID: Wow. And it opened up.

WOMAN: And when I opened it up it was gone.

DAVID: She opened her eyes and the spots are gone.

WOMAN: And I am Buddhist.

DAVID: You’re Buddhist. See, God loves Buddhists. She’s a Buddhist who follows Jesus now. But her eyes have been healed tonight.

WOMAN: I believe in him. I have to admit that. It’s his miracles.

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Sid Roth welcomes David Herzog

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with David Herzog. And David is known as someone that has launched into a realm called the Glory Realm. And the Glory Realm is the presence of God with such a tangible presence that it’s almost like you could reach your hand if your hand is missing a thumb, let’s say, you reach your hand in that Glory Realm and the thumb would grow out. It’s the most wonderful things happen when you enter that Glory Realm. You see, when you speak words they have an influence on everything, but it’s slow. I mean, it could be ten years, 20 years, 30 years before these words come to pass. But if you speak words in the Glory Realm it’s instant. Now David, you have had people that are bald get their hair back. You have had people that lose instant weight loss. How many pounds is the maximum that someone has lost?

DAVID: We had a guy in Jackson, Tennessee lose 70 pounds in one meeting.

SID: Seventy pounds?

DAVID: Seventy pounds.

SID: That’s almost hard, I mean he was almost not there any more.

DAVID: Well he was still there, ‘cause he was still pretty heavy, huge. He ran around. I said, “Someone here, you’re about to lose a lot of weight. Get out of your seat and run.” The guy takes off running. It’s like a Mac truck was coming through the room. Everyone moved out of the way. And when he grabbed his pants there was so much space in between. He weighed himself, 70. We had another guy, 60 pounds. But then a few weeks later he went to get his trucking license. He had to get a physical, and by the time he had lost his 60, four weeks later he had lost actually a hundred. They said, “No sir, you’ve lost a hundred pounds.” So it kept going off after the first weight loss.

SID: Well I’ve been in one of your meetings, and before my eyes, I saw a woman’s hair change color. Why do these such unique things happen in your ministry?

DAVID: Well I noticed one thing. I asked the Lord years ago, “Lord, how come we don’t see more creative miracles? Everyone is in the healing ministry, but where are the body parts being recreated?” And God told me, “Because my people don’t see me as the Creator. They don’t preach me as the Creator. I don’t manifest creative miracles that they would see me not just as the healer, but as the Creator, that I’m still the Creator, I would manifest as Creator.” If we would see Him as Creator, worship Him as Creator and preach Him as Creator from that Word would be accompanied creative miracle signs.

SID: Well as you and I were discussing before we went on the air, the Glory Realm is like the highest realm of God. I want to find out how David got into that Glory Realm. You and your wife Stephanie graduate Bible college, and you both have the same vision. Tell me about it.

DAVID: Yeah, I met my wife and we were going to get married, and we both had the exact vision to go to France, which is amazing, you know. Who wants to go to France, right, besides a vacation? So she says, “I’m called to France. I’m supposed to minister there.” And I’m “So am I.” And so long story short, we go there.

SID: Wait. How much money did you have?

DAVID: Not a lot. A few hundred dollars. Not much money.

SID: That’s, I’ve been using this word a lot lately, you should know it by now, that’s chutzpah. That’s Jewish nerve.

DAVID: That’s what we were going on, too.

SID: When it’s crazy. Go ahead.

DAVID: And we go over there and, you know, nothing was working for us. The first year was hard. No one was getting saved. There was no money. And then I fasted for three days, which is pretty easy to do with no money. Like a forced fast, you know.

SID: Right.

DAVID: And I said, “God, how do I win this country, this nation, this continent?” And he shows me Romans 11, and He said, “If you will reach my people, the Jewish people in Israel I will give you the nations.” Paul was called to Europe, the Roman Empire. And God says, “Here’s your key to reach Rome. Reach the Jew first and I’ll give you the Roman Empire.”

SID: Okay. So you and your wife leave, it wasn’t too difficult, France, ‘cause you had nothing going for you, no money. You go to Israel and you wind up in of all places the Upper Room. What happened there?

DAVID: In the Upper Room we’re worshiping God and I get knocked out by the power of God on the floor. I’m weeping uncontrollably. And an African-American girl from our team prophesized to me and says, “Now today, your ministry begins.” And I’m thinking, oh I’ve ministered before. But in the Lord’s eyes it’s to the Jew first. Now you’re touching Israel for the first time. Now your ministry begins. It’s like being in Heaven. It was like everything before that was practiced, but now it’s serious because you’re touching My people. And we led 13 people to the Lord on that trip.

SID: Okay. So now you and your wife Stephanie return to France.


SID: Where you have no money, nothing going for you. And what happens?

DAVID: We go to France. We live there for about a month or two. Then we go to Toronto and we go some crazy meeting where people are getting touched and crying, and laughing, and I thought it was a little weird. But I got prayer. I left and suddenly this new anointing comes on my life. People are getting healed, saved, demons are coming out, and the joy is hitting them. People are just full of joy uncontrollably wherever we go. And that lasts for a couple of years. Then we keep hitting multiple revivals. Then a holiness revival breaks out. I show up in a church and unsaved people and believers run up to be saved with such conviction and a six-month revival breaks out.

SID: What actually occurred in France as a result of that catalyst of going to Israel first the same way Paul went to Rome first?

DAVID: Yeah. The Lord said, “Because you reached my people in Israel I’m going to give you now the nation you’re in.” I get back to France and within a couple of weeks I’m in this new move of God for five years non-stop. Every week doors are opening, signs of wonder, salvations. Immediately from nothing to full-blown, like I’m one of the top five evangelists in the country now, and then ending in the fifth year in a six-month revival, the longest running revival in 50 years just from one trip to Israel where we got Jewish people saved.

SID: What type of miracles did you see during that period?

DAVID: During that revival I remember the first weekend a girl was picked up off the floor, 13 centimeters off the floor, what someone called it she levitated. I just call it she arose. Isaiah 60. She was weeping for souls and people saw her lifting–

SID: By the way, anything in the new age is a counterfeit. You can’t have a counterfeit unless you have the authentic. And what David is talking about is the authentic.

DAVID: Yeah. So this girl is praying and weeping for souls, and she lifts up off the ground, 13 centimeters off the ground. I guess someone had a ruler or something to measure it, you know, but it was about 13 centimeters. And she flipped over like a pancake in the air and came back to the ground. And people around her freaked out. A few of them took off running. But others were just amazed. It was a very special time. When she went down souls ran up to be saved, just French people running up–

SID: These signs and wonders don’t just happen for no reason. There’s a reason behind it. It’s for people to see a demonstration of the Kingdom of God and then want to know the King. I want you to believe in such signs and wonders. I want you to move in the Glory Realm. Be right back after this word.

DAVID: I think it, you know what? It’s still growing right now. Put the camera on his head. The hair is growing right now. You’re watching hair growing right now as we speak.

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Our Guest Aviad Cohen

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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Aviad Cohen, and Aviad was in the traditional Jewish community. He wanted to be. Every fiber of his being he wanted to give to the Jewish community. That’s why he was a rap artist. 50 Shekel. He made international headlines over this wonderful thing he was doing for the Jewish community. But there was something. Dissatisfaction was inside of him. He wanted contact with God, and all he got was contact with tradition. He didn’t even know what he was looking for, but he knew this was not it. So one day, against what he was advised to, he got a video, and the video was “The Passion of Christ.” Why is a Jewish young man, in the traditional Jewish community in Brooklyn, New York, why would you get that video?

AVIAD: You know something? When you get to that point, you just, because it was Shabbat. I was in my Shabbat suit. I was on the upper west side at this time. And I looked around, “Do I know anybody in here?” And so I just went into Best Buy, went upstairs, picked up the DVD, bought Agent Cody Banks, put it on top. I didn’t want the cash register lady to even see that I bought it!

SID: What had you been told about that movie?

AVIAD: Oh, it’s anti-Semitic. I saw it. It’s not anti-Semitic. What is it trying to do? It’s trying to…

SID: Alright, you’re watching the movie. Tell me what’s going on inside of you.

AVIAD: I’m watching, I’m like, ok…

SID: Did you pull the blinds down, the shades down?

AVIAD: They were down anyway, but my door was closed, yes.

SID: Alright.

AVIAD: The thing is, as I was watching it, the first thing that came to mind was “He’s Jewish. What’s going on?” Because I’d already been reading the Brith Hadisha, the New Covenant, New Testament, online.

SID: I was going to ask you, where did you get it.

AVIAD: There’s so much information on the web. I was reading on the web, and it was amazing. I was reading that, and then this movie started to solidify God’s word. See, I didn’t make, some people say, “Oh, you watched ‘The Passion’ and you accepted Jesus.” No, I started reading God’s word. God was leading me to His word. But “The Passion” just made things so much more interesting and real to me. This Guy, this is Jewish, they’re calling Him Yeshua, we’re dealing with some Pharisees who look just like my rabbi. Yes, I’m for real.

SID: Ok.

AVIAD: But I’m praying they’ll come to know Yeshua. And then at the end, they crucify Him. My Yeshua. That’s our Savior, that’s our Messiah. That’s our Messiah. That’s the only one we’ll ever have, and they crucify Him. And when I saw that, I was like “That’s my Messiah.”

SID: Ok, so you finish that and you go home, and you have one of these clock radios
that picks up a little bit of a station, staticy. And all of a sudden, a Christian minister comes on, it wakes you up every morning, and you’re not supposed to be able to get this station. What did you think?

AVIAD: You know something, God moves. When you ask Him to move, God will move. So in this situation, it was amazing, because I set my alarm clock to just go off to beeping. And where I was living in Queens, I had no reception. But instead it went off to a radio in the morning, and I was like “This doesn’t make sense. How did it get that?” But it was a pastor speaking, and he was sharing Old Covenant and New Covenant, and it was just a lot more clear and not convoluted like the rabbinic’s were teaching me. And that was very important for me to see, that they were teaching the Bible. They weren’t trying to twist it.

SID: When did you publicly state to anyone that Yeshua is your Messiah and Lord?

AVIAD: I publicly stated it after… I had to get out of certain obligations, and I posted it on my website, and that was it.

SID: Now, if you were talking to an elderly Jewish woman right now, look in the camera and tell her why Yeshua’s the Messiah.

AVIAD: Yeshua is your Messiah, because He loves you like you don’t even know. You don’t even know. Life is so… You know how life can go by like that. This moment right now, He wants you to get to know Him. He’s everything you ever wanted. He is, He is… What can I say? He’s made me a Jew. He hasn’t made me more Jewish, Yeshua has made me a Jew. We’re chosen, but now I know what it is to be chosen, and now I know what it is to be a Jew, and now I know what it is to know God. Because wouldn’t you want to know God before your time is up? I do. And I don’t know when my time is up, but I just figured…

SID: Is it possible to even understand the Tanach, the Jewish scriptures, without knowing Yeshua? Is it possible?

AVIAD: Well, to understand it, I think you just have to open up, like my song “Hooked on the Truth.” “I came, I saw, I opened up that book, now look at me, I’m hooked on the truth.” That’s what I say. Just open up that book. We have an obligation. Actually I’ll tell you right now. We have an inheritance, ok. Some people say “Oh, I got 50 million dollars, I got an inheritance.” Ok, ok. We have an inheritance as Jews. We have inheritance. He is our inheritance. Salvation through Yeshua Hamashiach. There is no other way to be forgiven for sins. You can pay $200 for a temple, you know, to go and do this and ask God to forgive you for your sins. That’s not going to fly. That’s not going to do it. Why are they doing it every single year? $200 every single year doesn’t make sense to me. You ask Yeshua one time, that’s it.

SID: Look, the bottom line is this: Do you want intimacy with God? I’ve got some good news, you don’t have to be Jewish to have intimacy with God. You just have to know the King of the Jews. So if you’re Jewish or Gentile, your sins are separating you from intimacy with God. Why would you not want intimacy with God? It’s not equal weights. Tradition’s down here, intimacy with God is infinity. It’s everything. It’s the whole purpose of life. The only way that your sins can be forgiven is to tell God you’re sorry, and believe that God came in human form, in the form of Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah, and your sins were put upon him. And as Jeremiah says, “I, God, will remember your sins no more.” So you have a choice: to carry your sins, or have God say, “I, God, will remember your sins no more”, and give you the power. If you take Yeshua as your Messiah, ask Him to live inside of you, become real, that’s all you have to do. The rest is up to God.

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