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Our Guest Akef Tayem

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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to have as much Shalom as we have right now.  The only way that you can have this Shalom this supernatural peace is to have intimacy with our supernatural God.  And when I talk about the One New Man to me the most beautiful picture of the One New Man is a Jew and an Arab knowing the Messiah, loving God with all of their heart.  That’s the Sh’ma Deuteronomy 6:4 and loving their neighbor as their self. A literally new creation; the true Body of Messiah.  That’s why I am so excited to be interviewing my new friend, his name is Akef Tayem. And Akef is an Arab, a Palestinian Arab; born in Haifa, Israel. But shortly after Israel became a modern day nation his parents who were very prosperous immigrated to the Island of Cyprus. He and his family, his brothers and sisters were in some of the best schools. As I was kidding with her yesterday but actually was very serious; he’s got some pretty good genes. Because all of his brothers got scholarships to American universities. So he gets to college; he meets a Christian girl who wants this Palestinian Arab to know her Jesus and she’s witnessing to him and she finally talks about something that was totally foreign to him, miracles, healings.  And so there was a tent evangelist and she invited him. He decides to go, and so he’s watching.  He doesn’t even like what he sees because in the mosque women don’t have shorts and you can barely tell it’s a woman because she’s so covered up. And there’s a much more respect for God and he doesn’t… he’s mystified by what he sees.  And then comes the time for miracles.  Akef, what did you see with your eyes? What was happening?

Akef: Well, the first thing I’d seen happen is a lady in a wheelchair. The evangelist walks up to her and he prays and he asked for this miracle for her to happen, for her to get out of the wheelchair.  And he mentions the Name of Jesus.  And the lady gets up and everyone starts clapping and….

Sid: Stop, did you think this was a pretend, fake?

Akef: Of course, of course.  It looked like the audience was somehow were cued somehow because they clapped at the same time.  They say these things and speak in this I don’t know what it is gibberish language that I didn’t understand some of them. And to me it seems that it’s orchestrated because you can’t really tell. I couldn’t tell if the lady was part of the show or I mean… I didn’t know that for sure she was crippled.  I didn’t believe the miracle, not at all.

Sid: So what happened next?

Akef:  Well then this gentleman comes on this stretcher and the minister again builds up like a chorus the crowd, etc, and the gentleman does not respond.  Supposedly he’s given up for dead, he’s given a few days and that he’s going to pray for him; and Jesus will heal him again. And the same thing happens again; the gentleman get’s up and walks and everyone is clapping and what have you.  It didn’t impress me at all; it just didn’t look right, it didn’t sound right.  The third miracle was something else though, it was a child and that child was only like 4 or 5 seats from me, perhaps 6, 7 years old.  And I could see that when I first walked in matter of fact I had to pass the child to sit down in my chair. One of his legs was withered, shorter than the other one and very skinny, skinnier than the other one.  And it was in a brace like a leather brace. Somehow this minister as he was walking around in the tent he seen the guy and he told his mother to bring him on the stage.  So they took the child on the stage and he set him in a chair and he sits in a chair across from him. He says, he made a very interesting statement, he said “Everyone who does not believe in miracles or everyone who thinks that this is all fake and is not true come on the stage, come and see this.”  And I felt that that was my opportunity and so I run to the stage, and he held the child took her brace off.  He held the child withered leg; he was holding both the legs.  And he began to pray and I was right there and he mentioned the Name of Jesus. And the leg Sid begins to grow; it absolutely fascinated me.

Sid: Now, I have seen legs that were one leg is shorter than the other.

Akef:  Yes.

Sid: I have seen this grow out myself but what you told me the leg did not only grow it was withered it was very much thinner than the other leg.  What happened with that thin leg?

Akef:  Well, what’s amazing is… I tried to think about this later on.  As the leg was growing it looked like it took it maybe a little time I don’t know a second, two or three. Yes, because it gave my mind and there was some duration there because I was wondering at one time if that leg was going to outgrow the other one because it was… I was looking at it but it stopped when it reached the length of the other leg the healthy leg it stopped.  And I remember too, how on earth did it know to stop when it stopped? And then I saw someone blow into it it’s amazing like a (sound of air blown into the microphone), the leg just filled up in front of my eyes.   

Sid: So tell me, this is a pretty good trick.  Did you think this was a trick or did you say “Oh, my God, this is a miracle?”

Akef:  That’s exactly, that I could not deny. This I couldn’t. And this is what tore my life.  This is what tore my life, turned it upside down is what I’ve seen that day on that stage.  That I could not deny anymore.

Sid: From the time you saw the miracle how long did it take you to make Jesus your Messiah and Lord?

Akef: I did immediately, I did immediately.  I felt a weakness in my knees; which was amazing I don’t understand it.  I don’t know how it happened but I felt a weakness in my knees and the next thing I know I was on the my knees and I wanted this Jesus that this minister was talking about.  Now it took me some time to reconcile my Islam and where I come from and all that stuff but I accepted Him as soon as I’d seen this miracle.  I could not deny.

Sid: It must have been… now I know for me being Jewish and having come to know the Messiah, the most difficult thing was telling my family that I now believed in the one that I was always told not to believe in as the Messiah.  How was it with you with your family?

Akef: Oh, it was very odd. It was very painful; very painful.  Matter of fact I was sophomore in college at the time and of course my… we had money.  My dad supported me very good, I had a nice place we were staying at college, kids party and what have you.  And he stopped my allowance, he asked my brother of course to get me to change my mind again and again. And when I couldn’t I told my brother, I love you and I don’t know why I’m doing such a thing, it looks like it’s beyond me but I cannot.  I just cannot deny what I’ve seen.  And within about 6 months or so my dad made a special trip to the United States to disown me. You know the tradition is that the parents spits in the son’s face.  It’s tradition to do that.

Sid: Well, you know that in Judaism they actually go even further, they have a burial; a mock burial. So to speak and they say “My son is dead, I have no son anymore.” So it’s similar though.

Akef:  Yes.  And I remember and I appreciate him so much.  He came between us and he got most of that out on him; bless his heart.   

Sid: Okay, there was a special moment in your life when all of a sudden a fire or a heat came on your right hand.  Tell me about that.

Akef:  Okay, there was a… I was very distraught now with what happened, there was a battle going on inside me.  And I decided to just to be by myself for awhile. I drove I got in my car and I ended up in some friends that I knew in Birmingham and I meant to go visit them. But I ran across a little church in the woods outside Birmingham, Alabama. I decided to just stay there for a little bit.  And during this time it was a difficult time actually.

Sid: Now you say that you decided to stay there.  They let you stay there?

Akef:  I asked the lady, it was a very small church and I had a van and I asked her; I told her I was going through some difficult times and if she doesn’t mind me just living in my van for a few days until I see what happens. And she was perfectly…

Sid: Akef, I’m sorry we’re out of time.  Mishpochah, oh does he have a mighty miracle.

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Our Guest Tim Enloe

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Tim Enloe

Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah but you know what that’s normal.  And what people call normal Christianity that shouldn’t even have the word Christian attached it should just have the word tradition attached.  It should have the word religion attached.  No wonder the world makes fun of us, but the real thing is about ready to come. It’s about ready to be an outpouring of God’s Spirit and one of the necessary ingredients to get you prepared for what is about to ready to happen on planet earth is for you to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and speaking in unknown tongues.  Now I’m speaking to Tim Enloe at his home in Wichita, Kansas. Tim you’ve come out with a new book called “Want More.” Why did you write this?

Tim:  Well there’s always been a burning desire in my heart for people to experience what I had experienced. I’ll never forget that night that I experienced the baptism in the Spirit.  Christ became more real to me; I had always thought of the baptism of the Holy Spirit as being some kind of an auxiliary optional benefit or blessing you could seek if you wanted to. But that night I didn’t encounter per say the Holy Spirit as much in what I anticipated; instead you know what I encounter more I encountered a revelation of Jesus as the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit.  The one who is pouring out His Spirit upon me became so real and he ignited a passion in my heart about telling people about Jesus.  Just two days after I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit I began to lead people to Christ.  I’d never done that before.  The day after I began to pray for people and I saw miracles take place.  It’s just incredible the passion that God will stir in your heart when you obey Him and follow His promise.

Sid:  You know what’s exciting to me is that I’m reading just average people that you have activated their gifts and their excitements for Jesus.  Because that’s what you do you proclaim the Risen Lord.  The person you can have intimacy with your best friend, and then how to activate these gifts. And then in your book you talk about people that just get saved; just get filled with the Holy Spirit and immediately they’re like Benny Hinn.

Tim:   (Laughing) Well one of my favorite stories happened in the mid-west several years ago.  We were ministering in a small town and at the end I think that it was like a Monday night service I was praying for those to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit and only one person came forward.  Which is really unusual a young single mom.   Well, she received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit that night very easily, very beautifully it wasn’t really emotion of anything like that but just beautiful reception of the Spirits gift upon her life.  Well the next night I asked for testimonies and that night previously there had been some pretty wonderful healings and so there was some healing testimonies.  And I was just getting ready to open up the word and begin to share again teach out of the word. And she raised her hand and said “Maybe I should say something.” And her words went something like this she said “Well, last night I got that Holy Spirit thing where you say those funny words.”  Which I thought was priceless, I knew right away that she was a new believer because she didn’t have all our religious jargon you know and she said that…

Sid: I hope she stays that way forever, but go ahead. (Laughing)

Tim:  She said “You know (she pointed at me) you told me that was proof to me that God would guide my known language, my words in a new and a powerful way; so today I decided to try it out.” She said “I put my kids on the school bus and I had my baby in my arms and I went and knocked on a trailer next door.” And by the way the pastor told me later on she had only been born again for less than 2 months at this point okay.  She knocked on the next door neighbor’s trailer and they were getting ready to go to work and just finishing up a cup of coffee and she “Hey can I tell you guys something real quick?  Last night I got this thing from church where you say these funny words and you feel God and it’s just unbelievable.”  And while she was telling them this, and by the way you mentioned on yesterday’s program that people are afraid of presenting tongues and afraid of the ramifications and turning people away and making other people think that we’re crazy.  But instead it stirs spiritual curiosity; it’s an unknown mystery it stirs and draws people.  Well, here she is in very un-technical and perhaps in some wrong language describing what she had experienced; her neighbors began to cry. And after a little while she told me later on that it was like I couldn’t believe the words that I was saying to them they just felt so right.  Pretty soon the husband and wife began to cry and they said “Well, how do we get this gift too?  And she said “Well, you have to be born again first.”  And she prayed and led them to the Lord.  She was so excited she went to the trailer on the other side and after about 20 minutes she had led the husband and the wife and a little girl to the Lord. Then it as laundry time about 11:00 in the morning had her little baby bouncing around on her knee and had a Ladies Home Journal in the other and all of a sudden it dawned on her “I bet all these people in the laundry mat would like to hear what I have to say.  Because after-all she’s only had 100% acceptance because she’s dependent on the Holy Spirit.  And she put the magazine down and began to share with them. Well, as she’s telling the testimony at this point all of a sudden her eyes, her countenance changes, her chin drops her eyes kind of go to the floor and she begins to very apologetically say “Well I hate to say it but I wasn’t as near as successful in the laundry in the Holy Spirit well you people you’ve had this for years so I’m not as good at this as you are. So only 7 of the 8 women there received Jesus as Savior but I’ll get better, this Holy Spirit thing is all it cracked up to be.”  And I watched a room full of people that had experienced that gift back in 1990 your business kind of slide down the seats there in that church in kind of embarrassment because this lady who was only born again for a short time was experiencing what this power was for.

Sid: How did… answer this question Tim I’ve been pondering this for a while.  How did something that started out with the least follower of Jesus walking in extraordinary supernatural power evolve to the superstar system?

Tim:  Well I think it really goes back to a transcendent principal Paul brings out in Galatians “Having begun in the Spirit are you now going to finish in the flesh?”  We all have this tendency I think because we depend on God until we can handle it from here.  “Lord, thank You so much you’ve gotten my car towed out of the ditch now I’ll drive home.”  And we have that mentality, I’ll tell you in my own life the Lord spoke to me it was actually about a year after I had received the Baptism of the Spirit that as I began to seek and pray about the gifts flowing in a greater way in my life, I was just a 13 year old child, the Lord spoke to me; I’ll never forget it wasn’t a flat out vision or anything like that but in my heart as I began to pray I began to see a bicycle. And someone was welding wheels on a bicycle that if we would trust on God for balance and stability then we wouldn’t lean on our own understanding and there would be a consistent level of power in our lives. And this is why I believe that it is so imperative for us to pray in that language of the Spirit in the day; it brings us back down to the first day that we were ever baptized in the Spirit. Trusting God for every syllable trusting Him for every word.  It’s a recounting of our daily dependence on God guiding and directing and empowering us by His Holy Spirit to minister.

Sid: You know I recently interviewed a man that been a believer for many many years in ministry and he challenged me to pray in unknown tongues every spare second that I would have.  I’ve been doing that lately and I do not believe I’m kidding myself, I do not believe that it’s coincidence, but things have been working out better things have been flowing.  It’s almost as though I am praying these mysteries as the Bible calls it and making things happen in the time that I usually listen to talk radio shows.

Tim:  Well, that’s one of the powerful dimensions of praying in the language of the Spirit.  I mean there are two types of prayer; the first type of prayer flows out of our intelligence.   We hear about a need it forms concern and out of that concern we pray Lord heal Aunt Mable’s arm that she fell down in the pasture and broke yesterday you know.  But then there’s another level of prayer a level of prayer that doesn’t… is not inspired by our understanding by our intelligence. The Bible tells us in 1st Corinthians chapter 2 that the Spirit of God searches all things even the depths of God for who among men knows what is in a man’s heart except a spirit of a man within him; likewise the Spirit of God He searches the depths of God.”  That’s the same Spirit that prompts us to pray; so when we’re praying in that unknown language we’re not praying with our unknown language gut we’re praying with God’s intelligence.  That’s why we have such a significant difference in our life when we pray more in the gift of the Holy Spirit.  We are praying God’s perfect will; we are not just saying “Lord, whatever Your will is let it come to past.”  But in that language of the Spirit Romans 8:26 and 27 tell us that “With those unutterable gushings, groanings from our heart” words that we cannot utter out of our own intelligence. We’re praying God’s intelligence for our life for that day for the circumstances.  Praying in the gift of the Holy Spirit is a powerful powerful vehicle for us.

Sid: Why is it that so many people receive this gift and then very seldom use it?

Tim:  Well see, that is the clincher that is question that really began this week of broadcasts looking back to churches that are backing away from the power and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.  We’re afraid, we’re afraid.  Honestly I think that we really trust in our own understanding more than we trust in God’s ability and God’s wisdom.  We would much rather manage it ourselves than leave it to the wind blowing where it lists us. And we’re afraid that God might just do something that would upset our apple cart, but isn’t that just exactly Pharisaical religion wanting a god that we can control; fashioning a god after our own image.  I mean doesn’t that break the very first of the commandments having no other God before Him.  But instead now we want a god that is remote control accessible and controllable by our own judgment.  Which every one of us would know that our judgment is tainted to begin with.  Why don’t we trust in God trusting in the prompting of the Spirit. We see Philip one that received the baptism in the Spirit early in the book of Acts.  He’s on his way ministering and all of a sudden here comes a chariot going by and all of a sudden the Lord just prompts him.  “Hey, why right now spontaneously run right up along side of that chariot.” And as he runs up along side of the chariot he looks in and here this Ethiopian eunuch is reading from the prophet Isaiah about the suffering Messiah to come; the suffering servant. And he says in this strange man running upside of his chariot. “What in the world does this mean?”  And all of a sudden Philip understood that spontaneous prompting of the Holy Spirit.  I believe as we trust Him… I believe that if it were you or I I can speak for myself certainly. You know God suddenly prompts us as we’re walking down the street maybe pushing our shopping cart at Wal-Mart. “Hey, run upside that pickup truck and look in the window.” You know we’d be afraid what in the world to do because our natural reason kicks in and tries to prohibit us from violating those boundaries of dignity around our lives.

Sid: You know many times our greatest asset is our greatest liability.  For instance with you you’re an analytical type person and I am too and that’s very helpful in things in the natural realm but in the supernatural it doesn’t count dittly.  Listen Mishpochah we’re out of time right now.

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Our Guest Jeff Burke

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Jeff Burke

Sid: We want everyone everywhere to get so excited about the Messiah. I have to tell you I am getting so excited about the Messiah.  Because I’m interviewing in the studio Jeff Burke; and this is a man that knows the mercy of God.  I mean Jeff you could never consider backsliding; you know what’s back there.  And what’s back there is the devil and all of his demons.  You know I’ve been a believer now some 30 years but before I became a believer I was involved for a short season in the New Age. And I’ll tell you I don’t understand backsliders.  You got to be mashugah, that’s a Hebrew word, you got to be crazy to want to step back there with the devil.  But God is using you in such amazing way.  There was a time that you had experience with an angel in an indirect sense; tell me about that.

Jeff:  Well I had taken a job and I was working on driving a truck for a linen company.  And the man that was actually training me was a Spirit-Filled Christian which was another miracle.  But as he’s training me the company said to him, he’d just been married and they said “Will you stay for a week and train him and if you do we’ll let your wife come and stay with you and you can go on your honeymoon the next week.  But we’ll pay for your wife an extra room so you can stay together.”  So we got a place, it was called Strick’s Motel in Vidalia, Georgia.  It had an open court yard and so we’d driven up that evening and we’d eaten and I went to my room.  His room was downstairs on the left him and his wife. My room was right above the steps and right below the steps was Coke machines and crackers and things.  There was a construction crew staying there and I noticed when I came in, I didn’t pay too much attention, but they had kegs and they were kind of having partying and drinking.

Sid: Right.

Jeff:  But I didn’t pay it much attention and so I went up to my room. When I went to my room I went in and I had just learned about God and that you could really talk to God. But the amazing thing is that God really talked back.  So I came to know prayer is communication with God.  That you talk to God and He talks back.  And so I was really having a great good time because it was amazing so many things were happening.  And so I also found out that I could do more than what I called eyebrow praying, which you know you grab your eyebrows and just squeeze them (Laughing) and don’t say anything.  But then I learned that you really could talk out loud to God.  So I was talking out loud to God and just sharing my heart and just probably yelling and screaming and it’s just having a good time.  And I heard a “bam bam bam” on the wall and I heard kind of a muffled voice going “Would you shut up in there.”  And I said “Oh, I’ve offended somebody in the other room.”  And so I quieted down; I mean I didn’t stop but I quieted down. So…and then a little bit later it was getting dark and I heard under the corridor there where the crackers and cokes they came and they began to shout at my room. And they begin to curse me and they begin to mock the Lord’s prayer and they began to do those type of things. So I go up and I started for the door.  And the Lord said “Where are you going?”  And I said “Well, I’m going down there and to tell them I got as much right to pray as they got to party.”   And so He said… the Lord said to me “I thought that you said “That you would let me handle these things for now on.” I said, “Well Lord I did, I did say that.”  He said “Do you think I can handle it?” (Laughing) I said “Okay Lord I’m going to go back and pray but I got to sleep because of this new job.” So I prayed and I went on to sleep. And the next morning I took a shower, came out of the room.  I opened the door and as I’m opening the door the man next to me is coming out of his room.  Now he looks over and sees me coming out and he screams and just yells.

Sid: Why?

Jeff:  I have no clue, and then he jumped back in and slams the door and just goes “Ahh” and he jumps back in and slams the door. And I’m going “Wonder why he did that it must have been the guy that got so offended with me about praying.” And so I’m walking towards the steps and I look up and there’s another man kind of hung over.  He’s got his hand on his head and as he does he’s walking towards me and he’s walking towards me. He looks up and he sees me and he stops dead still in his tracks and goes “Ahh.”  Just like the other guy and turns around and he starts running and runs back to his room and runs into his room.  And I’m going “Well, this could be offensive.”  (Laughing)  So I turn and I walk down the steps and I walk into this open courtyard and there’s a man across the courtyard and yells at me. And say’s “Hey man I just want you to have a good day today.”  I’m going, “Well thanks” and he gives; “No, no I’m really serious, I really want you to have a good day.” And I’m going well thank you very much. So we get in the truck and we start out on the route and so the man that’s training me who has his wife downstairs and he says to me. He says “Jeff, what about those guys last night?”  And I said “Oh yeah, they came into my room and they were cussing me out.” And he said “What did you say to them?”  And I said “Oh, I didn’t say anything to them.”  He said “It’s all right you’re not going to get fired or anything.”  He said “I would really like to know what you said them.”  I said “I didn’t say anything, to them and he said “Really, it’ll be okay it really will.”  And he said “Tell me what you said” and I said, “I didn’t say anything.” He said “Look I know that you did because I, me and my wife was looking out the window and we looked out the window we saw you come and stand right in the middle of them and talk to them.” And then the Spirit of the Lord just spoke to me and said “Son I told you I would handle this thing.”  And He said “You want to know how I handled it?” I said, “Lord how?”  And He said to me “What happened is I caused an angel to go down and take on your appearance and speak to them”

Sid: I’ll tell you Mishpochah Jeff sees lots of angels and I believe God is about ready to release angels to minister on behalf of those who believe in the Name of Jesus. How could you ever be afraid of anything Jeff, when God says “You can take care of it or I will.”  I’ll have God take care of it any day.  I want you to press into the Spirit and minister to people right now.

Jeff:  As I’m sitting here the Lord had already dropped something in my spirit. And there’s a man and your name is John and I believe that you’re around the Savannah area.  I believe you’re even in Pooler because I keep seeing the city limit signs of Pooler.  As I’m looking down on the right side of your body, and you’re very concerned and in fact you haven’t told anyone in particular; you haven’t told your family.  Your wife in particular but the Lord… I believe your wife’s name is Gladys I believe that’s the name I hear. God wants you to know that He’s going to heal you.  He’s going to heal you just cry out and ask for the healing God to come.  He does want to please you; He does want to minister to you and He does want to heal you.  So right now in the Name of Jesus I thank you for the healing in that particular spot that I’m seeing Lord and I just ask you to bring the healing; that knot Lord.  I believe the doctors would call it a hydro-seal I believe that’s what they call it.  So Father in Jesus Name I thank you for the healing of God.  Also around the Statesboro area the Lord.  The Lord hadn’t given me your married name but I just see a maiden name Joyce Waters.  And God wants to restore you back to something  around ages 14 to 17 in particular. God want to minister to you; He wants to restore you.  And there’s been some really hard hard stuff in your life. Particularly in the last 5 years. But God wants to bring a blessing; wants to bring a blessing back.  And a praise the Lord. And that couple that’s listening in St. Simons and you’ve walked in the things of God and the power of God. And you’ve had some real disappointments and some real hurts.  But God’s just going to bring the Balm of Gilead and it’s just going to pour it upon those open wounds.  And you’re going to be restored and the giftings that are in you are going to come back like never before. And God’s going to open up some opportunities. So let this be a season of God just pouring back into you.  Praise the Lord.  And Father I want to thank You for that police officer; and African American man I believe your name is George and you do some things with narcotics. But there’s a pulling and you have someone on the force that’s really been kind of… you’re kind of amazed by some things.  And God just wants you to know that He’s showing you some things that He wants to pull you into some things. Actually He’s going to answer some prayers that were prayed over you when you were about 6 years old by two Aunties.  God just going to pour in; that drawing you feel really is… and this is a part of the protection for your life. And so I urge you just to look and listen to that man, a man named Elliot.  So listen to him because it’ll be a blessing for you.

Sid:  You know Mishpochah this is Sid Roth and I’m speaking with Jeff Burke and the way that he’s moving in the Spirit right now is the way that God wants you to move.  If you draw near to God He will draw near to you. 


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Our Guest Coach Bill McCartney

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Sid: Just before we went on the air God told me there are people listening that have pain in their back and in their neck and in their hip.  And pain anywhere in their body in Yeshua’s name, if you will just move that area of your body that has pain you’ll see that the pain is gone in the marvelous, majestic name of Yeshua the pain must bow to.  I have on the telephone a friend of mine that I’m really getting to know Coach Bill McCartney the founder of Promise Keepers. And God called him supernaturally away from Promise Keepers. Promise Keepers is still going on wonderfully but away from Promise Keepers to start a new organization that I believe is a catalyst to the greatest and the last move of God’s Spirit on planet earth.  The subject is the One New Man.  The name of the organization is “The Road to Jerusalem.”  On yesterday’s broadcast coach we were talking about a peace that everyone of us wants but it’s not a natural peace it’s a supernatural peace. It’s everyone wants this peace; if you would continue teaching on that.

Coach:  It’s Luke 9:23 these are Jesus’ words “Whoever would come after Me.”  And He gives two prerequisites to following Him.  “Whoever would come after Me must first deny himself and then take up his cross daily and follow Me.”  This self-denial, this prostrating of the heart before the Lord, asking the Lord to empty you of self, of any motive that would promote self.  Then the accommodation of that with taking up your cross daily and see that’s the guy that God will use; that’s the gal.  In other words, genuinely humble; everybody will be attracted to that person but they’ve got to balance it with an extraordinary resolve; take up your cross daily.  On the other hand, if somebody takes up his cross daily you’ll be attracted to that person.  But if they don’t have the humility they will wear you out; they’ll run you into the ground.  It’s that combination and that’s the one that’s selfless and fearless that will be filled with God’s Spirit that will tap into that peace that surpasses all human understanding.  “The Road to Jerusalem” is a ministry called to reconcile Gentile and Jewish Believers.

Sid: Isn’t that… we have so many meetings for reconciliation of black and white and all of the other people groups.  But until the foundational group is reconciled the others will not be.

Coach: That’s what people don’t understand Sid; that’s where the peace that… in other words there’s a lot of enmity, hostility in the church of believers.  There’s a lot of difference of opinion, there’s a lot of strong feelings. Well the peace comes in as we go after God’s heart for Jewish believer and Gentile believer coming together.  Here’s what happened to me; it was in the late ’90s Promise Keepers staff at the time had more than 350 full time members.  Our budget at one time was 100 million dollars a year.

Sid: A 100 million, that’s hard to fathom that amount of money. (Laughing)

Coach:  (Laughing) So God was blessing and we invited Dr. Henry Blackaby to come and speak to our staff for two days on a Monday and a Tuesday.  And so when he got up on a Monday he came in from out of town.  He said “Folks” he said “Last night after I had prepared my messages that I would share with you guys” he said “I asked the Lord “Is there anything that You want to say specifically to Promise Keepers that it is straight out of your heart that I can tell them.”  He said “Then” he did something that he always does; he turned to the four gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and he read the red print.  He read Yeshua’s words and he waits for the Holy Spirit to grab something there if God’s going to speak to him.  And he said he same across a verse that he had read literally 1000’s of times.  And he said that “This verse just jumped off the Bible at him.”  And it was when Simon the Cyrene was handed the cross.  And he said that when I came across that verse last night he said “The Lord just lit up my heart with it and He spoke to me and told me that much like Simon the Cyrene had been handed the cross, he said “Bill McCartney has been given a cross of reconciliation to carry.  Now you got to understand Sid I didn’t even hardly know Dr. Blackaby.  I mean I knew him to say hello to him, but I was sitting out in the audience I was surprised as anybody when he said that.  But what it did was it sealed in my heart, it was one of those dots that needed to be connected to gain the divine order.  For him to say that being a guy that God has used greatly from a real conservative community in the church; for him to say that it just lit up my heart.  And now what you were saying earlier is that if you’re going to have reconciliation the top button on the shirt of reconciliation is Jew and Gentile.  It’s the providence of God, it’s the Father heart of God; it’s what God wants to do to usher in the end days.  What He wants to do is in the One New Man that Ephesians talks about, is this is where that peace comes from.  It’s when you get the… in 2nd Corinthians 8:14 it says “There in is equality.” Your abundance fills my lack, my abundance fills your lack.  In other words I need you, you need me. That’s the picture of the One New Man, that’s the picture in Revelation when it talks about the Church of Philadelphia it says “There’s an open door that no one can close.”  The word Phileo means tender affection. See when the Jewish believer and the Gentile believer come together needing each other with true tender affection, that’s the standard that the world can’t match, that’s where the peace is ushered in.  That’s where the Spirit of God comes to bear, that’s what the unbelieving Jew is going to see that will provoke him to jealousy.  That’s what is in God’s heart for how He wants to go about bringing in the end-time revivals.

Sid: Your listening to a passion that is birthed by the Spirit of God.  Some of you may be saying “Well Jewish people are a minority, why is this so important” because God says it. It makes no sense to the natural mind. But if you really read closely Roman’s 9, 10 and 11, especially Roman’s 11:11 that says “Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy.  So that the Jewish person will want what that Gentile Believer has.  And when that occurs the wall of separation finally comes down between Jew and Gentile and we have an explosion of the Spirit like every one of us have been praying and asking God for…  Coach, now that you have this revelation I guess you just can’t wait to tell everyone everywhere about it.

Coach:  You know, we’re having an event in Palm Springs and this event on December the 3rd in Palm Springs is going to set the table for what God wants to do.  We’re calling it “The Desert Shall Rejoice.”

Sid: What are you believing God to do at this event that’s going to bring Jewish and Gentile believers together to worship God as one?

Coach:  Just what you were just talking about.  What you were saying is that the one new man is in the word of God and the word of God cannot return void it will accomplish what God pleases and it will prosper in the thing that God is sending it for.  The power in His word will always fulfill the promise in his word.  Here is what it says in Mark 16:20 this is the last verse in the book of Mark.  “And they went out and preached everywhere the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs.”  What we’re expecting is God to confirm the word of the one new man through accompanying signs.  Even as you were offering a healing word to those who’s backs, and people had different ailments, there is going to be a move of the Spirit of God, I believe, in Palm Springs on 1-2-3-4, December 3, 2004 that is going to be brought with accompanying signs.

Sid: Coach, we’re out of time thank you so much for being my guest.

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Our Guest Dr. Howard Morgan

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Dr. Howard Morgan

Sid: I have as a guest Dr. Howard Morgan a Jewish believer that is red hot for the Messiah. I’m speaking to him at his home in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re highlighting his book “Leaves from the Olive Tree.” It’s based on kingdom perspectives versus humanistic religious perspectives. We’ve been talking about the church started out with great glory, the least Christian, the least Messianic Jew could lay hands on the sick and people would recover. Everything in the Bible we read today took place then. God doesn’t change, one guess who did the changing. Somehow little by little we’ve deviated from the pattern. On yesterday’s broadcast I wanted you to ponder the question I raised, the job of the Jewish believer was to be a light to the nations, and that’s why the Messiah started with the Jew. So the Jewish people could take the word of God to the nations, to the Gentiles. We Jews are called to proselytize all Gentiles to be worshippers of God. However, the job of the Gentile believer is to provoke Jewish people to jealousy, that’s Romans 11:11. What is going to provoke a Jewish believer to jealousy? Is it a congregation that has a Greco-Roman culture, or a congregation that has a Biblical, not rabbinic big difference, a Biblical Judaic culture? Is it a church that has a Passover service like none the world has ever seen where curses are literally broken and the lame walk out of wheelchairs and the blind see and the deaf hear? Is the pastor is talking about the miracles and the exodus, or one that has Easter eggs and bunnies? Which will fulfill your God called destiny better? I want to get into some really amazing things from our Biblical Hebraic roots that most Christians have never even speculated. When I get together with a Jewish believer like Howie Morgan, or many of my other friends we argue. Some of my Gentile Christian friends say to me “Why are you arguing so much?” I said “I don’t know it’s Jewish.” Then of course I read in Howie’s new book about the Beit Midrash. Explain to me what the Beit Midrash is Dr. Howie Morgan.

Dr. Morgan: The Beit Midrash means house of study or investigation. Every synagogue around the world and down through history had a room that in which all the books the commentaries were. The difference we were talking about in previous shows about the church and the Greco-Roman mindset in most churches you’ll hear the pastor give a lecture sermon message. You go home you never have an opportunity to question or dialogue.

Sid: Now if you do question, and actually question as if what he said is wrong what happens to you under the Greco-Roman system, and what would happen under the Hebraic system?

Dr. Morgan: Well in the Greco-Roman system you could get executed.

Sid: (Laughing)

Dr. Morgan: You do not! You do not confront the emperor!  You know you lose your life. So we find people get marked as rebels, we get marked as heretic people in the church down through the century. We talked earlier about the murder, the persecution of those who disagreed with the Caesar mentality in the Christian religion, but in the Jewish world you were encouraged, inspired to argue. We see Jesus arguing with the Pharisees, and the Sadducees, and the scribes and they argue with Him. You know when you read it from our Greco-Roman mindset you think “Oh here’s sweet gentle Jesus and all these bad Pharisees arguing with Him.” Jesus grew up in the synagogue, and in the synagogue there was the Beit Midrash He grew up arguing the scriptures. You know we see Jesus when He was 12. What was He doing? He was arguing the scriptures with the doctors of the law. He was disputing with them and saying “What do you think, and what do you think?” We’ve not been iron sharpening iron. So in the synagogue after the rabbi would speak He would come and they would sit in the Beit Midrash and if they were hungry they would have a sandwich or something to drink. For the next several hours they would open the scriptures together and the commentaries and He would encourage the dispute. He would encourage the argument because iron was sharpening iron. He would be making His talmudim, his disciples, dig into the scriptures and dig into the Hebrew…

Sid: Where did we get the whole idea that you have to someone who’s gone to seminary to teach us?

Dr. Morgan: It’s again how the institution trains its people and then empowers them by giving the ordination papers. In the kingdom the ordination comes from heaven via the anointing, not from an institutional sanction that says “You’ve jumped through our hoops now we’ve indoctrinated you, and then you can be part of our organization and we’ll pay you and give you a pension.” In the kingdom people just get anointings by the Holy Spirit and they begin to function in the Spirit. You know the disciples people challenged them and said “Where did you go to school you’re ignorant unlearned men?” Their answer was “We have been with Jesus.” That’s where the power comes from being with Jesus and not being…stuck in our heads. Again it’s that whole intellectual rationalization of the scripture rather than letting the Holy Spirit reveal Christ to you, and reveal Christ through you. So when do we have… you mentioned in another show about the good church. Well you know here’s the good church, but when does the pastor then say “Okay I’ve preached for an hour to you,” and you know they’ve only heard 10%. Psychological tests prove that people only retain 10% of what they hear. Now let’s go and see what you actually heard today. I’d love to see pastors give their people a test on say Tuesday afternoon and not a multiple choice test, but a real essay test and say “What did pastor preach about on Sunday?” Make them put it in an essay, I’d think pastors would be shocked by how little they actually got in their preaching. It’s a very poor way of teaching. The best way is to demonstrate it, it’s to model it. So what did the rabbi do with his students, why? Because his heart was to raise up disciples not just have church goers, but to really have equipped disciples after the preaching he’d bring those who wanted to with their children and they’d sit around a big table they’d have a gnosh, they’d have some pastrami or whatever, and sit and talk. The rabbi would question and they would question “Well what did you mean by that, and why did you say that?” The hours would just disappear that’s why you need some food, and we encourage people in that chapter in my book they can have a Beit Midrash in their home.

Sid: Yes, but what if they’ve only been a believer only a year?

Dr. Morgan: So what, they’ll start right there. How exciting is that to have your Bible be a believer for one year and have your Bible and then teach people. Maybe you’ve only been a believer 3 months.

Sid: Listen Howie, normally you have to pay your price.

Dr. Morgan: Yeah.

Sid: Earn your stripes.

Dr. Morgan: Hmm. Hmm.

Sid: Before you can be even considered to teach in Sunday school. Yet I can tell you I’ve travelled the world as you do to, and someone that has been a believer for 3 – 4 years in the average church, a good church, could go out and be an apostle in a foreign country. Be so used by God, and walk in the miraculous and plant a hundred churches.

Dr. Morgan: Yes exactly…

Sid: Instead of sitting year after year saying “I’m not being fed I think I’m going to find another church!”

Dr. Morgan: Yeah, and that’s another lie “I’m not being fed.” Well if you’re 3 years old in the Lord, 4 years old don’t you think it’s time you fed yourself?

Sid: (Laughing)

Dr. Morgan: It’s as if we have a teenager who can’t feed himself, or an 8 year old. You know, you and I we raised children as many of our listeners have, you teach your children to feed themselves.

Sid: Let me ask you about this, the mentality the pastors job is to teach our children, is to teach us, is to feed us… that’s the Greco-Roman way, what’s the Biblical Jewish way?

Dr. Morgan: His role is to equip you, and disciple you, and train you to feed yourself. Then you can go and feed others so you can open your home as a new believer. Remember when you and I first got saved we were just telling everybody about Jesus. Thank God…

Sid: Listen, I was involved in starting one of the first Messianic congregations in the United States, a few of us. We knew nothing, I was a year old in the Lord and we saw a move of God’s Spirit… I didn’t know anything. I’m telling you and Jewish people were coming in and it was so exciting. You know why? I was so excited about the Lord, and I didn’t know I couldn’t do anything. If I read it in the Bible it was true.

Dr. Morgan: Right.

Sid: I had to get educated to find out “Well we don’t do this today.”

Dr. Morgan: Right, right. So what happened Sid exactly what we were talking about in previous shows, you were moving in the revelation of the Holy Spirit, the Living Water was flowing out of you and that is what the Kingdom of God is all about. It’s about creating an environment where the Living Water can flow, and then let’s let God teach us rather than being so concerned “Oh if they teach a Bible study they won’t teach doctrine correctly.” I want to have a place where the Holy Spirit is free He’ll sort out the doctrines because if your doctrine is “Jesus come manifest yourself, teach us to love” that’s the best doctrine in the world according to 1st Corinthians…

Sid: Alright what about the concept the one man, for lack of better words, the one man show. Where did it come from?

Dr. Morgan: It’s that same, the institution, the power, and the politics of one man who…

Sid: Who gives a message every week and once in 2 or 3 months he’ll bring in an outside speaker in, but pretty much he must speak.

Dr. Morgan: Right. So my question to people like that “Are you insecure? Are you territorial? Are you raising up disciples? How are you raising up disciples? Do they every get a chance to preach? Do you take them on the streets preaching? Do you give them an opportunity to preach every night of the week in some environment, somewhere, maybe they won’t preach in the pulpit on Sunday maybe that’s a place you will use, but what are you doing the rest of the time? Are you bringing them up? Are you afraid that someone’s going to think “Oh he’s more anointed than I am, then this guy is going to go off and start a church.” Oh what a terrible thing another church will start. Some more sinners might get saved. I’ve had pastors say to me “Oh we won’t allow somebody to start a church within 2 or 3 miles of our building.” I said…

Sid: Oh look worse than that they’re signing non-compete clauses where for 5 years they can’t start another church. Oi Vey!  I tell you we have to go back to our Jewish roots. We’re out of time.

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