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Our Guest David Martin

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Sid: I have David Martin on the telephone and David is a good friend. I was speaking to him a couple of days ago and he said he just heard a prophetic word from God.  I said I want people to hear this; what did God just tell you David?

David: Well Sid it was pretty amazing and in my 35 years of serving God I had never really did something like this. But literally I believe God was telling me to get alone with Him.  So I spent 8 days in a forest in a tent with God. After 8 days in the midst of the 8 days the take away of which you are speaking up hear a number of things that God said to me very very significant. I believe we’re in a point right now to see great prosperity; tremendous blessings from God and specifically for those that are pressing in; people that are red hot and on fire for God that the blessings are going to be upon all mankind.  But those that are pressing in are going to have a definite advantage because of hearing God’s voice and being obedient to do whatever He says. There’s going to be opportunities beyond anything ever seen before so that was number 1.  Then number 2, He said to me that “There was going to be a quickening of an open Heaven and pouring out of His Spirit” and it was likened to a vision God gave me many many years ago where He opened the Heaven and I saw all these beams of light coming down.  And what He showed me was like an umbilical cord Sid that we are connected to God in this unseen realm and those people that are pressing in really hot is like the bandwidth; the ability to hear from God is so increased. Just like Jesus was able to see things before they happened; this was what is going to happen in this day and hour.

Sid: You know what it reminds me of the scripture where Jesus said, “I only do what I see my Heavenly Father doing.”  And I’ve pondered that so much, I’m such a pragmatic type of person; that’s what I want; I don’t want to waste my time doing good things I want to do exactly what I was created to do.

David: Absolutely and this is what I believe God is saying to people.  Every one of us Sid; every one of your listeners has been put here on planet Earth; we’re not of this world. Before the foundation of the world God called us and it’s interesting in that word He said “He called us to be holy and blameless.”  And I believe God is moving in such a way to those that will fulfill the purpose that He made us they’re going to be under an Open Heaven to do exactly what Jesus did and even greater to see what’s going on before it happens.

Sid: Tell me a few more specifics that God told you.

David:  Well, I really believe that the reason He’s pouring out this anointing this was one of the things that He said to me that it was a great time of opportunity for people to get out of debt.  And that was number 1.  Number 2 that they would lead by example.  Every one of us Sid are being watched by our neighbors, by coworkers, by people that know us and they’re observing us.  And as they observe us in these closing pages of history we’re going to shine that this is what’s so incredible that He’s turning up the glory if you will, the radiance so that we shine as it says in Ephesians 5:14. “Awaken thou that sleepest and arise from the dead and I will cause you to shine.”  So we’re going to lead by example; people are going to see the brightness of our calling and walking. They’re going to be drawn to us and what’s going to happen is a good time is going to end and they’re going to know who was shining and they’re going to come to us.  And we’re going to see the greatest harvest the world has ever seen in a great awakening.  And the 3rd thing he said to me was that He was giving us this opportunity for great wealth as it says in Deuteronomy 8.  “He gives us power to get wealth that the covenant will be established.”  He’s giving us this great wealth that we have money to help in this funding of the gospel right now.

Sid: Now did He give you a kind of time window as to how long we’re going to have to get out of debt and become the head and not the tail?

David:  Well, I don’t have a specific Sid, I wish I did, but my sense though is that it is going to go through the end of the year and possibly into the coming year.

Sid: Well, you know David for the last decade there have been prophetic words warnings, get out debt so it sounds like this may be the final warning to get out of debt because God knows what’s coming.

David: Well, I believe it’s not only a warning but it’s coming with opportunity to those people to press in and really walk in a level of the glory that they’ve never imagined possible.

Sid: What do you think that’s going to look like?  Paint me a picture; what could that look like?

David:  (Laughing) Actually I have an example that one of the people on my staff went home for the holidays; this was a number of years ago he was telling me the story.  A lady in his church, this actually happened to her; she was in the market shopping.  A little girl came up to the lady and she was holding a tomato and she said “How do you do that?”  And she said “I squeeze it to see if it’s fresh.”  And the child said “No, no how do you shine?”  And the lady kind of embarrassed said “Oh that’s Jesus.” And the little girl said “Awe, mom’s got to see this.  She dashed off grabbed her mom over there to the vegetables where the lady was still and the mother said, “My daughter said I had to see this lady that was shining” and she said “It’s true you really do you’re radiating.”  And the lady said kind of embarrassed again; “Well, that’s Jesus.” But when she said that God gave her a word, and this is what is so key Sid.  That God is going to give us words of wisdom; words of knowledge and revelation in a greater dimension again because of this increase bandwidth this connection to have Him.  And God showed her that by this word that this lady had a tumor on her chest of physical I mean she could feel it I from abuse.  But anyway she told the lady what God showed her the lady started crying. She said “That’s true and the lady that was shining said “Can I pray for you?”  And the lady said “Sure,” well, she prayed right there in the market.  The lady was instantly healed; the tumor was instantly gone and the lady then accepted Jesus.  And then the lady got another word a prophetic word; God said to tell you “Your husband will never beat you again.”  And the lady went home; now she literally was transformed radiating the glory; her husband noticed a difference.  And he said “What happened to you?”  She told him the story; they both went to church the next week he got saved. I believe that that’s an exact picture of what we’re going to see in these days.

Sid: How did you get these keys David?

David: Well Sid it’s going to take a whole another radio show to tell the story. Essentially it’s 30 plus years of studying the word of God with pressing in with trying to understand how did Jesus do what Jesus did.  And literally when I was recovering from a head on car collision while I was laying there in bed God brought to me this entire list.  But these are key essence of principals and precepts from the truth of God’s word that when we believe them in our heart and we speak them we literally it transforms us from the inside out.

Sid: Well David someone that took these 20 keys was a woman in Toronto and the reason that she took the course is she saw someone else and this man was shining.  Tell me about him.

David:  (Laughing) Actually I just heard of this story; last week a lady contacted me because she wanted to get into the program.  And I said to her “How did you hear about it?”  She said she was at a conference and where was a number of other ministry people there and this man was sitting in front of her.  And she was so captivated by the radiance of this person she had to ask him “What are you doing that you are radiating like you are?”  And he said to her “I’m doing this program that David Martin.”  And she called because she wanted to get in on it too.

Sid:  Well, we’re talking about the most amazing, amazing principals; these are 20 keys that God has outlined to David Martin.  And he has cards which have each key; he has a CD.  I can picture you as you jump into your car or you go to your study time and you listen to this CD it’s only 5 or 6 minutes a day.  But you actually get into your heart the word of God; the principal, and the teaching; I mean you should start every day of your life with these keys.  David I’m amazed that 80% of the people that take your course have been believers 20 years or more and then all of a sudden they kick into the supernatural after every single day… why is it making such a difference to these people; they’ve been believers for say 20 years?

David: Well Sid I’m sure there’s a variety of factors here; one very significant it is anointed; it is God breathed; God inspired.  And when you take the inspiration with the word itself combine it with other principals of daily discipline, of meditating on the word; taking these principals and saying them over and over.  And then with these devotions the word comes alive you just understand and you begin to operate with a heart of God and the mind of Christ.  It just brings you to a new level of walking in the supernatural.

Sid: Many people are reporting that when they take this course they experience the glory of God.

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Our Guest Sandra Kennedy

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Sid: Well I have Dr. Sandra Kennedy on the telephone and I have to tell you the miracle that she had the creative miracles with her mouth that she had is one of the most amazing testimonies to the healing virtues of God.  But we hear testimonies like this and we say “Wonderful for her, yes I believe God heals but when it comes to us we kind of give up; we kind of throw in the towel after having prayed, believed, got as many books as we can on healing; meditate on the word and nothing happened.”  I’m convinced it’s because we really have a lack of knowledge of how faith operates.  Sandra Kennedy I’m reminded of the scripture “We are admonished to fight the good fight of faith.” It’s a fight isn’t it?

Sandra:  Yes it is; yes it is.

Sid: And I don’t think most… again I go back to this 30 year old kid reading the Bible for the Bible for the first time I didn’t get any of that.  I just thought “Oh, you just pray in Jesus Name and it just happens, I didn’t understand the faith dimension.”

Sandra:   Right, right.

Sid: I didn’t understand the fight that was involved.  Okay you’re playing around your little adorable little dog, what kind of a dog was it?

Sandra:  Shelty; a little shelty.

Sid: Okay and all of a sudden the dog bites through your upper lip explain what happened.

Sandra: You know shelty is a small collie; got a pointed nose.  I was getting up off of a sofa and when I went up to get off the sofa I kind of bent down a little bit and she jumped up and her head hit and her moth closed on part of my face and came down and totally closed on my lip.   And of course I did not know that she had taken off basically almost 1/3 to a 1/2 of my upper lip.  I didn’t know that because blood just went everywhere; it was an accident it was a total accident.  And so I get a towel Sid and I call some friends and I said “I think I need to go to the emergency room; I get to the emergency room…

Sid: Wait, I want to know something; you didn’t realize how serious it was but what type of prayer did you pray, anything or I’m just running to the emergency room?

Sandra:  No I know I remember there’s so much blood I remember saying “You know Jesus, help me Jesus” that was about all.”  I didn’t know what it was, but emergency wasn’t but 5 minutes from me and I didn’t think the lip, I just thought I had a cut or something because there was so much blood and then the raw lip and I was holding like a towel on my lip.  So I really had not seen it; it was late at night

Sid: You didn’t look in the mirror you just grabbed the towel and put it on to stop the blood; okay.

Sandra:  And I’m just holding it to stop the blood; I walk into the emergency room.  The first thing the nurse says to me is “Where is your lip?”

Sid: Oh my gosh; that’s an awful thing for someone to say.

Sandra:  I almost fainted you know and I said “I don’t know.”  She said “We need help real quick you need a plastic surgeon.”  And I didn’t know one, and she said “You’re going to half to have surgery and all this kind of stuff.”  And so I remember I asked a friend of mine who was a good surgeon a plastic surgeon.”  The guy came in the first thing he said to me was “I cannot do anything for this upper lip, if it were the bottom lip the bottom lip will restore itself but the top lip will not.”  And all he said was “All I can do is take you immediately into surgery and then do like a piece of pie cut another piece off of your lip to make in smooth to sew it together.”  And he said “It will take anywhere from you know 5 to 6 more surgeries before you will even be able to smile again.”  And then I instantly said “No, my God will do this, that is not so I will never have surgery.”  I remember saying that just before I went in and I said “Let me pray for you.”  And I said “This is my lip, my face and I want to pray for you.”  And I woke up on the operating table hearing him say to the nurse “I don’t know why, I normally sew the 2 lips together.”  But I thought “Dear God don’t do that.”

Sid: Wait a second if you sew the 2 lips together how do you eat?

Sandra:  I don’t know he said “I normally sew the 2 lips together.”  And I heard him say that and I couldn’t say anything because he was still sewing it.

Sid: (Laughing)

Sandra:  And I’m thinking, “No.”

Sid: You’re a real captive audience okay. (Laughing)

Sandra:   And ah I said “No.”  And then he said “Something told me not to do it.”  And when I came out of the surgery he said to me again “It will take you know possibly up to 6 surgeries, you don’t know what you’re dealing with here.”  By this time he has pulled this thing so tight my nose is moved up almost under one of my eyes, my mouth is totally lopsided.  And on top of that I’m a woman Sid, not only was my lip gone but he tied the thing in black cat gut. (Laughing)

Sid: You were a mess, you must have wanted to go out and get a mask and put it over your head.

Sandra:  I did, I just was beside myself and I had a healing explosion 10 days after that, people come from all over the nation.

Sid: So, okay now you’ve been preaching, teaching, how God honors His word that all things are possible; in 10 days you have this healing explosion people coming from all over the country.  Alright you’re kind of sewn up until you have these plastic surgeries, and by the way if they did all these surgeries, if they did it, what was the prognosis?

Sandra: Prognosis was like I had a cleft lip and I would never be able to smile again; that I would be because it would because I had lost so much of that lip and they would have to pull it so tight and I would never smile. No one could see all of your teeth again and that I would always talk with a little problem because I would not be able to pucker or to make certain sounds.

Sid: Well, as a pastor, preacher that is not, that is an awful prognosis someone did not want you doing what you do today that was obvious. (Laughing)

Sandra: Right and it was horrifying it was horrible looking; horrible looking.

Sid: Okay, I guess you get home, tell me what I mean you are a real person, you had real pain you had real trauma you’ve been given a horrible sentence for everything you wanted to do the rest of your life.  How did you handle it when you got home?

Sandra:   Well, I looked in the mirror and almost fainted myself because again my nose was pulled so tight that my nose looked like it was kind of partially under my eye. My mouth was totally lopsided and everything was so swollen my lip against my teeth I could only talk out of the little teeny corner of my mouth.

Sid: But wait a second I know you believe in doctors; I know you believe that God heals and so why didn’t you say “Okay, I’ll have all those surgeries and then after I have them if it still looks as bad as you say not being able to smile like a cleft pallet then God will heal me.” Why didn’t you take that tact?

Sandra:  It rose up in me and I’d been doing these healing meetings and seeing God do every kind of thing.  Most of us start off in hope but we have to get in faith and I came on the word until it became a reality to me that God was going to do this for me it just became real to me.

Sid: It was too late you believed it (Laughing).

Sandra: I believed it and what I did to continue to believe it and this is what most people don’t do I got the word of God and kept it in front of my eyes as Proverbs 4 says.  I kept all the healing scriptures; I didn’t read any scriptures on Armageddon, I didn’t need scriptures on Armageddon I needed healing scriptures.  So I got all the scriptures on healing; put it in front of me and meditated and kept quoting them and quoting them…

Sid: But wait, why would you have to do that you’ve been teaching this on this for years you have healing explosions you have healing scriptures; why did you do that?

Sandra: Because I am convinced that no matter what comes our way we have to go back and start over every time to jar ourselves to really grab hold by faith that God will really do it. I think we know it in our head but when something happens we have to make sure we drop from our head to our heart.  And the only way you said it earlier “Knowledge of God’s word is what makes that happen.”

Sid: Okay, I want you to tell me why you did this book “Proving God” and the 3 CD’s “Proving God?”

Sandra:   I really feel really strongly and I’ve been preaching for a long time but I felt that God supernaturally touched me about doing this book on proving God.  I remember the day I was studying it and I thought this is what we need to do; we need to show that He’s not a man that He should lie and we need to take Him at His word and hold His word up before Him.  Because that is what happened with my lip, I refused to look at any pictures that the doctors tried to show me, I never had another surgery, I never had surgery and I put pictures of me smiling and I put the word of God over it and I kept telling my lip to do what the word said.  I’d speak to it; I’d command that lip to reform itself; I commanded that lip to move itself and to become normal and to normalize; I commanded those different parts the tendons and the parts to move and reform these all based on that God cannot lie.  This is what God said He said “He sent His word and healed me” and He said “He could not lie.”  Well, if that’s the case then show yourself strong here, I’m going to reason with you God and I’m going to bring your very own word to you and I’m going to lift it up to you and I’m going to remind you of what you said and I expect results.”

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Our Guest Bruce Malone

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Sid: My guest Bruce Malone; a scientist has overwhelming evidence that evolution is not based on science.  Now Bruce science teaches about various ages of the millions of years that they say the earth is old and they have something called “The Ice Age.”  What do you say about that?

Bruce:  Well, the earth-science teach that there has been a dozen or more Ice Ages; the last one being 100 to 100,000 years ago which is way outside of what the Bible says is the age of this earth.  And this is one of those areas where God’s word really shines in just explaining things just much better than evolutionary science which is pushed upon us all. You see the Bible talks about a worldwide flood and it said all of the fountains of the great deep broke forth during this flood that restructured, resurfaced, this entire planet.  During that time there had to been rapid movement of the continents; there had to have been enormous amounts of volcanism.  There’s a ridge all the way through the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where enormous amounts of lava had poured out.  Well, this land movement and this lava would have greatly heated up the oceans of the world.  They may have been 20, 30, 40 degrees warmer at the end of the flood than when they were before or they are today.  Well, all of that heat had to go somewhere. To explain an ice age you have to explain enormous amounts of water that then comes down as snowfall in the polar caps and turns into ice. Well, the flood would have done exactly that; you couldn’t have a worldwide flood without guaranteeing an ice age following the flood.  So all that water evaporated from the oceans; evaporated from the oceans; evaporated from the oceans.  The forecast in Canada and upper Europe and South America would have been snow today, snow tomorrow, snow the next month, snow next year.  It would have snowed continuously for 100’s of years; the ocean levels would have dropped hundreds of feet.  Enormous glaciers would have built up all over this planet.  Now that would have happened 4,000 years ago; the ice age was raging during the time of Job and Abraham, but it was in the northern latitudes.  Egypt, Israel and those areas of the world never saw an ice age and that’s not why it’s not mentioned in the Bible it’s where it fits into world history.

Sid: I love it where you talk about the woolly mammoths who are they?

Bruce:  Well, after the flood the literal event that really happened on this planet animals and people spread out on this globe to repopulate the planet.  It would only take 100’s of years for millions of a certain kind of creature to fill the environment.  During the flood; remember I said the oceans were much warmer; that means the Arctic Ocean was much much warmer.  Ice was building up much further south but along the sea cost for 100’s of miles inland it was a very temperate environment.  Wooly mammoths have been found in Siberia and upper Alaska with tropical vegetation in their stomachs and they were very rapidly frozen.  Well, as the Arctic Ocean temperature dropped and dropped and dropped after hundreds of years after the water continued to cool; eventually it froze over and those Wooly Mammoths were trapped between the huge sheets of ice to the south and the frozen ocean to the north and they became extinct. You see that model explains why they’re there, why they had vegetation in their stomach and why it happened to them. It’s is a huge mystery to secular scientists because they deny what the Bible has to say about a worldwide flood.

Sid: Well, speaking about a worldwide flood how do you explain the sea shells?

Bruce:  Well, there are sea shells on top of Mount Everest.  You know most people are aware of that.  Mount Everest is 28,000 feet above sea level and there are fossilized sea shells up on top of that mountain.

Sid: Alright as a scientist how can the sea shells get to the top of the mountain?

Bruce: Well, because those mountains were not as high during Noah’s flood.  There’s actually enough water in the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indians Oceans if the world was flatter.  If the mountains wasn’t so high to cover this entire globe with water 2 miles deep.    Well, those continents North America, South America they do fit up into Africa, Europe like it’s all one big land mass before the flood, but they moved very rapidly into their current position.  And when those continental plates smashed together; when India moved and slammed up into Europe it shoved up the Himalaya Mountains.  When the plates in the Pacific Northwest rim shoved up together it shoved up the Rocky Mountains.  So those mountains formed near the end of the flood not before and during the flood.  And because they were all under water lifted way up above sea level were those sediments that were laid down under water that contained seashells.  Once again it fits the Biblical model perfectly.

Sid: And you talk about the history of most cultures talk about a worldwide flood, but what about (I find it fascinating) what you call the Red Record.  What is that?

Bruce:  Well, there is an ancient document called the Woolum Ollum, it’s a history of the Delaware Indian Tribe.  And the Delaware Indians were kind of the root original father tribe of all the others; the Hopis, and the Cherokees, and all the other American Indian tribes.  Well they have a history that goes back to where did creation come from and they talk about the Great Spirit hovering over the waters of the deep. It talks about where sin came from in this ancient Indian document.  It says sin is here because man rebelled against the Great Spirit when an evil snake came to deceive them.  And it also talks about a worldwide flood and their hero in this document is called Nanabush.  Which I believe is a reference to Noah; now how could all that be?  It’s not that the Bible came from this ancient Indian document; it’s people spread out across the globe after this flood; it took with them a remembrance of things that happened and things they had been taught.  And they became increasingly distorted with time and yet those remembrances are still there.  See God’s word has been very meticulously and accurately passed down from Adam all the way down to Noah through the flood to other forefathers to Abraham and individually to the hands of Moses who wrote it down as what we now have as Jewish Torah.

Sid: Explain a little more about the carbon dating methods.

Bruce:  Carbon dating is one of those things that’s convinced many scientists that the earth is very, very old.  It turns out our bodies are made out of body’s are made out of both non-radio-active carbon and the unstable form of carbon that flies apart. About every 5,730 years half of it disappears.  So if you find like that wooly mammoth we were talking about locked in the ice; you grab a piece of skin and you measure how much carbon’s left.  And let’s say it only has 1/8th the carbon that we have today that would be like in half; in 5,000 years half would disappear; in 10,000 years it would be down to a forth it would be down to an 1/8th you would say that Mammoth was 15,000 years old.  But it assumes that wooly mammoth starts out with same amount of carbon we have today.  If the world was a paradise before the flood the radioactive carbon would be spread much thinner.  It would have maybe had 1/4th the amount while it was still alive; so you see if you start with the assumption that there never been a flood you’re going to use what seems to be a logical way of dating something but you’re going to out with a completely wrong conclusion about its age.

Sid:  And I’m so fascinated and we’re making available his beautiful hardcover – the artwork is amazing it’s a book you’ll want to leave it out on your table when you have company.  Tell me about bees.

Bruce:  Well, evolutionists believe bees evolved fairly late in history somewhere between 20 and 90 years ago and yet when they look down at the rock layers they got to give them very old ages in order to believe that one kind of a creature turned into another.  And they believe the rock layers that contained flowering plants didn’t evolve until about 120 million years ago.  So you supposedly had flowering plants for 30 millions years before the first bee ever evolved.  The question is how in the world did these plants pollinate and propagate themselves if there wasn’t any flying insects that are needed today in order today to do exactly that.  Just one of the many, many enormous problems with evolution that just get glossed over and ignored.

Sid: Speaking of the contribution of bees this is amazing; someone sent this to my office actually this morning. Albert Einstein said, “If the bee disappeared off of the face of the earth man would only have four years left to live.”  Bees pollinate 80% of plants; if plants don’t get pollinated they don’t produce seeds.  Without seeds many plant species would simply die; no fruit, no vegetables to eat, even trees would die.  This will affect the amount of oxygen in the world; which would rapidly decrease since plants create oxygen.  No food, no oxygen, no animals, no human’s” and I mean when you look at those facts how could the flowers have started before the bees?

Bruce:  They simply couldn’t; I mean it’s all one enormous inter-rated system that had to all points toward a creator.

Sid: Look creation shouts CREATE-OR!  I don’t have problems with this; I don’t even have but then I wasn’t raised in a system like our children are being raid today; it’s just throwing the evidence out the window; they don’t even have a choice.


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