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Our Guest Craig Hill

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SID: Now Craig Hill has identified seven critical times that you should be blessed, and many people have missed these. For instance, pray at conception. You talk about a blessing. Explain.

CRAIG: First of all, you were conceived within the protective hedge of the covenant of marriage. Now in the ancient Hebrew culture, how much chance that you’d be conceived outside of wedlock? Almost zero. Today, how much chance you’d be conceived outside wedlock? Well it’s close to 40 percent in our general population, and certain particularly groups it’s as much as 70 percent in our culture. And secondly, that you would be wanted, that your parents would want a child. And today, it’s very common that a child would be conceived and the parents don’t want that child.

SID: What would happen if a child is conceived and the parents really did not want a child at that time, or didn’t even want a child, but they were willing to abort, but they might have talked about it a lot while the baby inside the mother? Would that affect?

CRAIG: What many people don’t realize is that little children in the womb are very, very sensitive. And they pick up everything emotionally from the mother and even from the father. So they could pick up a huge amount of emotional rejection even in the womb. Where people will struggle for a lifetime with feelings, I don’t belong, I shouldn’t be here, there’s something wrong with me, I’m a mistake, nobody wants me, nobody will love me. That’s the opposite of what God intended. God intended that every little child from the very day they’re conceived should have feelings on the inside. I belong. I’m supposed to be here. I’m wanted. You know, this is amazing thing. God told me one time, Sid, “Your mother only carried you in the womb for nine months. But God carried you in His spirit for thousands of years. And at just the right moment, He released you on this earth.

SID: That is good.

CRAIG: You’re not a mistake. God planned for you even though maybe your mother didn’t.

SID: Tell me about a single mom that raises a child, doesn’t have a father. The child is raised without the father. You talk so much about the father’s blessing. What happens to that child?

CRAIG: Well you know the wonderful thing that we always find is redemption in scripture. And this is the amazing thing. God Himself says, I will be a father to the fatherless. God says, I will be a husband to the one who has no husband. And you know what I found time and time again, Sid? Is that people tell me that when they really understand that a son or daughter, or a single mom says, God, I’m taking you up on your word. You said you would be a father to my son or to my daughter. And the natural father is not there. God, would you please do that. That son or daughter has an intimacy with the Father that is rare, that many other people who don’t have a father don’t have. And in addition to that, God will send other godly men to come alongside and to speak into the life of that son or daughter.

SID: Tell me about the single mom that had the five-year old. I find this almost hard to believe.

CRAIG: I had an incredible experience where I learned about the power of marriage and the protective hedge that a marriage is. A woman came to me and she said, “I’ve got a five-year old little son and I wonder if you can help me.” I said, “What’s the problem?” She said, “He is full of lust.” That’s strange. Most five year olds I know, they’re not even alive to sex. They don’t even know it exists. She said, “Well not my son. He is full of lust. He touches other little children his age in sexual inappropriate ways. He even touches grown adults in inappropriate ways.” She said, “There isn’t a week that doesn’t go by that I don’t receive a call from his teacher or principal at school and he’s done inappropriate things. And we’ve prayed for him. Our pastor has prayed for him. He’s been seeing a psychiatrist for three months and nothing has changed. Can you help me.” Well as I began to pray, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Just start at the beginning of his life.” So I asked this woman, “Can you tell me how your son was conceived.” She said, “Well,” she began to weep. She said, “That was actually a very immoral time in my life. Even the night when he was conceived, I was with more than one man. I’m not even sure which one probably was his father.” She said, “That continued for another few months and then I met Messiah, gave my life to him. I was delivered from the lust. Never been involved in that lifestyle again. My son has never been molested or violated in any way. I don’t know where he could have gotten this.” And as she shared that, I heard the Father say, “That little boy was demonized by the spirit of lust at the very moment of conception.” I thought, God, that’s unfair. That isn’t right. That shouldn’t happen to anybody. And that’s when I heard the Father say, “Son, for the first time you understand the Law of Moses.” I thought, the Law of Moses. I was thinking back, oh, capital punishment for fornication. I thought, God, that’s so severe. If we apply that today there wouldn’t be hardly anybody left to be alive. And I said, God, why was that so severe? And I heard the Father say, “Son, that wasn’t my severity. That was my mercy for the children.” Because in that society there was no little child that would be conceived without a protective head of marriage because everybody had it. I shared that with this woman and she began to weep. She said, “I did that. I opened the door for my son. What can I do?” And I said, “Well the bad news is you did open the door and you created the situation where there was no protection for your son because the covenant of marriage is that protection. And yes, he’s been demonized. But here’s the good news. Jesus Christ died. His blood was shed to break the power of that because that lust is a curse. That’s not a blessing. And you opened the door. You have authority to close it.” And I said, “Here’s what I want you to do. You and your husband bring your son in here to the pastor and you renounce the inequity of lust.” That actually, as I talked to her more discovered it had been passed down from several generations. She wasn’t the first to open that door. I said, “You break the power of that inequity of lust, renounce it and release it to the cross of Messiah and then exchange that for purity that Jesus died to purchase for you and your son. And then you release that blessing upon your son. And then you speak to the demonic spirit, command it to leave in the name of Yeshua, and it will go. I came back two months later to that city. This woman came running up to me with a five-year old little boy with her and she said, “Remember me?” And I didn’t. But she began to share the story. And I said, now I remember you. And she said, “You wouldn’t believe what happened. We did what you said and when we commanded that demonic spirit to go,” she said, “instantly it left.” She burst into tears and she said, “I got my son back! I got my son back! He’s a normal five-year old little boy.”

SID: Listen to this. If you know the truth, the truth will set you free in any area. Nothing is hopeless in Jesus. Study the truth book, the Bible. Do what it says. Watch the victory.

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Our Guests Cris Putnam and Tom Horn

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SID: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Last week we found out about these amazing prophecies buried in the Vatican, 900 years ago, what would happen to each pope all the way up to the last pope. On this show we’re going to continue and we’re going to talk about the Vatican’s secret plans for welcoming an alien god with a small “g” under the last pope. Last week talked about St. Malachy. And Cris, I have to ask you, does the pope know about these prophecies? Do the cardinals know about the prophecies and what do they think of them?

CRIS: Well Sid, there’s actually a lot of evidence that they do take it seriously. In fact, Pope Pius XII, who was the pope during the World War II, he actually produced a documentary film about himself, and the title of the film is the Malachy motto for his papacy, “Angelic Shepherd.” He actually entitled the film after the Malachy Prophecy’s prediction for him. So he not only endorsed it, he claimed it.

SID: Okay. Tom, as just a short review, what, based on the prophecies out of the Vatican that were hidden for all these generations, are they anticipating with the final pope?

TOM: Well the idea among both Catholics and Protestant scholars is that he will be the final pope. He is the one who is going to be residing over the Vatican as it enters into the great tribulation period, and there’s also the belief among even some of the Catholic mystics that he might be a false pope, an anti-pope, somebody who gives rise to the Antichrist.

SID: Let me tell you something, Judaism, Christianity and other religions have focused on the year 2012. You know, you remember, the Mayan prediction, the end of the world in 2012. So everyone has discounted all of that. But that’s not exactly what the prediction said. What did it say?

TOM: In the conferences where I spoke last year, I kept telling people, don’t say it’s the end of the world. That’s not what the Maya said, that’s not what the Aztec, that’s not what the Cherokee Indians said, all of whose calendar rolled over at the end of 2012. What was it that they were saying? They were saying 2012 was the end of an era and 2013 marks a new dispensation. Now the Maya said some things that were very interesting. They said it would be marked by the emergence of two great male figures that would emerge upon the earth. That doesn’t sound very much like they’re talking the false prophet and the Antichrist. They talked about their god, Bolon Yakte-K’uh, the spirit of it coming up from out of the underworld. Now what does this god do? He guards the bones and the seed of the giants that are in the underworld, and that that spirit would begin to rise in the year 2013, giving birth even to a new form of humanity.

SID: You’re talking about what I’ve read about and pondered about so many times in the Bible. Maybe you’ve read about this where the Nephilim, where the sons of god cohabitated with the daughters of humans and produced great giants. That’s what it sounds like to me.

TOM: That’s exactly what I’m talking about. And furthermore, turn of the century preachers, including Jonathan Edwards, marked the year 2012 to 2016 as the date when the false prophet and the Antichrist would appear. Dozens of Protestant reformers marked these years hundreds of years ago. Not only that, and you appreciate this with your Jewish ministries, the Zohar, one of the most important books of Jewish Kabbalah ever written.

SID: It is accepted in traditional Judaism as coming from God. It’s not all from God, I can tell you, as a fact. But it’s an interesting situation that it talks about.

TOM: In a section of the Zohar called “Signs Heralding the Mashiach”, the coming of the Messiah, they marked the year 5773, which in the Jewish calendar began in September 2012, and comes through into this year, 2013, and said that was the time, in fact, much of the prophecies are almost identical to the prophecy of the pope’s. It is a time that will lead to the destruction of Rome, and more importantly, they said at time Messiah will begin making himself known to the nations of the world. This 700 years ago prophesied that between 2012 to 2013, the emergence of the Messiah would appear on Earth, almost an identical parallel to cultures around world, that for thousands of years saw these dates specifically as the time when the End Times would begin.

SID: Speaking of End Times, many of you are familiar with the apparitions of Mary in Fatima, and people going there and being healed. But it’s not exactly the way we’ve been told, is it Cris?

CRIS: No it’s not. What would happen if there was a massive UFO sighting? Well what happened in Fatima, Portugal in 1917 was really just that, in my opinion. Now up to 70,000 people gathered in a field supposedly to see an apparition of the Virgin Mary. But if you go and read the descriptions of what people call “the miracle of the sun”, they actually describe seeing a gray silvery disk rotating around the sky and kind of putting a cascade of colors, like a rainbow of colors. So really in 1917, no one had the vocabulary of words like “flying saucer”. That’s exactly what it sounds like they’re describing to me.

SID: I’ve always thought Mary just appeared in the sky.

CRIS: It really wasn’t Mary at all. They’re talking about a sphere or a silver disk.

SID: And that same flying saucer, let’s call it for what it is, demonic, according to my notes here, in 1950, Pope Pius XII saw the same thing. Explain that.

CRIS: Well what’s interesting about the Marian dogma and all these things that we don’t see in the Bible, the theology has sort of escalated over time. Now in 1950, Pope Pius saw a sphere over the Vatican gardens, the same sort of thing that you hear about at Fatima. Now this sighting of this opaque sphere, flying saucer, UFO, inspired him to define a new doctrine that all Catholics have to believe, and that is that Mary ascended into Heaven, just like Jesus does in Acts, Chapter 1.

SID: Wait until you find their research of what the Vatican is ready to announce in reference to End Time Bible prophecy and in reference to aliens coming to Planet Earth. We’ll be right back.

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Our Guest Rich Vera

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SID: My guest Rich Vera went to Heaven and had so much revelation downloaded to the Word of God. One of my favorite passages of all the Bible is the prophet Isaiah, the 53rd Chapter. Why? Because it is a perfect description of the Messiah, Jesus. And it was written eight to 900 years before Jesus came to Earth. What did Isaiah teach you about that, Isaiah 53?

RICH: You see, I was able to see in a vision. You know, when Isaiah talked to me it was the voice of the Lord talking, but it was him talking. And that’s when I realized that when we read the Word of God it’s not just somebody’s opinion. It is literally the Lord talking through the prophets. And when I saw Isaiah 53, I saw the cross, and I saw Jesus’ crucifixion. And the power of that event that Jesus did not die just to forgive our sins, even though that’s a main thing. But there’s wholeness. There’s the healing of the spirit of the soul and the body that happened on that cross, that happened to shed the blood of Jesus. You know, many times we have forgotten about the cross and we have forgotten about the blood. But really, it was on the cross, in the Old Testament when they looked at the serpents on the pole. You know, Moses said, “Whosoever looks shall live.” Well there was a shadow of the crucifixion, and in the cross our sins were there, our sicknesses. So when he spoke this to me his voice came out with such a power. And I realized, we emphasize on the cure of the body. Most people that talk about healing talk about cures. But in reality when you get the spirit inside of a person well and whole, then the healing of the body will following automatically.

SID: And that’s the missing link. That’s why a lot of people even, they get healed and then it seems like the symptoms come back so easily. It’s because those same wounds are still there.

RICH: Exactly. There are some [unintelligible] that have not dealt with [unintelligible] that we spoke about inequity. You know, there are so many things that we don’t allow, and then we want things from God. And then when they don’t work the enemy comes to deceive us. Well maybe God don’t want to heal, it’s not your time or so many things. But I found that in the presence of the Glory of God there’s wholeness. You see, Heaven was all about the Glory. Heaven, there is not an ounce of anointing in Heaven. There is no anointing in Heaven. The anointing is for the Earth. But Heaven is all about the Glory because Heaven is all about God. In Heaven, no one is insignificant. Isaiah, all these people that I saw and I was able to converse, they had one message to me. I asked them a thousand questions and their message was the Glory, and the Glory is God. So Heaven is full of His glory. God fills Heaven. Worship is directed. Everything is directed towards a person of God. I was able to see up on a hill the palace of God, and I said a palace because it looked to me like a palace covered by a shot, by a cloud. But it was a dark cloud like a cloud that’s about to pour rain. And that dark cloud, it covered half of the palace. And the palace was up on the mountain. I was trying to run up to catch it, because my mind is still at work. So I’m thinking, I’m going to go up there real quick and just touch it a little bit. And the more I ran up, the higher it went. I understood when it says, “I saw the Lord and He was high and lifted up.” So not only He is high, but He’s in a continuous state of going higher. And the worship of the people is what exalts, the word “exalt” is to bring high. So God is on continuous exultation. And the way we connect with God, really I learned, is to worship, is to finding that connection. And then I saw suddenly that a door opened up and this river came down from the palace. When this river came down it looked like if it was as thick as liquid chocolate. But it was the water that came out, it was gold, it was like gold liquid. And the water would curl and would come down. It looks almost like a cartoon. And suddenly I hear a voice as the water is coming down, that that was the river of life, and anything that it touches it turns it back into life. And I could see the grass and some of the flowers that it would go right through, and it would come alive. They were alive.

SID: So that river is available today. And I’m going to ask you to pray, especially people that have these inequities, these wounds in their souls that are preventing them from activating the promises of God. I believe if you pray for them right now there is going to be a supernatural river of life.

RICH: I believe that. You know, most of us we deal with transgressions. You know, transgressions is the act of what we do wrong. You know, but there’s a thing in the Bible that’s called inequity, which is that inner cause that makes you do the other sins. Most of us, we’re clean. We say we don’t do smoke, we don’t drink, we don’t do this. But yet if we don’t deal with what’s in our heart, the wickedness of our heart, the things that was inherited, then eventually that scene will come back again causing you to fall. And that’s why so many good people, maybe you’re watching us and you are a good believer, and you don’t know why you fell into a sin, into a thing, it is because you never dealt with the issue of the heart. And I pray right now in the name of Jesus there are many ministers, people called to minister right now and you fell away, and you felt God is done with me. But no, the Lord wants to restore your life. He did it for me, and it was His presence, it was His voice, His word that completely delivered me. And I know God wants to restore you. And I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus that this will be the day and the hour where the Lord restores your life, heals you, remove every generation or curse out of your life and brings the presence of the Holy Spirit into every compartment of your heart and of your soul, and heals you in the name of Jesus.

SID: You know, I feel, as you’re talking right now I am hearing words of knowledge. I am hearing that people with arthritis in their fingers, if you will  move your fingers the arthritis is gone. And others, right there, I’m speaking to you. If you have a pain in your neck or your back, if you’ll just stand up, stretch, touch the ceiling, you know what I’m saying, move your head, you’ll see that that pain is totally gone, is very strong, and fingers. Is God showing you anything?

RICH: Yeah. You know, definitely arthritis. There is somebody with a back problem and you had an accident, and you have been in extreme pain for many years because of your back. Some of your discs were damaged. The Lord is healing you right now. There’s a great healing in your body. There’s also somebody else with a blockage on your ear, on your hearing right now that the Lord is delivering you from that stuff. There is people with depression, heavy depression, and the Lord is lifting that veil of depression out of your life and you’re being free right now by the power of the Holy Spirit.

SID: And I can say this to you right now. This show was designed for you. Remember when I said, come home? That was for you. God is not angry with you. He sent his son to die for you. And I tell you, you would not be watching this show if there wasn’t time to come home. Turn from your sin, turn to God, believe Jesus died and is your Lord and lives inside of you, and rose from the dead.

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Our Guest Dr. Gary Whetstone

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SID: How would you like to be in a foreign country and have a doctor say, you’ve got 80 tumors and you have about three months to live. Good opportunity to be fearful. What happened to you, Gary?

GARY: Sid, God gave me such a conviction in my spirit that it was not cancer and it turned out it wasn’t. I’m the only white person alive that they have diagnosed this disease anywhere that they know of on the east coast. And now they found it that the last time they did an MRI of my lungs, there’s down to two the size of a pinpoint. No chemotherapy, nothing whatsoever. God just moved miraculously in a supernatural way. But the real that God has done that is so critical in this, is that when there’s a voice of fear, it can be a diagnosis. For many of these countries that you reach into it can be a juju. It can be someone who’s bringing a curse, decrees and death upon a person. It can be the fear of treading into areas of reaching their family’s history that has created such a tormented life.

SID: If you find that heart trouble runs in a family.

GARY: That’s right.

SID: Tell me what was wrong with your father, and that’s shorthand for saying, I put this curse on you.

GARY: Right. Exactly. And these curses are so real because we adopt them, we accept them as standards, as reality, false evidence appearing real. So and we need to know the difference that the greater one lives on the inside of us, that the love of God that has penetrated our hearts is more supernatural than any voice that speaks against us. As a father, I would never put a disease on my child. As a father, I would never see my child go unwanted. As a father, I would never see my child go into a car crash, into some disease or some prolific situation that destroys their life. And that’s how God’s love is in us. It is the power of God to rise up and conquer fear, because perfect love casts out all fear. But you must understand that fear is a voice that wants to paralyze us from the purpose and plan of God in our life. If we are stopped by fear at any juncture, we are not able to take the next steps. God has given me the keys to break the bands of the fears that cripple the minds of men.

SID: Would you teach on one or two of these keys right now. Would you do that?

GARY: One of them is simply the presence of natural information. As you see it and the voice that you hear, because there’s a spirit behind that natural information, and God has given us power. It says in Romans, Chapter 8, “God never gave us a spirit of bondage to fear, but one that cries out, ‘Abba Father,'” Daddy God. That we are not limited. So there’s a spirit that induces fear, number one.

SID: You know, I’m reminded of the scripture. It says, “God has not given us the spirit to see the word of fear.” It actually is a spirit. We think it’s ourself. We think it’s everything but what it is. It’s a spirit. It’s an enemy.

GARY: And it must be conquered. And it’s conquered by the indwelling nature of Christ within us, the action on his name, the name Jesus, Yeshua, and the power of the spirit that God has given to us. Then there is fear that comes by trusting the natural flesh. I’m not capable of overcoming this. I’m not able to deal with this. And the fear that comes by trusting in our intellect, in our natural ability. But we’re not natural, Sid. We are supernatural children of God endowed by Him with the power of the resurrection life of Almighty God.

SID: I have to tell you. Can I tell you a confession?

GARY: Go ahead. I’m listening.

SID: All right. I’ll tell you a confession, too, and I’ll tell you a confession, too. I don’t have the ability that you see me demonstrating every week. I don’t, and I learned a long time ago that I never will. But if I lean on God, He always helps me out.

GARY: Absolutely.

SID: So I could be fearful knowing that I’m kind of limited in my abilities. I really am. But I’m unlimited in Him.

GARY: Absolutely.

SID: Unlimited. You are unlimited in Him. You are unlimited in Him

GARY: The power of God is so overwhelming in every believer if they just access and become aware, acknowledge the life, nature, Christ that is within. God has given us life post-mortem. Think about it. We began after death. We don’t begin with this life. We begin after death having conquered Hell death in the grave and we are more than conquerors through Him who loves us. So there is nothing in this earth. There’s nothing from Hell. There’s nothing from man or disease that has the power to stop a child of God. We are supernaturally endowed by God

SID: Gary, you have seen with your own natural eyes so many miracles. Tell me one about eyes that you’ve seen.

GARY: I’ve watched God. We had a crusade over in Zaire, which is now the Democratic Republic of Congo, and we lined up 60, 70 people that had milky gobs in their eyes, no eyeballs at all. We were on national television on the presidential steps. And the Spirit of God spoke to me to have them video all the eyes before God moved. And then we prayed for God to just demonstrate the power to create eyeballs. And God put new eyes in every one of those people. We had such a flood of tens of thousands of people across the land coming to Christ. It was such an overwhelming. They brought the military out to try to stop hoards of people from coming to the steps of the palace of the president.

SID: Now let me ask you this. Money. That’s a big hot potato with a lot of people today. You had to raise $4-1/2 million. There’s no way you could raise this. And then you started teaching the members of your congregation how to prosper. What happened?

GARY: God spoke to me to invite 20 families to our living room. One of the people that came to our living room, I helped bail out of jail for prostitution. Another one, we were helping pay their electric because they couldn’t pay their electric bill. Another one we were helping them pay their rent because they couldn’t pay their rent. There wasn’t one person in those 20 families that had the capacity of giving anything. But the Spirit of God spoke to me to tell them that God was putting into their hands, each one of them, over $20,000 to donate, and they were to stand up in front of the church the next day and tell the entire congregation they’re giving up to a half-a-million dollars, and they wanted the church to match it with them. And we’re talking people that had no money. And within 30 days, the first month, the next 30 days, the entire million dollars came in. We had people that never saw money flood into their lives. One family gave over $80,000. That was the one we helped pay the electric bill. Within the first 60 days, the spirit of God flooded that place and just poured out such wealth. It was overwhelming, Sid, just to see one thought from God cripple the voice of the banks saying, unless you have this money, we’re taking that property.

SID: Well we’re coming into some pretty rough times on Planet Earth, if you haven’t noticed. But these are going to be the best times. Look, God doesn’t want to make you a millionaire just to make you a millionaire. You have a greater, you have a higher purpose, you have a higher destiny. You just think that God is a good sugar daddy that’s going to just make things wonderful for you. You have a purpose much greater than all the money in the world. You have a destiny. You have a fingerprint unlike anyone that has ever existed before or after you, and no one can do what you can do. And so why are you frittering away your life on nothing when you could have everything. Everything is knowing that Jesus died for your sins, knowing that you are righteous because Jesus lives inside of you. Hearing God’s voice and fulfilling your destiny. There is no close second. So come to your senses. Your mother didn’t raise a dummy. Make Jesus your Lord. Make Jesus your Lord.

GARY: Amen.

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