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Our Guest Richard Mull

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Sid: We want everywhere to hear God’s voice for themselves.  And there are people I can almost hearing you saying “Yes, I want to hear Your voice for myself God” it that’s you I tell you what Richard Mull has been raised up by God.  He hears God’s voice so clearly and he’s been raised up to mentor you to specifically do everything you hear about I the Bible to hear God’s voice for yourself. Richard give us a few tips on how to hear God’s voice.

Richard: You know a lot of times it’s important when we’re first learning to do something to clear away the distractions.  I used to think I could only hear God if it was quiet and I found out that it doesn’t matter how loud it is or how many distractions there are. God’s voice…

Sid: I know people that say “I only hear God’s voice in the shower.”

Richard:  (Laughing) Yeah I was in an event in New York City and the music was so loud I couldn’t hear myself when I was talking or shouting I couldn’t hear myself and I thought “There’s no way I could hear God to do ministry right now.”  And it was like the still clear voice was so clear I was like “That is amazing He’s louder than this music is and He didn’t have to shout,” and it was surprising to me. Typically when you are new at something you want to eliminate those distractions so it’s important to find a quiet place and be able to concentrate and focus and not have any distractions.  The next thing to understand is just a little bit about what God’s voice sounds like. I always thought it would sound like thunder rolling in the background from the clouds. You’d hear James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman’s voice [Imitating sound of thunder, then talking with a very deep voice] “Richard this is God” or something along those lines.

Sid:  (Laughing)

Richard:  So I would wait and I didn’t hear anything like that.  And then I realized that God speaks Spirit to spirit. And when the spirit speaks to us we interpret that in our mind so we’re going to process what God says in our mind.  Sometimes that could be pictures, and that would be a vision.  Sometimes that would be a song; sometimes it could be a scripture verse.  Sometimes it’s like an impression but it’s really clear and we can understand what that impression means.  And so I asked people to pay attention to what’s going on in your mind.  I used to ask to hear God and it would drive me crazy because I would see pictures.  And I thought “Why can’t I get rid of these images?  And I would have thoughts; God type thoughts but I got to get rid of all of my thoughts.  I got to get rid of these pictures so I can hear the James Earl Jones type of voice coming from Heaven?  Then I realized that the Spirit of God has been speaking to me for years.  When I would ask God to speak to me He would give me visions; but I didn’t know that’s what it was because no one had ever said.  Just like God said to Jeremiah, “Jeremiah what do you see?”  He said to Amos “What do you see?”  And they would say something really ordinary, “I see a boiling pot.”  Most of the times when I’m seeing things there just ordinary things but then God explains to me what they mean.  When I tell Him what I see and I say “What does mean?”  All of a sudden I know what it means.  His Spirit is bringing illumination.  So it’s very important I believe to write down.  And I ask people when they begin to write this down what they’re getting in their mind to not censor it.  Not yet; that’s the last step.  It’s important to test everything you hear because people can hear the voice of the enemy.  Sometimes our own imaginations; our own thoughts can be operating.  But when you’re in the writing process and when you’re in the listening process don’t censor it; write it all down. I was teaching a couple young girls that had been adopted from Russia to do this because it was interesting because they wrote down every word like I told them.  And the first thing they heard was “Don’t listen to this guy he doesn’t know what he’s talking about he’s going to hurt you get away from him.”  And I said “Thank you for writing that down; what was that.”  What was that, “Oh, that’s the demons that talk to us.”  And I said “Does the church that you go to talk about demons?” And she said “No, I’ve had demons my whole life.”  And I said “Okay, is that all you wrote down?” She goes “No.”  And I said “What else did you write down?”  She said “The next thing I wrote down was “Don’t listen to them; I am here and I’m going to heal you.”  And I said “Wow.

Sid: Hm.

Richard:  What do you think that was?  And she said “Oh, that was God.”  And I said “Have you heard Him before?”  And she was like “Yeah I hear Him but most of the time I’m hearing the demons.”  And I was like it was so profound because that’s what many people experience.  The spirit realm is more real than we realize; and when we write down what we’re getting it’s usually pretty easy to tell.  Oh, this is God; this is the enemy and this is my own thoughts.  But when we ask God to speak to us and we write down what comes to our mind most of the time what begins to happen write it down.

Sid: Is it important to write it down; can’t you just remember it?

Richard:  I can’t remember what my wife told me to get at the grocery store.

Sid: (Laughing)

Richard:  And that list is four items long and I get there and I can’t remember but one of the items.  And I get the wrong thing.  And I have a pretty good mind and a pretty good memory and I don’t know what it is. That’s why I write down every word because even when I’m doing ministry people tell me very important things.  And if I don’t write it down I’m not going to remember to get back to it because it’s going to be fuzzy the details.

Sid: How do you test whether it’s God or the devil on something you’ve written down?

Richard:  First of all it’s important to have a good understanding of scriptures because that makes it easier to test.  You know for me I didn’t know how to test it and I didn’t know to test for a long time.  But I just saw over the year of doing it it’s always right.  When I write down what I think God’s telling me for someone it’s always right; they confirm it.  And in that I just grew in confidence because when I would know something about someone I would know what they think about different things. He would tell me to say things to people that it was going to touch them.  And I would think “What?” And I would tell them what God had told me to tell them and they would start weeping and I was like Wow!  Because He knows the inmost thoughts of their heart, and when I would speak what He would give me it would bear fruit and way better than anything that I had ever done or could do with my words.

Sid: You know I was reading on you have a section called hindrance to hearing God’s voice and let me ask you about this one.  How we treat others and in particular husbands or wives and children and parents or other relationships?  Explain why that’s a hindrance.

Richard:  Well, there’s a scripture that says that God won’t hear our prayers if we miss treat our wives.  It’s funny how that ended up in my conference because one of the woman that was editing my material she had a challenging relationship with her husband.  And she threw that in there and made me a good point for it and I kept it because it’s right there in the Word of God.  That sometimes our relationship with God is hindered because of how we treat our wives or how we treat other people.  And so it’s just one of the ways that we can be hindered.  When we have bitterness in our heart it separates us from God.

Sid: And another hindrance that you talk about is the cares of this world.

Richard:  Yep and again they all come from scripture the hindrances that when we are so caught up in this world and filling our time, our attention; from the time we wake up we turn on the television we’re catching the sports news and listening to it on the radio.  It’s what we talk about at break.  You know we go to a restaurant we’re watching you know keeping track of the scores you know or whatever.  All that stuff I love but if I’m not intentional about my relationships then I don’t grow in those relationships because I’m not intentional with time with my wife that relationship falters.  If I’m not intentional with my relationship with God and not take time to listen even though He’s talking I don’t hear Him.  My wife can be 5 feet away from me; 2 feet away from me talking to me but I think she’s talking to someone else I don’t hear a word she says.  God is there and He’s talking but so many times we’re distracted and we think oh, He’s not talking to me and so we’re not listening.

Sid: Real brief, tell me what your prayer life is like.  What time do you usually start praying?  How do you pray?

Richard:  I love the fact that God wakes me up early in the morning and that it’s like hanging out with my best friend.  I ask Him what He wants to speak to me about today.  It took me a while for me to be willing to listen to God for me because I could listen to God for others because He was so loving to them.  But I had this fear like I’m going to the principal’s office like God’s going to straighten me out about something. But when I would listen to Him for me it would be like that fear “What is He going to say?”  It was like He would build me up and speak of His love.  I finally realized that wow, I was going to block; I think I know God’s love but I anticipate that He’s going to say mean things; hard things.  And I began to realize that as I listen to Him how loving He is and there’s nothing that builds me up more.

Sid: Whoops we’re out of time right now.

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Our Guests John & Anne Gimenez

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John GimenezAnne Gimenez.jpgSid: We want everyone everywhere to be on the Mall in Washington D.C. on October 22. Now I have Bishop John Gimenez on the phone from Rock Church. He is actually the Bishop of the Rock Ministerial Fellowship which has over 600 churches internationally. He’s come to our attention many times over the years because God has used him to have what was called Washington for Jesus type rallies that have gathered over a million Christians on the Mall.  And he says to me, and I believe it, that we’re at the most critical point in history of the United States and if we don’t do something now there’s no hope for our nation.  If we do not repent corporately he has seen God change circumstances based on Christians gathering in Washington for Jesus in ’88 and ‘80. But John I want to take you back a little bit because the Mishpochah do not know you. You came from a pretty hard background in New York.  Just briefly tell me about that.

John: Sure Brother Sid I was born in Harlem, Spanish Harlem, New York from Puerto Rican parents.  My dad was a Methodist Minister actually, but I grew up there in the slums there. And got entangled with the kids in the street at the age of 11 I was put away in a reform school.  I was just a wild wild kid, my father tried, my mother tried but I just would run away.  And so I was put away and there 4 years in reform school came out and pretty soon I was in a worst place.  And finally ended up in Sing Sing Prison; all burned out and hell fire.  I was just in jail and hospitals because I became a drug addict at the age of 15 and using heroin.

Sid: So look from what I hear you should have died.

John: I should have died.

Sid: I mean you should have been history but obviously your father and mother’s prayers must have been surrounding you.

John: I believe as a baby my mother dedicated me to the Lord and to the ministry. I didn’t know that till many years later. And that dedication of covenant was made and God is a covenant keeping God.  And although all of my friends had started with me are dead and died young many years ago.  And I had taken overdoses, I have been shot at you name it you know Satan has been trying to kill me for a long time. But God has purpose for our life and at the age of 31, same day I came out of prison I walked into a little church small church in the Bronx looking for a bed to sleep in not looking for God.  Because they used to work with drug addicts and so forth.  There I had encounter with Yeshua Mashiach and He came into my life, and man it’s just not… a lot of people don’t believe when I tell them where I came from. No education, no vocation, no future, no anything, no house, no home. Even my parents didn’t want me and God just took me in when no one else wanted me He took me.  And here we are today and it’s hard to tell this story because it’s seems impossible but all things are possible with God Sid. And I’ve met people like you and I’ve met the giants of the faith throughout the world and it’s just been… well it’s just been God, just God.

Sid: God confounds the wisdom of the wise and he uses people like you and people like me.  He uses the foolish things of this earth to show that He’s God.  But we’re talking about something so significant in the history of the United States of America, and even in the history of Israel.  What is the connection as you see it?

John: Yes as I see it, America for some reason has become sort of the watchman on the wall for Israel and sort of a protectorate. We know God protects Israel, but God set this nation aside to be a strong arm for Israel.  And the enemy understands that and that’s why he’s attacking now as forcefully as he’s ever attacked.  If he can knock off the church in America the evangelical church. The church that understands our connection and relationship with Israel, if he could do that he can stop us and bring control over us and so forth, he then has an open field, he thinks, to Israel.

Sid: Let me tell you something that our president did that most Christians in America are not even aware of it. When President Bush declared war on Saddam Hussein; when our troops went over to Iraq a lot of people were upset over that, but they don’t realize that as a result of that he probably spared great destruction to Israel. They were going to… and forget this nonsense about weapons of mass destruction. The fact that we didn’t find them there has nothing to do with anything. He’s used them on his own people.

John:  That’s right.

Sid: So we know these weapons, you know he’s got them he just probably stored them at another Arab country.  However, they were poised and positioned to use them on Israel. And I believe that God literally used President Bush to spare Israel one more time.

John:  That’s why we got to keep President Bush in prayer.  The attacks against him both verbally, and mentally, and spiritually because there are demons assigned to the White House, they are real demons. I mean fallen angels, powerful who are assigned to bring confusion, disrupt, and attack and everything against the President. So we need to keep him in prayer.  But you’re absolutely right had he not intervened I want to tell you whose heading this stuff up down there.  It’s the sons of Lot, the Moabites, and the Ammonites and I mean the Amalekites are still around.  And they’re whole life they’re heard “Destroy Israel, destroy Israel.” That’s what they live for over there. Because President Bush and the church has taken such a stand for Israel to protect Israel.  And on Israel’s side we have of course have become the main targets. Because the enemy feels get rid of the Evangelical Church that knows that they are tied not only in a book where you says New Testament, but also Old Testament there. But we’re tied together by blood, but we’re tied together by faith. There cannot be a Christian church if there is no Israel. We who know the scripture know that, but there are enemies without and within that want to destroy. Their main key and emphasis is to destroy Israel.  But to destroy Israel you got to come against us here. And if they can discourage America, bring fear in America and terrorize America. Well, then America will then say “Well, if we back away from protecting Israel and let Israel fight on its own then we won’t have all of these attacks.  Fools, fools because the moment we do that, then we become nothing and we have no purpose.  Because without the attachment of the church and Israel there is no church.

Sid: I agree, now tell me why you selected October 22nd as a day for national repentance and prayer.

John:  Well, I didn’t we never went to Washington this late we always went in April. So when we went to Washington to get a date. Because we know God called us to have this rally 2 years ago.  And when we went first they said “Well, maybe you can have it in September.”  We wanted it in April, the finally they said “No, someone else has it. This is the week we’ll give you. We’ll give you a whole week but it will be in October. Well, October I think that you have the feasts going on. And on the 15th someone said…

Sid: September starts the high holy days of Israel

John:  Well, some people say they believe the Tabernacle Feast starts sometime in October there’s a lot of different theologies but be that as they may.  We had no idea and not even… we didn’t even think about it that it would be 10 days before the national elections.  So we didn’t choose it but here I would say without any hesitation God knows what was needed ad He chose that day.

Sid: You know that we’re not allowed to say a specific candidate to vote for, but we can say what sin is. Sin is condoning homosexuality, sin is murdering the child in the womb.

John:  Right.

Sid: Sin is New Age types of activities, sin is flooding our court system with very liberal judges that want us to be a Sodom and Gomorrah and it’s a clear distinction.  You vote according to the Bible. Sin is going against the land of Israel being the home of the Jewish people.  Because the first Zionist was not Theodore Herzl but was Almighty God.

John: Amen.

Sid: John tell me the details for our listeners on America for Jesus.

John: Well, when God spoke it to us He said “The house is on fire. The nation is cracking and burning and unless the church who has the word of God will go and stand before Me in repentance. Unless the church went to the book according to 2nd Chronicles 7:14 and did exactly what God has required in that scripture, repent.” Well first of all it’s having an understanding of what we’re all about. “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways.”  Four things we need to do. Then He said “I will hear, I will forgive, and I will heal.” and unless the church does that. And unfortunately Sid a lot of the church says “Well, I’m too busy.”  I say to them are you too busy to watch your house, your nation, your future. Not only of your home and your children, but the future of the church itself.

Sid: John we’re out of time. Okay Mishpochah circle the date on your calendar October 22nd.  Meet me and John Gimenez in Washington, DC.  October 22nd at the National Mall.

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Our Guests Gennady & Svetlana

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Gennady & Svetlana

Sid: Getting ready to blow the grandest shofar; oh the grandest trumpet. I mean when else should we do it then the Feasts of Trumpets Rosh Hashanah that began last night. And today is Rosh Hashanah.  My guests are Gennady and Svetlana they are Russian Jews that are red-hot for the Messiah living in Canada right now.  And Gennady and Svetlana host the Russian version of our evangelism show for Jewish people on secular radio in Israel.  It’s in the Russian language, that’s why their hosting it, and Russian Jews large numbers are listening to this and they write for this which is the Russian version which has all the facts they need to know why Jesus is the Messiah and it’s presented to them by a Russian Jewish believer from a local Jewish congregation in Israel or a congregation in Germany. We want to spread this throughout the world. And on yesterday’s broadcast Gennady we found out that, although you came from an atheistic background, that you did not believe in the supernatural a Christian couple befriended you when you and your wife moved there.  And started teaching you the basics of the Bible the exact type of thing that you’re doing now with large numbers of Russian Jews through Messianic Vision.  But the thing that attracted you was the supernatural, you saw miracles.  And this is what will attract the Russian Jews because Gennady moves in supernatural words of wisdom and knowledge. And although this is a brand new venture I believe that many many Russian Jews are going to get supernaturally healed as Gennady moves in these words of knowledge. And we found out that Gennady moves in these words of knowledge and wisdom.  And we found out that Gennady had a vision for the first time and as a result of that he received the Messiah. But then the pull of the world, the secular, drew him towards wanting him to be a rock and roll recording artist and he had a contract.  And he had his record and all of a sudden he was in an automobile accident and he heard the word of God. What did God say to you Gennady?

Gennady: Well, the Lord said to me “I have fulfilled what you’ve been looking for but you never kept your word.” When I heard this everything else fell off of me. All of the desires, all that has been in past with this studio and everything else it just became nothing.  And when I came out of the car all of a sudden I saw a fellow he was about maybe 20 – 25 years old.  He came out of nowhere, white shirt, black pants I remember that a lot of people were there to help us. But he came to me and he said “You need to come back go God.”  How did he know me, he never met me. I think Sid that it was an angel, you know what I mean.  We talk about…

Sid: It had to be.

Gennady: Yeah, if you’re talking about supernatural God was pouring on me supernatural from the time I begin to ask Him with the visions and everything else and God spoke to me with audible voice in the car.  And then He sent me an angel.  I mean God didn’t want to let me go for some strange reason.  And then within a week… I mean after this car accident I didn’t care about my car anymore.  The desire in my heart was to come back to these people that led me to the Lord and I wanted to go through mikvah and by the way it’s water baptism. I wanted to make a commitment this time that I am standing with God that I’m not going to move anywhere.  So I run to their house and when they saw me and when they heard my testimony they cried because they prayed for me since April till that time they were praying for me so that I may come back to God.  And I believe that just the Lord didn’t allow me to depart.  And then within next week they have arranged for me to have a mikvah. And that’s when the miracle took place in my wife’s life.

Sid: I’ll tell you what let’s put Svetlana on right now; I want to find out what happened to this atheistic Russian Jew.

Svetlana:  Hello.

Sid: Hi Svetlana.

Svetlana: Hi.

Sid: Now when your husband heard this audible voice and he said “He wants to go through the mikva,” baptism, what did you think?

Svetlana: Well, I didn’t know nothing what he wanted to do because he didn’t share with me.  The only time that he shared with me was when we were having breakfast with our friends and he was more bold when they were around.

Sid: (Laughing)

Svetlana:  (Laughing) So he said you know Svetlana I would like to have a water baptism today.  And I was terrified, Sid I was just amazed you know I couldn’t speak because I was speechless because as a Jewish person he going to have a water baptism.  To me it was finished, to me I felt that Gennady had just canceled his Jewishness, canceled his Jewish roots.  Like Sid he just separated himself that was so dear to me and I was really upset for his decision but I didn’t say anything to them.  And I said “Okay, it’s fine with you, it’s fine with me.”  And I remember we went to the place and we had mikvah and everybody was holding hands and praying together.  I was just speechless, I was very unhappy I didn’t feel very good because I felt I don’t belong there you know.  Because I was trying to find myself, find my Jewishness in the going to synagogue involving social activities and you know in trying to be a good part of… trying to be a good Jewish person. Do as much as I can for my Jewish community but here my husband is just doing something strange, he’s behaving weird and I’m very very upset and I’m very confused.

Sid: Now when you got home and you talked to Gennady how did you two react?

Svetlana: Not very good, (Laughing) not very good honestly I was very confused; I tried to read my Bible.  That’s the time when I started really started seeking for something because I saw very big change in Gennaday’s life and Gennaday’s behavior. I saw a change and I was jealous inside.

Sid: Well Svetlana you had all of these questions that were going on inside of you and so you get together with your husband and this couple again that had been witnessing to both of you and what happened?

Svetlana: What happened we came home late and I was very tired and from information and I really was exhausted and I went to bed and Gennady went to his room to pray.  And guess what, the next morning I get up and I said “Gennady you know what I have to share with you something I had a very strange dream to share with you.”  And he said “Yeah, what’s happened tell me.”  And I began to tell him the dream. The dream was that I was sitting in a big country house very lonely and the house didn’t have any windows only one door.  And I was sitting in depression and desperation knowing that my life was empty and I couldn’t find any answer to any questions in my life. And nobody could answer me. It was just the thought of despair, total despair; total depression and total disappointment of everything.  And suddenly I heard the knock on the door just real small knock of the door.  And I opened the door and I saw a man who was dressed like I knew that it was Yeshua, I never saw Him anywhere but somehow in my heart in the deepest heart of heart I knew it was Yeshua.  He looked at me very straight with His eyes full of compassion and full of love and full of wisdom.  He came to me with His open hands, He stretched His hands to me and I saw the mark of the nails.  He said “Come to Me My child and I will give you rest.”  And you know Sid I was amazed, I said “Gennady what does this mean?”  I never read the Bible I never heard this words. I didn’t even know what does it mean.  And when I told him that He said “Yeshua came to you, he said “Praise God I was praying for you and He answered my prayer and now you believe that He’s God.” Yes, I believe that Yeshua is God, He’s my Messiah He came to me.  He came personally to Me!”  I was so happy Sid and we were rejoicing with Gennady because he was amazed how fast God opened…

Sid: How fast he answered that prayer. You know Svetlana I’m reminded of the Russian Jewish atheist that was a little girl and she had such a fear of death.  What about now?

Svetlana: No I don’t have any fear of death because I know that when I go there I’m going to see Jesus Yeshua who will meet me there.

Sid: You know Svetlana today is Rosh Hashanah between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we Jewish people pray and fast and go to the Synagogue that our name would be inscribed in the Book of Life, and we just believe the lie. And it is a lie and we’re told that just because we’re Jewish we’re okay and we go to the synagogue on Yom Kippur and everything is fine.  Well, I tell you that Jewish people are hungering and thirsting to know the truth more than ever before the spiritual scales are off of our eyes. And it is absolutely essential that you share Jesus with the Jewish person that God Himself has had cross your path. I mean we’re at the fullness of the Gentile age. Paul says “The spiritual scales will come off of the eyes of Jewish people” but it’s not an accident that Jewish person that Jewish person that God has had cross your path.  This week only I’m taking the book that God told me in a prophetic dream He came to me and He said “Sid, write this book of 10 Jewish testimonies and more Jewish people will come to know me than anything that you have ever done.”

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Our Guest Zona Hayes-Morrow

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Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah the devil tried to kill her 13 times she faced death.  In fact, Zona Hayes-Morrow who is the daughter of Norvel Hayes you told me before we went on the air that you have literally seen the spirit of death 3 times.  Tell me one time very briefly.

Zona: Well the last time was in 2008 my body has been retaining so much fluid I looked like a freak from the waist down.  And I’m a little person and it’s just… it was awful and I thought as I was sitting on the kidney floor at the University of Alabama Hospital.  And my husband left the room to go get coffee and all of a sudden this black figure came to the side of my bed.  I was reading “How to Live and Not Die,” my dad’s book.

Sid: Why were you reading that book you would think that by now you would have known that?

Zona:  Well, the Lord spoke to me in 2007 me and dad were doing Healing School together and He said “I want you to read “How to Live and Not Die.”  He said “When was the last time you read “How to Live and Not die?”  I said “I’ve never read it all the way through.”  He asked me that three times, I said “I guess you want me to read it all the way through.”  Now this was before any of the last time the devil tried to kill me; He said “Yes, I want you to read it through 7 times and I want you to read it once a month through until I tell you to quit because you’re going to need it.”  I said “Oh, okay.”  So I read two chapters a day for 2 ½ years.  And by the end of that that’s when they diagnosed me with kidney failure and the fourth stages again and put me back on dialysis.  Had I not read that and kept my faith built up with the word and done exactly what the Lord said to me when they diagnosed me to go back on dialysis I would have flipped out because it was horrible and it was like “Oh no, here we go again.”  So when the dialysis they would… I refused to stay in the status quo.

Sid: Oh I have to ask you; when you were taking dialysis, which praise God she doesn’t do now; you did not want to look at what was your circumstances and did you really take a blanket and put it over your head?

Zona:  Oh, I asked the Lord, I could tell that my body a physical body was getting tired. But I never let it come out of my mouth one time ever, not one time; not one negative word for the four years that I was on dialysis.  But I never complained, I never told anybody what I was going through, I was very quiet except when I talked to the Lord.  That is a key, and so I said “What do I do?”  He said “I don’t want you to look at the machine.”  I said “What do I do, I’m right by the machine?”  He said “I want you to take a blanket in and I want you to sit under the blanket and I want you to sit under the blanket your whole time.”  I was only in there 2 hours 3 days a week because I’m so little and I said “Okay.”  So I went into the dialysis center and I sat under the blanket and I stuck my arm out because I had a fistula because they stuck me in the arm and I sat under that blanket.  Because He said “If you ever get your eyes on the machine and realize what’s going on you’ll die because you’re going to look at the circumstance.” He said “When you do you have to do something you haven’t done before and it will have you to have unwavering faith and you’ll expect God to show up.”  So that’s exactly what I had to do; you know faith not only says I worship You Jesus but it also says I expect God to show up; I expect Him; I expect Him to give me my miracle; I expect.  Whether it be through surgery; whether it be a creative miracle; I had done dialysis… why did I not get a creative miracle?  Because God said “You have faith but I met you where your faith was.”  And you have to tell the people He said because 85% of my people have to take medicine and they feel like they don’t have a testimony.  And He said “That is a lie from the enemy.”

Sid: Well, that reminds me of you were teaching in your dad’s Bible School while you were on dialysis and you told me that you felt like the biggest hypocrite in the world.

Zona:  Oh yeah I did, I thought that because the whole time the devil’s saying to you “Well, who do you think you are; you have to be hooked up to the dialysis, you have to be hooked up to life support; you think you got faith; you have to be hooked up to life support.”  So I had to cut off all thoughts about giving up and quitting and I made a decision that no matter how bad the circumstance I would never quit, I would never give up and I’d climb into God’s will for my life.  I made a decision that my relationship with Jesus meant more to me than anything or anyone at all.  And so I want to finish my assignment on this earth; I got a lot of years ahead of me and so we need to have the wisdom of leaders that have gone before us that have made a way you know.  Well, people say “I don’t need a spiritual covering, I don’t need to have a spiritual mother or a spiritual father.” No you don’t need to God is your spiritual covering but you know what it’s always good to get wisdom from people that know more than you do always.

Sid:  And by the way the reason I love your brand new book so much is because you are building on giants; your building on generals of the faith.  They poured into you and you took it higher and now your pouring into this next generation.  But there was another thing that really astounded me when your kidney’s shut down and there’s something about for 2 years you couldn’t have liquid. I don’t know a whole lot about dialysis but for 2 years you couldn’t have frozen grapes and strawberries but you were doing what you were capable of doing with faith.  You would go to the bathroom and you would pour water down the commode and flush it six times a day. Why did you do that?

Zona:  Yeah I sure did I couldn’t have any fluid and I had to limit my fluid intake because I didn’t go one drop to the restroom.  So I would go into the bathroom and I’d lock the door and I had an empty cup by the sink and I would fill the cup with water and I would pour the water and close my eyes, I would not look at anything; and I would say “Thank you Lord for my miracle; thank you Lord that my kidney’s function normally.” And then I would tear a piece of toilet tissue off and I would throw it in the commode, and then I would go over to the sink I would wash my hands and I’d dry them and then I’d straighten my clothes out and then I would walk outside the bathroom.  And all the time I’d say “Thank you Lord for giving me my miracle; thank you Lord that my kidney’s function normally; thank you Lord for my miracle.”  And it was just like faith; you know it built my faith; you know we all do things different ways but that’s what really built my faith.

Sid: Now during this entire time your teaching; how would you have strength to do this.  I mean it’s a strenuous thing to teach with a bunch of students.

Zona:  Oh yeah, sometimes I had to have people hold me up. I’d have to have somebody stand beside me when I weighed 64 pounds.  I was in New York and I was preaching in a meeting of about 500 people and I had to have one person on one side one person on another to hold me up because I had just gotten off dialysis and I weighed 64 pounds and…

Sid: But most people would have stopped why did you continue?

Zona:  Because I knew the word; I knew what God said and I knew I wasn’t finished.

Sid: Can you tell me real quick because you operate in words of knowledge, amazing words of knowledge.  These students must be very nervous when they’re around you because now that you’ve had your miracle and you’re in great shape right now.  You would even know when some of these students were going to a bar and what bar they were in.  Tell me one.

Zona:  This one boy he was a music leader but he had an alcohol problem and I was in my kitchen praying and the Lord showed me the name of a bar and what was really a strip joint in Chattanooga.  And so I called the strip joint and I had them page him and he came to the phone and of course he was flipping out you know.  Then another boy I was frying chicken, it always happens in my kitchen most of the time, and I saw the name of a street.  I sent one of my guys, two of my guys nobody by themselves two of my guys over to that street and one of my students was getting ready to make a drug deal.  If they’d have made that drug deal they would have went to prison but God rescued him and they dragged…

Sid: I’m sorry we’re out of time I’d like you to go on and on Zona…. 

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Our Guest Patricia King

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SID: Is it possible to change the atmosphere, not just in your home, not just in your community, but an entire country? Let’s take the country of Thailand, the country of Cambodia. First of all, why did you even go there?

PATRICIA: Well Sid, the Lord spoke to me in a prayer time once and He said, “I want you to go to Bangkok, Thailand, because I’m going to teach you some things about sex tourism.” I thought, sex tourism, what is that? We worked in the inner city for years and of course worked with prostitutes. They were making money for their drugs through prostitution. But I never thought of it being a tourist thing. So we went over to Thailand and got a ticket. Went there and, Sid, the first night that I arrived, my heart my vexed because I saw older men that had come from western countries who were buying young Thai girls for the weekend. And I looked at the strain on the Thai girls’ faces, and they were trying to smile, but you could feel their pain. I was in a restaurant one night and I thought—

SID: You know, we’re sheltered here in a country like America. The most we see is a little bit of this on a TV screen. But these are real people that are being abused, children being abused. It’s real. And if we don’t do something about it, who’s going to? Go ahead.

PATRICIA: That’s exactly right. And so the restaurant was full of such scenarios, men with girls that they bought. And I got angry inside, and I forgot that my life message was God loves you with an everlasting love, for the moment. All I wanted to do was give that man some of my full ministry, a real good dose of it. And my heart broke for the girl. But then the Lord spoke to me. He said, “You know, he’s just as much of a victim. He’s a victim, too.

SID: Sure.

PATRICIA: And He started to reveal words of knowledge to my heart as to what had happened in his life. And He says, “What are you going to do about it?” And I thought, well I’m overwhelmed. I went to bed that night. I was still overwhelmed. The next day we go to Pattaya. It was the worst. It’s a sex tourism city. You can walk the streets and there’s bars with sex menus there that people from all over the world, sex tourists go and buy young girls for sex. I sat in one of those bars the second day I was there and sat and listened to a girl’s sad story of how she had grown up in a community with, she was happy, and then got sold into the bar by her parents. I was just broken hearted. There were tears welling up in her eyes. And I went back to my room. I said, “God, I’m just overwhelmed. I don’t know what to do. This problem is too big.” And He said, “You can do something about it, and you get to do something about it.” So He gave us an idea, one idea. And it was February 14, Valentine’s Day. So we worked with a local church in the area. We went into one of the brothel bars and asked the brothel owner, “Hey, can we do some singing for you? It’s Valentine’s Day. Love songs.” We just failed to tell him it was Jesus love songs.

SID:  In a bar.

PATRICIA: So we gave them free entertainment for the night. We went in there and we sat with the bar girls, and we bought them a Coca-Cola or something, just because we had to pay something in order to be there. And we started sharing with them about Jesus. Well then I asked the brothel owner, I said, “Oh, I’m getting some words about people’s future from God. Can I get up on the mike here and give those words?” And she said, “Are you a fortune teller?” And I said, “No, not quite like that.” But I said, “I do know God and He knows everyone’s future and I’ve got words.” She said, “Okay, go for it.” So I started giving these words and I said, “If anyone of you want words for your future come up here and I’ll give them to you.” There was a lineup of people waiting to get their destiny words. And that night, we got people saved. We had an altar call in the bar, in the brothel, and people came to the Lord.

SID: Listen now. That is normal. That’s what Jesus would have done. That is normal according to the Bible.

PATRICIA: And that is changing the atmosphere.

SID: Okay. As you changed the atmosphere in Thailand and in Cambodia, we do the same work. Tell me some of the things God is showing you to do.

PATRICIA: Oh, it’s just been amazing. There’s multiple levels. But one of the things that He revealed when we were in Cambodia, there’s a little city called Poipet and it’s right on the border where a lot of children get smuggled across with traffickers, sometimes put in the bottom of carts. And the Lord revealed to me as I was doing a prayer walk there one day, He said, “One of the issues that is fueling the sex trade is systemic poverty. People can’t afford to feed their children. What are you going to do?”

SID: So that’s why they sell them.

PATRICIA: They sell the children so that, you know, and a lot of them don’t know they’re going into the sex trade. They’re lied to by the traffickers. So they think they’re going to give their children a better future by getting them educated, put them in a rich family over in Thailand, or something. But that’s not what happens to them. They get sold into brothels or sent by containers over to western nations to be sold in sex auctions. It’s a horrible thing. So God says, “What are you going to do about the poverty issue?” So I went into prayer and He gave me one idea. The first idea was to buy a bag of laundry soap. And I approached a Thai woman who had made [?] for a living. And I said, “I’d like to start you in a business. Would you like that?” She said, “I would really like that.” And I said, “Well, here’s a bag of soap. Let’s open up a business called “Purity Laundry Service” and I said, “I’m going to make up some order forms on my computer so people can order your laundry. We’ve got people in outreach coming, they need their laundry done. And you can pray over all the laundry and clean it.” We led her to the Lord and taught her how to pray. And I said, “It’s going to be really holy laundry, Purity Laundry Service.” And I said, “Eventually we’re going to lead for your business to get into the local hotels. You can wash the sheets. Who knows what’s happening on those sheets. But you’re going to wash them and declare the purity of God over them.” In no time at all, that little business took off and she was hiring three workers, and then up to five workers who were making a living for their families instead of having to sell children.

SID: But let me ask you this question, though. You’re a nurse. You’re not a businesswoman. How are you starting businesses all over these countries, rescuing these people, getting them saved, getting them discipled and putting them in business to be lights to their community? How can you do this?

PATRICIA: All things in Christ are easy. They’re very, very easy. And you know, God spoke to me one day and Jesus said that he was about his Father’s business. It says that in the scripture. He didn’t say, I’m about my Father’s ministry. And I took of that. And I thought, okay, if there’s a business anointing available, I want it. God, teach me how to move in this business anointing.

SID: I want you right now, because of time, to do what you normally do in these countries or in your home, or in your community, I want to decree right now over the people watching.

PATRICIA: All right. I decree over you that all things are possible in Christ. I decree over you that there’s going to be a shift in your life into an accelerated creativity where you can bring light into your darkness. There is nothing impossible for you. You will triumph in all things because that is what the Word promises you. The Lord says in His Word that you are going to partner with Him to transform the world for His glory. You are going to bring salvation to those who do not know Him. You are going to see shifts in your health, in your finances, in your strength, in every dimension of your life, because that is what is you’re called to. And I see actually right now in the spirit, I see someone who is watching this, there is going to be a shift in your home. You’re going to create peace in your household because you have a teenage son who has been raising hell in your home. And you’ve been distressed. You were crying. Even before you put this program on, you were crying. But the Lord says He’s going to teach you how to take the authority and shift the atmosphere in your home so that there’s no more conflict, there’s no more contention or strife, or rebellion, but there’s peace because you have the power resident within you, in Christ Jesus within you to change the atmosphere in your home.


SID: And I say to you, anything Patricia can do, you can do better.


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