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Our Guest Katie Sousa

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Sid:  Hello, this is Sid Roth with Katie Sousa. Katie I was listening to your teaching of some of the things that happened at the airport and how offended you got.  I was in an airport last night and I just told you that the only reason I wasn’t offended is I was too tired to be offended.  But tell me some of these stories because everyone’s going to be able to relate to this, but it’s not just humorous that she went through it and it wasn’t for her; trust me it wasn’t humorous, but it is a humorous story.  It’s the fact that you can get rid of those past wounds in your soul which is stopping you from everything God wants in your life.  God is a good God; God’s promises are for good in your life, and many people are walking almost like a nonbeliever, yes they’ll end up in heaven, but they have such scars in their soul and they don’t understand why their prayers are not being answered.  They don’t understand why they are not walking in the favor of God; they don’t understand why they’re not hearing God, they don’t understand why they’re not having dreams and visions and words of knowledge from God.  They don’t understand why they’re dealing with chronic sicknesses you know their whole life as a believer.  They don’t understand why they have addictions whether it’s something horrific addiction like pornography, or horrific addiction that will end up killing you like gluttony.  But there’s reasons for this and it’s so simple, tell me how it easy it is to get offended Katie Sousa.

Katie:  Oh, every single day; we’ve been counting since we’ve been on this quest to be 100% presentable in every situation we go into.  We shout okay, we are going to count how many times we had the opportunity to be offended and we’re not going to get offended.  And so the classic challenge here of course is the airport because we’re on tour and we’re in the airport all the time.  And so I mean in the airport there is; I know you know this Sid.

Sid:  I know but I have to tell you something that happens to me so much it’s so embarrassing.  I go up to get my ticket and there’s some confusion and I’m getting irritated and they say “Are you the Sid Roth that’s on television and radio?”  And I feel, I want to crawl under the counter and hide; can you relate? (Laughing)

Katie:  (laughing) You really got bothered and they could tell that you’re irritated and all of a sudden they’re like you’re Sid Roth, huh.

Sid:  (laughing)

Katie:  Yeah because for us it’s really worse because people know who we are.

Sid:  Okay, tell me your airport stories.

Katie:  Oh, my gosh well you know just going through a TSA could make you lose your Christianity right there, you know the x-ray machine and going through the bags and everything else.  And when they send me through you know the buzzer and not the x-ray machine I’m so relieved but the things is as I go through the metal detector it always seems to go off.  It is like this arrow pointed at me, “Bother her, have it go off” and they come up and to me and they don’t always say those words that I hate to hear Sid because I’m an x-con.  They say, “Could you step aside so we can pat you down.”  I mean okay I did five years in federal prison that’s the last thing I ever need ever again, is pat you down.  And so I right away there’s my first opportunity to get really bothered, and you know I step over and they say the famous words, you know “Put your hands in the air and put your feet apart” and you know it’s like right there I don’t think those words mean the same thing to me as they do to them.  And I’m trying to fight getting bothered, you know I’m looking at the guys baton on the side and I was a fighter on the streets and I’m thinking “I’ll just take that baton out and beat this guy like a red headed stepchild.”  I mean, I had to fight my hope and soul from responding and getting completely bothered.  You know whenever we go through the whole process of getting our luggage searched and everything else we are always late and then you have to run to your gate.  And I remember Amy and I were running to our gate we were late and you get on the people mover and you know it’s the moving sidewalk in the airport right.

Sid:  Oh I know about that, I was on one last night.

Katie:  Okay then you know you, you know that there actual airport mover etiquette right?

Sid:  Oh, I know that but it doesn’t seem as though anyone else knows it.

Katie:  Well, if it is even says it on the little ramp, it’s like a little stamp it says on one side stand here and it says on the other side pass here.  So if anyone just wants to ride they’re suppose to stand on the right so that they can let people in a hurry pass by them on the left.

Sid:  And of course they’re in a hurry because they’re trying to catch their plane because if they miss their plane they’re going to miss their whole purpose of their trip.  And it’s a serious thing, sure.

Katie:  But that alone gets you offended because when somebody gets in your way your thinking, come on you must know that I’m running for a reason, okay.  And that happens all the time I’ll be booking it.  That day we were booking it down the airport people mover, I mean you can get up to twenty-five on those things because they move so fast and we’re jamming down it and a woman whose standing on the right is talking on her phone totally obliv to everybody’s presence and she steps out right in front of us and I mean I literally had to come to a screeching to a halt behind her and as I did she’s completely unaware that I almost just mowed her down.  And I’m in back of her trying so hard not to scream something like “Okay this is not a ride in Disneyland, don’t you know that there’s airport people mover etiquette, get out of the way!” And I can’t do that of course I am trying to completely babysit my goal.  And it’s just this huge challenge, this daily challenge and I had to stand behind her and literally collect myself from saying something rude to her because she was not paying attention she cut me off.  But that’s just a great example of what happens I mean that women has no idea she even made me offended or bothered.  She that’s what happens too, people do stuff to us and they don’t even realize that we’re offended at them.

Sid:  It’s you know because it just happened to me last night, it’s very crowded, it’s late at night and people are so oblivious. You’re walking the right way not on the people mover but you’re just walking the right way and they decide they went to go somewhere else and they walk right in front of you which if you had taken a step you would bump right into them and they don’t even know they’ve done it!

Katie:  Yeah, or they do it and they don’t care, so it’s like the scenario that goes both ways but the point is it’s our decision whether we want to get offended because when we do Sid that sin will wound our soul and it can do all kinds of things to our lives including making us physically sick.

Sid:  Give me an example of how you got physically sick by allowing that wound to get inside of your soul.

Katie: In James 5 it says, “When you confess your offenses to one another you will be healed.” I looked up that word healed. It means to be healed of diseases.  Then I looked up diseases, and it is a vast variety of all kinds of different disorders. It means ailments, sicknesses, diseases, disorders, toxins, bacteria, viruses, and parasites. That’s what the word disease means. So when you let yourself get offended; because when you confess your offenses you will be healed.  When you let yourself get offended all of these wide varieties of disorders can come upon you, including bacterias and toxins.  I have noticed when I let myself get offended, especially if let it continue without shutting it down and repenting and getting healed of it, then I will start to get sick with the flu, I will start to get all kinds of bacterial diseases.  I have seen other people get sick with viruses.  I mean we have had so many healings happen in our meeting.  I had a woman that had strep so bad in a meeting, she wrote a text at 2:00 to her friend. That she showed me, that 2:00, the morning before the session, and she said in her text, “I am so so so sick, I am dangerously ill.  I need to go to the emergency room. I cannot make it to the session tomorrow.” Her friend was like you need to go your going to get healed. She came and got that strep completely lifted off of her in an instance when she got healed of an offense. I have seen people with the flu and everything else get instantly healed.  I have been instantly healed of like flus, bacterias, bladder infections, yeast infections when I repented of the sins of offense by putting  the blood on my sin, and I put dunamis in my soul. Because dunamis makes you excellent  to soul.

Sid:  Alright tell me about that person that had their jaw dislocated for ten years.

Katie:  There was a woman who came to our meeting, I taught on offense and how it wounds our soul and causes you to be sick. She got taken in the spirit to remember a time when she sat at a table with her parents, and they were telling her that would never forgive her for all the horrible things that she had done to them in their life. At the same time, they were saying to her, she is remembering how her father as a child would pick her up spin her around by her legs and throw her against the wall. Because that happened to her repeatedly her jaw got knocked out of place. She had many surgeries on it, but even after the surgeries when she would open her mouth the jaw would swing to one side.  Well that night in the meeting she gets healed of offense by putting the blood of Jesus on the sin and the dunamis power from the resurrection on the wound that the sin made. Her soul becomes excellent, and I have a word of knowledge about the jaw being healed and she gets instantly instantly healed. She comes up on the stage she is opening up and it is going straight, straight not dragging to the side. You heard about the woman with the tooth right, what happened with the filling of the enamel?

Sid: No, tell me.

Katie: Okay, we teaching on offense and how Proverbs 26 says, “Our words of a slanderer are like deadly wounds that go down in the inmost part of the belly.” That word “inmost part of the belly” means the soul.  It means that when you speak of slander, which we do when we are offended, it becomes like deadly wounds to our soul. It wounds the person’s soul we are talking about, and it wounds our soul because we are the ones speaking those sinful words of offense.  I was teaching on that and the Lord gave me a word of knowledge that the next day, everybody is getting healed by doing the 2 steps we teach. The blood from the cross for the sin, the dunamis power from the resurrection for the womb the sin made. We are teaching on that and everybody is getting healed.  I get words of knowledge I hear that enamel is growing back in somebody’s mouth. Well a woman had a cavity fall out of her tooth, and she could feel the ragged rough edge with her tongue, and the hole in her tooth. She remembered, during this teaching, that she was very offended at like one of her best friends. Whenever she would pray with her friend she could feel that offense rise up in her. Well I had that word of knowledge, she’s getting healed of the wounds that came from her words that came out of her mouth.  Then all of a sudden she feels this sensation in her jaw where the tooth is. She puts her tongue up there and she can no longer feel the jagged edge. So she goes, “Oh my gosh did something happen?” So she runs to the bathroom and she looks and the hole was filled in completely with enamel.  She is so shocked, she goes out and has her friend check.  She is like, “Yeah, it is not there I do not see a hole.” She goes back in to check again, and she comes out to ask her friend to check again. It is still the same.  She does that 3 times. She finally comes up and goes, “Enamel grew into the hole in my tooth because I repented of offense, and got the wound that came from my sin of offense healed.  Now my tooth is completely filled, and I am shocked.” She was shocked.

Sid:  Katie, we have absolutely have to get people to have all of those wounds from the past removed, and be able to unoffendable, totally unoffendable.

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Our Guest Katie Sousa

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Sid:  Hello Sid Roth here with Katie and we are talking about what Katie calls the most absolutely the most offensive message yet.  Now Katie you’re supposed to be a nice believer now you’re no longer Bonnie & Clyde. Why would you talk about an offensive message?  I’m just teasing because I know what you’re talking about.  But it is to me the most amazing, amazing sin of offense that wounds our soul and it’s so simple that it happens multiple times during the day, and if there was a way we could stop it it would transform our lives.

Katie:  Yeah.

Sid:  Tell me about that main sin.

Katie:  It’s offense honestly and there is opportunity every single day to be offended. I mean, you get in your car and somebody beeps the horn and waves at you with a middle finger instead of the whole hand.  And somebody cuts off…

Sid:  Yeah, I’m driving along and all of a sudden someone just pulls right in front of me as if I’m not there and if I wasn’t you know totally alert I would have crashed into him; I’m offended.

Katie:  Exactly, you know we get offended when people make our coffee wrong at the coffee shop, or you know when we go to the grocery store…

Sid:  Or things don’t happen quickly enough that’s my big offense.

Katie:  Hah, exactly I mean we got to fight I mean I don’t know about you my husband and I have a great marriage but you’ve got to protect yourself everyday from getting offended at each other.

Sid:  It’s and you know that’s why God put in the institution of marriage; no wonder the devil wants to destroy marriage people won’t realize how bad off they really are unless they’re married.  (Laughing)

Katie:  I’m telling you but it will make you grow up super fast because you’ll be like wow this is a great venue opportunity not to get offended and so we have a choice everyday whether or not were going to get offended and I think what…

Sid:  How about sitting in church and hearing a message of something that goes against your belief?

Katie:  Yeah.

Sid:  That takes no talent to be offended over.

Katie:  It’s true and then what happens is afterwards you go up and ask the Pastor to pray for your healing, but you’re offended at him.

Sid:  (Laughing) Well would you believe something as you just said that God gave me a word of knowledge and someone is being healed right now.  You have a pain in your neck and if you’ll move your head you’ll see that the pain is gone from your neck and there’s others that may be the same one or it could be someone with a back problem.  Please, pull over on the side of the road if you’re listening on the radio or but do something and as you do this you’re demonstrating your faith.  That’s why Paul said, “Faith without a corresponding action its plain dead,” you don’t want your faith to be dead.  If you will do that you will see that all pain is gone from back, all pain is gone from your neck and I’ll give you a little trade secret.  Katie it’s something that you probably noticed, but I’ve noticed that once God releases a word of knowledge it’s almost like the healing angel is there and if someone would only believe at that moment they could be healed of anything is what I believe.

Katie:  Yeah, and I believe that it might be attached to somebody that was offended at their pastor because you just got a word when we were talking about that.  So whoever that is right now repent for being offended at your pastor right now in Jesus name, and I command that your soul would be healed of that wound that that sin of offense made so that you could be prospered and be in health even as your soul prospers.  Be filled with dunamis right now so that you can receive your miracle in the name of Jesus.

Sid:  It’s amazing how many people when they can get rid of the scars of offense it’s easy for them to get their physical healing, it’s easy for them to get out of financial turmoil, it’s easy for them to solve the various things they’ve been praying for years.

Katie:  Oh yeah, offense is not only creating sickness but it is blocking our miracle from happening.  I mean remember when Jesus went back to His own home town and he began to preach in the synagogue and so the people were like. “Where did this guy come from, where did he get all these miraculous powers.”  And it says that “Because of their unbelief He could do, the lack of faith he could do no miracles there.”    Well, that’s not all that scripture says it says that because they look at him and said, “Where did this guy come from don’t we know his mother and his father, his sisters and his brothers, where die He get all this miraculous powers?”  And it says this, “They were offended at Him and He could do no miracles there.”  So the offense literally shuts down the miraculous so people are sick and they’re praying for the breakthrough and they’re fasting for their breakthrough and they are decreeing their breakthrough and all of this other stuff and it’s not happening because simultaneously Sid while they’re praying and believing for their miracle, they are also at the same time being chronically offended at their husbands or their wives or their pastors or their boss.  An offense it shut down even Jesus from being able to do miracles so we got to stop being offended.  And we stop being offended and we get healed of the wounds of the sins of offense made we’re going to start to see the miracles come.

Sid:  But you know what’s coming to me as you’re sharing, someone says “Okay I made up my mind, I’m not going to be offended, I’m going to follow the program that simplistic program that Katie Souza is teaching,” but they because of the previous offenses they have they can’t get control over the new offenses.

Katie:  Okay, so and that is so important to understand; Paul said “I do a thing I don’t want to do because the sin nature is fixed and operating in my soul.”  Sin wounds the soul, we talked about that in our past shows so when you are offended, that’s a sin it will put a wound in your soul, and then that wound does what Paul said, and it made him do the things he didn’t want to do.  So it makes us do these things and we can’t stop being offended, we try so hard, we fight it, but those thoughts keep on circulating around in our mind and it’s because that wound is still there.

Sid:  Could soul wounds be why people no matter how hard they try can’t lose weight?

Katie:  Oh, oh oh yeah that is definitely a big part of it Sid it is.  I mean think about it, food is what we use to comfort our soul. So food is there for connected to comforting the woundedness inside of us and offense is directly connected to weight gain.  I have had many encounters where I have let myself get offended; just being transparent, over certain situations.  Like I’ll go out on a tour and stuff will happen, the communications will breakdown, nothing will be ready, something goes on with the venue or whatever and I just I break weak, and I let myself get totally bothered and offended and I noticed that during those times I’ll have this weight gain.  This unusual like five to six pounds of this kind of squishy water weight gain.

Sid:  How long does it take to have this weight gain?  Are you talking about instant?  Are you talking about over a week?

Katie:  Okay, so here’s…

Sid:  Alright, give me an exact story of this, tell me.

Katie:  Here’s where I knew that it was from my sins of offense because it would happen virtually overnight.  I would literally I would leave on tour on like a Thursday, I would get on the scale that morning, I would weigh like 133 pounds, I would get back from tour and during the tour let myself get offended and I would immediately, immediately feel this like bloating feeling in my waist of this having more pounds on me.  And by the time I get home and I had time to check I’d get on the scale and I’d be 140 pounds. Come on you can’t gain seven pounds within like three to four days; so it would happen literally overnight, it would happen during the tour and then I would come home and I would repent.  The Lord began to show me what it was, He said, “Every time you let yourself get offended it’s allowing that that that squishy weight to come upon you.  And so I began to repent for the sins of offense, I would begin to do the two steps we talked about in earlier shows.  The blood from the cross of Jesus, and the dunamis power which comes from the resurrection; that word dunamis mean to be excellent of soul.  So I put the blood on my sin, I would spend time repenting for feeling offended, for saying offended words, for thinking offended thoughts, for getting bothered at  certain people and for being offended at them.  And then I would spend time in putting the dunamis on my soul, commanding my soul to become a dunamis, means to become excellent.  And sure enough Sid I’ve had three separate occasions when I lost the weight immediately.

Sid:  That sounds so amazing but actually and I understand what you’re saying and that gave you insight into this.  But someone’s listening to us and their whole life they’ve had problems with food. Do you believe if they could get their soul wounds removed and start fresh in their soul just as they started fresh in their spirit that they could have control over these addictive areas?

Katie:  I think the soul is a majorally connected to weight and even to people that have thyroid issues or issues with a physical sickness that causing to make weight, to have weight gain.  Because the Bible does say that we will prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers.  And so as I’ve gotten healed in my soul I’ve had a variety of different things healed that were attached to food consumption because I had food disorders. Since I was a child would eat my food very fast.  I would eat…

Sid:  Oh, I do that so maybe I can get some insight, I eat so fast my wife is just goes so slow, have you ever heard of opposites attract?

Katie:  (laughing) Have her lay her hand on your head and…

Sid:  Oh, she’s like to do that but maybe not; on I won’t go there. (laughing)

Katie:  (laughing) But no it’s true I have seen, we have seen collectively in our meetings we have seen supernatural weight loss.  We have seen in our team we’ve seen supernatural weight loss in myself, and I’ve seen supernatural weight loss many many times and I teach on that.  And honestly it wasn’t like some you know hyped up miracle; it was a miracle that came because somebody had a wound in their soul that was controlling them, it was harming them, that was totally wrecking their lives healed, and part of that wound was attached to their food consumption or to food issues or weight gain itself.  So yeah I’ve seen it with my own eyes and I’ve seen it in scripture and I teach on it so I know that it’s true.

Sid:  You know it’s such a simple thing that and people make it so complex but it seems it’s so simple.  If you get a new spirit by being born again, a brand new spirit and you have this old soul it’s one fighting the other constantly.

Katie:  Yeah, I mean our spirit man has no problem seeing in the spirit, hearing the things of God, understanding revelation, beginning in communion with God.  Getting along with other believers, or getting along with anybody.  Our spirit has absolutely no problems it’s Christ living in us and so He’s perfect, His Spirit is perfect. So what does that mean?  That means behind our soul and so everyone of our issues are coming from our soul; I mean…

Sid:  I’m sorry we’re out of time right now.

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Our Guest Mary Kathryn Baxter

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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah, now you would have to be really stupid to not realize that we are in the last of the last days and I don’t want to paint a picture for you I don’t want to be pessimistic because I’m an evangelist at heart and I want to see everyone everywhere hear the good news.  And I think that we’re coming into the greatest time in the history of planet earth for true believers in the Messiah and the worst time in the history of planet earth for those that don’t believe in the Messiah.  But with what’s going on as far as terrorism, we know the terrorists are already in the United States with what’s going on with the economy we know that it’s hanging in there by threads.  I might add that I know that as a fact that there will be a wealth transfer of the unrighteous money into the hands of the righteous.  With what’s going on with various diseases worldwide and wars that are going on and the flooding of the demonic through television and through books and books against God; you can see the hand writing on the wall.  But there is almost a forgotten understanding of the power of the blood of Jesus and that’s why I’m so excited to be making available to you this week a book titled, “The Power of the Blood.”  Without a doubt it’s written with Dr. T. L. Lowery and this scholar has traced from the Old Covenant the New Covenant understanding.  It’s one of the best Bible studies you’ll ever see on the blood of Jesus.  And I don’t know a more important subject even if you understand the blood of Jesus and then how to appropriate that blood to overcome the power of sin your life; to walk in Devine health; to live in peace no matter what’s going on in the world; to live in Devine protection no matter what kind of war situation is going on; no matter if a nuclear device goes off and you’re in the area where you should be destroyed.  I believe there’s such power that we’ve never tapped into with the blood of Jesus and this book was written with the assistance of Dr. T. L. Lowery but written by Mary Kathryn Baxter.  And I have her on the telephone right now, Mary Kathryn you told me about a vision you had in Israel, tell me about that.

Mary K:  Well, yes it was about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ before He went up to the cross. I was at a church, I had some very bad experiences there and I was very discouraged and I wanted to just quit Sid, I wanted to just leave, I dropped a box of box on my foot that day and several things happened.  Like for two days I hadn’t really ate normal and when I came to the church it was like 500 people was there and this was my fourth night and before I could even I’d get there around 8:00 I wouldn’t be able to get to the pulpit until 10:00 to preach and it was very wearing my flesh was acting up.  And I was sitting there one night I said to myself, “Now Jesus if I have to sit here like I do every night I’m going to walk out of here, I’m tired of this.”  And all at once I heard the voice of the Lord, “He said, “You haven’t even begin to suffer; He said behold upon the left wall,”  And I looked over there and there was a mural an open vision of a mural of the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem; there was I saw this like a movie screen in action.  There was people on each side of the road there.  And there come at the very bottom was Christ.  He had this cross on His shoulders that was cut with an ax and the splinters was stabbing Him in His back; He had His robe on, His whole body was covered in blood and He tripped and His robe then fell down and a black nationality brother come out of the line of people and help Him lift up His cross.  And when He did the thorns in His head, the blood He had not one speck of skin showing and He looked at me one eye had fell out on His face and He looked at me and He said,  “Press on, press on, press on you haven’t even begin to suffer.”  And as He slipped in His own blood that man helped Him up; I begin to weep but I begin to cry and I thought “Who am I, who am I to even complain about something.”  And as He went on walking up the road the stones covered in His blood and they took Him up to nail Him to the cross and the vision went away.  And I thought to myself Sid, this blood needs to be preached about more and more what He did for humanity it needs to be talked about and told from one end of the earth to the other.  And this book, “The Power and the Blood,” and I really believe it and this book is one of the best books every written about the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Sid:  Tell me about the night when you awoke and everything seemed to be covered in red.

Mary K:  It was I was going through a trial in my life that I’d been studying about the Old Testament and the New about the fire that went before the children of Israel and a cloud by day and a fire by night.   And I turned to the scriptures where it said, “I’ll be with you I’ll be a wall of fire around about you.”  And I begin to quote that word of the Lord and we were going through a heavy trial at that time, and then all at once the walls were all lit up with this Brinson fire all around me and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Fear not this is the presence of the Lord, He is covering you with His fire.”  And Sid this is the truth I had phone calls from people told me that they saw my house on fire, it wasn’t consumed and I told them that it was the presence of the Lord.  And I would see that wall many times in prayer and it was a protection and the blood was in there, the blood was mingled in there, the blood of Jesus and it was real Sid.  And I see it a lot even when I travel all over the world.

Sid:    Now, are you just someone special or will God put this wall of fire and of blood around everyone?

Mary K:  Yes He will His children if they’ll believe it and they’ll speak it He truly will; I see it in churches Sid.  They don’t even recognize that it’s here but it’s His promise, it’s His covenant promise that He’ll be with us and protect us and go with us.

Sid:  Tell me an experience for instance well one time you were in a church and you saw angels come in to the church with a large cross.

Mary K:  Yes, I see that too a lot okay.  Many times okay when I go to churches to preach about the blood or I get studying ready to talk about Hell I will see visions in the church of angels coming in only when God allows it okay.  And I can be setting on the platform as the high praises of God go up it’s like the back of sanctuary or the top of where the pulpit is in the back area there will be bands of angels begin to descend and some of them are already there.  They’re already in the church and they come in and they begin to prepare the way, they bring this cross and this huge cross usually means deliverance or God’s approved of that church.  And I will see those anchor that cross, this big cross and they will put it before the pulpit and normally it’s during a process of the whole service, it takes like the whole service and I watch them every once in awhile and they are anchoring this cross and then the power comes through the cross and out the beams of the cross and deliverance comes.  If there’s people in there bound by habits and drugs I begin to, you know it’s the preaching of the cross is what set’s them free.  And I soon learn through the vision that this cross represented that God had approved of this church and they leave that cross there, the angels do when they leave it’s left there, but it’s invisible to the people but I see it and I tell the pastor that and he gets excited.  And it’s normally where God has approved of that pastor, the leadership and his preaching of His word.

Sid:  Now have you used the power of the blood when witchcraft is used against you and give me a specific example.

Mary K:  Okay, I’ll use another person there was a lady came up for prayer yes one day and she had been involved with the people in the occult and she was wanted, she had got saved but she had been tormented by evil powers.  And she wanted, I told her she needed the Holy Spirit and that we would pray over her, so we ministered and we got the anointing oil, we prayed over her in the Name of Jesus and we begin to cover her with the precious covenant of God and begin to break strong holds in the spirit realm off of her.  And I could actually see the blood of Jesus fallen and cleansing and breaking strongholds.  When I say, “I see breaking strongholds Sid” it’s like in the air, the atmosphere like high in the heavens or somewhere I see the angels of God drawing swords and fighting with the word of God, it’s always the word of God against these strongholds there is always like a red covering comes down which represents the blood of Jesus Christ.”

Sid:  And what about someone that’s say struggling with sin; how should they pray?

Mary K:  They first should confess their sin and their faults to the Lord and say “God I need help I really need your help, I can’t overcome this by myself.”  And as they begin to pray they need to call upon the Name of Jesus and call upon the power in the Name of Jesus and the blood, the blood of Jesus to set them free because that’s in the covenant.  That through the blood of Jesus we can be delivered from these sins in our flesh.

Sid:   Let me ask you something, if on tomorrow broadcast I ask you to pray over the airwaves, what do you believe would happen as you speak about the blood of Jesus?

Mary K:  I believe that there will be a breakthrough, I believe it because Jesus said, “We sit in Heavenly places with Him and we fight against prince and powers of the air and we put them under His feet.”

Sid:  People that are reading your new book “The Power of the Blood,” you’re getting so much positive feedback.  Pick one person and tell me what they said after they read the book.

Mary K:  Oh, wonderful, they love it it’s helping them, it’s encouraging them, it’s making them have more knowledge of the Old Covenant and the New, they just love it; a lot of good feedback.

Sid:  You know Mishpochah there is so much power in the blood of Jesus that that really we’re not taking advantage of and if we ever needed to take advantage of the power and the blood of Jesus it’s now.  And that’s why this bible study and the experiences worked in on this book by Mary Kathryn Baxter  I mean this is one of the best I’ve ever seen of explaining exactly throughout all of the scriptures the power and the blood of Jesus.  I mean you’re going to understand how you can appropriate that blood to live in peace no matter what’s going on and Devine protection…

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Our Guest Mary Kathryn Baxter

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Sid:  My guest Mary Kathryn Baxter in 1976 just a normal housewife, a normal mother she was selected by the Lord to go to Hell 30 nights in a row, observe what happened there and tell people.  And Mary Kathryn you were telling me that just at the church your at right now that when you share what you’ve seen with your very eyes in Hell are there many people that hold back from accepting Jesus?

Mary K:  No, they come to the altars, there’s no hard hearts, the testimony seems to just melt their hard hearts because they have understanding and they have a knowledge once you testify of what you’ve seen of Hell and the judgment of God they don’t want that they want to get saved.

Sid:  Now tell me ah you must have had a lot of experience 30 nights in a row, tell me the worst circumstance you saw in Hell of someone suffering.

Mary K:  It was where the abomination of desolations are in Hell, it was that big round metal looking places full of fire, liquid fire and hot lava are bubbling.  And when souls die that go to this place they’re called the abominable, they come down by the demon powers they have a chain on them Sid, their skeletons they pick them up and throw them in this fire.  And they are salted in this fire and swimming in this fire and they feel like they have a real body and there is no end to the torment, no end to the burning, and where some of them like in the left leg of Hell the fires will die down around their ankles and then it will shoot back up over them again.  And the demons in Hell have no feelings, they have no soul so they have no mercy and where the vat are they laugh, they accuse them they say “How can a God of mercy put you in a place like this?”  The accuse God, the demons say that to them and these are the abdominals and it’s horrible, it’s a very horrible experience.

Sid:  Just out of curiosity did you see any people with specific sin such as people that were lesbians or homosexuals in Hell?

Mary K:  There was a river, yes their torments really bad too, it’s in the Book of Hebrews and the Book of Romans.  The scriptures are written in the fires and they’re big block letters like letters, the whole scriptures are written out In the flames and though there’s a current okay that about ten feet wide and the flames from this place is around ten feet high the flame and it flows all through Hell, it’s like a river.  And in this river is live souls being pulled through a current of skeletons they’re charred red from burning in the fire and they’re pulled with it like 80 miles an hour they’re going through this river and they’re screaming and saying “Why didn’t somebody warn us, is there anymore hope for us?”  And they’re voices echo Sid through the chambers of Hell and that where they go.

Sid:  And so in other words they had the scriptures from the two books of New Testament that you mentioned having to do with homosexuality so there was no question as to whether that was a sin.  What other people with specific types of sins did you see?

Mary K:  Okay, in Galatians about the seventeen works of the flesh there was categories in Hell separation in Hell of like there would be 2 million over here like in a valley part of Hell and they would be burning and screaming with a black chain on them and a humongous dead dry feel and would be the liars; people that lied on the earth okay.  And then you would go to the belly of Hell and in the belly of Hell Sid would be a large heart as big as a football field shape of a human heart.  And it would have black snake skin on it and this  place, Christ took me in there and it was horrifying; there was doorways into it and in this place there was a skeletons on fire with a liquid fire that never went out and this was a judgment of God on Hippocrates and backbiters in this section.  And then when you’re out of there you go and there another section for people that were in witchcraft, sorcery in the very center of Hell is the belly of Hell and part of these jail cells are seventeen miles high and three miles around.  The man that was here Sunday saw and he called them cubes.  And these cubes some of at the very top would swing and they would go out and demon powers would have souls in there burning and screaming to get out.  And if you look in the book of Ezekiel it talks about the sides of pits and the fallen kings and evil people in there well that’s in Hell too.  There’s a levels, different levels of torment in Hell, souls that are lost.

Sid:  Let’s talk about you had 30 days or evenings going to Hell in a row and then 10 evenings going to Heaven.

Mary K:  Yes.

Sid:  Tell me one thing that, I might be really excited about that you saw in Heaven.

Mary K:  Heaven, oh praise God!  You…

Sid:  I can tell you’d rather talk about Heaven (laughing)

Mary K:  I love to talk about it, I really do; we’ve had a week of almost seven days of just straight preaching on Hell.  Heaven is a place, okay the main thing I would like is the throne of God, I like to go, I went seven times before the throne and I saw the throne like in Revelations 4 I saw the colors, the rainbows, I saw the lightning coming around the throne.  I saw this huge cloud and the Lord inside the cloud because you couldn’t see His face.  But His voice was like many waters and as it came out there was the redeemed in the audience thousands in seats and angels and the children’s seats are solid gold with diamonds as big as fists where the children sat.  And they’re in the audience they’re in with the other people and then you see an order, an order in Heaven, you see how before His throne there’s angels standing with great dress, their garments are made some of them look like they have feathers on them.  Then some of them have jewels on them and some of them they have their, I don’t know it’s like they earned these garments, I don’t know how to explain it but I felt it that these garments they’ve wearing mean something.  And then they stand before the thones, some blow trumpets 35 feet long, long trumpets, others music playing a piano, there is a piano forty feet across, several angels are sitting there playing the piano and a choirs of music like you’ve never seen.  And you hear the, oh man you hear I don’t know how to say it but you hear the presence of God as well as being there in His presence and it’s like I don’t know how to say it, never on earth have I experienced anything like that.  And when you go before the throne there’s always a purpose and I was brought before the throne several times.  I got to hear what was going on, I got to see treasures being given out, I got to see books of tears opened up.  God was always, they were doing things and it was awesome but when God spoke there was silence and it was just awesome to see, I’d love to go before the throne of God.

Sid:  Now I’ve interviewing you primarily this week because I want to put in the hands of everyone listening what I call an essential mentoring tool and I believe it’s totally demonic that we have a generation of Christians that do not understand the power of the blood.  You talk about in your book pleading the blood, what does that mean to you?

Mary K:  Okay, like prayer when the children come up that maybe there is a young man on crack cocaine and you begin to pray and Holy Spirit prompts you to say “Cover him with the blood of Jesus and you break the stronghold off of him through the name of Jesus and through the blood of Jesus.”  That is saying I believe the blood covenant of Jesus Christ is strong enough to remove that demonic power from him, and as you pray in the Holy Spirit and you cover them with the blood of the lamb they totally get transferred, they get saved, they get filled with the Holy Spirit.  I’ve seen it all over the world, and when you’ve seen it all over the world and when you begin to cover them with the prayer of God and that Jesus loves them and wants to set them free and they get understanding about the blood that Jesus shed.  His blood is right there, right at that moment to wash away their sins if they’ll repent of cocaine and repent of what they are doing they will totally be transformed.  It is the power in the blood of Jesus Christ.

Sid:  Now in my notes it says of all of the revelations that God has given you none has impacted you like the knowledge of the blood of Jesus, why?

Mary K:  Right, because I’ve seen the evidence of it Sid; I’ve seen even angels standing when God permits it it’s called the bloodline.  And I actually see the angels standing really with the blood line, like a line in around the church and all around it and its solid red and their holding that around the church.  And I thought about that and the blood of Jesus has empowered me so much because I prayed for people that’s been very ill and cover them with the blood of Jesus because the blood signifies what Christ did, why He died.  There’s healing in the atonement; there’s healing in the blood of Jesus it impacted my life so because I see the fruit of it; I see the evidence of it.  I see the change in people’s life when we pray and cover them with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Sid:  You talk about even deliverance by pleading the blood, explain.

Mary K:  Yes, okay I was in the church service one day this was a vision that’s in the book, there was a lot of youth coming up for prayer, many of them was into habits, addictions and I was telling them, I said, “You know if you will repent of your sins you know I explained and the blood of Jesus will wash you clean.”  And all at once I saw like the whole in front of them like a screen dropped down and there it was solid red and it begin to wash over those children backwards and forwards.  And they begin to raise their little hands and shout and praise the Lord and they begin to want to be saved and to confess Jesus Christ, they were going through the sinner’s prayer.  And as they went through the sinners prayer this came over them again and again and one of the young woman said, “Can I say something?  And I said, “Yes, honey.”  And she said, “As you were talking about the blood I felt as I repented to God, I was washed in a river of water.”  She said, “I felt a cleansing come all over me.”  And the other ones told it too, some of them were shy but they told how they felt and I saw that, I saw what God was doing.  And it is His mercy and His grace being poured upon us through the blood of Jesus.

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