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Our Guest Anna Rountree

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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Anna Rountree I’m talking to her in her home in which I had the privilege of being in with her husband in Moravian Falls, North Carolina. When I was there the snow was coming down and the trees were there and the air was clean and it was just so enjoyable. Anna’s been blessed to go to heaven 100’s of times and she’s recorded it in a book “The Heaven’s Opened.” Now Anna I promised on yesterday’s broadcast that I have so many questions. You know anyone that’s been to heaven hundreds of times I’ve got lots of questions for but one thing that I’ve heard from others that have had visitations to heaven and it kind of intrigues me and that’s the parts room.

Anna: Hmm hm.

Sid: Did you actually see this?

Anna: Yes I did.

Sid: Tell me about it.

Anna: Well it was very bright in it and it and there were different parts of bodies there! You would think that it would be gruesome but it wasn’t it was like a hold a place of holding it a distribution center I guess you might call it something like that a distribution center. And they were preparing to make these parts available to people.

Sid: And like you also told me that you saw angels in schools, so to speak, for the next move of God’s Spirit of the miraculous tell me about that.

Anna: Yes they were training to accompany believers on earth for the next move of God in a healing revival. And they said that there would be 2 angels this time with each person who would be receiving this gift. And there were 100’s of maybe 1000’s of angels that were training and that was only one training that I saw I’m sure that there were other trainings going on, or there had been those that had already graduated you know and were with the people then.

Sid: You say in your book that the Lord was really sad over the say the last healing revival because the people that had this gifting didn’t disciple others and just kind of used it for their own benefit.

Anna: Yes, yes Sid the angels were some of those angels that were with those particular ministries told about that they were sad, that they were very saddened. And for this reason the Lord was going to give 2 angels with each person this time and they’re were going to be many more. Because there were not that many in the last move of the Spirit for healing I mean a great move of God not just…

Sid: Well let’s fact it even today there are not that many that move in the miraculous in the United States.

Anna: Oh that’s right because it really takes the Lord initiating and we can have people who move in power here and there and who have gifts of healing when they’re under the anointing and their here and there but for a great move of God only God can do it. (Laughing.)

Sid: I’m reminded I had the privilege of knowing Kathryn Kuhlman and she used to tell the story of she said “I won’t be here but a day is coming in which Christians will go into a hospital and clear the whole hospital out.” Do you see that?

Anna: Yes I do I think that things are going to be completely so extraordinary miraculous but we must prepare now to be containers to hold that glory you might say. Because everyone just sort of waits and hops like bunnies or something from one move of God to the next but they’re unwilling to go through the cleansing and maturing the Lord needs to truly hold the greater anointing.

Sid: Anna I consider myself a great cheerleader for God and an encourager and I want people to know how to get from Step A to Step B. One of my big problems in life is that I have a very logical type of mind and in faith that sometimes is a problem, but be a coach right now and tell me how to get to that next point and we’ll let our Mishpochah ease drop.

Anna: (Laughing)

Sid: How do I prepare? What should I be doing?

Anna: Well I think a lot of people ask that Sid when the answer is just painfully simple you know. It’s seek God and be obedient. It’s do what He says in the word and desire Him more than life itself.

Sid: Well let me ask you a personal thing.

Anna: Yeah.

Sid: I didn’t happen to notice I wasn’t looking for it but do you and your husband watch much television?

Anna: No.

Sid: Is someone that say gets home at night and as a form of unwinding watch sports or listens nothing bad you know news and spends a few hours every night just relaxing before the television. Is that something God might want us to put down?

Anna: Well you know each person is in an individual place before God. We actually got digital television up here and we thought “Oh this is wonderful” And we got it and you know had it connected here because we’re interested in it for the news. And as we looked at that even the news it was the visual part of it you see that visual it… oh we used to hear radio a lot especially those of our age growing up and it did not consume you as the visual and the audio can, it can consume you. And we disconnected it we didn’t have it even a month and that was for the news but that’s us that’s where the Lord has us. We don’t feel that we’ve got time for that. You know we’re down here not for ourselves but for Him.

Sid: But wait a second you’re not running all over the country speaking at conventions, you’re not doing television. I think that it’s even miraculous that I have you even on radio. So what are you doing with your time you’re not watching television, you’re out in the woods with (Laughing) you were snowed in for a week what are you and your husband doing with your time?

Anna: Oh my God we barely have enough time. We have we must be with the Lord and we have to pray. Many people want us to pray for them and we do and we don’t just say I’ll pray for you and walk off at the supermarket. We actually put that down and we listen for God and we study the word; my gosh there’s almost not enough time to do what we’re doing now we don’t know. We say to ourselves “How did we have the time to pastor that last church I mean we’re just blown away that we had the time.”

Sid: When you go to heaven is it a dream, is it a vision, is it you’re just in prayer, explain to me the last time you went to heaven what you were doing and how and the circumstances?

Anna: Well it’s all so different I would say I believe that it was John that said “I was there” you know and Paul said it also “I was there.” You are there and…

Sid: I mean you just close your eyes and your there is that what your saying?

Anna: No, no, no I wait for the Lord to let me know that He wants me to come up.

Sid: Alright the Lord says…

Anna: I pray and worship him and if He wants me to come up then He will tell me to come up and He provides the way and there are many ways in going up. One of them is just through a tunnel and sometimes He just lifts you up. Sometimes you’re going different ways you know stairways and things of this sort. I have a theory and it certainly not told to me by the Lord, but there are 15 ascents in the Bible and I think that there are probably 15 main ways of going to heaven. I think that they were really…what was given there in the Psalms was much more supernatural with a greater knowledge of the Lord and then you know of what we have than what is there today.

Sid: When you go to heaven how long might this take?

Anna: Well you mean just traveling there?

Sid: No not the time to travel but the visitation?

Anna: Well sometime they last 5 hours.

Sid: Is your husband ever in the room when you go to heaven.

Anna: Well he was the first time now not because I set aside the time to do this but he was actually there the first time I was actually there the first time I was taken up into heaven.

Sid: On tomorrow’s broadcast I want you to tell me a bit about the first time you were taken up into heaven. Was it scary?

Anna: No no it’s just that I was not sure that it was what I thought it was I just…it was very different I had seen angels down here intermittently I wasn’t seeing angels all the time. You know and I didn’t address them and they didn’t address me and you see them. And this was one who an angel who addressed me and required me to do something you know.

Sid: What did he require you to do?

Anna: He said “Come forward.” And there were these curtains that were I could only see the first one an angel standing beside the opening in the curtain. They were very thin and there was light coming through them they were blue but they…

Sid: I’ll tell you what hold that though we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow broadcast Mishpochah.

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Our Guest Dr. Michael Brown

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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Dr. Michael Brown President of Fire School Ministry in Pensacola, Florida and New York City. The Pensacola branch will shortly move in the fall to Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m interviewing him this week on his latest book “Revolution in the Church.” And on yesterday’s broadcast you were talking about a school and I had to interrupt you would you pick up there and explain.

Michael: Well we were talking about the authoritarian control and the whole view of competition instead of looking to just expanding the kingdom. And there’s one school and I’m sure they do a lot of good there and there’s a lot of teaching and preaching and training but if you graduate from this particular Bible school you have sign an agreement that you will not plant a church within 100 miles of that school because it’s in conjunction of another church and they don’t want any competition.

Sid: Well wait that’s standard in business to have a non-compete clause, that’s very standard. What’s the matter with you Mike?

Michael: This world it’s not the Kingdom of God we’re fathering another generation to go out and continue the work of God, we have no competition, we have only colleagues in the Kingdom.

Sid: Yes but they may steal some of MY Sheep!

Michael: That’s the treacherous thing and listen we’ve have been in involved in churches and leadership for years I don’t go into any city…

Sid: I thought we were God’s sheep by the way.

Michael: Yeah.

Sid: (Laughing)

Michael: It’s the flock that was purchased with the blood of Jesus it’s His we are under shepherds in His flock. And I don’t go anywhere normally to minister but I get invitations from leaders in that particular city, pastors, and leaders. I work with them around the world I honor them but I know that I know that I know that there’s so much junk and cardinality and competition and worldly political ways of thinking that infiltrate the church that that’s so dangerous, that’s so detrimental. And you see we’re in a state were in today Sid because there was a counter culture revolution in the 1960’s with the sexual revolution and rock music and the rebellion and drugs and some good things like civil rights for most part the nation was trained in a detrimental way. And the church basically slept its way from the counterculture revolution. I document this in kind of shocking terms in the second chapter of “Revolution in the Church.” And I believe we’re in revolutionary times again I believe that society is bubbling with change and boiling with upheaval that can go either way. And either there’s going to be a heaven sent revolution, or there’s going to be a hell bent revolution. But we cannot afford to sleep our way through another revolution we’ve got to have radical dramatic sweeping change in the church going back to the word of God if we’re going to see any type of revolution and radical dramatic and sweeping change in society.

Sid: Well but you point out in your book that historically the old move of God always persecutes the new move of God. Why is that we all want God what causes us people that are pioneers in the last move of God persecute those that are involved in the next move?

Michael: Here’s what happens, we basically we in the word, we’re praying, we’re seeking God and we see something’s wrong we see something needs to change but we begin cry out it happens in every generations it happens with every group. Generally in the early stages there’s movement we’re moving forward we are making change. Then in a certain point the main group will tend to be threatened by it threatening my kingdom I’ve become established. Once we become established by our very nature we don’t like movement any more. You know it’s one thing when you live in a little tent and every 6 months you have to pull up that tent and move, it’s another thing when you build your headquarters for 50 million dollars you’re not exactly interested in moving. It’s one thing when you’re in the infancy stage is to be forming beliefs and doctrines it’s another thing when you’ve got it all canonized and in writing and this is the official statement change is a little harder. And so once a personal kingdom or a denominational kingdom or a group kingdom becomes established, once the movement is no longer moving but becomes established it’s threatened by movement. So what will happen is that people within an organization be it in the Methodist, or people in the Baptist, or people in the Pentecostals, or whatever it is or one particular denomination within that they say “We’ve got to get back to the word we’ve gotten lazy, we’ve gotten compromised, we’ve gotten stuck in tradition, we’ve gotten cold, we’ve become political, we’ve lost our cutting edge the powers not with us. And people begin to agree and they begin to seek God and that is tolerated as long as it does not threaten the system itself but once the very system, once the hierarchical structure of it is challenged by the word it now becomes a threat and rather than being allowed to bring change within the thing those people generally get put out. Whether it was the Wesley’s getting put out of the William Booth getting put out or the early Pentecostals getting put out those people get put out and once they’re put out they say “Wow there’s a lot I didn’t really agree with, there’s a lot I see differently.” They kind of go through this new discovery period (chuckling) but after awhile they tend to make the same mistake they have a Kingdom, they have an organization, they have a financial base that they have to preserve, they have leadership that’s been around for years that is its own position etcetera etcetera. If we’re not careful with all of our claims about being the new wineskin we can just become the old wineskin. And so somehow we have to cultivate a spirit of humility within us honors the rest of what God’s doing in the Body. I do not set myself up as the judge and say “You’re the established church, you’re the institutional church, you’re the old wine skin.” My goal is I’m going to pursue Jesus and see to be faithful in what He’s given us to do in the great commission as long as there is a dying world out there, as long as the lost sheep of the House of Israel are not saved those there a billions Muslims that don’t know the Lord, as long as people die in sickness and disease without the power of God let’s throw ourselves in and make a difference. The moment we think that we have become it, the moment that we make the distinction between us and them we are now Pharisees just the same as the New Testament Pharisees were and that’s the danger. It can happen to any of us and as his history goes on and on its repeated itself over and over and over. And Paul writes about it in Galatians 4 “That which is born of the flesh will persecute that which is born of the spirit.” And we must avoid becoming established to the point that we no longer embrace movement in God and movement in the Spirit.

Sid: So what does someone do that is caught up in for lack of better words the last movement of God’s Spirit which in my book is dead religion a form that’s all just a form. We don’t see what the new is yet yet we do see some of the things that we want in the new and we don’t want to be rebels in the church so what do you do?

Michael: First thing is deal with your own heart, make sure that you haven’t been burned to the point of getting skeptical or accosted. Make sure that your own heart is humble before the Lord, make sure that you don’t turn to gossip or divisive towards that which you’re been part of or to leadership that you’ve worked with. And if you cannot with your whole heart throw yourself in with the people that you’ve been part of honor them, bless them, don’t fight them, to opposed them, don’t malign them but ask God to connect you with a group of other believers and other leaders who have the same heart to make a difference for Jesus. And if you feel more secure staying in one place until you know the next place to go that’s fine, but recognize you are not just by yourself you’re a part of a large worldwide army of hungry and thirsty people that are saying “There must be something more.” And there are leaders listening to me now it may cost you everything.

Sid: Pension, income, money, money, money isn’t that the bottom line with a lot of people Mike?

Michael: It can be a trap and it’s not always just carnal because we are supporting missionaries and we’re feeding the poor and we have the church staff and we need the income of the people to keep these good works going but either it’s God or it’s not. And there are leaders listening to me and you know that you just need to do what God is telling you to do. There may be approach there maybe misunderstanding which is why you walk in humility and you bless and not curse. I’m telling you something is happening and is radical revolutionary and biblical. And we can be part of the greatest move that any of us ever dreamed of I believe God’s heart is bursting to do it in the earth today and He’s waiting for us to say “Here I am Lord count me in.”

Sid: And how does humility play with someone that wants to be a pioneer?

Michael: Well you see God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble and we have to recognize that Lord I’m not your answer to the entire world I am not the elite spiritual remnant of the last days Joel, Gideon army no no here I am Lord just a servant but I want to be faithful and this is what I see in You word and this is what I’m hearing together with the other leaders and this is what I have to do. If you’ll just do it and run your race, if you don’t…you don’t have to judge everybody else maybe they’re doing what they’re called to do maybe they’re not but I’m called to do. That’s why humility is an essential quality for pioneer to the extent I’ve got self will, rebellion stuff in it to the extent I just want to pull away and do my own thing I get out of doge thing to the extent I say “Father here I am however this looks to other people, whatever the cost, whatever the consequences in my own life I’m going to simply run the race You’ve given me to run.” And you do it in a way not as if you’re discovering the whole secret of the universe but just you’re obeying Jesus and there’s no limit of how God can use you. And you may end up being a pioneer that history books write about or no one may know your name but either way you’ve been obedience you’ve been a world changer, you’ve been a revolutionary, you’ve been a disciple.

Sid: Very quick tell me about 1 pioneer, less than half a minute.

Michael: Well John Wesley lived 1703 to 1791. The French revolution swept through France and brought all kinds of destruction, violence, anarchy and it didn’t touch England because of Wesleyan Methodist Revolution. As the fruit of his ministry there ended up being others raised up like Wilberforce that abolished slavery and not just in England but that led to the abolition of slave trade in America. People say “You cannot understand 20th century England or America without understanding Wesley of the 1700’s.”

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Our Guest Kynan Bridges

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kynan Bridges2_SHOW791

Sid: Sid Roth here with Kynan Bridges. Kynan I promised people that and this is so important that you would address the question “Who do you think you are?”

Kynan: You know Sid several years ago when I was a very young believer and I was not as proficient in spiritual warfare and deliverance as I am today. I had an encounter that really reset my life and rocked my world to tell you the truth. And I was in school and a friend of mine called me and said “I want to come talk with you.” And I had another friend that was staying with me at the time and when this friend called me his voice was different something was wrong I knew I discerned that something was wrong. It was a dark a darkness that I perceived over the phone and shortly after he arrived at my home my apartment at the time and of course I’m single and I met at this time and I want to talk with you and there’s a darkness I feel all over him. And he begins to manifest and if you ever seen the movie “Alice in Wonderland” there was a person called a Cheshire cat. And he literally began to contort and his face turned into the grimace of a Cheshire cat that was the most disturbing thing you’ve ever seen. And he looks at me and he comes close to my face and he says “Who do you think you are?” You know Satan is a liar but even his lies his lies that he tells point to a greater truth a question behind a question and that question changed my life Sid. He said “Who do you think you are?” Or the spirit inside of him said “Who do you think you are?” And that question sparked something inside of me and all I knew to respond with is these words “I’m a child of God.” And he comes closer and he says “I can rip you apart but this guy was about 250 pounds a martial artist I mean he really could accomplish his threat. And instead of fear something inside of me rose up because I wanted to run but something inside of me rose up and I said “Satan you can’t hurt me I’m a child of God in the name of Jesus I command these wicked spirits, these demons to come out of you right now in Jesus name.” And after a few moments he began to shake violently and hit the ground boom! It’s almost like an earthquake underneath my feet. Seconds later he got up and he was completely free and back into his right mind but that question changed my life because that is the key to experience breakthrough knowing who we are in Christ our identity. The problem Sid is that the majority of church is in an identity crisis. Most believers or most Christians or people that go to church believe they are their circumstances, they believe they are they’re addictions, they are their struggles. And it is that identity crisis that gives rise to demonic oppression, but the moment that we realize who we are in Christ is the moment that we can begin to release the Kingdom authority God’s given us. Why? Because who we are or our identity is the carrier of our authority.

Sid: You know what comes to me the scripture “How can two walk together unless they be agreed.” Are you agreeing with the identity that’s put upon you by the devil or are you agreeing with the identity that Jesus is living inside of you?

Kynan: That’s why I mean think about this for a second. Homosexuality, sexual perversion what is the deception there? Even embracing the term homosexual as a part of the enemies plan because he wants people to believe that they are desires instead of putting the desires under the blood of Jesus and allowing our spirit man to take control verses our flesh. This is the key I have ministered to 1000 of people and have seen 1000’s set free of things that society said, psychiatrists said, doctors said they could never be set free of Sid. But I’m telling…in fact I feel this I need to share this. The Lord gave me a in fact I don’t know if it was a vision or not but we were praying one night and I had this encounter where it was as if I left wherever I was that church sanctuary. And all of a sudden instantly as I closed my eyes I was in the courtyard of heaven. It was actually a beautiful courtyard with golden pillars, a floor made of pearl the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. Now adjacent to this courtyard was a throne room. Now I didn’t see Jesus in this vision and I didn’t see God but there were other people there with me other angels or so forth and all of a sudden there was oil that began to run down from the throne and it saturated the courtyard and my feet were covered. And I heard the Lord say “I am purifying my church.” And instantly boom I’m back inside of my body, I’m back in that sanctuary and I begin to ponder that and I was speaking with a friend of mine and we were talking about what this really meant. Through this conversation the Lord revealed to me is that what God is doing Sid is that He is releasing from His throne an anointing that is going to restore the foundations of the body of Christ and bring the church back into her Kingdom identity. And once that happens Sid we’re going to see miracles that we’ve never seen before, we’re going to see the church return to the Book of Acts. And what happened in the Book of Acts? The blind eyes were open, the lepers were cleansed, demons were cast out this is what Jesus commanded us to do but we can’t do it unless we know who we are and whose we are.

Sid: You know I believe that there’s an identity crisis among Christians and therefore an identity crisis even in the church. What does our birthright as born again believers entitle us to?

Kynan: You know this is an amazing thing. If you study the book of Ephesians one of the most beautiful books in the Bible. Sometimes the most difficult to understand but packed with more revelation than you can imagine. And Ephesians l tell us we are blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ. The Greek word Eulagia which is analogist and synonymous with the birth right with the Hebraic tradition. You know I love studying Hebrew roots Sid and understanding the foundation of our faith in our Messiah Jesus. And one of the things that was prevalent throughout the Old Testament, and even prevalent today, is the idea of a blessing and oral blessing. You know the birth right was given to the eldest son in the home to carry on the linage, the covenant and even the physical resources of the home. You know even in the Jewish custom today we have Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs that are designed to bless it’s a coming of age it’s a coming into your manhood or your womanhood and receiving the blessings of the elders of the community. Well guess what Sid the same thing happened through Jesus Christ. You know when Jesus walked the earth the Father spoke to Him and said “This is my beloved Son in whom I’m well pleased.” He started his ministry with the birthright blessing of the Father. And when Jesus went to the cross died and resurrected He gave the church a birthright He blessed us He spoke well of us and this is our inheritance. In other words this birthright Sid gives us access to all of the heavenly resources that God has made available. We are coheirs or we are joint heirs with Jesus we literally have heaven waiting at our beckoning call. Now I want people to let that sink in. The next time that they have a nightmare or the next time they feel sickness in their body or the next time they’re tempted to fear I want them to think about the magnanimous birthright that God has given us. It is mind boggling to think about the fact that the Father in heaven calls us blessed, the Creator of the universe calls us His blessed sons and daughters. Which means there is nothing that we don’t have access to that there is nothing that we can’t walk in. God wants to give us all that He has everything that we have, everything He has is ours in Christ as we surrender ourselves to this Kingdom identity. I tell rights that you don’t know you have Sid the rights that you don’t know how to fight for. Before you can fight for something you’ve got to know what you’re entitled to and it’s time for the church to realize what she is really entitled to.

Sid: You talk about four strategies of the devil, tell me those four.

Kynan: Now this is so important for people to understand because if you don’t understand the strategies of the enemy…you know I’m often reminded of Napoleon Bonaparte and nothing against him, but he was a brilliant military strategist late 1700’s 1800’s and he was able to conquer so many nations and kingdoms. That little small island of…that little land mass called France was able to be a powerhouse because of military strategy. And the same way Satan, though he is I call him a wimp. He is extremely intelligent in terms of military strategy.

Sid: But aren’t you fearful to call Satan a wimp?

Kynan: You know I’m actually not I’m going to tell you why I learned this from Smith Wigglesworth. You know the story goes that Smith Wigglesworth late one night he heard a rambling one night in his apartment or his flat in England. You know he felt that something was going on downstairs so he walked down stairs. And literally as the story goes Satan was standing in his living room. And so Wigglesworth kind of moved some of the cold from his eyes and he looked at him and said “Oh it’s just you I’m going back to bed” and went back to sleep. And I believe it’s the same thing you know he only has these….

Sid: Is that what the Bible means “Give no place to the devil.”

Kynan: Give no place to him. You know I want you to think about something Sid when Jesus walked the earth and demons were present for example the Gadarene demoniac. This man was said to have a legion of demons inside of him. A legion in Roman culture was between 7 and 10,000 Roman soldiers. So I want you to think about this this man had up to 10,000 demons inside of him at the same time. And yet the Bible says “Immediately when the man saw Jesus he fell to the ground to worshiped him and said…and the demons said ‘Have mercy on us…

Sid: Hm.

Kynan: Have you come to torture us before the time?’” Now when’s the last time you’ve seen that in the church service? When’s the last time…

Sid: Well when’s the last time you saw deliverance period in a church service.

Kynan: (Laughing) And that’s the paradigm we’re returning to. Sid I want to release and impartation of the power and the anointing of God the authority of God to where Satan can take the backseat that he deserves. We need to put him in the outhouse and drive him out of our family, our finances, our fellowships, our ministries, our lives our minds, our emotions our physical bodies. And I believe this is the key you know Satan can only do four things. The first thing he does he tries to tempt the people of God. Now temptation means that he tries to take desires twist them and draw us away into sin. That’s the way he did to Eve in the Garden of Eden, that’s what he tried to do to Jesus in the Gospel of Luke chapter 4 when Jesus was being tempted in the wilderness. But the way to overcome temptation is the same way that Jesus overcame temptation with the word of God. The Bible tells us in Revelation that “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.” Number 2 the second thing that the devil tries to do is deceive us. You know Jesus understood this He said “You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.” In other words what does truth do? Truth breaks the power of deception. You know I was traveling to Sierra Leon I was in Freetown and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and Sid this was amazing He said “Kynan I have granted unto you the mantle of truth” and He said “The mantle of truth is the key to releasing miracle anointing.” I said God “What do you mean?” He said “When Jesus walked the earth He was releasing truth to My people and it was the power of the truth that set them free. And in the same way is it’s the power of the truth that breaks the power of deception. Every area of bondage in a person’s life is connected to a lie they have believed about God themselves or others. So the key to freedom is receiving the truth. Once you know the truth, once you intimately are acquainted with that truth and that truth becomes revelatory becomes experiential when that happens Sid it drives out the lies that keep God’s people bound.

Sid: Tell me the other strategies of the devil.

Kynan: Number 3 is distraction. You know Satan is interesting if you remember when Moses went to go see Pharaoh which was a type of Satan Pharaoh represented Lucifer, or a Luciferian spirit, and when Moses confronted Pharaoh in the Book of Exodus the Bible says that he came to Pharaoh and said “Let my people go.” And when Pharaoh really refused Moses put his staff down and his staff became a serpent, this was the sign God gave Moses to give to Pharaoh. After this Pharaoh tried to imitate that miracle and put down staff that also became serpents through his musicians. Well guess what “The serpent of God or the staff of Moses consumed or devoured the serpents of the enemy.” Now what’s the point of that? Those serpents manifesting from Pharaoh were a sideshow to take the attention off the power of God. And this is the same way that the enemy operates he’s always trying to take our mind and our attention off of God. He does it through anxiety, he does it through sickness. These are all distractions and that’s why the Bible tells us to give him no place. And the forth areas if oppression. And you know once Satan can’t affectively tempt a believer, once Satan can’t affectively deceive a believer and he can’t distract a believer he throws a temper tantrum and he tries to oppress the believer. Now we see this in the Book of Acts where Herod began to stretch forth his hands and to vex the church. He actually killed a James the brother of Jesus and was attempting to do the same thing to Peter he put Peter in prison. But the church had enough revelation to understand that we’re not going to tolerate the oppression of the devil, we’re not going to allow the enemy to control us and they stood their ground. You know Satan is a bully and I’ll tell you the only way to get rid of a bully is to stand your ground don’t give in to him. And when you show the devil that you’re not going to lay down and play dead he realizes that he needs to find another party to go to because this party is no longer happening anymore.

Sid: You can tell as Kynan Bridges is teaching you right now he’s not a normal teacher he has such deep insight. He studies the Hebrew roots of the scriptures and his insight of the scriptures is I believe very supernatural…It’s going to dramatically impact your life. Why? Because he not only teaching from scripture but he teaches from first-hand experience. He talks about the difference of your own thoughts and the devils thoughts. He shows how the devil plants these thoughts inside of you. He’ll teach you how to develop your spiritual skills so that you’ll be a winner in every arena. And then perhaps the best part of your book Kynan is the powerful prayers over darkness that are biblical. God doesn’t want you to just coexist over those what you consider those things that you’re stuck with as a human. No, no, no! I just wish I had this book 40 years ago when I was tackling the demonic realm I didn’t know where to go, who to talk to all I knew was that there’s greater power in the name of Jesus than all the demons in hell. But I could have avoided years of struggling….Let me tell you something that I just got a text message a friend of mine that lives in Israel is going to a major gathering of Jewish people. He said that there’ll be 10,000 Israeli Jews there and he’s going to pass out a flyer about our television show “It’s Supernatural.” Now “It’s Supernatural” is not just in English it’s in English, it’s in Hebrew, it’s in Arabic and it’s in Russian. And we’re on the air literally we’re taking over the airwaves of Israel. Because I believe the greatest revival the world has ever seen is about ready to happen in Israel. And I believe the scripture that says “The word of the Lord will go out from Zion.” That’s the way it started and that’s the way it’s going to finish. Now when we come back I want you to get more of this teaching and understanding from Kynan because the more you understand your Kingdom identity it’ll be impossible for the devil to put any foothold and lying symptoms upon you. You’ll just start laughing be right back.

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Our Guest David Piper

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Sid: I’ve got to stop right now because I have David Piper in the studio from Tifton, Georgia this is a young man that for 17 years was a crack cocaine addict instantly set free, instantly, instantly, instantly through the power of God not even remembrance of his addictions. None of the signs, his 2 packs of cigarettes a day nothing, he was in prison, he was in a mental institution there was no hope for him no one gave him a chance but God had compassion on him. God had mercy on him. David I know that there are people listening that know and have family members that are drug addicts, alcoholics and I believe on tomorrow’s broadcast I’m going to give him a day to pray and to get their loved one to listen to tomorrows broadcast. And I know that God is going to release a new dimension in your ministry and people are going to be set free right on the radio. You have prayed for people that are drug addicts like you were that have been set free and alcoholics, but I believe that on tomorrows broadcast they’re going to be set free they’re going to know the truth. Have you ever when you’ve ministered to people have you ever seen like your discernment operating seen demons?

David: Oh I’ve seen demons in people’s eyes before as God allowed me to pray for them actually the very eyes the devil would actually appear in their eyes as we were praying for them.

Sid: What would you see? Would you just have the impression in your mine in your spirit that there was a demon there or would you actually see something?

David: I would actually see the eyes glaze over and it was actually as if a person in the eyes looking at me. And of course they would speak out and it would not be their voice speaking and the manifestations of the demonic but we have power and authority over all devils.

Sid: Tell me one person that this happened with.

David: I remember distinctly in a service in Florida where a young lady came to me and had the…you could see the demonic in her eyes and it began to manifest. And another one that’s coming to mind now distinctly was in Virginia where this began to happen at a service that I was ministering at and where the demonic manifested but the minute I took authority over… Oh the Lord’s reminding me now that when in other words when I was in Indonesia the young man came before me and he was actually the soundman running the cameras in the service in Indonesia I was preaching in front of 1000’s of people where 100’s of Muslims were saved. And immediately this demonic presence manifested this guy jumped on his back no person could do this what he did turned into like a scorpion and going backwards all over the room on his back like a windup toy knocked over all of the TV cameras and everything. We we… I had him picked up off the floor and I took authority over it and the power of God working through my life totally delivered him. His whole countenance changed.

Sid: In Indonesia where you ministered 100’s of Muslims came to the Lord were Muslims healed before they received Jesus?

David: There were growths disappearing, all kinds of stuff happening limbs growing out where one leg was shorter than the other, arm just began to grow out just before in front of my eyes. I was over there preaching where they had rented a building that was guarded by the military police, it was on a Muslim military compound and they let us have services and they actually guarded the services. It was all God that this took place it was amazing there were 1000’s of people there and I gave an altar call and 100’s of Muslims ran down giving their hearts to Jesus, amazing things happening.

Sid: The miraculous is so important to grab people’s attention to come to know Jesus to get rid of the fuzziness that’s…the blindness that is around them.

David: Oh in the Philippines I was in a jail in the Philippines preaching in the Philippines…

Sid: Oh you…it sounds like God’s taking you all over the world!

David: Oh I’ve been to Ukraine all over yeah it’s incredible.

Sid: So what happened in the Philippines?

David: I was in the Philippines in the jail and very few people were interested in listening to us talk about Jesus and then all of sudden miracles started happening. People started getting healed their eye sight all kinds of miracles. And all of a sudden then the crowd started to grow you know. And this young man came up to us and had a bullet wounds in his side. He was paralyzed in his arm from where he had been shot. He had killed 2 policeman 2 weeks before he could not move his arm or anything. God totally healed this man he was not even saved. And by this time the crowd started drawling and they took a young deaf mute fellow and pushed him up to us and said “Let’s see God do this!”

Sid: Stop what did you think? You’re still a human you’re just David Piper you’re just recently saved give me a break what went on in your mind tell me the truth.

David: You want to know the truth I was like “Lord you better show up.”

Sid: I know that, I know.

David: If you don’t show up these people could mob us in here you know.

Sid: (Laughing)

David: But really there is a point that we know that it is not…we know it’s not us we know that it’s Him working but there comes to a point in a spot like that where all of a sudden it’s not you anymore and you know it’s not you in the beginning but it’s like God just takes over and there’s an ease in it and what’s happening. And I got to tell you we prayed for that kid that was a deaf mute and pray for him and I pray for him and nothing happened. And all of those inmates were watching I mean they were watching I cast out every devil I could ever think of, I prayed like any way I could ever pray. Any way that I ever heard anybody else I was praying nothing was happening. And the Lord spoke so clear he said “They’re putting their eyes on you.” He said “Have the inmates pray for him and make sure they give Me the glory and that’s what…not that they meant to put their eyes on us but sometimes in a natural thing.

Sid: But sometimes…

David: It’s a natural thing and so we had the inmates me and my buddy that was with me stretch their hands towards this deaf mute. And we had the inmates pray a simple prayer “Lord Jesus open his ears for Your glory, amen.” And then we had them say “Now!” And when they said “Now” the presence of God almost knocked us down you could feel that “Shoo” and immediately that kids ears opened and we check him out and when he was able to talk for the first time we had him say “Jesus.” And when he heard us and said “Jesus” that whole place erupted in praise. We gave an altar call and every one of those inmates was born again; an amazing thing God did that day in the Philippines I’ll never forget that ever. Amazing thing God did that day.

Sid: Now you were telling me about encounters that you’ve had with the Spirit of God when you’ve been prayed for where the fire of God comes in to the point to take it away.

David: I asked the Lord to stop one time because I thought it was going to kill me. There’s been 3 different instances where God had touched me in such a way that it felt like a jackhammer inside of my body shaking all over I could hear it in my head. I felt like my flesh was jumping off my bone and I was screaming “Please Lord, please Lord you know stop stop it’s going to kill me!” And of course He didn’t stop He just kept doing it but He was burning out all of those unhealthy things that were not of Him out of me you know. And at one point if I did not know that it was God I would have called 911.

Sid: David the first church made up of ignorant fisherman and farmers and not top Rabbis there was one Paul but outside of him people that knew nothing the people that were wrapped into a whole religious system. The fire of God came on them that Cheviot at Pentecost but what’s going on with you it’s the same type of thing. Is this going to happen to a lot of people? Could you picture what would happen how fast the job would be if people receive that fire?

David: Oh incredible if God’s people would just wake up and realize that He’ll use them and you don’t have to be no preacher that’s been to Bible college 30 and 40 years. All you have to do is say “Lord cleanse me, take everything out of my life not of you fill me with your fullness and use me I’ll go.” That’s all you have to do ask Him to forgive you and ask Him to use you and get out of your comfort zone and begin to be obedient.

Sid: And so people start praying that right now and tomorrow I want you to pray not only for the average…

David: There is going to be impartations Sid over the radio tomorrow.

Sid: What’s an impartation?

David: An impartation is where even in Roman’s 1:11 Paul said “I long to see you that I impart to you some spiritual gift that to the end you may be established. An impartation is where God imparts to you supernaturally from heaven His anointing a special anointing for service. You know the anointing is for season and for a reason it comes for service and not for picnics. It’s not for sitting at home watching TV you wan to see the anointing on your life get God increased and go pray for sick people. Hallelujah! There’s are people right now that are sick in body and if they would just believe God and He’ll heal them right where they stand in their kitchens, right where they stand in their sofa. And there’s an anointing that I believe that’s going to be on tomorrows show…

Sid: You know what it’s on this show right now.

David: I feel it right now.

Sid: It’s on this show.

David: I feel it all over.

Sid: Quickly pray for people right now forget tomorrow right now.

David: Father God I come before You and I ask right now God by Your power, by Your Spirit to go into the homes of the people listening, into the automobiles of people listening, into the prisons of the people listening right now Father God. And I pray Father God for a supernatural anointing of Your power to come from heaven to touch and deliver and heal every person listening. I rebuke right now cancer in the name of Jesus. I command cancer right now to die and disappear in Jesus name; I command high blood pressure, diabetes in the name of Jesus I rebuke it I command it come out of God’s people right now in Jesus name. I command right now in the name of Jesus every spirit of drug addiction to loose God’s people right now in the name of Jesus. And Father God I promise to give You all of the glory, all of the honor. Now if you have a problem hearing in your ears right now put your fingers in your ears and right now in the name of Jesus I rebuke deafness in the name of Jesus. Ear drums I command you open right now in Jesus name pull those finger out and God’s healing you right now. If you’re being healed call in and give testimony and glory to Jesus.

Sid: Okay Mishpocha let me explain what’s going on right now we… most people are in such doubt and unbelief that you need an injection of faith. Faith only comes by one place the word of God….

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Our Guest Cherie Calbom

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Sid: You know this is amazing this is Sid Roth with something more and I’m talking to Cherie Calbom. Cherie in my notes you have a pretty profound statement here it says “If you’re overweight that promotes inflammation which promotes every disease under the sun just about and inflammation promotes obesity.” So when you get rid of inflammation will you lose weight? Will you tell me about one person that did?

Cherie: Yes absolutely I have seen many people but Theresa maybe is the best example she called me with desperation. That gained 50 pounds of water weight that it seemed and her doctors both natural-path and allopath didn’t know what to do for just said “Get your affairs in order.” And so we got her on an anti-inflammation diet and a green juice before each meal. She called me back in 30 days later and said “The extra weight was all gone and she was now able to chop firewood and walk for a mile and they thought that she was dying.” I’ve seen over and over and over again people losing weight when they get on this diet and they always say “Wow, it just seems easy it’s just falling off of my body.” And it’s not a struggle and they’re still eating delicious food so when you get that inflammation under control your body does what it’s designed to do.

Sid: You know I have so many exciting things that you talk about in your books. Table salt, my wife has low blood pressure so every time we go out to dinner it’s salt to begin with and she goes wild with the salt shaker, what’s wrong with that?

Cherie: Well we can have good salt which is sea salt or Himalayan salt which is pink salt but the stuff on the table salt that’s out there in the restaurants is really bad. A lot of it now is a crude oil flake left over that they take and make…

Sid: So what does this do to the body?

Cherie: It is so detrimental to our body it’s toxic to our cells, it’s toxic to our whole system that is the salt that can truly elevate our blood pressure. We want to get that out of our diet we don’t want to use restaurant salt, but contrary to that is sea salt the good kind you’d have to go to a health food store usually to find it. Or the pink Himalayan salt that rich in minerals that is good for the body and it’s good for the adrenal glands.

Sid: And real quick because we have so much to cover you are not a big fan of the way most people cook it’s called microwave they heat their coffee, or their tea, they cook everything with the microwave what’s wrong with that?

Cherie: Microwave now we know from research puts toxic byproduct into your food and even into your coffee. And so I just don’t allow it in my home for use of anything.

Sid: So what’s wrong with…help me out what’s wrong with toxic food? I mean I don’t like the word but how bad is that?

Cherie: Toxins in the food, toxins can contribute to cancer and all sorts of other problems so we want to get the toxins out of our diet; we don’t want to use a cooking method that’s going to put toxicity into our food so on top of that microwave just destroys nutrients. So we want nutrient rich without the toxins.

Sid: Okay let’s talk a little bit about remedies for stress and adrenal fatigue; what is adrenal fatigue?

Cherie: So many people experience that today it’s not something that a lot of doctors recognize or will diagnose. It’s diagnosed through a saliva test and in measuring cortisol in different hours of the day. And many people because of their stress have the symptoms of this and don’t know why they feel tired or very very fatigued and yet when they’re so tired often times they don’t sleep well at night because their adrenals are pumping out Cortisol at wrong times of the day. And also Cortisol can get all messed up and even deposit fat in the body or keep us from losing weight and many many other symptoms can go with adrenal fatigue. So what we need to do is support our adrenals, that’s what my remedies book is all about, how to feed those adrenals and bring them back into harmony so that those glands can function normally again.

Sid: Now can we do this just with juicing and with regular food?

Cherie: Yes and some supplements like liquorish tea and things like that.

Sid: Hm.

Cherie: I’ve got the supplements in there that are very helpful for people as well so you may need a little extra for awhile and then just the juicing and just the diets got all of the remedies there and the supplements that will be very helpful for you. And then also to bring that stress down in our lives to figure out what’s important, what we can let go of and to make times to relax especially before we go to bed so we can begin to bring our system down to a place of calm so that we can sleep well and so that our adrenals can rejuvenate during the night.

Sid: Okay a lot of people have allergies; I notice at certain seasons my nose runs what do you think is causing that? I think I know that it’s got to do with the pollen and stuff but how can I stop it that’s a better question?

Cherie: Yes we’ve got to get to the root of it there’s always there’s always a roots to everything.

Sid: Ah ha.

Cherie: And it’s the immune system; we need to bring that immune system into better function. So we need to support the immune system and that again comes through diet, through juicing if you can juice if you can’t it’s other supplements that you can take to bring that immune system up to support it and improve the immune system function. And then you’re not going to be reacting to all of that stuff like pollen in the spring or it can be any time of year different pollens or dust mites or pet dander it’s all sorts of things people react to but you don’t have to be stuck in that place of reacting to that stuff all of the time.

Sid: Okay it appears Cherie as more and more people are getting GMO, Genetically Modified Foods, and is there any things wrong with us doing that it tastes better, it’s bigger, is it healthier?

Cherie: Genetically modified food isn’t and in the word of God it says “Don’t mix the seed.” And we are doing that with all sorts of… and it’s not only just seed we’re mixing in; we’re mixing in fish genes and pork genes and peanut genes and on and on into different plants and so forth. And it is very detrimental and when you look at research and especially some of the rat studies you see those poor animals that they put on GMO food for a year huge tumors all over their bodies, it’s really really alarming. And GMO foods GMO modified foods are going all over the world and the pollens are blowing around and its something that we must really avoid. Some of the top crops of GMO to look out for and really buy as organic are soy, corn, sugar beets now are GMO, canola, so canola oil is a big GMO crop. We’ve got to be really really informed…

Sid: Cherie they stick soy into almost everything today what’s wrong with soy that’s GMO?

Cherie: Soy is our top GMO crop and so soy oil and soy products some people are on soy, soy from breakfast, lunch to dinner. Soy derivatives known as textured vegetable protein ends up in energy bars and fillers and all sorts of packaged foods and it is so bad for us it’s not a good product anyway for the body. It’s a goitrogen, meaning it blocks iodine absorption and so that affects our thyroid. But on top of that being a GMO a top GMO product it’s going to add toxicity to the body so I would say look at the salad dressings because soy oil is in a lot even health food stores salad dressings. Be very aware about soy milk, I don’t recommend it at all. Almond or coconut or hemp milk are good choices. Soy ice cream, soy cheese avoid all of this stuff, get the soy out of your diet and choose other things there’s so many other choices we don’t need to be eating that at all.

Sid: Now why does it seem as though there’s an increase in allergies and asthma. You take these young kids that are allergic you give them tests and they say “Oh you’re allergic to 55 different things, well is this what you’re describing is this what occurs when you have these GMO’s and you’re eating the wrong kind of food?

Cherie: Yes it is. So the whole body is compromised, the immune system is compromised in this case and the entire system is compromised. And these poor children need help they need to be restored, renewed at the cellular level, they need a lot of fabulous nutrient rich foods. That’s why I go back to the juices again the vegetables juices again to get them into the system to rebuild the immune system to build the body up in cellular level and lots of organic vegetables and other great whole foods like God created and get all of the junk out of the diet…

Sid: But Cherie organic food is more expensive what would you say?

Cherie: I’d say choose it, please choose it and because it’s not more expensive in the end. What is your health worth? And if you’re sick at the other end you’re going to be paying a much bigger price at the drug store for over the counter medications or even worse for prescription medications. When you’re sick you’re going to be spending a lot more money; it is so well worth it to get organic food, get those pesticides and herbicides out of your diet and plus they’ve shown in study after study organic foods are much richer in all of the vitamins and minerals straight across the board.

Sid: Cherie tell me about that person just before the break you were telling me about someone from India.

Cherie: She called, and this was very exciting I talked to one of your producers she called your prayer line and said she had a large cyst on her ovary and no money, no insurance and no money for the surgery. Saw the show that you and I did before started juicing and prayed and prayed and within a number of months that cyst was completely gone, went back to her doctor and got a complete good bill of health report; no more cyst on her ovary. And she called your hotline praising God for that miraculous healing.

Sid: Now I know the book is brand new “The Anti-Inflammation Diet 28 Day to Restore Your Body and Feel Great” but you have been using these principals for a long time. How difficult is it for someone to go on this for 28 days; let’s be candid what good is it to get it and not do it?

Cherie: It is so easy and having worked now with really thousands of people it is not hard at all and even if you’re not in this country and you have different vegetables or different produce it is still easy because I work with people from all over the world. And it’s delicious and it’s not hard and you can do it and we make it very easy for you and you can still enjoy your food. And so breakfast, lunch and dinner we’ve got recipes for you to help you turn your life around, turn your health around.

Sid: You know as you’re speaking the presence of God is coming upon this I think God is pleased that believers will start taking care of the temple of the Holy Spirit. But God’s actually speaking to me there are people with arthritic fingers, if you will, and even in your wrist if you’ll move your fingers this is a freebie but you better start eating right things and you’ll see that you’re totally healed. And there are other people with back and neck problems and hip problems all of these joint problems yeah you can take care of it long term and your better because it might come back. But you have a freebie from God right now God has just healed your backs stand up and bend over. Do you remember the guy I was telling you about from outer Mongolia? I mean his back was broken in 5 places the prognosis was a wheelchair the rest of his life. I mean no hopeless but as a matter of fact Cherie you were hopeless give me some good news for the people that feel hopeless right now.

Cherie: I was so hopeless not just Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia but a serious injury but we won’t go into that right now but it was very serious. I had no hope, no hope at all. And God said “There is hope, there is healing.” We partner with Him and we do our part and He does His part and I had broken bones and crushed knuckles and they reformed. And that was not juice that was the power of God that came on my hand to reform knuckles in my right hand that were just bone fragments and powder. God can do anything and when we partner with Him and do our part we are going to see miraculous healings where we can stand up and say “I feel fabulous and I want to join in with the army of God and do my part because the great outpouring the Holy Spirit is coming.” We don’t want to be sidelined we want to be part of it and we want to have vibrant health. We want to be one of those mighty men and women Joel 2 talks about where run on the wall you know with the rest of the army.

Sid: Tell me some of the things that you have seen that people have followed what you’re teaching in these 4 books that we’re offering and you have seen multiple times with your own eyes what has happened with these people?

Cherie: Oh I had a lady that was given up for dead, told go home get her affairs in order, cancer throughout her body. In 3 weeks this is truly true she got on my program and was mostly juicing and a tumor fell out of her body after 3½ weeks and then her whole health began to turn around and she is still alive today this is a decade or so later. I’ve had people… one lady with MS no hope at all totally discouraged; young woman trying to get through school nobody gave her any answers. Got on the program MS symptoms began to go away and she found though she had to stay with this diet if she got off of it the symptoms started coming back…

Sid: Cherie, what about so basically people can’t function if they don’t have energy if they’re in chronic pain. What about things and if they’re grossly overweight? What about things that basic?

Cherie: And I’ve seen things turn around that basic, people often times people that are low in energy right away they’ll say “One of the things they noticed on this program was that they got energy back and they started feeling alive.” And people saying too foggy brain that’s another big one that a lot of people have, I call it sugar brain or junk food brain.

Sid: (Laughing)

Cherie: The foggy brain goes away and I’ve had people say their prayer life has improved, they can hear the Spirit of the Lord speaking to them so much better…

Sid: You’re telling me Cherie that when someone gets their body working, not the way they’re used to, but the way that God created the body it even improves them hearing from God?

Cherie: Oh, I’ve heard it over and over again people so excited saying “Wow I’ve turned my Bible open and the scripture just leaped out at me and the Holy Spirit was speaking to me and I was able to pray and I heard the Holy Spirit speaking and that hasn’t happened in a long time with all of the foggy brain. It is true, truly, true give it a try. And also you mentioned obesity I’ve had so many people that have started on my program. Father Peter is one he did a 60 day juice fast he was hugely overweight in a 300 pound range and lost 60 pounds in 60 days by doing a vegetable juice fast. But you don’t have to do that you just start in the program and the weight is going to start coming off. I’ve had people that have lost 50, 60, 100 pounds, people have lost 5, 10 and 20 pounds. So whatever you need to lose this program will help you do that too.

Sid: …What’s going on with asthma Cherie?

Cherie: Well asthma as you know it is a bronchial thing it can be life threatening. Again it comes down to immune system responses, acidity, inflammation, many of the things that we’ve been talking about today and as you begin to bring balance to the body I’ve seen people with asthma bring that under control and make huge improvements in their health. So it’s amazing what can begin to happen as you give your body the right tools to do what it’s designed to do and that is to heal.

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