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Our Guest Tom Horn

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SID: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I mean, once you taste the goodness of God, why would you ever want anything but that? Everything else is so far distant. You know, my guest has found on the U.S. one dollar bill some mysterious things that most people, they look at and they just ignore. Have you ever noticed the eye on the dollar bill? Have you ever noticed the pyramid on the dollar bill? Have you ever noticed a Latin phrase on the dollar bill? My guest has evidence that this is welcoming in, in code, the Antichrist. You know my guest, Tom Horn, says something began in the year 2012 that will reach its apex in 2016, and he’s going to talk about that. But tell me something I was not aware of, that the key Founding Fathers of our nation were not Christian, but were Masons.

TOM: That’s absolutely right, Sid. In fact, as many as 44 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons and they were the Freemasons really of the European order, meaning that they were committed to building an occult form of a democracy that was based on what’s called the Atlantean scheme. This was coming out of Europe. What Francis Bacon believed, he was the head of a secret society in Europe, very popular and powerful, and had wealthy people behind him, and they believed that there had been an original Atlantis, and Atlantis had been great because Atlantis had taken its orders from the gods of ancient history. And when they turned their backs on the gods, Atlantis crumbled. And so Francis Bacon’s idea was we will build a new occult democracy based on this Atlantean scheme in which we’re basically going to take our marching orders from the spirits of these invisible deities.

SID: Okay. How does this tie in with Masons?

TOM: Well Freemasons in the United States early on were receiving funding for that purpose, there were people from Europe coming over here who actually saw in the new continent the opportunity to develop a New World Order that would be under essentially the influence of these ancient spirits that political realities in Europe was not going to allow them to establish over there. So this was basically fresh pickings.

SID: Okay. But what you’re saying though is there’s something evil about Masons. I got relatives that are Masons. What are you saying?

TOM: Actually, I was a pastor for 25 years. I had Freemasons in my church on my board. So but these were 32nd degree Freemasons who were part of a fraternity and they didn’t get into any of that hocus pocus and occultism, and whatever that was going on early on. However, Sid, when you get past the 32nd degree, when you go to 33rd degree Freemasonry it becomes something entirely different.

SID: Okay. What if someone was a 33rd degree Mason, what would they know that the others don’t?

TOM: Well for instance, I had state senator tell me, ask me basically, he said, “Were you aware that at the inauguration of every United States president that in Washington, D.C. an occult ritual is held to raise the spirit of Osiris from the underworld so it can take its rightful place in every United States president? That absolutely blew me away. I thought—

SID: This is within Masons?

TOM: That’s within Masons. As a matter of fact, I went there to verify it myself. I took my wife Nita with me. But I wanted to know if that was a fact. Because if that’s true, that’s an astonishing idea that an occult ritual such as that would be held, only just a little way away, on 16th Street in Washington, D.C.

SID: Hold on. Who is the god of Masons?

TOM: Well the god of the Freemasons, according their own experts, Albert Pike Mackey, the others, they call him the Great Architect of the Universe, but they identify him as the god Osiris, as he was known to the Egyptians, and Apollo, as he was known the Greeks. In fact, when you look at the Great Seal what you see in the images are Egyptian symbols, but in the mottos, it’s prophecies about Apollo. Look at the—

SID: And again, these false deities are another name for the Antichrist. Now on the U.S. one dollar bill, we have the Great Seal.

TOM: Right.

SID: Tell me what’s on there.

TOM: What’s on the Great Seal, especially the obverse side, the reverse side of the Great Seal, it’s on every U.S. dollar, and it’s a troubling thought, isn’t it, to imagine that we carry on our person, more often than we have the Word of God on our person, we carry on our person a prophecy about the coming of the Antichrist. Now you have the symbol that is Egyptian, you have the mottos that are in Latin. The Annuit Coeptis, this is a Latin motto referring to the return of the god, Jupiter, who will in the future take his rightful re-enthronement over the cosmos and his son, Apollo, is in the Novus Ordo Seclorum. That is a prophecy from the cumean sibyl, the most powerful of all of the Apollonian priestesses gave the prophecy from which Novus Ordo Seclorum is taken, in which she predicted that the end of time Apollo will return to reign upon the earth once again at the dawn of a new golden age.

SID: Or the Antichrist. Who put that on the seal? Who put it there?

TOM: And the reason I say the Antichrist is because in more than one place in the New Testament it actually identifies the spirit by name that will seal the Antichrist. Paul says in Second Thessalonians 2:3, “He will be the son of perdition.” This is the Greek work “apolia”, Apollo, Apollyon. In Revelation 17:8, “The beast shall rise up out of the bottomless pit and enter into perdition.” Apolia, Apollyon, Apollo. In fact, in Greek literature the god Apollo was known as both Apollyon and Apollo.

SID: Who put that on the U.S. dollar? Who put it on our seal?

TOM: Well it happened over a period of time. There was a man by the name of Thomson who was commissioned by the Freemasons to design the Great Seal.

SID: No, no. Who authorized it? Who put it on there?

TOM: Well who put it on the one dollar?

SID: Yeah.

TOM: This was Franklyn Roosevelt.

SID: Franklyn Roosevelt?

TOM: Right.

SID: Does science have the technology today to take the DNA of these false deities that are being prayed for within Masons to come to Earth for a utopia, who will be the Antichrist? Do they have, can they take the DNA from these false gods and put it in someone today and resurrect the Antichrist?

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Our Guest Robert Heidler

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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to walk in the blessings of God. We’re living in very very strategic times in the destiny of planet earth. If you haven’t noticed Israel is front and center stage. Jewish people are coming to know the Messiah in record numbers. Gentile churches are having a pull if you will, a drawing if you will, to go back the Biblical roots of the faith as opposed to many of the other things that have evolved over centuries. A few weeks ago I interviewed Pastor Robert Heidler, pastor of Glory of Zion Outreach Center. We discussed his unpublished manuscript which we then made available to you called the “Messianic Church.” If you didn’t get this yet, shame on you, you are missing some important pieces of the puzzle. Then I found out about his latest unpublished manuscript and it’s called the “Cycles of God.” He has hit some bull’s eyes that very few people have ever put together. Those of you who have a Jewish heart, you don’t even know why, but there is just a drawing towards the Biblical festivals, and you have a lot of questions about it because this is not commonly taught in churches. If anything, it’s discouraged, but something is changing. It is God’s appointed time for change. So I have Pastor Robert Heidler on the telephone. Robert how did you get started in actually wanting to, within a Gentile church, fulfilling the Biblical festivals?

Robert:  Well Sid it really began with a prophetic word. Chuck Pierce prophesied to me in 1997 that in that year we needed to celebrate 3 Biblical feasts.

Sid:   Now did this just come out of the blue, or did you say “Chuck I’m really leaning towards doing these things?”

Robert:  This was just out of the blue. I had studied some about the feasts in seminary, but I hadn’t really taken the time to look at them. I had assumed that they were something for the Old Testament, or something for Jews, but not something that Christians should pay any attention to.

Sid:   Alright you got a prophetic word from someone you respected. So what did you do?

Robert:  Well for the first time in my life I really I opened the word and began to study the feasts. Sid I was amazed because what I saw was a lot of the word was devoted to them, and that God had given His people a detailed yearly cycle of events. It was really a Biblical calendar. They weren’t just holidays, they weren’t just rituals, but the word calls them appointed times. They are appointments with God, set times that God said “I want to meet with My people to accomplish some specific spiritual transactions in their lives.” He promised great blessings to His people if they would do these.

Sid:   Now a number of years later after you and your congregation have been celebrating these festivals, what is your spin?

Robert:  Well it has been one of the greatest blessings.  It’s very interesting, we’ve been do them every year now; we do it differently every time we don’t try to fall into a ritual with it. Invariably, every time we celebrate it since the previous year we’ll say “This was incredible, why haven’t we done these things before, why didn’t we know about this?” I find that almost everyone that comes into the experience of God’s cycle of blessing, the Biblical feasts, comes away saying “This is a tremendous blessing from God.”

Sid:   You know what I find very interesting is the way you have taught this in your book about this… even using the word cycles and God’s purposes, the blessings, there’s cycles of God’s blessings, there’s cycles of destruction, there’s cycles of creation, there’s cycles of curses. As far as I’m concerned I want to be in the cycles of blessing. [Laughing]

Robert:  [Laughing]

Sid:   But explain this, explain what you mean by cycles.

Robert:  Well it was back in 1994 God began to speak to me about cycles. What was happening there was a large hurricane heading towards Florida, I don’t remember if it was Ivan or Jean, one of those. So I get up in the morning and check the news on the internet and this picture of this huge monstrous storm was filling the screen. After reading about that I switched over to an astronomy website that I check every day, has a lot of pictures from the Hubble telescope. The screen immediately filled with a picture that looked almost identical. It was this huge swirling mass, it was a spiral galaxy. God began to speak to me about the cycles that he has put into creation that there are some cycle that are cycles of destruction, but there are some cycles that are the cycles of creation that display His beauty. He said “He works in that same way in our lives.” There are cycles we can fall into, addiction, poverty, unbelief, sin and death that will just take us lower and lower and lower. But there are other cycles that He wants to link us into that will just lift us higher and higher and higher. Each time we go through that cycle we take a step closer to His goal for us. I really that the yearly cycle of feasts is part of His cycle of blessing in our life.

Sid:   Obviously He can bless us without celebrating the feasts. Why do you feel He really wants us to do this?

Robert:  Well He can and He does bless us. The feasts is not a legalistic, you know we won’t go to the Hell if we fail to do that. What I see is living in this world it’s almost like being on an escalator going down. The natural cycle of this world is to draw us away from God. If we don’t do anything we just tend to drift further and further away. Most people that end up far from God don’t do it because they decide I want to be far from God. It just drifts over the course of time.

Sid: Little by little, how did we drift away from God’s cycles, or God’s Biblical feasts to the point where people say “Oh you’re under the law” if you observe the Biblical feasts?

Robert:  Well that’s an interesting study. Really until about the 4th century it was the normal thing for Christians to celebrate Biblical feasts. Those were the Christian feasts as well as, Jewish feasts. It was really in the 4th century when paganism came into the church that the church switched from a Biblical calendar to a Roman calendar, and began to celebrate a whole different set of feasts than the Biblical ones. I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong for a Christian to celebrate those, but if we don’t see God’s calendar, if we don’t see what God is doing I think we miss out on a lot of the blessings He has for us. His calendar is designed every year as we go through it to draw us; it’s like putting us on an escalator going upward where we’re drawing closer and closer to God.

Sid:   Now you say the appointed times, which comes from Leviticus chapter 23. Are there specific transactions to take place between God and His people, explain?

Robert:  Well as I studied the feasts Sid it’s very interesting… I really see if someone is plugged into that cycle and is going through that not just as a ritual or a holiday, but as a real time to meet with God. That God does some very interesting things through that in our lives. One of the areas we minister to a lot is in deliverance. One of the books I’ve published is called “Set Yourself Free.” It’s a deliverance manual that a lot of deliverance ministers around the country use. As I studied through the feasts I realized there are a lot of things in the feasts that if you really observe them will tend to keep you from the enemy’s oppression. One of the things in “Set Yourself Free” I have people take a spiritual inventory. They ask God “Lord show me any sin in my life you want me to confess.” It’s a powerful thing when someone walks through that process and comes out knowing there’s no un-confessed sin there’s nothing to hinder their walk with God. Well in the feasts that’s built into the process, that’s supposed to happen every year in the Day of Atonement.

Sid:   So what you’re saying to me God says “Jewish people are supposed to observe the feasts” it’s very clear in Leviticus. Then in the New Covenant Gentiles are grafted in to the Jewish Olive tree, so there’s still the connection. What is the difference between “should observe,” and “want to observe?”

Robert: I don’t see the feasts as a legalistic thing, I don’t see it’s something that… I see it’s a blessing that God offers us to enter into. I see in the New Testament it was the norm. Paul he references the feasts over and over again in the epistles, even writing to Gentile churches he assumes he is writing to people that are celebrating the feasts.

Sid:   Now when you made this transition in your church did you lose any people over it?

Robert:  Oh no! Part of it is that we didn’t… you know some people when they come into the feasts they get very legalistic, they start saying “You can’t put up a Christmas tree, you can’t do this, you can’t do that.” Legalism will always turn off people and I don’t think that’s what God is saying; He’s saying “I want you to enter into a blessing.” So we’ve never preached against people celebrating Christmas or anything like that. What we found is as people begin to celebrate the Biblical feasts and see the blessing there, then those traditional holidays just become very unimportant because they’re just very shallow in comparison to the depths and the richness that God has it.

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Our Guest Marilyn Hickey

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Sid:  My guest, I think red hot Marilyn Hickey is an understatement for you!  What is it I think they say it’s white hot.  My guest is white hot for the Messiah. Now Marilyn on yesterdays broadcast we wanted our Mishpochah to find out a bit about you and one of the things that I noticed in your training God has put strategic people in your path.  For instance you had the opportunity to see one of the greatest miracle ministries I’ve ever read about, I was told this man Branham when he prayed he never missed it; when he prophesied he never missed it. Was that true?

Marilyn: He would come on the platform and he would wait, and you could tell, and he waited for the angel of the Lord. You know I thought because I didn’t know that much about spirit-filled living this man is nuts.  So I would sit there in unbelief my mother was real turned on she drugged me to the meeting and I can tell you the whole audience knew when that angel came.  He didn’t worship angels but some way he had an angelic visitation for the words of knowledge and the words of wisdom God gave him.  So he would then speak you know “There’s a man here you were in a car accident ten years ago, you broke your back.”  And he would go into details and tell dates and then he would have the person stand and God would give them a new back, it’s just very unusual.

Sid: Now Marilyn I’ve read what God’s doing with you and I have to believe that some of that mantle that rested on him rests on you. But is there any one that you know of alive today that walks in that full anointing that Branham walked in?  I’m curious.

Marilyn: Not that I know and you know of course I’m limited but I don’t know anyone.

Sid: Okay, A.A. Allen you had the opportunity to not only see his ministry but you and your husband did intercessory prayer at his meetings, what did you see there?

Marilyn: When we prayed we saw, I’ll tell you one thing that we saw that was very unusual. My father was put in a mental hospital and they said he would never come out and in the service of course we’re praying, my mother is there she’s crying, and he called her out and he said “The lady over there crying, take your handkerchief and put it on your husband, you think he’s demon possessed, but his mind is broken and I will heal him.”  So my mother took that handkerchief to the hospital, pinned it on my father’s pajamas and the doctor said “He’ll never come out, he’ll never come out, and within one year he came out was saved and water baptized.

Sid: One more person I want you to comment on Dr. Kenneth Hagen, he was another mentor in your life.

Marilyn: Very strong, I would say probably had the greatest influence on my life of anyone.  The first year we were married and my marriage lasted 58 years.  The first year we went to a meeting with Kenneth Hagen in a small church here in Denver.

Sid: Excuse me, that’s because your husband was promoted to heaven, I just don’t want someone to think that it just…anything else but that, but go ahead.

Marilyn: We went to the meeting, a small group of people maybe a hundred and Kenneth Hagen taught on the authority of God’s word.  And I’ll never forget what I thought and he didn’t have books out or anything going for him at that time you know to advertise but I thought if God can work that way for him, the word can work like that it can work that way for me.  So really I began with supernatural ministries in the power of the Holy Spirit and the wonderful, wonderful emphasis of the authority of God’s Word.  And I would say this to everyone listening don’t feel shy about using the Word. Don’t feel shy about speaking to the mountain and telling it to move, Jesus told us to. Why would He tell us to move mountains?  Because there’s something on the other-side that’s so good that He has for us and I believe truly mountains have ears and your mountain has ears and speak to it and tell it to be gone in Jesus Name.

Sid: You know what you’re saying is so important, most people pray they’re praying to God in Heaven a million miles away so they’re focus is not to the mountain, their focus is kind of an abstract thing a million miles away and no wonder they get abstract answers.

Marilyn: Listen I know that the more focused you are and saying what God says the more how can I say it?  The more miracles you will receive in your life so I’m going to share something that sounds kind of negative that out of it God really propelled my ministry.  When I first started to be on radio I had some invitations to speak and I was scared, I’d never spoken from our pulpit not because Wally didn’t want me to it just wasn’t done.  So I go to a church on the east coast, I said to the pastor “How long do you want me to speak?  He said “As long as you’re anointed and when you’re not I want you to sit down and if you don’t I’ll tell you.”  Well, I’m frightened already and so you can imagine those words.  While I’m speaking I felt lead to pray for a man in a wheelchair and he’s sitting at the back I can only see half of him you know but I knew that he’s in a wheelchair and I said, “In the Name of Jesus get up and walk.”  Now remember I’d never prayed for anyone in a wheelchair and here I am in this church not used to speaking at all, well he didn’t get up so I really shouted “In Jesus Name get up and walk, he didn’t move.”  The assistant pastor one of them was standing beside him, I said, “Dave get him up and he didn’t he shook his head, I said, “Dave where’s your faith get him up.”  He said “Marilyn he doesn’t have any legs.”

Sid: Oh no. (Laughing)

Marilyn: Now that was the beginning because everybody laughed you know it was quite a thing.

Sid: Well, did you crawl under a rock and never want to come out?

Marilyn: No, no!

Sid: No?

Marilyn: God spoke to me and He’ll speak to you in these times and He said “Marilyn if you will keep believing Me there will come a day in your life people will come out of wheelchairs.  So I was so encouraged by God talking to me and now today you know we have people all over the world coming out of wheelchairs because you say what God says, you say the Word.  You know that He can move a mountain, He can create new limbs, he has spare parts in Heaven to put in, it is wonderful!  So all of you…

Sid: Well, I’m getting an impression right now Marilyn, I want you to agree with me and I see when you said spare parts I see someone getting a brand new hip from Heaven.  I want you to pray some of that outrageous prayer right now for that brand new hip from the parts room in heaven for that person that needs it right now, would you pray that?

Marilyn: Father I just thank you in the Name of Jesus all things are possible to them that believe, I thank you that a creative miracle is occurring in that hip. You’re bringing the bones in place, You’re causing unusual tissues to come forth and there’s going to be health and life and vitality and as their days are so shall their strength be and their hip strong!”  And we give You the glory in Jesus Name.

Sid: Marylyn when you were talking yesterday about the importance of memorizing scripture and you said, “Even if it’s one scripture per week mediate on it. When you mediate you explained you actually memorize the Word, anyone could memorize one scripture a week.  And your instructions yesterday were to say it out loud was it ten times?

Marilyn: Yes.

Sid: But what if we were to do that every day for a week right on the air, I came up with the scripture before we went on the air, but I would like you to pick one scripture to be the first scripture everyone listening to us right now is going to mediate on and state it.

Marilyn: Alright I’m asking the Holy Spirit to show me because I want you know there’s so many I believe John 8:12 says “I am the light of the world, he that follows me shall not walk in darkness, but the light of life.”  I believe speaking that scripture you will walk in light all day long and I do this and it’s from Proverbs 6:22 it says “When you wake up the word will talk to you, when you walk the word will direct your steps, and when you sleep the word will keep you.”  Three times a day in the morning I say that scripture and pretty soon that scripture begins to read me.  In the afternoon I say it again, “He is the Light of my afternoon” and at night before I go to sleep why let your mind just go on anything because they say, the last thing you see will go through your mind 7 times while you sleep.

Sid:  Wow, wait a second can you picture someone’s watched a horror film on TV and then they go to sleep, how many times does that go through their mind.

Marilyn: Oh my, and brings fear.

Sid: Yeah.

Marilyn: And this brings faith, this brings peace.

Sid: Okay, I need you to repeat that scripture one more time that was John 8:12.

Marilyn: John 8:12 “I am the Light of the world, he that follows me shall not walk in darkness but have the light of life.”

Sid: Okay that’s John 8:12; ten times I want you to say this scripture after we finish this show and what I’d like to do Marilyn personally is I personalize the scripture, personalize John 8:12 right now, how would you say it?

Marilyn: Father, I believe that Jesus is the light for my day, He will give light into my darkness and light is greater than darkness.  I believe today that I have life; Your life because of Your light.

Sid: Woops we’re out of time right now.

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Our Guest Desiree Ayers

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Desiree Ayers

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Pastor of “In His Presence Church” in Woodland Hills, California, Desiree Ayers. She’s Co-Pastor with her husband Mel, and I have a brand new book it’s not even in the stores yet it’s how new it is.  It’s called “God Hunger,” you see Desiree had compulsive eating disorders.  People… I’m speaking to her right now, you know what the word anorexic is and bulimia, that’s what was really plaguing Desiree.  She was a believer, she loved God with all of her heart, she tried self-help groups nothing was working.  She tried diets, nothing would help until God began speaking to her. Now she has been free from her eating disorder for over 23 years and more important than that she’s teaching other people to be free, and as we found out it doesn’t matter whether it’s a food addiction or any other type of addiction if you follow the supernatural principals the Holy Spirit showed her… Desiree tell me about one person, I like real people rather than large numbers that are being set free. Tell me one person that was set free from following these principals.

Desiree:  I think you’re really going to enjoy this particular story here Sid.  But I do want to say this that God’s not a respecter of persons, if he healed me, he’s going to heal you so if you’re out there and you’re battling an eating disorder be encouraged you know. This testimony is really to encourage you that you can be set free.  But what happened was a girlfriend of mine that I had heard, I had met her at church that she had been healed of bulimia and we ended up being friends. She ended up getting hit with a brain tumor.  And so it was Monday night and I was going through Bible study with my husband and another friend and I said “Okay can be change the format my girlfriend’s gotten hit with a brain tumor.”  And so she came over to our house and we got out the pots and the pans and we started praising God because we didn’t have any instruments at the time, and the power of God so filled the place.  It’s many years later and she’s married and has kids, but how this all ties into the eating disorder was when I started the support group she wanted to come because you know she had been healed but felt like she was still battling the amounts of food she was eating she has some compulsive eating issues so she came.  And she ended up meeting her husband, he was battling an eating disorder and they both got set free; they got married and they have four kids.  So not only did God heal them both of eating disorders but she also had a supernatural miracle by Jesus where the brain tumor is completely gone.

Sid: You know it’s my belief I’ve been studying healing and how a Christian can have the manifestation of their healing in this life, and I know all about confessing God’s word.  I know all about praying in tongues, I know all about healing in the atonement; but there still is a disconnect, if you will, with a lot of good Christians that do a lot of these things and they don’t manifest their healing.  And I’ve come up with what I believe is the most significant way to receive your healing whatever situation you’re in in and that is do all those things because they’re all Biblical. They’re all good but without intimacy with God it’s just a formula.

Desiree:  Yeah, that is so major because I’ve seen people do that, it’s almost like trying to work a system and it’s impossible.  Matthew 6:33 says “Seek Me first” and that’s where the intimacy comes in. You’ve got to have that personal relationship and where the Holy Spirit’s leading you and He’s talking to you in the midst of it.  Because one scripture that helped me may mean something totally different to somebody else and that’s what’s amazing to me when the Bible says that “It’s alive, it’s quick, it’s active.”  And the scripture one year that may help me with an eating disorder may another year I’m going through something else; it could mean something completely different.  And I think that’s where it comes down to that personal intimate relationship with the Lord.

Sid: Now I’m going to take you back to when your husband said to you when you had to confess to him you were back to the binging and the purging, and you had tried to hide it from him but you just fell.  And that was good, but he said something that freed you; tell me that again.

Desiree:  He said “The word of God says you’re healed therefore you’re healed.” And what that was just speaking words of life; it was speaking what the word said about me not what my natural present situation was saying to me. And I started, I really started this relationship with the Lord where I had to get a revelation of how God saw me.  Because you have to recognize when I was 22 years old and winning bikini contests I felt fat, I felt ugly, I felt like I had huge thighs, I felt terrible.

Sid: So you were fat on the inside even though you weren’t on the outside anymore.

Desiree:  And how you see yourself is how you’ll manifest and so I had to spend this time with the Lord and start to get a glimpse of how He saw me.

Sid: Now how did He see you?

Desiree:  Well, I started to read the Bible and I got a whole list in Chapter 2 where it’s actual confessions where it says like it’s scripture where I wrote it out and it says “I’m a new creature; I’m the temple of the Holy Spirit; I’m blessed, I’m a saint.”  So there’s so many scriptures “I’m set free, I’m strong in the Lord, I’m more than a conqueror.”  And I started confess the word of God, I started to speak words of life over myself and I have them all written out so I mean I’m getting testimony after testimony of people that are speaking this.

Sid: But you know what I’m told by my producer who read your book?  She said, “Even the prayers that you have one prayer is you pray for people, but the others they pray for themselves.  There’s such a presence of God on it. I wonder if you would turn to page 43 in your book and read that prayer that you recommend that those that read the book pray daily.

Desiree: Okay it’s “Father help me to see myself as You see me, I can weigh my perfect weight in Jesus Name; use me to be a vessel of Your blessing here on earth. I speak strength to my body, body I command you to work perfectly in Jesus Name digestive system speed up in Jesus Name elimination system work perfectly in Jesus Name, body weigh your perfect weight in the Name of Jesus.  I exercise physically, I eat good foods, the right portions at the right time of the day.  Father, thank You for helping me to exercise self-control.  I submit myself to you, I resist the devil in every way, I resist wrong foods in Jesus Name.  I am more than a conqueror. You keep me in perfect peace as I choose to keep my eyes on You. Lord, thank You for loving me and thank You for empowering me to succeed.  I can do all things through Christ the anointed One; and His anointing which strengthens me.” Amen

Sid: You know when people pray a prayer like this and believe it I think that your physical body actually starts changing your metabolism, what do you think?

Desiree:   Absolutely the Bible says “Life and death is in the power of the tongue.”  And these are such amazing principals that the world teaches them and it works for people that don’t even know the Lord.  And as Christians we got to get a hold of these keys; what we say is our tongue.  In James it explains it like a rudder of a ship that we’re actually steering the course of our life by the words that we speak.

Sid: Listen, when you were thin and won a bikini contest you actually thought that you were fat.  How did you change that?  I mean that was deep inside of you.

Desiree:  Yeah, and also you know a lot of the people that I hung out with you know my boyfriend at the time was a surfer and he was in a surf contest, he came out and he was like you won next to those 16 year old hard bodies?  It was just…I really hung out with the wrong crowd, not people that you know want to edify you and encourage you. And I think you know it was one of those things I’m so thankful the Lord did for me was He gave me a husband that would always encourage me that it wasn’t about the weight it was about who I was on the inside.  And that was such a healing process also; but you know like I said “I’m almost 50 years old and I’ll be 50 this year and you know obviously I’m not in the shape I was then, but I feel better about myself physically just because I’m more consumed about… you know the Lord and eating the right foods and be strong for the right reasons to be able to preach the gospel to get more souls into the kingdom.  To enjoy life and live it.

Sid: But Desiree I’ve seen you when you did my television show and you are in good shape for a 30 year old.

Desiree:  Yes, I am and I still work out, I eat healthy I’m just not marathon runner shape with doing 3 aerobic classes a day.

Sid: Well, on page 38 of your book you actually list the scriptures that helped you change the image that was on the inside of you.

Desiree:  Yeah, yes and I would speak those out on a daily basis.  Actually I would keep them posted in my bathroom.  (Laughing) right next to the toilet so you know make sure you post somewhere you can see it everyday to where you’re going to be speaking those words of life over yourself.

Sid: If you could give one hopeful thought, what would it be?

Desiree:  Well, that it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve slipped and how many times you’ve fallen, how many diets that you’ve been on, even if you turned to the Lord in this area before I want to encourage you to turn to Him again.  He will help you, He’ll be your strength He’ll give you the supernatural strength to say no to things that you couldn’t say to no to on your own strength, but He won’t leave you; He won’t forsake you.  He will help you walk; walk through this battle because it is a battle.

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