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Sid Roth welcomes Shane Warren

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Sid:  A complete dwelling place of God and just as I said that pop, someone’s neck and that person with the pain of bursitis is gone, the person with the pain in the hip it is gone in Jesus name.  Person with the pain in their back it’s gone in Jesus name.  Why is this being activated in me right now?  I can tell you why because there is such a presence of God in this studio. I have Shane Warren by way of telephone, he’s senior pastor of first assembly of in West Monroe, Louisiana. On yesterday broadcast we heard about an experience in which he was caught up out of his body and he saw things mortal men just don’t see.  And been commissioned to come back and teach this to others. Why? Because time is running short; whet their appetite Shane one of the Jewish holy books the commentaries excreta they identify something called Messianic miracles.  And one Messianic miracles, and that’s why in the New Testament that was such an uproar by the religious people when a man born blind got his sight back, that happened in your church because of the presence of God being so high.  Tell me about that.

Shane:  Several years ago, I had taken this church, and I was seeking God, our youth had been to a conference and they had come back. We had had a phenomenal time in our Sunday morning service, but on Sunday night when we came together and usual atmosphere filled the building.  It was a holy glorious heavy kind of atmosphere filled the building.  Immediately people began to worship in ways I hadn’t seen them worship. When I say that it almost got wild it was like a party Sid that everybody was so joyous and overwhelmed and it was a glorious thing.  And in that moment the Lord spoke to my heart and He said “I want you to pray for people to be filled the Spirit.” So I opened it up and I said, “Is there any you’re here to today and you have not yet been filled with the Spirit tonight I want you to come to the front.”  I was shocked when about 200 people ran to the front and made their way across our altar.  There was man in our church by the name of Sammy. Sammy had been attending our church for sometime; I watched as Sammy was totally blind, if he took his glasses off his eyes kind of bounced around his dark glasses, he carried a white walking cane and his wife, his little precious wife would lead him everywhere in the church, to the Sunday school classes and all kinds of things like that.  Well I looked over and Sammy was standing with his wife in the far corner and when I went to pray for him I said, “Sammy what do you want?”  He said, “I want to be filled with the Spirit that you talked about.”  I laid my hand upon his head, he fell to the floor and began to pray in a heavenly language that God had given him. So I immediately just started bounding around you know there’s several hundred people needing to be prayed for and while I’m praying one of my ushers runs up on the platform and grabs me and spins me around.  And He’s having to scream at the top of his voice because everybody’s so loud the music is so loud it’s a celebratory atmosphere and he says “Pastor Shane,” he said, “The blind man can see, the blind man can see, the blind man can see.”  Well, I turned and looked across this forty to fifty foot platform, I looked over to my left in the corner, and Sammy had his dark glasses off, he was looking at his wife, both of them were crying.  She was holding up fingers and he was mimicking what she was holding up.  I immediately ran over to him and I said, “Sammy, what’s going on?”  He said, “Pastor when I was down on my knees.” he said, “I had my eyes closed,” and he was talking about his eyelids; he said, “I had my eyes closed and I was  praying and all of a sudden something said to me, “Open your eyes.”  And he said, “When I opened my eyes I could see through my sunglasses, through my dark glasses.”  He said, “I can see, I can see!”  I brought him up on the platform, he could tell us what things were in the back of the room, what colors were hanging on the wall. He could tell you, you know, there’s a clock in a certain area, there was something else in another area; a person in a certain color shirt.”  And we have a very large facility it seats about 1,500 people and to our amazement God swept through and opened Sammy’s eyes.

Sid:  What was wrong with his eyes, why was he blind, do you know?

Shane:  There was optical nerve damage with his eyes.

Sid:  How do you know this, did he tell you or did a doctor tell him?

Shane:  Doctors reports that we had received where he brought them to us; he was part of Hadley School of the blind which was is in Reston, Louisana.

Sid:  So he was born blind.

Shane:  Yeah.

Sid:  He had never seen his entire life!

Shane:  Yeah, to my understanding he had never seen.

Sid:  You know what makes this miracle even more incredible is the doctors say his nerves are still disconnected to this day yet he works as a computer programmer and he can see; can you imagine what effect that must have had on him?  What effect did it have on the congregation?

Shane:  Immediately Sid miracles broke out all over the building, my own secretary, well I say my secretary, one of my bookkeepers of my ministry her daughter her eyes were crossed, her eye sight was so bad that her glasses looked like the bottom of coke bottles. For her it was something difficult for this little girl to deal with.  And all of sudden the next night I see my youth pastor across the sanctuary holding up fingers and I look across to where he’s pointing to. There is my Bookkeeper’s daughter, her eyes are straight as an arrow, her glasses are off and she’s doing everything.  God started opening deaf ears in our service, we had people that had cancer in their body. Nobody, and I want to make sure I give God the glory here, nobody laid hands upon these people.  As we worshipped God I believe the angels of God began to go around and minister the gifts of healings to individuals, I’m telling you it was the most miraculous thing, our church broke out in revival.

Sid:  Isn’t that a foretaste of what is coming worldwide right now?

Shane:  Oh, what I’m telling you right now Sid is the will of God for every church; for every believer in Jesus Christ it is the will of God; I don’t care where they are in the world, in America, it is the will of God.  You know somebody said to me, “Miracles are the dinner bell of the gospel,” I said, “No my friend, they’re the whole package, they’re the whole package!”  And so I believe that is the will of God. I mean even now, oh, my faith is so stirred as I’m sitting here talking to you for miracles, for even your listeners right now, that if they have sickness in their body to believe God right now and begin to worship Him I believe that sickness will be broken off of them.

Sid:  Why don’t you worship, we only have a couple minutes I want you to worship God and I want everyone that is listening to Shane worship God, worship with him just for two minutes would you do that Shane?

Shane:  Yes. Hallelujah Father, glory we give You glory God; Ancient of Days we magnify You Lord and we lift you up.  For you have the Name that’s above every Name, that at the Name of Jesus every knee must bow and every tongue confess.  Father Your Name is above cancer, Your Name is above migraines, Your Name Lord is above every sickness, and every disease, and every malady, and every malfunction, and they must bow their knee to the Name of Jesus.  Holy Spirit go right now through the airways and begin to touch; may Your power pass through the airways, touch every believer and confirm the word that I’m speaking to them now through signs, wonders, and miracles. Demonstrate this gospel because You are a living Jesus, a living Jesus, and we magnify You God. We give You the glory that You deserve and honor that You deserve.  May the presence of God feel every room, every car right now as they listen in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I give You thanks for it Master, I give You thanks for it Master; Hallelujah.

Sid:  Shane are you able to live in the throne room 24-7 anytime you want to?

Shane:  A person can live in the glory of God 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Sid:  Why would anyone not want to?  I guess it’s because most people don’t know how or don’t know that’s even possible.

Shane:  They don’t know who they are in Jesus Christ, they don’t know their benefits as a believer. They don’t know the access that they have to the Heavenlies because of the Holy Blood that Jesus shed at Calvary for them.

Sid:  Now why do you call your book “Secrets of the Well?”

Shane:  It’s named after the woman in John chapter four who set down at a well with Jesus, this woman’s life was in a total shambles, she didn’t know where to turn and Jesus visited her at that well and He gave her a secret that turned her life right side up.

Sid:  The thing that is so amazing, is when Shane shares these secrets from having been caught up into the Heavenlies, this is what he says occurs, #1. You get the attention of God; #2. How to worship to get the attention of God.  He says #3. Every war, every battle can be won.  He says #4. It’s time to remove the ceiling from your worship, you will have a breakthrough in every situation of your life.

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Our Guest Shane Warren

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Sid:  My guest Pastor Shane Warren is normal. Why do I say he’s normal? I’m holding something in front of me that is the most amazing miracle it’s by a woman; Shane her name if Lisa and she talks about a disease I’ve never heard of its I’m going to give it stab hedranitus and tell me briefly what happened to her.

Shane:  She attends our church and she developed this hedranitus is a skin eating flesh disorder, it is like an infection that get’s into the pores of the flesh and underneath the flesh the skin. It begins to literally bore holes and create gapping sores as I sent you the pictures and you can see.

Sid:  I know, it was horrific what she was going through. How can someone endure a sickness like that even?

Shane:  She was in and out of the hospital Sid numerous times, been to the doctors numerous times trying to receive a miracle through medicine which we know that God uses doctors many times, but it was to no avail she was almost like the woman in the Bible she had spent all she had on doctors and there was nothing left.  And she came into a service and during the worship the Spirit of God began to move and the Lord had spoke that it was time to start laying hands upon the sick, those that needed a miracle she came down, hands were laid upon her.

Sid:  But wait a second, I’ve read it in her words and she didn’t think anything was going to happen to her.

Shane:  That’s correct.

Sid:  She didn’t even have the faith for a miracle; which was amazing to me.

Shane:  No not at all in fact when I asked her are you ready she said that, she said, “I don’t know?”  That’s just the grace of God the love of God that He’d touch us even when we weren’t expecting us to do it.

Sid:  So what happened to her?

Shane:  Well, we laid hands on her, she fell out in the floor, I think that she was up and down probably four times. Every time she would get up we would pray for her again she would go down again.  The fourth time she got up and she made her way back to her seat, she went home and that night I got a phone call she said, “You’re not going to believe this, when I took my shirt off and I went to take the bandages off my sores all of the gaping wounds were closing up on their own.”  God had healed her in that service and gave her literally a miracle.

Sid:  Well, and you know I’m reading the report here, she couldn’t function as a wife, as a mother, working in a job, I mean she was totally wasted by this flesh eating disease.  I can’t think of a worse disease for someone to have. She doesn’t have the faith and she got healed.  Did you know that something like that was going to happen that night; something so miraculous? I’m curious.

Shane:  Well, here’s what I’ve got to the point that I expect something to happen, you know Jesus said, “Lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.”  Jesus said, “Signs and wonders will follow the believers”  And so I figure that she’s a believer it’s just bound to happen, I take His word and it’s His promises and so no He didn’t necessarily speak to me “She’s going to get her miracle tonight.”  But the Lord had already spoken to me in His Word that it’s His will to give her a miracle; so when we laid hands in faith we believed and we prayed and we declared and we believed that God would do the miracle and He did it as He’s done it hundreds and hundreds of times of people that we’ve have prayed for across the nation.

Sid:  And what I love is that your heart is not to be the superstar, you already know who the superstar is, His name if Jesus, in Hebrew Yeshua. But your heart is anything you can do the revelations you have received can do the same.  I’m going to take you back to another key time in your life. You lost your father, your mother was very sickly, your father died at age fifty-seven, and your mother is in desperate shape and you were at the end of your rope.  You’ve seen miracles your whole life, but not a miracle for your mother, tell me what happened.

Shane:  Those were the most difficult days of my life Sid, my Dad died suddenly at the age of 57; my mother began to starve herself to death literally for the next three years.  And I lay in bed one night with my arms around my mother at that time her body weighed 57 to 58 pounds, that’s all she weighed.

Sid:  Was she not able to eat or was she so stressed out of your father dying and circumstances of life that she had no will to eat?

Shane:  She was over-stricken by grief that she could not eat and then finally it had digressed to a point that she was not able to eat anymore.  And so now the body was taking over and she was literally dying. I was lying in bed one night my arms around her little frail body and I was praying and I was begging God to save her.  And I said to the Lord, “Lord I don’t understand, I’ve laid hands on hundreds if not thousands of people around the world and see miracles. Just not long before this there was a man in which, we will talk about later, who was blind in our church had been healed, received his sight and I said, “Why won’t You heal my mother?”  I got so frustrated I literally thought she was going to die that night.  I went to my study room and I have a guitar in there and I put the guitar around my neck and I said these words I said to God, “God though I don’t understand what You’re doing I want you to know that I’ll trust you, I’m going to love you, I’m going to serve You no matter what happens.”

Sid:  You know a lot of people going through what you were going through what you were going through with here you’ve lost your father at young age, he was at a young age, your mother is wasting away to nothing.  Some people just harden and they get bitter with God; that’s not what I’m hearing coming from you.

Shane:  No, no and in just a moment I’ll share a truth and especially over the next several broadcasts share some truths that will change people’s lives if they’ll listen because I had an experience out of this.  When I set there in that room with that guitar around my neck I prayed that prayer to God the second thing I did was turn my attention towards satan and I never give him a time of day but that night I was angry and I said, “Satan, I want you to know something, that no matter happens with my mother you will never ever be able to take one thing from me.  There is one thing that I possess that you will never steal from my life, you’ll never take my song or my worship, because I’ve always been a worshipper, I’ve always loved to worship God like David did radical worship.”  And I started playing my guitar and singing to the  Lord and the next thing I know I was caught up into the heavens, the only thing that I can describe is what the Apostle Paul went through when he said, “He was caught up whether it was in the Spirit, out of the Spirit or out of the body,” in the body he didn’t know I was caught up and I went into the Spirit realm, a heavenly realm and God began to show me things and share secrets with me.  I saw how angels work in church services, and how people receive their miracles, and how breakthroughs come. He would share the word of the Lord become alive to me in many passages that I had over looked for many years just come alive off the pages to me.  And this went on for hours in fact about eight hours later I came to myself like I hit my body. When I hit my body my hands were still on a chord on my guitar and I was still setting in that chair and it was morning time.

Sid:  So you literally, Paul talks about “I know a man whether he was in the body or not in the body was caught up into heaven.” Is that what happened to you?

Shane:  I fearfully and with trembling lips right now tell you that that is the experience that I had, it was the closes way for me to describe to you that I was literally caught up; it’s like I was there in that room in the next thing I know I was in a different place, and I begin to see things.  I heard the sound where the scripture says “The sound of many waters,” I heard the sound of heavenly worship in the throne room and I could feel the anointing of the presence of God upon me now as I tell you this, like rivers of living water flowing at the same time.”  The only thing that I can compare it to is many years ago as a child I went to the base of Niagara Falls on one of those trips where you go on a boat.

Sid:  Yes.

Shane:  And the deafening sound of those waters I heard those coming from the throne of God as every tribe, tongue, kindred and nation begin to worship God around the throne and the Lord begin to speak to me about worship and speak to me about the power of sound and speak to me about colors in worship and angels in worship.  And I’m telling you people are closer to their breakthroughs and their miracles than they think they are.

Sid:  The next day you said to the Lord, “What happened?”  And what did He say to you?

Shane:  He said, “I give you a revelation, I’ve shown you something that I want you to deliver to the Body of Christ because they don’t understand what’s happening. They think they’re just coming to church, but there’s more going on than just coming to church.  And He said, “I’m going to give you an assignment to go open their eyes to the Spirit realm and as you teach and their eyes become open to the Spirit realm, He said, “I’m going to visit them in miracles and I’m going to demonstrate the power of the gospel as they worship Me.”  So everywhere I went I’ve started teaching this revelation that God has given me in different segments, it’s so much you know that book is loaded with hundreds of hours of teaching in it. There’s so much that I can’t get all these services but where I go and we deliver these nuggets of revelation of how to get into the lap of their God something supernatural happens in every single meeting you know and it’s been everything from the glory of God invading a place and everybody falling on their face to miracles happening, divine healing happening, the supernatural taking place and I mean we’ve just seen everything you can imagine as God invades the atmosphere.

Sid:  You know Shane I love it when you talk about your book and this is what you say, every war can be won.  You teach people literally how to remove the ceiling from their worship for their breakthrough. Then you teach the secrets that you’ve learned for over all of these years and you believe there’s a breakthrough in every situation.

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Sid Roth welcomes Shane Warren

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Sid:  Recently I was a guest on TBN and there was another guest on TBN. I recognized the presence of God, and I said “This man has a story to tell,” and I found out that that inclination by the Holy Spirit it was right.  His name is Pastor Shane Warren, he’s Senior Pastor of the First Assembly of God in West Monroe, Louisiana.  And Shane when you were twelve years old you had such an encounter with God that it forever changed your life, tell me about that.

Shane:  Well, Sid when I was twelve years old first of all I grew up in a home I had great parents, but none of us served the Lord, none of my grandparents served the Lord; so I didn’t know who Jesus was at all.  And my grandfather had a farm, and from time to time I would go to his house. I loved staying with him, and he had built me a fort in the back of this farm.  And I had one day went out to this fort and sat down in this fort for whatever reason, and looked up and there was a man standing before me. I’ve heard people say that His clothes were like white, it looked like He was clothed in the sun, it was like the brightest thing you could ever see.  He was standing in front of me, and for years Sid I’ve looked for words to describe how I felt that day when the Lord Jesus appeared to me and they only thing that I can find in the scripture is in Isaiah 6 when the Bible says, “Isaiah saw the Lord high and lifted up and he said, I am undone.”  I was twelve years old, I hadn’t really, I hadn’t committed any major terrible sin so to speak of, but I knew that something was undone in me and yet at the same time it was like I was just bathed or washed like in a bathtub of the most pure love that any human being could ever experience in their life.  And I started to weep and at this time this man walked up to me, put his right hand upon my head, my forehead and he said, “I’ve called you to the nations,” and when he said that I closed my eyes and I started weeping more and I could feel His hand upon my head and so thinking He was still there I opened my eyes only to find that He was gone.  And at that moment I knew something drastic, you know of course that happened in my life.  I didn’t see a ghost, it wasn’t that kind of an apparition appearing, this was something that was real.  So I jumped up, ran as fast I could run to my grandfather’s house approached him and said I called him Pop I said, “Pop tell me what I just saw, what just happened” and I shared it with him and he started to weep.  And he said, “Son I’m not sure, but you have an aunt that has just started going to church and will take you to her.”  And at that time her name was Barbara and I went to her and shared my story and shared what I had seen and she said, “I believe that you saw Jesus.”  And that was the beginning of my journey Sid I had a Supernatural beginning.  You know your show being named “It’s Supernatural” I just don’t think that people grasp how big and how wonderful and how supernatural our God really is.  And that’s how this thing started with me.

Sid:  What changes occurred after that visitation, what changes occurred in your life?

Shane:  Yeah, immediately you know my whole demeanor, my whole outlook, my whole feel of where I was going in life you know at twelve you have dreams of being a fireman, or a police officer, or a president, but from that point forward I knew that there was something on my life that I was going to do in the work of the Lord.  And you know that aunt led me to a church service, that church service was in an old Assembly of God Church in Nashville, Tennessee and the preacher that service that morning was Easter Sunday morning 1982. For whatever reason you know they took up the offering at the first of the service so the guys got up to walk down the front; I’d never been in church in my life when they stood up that’s when I thought everybody did so I just ran down to the front and you know the preacher whose name is Bill Carver, he’s still alive to this day looked at me and said, “Young man, what do you need?”  I said, “I don’t know.”  He said, “Have you received Jesus, I said, “No I haven’t that’s what I need.” He led me to Jesus that day again that was 1982 Easter Sunday morning, Resurrection Sunday, I don’t like the word Easter, I like the word Resurrection Sunday morning.  And that was the Resurrection of my soul that day. It began a supernatural walk for me that has continued to this day and has made me hungry and more hungry every day for supernatural things of God.

Sid:  Now when you had that visitation and the Lord put His hand on your head did He speak anything?

Shane:  Yeah, He spoke to me and He said, “I’ve called you to the nations,” and what’s interesting to the nations.

Sid:  But what does that mean today looking back at that?

Shane:  Well looking back, you know now I’ve been in numerous countries of the world, probably more than I can count. I’ve been in almost every state in America preaching the gospel and sharing the love of Jesus Christ, and seeing miracles by His hands as He demonstrates the gospel to people everywhere.

Sid:  Speaking of miracles at age seventeen something new started happening from what I understand when you feel the Lord touch your head like he did when you were age twelve miracles breakout; you begin to see things in the Spirit, but at seventeen this is off the chart you know peoples’ names and addresses; things about their future; you see glows around them; tell me one person.  Oh how about that person where you knew about their dream.

Shane:  Well, this happened several years ago, I was in a church and was on the platform; there was a choir of about sixty to seventy people behind me approximately 800 to 1,000 people in the audience.  And when I walked up on the platform the night before to back up, the night before I had had a dream and in this dream I was standing in somebody’s dream.  I know that sounds weird, but that’s the only way I know how to describe what I’m telling you.  I was standing in somebody’s dream and I was watching this dream unfold.  And then so the next day when I woke up I knew that something special was going to happen at that service.  When I walked on the platform and I got the microphone and began my portion of the service I said, “There’s somebody here and I said, “Last night or you had a dream that’s a reoccurring dream” and I gave the entire dream.  Little did I know standing behind me in the choir loft was a young lady and she lifted her hand and I called her out and I said “This is the dream you had and she said, “Yes.”  And I said, “Does anybody else know about this dream?”  And she said “Yes.”  And I said, “So you’ve told what I’m telling you to other people?”  She said, “Yes,” and I said not only have you had this dream, but immediately God gave me two more dreams that she had had that were reoccurring dreams and I said “You have had two more dreams.”  I gave her those dreams and then God gave me the interpretation of all three like a story beginning put together that was about her future.  Now on this side of that dream and that interpretation we and her parents have all seen that come to past everything that was spoken in that dream and the interpretations.  But when I said that her and her parents immediately were slain in the Spirit on the platform, and God began to move in the gift of word of knowledge and word of wisdom and word of prophecy throughout the congregation. Literally hundreds of people receiving you know things from the Lord.  But when those things happen I can literally feel His hand like I felt that day setting in the woods when He put His hand upon my head and said, those words to me, “I’ve called you to the nations.”

Sid:  Out of curiosity, how much faith is involved when you speak a word?  By that I mean do you hear it real clear, is it just an impression; is it a voice?

Shane:  It comes in different ways at different times, back when I was fifteen, sixteen, seventeen years old I would go into sometimes I would go into restaurants for example and the waitress would be waiting on us and I was with my parents and I didn’t know what it was; the church that I was in didn’t teach about those things and so you know I would like for example the waitress I would say “You’re going to have a beautiful baby and his name is going to be Michael or something to that effect.”  And the lady would say “How did you know that I’m pregnant?”  And I said, “I didn’t.”  “Well, I’ve already picked out a name and his name was Michael.”  And I didn’t know what those things were at first so it was so ignorant; I was so ignorant and simple when I approached it.  So there are times that it takes extraordinary levels of faith to step out in courage to deliver what God’s given me.  And other times it almost comes out before I’ve realized I’ve said it and that how I prefer it to happen.  But then there’s abundance of times where I’ve been in places and God just used me to preach the word, and not necessarily flow in word of knowledge and word of wisdom and word of prophesy. When I’ve asked Him about that He said, “Is not My word a word of knowledge, a word of wisdom, a word of prophesy.”  And I’ve said, “Yes, it is.”  And so you know it just flows at different levels, the Bible says that those gifts are given by the Holy Spirit to everyman severally as He wills.  So they’re not something you can turn on and off like a waterfall, they are something that if you’ll surrender to and submit to the Holy Spirit will use you in and I believe He’ll use every believer in that given the opportunity to flow through them.

Sid: … You literally have prayed over this book that people that read the book and learn how to worship would be able to enter the throne room just like you; would be able to live in the throne room 24-7.  Are you getting any feedback from people that have heard your 3 CD series called “Living in the Throne Room,” or read the book “Secrets of the Well?”

Shane:  Oh sure, right now thousands of people have purchased and read that book and listened to those messages you know intimacy with God is the key…

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Our Guest Paul Cox

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Sid:  Red hot is an understatement for my guest Paul Cox, I’m making available his brand new book, “Heaven Trek” subtitled “Daring to Go Where God Wants Us to Go.”  It’s an understanding of the supernatural realm of discernment.  Realms that were normal for the first believers in the Messiah, but today they’re abnormal.  Paul before I went on the air you told me that God wanted to give me something in the Spirit.

Paul:   Yes, that’s true.

Sid:  I’m ready to receive, I said, “Wait I want my Mishpochah to hear this.”

Paul:  Okay, we talked about powers yesterday and there is a power there and if you put your hands up Sid the Lord wants to give you a scroll I believe, and place it in your hands and I believe the scroll is actually written in Hebrew.  So do you feel anything in your hands now?

Sid:  I can’t say that I feel holding a scroll, but I can say I feel the anointing in my hands.

Paul:  Okay, now we believe the Lord wants you to eat the scroll.

Sid:  Sounds Biblical.

Paul:  The Lord is going to bring some revelation to you, and we believe it’s in Hebrew.

Sid:  Tell you something interesting; I got off of a plane yesterday in New York and I met a group of Orthodox Jewish Rabbi’s that believe in Jesus so I find that interesting that the scroll is in Hebrew.

Paul:  Yes.

Sid:  And this by the way as far as I’m concerned Paul is the most exciting prophetic event evidencing the soon return of Jesus that I’ve ever seen.  And a thousand Orthodox Jews are now believers in Jesus worldwide; Rabbi’s are turning to Jesus.  It’s an amazing time and I believe the scroll and this revelation is going to help me in this new assignment I have for the Lord.

Paul:  Wonderful.

Sid:  Now you told me, Sid can I tell you something radical?  What was that?

Paul:  Well this really is the most radical thing that’s ever happened to me.  I was in Dallas, Texas a little over a year ago and we were with some friends there were seven of us there. All of a sudden I started discerning something and I realized that it was spiritual but it was human.  And that was really disturbing to me because I couldn’t understand why I was discerning that.  And then I got the word Elijah, and that Elijah had come, well that’s Biblical.  In Malachi 4 verse 5 are written the words, “Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful Day of the Lord, and He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers unless I come and strike the earth with a curse.”  Well I did not know what to do with that, and then I was at a conference some weeks later and Elijah showed up again, and I realized that Elijah wants to release his mantle and I really believe that Elijah’s come back and that we are seeing the Lord God turning the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers.  We had a very interesting experience when I was in Ireland; I felt like I was supposed to give the mantle of Elijah to a young man there, he’s 15 and I was really nervous because this was really quite bazaar.  And so I took the pastor and his wife and the elders into another room and I told them what was going to go on, and my friend Nigel in Ireland got really quiet and he said, “I need to tell you a story.”  When my son was born he almost died he was in intensive care for like I think two weeks.  After he got out of intensive care they went to dedicate Mark and one of the men there started prophesying over Mark and this was the prophesy. “One day you will receive the mantle of Elijah.”  And to me that was just the most amazing confirmation that this was true, I then found out later that in Ohio, so this was in November a year ago, in Ohio during the same month or maybe a month before there was a conference, the conference was called, “Elijah Come Out of the Cave” conference.  So I believe that Elijah has returned.

Sid:  The Spirit of Elijah, the Spirit that was on Elijah.

Paul:  That’s right we are at the end of days.

Sid:  Ad someone’s neck was just healed in Jesus name.  Well you know this ties in exactly what I said about these Orthodox Jewish Rabbis coming to the Lord.

Paul:  It does.

Sid:  And as a matter of fact and I don’t know if you’ve ever heard my spin on that chapter in Malachi. The Spirit of Elijah will come to return the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers.  Well according to Paul the fathers of faith are the Jewish people and so therefore the children are the Christians, and the Spirit of Elijah is going to cause the fathers and the children; or the Jews and the Christians to become one.

Paul:  It’s a wonderful insight.

Sid:  Paul, tell me one of the most satisfying things that has happened when someone, this is a new book, but it was previously articles, a testimony of someone that has read one of the articles in your book “Heaven Trek”

Paul:  I believe one of the most powerful things is when I talk about entering into the rest of the Lord. We are a society that is very anxious, very stress driven and I have had story after story of after story of people that literally have gone into the heavenly places and a place of rest, and have experienced the freedom from worry.  Hebrews 4 says “Make every effort to enter into the rest of God.”

Sid:  And you know this world had got enough reasons to worry, and then you throw the demons in the deal that cause you to worry; they could make anyone sick if they wanted to.

Paul:  Absolutely and Sid it’s true that these people go and I have had I would say hundreds of testimonies.  People saying “I cannot worry in this place,” because I believe there is a place in the heavenly realm.

Sid:  You’re describing what the book of Hebrew’s calls the Sabbath rest.

Paul:  Absolutely, there is a place for the rest for the people of God and we’re not always there.  Psalm 91 says, “He who dwells in the shelter of the most high.”  We must go to that place and the invitation of the Lord is that you can enter into the rest and it’s a place where there is no worry because it is a place striving stops, and where the Lord’s work can take place.  Because He works in that place of rest.

Sid:  The reason I’m being still is because there is such a strong presence of God on me, it must have been that scroll that I ate, but Paul what…

Paul:  The Lord has just taken us to that place, I felt us go up, it’s like we went up in elevator, and I’m feeling anointing all over my head.  Remember David said, “You anoint my head with oil?”  And this is the place of rest, the Lord has actually taken us there right now as we’re talked about it.

Sid:  So when you talk about something or when you write about something it manifests.

Paul:  Absolutely.

Sid:  That’s why this book is so special, Daring to go Where God wants Us to Go.”  The problem is most people don’t even know of all of these things going on in the visible world, that’s why I’m sure one of your major gifts is explaining discernment, what’s happening in the invisible world and how to cooperate.

Paul:  I learned what you said before, “This is supposed to be normal, this is not abnormal, this is not weird, this is supposed to be the normal Christian life living in relationship with Our Heavenly Father and it’s not some esoteric, weird metaphysical experience, it’s supposed to be normal, this is normal Christian life.

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