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Our Guest Don Gossett

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Sid: And you know one of my big regrets is as a new believer I didn’t have people to really teach me about the supernatural about the basics of the faith.  I was often running with speaking all over the United States before I had even read the New Testament and as a result it took me a long time to find out what I know today.  Now there is someone whose name I heard in the early days and his name was Don Gossett. He had written some books that really impacted my life and we have a generation now that have not read Don’s books and need it desperately.  Don you’ve had an opportunity that few people have. You traveled with a great miracle ministry by the name of William Freeman.  You were Editor for TL Osborn; who as far as I’m concern probably has seen more miracles than anyone who ever lived.  He’s in Heaven now but I want everyone to get to know you just a little bit this week and we want to glean some of things you learned over the years that you wish you had known when you first started. But let’s take you back to when you were age 11 and you were kidnapped, this was before you were a believer in the Messiah.  Because of this horrible experience you were set free. I understand it made it easy for you to turn to Jesus, tell me about that.

Don:  Yes well it was a very unusual experience that I would never want to happen to anybody because it was all unexpected and I didn’t know for a time what was happening. Then I began to have a fear that I would never see my parents again because the man kept on driving and driving stopping for drinking and buying whiskey and so forth.  He was in very frightening when he got very intoxicated and his driving became very critically dangerous. It was then that I really submitted myself to what I call the prayer of breakthrough prayer; my breakthrough miracle prayer.  I would lay my head on the dash board and in a sincere fervent prayer of an 11 year old boy was terribly profound as far as theology, but the very expression of my heart.  So when the incident when the man passed out from his drunkenness and a woman came upon the scene and she wanted to know information about my parents and so I said at that time didn’t have a phone in your home so she said who has a phone in your area?  And I said school principal so she called him and then he notified my parents where I was and my parents drove nonstop hundreds of miles to pick me up and that was really a significant event in my young life.  When I realized it was through the driving became so dangerous I wasn’t sure that we would survive the incident possibly a very critically accident you know and could be dead.

Sid: Now your parents were not believers but so how did you become a believer at age 12?

Don:   Well it was in that I became convinced my father was unsaved man and gave some Baptist Christians permission to build an old fashion brush arbor that was kind of a forerunner before tents became prominent.  And it has been years of conducting each night and I would go over as a very timid young man 11 years old and I would just stand there out from the brush arbor so nobody could see me and I would witness the whole thing; and I saw sinners going forward for salvation I knew a lot of those people from that farm community. I thought gee my mind came and I said “That’s the greatest thing that could happen to anyone to receive Christ and with conviction in my heart.”  And I mentioned the fact that I some misleading information that it would be better that you receive before age 12 or not if you were before 12 you would be saved regardless. Which is of course isn’t accurate. Shortly after I was 12 years of age I was invited by some neighbors to come with them to what we called a revival at a Baptist Church. When the evangelist portrayed Christ dying on the cross and carried a chair across the platform like the cross and it all became quite clear to me as far as my 12 year old mind could conceive that how and why salvation is all about.  And I made a decision to go forward and receive the Savior and that was a tremendously vital experience.  I just was really delighted that I was now saved and that’s how it changed my life.

Sid: Well Don then at age seventeen you were involved in an all-night encounter with the Lord; explain.

Don: Yes I was really hungry for God was the main thing and I had this all night encounter with Him in prayer and it was in the Holy Spirit gave me a definite call to become a Preacher.  And my Dad was such a dominating influence in my life that I knew I had to tell him as soon as possible and when I heard him down stairs about 6:00 in the morning I went down to tell him. He was very opposed to the idea pointing out my shyness and my speech impediment and he said I didn’t believe I could ever be a minister because I would have problems talking to people even in a personal conversation without stuttering or stammering.

Sid: So did he talk you out of being an evangelist, obviously he didn’t.

Don:  The calling of God was so real to my heart that even though my earthly father gave me this objection I still was convinced what God had called me in.  So I went back to my room and dropped to my knees and Isaiah 41:10 opened up to me “Fear not for I am with thee be not dismayed for I am thy God, I will help thee and strengthened thee; I will uphold thee with my right hand and my righteousness.” And I knew that God was saying if I fear not I can fulfill this calling.  And so even though with my father’s objection I moved right ahead and I went through Bible College in San Francisco and prepared for ministry. And I started preaching in a small Baptist Church.

Sid: But what did you do about your stuttering?

Don:  I fervently met God and He gave me those three scriptures that were so applicable to my situation.  The one was Exodus 4:12 “Now therefore go and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall say.”  I was young in my study of the word and I didn’t realize that was just something given to Moses by the calling of God, but I applied it to my own heart.  “Now therefore go and I’ll be with your mouth and teach you what you shall say.”  I applied that to my own situation that God would be with my mouth.  Then the scripture in Samuel “The Spirit of the Lord is straight by me and His word was in my tongue.”  The third scripture I began to really focus in my life was Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  I applied those scriptures and then I was filled with the Holy Spirit.  About a year I stopped stuttering and mumbling and I had a real liberty in speaking; it was not exactly the most profound speaker but I was called to being a walk with God that anyone to fulfill his calling to me.

Sid: Okay and then your folks heard about a healing evangelist by the name of William Freeman. Your mother had been struggling with a condition and even though they weren’t believers they went to the meeting; what happened?

Don:  Well it was really remarkable. William Freeman came to Portland, Oregon and I as a young Baptist I had never heard about healing for the sick. I then was assured about how he was being used by God to have very profound miracles.  So I went to his meeting and I witnessed the same and I was deeply impressed. I went back to my unsaved parents and I told them what I had seen and the experienced and I asked them to go with me and they reluctantly chose to go.  And they were also impressed by the miraculous and the supernatural for confirmation of the word. My mother then the Holy Spirit really got a hold of her heart and she went forward and was saved; what a great night it was.  She had limitation of being able to walk because of her infirmities, but I remember so well that the next she was praying for, in Jesus Name, and wonderfully set free from all the pain.  And when she came off the platform very emotional as an 18 year old boy I then ran down the aisle to meet her and embraced her and she said “Don, there’s no more pain I totally free.”  And that testimony for my dad with her of course he was so convincing and as well as all the other members of my family eventually.  And it caused my dad who I always called a wicked sinner because he was an alcoholic, he practiced infidelity unfortunately and broke my mother’s heart. And he came to Christ and thank God the whole…

Sid: Oops we’re out of time Don.

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Our Guest Dawn Sweigart

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Sid: You know Mishpochah I love the gifts of the Spirit you know that you’ve been listening to me long enough, the true gifts of the Spirit. I had occasion to have some prophesy over me recently and this person knew nothing about me, she had never heard my name before.  And I actually prefer someone prophesying over me that way because sometimes the human side mixes what God says and what they know.  I was astounded at some of the key phrases that were used in this prophesy really caught my attention.  I mean I have her on the telephone right now her name is Dawn Sweigart and she lives in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.  Dawn, you may not have even remember this but you brought up the phrase One New Man; do you remember that?

Dawn:  I remember it only because you asked me “Why did you just say that?”

Sid: Of course I asked you that you said it because the Holy Spirit told you, and Mishpochah if you know much about me you know I’ve written a book on the subject and I talk about it all the time.  So you definitely caught my attention; and I want to find out more about you and I figured we’d let our Mishpochah eaves drop with us. I understand that your grandmother was a Holocaust survivor; tell me a bit about that part of your life.

Dawn:  My mother’s father was a soldier in the US Army and was a cook in the relocation camp following World War II where he met my grandmother.  She and her family, her father, her mother and her brother all miraculously made it through the Holocaust. They had been Poles for generations.  And following World War II my grandmother changed her name to Marie and married my grandfather. Came here to the United States, New Hampshire very Catholic family and within two years had given birth to both my mother and my aunt. Then left and I only ever saw her once in my life when she was quite well advanced in years. She died several years ago there was never reconciliation between she and my mother.

Sid: But you knew about this Jewish side of your family so to speak; what effect did it have on you; did you have a desire to find out more about Jewish people, the Jewish religion?

Dawn:  You know I dated Jewish guys in High School and loved going to temple with them on Friday night.  The reason for that I think not only was God pulling something deep out of my being, but also because I was raised without God in my household. Both of my parents were pretty much agnostic, there were no prayers spoke over us or taught to us.  There was a desire to know this God if He existed. So it was out of that desire that I began to search things out. I had a difficult childhood which many people do and it kind of spun me into a really tragic young adulthood, I really gave myself over to drugs and alcohol and promiscuity trying to find two things and that was peace which I had never head and love. Which I never found in the world, but as I pursued this God I searched through the Mormon Missionaries that would knock on my door, and the Jehovah Witnesses who would approach me in a shopping mall, and I began to read the Old Testament. I was actually trying to prove that it was a different God then of the one of the New Testament.  Trying to throw all of that in there with Hinduism and Buddhism and trying to find out what the truth really was.

Sid: And yet all this time you were plagued with fears of all kinds.

Dawn:  I was I was tormented even as a child; my parents would wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of me screaming. I had night terrors they wouldn’t be able to awaken me. I’d be thrown in such fits of absolute horror that my nose would bleed and would just be covered with blood and screaming and that was be almost a nightly ritual and it carried on into my marriage.  I never had peace, I was never free of fear until I found Jesus; actually until He found me.

Sid: Tell me what happened to you in 1993.

Dawn:  Well in 1993 I had been married since ’88 so about 5 years and had a young son 2 years old.

Sid:  Just out of curiosity with all that baggage and I guess that’s the proper term. How was your marriage going?

Dawn:  It was horrific.

Sid: I would think so. (Laughing)

Dawn:  It was a nightmare you know when somebody is tormented by fear they tend to try to control everything that can be controlled.  My reaction to the fear was a lot of control, a lot of rage; a lot of anger and just a dysfunction that had been twisted into me in my early years came out fully grown in my marriage.  I to this day am so grateful that the Lord even before we recognized him as our Lord.  It gave both my husband and I the grace to stay in the marriage until he could fully redeem both of us.

Sid:  I’m sure that was God doing that; if it was up to our own abilities it could have never happened.  But let’s take you you’re working in a store; what kind of a store is it?

Dawn: It was a boutique in Harrisburg you know where the sold men’s crocodile shoes for $900 a pair.  You know coats for 3 and $4,000. The money makers and movers and shakers of the area would walk in and there was an attraction in me for that. As I was working there one night with a girl Joanie a young man came in he’d only been saved 6 weeks, his name is Scot Marco and he started witnessing to my friend and I started to harass him a bit when he started talking about the Bible and how it was all true.  That there was no contradiction within the word of God; and I began to ask him because I had done some study without revelation, without the Holy Spirit just with the words themselves much like many people who would consider themselves devout.  Muslims are devout, Jews or even devout Catholics. Who just without revelation without a personal relationship with Christ or the indwelling of the Holy Spirit really have no idea what is being spoken, what is being declared because there’s a veil that remains. As he was sharing and I asked him “Well what about this you know?”  First he says an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and then Jesus says “Turn the other cheek.”  Was God having a bad couple of millennia, the resurrection stories they’re all different. There’s two women in this one and then only one woman, and two woman and a man and there’s angels, now there’s no angels but he looks like a gardener so which one is it?  You say it’s not without contradiction and just really artillery style firing questions.

Sid: This was a baby believer how did he handle himself with that type of an attack?

Dawn: (Laughing) By the Spirit of God he looked at me and said “I can’t answer your questions.”  Which I know the Holy Spirit put those words in his mouth because I was so filled with intellectual pride.  It was the only thing that would have shut me up, which was well, you know more than I do.  And so I stood there and he said “But I do have a question for you.”  And I said “What.”  He said “I have peace, what do you have?”

Sid: (Laughing)

Dawn:  And you know I wasn’t going to be debated into a belief in Christ; I wasn’t going to be persuaded or educated into a relationship with Jesus, but he asked me a question that cut to my heart and it was like 1st Corinthians 14 being manifested. That here I was an unbeliever but the secret of my heart had been revealed that I struggled with fear and torment and terror and panic and anxiety and worry more than any person I had ever met.  He asked the question “Where is your  peace?” And it was out of that and him leaving a New Believer’s New Testament and a book called Joshua which is just a modern day parable of Jesus. That, a week later as I sat there reading the book Joshua I heard the voice of God for the first time in my life.  It was a voice that wasn’t my own, it wasn’t audible I don’t think someone else standing in the room could have heard it but it wasn’t evasive statement and question and pleading and he said “Choose today who you are going to serve, this is your last chance.”  And it’s not that I believe that God’s mercy had run out on my life, I don’t believe that, I believe that his compassion’s don’t fail and His mercies are new every morning.  But He knew the way that I was struggling just keeping my car on the road and not running into a tree every night. The way I was turning again to alcohol and drugs even though I had a young family it didn’t matter I needed to find some relieve I was always in torment.  I think He knew what was going to happen that my own strength wasn’t going to carry me any longer.  Out of His mercy He brought me to a place of absolute decision and I closed this door and got on my face and spent the next 6 hours receiving the forgiveness of God and coming to know love for the first time; so that’s how it all happened.

Sid: Just out of curiosity what was going on with you in the feeling realm?

Dawn:  Well, I had only cried twice in the previous 7 years of my life, once when my son was born, and once when my mother-in-law had died she was a very committed Lutheran and she was dying of cancer. She told me before she died that she wanted one promise to be kept for me; I asked what it was and she said “I want you and Bob in church you need God.”  And only because this dear woman who had never been anything but kind to me was asking a question I said “Okay Mom, okay Mom.  She said “No, I want you to promise me” and I did promise her but to me everyone had always lied to me so lying to someone else to give them peace was not…

Sid: I’ll tell you what hold that thought, Mishpochah we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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Our Guest Paul McGuire

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Sid: I was talking to our guest Paul McGuire just before we went on the air. He had explained yesterday that the fire of God had come on him.  And God said “He was healed,” and he didn’t even understand what he was being healed of but the anointing for healing was so strong.  Tell me about what that power felt like that came on you Paul.

Paul:  Sid it was a burning; I’ve experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit being baptized with fire; this was a burning and being set on fire supernaturally at a level that I’ve never experienced in my entire life.

Sid:  Oh, I think that you were being prepared for what’s ahead with these 30 years of research of what you’ve done on the microchip and the mark of the beast.  But out of curiosity since that occurred when you pray for the sick are you seeing a difference.

Paul:  Yes I am seeing a difference and one of the things that I’m teaching believers.  In Daniel it says you know that in the last days knowledge will increase.  Not just general knowledge but knowledge of God’s word but I believe that God is supernaturally downloading into His people a quantum increase of the anointing of the Holy Spirit and supernatural knowledge which is what happened to me. So when I minister now, or when I speak now before a group or pray for people individually, the level of the power and the force and the fire of God that flows through me is so much more powerful and so much more intense than anything I have ever experienced before.

Sid: Okay you are being supernaturally prepared to give prophetic warnings to people now but in addition to that you’re a researcher and you have researched the microchip for the last 30 years.  Why did you research the microchip?

Paul:  Well, the first thing I want to say is that I’m a skeptic so I always perceived the research with skepticism I’m not gullible I have to have credible sources or I don’t believe it.  When the Lord began to tell me to investigate and research our economic system, and I began to do that, and the obvious part which many of your listeners and viewers know is that on the back of the dollar bill we have an occult pyramid where it says New World Order on the bottom. But that bird which many people think is an eagle is actually a Phoenix which is an occult bird. And that’s the name of the global currency they plan to circulate starting in 2018.

Sid: It’s called the Phoenix. How do you know from a pragmatic objective bases what you just came out of your mouth?

Paul:  Because I’ve read research and reports from groups like the Bilderberg Group which is not a conspiracy theory it’s a real group, and other power global institutions their own reports and bulletins that they plan to call it the Phoenix. And the target date is 2018.  Sid: So what’s going to happen to our money when this Phoenix comes on the scene?  What’s going to happen to a $100 US?

Paul:  Well, the $100 US is right now being deliberately devalued.  The economic crisis we’re experiencing is not accidental; this is a manufactured crisis with a strategic plan to devalue the dollar so the world currency can be accepted by the people and then the people will convert their depreciated dollars into phoenix’s or whatever currency there is. Then the second phase of the operation is, and the pretense will be identity theft; human trafficking; people with Alzheimer’s.  The second phase of the operation is to push that people would receive a microchip, or a biochip, or a nanochip implant which would act like a form of currency via computer chip imbedded in the body.

Sid: Now you say there’s a precursor of this already going on in our own driver’s licenses.    What do you mean?

Paul:  A lot of people don’t realize this but let’s just start with this. The Lord supernaturally talked to me about this when cell phones where first distributed. He spoke to me before I understood the technology and He said that the cell phone is a tracking device primarily, it’s a communication device, secondly. And I don’t know if a lot of people remember but in the early days of those cheap cellphones when you first turned them on it used to say in big electronic letters GPS Global Positioning Satellite.  So the purpose of a cell phone is to track you.

Sid: You know a thought just crossed my mind; one of the big areas of discussion these days is the number of cell phones that are being given away to people who normally wouldn’t be able to afford a cell phone.  I’m wondering if that’s part of the strategy that you’re pointing out.

Paul:  Well, you’re absolutely right, the primary… people need to understand that these phones are not being given away out of benevolence or kindness. When somebody has a cellphone they essentially are tracked, their communication is tracked, their where abouts are tracked and we could go further than that we know from criminal cases that have gone on in court that that cell phone can be activated even when the power is turned off, it can be activated to locate you where you are geographically, but also the camera can be turned on and the sound can be turned on even with the cell phone turned-off so they can view and see things that you’re doing.

Sid: Okay tell me how far off the technology is to implement what the Bible calls the Mark of the Beast?

Paul:  That technology is already here.  Officially it was announced but it was here before that; this technology actually goes back to the ’70s in terms it was called electrodes back then.  But after 911 Verachip Corporation which changed its name to Digital Angel, and I talk about this on the book that your offering, began to sell chips for the elderly, for celebrities.  So for example celebrities who are afraid of being kidnapped have been injected with the chip.  There was a Mexican Governmental Department where about 30,000 people were given a chip, elderly patients with Alzheimer’s have chips.  Little children who parents are afraid of them being abducted have chips.  And animals have chips as well.

Sid: Now where are these chips?  Are they embedded in the people?

Paul:  They’re embedded underneath the skin and ironically they’re embedded most often either under the forehead area or the right hand area which is exactly the same area’s identified Revelation 13 where the mark of the beast is described as being given either one the forehead or the right hand.

Sid: Okay, but we’ll people get it that this is what the Bible is talking about because it sounds so beneficial?

Paul:  Well yeah, it’s being sold as extremely beneficial, but many of the Christians that I’m talking to especially the ones that hear programs like yours and hear about Bible prophecy; unfortunately many churches are forbidding the teaching of Bible prophecy but Christian’s who are…

Sid: Why would a church forbid; I mean if not in a church where would it be?

Paul:  Well worse than that Sid it’s a form of intellectual insanity; who goes to a movie and walks out before it ends?  He who picks up a novel and refuses to read the end; how could you possibly understand the Bible if you refuse to read the end of it?  So any pastor or church that is forbidding the teaching of Bible prophecy is not only rebelling from God but they’re attempting to censor God’s word.

Sid: And yet the intent is honorable. I believe what you’re talking about is the whole movement called seeker sensitive where they want to be so sensitive to the seeker that they don’t say anything bad.

Paul:  Yeah, so (Laughing) but the way I look at that is if Jesus Christ walked into many churches today He would not be allowed to minister because He would not be considered seeker friendly. Conversely I know this sounds harsh but I am absolutely convinced that if the anti-Christ was to walk into many seeker friendly churches he would be invited to take over the pulpit because he’s so seeker sensitive.

Sid: Well you know these seeker sensitive churches seem to be moving in their direction of the emergent church; explain that very quickly.

Paul:   Well I talk about that in the DVD series that your offering; the emerging church is a church which has departed from the Bible teaching and it teaches false doctrine, false teaching, and error. So that would be a fulfillment of the Apostle Paul’s warning of the great apostasy that is coming before the return of the Lord.  So to me the emergent church is the first wave of the great apostasy.

Sid: So what do they proclaim?

Paul:  Well their leaders will openly proclaim things that are direct contradiction to the Bible.  For example they’ll say “There are many ways to God not through Jesus.”  Or they’ll say “There are many ways you can get married, God doesn’t care if it’s between two men or two woman.” Now if you to back the Garden of Eden the marriage was between Adam and Eve.  So they’re making statements that are in direct opposition with the revealed truth of God’s word.

Sid: Well, one of the leaders right Bruce McClairen according to your research they’re for gay marriage, they’re for boycotting Israel. What a great way to cause the cures to hit America.

Paul:  Yeah, and Israel thing is very serious because as you well know the Abrahamic covenant where God says “Those that bless Israel I will bless and those that curse Israel I will curse.” Is an everlasting covenant that means it is in effect today; so if the United States chooses to curse Israel by going against it then the United States and its people are going to receive a curse from God.  So if the emergent church is teaching otherwise they are inviting the judgment of God upon America.


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Our Guest Henry Wright

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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Pastor Henry Wright from Pleasant Valley Church Thomaston, Georgia. I’m interviewing him on the updated expanded wonderful manual called “A More Excellent Way” it’s subtitled “The Spiritual Roots of Disease, Pathways to Wholeness.”  And his teaching I’ll tell you probably never heard such wonderful teaching then he takes alphabetically the major diseases of society and what are the spiritual roots, how to repent of these roots and be free to receive the healing that you are entitled to, the children’s bread.  On yesterday’s broadcast it’s shocking Henry but you were telling about the statistics of mental disease and you were saying the country that has be highest percentage of mental disease is…

Henry:  America, of all the world 1/3 of our population is involved in some type of psychiatric care.

Sid:  But you know here in America we have everything. Where the average person lives like a king lived 100 years ago.  Why do we have so much depression even in the church?

Henry: Well success does not mean that we’re at peace with ourselves or God or others that’s just a monetary thing.  The big battle again is we talked about heart disease of females already this weak out of 1st John 4:18 it says “There is no fear in love.”  So we do not love fear comes; part 3 of 1st John 4:18 says “Fear has torment.”  Now let’s go into the aspect of what kind of torment there is.  When you get into what’s called psychiatric or mental disease there are examples where they may be a tumor, there may be an organic or birth defect but most what’s called psychiatric disease really should not be considered a disease at all.  I know that that’s going to flip a few people out.  It should be considered a syndrome, so the big stigma of mental disease has been really big.

Sid: But I guess you have to help me, what is a syndrome then?

Henry:  A syndrome is where the body is malfunctioning but there’s nothing organically wrong with it.  In other words you may…

Sid: So if there’s nothing organically wrong with it what’s causing it to malfunction?

Henry:  Well this begins out journey as to what’s causing the hypo, hyper-dynamics of secretion.  You have hormones that are over or under secreted by your endocrine system you have Nero-transmitters and peptides that are over or under secreted. You have neurological activity that is misfiring.  For example, in paranoid-schizophrenia for example all that paranoid-schizophrenia is clinically is the result of a biological manifestation that changes how a person perceives thought involving the over secretion of two neurotransmitters which is nor-epinephrine and dopamine.  But what causes nor-epinephrine and dopamine to be over secreted is very spiritual.  And so you get into all of these…

Sid: What could be some spiritual roots of this over secretion?

Henry:  Well, for example in paranoid-schizophrenia the first part of is the paranoia, and if you look at the general adaptation syndrome with fear anxiety and stress and the medical community in fight or flight.  Nor-epinephrine is always over secreted in fight or flight so the first part of paranoid-schizophrenia is the fear factor of not feeling loved or accepted and will follow families that are dysfunctional in love and could involve driveness and performance.  Then comes the release of dopamine, dopamine is a pleasure neurotransmitters of the body that God created but is also key to rebellion.  And what is rebellion, rebellion is an altered state of consciousness that has arrived at spiritually actually and biologically reinforced by dopamine.  What rebellion says is this “I don’t like you, I don’t like what you represent I’m going to create my own reality of thinking.” In order to sustain yourself there dopamine has to be over-released.  And when you get into the clinical understanding in our ministry of paranoid-schizophrenia sympathetic this is the compound part of the disease.  You get into depression, classic depression, all that classic depression is Sid is this is a biological results.  The biological manifestation of a spiritual and psychological becoming one in not feeling safe and not feeling loved.  If you don’t feel safe about yourself, you don’t feel loved, you don’t accept yourself you don’t like yourself, then the internecine system will miss fire from the hypothalamic intervention and serotonin levels will be the diminished.  And that is what is behind much depression.  Bipolar I’ll tell you something about bipolar, 50% of bipolar diagnosis in America are invalid because they were not properly diagnosed, they were diagnosed by observation.  Well you can have pseudo-bipolar by over exalted diminishing of values of serotonin.  And that doesn’t mean that you have bipolar and so we could talk about that for a long time.

Sid: So just out curiosity if someone has this misdiagnosis then they live their whole life that way and they didn’t have to?  Is that what you’re saying?

Henry:  Absolutely, I give you a testimony of South Africa of May of this year could I?

Sid: Please.

Henry:  I was in South Africa at LL Ministries in South Africa in Pretoria. A lady brought her adult daughter who had been diagnosed as bipolar and was on mediation and was reacting to the medication. And she was devastated because bipolar is almost like a death sentence in psychiatric disease.  And so she brought her adult daughter to me and said “Could you pray for her?”  And I said “Well, let me ask you, how were you diagnosed, were brains scans done?” “No.”  “Was genetic testing done on the X chromosome?”  “No.”  “Then how did they diagnosis you?”  “Well, they saw that I was depressed.” “And so they put you on the drug Lithium because that’s what they’re going to do. Right? Now you’re reacting to the drug.” “Yes.”  “Does your mother have bipolar?” “No.”  “Has she ever had depression?” “No.”  “You don’t have it.”  And the minute I said “You don’t have it but I said but you’re under a battle because you’ve come under some unloving unclean spirits that has been putting you down and accusing you to yourself and you’ve been listening to that at the soul level and you’ve become one with it; now what happened in your life that you don’t like yourself?”  “Well I have me a bucket of tears.” The long story of this…do you want to hear this is a powerful testimony.  I ministered to her right on the spot; got her released from the false diagnosis, got her ministry around the area of not loving herself, that was on a Thursday.  She went back to her psychiatrist on Friday totally no depression and said “Will you check me again to see if I have bipolar?”  And they went back… this is her psychiatrist, and they looked and said “We don’t know why we diagnosed you bipolar you don’t have it.  Go home get out of here;” they canceled the prescription.  The issue is this is very very common in the world and it’s because we don’t understand what’s happening.  You can give somebody a drug Sid even in psychiatric but if you haven’t dealt with the issues behind it then what in the world are we doing?

Sid: What about schizophrenia, give me a testimony.

Henry: Had a man in Minnesota a few years ago; I taught on schizophrenia in one of my conferences. I quoted 1st John 4:18 that says “Perfect love casts out fear.”  And I went through all this whole profile.  And this man had lost one brother to death from suicide and he had another brother that should have been locked up but he was still loose and couldn’t even communicate with him. And he had this thought from God, I wonder if I’ll begin to love my brother if God could use my love as Pastor Wright said could drive out this fear that would cause him to become sane?  I didn’t know about this testimony until a year and half later in Dallas when I was teaching.  And this showed up in a conference and gave me this incredible testimony. He said “Pastor Wright if 1st John 4:18 is true and you said it would work with schizophrenia every Saturday I took 2 to 3 hours of my day before to avoid my brother now I found some place to talk to him.  I would just hang out with him and Pastor I’m here to tell you in one year I gave up every Saturday afternoon for one year and in one year God and love in my ministry to my brother took my brother from advanced paranoia schizophrenia to functional holding down a full time job on no medication totally sane, totally in his right mind because of the truth. Perfect love casts out fear. That’s a beginning of cracking…

Sid: Henry I am so excited about your manual the updated version of “A More Excellent Way” why should someone read this?

Henry:  Because in it are the clues to why we’re sick and how to get well.  And wouldn’t you like to have a clue about your problem.  It’s an insight Sid, there’s always exceptions in what we see, but if anybody who gets this manual and the first thing you do is look up your disease, say what I have to say…And you say “Well, how dare he say that and you throw the book against the wall and you haven’t read it all then you have done yourself a disfavor.”  Hey what are you… Listen the cost of this book Sid is equal to only about half the cost of a drug prescription.  It’s only about 1/3 the cost to the average doctor’s office visit, and equal to 1.3 trips to McDonalds. This book will help you understand what’s behind disease. It will take away the mystery of disease and help you get to a place that you can remove the things from your life that need to be removed. Get God in your life because He can help you understand what creation should look like. Remove the things that are not of God and your health will return to you.

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Our Guest Dr. Michael Brown

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Sid: My guest is Dr. Michael Brown president and founder of Fire School of Ministry Concord, North Carolina right outside of Charlotte. He has a PhD in near eastern languages and literatures from New York University. He has written a number of books proving Jesus is the Messiah. He recently held a debate which we had on our television show It’s Supernatural with a traditional rabbi by the name of Shmuley Boteach. He’s the host of the national TV show “Shalom in the Home” on The Learning Channel. He was named by Talkers Magazine as one the hundred most important radio hosts in America. He is a traditional rabbi and many say he the most famous rabbi in America from a media perspective. The debate was absolutely high adventure. You know Mike if there are two prophecies that I zero in on when I talk, whether it’s a secular Jew, or a religious Jew; it would be one that you were referring to by the prophet Daniel on yesterday’s broadcast that the anointed, or the Messiah, would come and die before the temple is destroyed, the temple was destroyed in 70 AD. So if it wasn’t Jesus who do you say it is? Of course there’s a whole group of Chasidic Jews in New York that many of them think it’s Rabbi Schneerson. Of course he died a number of years ago and never came back to life. Then the other one I zero in on is Isaiah the 53rd chapter, this was written what 800 years before Jesus came to earth?

Michael: Yeah, roughly closer to 700.

Sid: Talk a bit about Isaiah 53. How important of a prophesy is this?

Michael: Well to me it is the most powerful and central prophesy Sid. If I was talking to a Jewish person that was not schooled in opposing what I believe I would immediately draw their attention to that passage. That would be the one place that I would go. There’s so much resistance against seeing Yeshua there that sometimes I don’t start there, which is why I answered the question yesterday about emphasizing the Messiah came before the second temple was destroyed. Let me tell you why this is such a key passage, the actual passage begins in chapter 52 verse 13 then goes down to 53 verse 12, speaking of the servant of the Lord. First it talks about how highly exalted He’s going to be in an ancient Jewish tradition that applies it to the Messiah says He’s going to be more exalted than Abraham and Moses, and even the ministering angels, but then it says He’s going to suffer terrible disfigurement. It says that His face is going to be barely recognizable as human. So this same on that’s going to be highly exalted, then the next verse says the kings will shut their mouths at him is actually going to suffer terribly. You say who does that apply to? As the chapter goes on it speaks of Him growing up in obscurity. Then coming to a point in life, and this ultimately speaking of His rejection on the cross where He’s despised, rejected of men, and want to hide our face we don’t even want to look at Him, just treat Him like a leper. Think, He’s suffering for His sins, He’s guilty, and it says we didn’t realize He was actually suffering for our sins and carrying our pains and all of us went astray like sheep, yet the Lord laid on Him the guilt of all of us. Then it speaks of how He goes like a lamb to the slaughter; it speaks of even His being buried with the rich and suffering with the wicked. I mean the account is just extraordinary, then being highly exalted by God because He made His own soul as a guilt offering. You read it and you think “This is unbelievable!” I remember many years ago at a real time of seeking God earnestly, having met with rabbis and spent times with religious Jews. I remember I got on my face I said “God I don’t care where the truth leads me; if it’s traditional Judaism I be a traditional Jew; if it’s following Jesus I’ll follow Jesus I don’t care what the consequences are, I don’t care what people think, I’ve only got to do what’s right in Your sight, what pleases You.” I remember not intentionally opening up the Bible to that passage and reading it and being so stunned with the reality, this was laid out in advance it could only be Him. The traditional Jewish view that says “This doesn’t speak of an individual, it speaks of the nation of Israel,” can’t possibly work. The servant of the Lord in Isaiah after about the 48th chapter is no longer speaking of a nation, but of an individual. It even says about that individual in the 49th chapter that part of His purpose will be to restore Israel. So even He’s called Israel His purpose is to restore Israel, He’s an individual within the nation. The 50th chapter speaks of Him suffering as an individual and here this picture… I can’t speak of the nation because if the nation was righteous God would bless and exalt according to the blessings and curses of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28. It can only be speaking of a righteous individual. When you read it you and you say “Who else is that?” It can’t speak of Israel as a people because Israel’s suffering didn’t bring healing to the nations it brought judgment to the nations. When the nations sinned against Israel, and Israel suffered as they were sinned against by the other nations, God then brought judgment on those nations. Healing and redemption, and wholeness come through what Yeshua did carrying our sickness and pains, dying on the cross for our sins. It even speaks of Him prolonging life, how do you die and you prolong life? That’s what’s called resurrection, and I believe Sid that more Jewish people have come to the Lord, come to believe in Jesus just by reading that passage. In fact let me tell you this, not only Jews coming to the Lord reading that passage more than any other passage. I go India and minister there every year, I met a Hindu doctor who’s a wealthy man, high cast, and went on a spiritual search. I just met him this past August. He went on a spiritual search and was looking for truth and started reading the Bible also. He told me his testimony personally, and when he read Isaiah 53 he said “This must be Jesus” and he got saved. He has become a fearless gospel witness despite all kinds of opposition in India reading that passage.

Sid: Michael you know I tell the story that my Orthodox Jewish father when I read the 53rd chapter of Isaiah he accused me of reading from a Christian Bible because he said “You’re speaking about Jesus” and I showed him it was the Bible that our Orthodox rabbi had given me and inscribed to me. In other words, the last thing in the world my Orthodox Jewish father would have wanted was to believe that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah. He said to me “You are describing Jesus” and I had to show him I was using a traditional Jewish Bible that came right out of the Orthodox synagogue, it was so obvious. Now I’ve heard the arguments that traditional Jewish people have as to why this isn’t speaking about Jesus. It’s almost, not almost it is an insult to anyone’s intelligence if they want to think for themselves.

Michael: You know here’s the thing I encourage people to study and think for themselves. I was in Phoenix in 95 debating a well-known Orthodox Jewish scholar and rabbi. There was an old Jewish couple that wanted to talk to me about the Lord they had a daughter that was a believer they were visiting there in Arizona, and they wanted to talk to me. I said “Listen here’s what I want you to do. I want you to hear me out, but please come to the debate and hear both sides then make up your minds.” Now ultimately we have to humble ourselves before God because there are many intelligent people read what we read and they don’t see it the way we see it. Ultimately we have humble ourselves before God and say “God what do I know I’m just flesh and blood, but my perspective is limited You’re the One who knows everything, You wrote this, You spoke it open my eyes to the truth.” If we’re willing to do that the consequences may be high, I’ve told religious Jews “Do you realize what it’s gonna cost you when you come to understand that Jesus is the Messiah? Do you understand the opposition you’re going to experience, and how you’ll be cut-off from so much of your background?” Listen it’s just like Peter said “Where else can we go? You have the words of eternal life.” No other choice, no other way, no other option, and for anyone doubting God is able to speak today. If you just get on your knees alone and read the passages we’re talking about, and say “God show me the truth. I don’t want to listen to what Sid Roth or Mike Brown…”

Sid: By the way, what happened to that Jewish couple?

Michael: Well Sid as far as I know that very same week they both put their trust in the Lord, and asked Yeshua into their lives for salvation. I repeat it was only after I encouraged them “Don’t just stop right now and let me talk you into anything. Hear both sides.” I was that confident even though I was debating a great scholar, I was confident the truth was on our side.

Sid: By the way, my Jewish father he came to the Lord before he died also. Okay, Mike why do you do debates with Orthodox rabbis?

Michael: I do debates with Orthodox rabbis because I want the truth to be seen, and I want the truth to be known. I still remember as a new Jewish believer being hit with arguments that I had no answers for. I went to Christian books, but they didn’t have sensitivity to the Jewish objections. I went to books that were written by the Jewish believers, and sadly a lot of them were kind of lightweight.  There was not a lot of depth to the material, the sources were not handled well. The first and foremost reason that I began doing these debates was to strengthen my fellow Jewish believers in the faith to encourage them. We not only have a leg to stand on we have two legs to stand on, we the word of God, we have God Himself to stand on, we have absolute secure foundations an immoveable rock. So be encouraged be strengthened even if you had answers when you’ve been hit with objections. Here are the answers, we can be bold we can be public, then the next reason is “Let my Jewish people hear and know we have rational and clear arguments.” We’re not just going around in some emotional frenzy jumping up and down telling you what we believe. We can lay this out scripturally, we can this lay out rationally, if you want to believe we can give you ample reason to believe, and…

Sid: High adventure Mike that is what I call this debate.


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