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Our Guest Norvel Hayes

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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah; He’s probably the most red hot person I’ve ever met for the Messiah that is 86 years young; the devils been afraid of him for a long time and he’s still pretty nervous when Norvel shows up.  Norvel I was curious you had and encounter with God, you didn’t understand things like being filled with the Holy Spirit your background was Baptist.  Tell me about the time you went to Heaven the first time.

Norvel:  Okay, it was in the 60’s when I had that experience; I had bought a little motel down in Crystal River, Florida and I had to go to Gainesville to catch a Delta flight out.  So when God took me to Heaven the first time He showed me that big house that big building; He let me walk in them all of them the rooms it had the small furniture; children’s furniture I still didn’t know what it meant.  But then I walked out of the house; walked out of the house; walked up the sidewalk and it was beautiful flowers and grass and flowers in Heaven and the grass if so green.  But oh Sid I beg of people stay out of sin don’t miss Heaven because if you don’t stay out of sin you’re not going to Heaven you have to stay out of sin you can’t live in sin and go to Heaven.  You need to get rid of sin and stuff if you’re doing mean things or doing things that God don’t like.

Sid: So when you went to Heaven for the first time you saw this home and…

Norvel:  Yeah, it was a big building; I couldn’t figure out it took several years and after that when I came back several years after I’d been speaking and I’d say “If any of you girls have had an abortion or you had miscarriages or that type of thing I said don’t worry about your little child because God’s got a special place in Heaven where He takes the little children like that and the angels teach them you know until they get grown and they teach them things.

Sid: Did the Lord tell you this or did you actually see it when you went to Heaven?

Norvel:  Well, I saw where they were at; when I came back then let’s see I couldn’t hardly believe it for years I’d tell the people in my services or conventions; that if you lost a child don’t worry about it the Lord takes care of the little children He has a special place for them.  And wasn’t ready to go back if he could if you could see where they lived.  Now about 14 years ago, about 14 years ago Sid, now I’m riding in my car one day I had to fly out of Gainsville so I requested a room at my hotel and spent the night there.  And the man that was going to drive me to the airport come by to pick me up and we were driving up highway 19 in Florida towards Gainsville I catch my flight out of there to go speak at a place and so him and me were just driving up there in Highway 19 and just talking and I was looking like this you know and palm trees and different things in Florida outside.  And Sid just all of a sudden; I mean all of a sudden God hit me over the dash to keep myself balanced so I could keep my seat in the car but all the Palm trees outside disappeared from me, my own driver in my car disappeared from me and all of a sudden me and myself goes woosh in this supernatural vision and I’m on Earth then.  And I looked down, I was up higher and I looked down and a whole row a round circle just like this right here of little bitty teenage children and I’m looking down at them and they’re looking at me all these tiny children looking down at all of them.  And then they’re going like this going reaching out towards me like this… help me, help me, I don’t want to die help me, won’t you help me, help me.  And then the Lord said to me “I haven’t forgotten about the little children, and I’m going to require you to get a home for me. I was on my way to Springfield, Missouri to speak at a camp meeting for some ministers.  And so when I got it out of my mouth I started talking about it a little bit and all of a sudden in the congregation a strong message came forth in tongues.  And one of the well-known ministers siting on the front there walked up on the stage walked over to where I was and he began to give an invitation and he said “My son I have not forgotten about the little children.”

Sid: Hm.

Norvel:  “I showed you where I keep them in Heaven and now then I’m going to require you to get a home for unwed mothers.  Little teenage girls that gets pregnant and they don’t have nobody to help them; they lose almost all their friends and I want you to save those little babies for Me save the little baby I’m going to require you to buy a home to save and take those girls in and don’t charge them no money you raise them, I’ll help you raise the money.”  So I did I went back home and a man that worked with me he said “Brother Norvel I was at the bank and the banker said ‘Come over here. Don’t you work with Norvel Hayes?’”  He said “Yeah.” He said “You tell him is he in town?” “No, he’s out of town.” “When he comes back tell him I want to see me I’ve got something I think that God wants him to have.”  I have got this home that has fifteen bedrooms and eight baths and he said he only owes $95,000 on it but we reprocessed it because they didn’t have the money to finish it.”  He said “Mr Hayes if you want to buy this home for your children you can have all the acreage and that home for $95,000; go out there and look at it and come back and let me know.”  And I did and I bought it and I’ve had it ever since.  Bringing girls in for 30 years I guess saving the little babies.  God says “I haven’t forgot about the little babies, 14 years went by and I haven’t forgotten what I showed you about the house of little children I’m going to require you to get one for me a house to raise those little children.”

Sid: A house for unwed mothers?

Norvel:   Yes, I’ve had it for about 35 years.

Sid: Tell me, take you back to this first time you went to Heaven. You saw this house where the babies were…

Norvel:   Yes.

Sid: And they were in good shape the babies in Heaven but…

Norvel:  Oh yeah you said that right.

Sid:  But besides seeing the house tell me what other recollection you have in Heaven.

Norvel:  The most important thing I saw in Heaven, and of course I saw the trees and the flowers and the grass and how green it was.  But I walked out of the house and I walked up the sidewalk and I was looking at the flowers of how beautiful they were; the greenest grass I’ve ever seen.  And I got up on a little rise from the house and I was standing there and I said “Oh God I wish I could stay here.”  And Sid every time you breathe in Heaven, every time you breath you breathe in the presence of God.  Heaven is a holy place; there’s no sin there, there’s no garbage there, there’s no foul talking there nothing.  It’s a holy place and every time you breathe you breathe in the presence of God and He lets you feel Him going all the way down your body to the end of your toes.  The next time it’s a little bit better; every time you breathe it seems like it’s stronger.  So in Heaven you won’t ever have no boring days in Heaven.  Breathing the presence of God in every time you breathe you can’t hardly wait for the next breath; that’s the main thing I saw how you could breathe.

Sid: It’s like a rarefied air that you breathe there.  But Norvel your known for having authority over demons, over sickness, you hate cancer with a passion. Tell me about the greatest miracle short of salvation you’ve ever witnessed when you’ve prayed.

Norvel:  It was in this church in Pensacola, Florida speaking on a Sunday morning. I was asking the Lord why this church didn’t have more power than what they had when we need more power God’s power on the earth to do the work of God. And he said “Go out there and lay your hands on that woman in a wheelchair.”  She come from this old people’s home and she’s been in an old people’s home for 11 years with palsy and I went out there and touched her on the forehead like this with my fingers and then she disappeared and then I guess a 1,000 people started screaming and I looked over that way and she’s on the other- side of the church normal, she had 6 deadly diseases and she’s running around in a circle screaming Jesus; screaming Jesus…

Sid: She was blind too.

Norvel:   Yeah blind and normal eyes.

Sid:  Yeah blind, no mind, her body twisted like this yeah.

Norvel:  She carried 2 pictures with her one after God healed her and one when I prayed for her and she came to the service.

Sid: Now my goodness; did you hear what he just said.  A woman with all these diseases totally crippled, totally blind, gets out a wheelchair but actually what occurred is she disappeared and she was on the other side of the auditorium that’s what it sounds like to me. That’s normal; I want you to be normal…


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Sid Roth

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Sid:  This week I’m talking about Pentecost, or the Hebrew word is Shavuot. The reason I’m talking about is Pentecost literally, the day of Pentecost according to the Jewish calendar was Monday. This week, although I did this show in advance in my office, this week I’m in Israel doing evangelistic meetings of a type that haven’t occurred since the 1st century. Since it’s Shavuot/Pentecost I’m teaching from the book of Ruth. I’m absolutely believing that God is going to show up, just as I’m absolutely… just as I said that someone was healed. If you will move your neck you will see that the pain is gone. In the head, there are people with sinus conditions, colds, migraine headaches, tumors, there are people with breathing problems, and I tell you that you are healed in Yeshua’s name.

So during Pentecost, during Shavuot, we Jewish people read from the book of Ruth, but the truth of the matter is that Ruth is the book that talks about the greatest move of God’s Spirit, the end time move of God’s Spirit. You see at Shavuot we hold up 2 loaves of leavened bread. God says “He accepts this.” Leaven represents sin, so the unleavened bread represented Jesus at Passover; so the leavened bread we hold up represents Jew and Gentile the 2 people groups with leaven with sin. These 2 becoming one is what the book of Ruth is about.

We found out on yesterday’s broadcast that Naomi who was married had 2 sons because of famine left the land of Israel, and the further she got away from Israel the more problems she had. First her husband died, then her son died, then her second son died and she was stuck with 2 daughter in laws, no money. I mean and she literally called herself Mara which means bitter, rather than Naomi which means pleasant. She talked to one of her daughter in laws and that Orpah, and Orpah kissed her mother in law goodbye. Then she said to Ruth “You leave,” but Ruth said “No.” She literally clung to her. Something about that One New Man, Ruth the Gentile was clinging to a Jew.

Then the 15th verse: “Look,” said Naomi, “your sister-in-law is going back to her people and her gods. Go back with her.”But Ruth replied, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.  Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if even death separates you and from me.” That’s quite a statement, but that’s the statement of the end time church.

I’m reminded perhaps those that are part of our ministry that get our complimentary teaching newsletter know that I went to Siberia recently. When I went to Siberia I had one of the biggest disappointments of my life. I went there because I got a letter, an email from the head of an Orthodox synagogue in a little city in Siberia and he said “I’m ready to receive Jesus and my entire congregation.” When I got there he wasn’t ready. So I felt “My goodness I probably failed.” Then when I returned back to the United States I got an email that the head of the synagogue that didn’t accept the Lord at that time had died from a heart attack. I have to tell you I pushed that guy so hard, I mean he pulled out a copy of my book “They Thought for Themselves” in Russian. He had read that, then he pulled out a copy of the New Testament in Russian and he was reading that. There was a young pastor that set this whole thing up, and this young pastor said to me “Sid you better back off you’re just pushing him too hard.” You know what, I got under condemnation for pushing him so hard, but when I found he died I was so glad that I had pushed him so hard. Personally I believe he accepted the Lord, only God knows what happened.

Then I went on from that little city in Siberia to another city where we had tremendous success, because whenever we go to the Jew first it opens up the entire city to evangelism and every secular television station with cameras showed up at our event. It was the biggest controversy within that whole city in Siberia so that everyone in that city through the media knew that Jesus was the Messiah, and there were Jewish people that believed that Jesus was the Messiah. I brought with me this young pastor that had befriended the head of this synagogue… I told you all of this to tell you this, this young pastor knew nothing about Jewish people. He loved God, he had a little congregation in a little city in Siberia, and all of a sudden the Spirit of God spoke to him and that’s what Pentecost/Shavuot is all about. It’s the Spirit of God speaking to people. So the Spirit of God spoke to this pastor and said “I want you to bless the Jewish people.” Well he didn’t know any Jewish people so he went to the synagogue and introduced himself to the leader of the synagogue. He said “I want to help you, how can I help you?” So the leader of the synagogue said “Well we have a lot of elderly Jewish people here that are literally famished, starving for food.” It reminds me a little bit of the book of Ruth. There was a famine in the land, and this pastor opened up and provided the food for a soup kitchen to feed the elderly Jewish people in this little city. This broke the heart in a good way of the leader of the synagogue and that’s how he became interested in Jesus as the Messiah.

Well isn’t this what’s going on right here? Here this Gentile woman, Ruth, has no good reason to cling to Naomi. I mean why should she go to a Jewish nation with Jewish people she’s not even Jewish. The Jewish people are a minority and besides that it seems like wherever Jewish people go they are persecuted. Why in the world would Ruth want to cling, this Gentile cling to the Jew Naomi? So she not only wanted to cling, but she wanted to bless. So this young pastor wanted to bless the Jewish people, and so he opened up this soup kitchen. I asked this young pastor to come with me to the next city that we were doing this big Jewish outreach. He travelled on a train all night and finally got to this meeting, and after the meeting, it was a wonderful meeting miracles broke out and large numbers of Jewish people turned their heart over to Yeshua as the Messiah. After the meeting the next day I spent hours and hours with him teaching him about the One New Man, and then we get an email he said “I have started a One New Man congregation and we are having our first Biblical festival, and after that” that was Purim by the way, “we’re having a Purim celebration, and after that we intend to have every Friday night a Shabbat service.” He invited the whole Jewish community. Guess what, remember that synagogue that I thought that the leader and all the members of the synagogue would become believers in the Messiah, and I was so disappointed? Well he has all the members of that synagogue in his One New Man congregation, and he’s giving altar calls on Friday night. According to the email they were jammed, I mean there was standing room only and Jewish people are coming to the Lord. So the… by the way someone’s back has just been healed in Yeshua’s name and the anointing is so strong in heads whatever you need in the head area, any type of healing it’s yours in Yeshua name.

So this week because I believe this is God’s time to have mercy on Jewish people in America. I believe there are modern day Ruth’s and modern day Esther’s being raised up.

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Our Guests Isaiah and Carol Reed

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Sid: This is such an important week because I have on the telephone Isaiah and Carol Reed. I’m speaking to them at their home in Houston, Texas. Is it really true Isaiah that a newspaper said you were the most dangerous pimp in Hawaii? Is that really true?

Isaiah: Yes sir. The reason that article was written up that way doing my racketeering in the islands, and in Tokyo. They had me under investigation by the Narcotics Division and by INTERPOL. So in their zealousness to arrest me they broke into one of my penthouses without a warrant. I caught them in there, and the long and the short of it is… what happened is it ended up in Federal Court and the judge not only threw out all the investigation they had on me for 2 years, but also the IRS agent was charged and found guilty. He then turned state evidence on Honolulu Police Department their Narcotics Division. Then they had one of their police officers they sacrificed him and he lost his job and ended up fining him $10,000.

Sid: This sounds worse than what you see on Television.

Isaiah: Yeah so the newspaper in the community was kind of upset about it. So what they wrote was they said “They couldn’t believe that one of the most vicious pimps in the island, head of the Rolls Royce gang,” because that’s the kind of cars you know my affiliates drove along with myself. Got away with basically every crime we had ever done for 2 years because of a technicality, which it’s not a technicality it’s in the constitution. You just cannot break in anyone’s house to get evidence whether you believe they do something or not; you have to produce evidence, go to a grand jury then get a warrant from a judge, then get the evidence that you need if you feel as though any kind of felony or anything against any crime is being  done

Sid: How in the world Isaiah did you get to the point you’re describing to me. You come from 5 generations of ministers you were raised in the church. At age 7 you were born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. How does someone get from that point to where you evolved?

Isaiah: Well I believe the culture that attracted me most… you know culture is very powerful and it will come against even the presence of the Spirit of God. Not to preach or anything, but in the Bible it says “Your tradition has made the word of God of none effect.” Traditional, culture, so I chose the culture a lifestyle, a night lifestyle, a flamboyant lifestyle, a lifestyle full of drugs and sex during the era of Studio 54. I chose a lifestyle so whatever was planted in my heart, or whatever influence from my family and from a different culture was diluted as I was more attracted to a more party, and a culture that allured me away from all my teachings.

Sid: Now your mother was praying for you so I just have to believe there were points along this path where you were struggling with God and yourself, or you were just so hardened by this point it just didn’t affect you.

Isaiah: Well the exercise of my emotions had to come against any kind of softness or sensitivity I had towards anything righteous or anything true in order for me to function properly. Because weakness was just like a bleeding fish in the water, and if a shark smelled blood he would devour that victim. So I didn’t want to be a victim I didn’t want to be victimized. So naturally I had to become one of the sharks, one of the things that I most… shouldn’t have been that my mother was trying to pray against. Even once again on the flipside of that it says “Exercise your most holy faith.” Our faith has to be exercised because if you don’t exercise your faith, or just like using the computer if you don’t use it you lose it. So if I didn’t use Biblical teachings; I started using my street savvy and street knowledge and I exercised that and that’s where I draw my strength, I draw my direction, and I put more value my value system was built on that lifestyle and that culture.

Sid: Now tell me about the day you got shot twice and stabbed 16 times.

Isaiah: Well during the course of almost 27 years of dealing drugs I myself was a man of violence. So really what goes around comes around, and by that time I had been living in Tokyo, Japan. The long and the short of that is, I flew from Tokyo to Denver, Colorado to convince another associate of mine as though we had accumulated enough income, enough funds, enough money, that we didn’t need to continue taking any more risks as far as trafficking drugs any more, and definitely flesh, you know, prostitution. That we should more or less use all our money and be squares, retire so to speak. In that lifestyle blood in blood out; there’s only one in and one way out. I thought it was kind of naïve for him to have this kind of white picket fence philosophy and I tried to bring him to the truth. In the middle of that we got into an argument. So I ended up doing the drug deal with the Columbians and Cubans…

Sid: Out of curiosity, at your highest point how much money were you making?

Isaiah: I averaged out maybe 27 million.

Sid: 27 million what, a year?

Isaiah: Yeah.

Sid: That is a lot of money Isaiah.

Isaiah: Well to maintain that lifestyle you almost have to spend at least a third of that. To maintain the flamboyancy, the pay offs, the money laundering, the travel, the… I mean it’s a lot of things that you have to maintain to stay in that degree of lifestyle and that degree of influence.

Sid: So wait a second, you’re making all of that money why didn’t you just agree with your partner and leave the business and become respectable?

Isaiah: To be honest with you I thought there was nothing else I was good at, but control. I think to be even more honest about myself I think I feared not being in control anymore. For me to change would mean I would have to come under control somebody else’s rules that I was unfamiliar with almost 30 years of living in crime.

Sid: Okay so you’re doing this big drug deal with these Columbians you’re doing it by yourself because your partner he wants out. What happened?

Isaiah: Well I go to the drug dealer, its normal really nothing un-normal about it. I’ve been dealing drugs you know for several decades now, and at least been doing business with these guys for about a decade. Concluded the deal, anyway on the way back, you know I’m going to go back to the airport I had a roundtrip ticket first class back to Tokyo. I was kind of glad the deal had went smoothly, but I was still disappointed that my associate wanted to retire. Anyway, I was going over this in my mind one of the guys caught me off guard took a 38 automatic and put it to the right side of my face and pulled the trigger. The bullet went through my head disintegrated my jaw bone went through my ear canal and landed in my brain. I still have the bullet in my brain today. Then he shot me again in my face and that bullet went through my nose through the roof of my mouth down my throat and landed in the top vertebrae of my spine. Then they proceeded to stab me and they stabbed me 16 times in the upper part of my body to make sure that I died. They pulled in an alley through my body in the alley to hide it, but they wanted to leave a message to my drug affiliates, so they threw $100 bills on me to let them know it wasn’t a robbery it was a hit. They pulled off and I bled to death, I died in my own puddle of blood in the alley all by myself.

Sid: How do you know you were dead? Did someone state you were dead, a doctor?

Isaiah: Oh they pronounced me dead; I was dead for 2½ hours. The reason they found me a car pulled through the alley and it ran over me. So…

Sid: Oh my gosh, you’re shot twice stabbed 16 times and a car runs over you. I mean how can anyone be alive? I’ll tell you what hold that thought right there.

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Our Guest Mark Pool

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Sid: You know Mishpochah I have found a long time ago that God has a strategy to reach humanity; when God wanted to reach humanity He looked for a Gentile who He made the first Jew. So in affect He went to the Jew first to reach the world. Then when Jesus wanted to reach humanity He said “I go only the lost sheep of the house of Israel.  When Paul wanted to be used to reach humanity he said in Romans 1:16 “I’m not ashamed of the gospel because it’s the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes to the Jew first.”  And this is God’s law of evangelism; and I have made this my thesis statement if you will; this is my law of evangelism because for the past 30 years I’ve been going to the Jew first and reaching more gentiles than if I had gone to the Gentile first.  And I was so excited to see an email from Jerusalem in which it states that l of the first Chinese Jews from Kaifeng, China has been recognized as a Jew and now is a citizen of Israel.  Because a number of years ago I went to Kaifeng, China because there’s a prophecy in the Bible Isaiah 49:12 which says “A sign of the last days is the Jews from Sinim (Sinim is the word for China) the Jews from China will return to Israel.”  When I went there I pumped into these Kaifeng Jews I led many to the Lord and this opened up a supernatural door in which the Chinese television stations covered us throughout that entire city.  So I found that when you go… I mean we literally conducted a Feast of Tabernacle celebration on a Buddhist temple and young school children where there.  It was glorious, but I have found that going to the Jew first it opens up a supernatural door of evangelism. Many of these Chinese Jews that we led to the Lord I believe are immigrating to Israel in this thrust that’s going on that shows us we’re in the last of the last days.  Now I have on the telephone a New Covenant Prophet; his name if Mark Pool.  And God has shown so many things that have happened in the past and the accuracy is so precise with Mark. Mark I’m a little concerned because on your web page and by the way if you’re interested go to our web page and look up Mark Pool and you’ll get his webpage. On your web page you talk about the things that you see for this year; and I just got back speaking at the church you attend and I stopped over in New Orleans and I could not believe what I saw in the streets of New Orleans.  I have you know I didn’t get saved until I was 30 years of age and I’ve seen gay people and you know it’s not like I’ve lived in a sheltered life my whole life but I have never seen gay bars where the people are lined up outside and just I mean Sodom and Gomorrah could not be worse than what I witnessed with my very eyes.  And what did God tell you about New Orleans Mark?

Mark:  As I was in the top of the Bankwin building the highest building in New Orleans by invitation I looked over the city in all directions and often times the Lord will do this and just in the bright middle of the day there was kind of like an open vision.  I looked down and I no longer saw the streets of traffic I just saw I would say what looked like 20′ of water all under me all over the city with refuge just floating about.  Much like we saw in the pictures of was the aftermath of the Tsunami.

Sid: But let me ask you this, last year New Orleans was headed for a direct hit which would have put New Orleans underwater just like you saw for this year. Question, is it locked in concrete or is there, if Christians pray would God stop it again, what do you believe?

Mark:  I always believe that prayer will absolutely you know change things just like it happened all throughout the Bible and so therefore to move destiny actually we can come in the power of agreement in prayer and change the situation. And I believe it’s much like the tree where they walked by and said “Well, give it another year.”  And see if things don’t change then destiny must take place.

Sid: But things, this has been another year Mark and I can tell you with my own eyes what I saw. I mean I don’t know what Sodom and Gomorrah looked like but I doubt if it was any worse than what I saw with my own eyes.  Now did you see devastation in other parts of the United States?

Mark: I saw devastation, yes I did, but much like to answer your question in New Orleans yes, there’s going to levels of great calamity because of certain amount of sins that have just been wroth continuously with that right by design.  Also there’s a remnant in there praying now and God will spare his church; God will spare those who are really serious about Him.  And then He’ll get the attention of that area just like He showed me in the East Coast along the East Coast and also the West coast.  I saw both sides of all the coasts really being shaken literally with turmoil of calamity from all types of natural disaster from both earthquakes, volcanic activity, tsunami waves, hurricanes, especially from the south south west and the far east each all up and down the east coast again.  Florida again is not exempt because it didn’t change their hearts it only got some of their attention.

Sid: Now in the natural I can tell you the prognosticators, the weather people are saying that we’re going to have a bad year for hurricanes this year; but in the supernatural you’re seeing these things.

Mark: And I did see them before there word ever came out; and I do believe that the church is given a two-fold chance for themselves number one and for the body of Christ.  The Body in this nation will be shaken if you’ll see in this word God gave me in 2005 like it’s never been shaken.  There is a certain amount of judgment you keep bring up that is actually layered spiritually and prophetically and it’s for this nation.  And this nation has killed it’s unborn, we’ve lost a whole generation due to abortion; we’ve neglected Israel in trying to divide up their country, God’s country excuse me; our country because we’re one new man and if we do not.  I saw if we do not take notice God must begin to get us to our knees.

Sid: Now do you see any earthquakes going on?

Mark: Oh yes, many earthquakes, many continued increase of earthquakes matter of fact in regions that you’re not even familiar with.  But over in the east that’s been ignored because the west coast catches move everything first like the mudslides I’m seeing even greater mudslides even more land loss.  But this can be changed but it’s going to have to come to an agreement in prayer and actually embrace God’s chosen people first.  I believe this is a prophetic hour of that answer and we must cease and desist; we just must stop this spirit of exclusivity that my side and my corner and what I have and what I understand from God is better than your corner and so forth and so on. The division walls have to come down and crisis when they bring the division walls down, when we have to hold arm and arm together we forget about our little petty agendas and we get back to the basics.

Sid: Now what do you see happening in the Middle East?

Mark: The Middle East seem actually the next hell which is a false peace, I saw this in this and it’s going to be for 3 to 5 year pattern I’m not absolutely sure but I at least saw 3 years where there’s going to be and that’s a regrouping.

Sid: Listen, I am very disturbed over what our President is doing in fostering a two-state solution based on my understanding of the Bible.  He’s a Bible believer; has God shown you why he’s pushing this?

Mark: Well, he is doing things I’m not saying this anything against out President.  I’m just saying that by his advisers as in a kingship if you’ll look in the Bible there are many advisers around him.  God’s going to first shake out the wrong advisers in his administration and he’s going to increase the good advisers even the prophetic words coming from Almighty God will be allowed in his court.  He’s going to have prophets that he’s going to his inner circle and he’ll begin to listen to them, and that will absolutely transform; it will be almost like an Esther in the kings court to begin to stand up for righteousness for His chosen.

Sid: Well, in your prophecy I was reading for this year you talked about you saw Christians dancing in a circle and I don’t know if you realize this or but that’s the Jewish style of dance.

Mark: No.

Sid: And these concentric circles did you know that?

Mark: No Sir.

Sid: And I see that as prophetic of even though you didn’t understand the One New Man until you heard me speak of the one new man that is coming on the scene.  Do you see a revival in Israel?

Mark: Absolutely, and I believe you’re going to be one of the key ingredients for this; it’s because your pushing God’s agenda not Sid’s agenda.  This is God’s agenda folks and I’m going to tell you if you want to hook up to something with destiny that will bring you to the front row seat of actually where God wants you then you need to connect with something that’s Biblical. 

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