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Sid Roth welcomes Charles Ndifon

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SID: Sid Roth here with Charles Ndifon from Nigeria. Charles, you’ve had, from what I’ve observed, such a childlike, simplistic, believing trust in the Living God, when you see all of these miracles do you sometimes just take it for granted?

CHARLES: Oh we can never take miracles for granted. Whenever you see a miracle, whether it’s a headache healed or it is the dead raised, we know that we are in His presence, so that is what always comes to my mind, I know that He is real, whenever I say…

SID: What I’m reminded of is, in His presence all things are possible and for sure, for sure Charles, we are in His presence right now.

CHARLES: I know.

SID: What does God want to do right now?

CHARLES: See, His love is reaching out to the people, there are people that you might not be physically sick but in your heart, your heart is broken, Jesus still heals the broken hearted, just a story just back of my mind was in the Philippines, this man was a lonely figure, he was a lunatic in the corner of a street, and he was not very far away from the hotel we were staying in while we had the miracle campaign there, and there was something interesting that happened, for years people had seen him there, his whole body was caked over in mud basically, just covered with mud, and no one paid attention to him, but God had a plan for that man’s life, and he was probably in his mid-thirties, and all his life he has been like that, walking around eating out of the dumps, and so what happened was we went to the man and we told him that God loves him, that God wants him free, I mean people could not understand how we could talk to a lunatic, but the spirits that had been putting him in bondage knew that Jesus had come to that man that day and so what happened was in an instant we commanded that spirit to leave the man and he became sane. The whole crowd in the street was so shocked to see that miracle, and then we brought the man into the hotel, people was surprised seeing him in his right mind. And when the man came into the place, immediately the Lord spoke to me and said, go ahead, he looked about my size, he said go ahead, give him some of your nice clothes. Went upstairs, got some clothes, brought to him and I gave some of the people some money and told them, take him and give the man a nice bath and shave his hair and get him some new clothes, and that tells me that the gospel brings dignity to people, God has sent us today to bring good things to you, to let you know you might be struggling with some guilt, he says your sins are forgiven you, doesn’t matter what you’ve done, doesn’t matter how the situation has been, he loves you just as you are, you might have killed people, you might have been a criminal, today I believe God’s love is reaching out to you, no matter what you’ve been through, the doors of broken hearts have been rejected people, you have been abused by people, I believe today that God’s power is reaching out to you, that man, that lunatic that no one loved, all of a sudden I said to him, I said you are not alone anymore, you are my brother now, and Jesus has come with new life to give you. He came to the campaign in the evening, all dressed in his new clothing and nobody could recognize he was the lunatic that had been there for years, on the corner there. That’s what the gospel brings, life to people, dignity to people, it doesn’t matter what background you have, it doesn’t matter what religion you are, you might have no religion, but the scripture is for you, Jesus wants to give life to you, the Lord was speaking to me earlier today, He said, I’ve called them according to the promise of life, He wants to give life to people, life will come to your bones.

SID: Some are Muslim; some are Hindu, some Jewish,

CHARLES: Doesn’t matter.

SID: Someone is Buddhist.

CHARLES: Yes, he wants to give life to people, the thing is people think that oh, this is a Christian thing, oh this is a Muslim, no it’s not, people, it’s life for people, I love what the Bible says, it says Jesus comes to give life, life in abundance, not religion, people have religion, but life is what they want, what they really want from God, life will come to the bones and the bones are healed, life that will come to the blind eyes, in fact, somebody is being healed of blindness right now, light is coming into their blindness, and life is coming back there. The Bible says and this life was the light of people, light is coming back to those dead eyes. This dead optic nerves are being healed right now, miracles are already taking place, this is what the gospel is all about, the good news of all that Jesus has done for everybody, what good news, good news to the sinners, what’s the good news? He took your sins that you are forgiven, so that you are free, that’s the good news, to good news to the sick, He took your sickness, so that you don’t have to have it anymore, if you believe that you are free. Good news to those that have broken hearts, His heart was broken for yours to be healed, you know that is the good news we bring to the people, He wants to give life to people, and right now the miracles taking place are people being healed of conditions that sometimes you are looking at the symptoms on the outside, but hearts that have been healed that it effected your physical bodies, people with connective tissue diseases, people with glaucoma are being healed, people with cancer in the bones are being healed right now, there is a woman, you are actually on the last stages of breast cancer, God is healing you, because it has metastasized in your lymph nodes, God is healing them right now, the pain is actually leaving you, and the woman that has, you have a lump in your breast, it is just disappearing right now, there is another person I see, you have just had a brain tumor, two years ago, and right now God is healing you, because you have discovered another tumor on another side, God is healing you right now. There is a little child the parents have been believing for that miracle, the child has leukemia, God is healing the child right now, many things are taking place right now.

SID: You know Charles, one other thing I am so excited about is I have seen miracles for many years but there is something about the presence of God on Charles that causes everyone that sits under that presence to have similar faith, it is reproducible by looking at videos of miracles I believe that some of you have limited your God, don’t limit God, it’s not based on words of knowledge that a human vessel like Charles of myself have, God says that in His presence, and we are in His presence right now, in His presence all things are possible, you must tell God you are sorry, because He is too good, He is too loving, He cares for you too much for all of your sins, I’m sorry God, in Jesus Name, and believe that Jesus took your sins upon Himself, and by His wounds you were totally healed, God has wiped away every sin and you now can come into His presence and say Jesus I make you my Savior and my Lord, you may not understand what is going on, you don’t have to understand what is going on, just understand that you are so loved, you are so accepted, you have value, you have worth, you have dignity, in the Name of Yeshua, that’s Hebrew for Jesus, get to know Him, there is no other name given unto man in which we must come to God, the Name of Yeshua, the Name of Jesus.

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Sid Roth welcomes Charles Ndifon

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SID: Sid Roth here with Charles Ndifon, Charles is from Nigeria, he had an encounter in which Jesus walked through him, since that point wherever he goes, whenever people are in his presence healings take place. but the question that I have, and that many of you have is, we know about healings in Africa, we know about healings in India, what about the United States? What happened Charles, when you went to Miami?

CHARLES: We discovered that Jesus Christ is the same everywhere, that includes Miami, that includes in the city where people are watching, in the villages where they are watching, he is the same if they can believe that. We were in Miami just a few weeks ago, the pastor had met me in one of the meetings in Normandy, France, they invited me to come.

SID: By the way, did you have many miracles in France? That’s a tough place.

CHARLES: Marvelous place, I think it was very easy.

SID: It’s a tough place.

CHARLES: It is very easy in France.

SID: Very easy.

CHARLES: It was amazing to see the people that were healed in France, we had about 200 deaf people hear in about five minutes, glorious miracles and it was amazing. But back to Miami, what happened in Miami was absolutely amazing, the first meeting we had was a business meeting, with about 400 businessmen and women, at the end of the meeting it exploded in miracles. A lady came up with a grandson, and the grandson had a condition from birth, instantly he was healed, then the lady herself, I just look at her and said lady, there is something wrong, I said you have cancer don’t you, she said yes, and she was about to show me, I snapped my finger and instantly it was gone.

SID: Now do you know these things often about people?

CHARLES: Oh yes, that’s when the Spirit of God reveals to me what is going on in the lives of people, and it’s amazing, it’s like watching television, you can actually see it, it’s amazing, and this miracle proceeded so many things that happened, we didn’t have a meeting planned for the evening, but in two hours they announced that why wait till Wednesday to have a miracle campaign, and they said immediately why not invite the people to come tonight? Over a thousand people rushed to that place in two hours. I don’t know how the word got out about the miracles. In that afternoon business meeting, there were people that were healed with tumors, instantly the tumors disappeared, there was a young man, I mean he had something in his lower extremities and the doctors had not been able to do anything about it, instantly it disappeared and he was screaming and shouting, his whole family got saved just because of that miracle.

SID: Now is it true that they sent some buses from the hospital?

CHARLES: Yes, they did indeed, the hospital in Miami sent two busloads of sick people, these were people in wheel chairs, crippled, that had brain damage, all kinds of conditions like that, because of the miracles they heard, they brought them to the meeting and.

SID: That’s faith.

CHARLES: It was an amazing thing to behold; one after another they were getting healed. Those with HIV, those who were crippled getting up and walking; they went back and tested it.

SID: I tell you what, I want to take a look at a woman that had not eaten for four weeks, she literally was dying and this was her last hope, let’s go to that clip now.


SID: You know what is so amazing is this woman; she was so week because she didn’t have the ability to eat for four weeks, and look at the energy Charles. Now I understand that when people see miracles like on videos or go to a meeting that you are at, without you even having words of knowledge, without you even praying or touching them or anything, it’s the healing presence of Jesus saturates just all over the auditorium but this is a little outrageous, you actually have people that use their cell phone and call people that are sick and they get healed via the cell phone?

CHARLES: It’s amazing, there is no limit to the power of God, that’s why I am so excited you know by television you can be healed healing this good news, that God wants you well, wants you healed, it’s amazing what I have discovered around the world, that if it can work by television and get healed, what stops them from being healed over a cell phone? I told them call people around the world that you want them healed. So they were calling people from as far away as Africa, as far away as Chili, and all the places in Europe.

SID: Now they had to have faith to call these people?

CHARLES: When people trust that God can do something things do happen, and its amazing what happened as they called, an avalanche of miracles just hit the whole place, and the people were screaming oh, this one has been healed from Brazil, this one has been healed from Chili, this has been healed from Africa, it was amazing to see, just by the telephone. There is no limit to what God can do, people are saying, how is that possible? Faith comes by hearing, the gospel is the power, no matter how you transmit it, it could be by a book, it could be by television, it could be a tape, it could be by videos, people watch this and miracles still happen, so the cell phone thing has been like eight years now that we have been seeing these things happen.

SID: Do you see many people that are dead that come back to life?

CHARLES: Yes, Jesus does miracles like that, one of the cases…

SID: I know Jesus does, but have you seen it?

CHARLES: I have seen these miracles, some of the things that are absolutely outrageous to most people to hear that like somebody that had been dead for a long time been raised back to life, dead baby in the womb, doctors given up on the people and God raising them back.

SID: I’ll tell you what, I’m going to have Charles pray because the presence of God is so good, I mean I know that it’s coming through your television and through your internet and any way that you are looking at us right now but I’ll tell you it is so strong and wonderful in this studio right now, miracles, I feel fingers are being healed now in Jesus Name, don’t go away we’ll be right back, this is it.

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Sid Roth welcomes Charles Ndifon

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SID: Welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural. My guest, Charles Ndifon, Charles, I am so intrigued by the fact that just healing of God in the Name of Jesus without you laying hands on people, without you even praying for people, just by being in your presence people are healed, let’s go to a montage of some of these healings, you will get a flavor of Charles.

§ Music: Somewhere tonight the lame will walk again, §
§ Somewhere tonight the blind will see §
§ I don’t know what all this means to you §
§ It’s real to me. §
§ Somewhere tonight the dead will live again §
§ Somewhere the prisoners will go free §
§ I don’t know how all this seems to you §
§ But it’s real to me §
§ Somebody’s setting all the captives free §
§ Is it real to you? §
§ It’s real to me §
§ Somewhere the lame can walk the blind can see §
§ Is it real to you? §
§ It’s real to me §
§ Somebody’s setting all the captives free §
§ Is it real to you? §
§ It’s real to me §
§ Somewhere the lame can walk the blind can see §
§ Is it real to you? §
§ It’s real to me. §
§ music §

SID: Sid Roth back with Charles Ndifon, Charles, that woman that was jumping
up and down, what was going on with her?

CHARLES: It was exciting what happened there, she had come and she had knee surgery a year earlier, and she had a big scar there, the surgery didn’t go exactly as planned, and what happened was, she had a lot of pain, she couldn’t go upstairs, and in a short time, in less than five seconds she was totally healed, and then she said I was believing that God would remove the scar, I said look at it. When she looked at it the scars were totally disappeared, that was why she was screaming and jumping like that.
It was exciting to see, in Canada.

SID: Now in Denmark according to our notes, there were a hundred thousand documented healings?

CHARLES: Yeah, that’s what the secular media in Denmark said.

SID: What about the television program, something like ours as a matter of fact, sent a plant to expose you, what happened?

CHARLES: It’s very interesting to tell this story because I had no idea they were going to do something like that, but that’s the story that changed the nation, they had brought a man, basically to the meeting that his optic nerve was cut off, from an accident, and the man had become very depressed, they took him to the doctors, they were actually doing five television programs on the supernatural, different kinds of you know, quote unquote, spiritualists, to see what worked,

SID: This was a totally secular deal obviously; it had nothing to do with the program or anything.

CHARLES: It had nothing to do with Christianity.

SID: Yes, but that’s wonderful, it means you got into, that’s where the one hundred
thousand healings came from.

CHARLES: Exactly, so what happened was, they came, they had heard about the miracles from other television stations and out of curiosity brought this man, they took him first to the doctors and had it well documented, and they explained everything that was going on, then they showed him coming to the program that night, and they had an interview with me and were asking questions like, how come it works when you are around? I said its Jesus, whenever I announce that he’s alive he always does what he did in Bible days, so they told me by the way we have a, we have somebody, but they didn’t tell me what it was but they just kind of said, well what is God going to do about it? Can you show us a demonstration? And I was, I thought it’s pretty easy stuff, it’s really easy, miracles are normal to God, and I said to them, I said just let him be in the meetings like any other person and let him expect to be healed. Well, they had a camera on me, they had a microphone on me, and then they had a camera on him and had a microphone around him just to see that there was no fishy business going on, but what was interesting the man while I was teaching, miracles were happening, and they had been ahead of me, interviewing the crippled, the sick, before I even came into the meeting, and said is this your first time here, they said yes, and sod what finally happened was the man that they brought in there he received Jesus into his life and all of a sudden his eyes were healed, it was a shock to them.

SID: So it was totally documented then?

CHARLES: Well documented.

SID: it was a plant exposure.

CHARLES: Exactly, exactly, and the man was completely healed and not only him, there were other people that it surprised them, so many people were healed.

SID: I’ll tell you what, lets take a look at a deaf mute being healed right now.


Deaf and mute all his life Jesus opened his ears.

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Sid Roth welcomes Diane Nutt

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SID: Sid Roth here with Diane Nutt. Picture perfect family. Church-going.  Wonderful mother. Wonderful wife. But, she is an addict. A crack addict. Diane, you’re ready to do some crack one day, and you hear the voice of God. What does He tell you?

DIANE: Yes. He tells me, immediately, He says, “Diane, if you do this line, you will die.” And Sid, I knew right then and there that I had a choice to make, and if I made the wrong choice, that I would not be here, in the earth, any longer. And so, I brushed the cocaine off, poured out what was in my vial into the commode, and started crying out for help to the Lord. I said, “Lord, help me, help me.” And all of a sudden, I heard the back door open, and it was our 7 year old son had come in. And so, I pulled myself together and got real straight, and I stood there and I looked at him, and he said, “Mommy, somebody was saying ‘Help me, help me.’” And when he said that, something inside of me just grabbed me so deeply. And so he went into the living room, and he laid down. I told him “Everything’s ok Casey. Don’t worry about anything.” And he went and laid down, and then I called my doctor and told my doctor that I’d been up for three days and had been doing cocaine, and he called the ambulance. And then they came and they got me.  And the whole time as the paramedics came in and brought the gurney in, my son was asleep the whole time. And I know that the Lord just protected him from seeing his mother in the condition that she was in.

SID: How did your husband handle finding out that his wife is cocaine addict?

DIANE: Well, he came home, he was out of town. A neighbor called him and he came home and came to the hospital, and I didn’t want to see anybody, because I was so hurt and just hated everything. Didn’t want to be living, had a lot of unforgiveness towards myself, and towards other people. And I didn’t want to see him, and so he made a ruckus in the hospital because he couldn’t get up there to see me.  So then the next thing, the hospital was calling the police, so the police came and got him and took him to jail, and so then he had to call his mother. And here we were, I was in the hospital because of an overdose of cocaine, and my husband was in jail because he had made the ruckus in the hospital about seeing me.

SID: So you work things out, you got back together, everything’s going fine. But now you’re back on drugs again, and you get blackmailed by your drug dealer. So a friend tries to help you out  and goes to the drug dealer that’s blackmailing you, and he’s got a gun. But he didn’t realize that you were going to walk in there and he was about ready to shoot you. And what happened? Accidentally, I mean.

DIANE: Yes, what happened was I was walking down the hallway, and all of a sudden, he said, “Freeze”, and he shot off a .357 Magnum gun. And immediately, an angel stepped right in front of me and kept me from taking the next step.  Because had I taken that step, Sid, the bullet would’ve gone through the temple of my head.

SID: Diane, with all that that went on, how in the world are you still doing drugs? You drive to your drug dealer, you get there before he does, you’re in your car, and all of a sudden something happened. What happened?

DIANE: I was sitting in my car waiting for his shop, waiting for him to get to his shop and open up, and I’m sitting there and I’m looking out the top, because I had a sunroof. And all of a  sudden, the wind just started coming in the tree, and the leaves were rustling. And I sat there, and all of a sudden, I heard a voice, and the voice said to me “Diane, what are you doing here.”

And I sat up and I looked around, and of course there was no one around. And the wind was blowing in the tree, and the leaves were moving. And I said, “I don’t know why I’m here. Lord, help me.” And He said “Diane, start the car, and go back home.” So I started the car, went back home, and called a friend of mine who had been in an accident a year prior to that time, and he had become a paraplegic. He had an accident, he’d gotten involved in drugs as well, and he told me “Diane”…

SID: Doing drugs is a horrible thing.

DIANE: It is, and it’s controlling. It’s so controlling. It just controls your whole body.  And God is the only one who can set you free.

SID: Ok. So you’re talking to your friend, and what did he tell you to do?

DIANE: He told me “Diane, right now, when we hang the phone up, just ask God to forgive you, and forgive yourself. And know that God has a plan for you.” And Sid, right now I just believe that there are people that are watching right now who are prodigal sons and they’re prodigal daughters. And they’re sons and daughters that have been backslidden, and even those who don’t know the Lord. And they’re even smoking right now. There’s someone that’s fixing to snort a line of cocaine. And I’m here today to tell you that God loves you with an everlasting love, and all He’s doing is telling you to come to Him. You don’t have to be ashamed, you don’t have to feel any guilt or condemnation, He just wants you to come to Him and give Him your heart right now, because He loves you dearly.

SID: What happened to you though when this friend of yours prayed?

DIANE: I got off the phone and I got down on my knees, and I asked God to forgive me. And for the first time, Sid, in my life, I forgave myself. And this peace, a peace that I cannot describe, just came and consumed me. And the pain was gone, the desire to have more cocaine was totally gone. And I didn’t even realize until several days later that pain that had been in my body and heart was totally gone.

SID: Did you hear that? Supernaturally totally gone, and such power radiates from her now, wait till you hear the miracles. Be right back after this word.

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Sid Roth welcomes Diane Nutt

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On It’s Supernatural: As a child, she could supernaturally fly. Today, God’s glory surrounds her as she prays for others.


SID: Welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, as a child, used to fly. Really! Not only that, when she became an adult, the presence of God was so strong that, literally, truck drivers would veer off because they would see a cloud of God.  Diane, I want to take you back as a child. I know you didn’t understand these things that were happening to you, but you had what everyone wants, and you didn’t even understand it. You had a relationship with God. You would speak to God. Tell me what it was like back then.

DIANE: Well, I would spend a lot of time with the Lord when I could’ve been outside playing with friends. And I would sit with the Lord and just spend time with Him, and He would take me up in the spirit. I would be laying out in the front yard and looking up at the clouds, Sid, and all of a sudden, I would be on top of the house, on the roof. And I would be looking down at my body, and I would think that I could fly. You know, I’d think I could go over to the cottonwood tree by the curb of the street, but the Lord would just take me up, and He would release such love to me. And I just spent time with Him, just resting in His presence, just resting on His bosom. And He loved me.  He just released His love to me so much. It’s a mystery of God to be taken up by the Spirit of God.

SID: It’s so wonderful, Diane, as a child, and maybe that’s what the Messiah meant, we have to be like a little child to come to Him. But did people think you were strange?

DIANE: Yes they did, because in school, I would walk down the hallways talking to this invisible friend, and people would say, “Diane, who are you talking to?”

SID: That was before cell phones, ok.

DIANE: Yes, yes. And it was just so precious, because He comforted me.  And people thought I was crazy, they thought I was off the wall, but I had this Friend who was always there, and He would never leave me.  And He brought such comfort to me, Sid.

SID: Ok. Let’s fast forward. There was a horrible accident, and your parents went to observe what was going on. You went with them. What happened, what did you see, and what happened to you?

DIANE: Ok, what happened is a train wreck had happened, and we were going to walk across, it was like a valley the train tracks went across. And they were pretty wide apart, and I remember just kind of being afraid, because they were kind of far apart, but my mother and father assured me that I could walk across them. And as I did, I looked down, I saw what was a hand that had been severed, and immediately my body started convulsing. The left side of my body just started jerking, and I was having a seizure. And so, my parents took me to the hospital immediately.

SID: And then, this kind of began your entrance into the world of drugs.

DIANE: Yes, because they put me on strong medications for the seizures.

SID: And so, what I don’t understand, Diane, is, as you got older, you decided “I want to experiment with the world.” How could you walk away from that intimacy with God for the junk of the world?

DIANE: Well, what happened was I grew up in a real strict Southern Baptist home, and we couldn’t do a lot of things. You know, you couldn’t swim with the boys, the girls had to swim separate, you couldn’t dance, you couldn’t go to the movies. And what happened is me and the preacher’s kids snuck to the movie one night to see “Love Story”, and right down from us was our youth pastors. And that destroyed everything inside of me that I had learned and that I had been taught.

SID: And then once you stopped serving God, these nightmares disappeared. I don’t understand.

DIANE: They stopped.

SID: Why did they stop?

DIANE: They stopped because I was no longer a threat to the devil, to his kingdom. And what happened as I was growing up is I would lead people to the Lord, so I was a threat in the devil’s kingdom, and the enemy would come and try to kill me in the middle of the night.

SID: But that all stopped when you went into the world.

DIANE: It all stopped, and never came back again until I got pregnant with our first child. And in the third trimester, because I had decided that I was not going to live a life of doing the things that I knew was wrong; the drugs and alcohol and marijuana.  And so, what happened is the enemy came again in that third trimester, and tried to kill me once again. And so I cried out to the Lord that night, because I didn’t want anything to happen to my baby. And I said “God, please, save this baby, and don’t let anything happen to this baby. Let me die, but don’t let my baby die.” And that was the first time when I realized… You know, the Lord said “Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay his life down for his friend.” And I was willing to lay my life down. Well, that devil, it was the spirit of death that had been assigned to me, never came back again after that. But I did not know that it was the spirit of death until many years later, and then I learned.

SID: But then, how did you get into drugs again and get so heavy into it? Diane, Well, I was depressed.  I became depressed in my life because things were not going the way that I thought that they should, and I ended up with the wrong people.

SID: You know what?  Diane ended up becoming a full-blown drug addict. She was like two people. In church, she was a picture perfect family, but she was doing drugs big time.  Don’t go away, we’ll be right back after this word.

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