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Sid Roth welcomes Jeff Jansen

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SID: Sid Roth here with Jeff Jansen and he really was starting to hear God’s voice, and he even knew things about presidential elections before they would happen. But then it gets outrageous. People start losing weight instantly, precious stones appear, people get healed of diseases like throat cancer. Jeff you had a visitation then, of two angels. Now this is not an average type of experience. We read about it in the bible, but this is not what happens every day. Tell me the circumstances of this.  

JEFF: Well actually it’s happened more and more Sid, but uh, about a year and a half ago, I went to bed at about ten O’clock at night, and I had been in a real season of seeking the Lord. I had been asking God for a breakthrough. I really wanted to know the Lord more fully. So I had been reading and praying and studying and just spending a lot of time praying. So I went to bed at ten O’clock on this one particular night in February. And at about eleven twenty two in the evening, I was completely asleep, my wife in bed next to me, I was awakened abruptly by two angels. Both of them had silver trumpets and where blowing them in my face. I was asleep, the angels blew the silver trumpets in my face, I was awakened. Like John said I could relate with John. He said I was like a dead man when I saw a supernatural presence in my room. That’s how I felt. There was an angel on my left side, he was blowing in my left ear with a silver trumpet, and an angel on my right side Sid, blowing into my right ear. But the angel on my right, what came out of his trumpet was wind, and that wind went into my ear and it went down into my spirit man. The bible says we have a spirit man The wind went into my spirit man and I found myself being lifted off of the bed. lifted through the roof into the heavens, and I came to rest in a heavenly room, where there were all kinds of prayers going on over the nations. The Lord actually called it the room of intersection. It was a powerful, powerful experience without going into all the details. Sid after that took place, many, many supernatural things started to take place in the ministry. 

SID: When they were blowing this breath, and the sound of the silver trumpet into both of your ears, it was almost to me, that they were opening up your ability to hear God.  

JEFF: Your right, it was another form of impartation, with an impartation of supernatural activity. I began to see things in the spirit I’d never seen before. Angels, we began to see supernatural manifestation, like the emeralds.  

SID: Tell me one specific person that something happened. You believe in as a result to that visitation. 

JEFF: Well there were miracles. For instance, there was a woman in a meeting in Detroit that we were in, and it was a miracle meeting. A signs and wonders conference, and as I was ministering, I felt the Holy Spirit wanting to minister to other people. So what I did, was I released a healing wave, and by healing wave, I mean I released miracles over the people. Kind of like Kathryn Kuhlman use to do. Without touching anybody, the Holy Spirit came into the room, a supernatural presence came into the room Sid. A woman who did not have an eardrum. She, fifteen years prior, had a radical mastoid activation, she had her eardrum literally taken out, she had all the working mechanisms, the hammer, the eardrum, everything. She came, she went down under the presence of God. When the presence of God came. She woke up under out of that time, and I was taking testimonies of other miracles that took place, people that had torn rotator cuffs where it miraculously supernaturally healed.  

SID: No, no I want to go back, forget that. I want to know about that woman who had that eardrum removed. Could she hear? 

JEFF: She could hear. 

SID: That’s impossible.  

JEFF: No, it’s possible, it’s supernatural  

SID: It is impossible in the natural  

JEFF: In the natural it’s impossible.  

SID: Well that’s really supernatural.  

JEFF: Supernaturally God gave her. It was a creative miracle Sid, a brand new eardrum. She had no working mechanisms, God gave her the ability to hear, not only the ability to hear, but a brand new eardrum. We’ve seen eyes created like that as well. I mean, people with dead eyes, scheduled to be taken out, complete creative miracle. These are the kind of supernatural things as a result of the two angels coming to us, propelling us into a supernatural ministry.  

SID: Now, I know this is nothing compared to what you’re saying, but it intrigues me. People lose weight, it. Tell me one person, and what happened. I want a real person.  

JEFF: Okay, this was a real person, it happened in a meeting in Wisconsin. A glorified meeting. Now the glory of God, were seeing the increase of the glory of God, and so I always make room for the glory presence of God to come into our meetings. And I mean, that’s a whole other dynamic. A glory presence of God, which means anything is possible, of creative miracles. So what happened was this woman came, and I asked all the glory presence of God to come, the angels of God to come in the meeting. The supernatural presence was there, the Holy Spirit was moving, and I was releasing words of knowledge. There was a woman there who was instantly healed of throat cancer the night before. The same woman was very, very overweight. She stood up to testify how God had healed her of throat cancer, and as she was testifying, the Holy spirit came on me, and I walked and said” God is, you’re going to lose 65 pounds supernaturally, the Lord is showing me He is going to supernatural weight loss.” And as I said it, the Holy spirit came on her and the Holy spirit touched her, the presence of God and she went down under the presence. Now Sid, within a half hour, she lost 45 pounds. 

SID: Did you hear that?! 45 pounds in a half hour. Guess what, we have a visitor in this show, the spirit of God has just shown up. Get ready, be right back after this word. Get ready for God’s glory to fall on you.


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Sid Roth welcomes Jeff Jansen

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SID: Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Is it possible for mere mortals to literally here the voice of God? We’re told in the Torah, the Jewish scriptures, that my Jewish people said to Moses, we don’t want to hear the words of God. You listen for yourself but I did an experiment, I went to the diamond district in New York city and I did some man on the street reporting and I just put a microphone under someone’s  mouth and I said, can you here God’s voice? Let’s look at that footage. Do you believe as a Jew it’s possible to her God’s voice?

 MAN: Hear God’s voice?

 SID: To hear God’s voice.

 MAN: No, no you can’t.

 SID: Why?

 MAN: Because you can’t.

 SID: I know your saying that, but is there a reason? Why can’t we hear God’s voice?

 MAN: The only time Jewish people heard God’s voice is on Mount Sinai for the first Ten Commandments.

 SID: Do you believe it’s possible to hear God’s voice?

 MAN: I’m not Moses so I don’t know. Moses is the only one that spoke to God.

 MAN: Hahahaha, I don’t think you can hear God’s voice. No way. You know why?

 SID: Why?

 MAN: Because God is always so sick and tired of us. We are always crying. We always say, “Please, please do this for me, do for me this. You know He is so tired he doesn’t want to listen to any one of us. If he was listening to something during the Second World War, if he was listening to the Jew, He wasn’t letting the six million Jew get killed.

 SID: Do you believe it’s possible to hear God’s voice?

 MAN: I have never had such an experience. But still I do believe.

 SID: Where did you get such faith?

MAN: Huh?

 SID: Where did you get such faith?

 MAN: That’s my feeling.

 SID: Would you like to hear God’s voice?

 MAN: No.

 SID: Why?

 MAN: Why would I not like to hear God’s voice? Well, for a number of reasons. When the Jews received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, they heard God’s voice and they were knocked unconscious for a number of minutes, hours since not known. And it was the scariest thing anyone could ever imagine.

 SID: Do you believe it’s possible to hear God’s voice like Moses heard God’s voice?

 MAN: Yes.

 SID: Have you ever heard God’s voice? Would you like to?

 MAN: Uh sure.

 SID: What do you think it would take?

 MAN: I don’t know. 

SID: Well I can tell you I’ve prayed for a lot of people that have heard God’s voice after I prayed for them.

 MAN: Okay.

 SID: Can I bless you and pray for you.

 MAN: No that’s okay.

 SID: Is that amazing? I’ll tell you what’s even more amazing. I have a guest that hears God’s voice to the point where he has prayed for people, and they have dropped in the matter of minutes, forty-five pounds. When he speaks, sometimes actual emeralds show up. Jeff Jansen, there was a time when another man heard God’s voice and started speaking to you thing he could have no way of knowing. And ever since then there was like a transfer of this gifting on you. You started hearing God’s voice. Tell me about that time. 

JEFF: Sid that’s right. Um, you know this man spoke to me in a meeting back in 1994,  but um, I guess to lay a little bit of a ground work. Um there was actually a man who prayed for me, in New York City back in 1982. I didn’t know what happened to me at that time Sid, but this man was uh, he was an international minister. He touched me, and he prayed for me, and it was a prayer for impartation. And as we were discussing with some of the other guests last night at dinner, the Lord reminded me of this. This man had me literally, he called me up on stage and I’d never seen God move in power before, and he told me to raise my hands. And as I raised my hands Sid, it was like I touched an electric 220. I literally had electricity going through my body. And I shook for weeks afterwards. I didn’t really know what happened but I really believe there was a major impartation that took lace in that time That was back in 81′ I believe. 1981, 82′. So back in 1994 I was sitting in a meeting. Actually I as invited to a meeting where there was a profit. And of course I’ve heard of profits before. But, 

SID: Well I’ve heard of non-profits. Ha, no im just kidding. 

JEFF: Right, a nonprofit. But uh, I’ve heard of profits before, and a lot of prophetic words I’ve heard had been my little children. You know kind of prophetic words. Well, pretty 

SID: Pretty safe. 

JEFF: Pretty safe prophetic words where it doesn’t talk about who I am, and where I’ve come from., and most importantly, where I’m going. So I went to a meeting with my wife because she asked me to go, and I was sitting in the meeting, kind of minding my own business and of course he was beginning to move out in ministry after he got done preaching the word. And what happened was he turned to me, and this was a group of two, three hundred people in Nashville Tennessee, and he said “Stand up.” And he asked me what my name was and I told him my name was Jeff Jansen. This man Sid, proceeded by the spirit, by the Holy Spirit of God, Jesus said my sheep hear my voice. But this man by the spirit of prophecy, he began to tell me who I was, where I came from. He told me who I was at that point. He told me my occupation at that time, what I was doing, my involvement in the medical community, and being involved in the medical industry. Some of the doctors I was involved with, he told me, 

SID: He told you their names? 

JEFF: Not their names but he described the types of individuals I was around. There is no way he could have known this, then he proceeded to tell me my gifting in music, and what I came to Nashville for. But more importantly, he told me Sid, that I was called for fivefold ministry gifted. He told me I was called to ministry. And that I would have a similar international healing type, prophetic healing type ministry. Sid I have to tell you, I was wrecked. I had never encountered, never encountered someone who knew where I came from, who I was and, where I was going. It ruined me, as you can imagine. 

SID: Not only did it ruin him, but recently he had two angels appear in his bedroom. He knows things about people, I believe he’ll know things about many of you. Don’t’ go away we’ll be right back.

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Our Guest Delores Winder

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Delores Winder. And Delores suffered from such a painful disease. Her bones became brittle. When she was 30, the doctors estimated she had the bones of someone in their mid-70s. Her body organs started closing down. The pain was so unbearable, the doctors said, “Prepare to die.” But because the pain was so bad they did a surgery that’s not reversible. They severed the nerves in the brain so that she didn’t have any feeling in her body. They did it on both sides. It’s something that it’s such a horrific surgery they don’t even do this today. No one in the history of the world ever had this surgery reversed in any way possible. So she goes to this Kathryn Kuhlman meeting, and she had one question in her heart: “What’s gonna happen to my young son when I die?” And God showed her and she was at peace. So she’s ready to go, but you need help to get out.


SID: So what happened?

DELORES: Well I said to Gail, “Let’s go.” And Kathryn Kuhlman had said somebody had an ear open, and people started going up, and I thought, now she’s putting on a side show, and I looked like I fit in a side show and I wanted out. So Gail handed me my cane and I started pulling myself to the edge of the seat so she could get me up, and as I did, my legs were on fire. And I thought, what on earth is happening? And the thought came to me that the bone that was out, the cast was putting pressure on it and making my legs burn. And wasn’t I glad I only wore that one hour a day because Bill would get me up and let sit up with him for an hour.

SID: The rest of the time you were in bed.

DELORES: Yes. The rest of the time I was in bed, and I thought that was what was happening. And finally, a man was down at my seat and he said, “Something is happening to you.” And I said, “My legs are burning.” And he said, “Would you walk with me?” And I said, “Get me out of here.” So he got me up and he said, “How can I help you?” And I said, “If you put one arm around me and then take this arm and with my cast I can shuffle.” So we started out. Of course, he felt the cast. And finally he said to me, “Have you ever had any surgeries?” And I said, “I had four spinal fusions and two percutaneous cordotomies.” Nobody knew what percutaneous cordotomies were, so if would say that to them they wouldn’t say anything.

SID: You could get rid of them.

DELORES: I could get rid of them. They would say, “Oh” and that was the end of it. But this man turned me to face him and he said, “You’ve had four spinal fusions and two percutaneous cordotomies?” And I said, “Yes.” He said, “Isn’t it strange that your legs are burning?” And I thought he knows what I’m talking about. But I wouldn’t answer him. I just said, “Yes.” We went out to get to the lobby and he said to me, “You can take your cast off if you want to.” And my instant reaction was, dear God, these people are dangerous. He never saw me before and telling me I could take my cast off. And I looked at him and I saw something. I didn’t know what, but I saw something in him. And finally he said to me, “Do you want to take it off?” Sometimes people aren’t going to get healed, but I said, “I’ve been in one of these things over 15 years and I’m dying.” And he shook his head, and I knew he knew. And I said, “Yes, I want to take it off.” He had me in a women’s restroom with Gail and they’re helping me out of the cast, had the neck brace off, and he went out while she got this off me. And when he came back in she said to me, “Is something happening?” And I said, “No.” She said, “This isn’t like you.” I started to fasten my cast back on, but when that man stepped in the door I knew he knew something. And I said, “Get this off me and get me to him.” And he carried me out, he and an usher carried me up on to the platform and Kathryn was waiting for him.

SID: Let me interject something. What you don’t know is this man that walked up to Delores wasn’t even supposed to be at this meeting.

DELORES: That’s right.

SID: He was a medical doctor and felt he God told him to go to the meeting because he had a word of knowledge for one person. And although there were, what, a thousand people?

DELORES: Three thousand people.

SID: Three thousand people. He walks directly up to Delores. This was the one that God had selected. The reason he knew about the cordotomy is because he was a medical doctor.

DELORES: That’s right.

SID: That’s why it didn’t amaze him. But wait until you find out what happened when she takes the cast off and goes on the platform with Miss Kuhlman. Don’t go away.


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Sid Roth welcomes Jeff and Theresa Hulbert

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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guests are Jeff and Theresa Hulbert. And for those of you who missed last week, shame on you. However, Theresa you gave God a list of 40 requirements. You went to play your flute, and for those of you who don’t know, when she blows on her flute, it’s not her, it’s the breath of God, and she literally prophecies as she plays her various, different 12 flutes and people’s lives are changed. People are healed. Stress disappears. People are able to sleep for the first time. Every condition imaginable gets touched through her music. So you had a concert and Jeff, you play drums for her, and then she prophesied over you. What kind of impact did that have on you?

JEFF: It changed my life, because the words that came out of hr mouth were words that only God and I knew and conversations that only God and I had. And when she sang she said Jeff, I see 2 Johns inside of you, John the Beloved and John the Baptist. And those are the 2 men in the bible that I just absolutely admired and studied.

SID: And so making a long story short, how many of the 40 requirements did he match?

THERESA: All 40.

SID: All 40, and you have to tell our people this. Where did he propose to you?

THERESA: Well just a little more of a back track, when I moved from Michigan to California, the move was so difficult that I was crashing and burning. But God put me at an address in northern California called Bridal Path Way. So every time that I got the mail I was reminded that help was on the way. You know? And then Jeff and I had 3 dates and on our third date we went sight seeing and I took him too Bridal Vail Falls.

SID: Of course, and you had a vision also. Tell me about that.

THERESA: I had a vision that he knelt down at Bridal Vail Falls and proposed, and Bridal Vail Falls is right on highway 50 and it was Friday which is Lake Tahoe day traffic, bumper to bumper, and so I started laughing and Jeff is looking at me like, why is she laughing? And he knelt down shortly after and proposes and the Tahoe traffic is beeping and whooping and hollering just like a movie. It was just beautiful.

SID: It sounds pretty romantic to me.

JEFF: And I didn’t know I was going to propose.

SID: Really? But she knew.

JEFF: It just came over me.

SID: But God knew.

JEFF: Yeah he did, he did.

SID: You like Theresa, you were raised loving the Lord, going to church, Sunday
school and all of the sudden you’re addicted to marijuana and drugs. How did that happen?

JEFF: In the seventh grade I had leader in the church give me drugs. And at that time
I think I chose to just go in the wrong direction.

SID: But there was a point where you pulled yourself together and you got off of drugs.

JEFF: Yeah.

SID: And you had actually from what my notes say, a million dollar business and then suddenly a client offered you a drug. And then what happened?

JEFF: I had achieved success in a business and out of the blue a client offered me drugs and I accepted and in three months my whole world crashed. I lost everything.

SID: You lost everything, you’re homeless, all you have is a car and they’re about ready to repossess that. It’s almost unbelievable that someone can go on such a rollercoaster.

JEFF: Yeah. Yeah I look back now and I think how bizarre that is that I could come down so fast. It was just taken from me and not just the physical things or the material things, but inside. The things that I held dear inside, any kind of self confidence or hope, was gone.

SID: And so you found yourself inside your car, which is about ready to be repossessed.
Did you have any money? Were you eating?

JEFF: I had no money and I had not eaten or drank any water for three days. Sid I was dying. I knew that my kidneys were shutting down and I wanted to die. I had no desire to go on. And I did, I found myself in my car in a church parking lot. That’s where I used to hide myself away at night, in fear that maybe the police would know that I was living in my car, and I had a very supernatural experience in that parking lot.

SID: You had, now why did you cover everything up when you went to sleep so no one could look in? What were your concerns?

JEFF: Well, I’m not sure if there is a law but I bet there is, that you can’t live in your car on a public street. And I had been doing that for three months. So I had a routine that at night I would pin up blankets around the windows so that nobody could see in. and I would hide there almost motionless because of just living in fear that someone would discover me and that I would be in trouble and thrown in jail and I was just living in horrible, horrible fear.

SID: And in just a three month period he went from a successful business man to an addict, penniless and then the worst thing possible that could happen to someone happened too him. We’ll be right back after this word. Don’t go away.

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