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Sid Roth welcomes Jeff and Theresa Hulbert

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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guests are Jeff and Theresa Hulbert. And for those of you who missed last week, shame on you. However, Theresa you gave God a list of 40 requirements. You went to play your flute, and for those of you who don’t know, when she blows on her flute, it’s not her, it’s the breath of God, and she literally prophecies as she plays her various, different 12 flutes and people’s lives are changed. People are healed. Stress disappears. People are able to sleep for the first time. Every condition imaginable gets touched through her music. So you had a concert and Jeff, you play drums for her, and then she prophesied over you. What kind of impact did that have on you?

JEFF: It changed my life, because the words that came out of hr mouth were words that only God and I knew and conversations that only God and I had. And when she sang she said Jeff, I see 2 Johns inside of you, John the Beloved and John the Baptist. And those are the 2 men in the bible that I just absolutely admired and studied.

SID: And so making a long story short, how many of the 40 requirements did he match?

THERESA: All 40.

SID: All 40, and you have to tell our people this. Where did he propose to you?

THERESA: Well just a little more of a back track, when I moved from Michigan to California, the move was so difficult that I was crashing and burning. But God put me at an address in northern California called Bridal Path Way. So every time that I got the mail I was reminded that help was on the way. You know? And then Jeff and I had 3 dates and on our third date we went sight seeing and I took him too Bridal Vail Falls.

SID: Of course, and you had a vision also. Tell me about that.

THERESA: I had a vision that he knelt down at Bridal Vail Falls and proposed, and Bridal Vail Falls is right on highway 50 and it was Friday which is Lake Tahoe day traffic, bumper to bumper, and so I started laughing and Jeff is looking at me like, why is she laughing? And he knelt down shortly after and proposes and the Tahoe traffic is beeping and whooping and hollering just like a movie. It was just beautiful.

SID: It sounds pretty romantic to me.

JEFF: And I didn’t know I was going to propose.

SID: Really? But she knew.

JEFF: It just came over me.

SID: But God knew.

JEFF: Yeah he did, he did.

SID: You like Theresa, you were raised loving the Lord, going to church, Sunday
school and all of the sudden you’re addicted to marijuana and drugs. How did that happen?

JEFF: In the seventh grade I had leader in the church give me drugs. And at that time
I think I chose to just go in the wrong direction.

SID: But there was a point where you pulled yourself together and you got off of drugs.

JEFF: Yeah.

SID: And you had actually from what my notes say, a million dollar business and then suddenly a client offered you a drug. And then what happened?

JEFF: I had achieved success in a business and out of the blue a client offered me drugs and I accepted and in three months my whole world crashed. I lost everything.

SID: You lost everything, you’re homeless, all you have is a car and they’re about ready to repossess that. It’s almost unbelievable that someone can go on such a rollercoaster.

JEFF: Yeah. Yeah I look back now and I think how bizarre that is that I could come down so fast. It was just taken from me and not just the physical things or the material things, but inside. The things that I held dear inside, any kind of self confidence or hope, was gone.

SID: And so you found yourself inside your car, which is about ready to be repossessed.
Did you have any money? Were you eating?

JEFF: I had no money and I had not eaten or drank any water for three days. Sid I was dying. I knew that my kidneys were shutting down and I wanted to die. I had no desire to go on. And I did, I found myself in my car in a church parking lot. That’s where I used to hide myself away at night, in fear that maybe the police would know that I was living in my car, and I had a very supernatural experience in that parking lot.

SID: You had, now why did you cover everything up when you went to sleep so no one could look in? What were your concerns?

JEFF: Well, I’m not sure if there is a law but I bet there is, that you can’t live in your car on a public street. And I had been doing that for three months. So I had a routine that at night I would pin up blankets around the windows so that nobody could see in. and I would hide there almost motionless because of just living in fear that someone would discover me and that I would be in trouble and thrown in jail and I was just living in horrible, horrible fear.

SID: And in just a three month period he went from a successful business man to an addict, penniless and then the worst thing possible that could happen to someone happened too him. We’ll be right back after this word. Don’t go away.

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