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Our Guest Eddie James

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I have so been looking forward to this guest, because as a young boy, he heard the voice of God, and God called him to be a worship leader, a modern day Levite. And this man spent eight hours a day worshiping God. He’s paid the price and you are going to get the glory that comes off of this man as he sings. I mean, people get delivered of everything you could imagine. They have supernatural experiences. They get physically healed. They get spiritually healed. Every addiction you can think of can’t take the heat of the anointing. Now my guest, many of you are familiar with, Eddie James, seeing as he’s number three on the Gospel charts. Eddie, what intrigues me so much about you is you’re a young boy. You’re saved and you hear the voice of God. What did He say to you?

EDDIE: Well I will never forget it The Lord spoke to me when I was eight years old when I gave my life to Jesus Christ. And the moment that I did I heard the Lord say, I’m going to use you. You’re going to be a minister of the Gospel through music and I’m going to take you to the nations of the world. And that’s what he spoke to me.

SID: Was it inside or was it an audible voice?

EDDIE: I audibly heard that. It was as if everything in the room tuned out and I just heard the voice of God as if it was my father calling. I audibly heard His voice.

SID: Okay. What’s a young kid do? I can tell you what a young kid does. He goes to his mother and tells her. What did she say?

EDDIE: Well you know, I told my father first when I got in a car with him to go home and he said, tell your mother what you told me. When I told her that she was so moved. And she had received a prophecy while I was in her womb. She wasn’t even showing yet. This man came from Africa, called my mother out of the choir that she was in and spoke to her those exact same words, and she wrote his words on a card, and she pulled it out of her Bible when I told her that.

SID: You know, from the little bit that I’ve heard about your mom, I can see why she’s your hero. Is she really? Tell me the truth.

EDDIE: Yeah. Naomi is powerhouse in the name of the Lord. She’s my hero.

SID: You know, we don’t have time to go over it, but you saw so many miracles at home because you didn’t have much. You saw food materialize. You saw healings. That was natural for you.

EDDIE: Yes. We were in a time when my family hit a very struggling moment financially. And during that season the Lord showed me faith through the prayer life and of my mother, and how the Lord would answer her. And you mentioned the food thing. I’ll never forget, we had no food in the cupboards. She sat us down around the table and she put the pots on the stove as if she had something to cook. But I knew because I had been in there, no food in the refrigerator or in the cupboards. And then the doorbell rang. After praying, the doorbell rang and I turned around in my seat to watch what was going to happen, because my mother had been in the Spirit all day. She goes to the door, opens the door. There are 12 bags of groceries around the doorstep.

SID: Listen, you think that’s something. He saw his mom pray for gas when they needed gas to drive the car, and he saw the dial on the gas meter go all the way up.

EDDIE: Yes, absolutely.

SID: I mean, he’s seen every miracle as a kid. I mean, I didn’t even know my left hand from my right hand as a kid. But wait until you hear this song by Eddie James, you see, because he got it from an open vision from Heaven. And he heard aborted babies, babies that died young. So you have a big burden for aborted babies. When they were singing in this what you heard, you used the, is it dah, dah, dah. Explain that.

EDDIE: Open vision in Gaston, Alabama, pastor’s home, preparing for service, and I come into this vision, and I heard this song called, “I Need You.” And there’s a part in this song where it didn’t make sense to me at first, [singing] dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. [speaking] And I said, what is that? And the Lord took me into this place where were these children that were singing. Many of them had been aborted. Some of them had died as miscarriage. Some of them had died young. They were worshiping God. It was the sound of worship from those children.

SID: I tell you, I prophecy to you, your hunger for God is going to grow as you hear, “I Need You”.

EDDIE [music, singing] Dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. I need you. I long for you. My heart and my flesh cries up for the Living God, for the Living God. Invite your ear, the trembling and tears are yearning. To the throne of grace, to seek your face, I’m yearning loving for God. I need you. I need you. For nothing and no place no one else will do. I need you. I need you. For you satisfy the long inside. I need you. I need you. For nothing and no place no one else will do. I need you. I need you. For you satisfy the longing inside. Lord, we need you. I need you. For nothing and no place will do. I need you, oh I need you, Lord. For you satisfy the longing inside. I need you, I need you. For nothing in no place will do. I need you, Lord I need you. I need you, Lord I need. For no place, no one else will do. Jesus, I need you, yes I need you. Oh but you satisfy the longing. Jesus, I need you. For no place, no one else will do. I need you. For you satisfy the longing. Jesus, I need you, Lord. Jesus, I need you. No place, no one else will do. Jesus, I need you. Lord I need you. Satisfy the longing. Jesus, I need you, yes, I need you, Lord.

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Our Guest Julie True

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Sid:I am so excited about Julie True’s destiny; her destiny is to release an anointing a supernatural anointing of peace which gets rid of all blockages within you. All traumas within you which people are able to sleep.  As a matter of fact you had one testimony of someone that wrote into you about heavenly fragrances tell me about that.

Julie:  Yes, she said that when she played my music and listened to my music that she was smelling sweet fresh flower like a rose.She said I have no perfume or anything so what is that?  And she said that it any time I listen to your music I have deep rest and I can worship and pray deeper and so I love that that’s awesome.

Sid:Also there’s so many people with sleep problems do people actually play your music all night and they get deeper and they get better sleep, and they start dreaming about heavenly things rather than the junk that a lot of people dream about?

Julie:  Yes I have heard that a lot where people are able to sleep and it just keeps and atmosphere of God’s presence in their house and they don’t have as much trouble waking up.

Sid:Well, I just saw someone’s hip it’s just been restored in Jesus Name, your hip is restored.  What is soaking to you Julie?

Julie:  Soaking to me being still, quieting my soul, awakening my spirit and just dialing down from thinking and really letting God just flow through me and speak to me and interact with me, and it’s a time of receiving.  And when I’m leading when I’m on the leading side of soaking and not just laying out on the floor, for me it is about just singing my heart to God whatever is in that moment and letting Him…to me soaking is like, you know we can get all this hard stuff on our heart sometimes and soaking is like water does it just softens things.  It softens things, it washes away all of the debris and it cleanses us.So it’s just a time of really stopping life and being still and letting God go deep in your heart.

Sid:Well, I believe that God want to go deep in the heart of those that are listening right now.In the barn years were you were really just plain desperate for God and you would go to a freezing cold barn at night with no heat and just worship God knowing it was only you and God.  Tell me about the song “Oh My Soul.”

Julie:  Well, I was learning to read and to sing the Psalms.That Psalm just really connected with me in that moment of desperation and so I began singing it.  And I love how honest the Psalms are, you know you can be real with God and you can say I don’t get it, I need answers I have lots of unanswered questions here.  And you just start speaking to your soul and saying “Find rest in God alone.”  And so I began singing that over myself and that is how that song came into being.

Sid: I can feel, I’ll tell you what Julie I can feel the river of God flowing right now.Someone’s neck was just healed in Jesus Name.

Julie True“Oh, My Soul”

Sid:That was Julie True singing “Oh My Soul.”…

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Our Guest Peter Wyns

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Sid: I have a good friend on the telephone. I can’t say I know him that well, but I can consider him a good friend, primarily because I was a friend of his grandfather’s and I see a lot of similarity. My guest is Dr. Peter Wyns, his grandfather is Dr. Derek Prince whose been promoted to heaven. When I got ahold of his latest book it’s called… It’s quite a title Peter…

Peter: Yes it is.

Sid: “Fighting Death and Other Desperate Battles.” In your own words why did you write this book?

Peter: Well I came in contact with a couple, Ronnie & Clarice Holden who by all natural means should have died, but they learned to pray and they fought a spiritual battle and they lived, and he lived. I believe that there are so many people across the country who are fighting spiritual battles and some of them as though they are losing those battles, and they need to know how to fight, they need to know how to pray and put their faith in God.

Sid: Not only losing, but giving up because they’re not seeing victory around them. It is a spiritual fight it’s not dealing with flesh and blood.

Peter: Yeah that’s right. In fact the Bible says “That death is our last enemy.” You have to fight enemies, but were not always trained to fight. People don’t like conflict, they don’t live for conflict. Humanity wasn’t brought into a life of conflict, we love peace. So when conflict comes before us, often we don’t know how to fight, we don’t know how to standup, but we need to learn when we’re faced with trauma and difficulty. That’s what spiritual warfare is all about, and that’s what the book is all about.

Sid: Now this story is basically about a man that stood no chance of survival. In fact, didn’t the doctor tell his wife he only had hours or days to live?

Peter: Yes actually many times. They had 14 different doctors working on him. At one point they gave him 3 hours to live.

Sid: Just for those that haven’t read the book…

Peter: Yeah.

Sid: Tell me just briefly his story, what happened to him.

Peter: He was riding home late at night in his truck from his business; he owns a restaurant just north of Myrtle Beach.  A drunk driver going about 80 MPH t-boned him, and he went flying through the passengers window and rolled on the ground. The truck came rolling behind him and took out a fire hydrant, and he was a real mess. His back was broken in 2 places, his pelvis is broken, his leg was shattered, and all his insides were bruised and tore up; his kidneys, and his intestines, and his liver and such. They got him to the hospital, and then a short time after he became very septic. He had peritonitis, and they had to rush him to an operation. He went into a coma, and they opened him up and they couldn’t close him for 12 days because he was so swollen, and he was such a mess. The doctor’s just said “He cannot live, he cannot live.” That’s where Clarice, his wife, stepped forward and said “Doctor I need you to come into agreement with me for the life of my husband.” For a long time the doctor said “I can’t he’s just not going to live mam I’m very sorry,” but she insisted. Finally the doctor he said “Alright we’ll agree with you as much as we can.” They prayed and they prayed, and they won the battle. He’s alive today, 6 years later and doing fabulous.

Sid: If his wife had not understood, what actually I consider your book a manual for desperate situations. If his wife did not do what she did I happen to believe he would be in heaven right now.

Peter: Yeah there’s no doubt about it in my mind. It was just the wife it was also the whole church. You know she stay in the hospital for 52 days; slept on the couch in the waiting room, and every day, all day long and all night, the church had somebody with her, and they prayed. They just stayed, they stayed in faith and they listened to the Holy Spirit and they prayed, and they gave thanks to the Lord, and they did what the Lord told them to do through this whole thing. They saw miracle, after miracle, after miracle.

Sid: Just as a matter of review, I personally considered your grandfather one of the best Bible teachers of anyone I’ve known or studied. What was his spin on healing, what did he believe?

Peter: Grandpa Derek believed that if we met God’s conditions we would get God’s blessings. The more we lined up with God the more we would get of His blessings. Because we don’t get of his blessings it means that in some way we’re missing out on what the Lord has for us. So he believed with all of his heart in absolute healing in every situation if we could find the heart of God and press through in agreement with Him.

Sid: You know I listened to a cassette this past weekend of a friend of mine who’s battling cancer. He’s a tremendous Bible teacher his name is Jack Frost. He said “This last year has been the best of times, and the worst of times.” The worst of times because of the pain, etcetera, but the best of times because finally he’s learned what the book of Hebrews talks about the Shabbat, the Sabbath rest, he’s learned what it is to rest in God.

Peter: Yes.

Sid: It was so wonderful, but your book has… I have to call it a manual for those are close to giving up, or have hopeless situations in any arena.

Peter: Yes.

Sid: Now you talk about a word we hear a lot, but I don’t think we really understand. It’s called prayers of supplication. What does that mean?

Peter: Supplication is one of the 7 types of prayer that I’ve discovered in the scriptures. In supplication itself it means a desperate cry to God for help for a miracle in a time of great trauma and crisis. It means a bowing of the heart; a taking ahold of God; it means to wrestle with Him like Jacob wrestled with the angel and he won the battle and was blessed because of it.

Sid: Now speaking of desperate prayer you’ve prayed for a lot of people that have been sick that God has healed. Tell me about someone dead that you prayed for.

Peter: Yes it was just a couple of years ago we were in a ministry time in Shallotte, NC. The meeting was going on quite late because we had hundreds, and hundreds of people that we were praying for. I was kneeling down on the ground beside somebody who was, you know receiving some ministry. This man came up behind me, he’s a good friend now, his name is Marvin Rollins. He came up behind me and he said “Peter I’m not feeling well.” I turned around and saw him and his whole body was covered in perspiration. The church was air conditioned, it was cool in there, but he had perspiration on his neck, on the back of his hands. He was having a heart attack I had seen this before. We actually had a nurse there, a heart ward nurse there who verified all of these things later. I immediately stood up and had him sit down on the side of the platform and I got a cloth and started wiping his brow, and at the same time I was just rebuking the demon spirits that I could see were attacking him and wanting to take his life. While I had one hand behind him because he was swooning, and you could see he was losing the battle and he died. His pulse stopped, the nurse was there she took his vital signs. I just rebuked the spirit of death and I said “You spirit of death I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. I command life to come into you,” and he just took a gasp like (sound of quick inhaling) like that. Immediately his eyes had life in them, and his heart started again, and he started to breathe again. Within a minute he just sat up and he just got better and better. He stayed for the next 2 days; he never went to intensive care at the hospital. When the conference was over I talked with, I said “Marvin when you get home would you go see a doctor and let us know what has happened.” He did, and 2 weeks later we got the report, and he said “My doctor said it’s amazing the condition of my heart has changed, my physical heart.” He said “I no longer have any high blood pressure, I don’t have any cholesterol problems,” and he said on top of all that “My back that was severely full of pain and had a lot of problems with it” he said it’s totally been healed as well. It was amazing. I’ve seen him several times since then over the last couple of years, and he’s just rejoicing in the Lord.

Sid: Peter what is the biggest lesson, and there’s so many lessons we can learn as you wrote about the great miracle of Ron Holden. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from that?

Peter: Well there’s a story Jesus tells concerning prayer. He said “There was a widow lady who felt like she was unjustly treated. She went to the judge and the judge didn’t pay any attention, but she kept nagging and nagging and pressing in and asking. Finally the judge, who was not a great judge, but he said because the woman was nagging him he finally acquiesced and said ‘Okay I am going to help you.’ He brought justice to her situation.” Jesus told this strange story and then He said “I want you to pray like that. I want you to continue to come knocking on the door like this woman did to a God who is just.” I think what happens is that when we push into God, we do it with faith in our hearts and with thanksgiving in our hearts, then even though we might not begin having the keys to unlock the doors that need to unlock. I think God will many times give us those keys as we walk with Him, and amazing things can happen.

Sid: Briefly, because it’s a new book, tell me one person and the affect it had on them when they read your book “Fighting Death and Other Desperate Battles.”

Peter: Yeah, many people have been blessed, but one in particular is a story of a man up in the Pittsburgh area whose life was hanging in the valence and somebody in his family, or one of his friends got ahold of this book and read it. Because of that they decided to go into 5th gear in their prayer, they decided to fight for his life in a whole new way. They gained faith, and they prayed, and prayed. Within a week his whole situation turned around and he was brought back from the brink of death.

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Our Guest Cherie Calbom

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Sid:Well my guest is red hot for the Messiah, and we are going to do a very different show this week something that it’s been needed for a long time.  Let me give you an example; I pray for people all the time, I mean it’s just astounds me the number of people that are physically healed and it seems like it’s getting more and more, but many times when I pray for people I meet them a month later, two months later and they have the same condition wrong with them.  Why is this?  Well I used to think, and I still do I might add, that they didn’t know how to fight that spirit that came upon them; perhaps there’s another reason and this makes as much sense as I just said to you before; perhaps there’s something toxic in their body or perhaps their eating habits are so bad, or perhaps they’re so over weight that whatever condition that they had that they were healed of when they go back to that same lifestyle they end up having the same condition again.  In fact my guest, who is known by millions of people as the “Juice Lady” her name is Cherie Calbom; Cherie you were telling me of a very prominent healing evangelist that did a study of the percentage of people that are physically healed and then lose their healing and I was shocked.  What did he find out?

Cherie:He found that only 5% of the people that were healed actually kept their healing.It was a study that was never published and I can’t share the name but I was shocked too to hear that percentage.

Sid:If that be true that’s just tragic, but what if there was a way, a simple way, of restructuring our health, our eating, our habits, and we could walk in the best supernatural healing that God has and have our body which I think is God’s greatest invention operate the way God created it to operate then we’d have the best of both worlds.

Cherie:Wellwe would and I’m so excited to be on your show and to be talking about this because it’s been the message that God has placed on my heart for years that we’ve got to teach the body of Christ how to live a lifestyle of divine health.  And that is where I believe lots of illness comes back; people are healed yes indeed and they go for prayer and they go right back to their old ways of eating and thinking and living and their illness comes back.  And I agree we must contend for our healing in prayer, but we must also do our part and that is the message on my heart.

Sid:How you’re a professional clinical nutritionist, you hold a master’s degree in nutrition at one of the finest universities that studies in this arena but that’s not why I’m interviewing you Cherie.  The reason that I’m interviewing you is when I found out how God supernaturally intervened in your life and called you to teach what you’re teaching that’s what excited me.  But for everyone to get to know you just a little bit better your father was an evangelist and something tragic happened, your mom developed cancer and your father had a healing ministry and she died from cancer.  And it was a very traumatictime for you and your family, but when you were in your late 20s you became extremely sick what happened to you?

Cherie:I did I had chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia and a severe case of it where I’d sleep 12 hours a day, get up tired, weak and sometimes have to crawl down the hall because I was that week. I couldn’t even work I had to quit my job to quit my job; I had to move back home with my father and step-mother and I was desperate.

Sid:Now what did the doctors say about this condition?

Cherie:They did not know what to do and I found mostly today they don’t know what to do about those conditions still.  There is no cure for those conditions.So I cried out to God “Help me please help me there’s got to be answer for what I’m suffering from.”That’s when in research I began to find out about vegetable juicing, changing my diet, eating more raw life foods and getting rid of all the junk.  And I’ll tell you I was a junk food lover; I liked to go to fast food restaurants and get my dinner and go home with my little bag.  I like to eat sugary granola for breakfast and my lunch was out a fast food restaurant usually when I left for work.  So no wonder I was getting sick and devastated as I was.So I got my first juicer, started juicing changed my whole diet and I’ll just make this story short now.  In three months I was completely healed.

Sid:Now why don’t doctors know this?  Why when they see these conditions all they can do it medicate you and say there’s no hope when all you did was juice with natural fruits and vegetables and in three months she got healed.  What’s wrong with that picture Cherie?

Cherie:It’s hugely wrong in this nation because we are driven by big pharma it’s called the pharmaceutical companies, and they have tight control over the textbooks and universities and medical schools.  Doctors are not trained in nutrition; we know that most doctors only receive one or two basic classes in nutrition and they don’t know anything beyond that.All they’re taught is pharmaceutical drugs for every condition out there. And when you come to toxicity in the body, when you come to chronic fatigue and things like that drugs will make most people worse.  So it’s getting back to the foods that God has given us and this is where our healing comes.

Sid:Now I could be wrong but it appears to me people are getting sicker and sicker. I was reading in some of your literature that this is happening because there have been changes in our pattern of eating over the years.  What were some of those changes?

Cherie:Well it started with the oils we used to have healthy oils from the tropics.Coconut oil and palm oil were considered the healthiest oils on earth and then we went to vegetable oils that were refined and heart disease came into full blown.  A bar graph you look at the jump in the bar graph in the fifties when the oils came on the markets full blown because of the war and the tropical oils couldn’t get through. And then soda pop came on the market in the fifties, all the chemicals that were used to preserve foods they began to hybridize grains putting gluten in wheat.

Sid:Is that why so many people today are gluten sensitive there’s more gluten in wheat?

Cherie:Yes, yes.You look back at Biblical times the bread was chewy why did they always dip their bread in something you know olive oil or whatever it was chewy it was hard.  Now our bread is soft and fluffy and too much gluten because they’ve hybrid the wheat too much and it’s making a lot of people very very ill.  And we have GMO genetically modified food; we have all this sprayed food, we don’t have organic real food we have things that are processed.

Sid:And now couple that with what’s happen with our health care system which used to be the best in the world they’re more doctors that are stopping practicing medicine.They’ll be more people in the health plan program, and people are getting sicker than ever; unless we rely on the supernatural and eating properly we’ll be the same victims as everyone else.

Cherie:We will and the church seems to be right there with the world; we should be the healthiest people on earth. I keep saying this everywhere I go “God’s people should be the healthiest people on the face of the earth and we’re not.”  We seem to be following the patterns of the world eating the way they do the junk food the fast food the processed food, the GMO food, the pesticides spayed stuff, and God’s people are getting sicker and sicker.  And you know what I’ve seen too they’re relying more and more on pharmaceutical drugs.

Sid:And most people know this but in one sentence what’s wrong with pharmaceutical drugs?

Cherie:We can’t rely on them because they do not heal us.As one doctor friend said to me years ago, I have never seen anybody in my practice deficient in a pharmaceutical drug.  (Laughing) It’s true, it’s so true we have this deficiency of nutrients we need and we have excess of stuff we don’t need.

Sid:Okay, we have gone through your material especially the brand new book that’s just off the press, the three best books you have and I’m going to call and a special DVD you’ve produced for us.  We’re going to call this series the healthiest people on the face of this earth.Step by step how to detox the major organs of your body, show you the best recipes for prevention and treatment of the most common health disorders.  How to lose weight, slow the aging process, conquerfatigue, mental clarity, improve your sleep, literally becoming healthier for life. What is it in your new book 400 recipes and we’ve tried some of them here and I can tell you as a fact that my staff has said and in fact I’ll use their words “Your recipes are yummy.”  How did you get such great recipes?

Cherie: Sid when I started out there weren’t hardly any recipes anywhere I had to just put stuff together in trial and error.  I had some stuff that tasted not too much better than motor oil.


Cherie: I have designed recipes that taste good that have lots of flavor and are really good for you. I’ve become known as the “Juice Lady” because I put so much effort into making delicious juices that people will just love to drink and will heal their bodies.

Sid:  Now let me make this clear it’s not just juice but whatever your condition is you list the various ailments that people have, and you show what are the natural things to take…it’s called “The Healthiest People on Earth.” That’s what it’s going to do for you.

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