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Our Guest Hank and Brenda Kunneman

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SIDHello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Hank and Brenda Kunneman, and I am just in awed with the true prophetic gift. I mean last week we found out that Hank literally saw what was going on with President Clinton. When he was having that extramarital affair; I’m overwhelmed with this gift, but I am saying “God” and I am saying what you are saying, “God, what about me? Can I hear God that clearly, can I hear you that clearly?” What about the people, including me, that are reaching out with our heart right now and really want to hear God’s voice. Are you someone special or can we all be special?

HANK:  I think that we all can be special and that is the beauty of it is, now the gifts of God, now what I operate in is an office, an office of a prophet. Not just that I am also a pastor of a wonderful church, but as a believer we all have a right and we all have the ability to hear from God. And what I always tell people, because they always say “how can you hear from God?” And I say listen I am not an expert at it, you know I’ve missed it before, but what I have learned to do is, my whole prayer life changed the day I went to God and I asked him one day I said “Lord I am not here to ask you for anything, I am not here to tell you anything I just want to know what is on your heart?”

SID:  Now that’s a switch. When is the last time you said “God I want to know what is on your heart” I mean normally it’s: gimme, gimme, gimme – my name is Jimmy.

HANK:  The Word of God is like Santa Claus…but I just, I learned something so powerful and it was that God has things on his heart. And all of a sudden I just began to write down, I had a little journal, I began to write down impressions that I felt, you know thoughts that would come to me, a knowing that I felt. And I began to document what I was getting and I began to notice that they started to come to pass. And it wasn’t anything like the world shaking you know like there would be like some national event…

SID:  Despise not small beginnings.

HANK:  Exactly, and it was things about my own life, things about my day, that wound up coming to pass, things about my family. And the Lord began to train me that way, but I am telling you it is so important as a Christian to ask God what is on His heart and then listen. The art of hearing God I think one is a relationship with the Lord that is so important you know, as I spend time with Brenda I learn her voice, I hear her voice.

SID:  When my wife raises an eyebrow, I know what is going on.

HANK:  Yeah, I know. I think that is what you have as well (speaking to Brenda). But the beauty of it is when you ask God your whole life will change, when you ask him what is on his heart. And then listen. I am a very intense person anyway, I am very restless. You know that to be true (speaking to Brenda), so for me learning to listen to God was a challenge, but I would just learn to lay quiet and just listen or kneel.

SID:  Did you force yourself; did you have to literally, initially, especially if nothing is going on?

HANK:  Yes I did.

SID:  I mean that’s when it gets tough let’s get candid.

HANK:  Well, there would be times when I would be praying and then I would be kneeling down and all of sudden I would be praying and I would be saying something totally out of my mouth that was not even relevant. Or I would nod off and go to sleep or I would be thinking about taking out the garbage, or something silly like that so I really had to train myself to just literally settle down, listen to the Lord. But I think that a lot of people, you know God told Moses to meet him at a place called there. And I think the most important key to hearing God, is you have to have a meeting time and a meeting place.

SID:  In your book you talk about have a date.

HANK:  Yeah, yeah, I know that may sound kind of squirrelly but the truth of the matter is the more real you make God the more real He will be to you. And before I met my wonderful wife of fifteen years, I used to take God out on Valentine’s Day, and Christmas and all of that was the loneliness days of my life. So I thought well you know I can make better use of my time, so I literally would take the Lord out and drive with him. And treat him as though He was right there and God began to match that and He began to speak to me and began to reveal things to me. Just in a simple, pure intimate way, just because I made time for him; I made a place for God.

SID:  Now there was a time in your life even though you heard God clearly, that is was a real dry spell, and out of that came your book, called what Hide and Seek.

HANK:  Yeah, Hide and Seek: Finding the God, well I was really kind of angry with God Sid, because I would pray for like six months – seven months and I would go into my prayer closet and I would literally say, “Lord where are you?” And a couple of times I shook my fist at him and said, “You know, you don’t want to spend time with me? What is the problem?” And I was getting very frustrated because I couldn’t sense the Lord you know some people feel God different ways. But I didn’t sense the Lord so I began to get very frustrated very upset at the Lord. And here is what I said to him, I said “God I am going to go out, and I am going to fast and pray.” So I went out and to fast and pray, and I thought you know that is going to change God right? You know so I went out to fast and pray and the Lord was not anywhere to be found so I thought, and I remember walking out into the woods and there were three deer probably I would say three quarters of a mile to a mile away, and I said “Lord you are not even listening to me I am out here fasting I have had this dry spell for seven months, if you are really listening to me or if you care, make those deer come to me God.” You’re not a God that, I mean you can do that; you parted the Red Sea.

SID:  And so you really expected them to come to you, what happened?

HANK:  Well, they ran the opposite direction.

SID:  Oh no (laughing).

HANK:  And I felt terrible, I thought oh no I have sinned and so I was mad, and you know how you do, or at least I do, when I was angry, and I said “well if I was you I would do it this way God” “if I was you”, and I began to talk to the Lord about I didn’t believe in his methods. I thought his methods of speaking to me were terrible, and I really had an attitude, and to be honest with you I probably should’ve gotten in big trouble. But here’s what happened I was so frustrated I just knelt down didn’t even kneel down; actually laid down and fell asleep and probably drifted off for about 45 minutes, only to be awakened by the sound of a deer snorting. I don’t know if you have ever heard a deer snort it’s pretty…I won’t imitate that. But the deer was snorting and I looked up and the three of them were literally about 10 to 15 feet away from me and that’s when everything began to change. And God said “Hank I have been here all a long I was putting something in you that will never be taken away from you” And I said “Lord what is that” and He said “spiritual perseverance, spiritual hunger.” Sometimes we only see God when we feel like it, sometimes we only see God when it is convenient but God is interested in us seeking him when we don’t have all of the feelings. When, sometimes we are in a busy life or a busy schedule, where we take time out to know him. And God showed up in a beautiful way and it has been intimate ever since.

SID:  What about you; how would you like God to show up in a beautiful way, and be intimate forever? I mean literally – maybe you won’t have the office of a prophet but you are going to have intimacy. This is what He wants, this is what you want. Don’t go away, we are going to give you some clues about ready to have God hearing explosion.

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Sid Roth welcomes Jose Santana

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SIDHello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Jose Santana. We believe all over the world people are having miracles, ordinary people with a supernatural God. We want you to take your little home video and tell us in one to three minutes what God did for you and the best ones we’ll put on our internet site, or you’ll see it on, “It’s Supernatural.”  My guest in the studio is Jose Santana.  Jose, I wish you could turn your gift on at will.  But you can’t, can you?

JOSE:  No, I can’t.  Only when the Holy Spirit speaks to me, or reveals things that I am at liberty to share those things, but it is not at will.

SID:  Now, sometimes you are not at liberty to share what the Holy Spirit shows you?

JOSE:  No, because there are things so profound about people, what they are doing; sinful things, that you cannot come openly at times and tell them all the things that they are doing badly.   So you have to use wisdom when to release those words.

SID:  Now, everyone would want a gift like you have, every single person I know would love to have a gift like you have. But you were telling me that the whole things God’s looking for is motive.  Explain that.

JOSE:  Absolutely.  It has to be based on the love of God that I minister to you. It has to be with the love of God that I correct you. So when I was praying years ago for the gift, I said “Lord, I will use the gift to build, to direct and to encourage people, and if it is to correct please give me the wisdom how to correct your people.” Sometimes I bring correction to a pastor who has 38 or 40 churches, so I have to do it with the most respect.

SID:  So, tell me about that one case?

JOSE:  That particular case, I asked “Lord, this man of yours that I admire has churches all over the place.” He said, “Bring him to your house, cook dinner for him, and then ask permission if you can wash his feet and in the washing of his feet, begin to prophesize the issues of his heart.”  And I did and when I released the word of the Lord, he started sobbing before the Lord.

SID:  And since I don’t know who he is, and no one else does, what did you tell him?

JOSE:  What I told him was that bitterness was hitting his heart, and he repented, because it was true.

SID:  Did you follow up; did you see that this changed?

JOSE:  Absolutely.  We are still very good friends and we do some meetings together and we network, but change took place in his heart.

SID:  Now many times before a meeting you will see something that is going on.  Tell me about it.

JOSE:  Yes.  A lot of times I am praying for the atmosphere of the meeting and all of a sudden I see this particular lady.  And the Lord said I see her like I see you. And he said this lady had been abused in other churches, she needs somebody who will love her and work with her, and so forth and so on… So I’m preaching in the church and when I see the lady come I point to the pastor and I say, “Pastor this is the lady that God showed me.” And sure enough, all the symptoms and the makeup of the lady were revealed by the Spirit.

SID:  You know what, I like specifics.  Can you think of one specific case like that, when you saw someone before service and they were exactly like, you had never seen them before, and they were in that church, dressed the way you saw them, and what was wrong with them, and what happened?

JOSE:  Specifics?

SID:  Yes.

JOSE:  Yes.  I was in this other church a few weeks ago and I’m praying and I see this lady and the Lord showed me she was wounded by many of the things in the church and that she was going to come to one of the meetings.  So the first day she didn’t come to the meeting.  So I’m looking for her and she’s not there. So the pastor said “What happened to the lady that you mentioned to me?’’  And I said she wasn’t there.   The following day I see her and I mentioned top the pastor, “This is the lady the Lord showed up.” We worked with her about her wounds and she went fasting and praying and she got rid of that situation.

SID:  Now you do something, you do a lot of things that I have never seen before, but you do something that is, let me tell you, it is outrageous!   I pulled out of my wallet a picture of my middle granddaughter. I was having lunch with Jose and I pull out the picture, and I give it to Jose, and, do you remember that?

JOSE:  Yes.

SID:  And you started telling me something about my middle granddaughter.  I have three granddaughters; you started telling me something about her that was not a good guess. You know that.  I mean you knew, this little girl from when she was almost an infant knew what she wanted, you could not sway her, and Jose, if you had picked one of my other granddaughters and said that, I would have said, “Wrong!” because they are not like that. But this one is so opinionated and so strong, and you nailed her. So you nailed her just from looking at the picture you nailed her from what I knew and then you told me what would happen in her future. Now, when you look at a picture, tell me what goes on inside of you?

JOSE:  Okay.  Inside of me first I ask the Holy Spirit, “Holy Spirit could you show me the make-up, the likes and dislikes, and could you show me the future of this particular person?” And I look and, a lot of times I just concentrate on the eyes. The Bible says, “The eyes are the windows of your soul.”

SID:  Yes.

JOSE:  So I ask the Holy Spirit, and a lot of times it is like watching a video camera. The whole information just comes through vividly, just like if I am seeing the child at home, and I’m calling out what the Lord is showing me. And other times it will be like the Holy Spirit speaking unto my ear segment by segment by segment. Ah, I was in a church in Pennsylvania just a little while ago, and the Lord said the second service to tell everybody to bring pictures. So the whole church brings 158 pictures and we put them on the altar, and the service took like ten minutes and the Lord gave me a prophetic word for 158 people who wasn’t there.

SID:  Let me tell you something.  Every one of you wants Jose to give you a prophetic word.  It’s not going to happen.  But I’m going to give you a prophetic word and it is going to happen. There is no other name given unto men in which we must be saved but the name of Jesus.   And enough is enough.  You have settled for cheap religion.  You have missed intimacy with God. Every one of us is supposed to hear God.  Maybe not as a prophet, like Jose, but every one of us is supposed to have such intimacy with God. You cannot have intimacy with God because you are not holy, unless you tell God you are sorry for your sins, and believe the blood of Jesus washed away your sins, and then ask  Jesus to be your Messiah and Lord. You don’t need my words; you just need a broken heart. God’s waiting for you. Do you know your whole history is already written in heaven, and it’s a good history; but there is a bad history for you and the choice is yours. If you choose to follow God, and you choose to say, “God, I want to hear your voice,” just like Jose did and you spend quality time with God and start reading His word, I tell you He is not a respecter of persons. Everything you have ever wanted is before you.  Choose this day who you will serve. But as for me and my house, as for you and your house, I believe you will serve the Lord. Do it now, right now.

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Sid Roth welcomes Jose Santana

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SIDHello, it’s Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Jose Santana. This is an unusual show.  I tell you it is not going to be just, T.V., as normal.  It’s interactive; you are going to experience the reality, the presence, the tangible presence. Many of you are going to be healed, right as you are watching. My guest, Jose Santana, is a modern day seer, a prophet. Tell me the first time this gift started working with your brother?

JOSE:  Okay.  I would be praying in my house, and all of a sudden I finished praying and I am going up to the second floor and the Lord gave me like this video tape, and I saw these two guys planning to kill my brother. And they said when he comes we are going to put him in the front seat, and I’m going to go in the back seat and I am going to put the bullet upwards so it will not hit the windshield. So I said let me call my brother and warned him that they are going to kill him. So, after the phone rings for twenty times, he picks up the phone, he was using drugs at that time, at that season of his life.   And I said, “Tony, Tony, what ever you do, there is going to come these two friend of yours in a brown car, and they are wearing these shirts

SID:  It wasn’t a symbolic thing.  You literally saw this happening?

JOSE:  I saw the plan and I saw them going to his house to pick him up and the purpose was to kill him.  I just saw the whole thing.   So I warned him and he did not go out of the house.

SID:  This happened a second time too.  Tell me what else happened.

JOSE:  The second time I went out with my wife to this restaurant and we just sat down. Within a minute of sitting down the Lord spoke to me, “Get out of there and go to your brother’s house. So after talking to my wife for about a minute and a half she decided to come with me. We went to my brother’s house, we knocked on the door and five or six minutes later he comes down and I asked, “Tony, are you okay?” He says, “Yes, I am.” “Tony, are you okay?” He said, “I am.” The third time I asked, “Tony, are you okay?” He says, “No.” I said, “What’s up with you?” He said, “I was just this close to killing myself.”  And I said, “The Lord just sent me here to stop that.” And of course he received the Lord and committed his heart to the Lord at that particular time in his life.

SID:  Now, sometimes, you’ve told me, that you see bad things like sin in people’s lives or around them.  Tell me about one pastor that this happened with?

JOSE:  Wow.  This particular pastor as very dear to my heart and I loved him and would pray for him daily, of course. And the Lord showed me there was sin in his life and I when started to confront that area, he said, “You know too much.  Get out of my face!  I don’t want nothing to do with you.”  And he literally stopped speaking to me because I just shared what the Lord

SID:  Now, did you see the exact sin?

JOSE:  Absolutely, absolutely

SID:  Did you tell him?

JOSE:  Yes.

SID:  Could you tell me, since I don’t know who it is?

JOSE:  Okay, good, good.  And we’re not talking about his name so. It was some sexual immorality going on in his life at that particular time.

SID:  What, Jose, what makes someone that is a minister, or what makes someone who says they are a Christian, be involved in sins of that nature?

JOSE:  I believe it is an issue of people’s heart.   If you have an area, for instance, if you don’t like liver, no matter how much liver they put in front of you, you are not going to bite into it. But if you have an area that connects with sin, whatever the sin might be.  It could be finances, it could be pride, could be sexual addiction, you are going to bite into it.  And I believe people have not learned to sanctify themselves completely unto God, and there is an opening, and so the enemy comes to them with these things.

SID:  Tell me about one time you literally left where you were and went somewhere and saw things you had no way of knowing.

JOSE:  Right.  Again, one day I was in my office doing some study, and all of a sudden I am taken out of my body into this place of decision making; and all of the big shots were at this table putting a date for war to take place, and I saw the whole thing.

SID:  A date for war to take place?

JOSE:  Yes, yes, they were planning this particular time and season; a date, and they spoke like November is no good as this is a holiday. Christmas is no good because of this, and they were going back and forth setting a date to war.

SID:  My goodness, what did you do with that information?

JOSE:  I was so scared thinking God would trust me with that information and I said, “Lord show me Your ways; teach me how to pray when You show me these things.” But you know, my first reaction was, “Oh my Lord, war is coming down.”

SID:  Now when you left where you were and went to, was this another country?

JOSE:  Yes.

SID:  And went to this other country and saw the plan for the war, were you a little afraid?

JOSE:  Absolutely.

SID:  That’s a pretty supernatural event.

JOSE:  Yes, but the peace of God was with me.  I was afraid with all that information that I was receiving by the Spirit. But the peace of God was all over me when I was looking at it.

SID:  We’ll be right back, after these words.

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Our Guest Jose Santana

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SIDHello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Jose Santana. This is unlike any show that you have ever seen before, it’s interactive; it’s supernatural. You’re not sitting back as a spectator, you are a participant. I have a man that in my Jewish scriptures is called a seer. He sees things from the invisible world, he knows things about people he had no way of knowing. He gets transported in his body to other places. He can’t do this at will; he can only do this when God shows him to do it. Jose, before we learn about this marvelous gift, I want you to tell me a bit about your background.

JOSE:  Okay, my background, I just came from Puerto Rico, moved to New York City, and I met some people there who wasn’t walking right with God.  They were dealing drugs, and I got sucked into this thing of doing drugs and selling drugs, and was doing good for awhile for a time and a season. But after a while the wages of sin caught up with me and I almost lost my life in a car accident and some people in my family was praying for me and my life began to turn around. After I hit bottom, they invited me to church and a regular guy in church gave me a word of knowledge. And the word of knowledge was that Jesus loves me. And I go “How can this Jesus love me after I have been so wicked and done such evil things to people’s life?” But the peace of God and the love of God came all over me and I shared it with my wife.

SID:  When you say the peace and love of God, do you really mean a tangible thing, I mean, did you feel this?

JOSE:  I felt it in my spirit and my mind, all around me. A peace that I never experienced before with no drugs that I ever did before, with no relationship that I had, no car that I drove, could compare to this.

SID:  So how did your wife react?

JOSE:  Oh, she thought I was crazy. She said, “Calm down, honey.” And three months later she was keeping an eye on me and saw a change.

SID:  Like what?  What kind of change?

JOSE:  I became more sensitive to her needs.   I began to help out in the house, I had never helped with anything in the house and she said “I don’t know what you have, but whatever it is, I want it.”

SID:   Now I understand that previous to this, you didn’t want to read much, but something happened to your reading.

JOSE:  Yes, I was a person who just read what I needed to know, and all of a sudden the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit of God drew me to His word, and there would be times, eight and ten hours a day that I couldn’t put the Bible down.   I was being sanctified by His word, I was being renewed by the word of God, and change took place inside of me.

SID:  That is an amazing change, for someone who doesn’t read just to want to read. For how many hours would you read the Bible?

JOSE:  Eight, ten hours a day.

SID:  Did you hear that?  Eight or ten hours a day; but then, he literally got caught up into heaven. Tell me about that.

JOSE:  Oh yes.  I was meditating in my bed about the word of God and being so thankful that He saved my soul. And suddenly, I’m up in Heaven, and I saw the streets of gold, and the angels of God in this big room but I met Jesus there for the first time. And He sat me in His lap.

SID:  Are you telling me you literally sat in the lap of Jesus?

JOSE:  Yes, Sir.

SID:  Okay.

JOSE:  Yes, and He put His hand around me, and the love of God was gushing out of Him towards me, but I felt like a filthy rag in His presence; a filthy rag.

SID:  Now, that’s unfair. How come He did that with you, and He didn’t do that with me?  I’ve never been up in heaven.  I’ve never been in His lap.

JOSE:  Well, He is

SID:  What great things did you do to deserve this?

JOSE:  Nothing; all by His love.  When I got saved, the only thing for two and one half years I said, “Lord, I thank you for saving my soul.”  That was my prayer, nothing else.

SID:  Then you started praying to hear God’s voice.  Tell me.

JOSE:  Yes.  After a while of being grateful for being saved, I asked the Lord, “Would you consider giving me this gift of prophecy?”  Would you consider? And He did give it to me. I began to see things, how people looked inside. I could hear the voice of the Holy Spirit

SID:  What do you mean, how people could look inside? You mean you could see what’s going on inside of them?

JOSE:  I could literally see how the spiritual condition was of these people around me.   Or I could go to a house, and the house was with sin, and I would be crying and sobbing to the point that I could not even walk.   People would have to carry me out.

SID:  Did you want this gift?

JOSE:  Oh, I asked the Lord for it, very much indeed.

SID:  Wait a second.  When you tell people when you see sin in someone’s life, that’s a tough assignment, Jose.

JOSE:  It is; specifically when they are leaders.  It is.  And the response from leaders is, “You know too much.  I don’t want to see you.”

SID:  I would imagine there are some people who don’t even want to be in your presence.

JOSE:  Absolutely.  Absolutely.

SID:  Well, I want to tell you something.  He is going to move into such a supernatural arena with you. Don’t go away, we are going to be right back, and you are going to have an encounter with the supernatural.

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