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SIDHello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Jose Santana. We believe all over the world people are having miracles, ordinary people with a supernatural God. We want you to take your little home video and tell us in one to three minutes what God did for you and the best ones we’ll put on our internet site, or you’ll see it on, “It’s Supernatural.”  My guest in the studio is Jose Santana.  Jose, I wish you could turn your gift on at will.  But you can’t, can you?

JOSE:  No, I can’t.  Only when the Holy Spirit speaks to me, or reveals things that I am at liberty to share those things, but it is not at will.

SID:  Now, sometimes you are not at liberty to share what the Holy Spirit shows you?

JOSE:  No, because there are things so profound about people, what they are doing; sinful things, that you cannot come openly at times and tell them all the things that they are doing badly.   So you have to use wisdom when to release those words.

SID:  Now, everyone would want a gift like you have, every single person I know would love to have a gift like you have. But you were telling me that the whole things God’s looking for is motive.  Explain that.

JOSE:  Absolutely.  It has to be based on the love of God that I minister to you. It has to be with the love of God that I correct you. So when I was praying years ago for the gift, I said “Lord, I will use the gift to build, to direct and to encourage people, and if it is to correct please give me the wisdom how to correct your people.” Sometimes I bring correction to a pastor who has 38 or 40 churches, so I have to do it with the most respect.

SID:  So, tell me about that one case?

JOSE:  That particular case, I asked “Lord, this man of yours that I admire has churches all over the place.” He said, “Bring him to your house, cook dinner for him, and then ask permission if you can wash his feet and in the washing of his feet, begin to prophesize the issues of his heart.”  And I did and when I released the word of the Lord, he started sobbing before the Lord.

SID:  And since I don’t know who he is, and no one else does, what did you tell him?

JOSE:  What I told him was that bitterness was hitting his heart, and he repented, because it was true.

SID:  Did you follow up; did you see that this changed?

JOSE:  Absolutely.  We are still very good friends and we do some meetings together and we network, but change took place in his heart.

SID:  Now many times before a meeting you will see something that is going on.  Tell me about it.

JOSE:  Yes.  A lot of times I am praying for the atmosphere of the meeting and all of a sudden I see this particular lady.  And the Lord said I see her like I see you. And he said this lady had been abused in other churches, she needs somebody who will love her and work with her, and so forth and so on… So I’m preaching in the church and when I see the lady come I point to the pastor and I say, “Pastor this is the lady that God showed me.” And sure enough, all the symptoms and the makeup of the lady were revealed by the Spirit.

SID:  You know what, I like specifics.  Can you think of one specific case like that, when you saw someone before service and they were exactly like, you had never seen them before, and they were in that church, dressed the way you saw them, and what was wrong with them, and what happened?

JOSE:  Specifics?

SID:  Yes.

JOSE:  Yes.  I was in this other church a few weeks ago and I’m praying and I see this lady and the Lord showed me she was wounded by many of the things in the church and that she was going to come to one of the meetings.  So the first day she didn’t come to the meeting.  So I’m looking for her and she’s not there. So the pastor said “What happened to the lady that you mentioned to me?’’  And I said she wasn’t there.   The following day I see her and I mentioned top the pastor, “This is the lady the Lord showed up.” We worked with her about her wounds and she went fasting and praying and she got rid of that situation.

SID:  Now you do something, you do a lot of things that I have never seen before, but you do something that is, let me tell you, it is outrageous!   I pulled out of my wallet a picture of my middle granddaughter. I was having lunch with Jose and I pull out the picture, and I give it to Jose, and, do you remember that?

JOSE:  Yes.

SID:  And you started telling me something about my middle granddaughter.  I have three granddaughters; you started telling me something about her that was not a good guess. You know that.  I mean you knew, this little girl from when she was almost an infant knew what she wanted, you could not sway her, and Jose, if you had picked one of my other granddaughters and said that, I would have said, “Wrong!” because they are not like that. But this one is so opinionated and so strong, and you nailed her. So you nailed her just from looking at the picture you nailed her from what I knew and then you told me what would happen in her future. Now, when you look at a picture, tell me what goes on inside of you?

JOSE:  Okay.  Inside of me first I ask the Holy Spirit, “Holy Spirit could you show me the make-up, the likes and dislikes, and could you show me the future of this particular person?” And I look and, a lot of times I just concentrate on the eyes. The Bible says, “The eyes are the windows of your soul.”

SID:  Yes.

JOSE:  So I ask the Holy Spirit, and a lot of times it is like watching a video camera. The whole information just comes through vividly, just like if I am seeing the child at home, and I’m calling out what the Lord is showing me. And other times it will be like the Holy Spirit speaking unto my ear segment by segment by segment. Ah, I was in a church in Pennsylvania just a little while ago, and the Lord said the second service to tell everybody to bring pictures. So the whole church brings 158 pictures and we put them on the altar, and the service took like ten minutes and the Lord gave me a prophetic word for 158 people who wasn’t there.

SID:  Let me tell you something.  Every one of you wants Jose to give you a prophetic word.  It’s not going to happen.  But I’m going to give you a prophetic word and it is going to happen. There is no other name given unto men in which we must be saved but the name of Jesus.   And enough is enough.  You have settled for cheap religion.  You have missed intimacy with God. Every one of us is supposed to hear God.  Maybe not as a prophet, like Jose, but every one of us is supposed to have such intimacy with God. You cannot have intimacy with God because you are not holy, unless you tell God you are sorry for your sins, and believe the blood of Jesus washed away your sins, and then ask  Jesus to be your Messiah and Lord. You don’t need my words; you just need a broken heart. God’s waiting for you. Do you know your whole history is already written in heaven, and it’s a good history; but there is a bad history for you and the choice is yours. If you choose to follow God, and you choose to say, “God, I want to hear your voice,” just like Jose did and you spend quality time with God and start reading His word, I tell you He is not a respecter of persons. Everything you have ever wanted is before you.  Choose this day who you will serve. But as for me and my house, as for you and your house, I believe you will serve the Lord. Do it now, right now.

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