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Sid Roth welcomes Joan Hunter

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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Joan Hunter. And I’m…this is the kind of person I am. Joan, I would like to know what goes on in your home when you’re writing checks. How do you do it? And give me a few clues, because, I mean, she’s a few months away from paying off her home. She was upset with the carpet in her home. And she prays and someone gives her a new carpet. I want to know what you’re doing.

JOAN: It’s wall-to-wall carpet, brand new, the finest quality installed, no charge. It was awesome. He just wanted to bless me and I thought, thank you, Jesus. But you know what? God used him to represent Him. And when God wants to bless us in every area, whatever you’re believing God for, see it. It’s like, well how much should I give or, number one, ask God. Obedience is very, very powerful. Number two, get it lined up with a scripture. Put your money where your mouth is. You’re confessing ‘this happening in my life that I’m going to prosper, that I’m going to be a thousand times more numerous than I am.’

SID: You know, most people don’t realize it, and you said it so quickly. You have to get in line with a scripture. That’s where the power comes from. It’s not just, oh God, give me it. No. This is your promise, Lord, and I’m lining up with your promise. That’s what you’re saying.

JOAN: Yes. And obedience and alignment coming together is so powerful in whatever God tells you to give you need to give. If you can back up with a scripture, that adds more power to it. And like Isaiah 55:11, “So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth, it shall accomplish where to I send it.” So at that point, you go, okay, I am believing God for a new car, so I’m going to seed $55.11 and I’m going to send…

SID: Why $55.11?

JOAN: Based on Isaiah 55:11.

SID: Oh, yeah.

JOAN: My seed is going to go and it’s going to accomplish where to I send it.

SID: Now that is really demonstrating your faith.

JOAN: It is.

SID: She writes the check out for the scripture that she’s believing God for. That’s wonderful.

JOAN: It’s awesome. And like when you plant and you want a cornfield, you don’t go out and plant pea corn, pea seed. You plant corn seed for corn. And so we plant the scripture that lines up with what we’re believing God for. And we’re believing God for supernatural finances to pay off our house. We will seed $111.

SID: Why $111?

JOAN: Deuteronomy 1:11. You can do $1.11, $11.11, $111, $111,000, $111 million, whatever it is.

SID: I like that $111 million!

JOAN: I like that one, too. But the Word says He’s going to make you a thousand times more numerous than you are. And when He says to, “Go make a thousand times more numerous,” that means in every area, in your ministry, in your job, in your family. It’s phenomenal what’s happening.

SID: And I have to tell you, a lot of you have backed off of giving, especially when you hear, “sow your seed” because many times you judge the minister and you judge their heart, which you should not be doing. But there has been a lot of greed that has been involved in this whole concept of modern day giving. But it’s not greed. It’s the heart of God. If your motivation is expanding God’s kingdom, if your motivation is right then God’s Word it’s just like the rain. It will accomplish what it was sent out to do. Joan, give me an example of someone that took a scripture and what happened with them.

JOAN: We had a situation in a meeting a few months ago, and she says, “God, I want to get out of debt so that I can do more for you.” She seeded $111 on Friday night, very specifically, Friday night, gave $111. She wanted to do more missions, but she just needed extra finances to do that. Saturday, very important, she got a phone call saying that her debt of several hundred thousand dollars had been wiped out, that she no longer had a mortgage on her home. On Saturday.

SID: I love it. I can see you thinking of scriptures. Give me another scripture and what happened to the person.

JOAN. Oh! This is one of favorites. Isaiah 49:25: “He who contends with me, I will contend with.” Two parts here. “He who contends with me,” anybody coming against you, you can see like a court case or whatever, and it will be dropped. It’s amazing what happens with that one. And then also it starts with, “But thus says the Lord,” and it ends with, “and I will save your children.” Last year, God spoke to my husband and I to seed $49.25 for my four girls, his four sons, which was times eight. We did. Every single one of them had received, the six of them that had jobs, all of them received raises on their jobs, promotions on their jobs. I have three sons-in-laws. They all got promotions on their jobs. Their cars were given, they had finances. I mean, all within a period of like nine months, every single one of them was astronomically blessed in the natural, but also spiritually.

SID: Are you ready to be blessed in the natural and spiritually? Joan, would you pray for supernatural provision right now.

JOAN: I will. Father, right now in the name of Jesus, I curse any form of the spirit of poverty and the curse of poverty in Jesus’ name. And Father, I thank you for totally wiping out in their mind the poverty mentality in Jesus name. Even though there’s money in the bank, people still think that they’re poor. And Father, I thank you for totally wiping that out of their memory of their thought, that they are children of the King. And Father, that they’re living on a limited income. Remove that thinking. Use wisdom, use budgets. But Father, I thank you that with you it is an unlimited income in Jesus’ name. I speak supernatural financial breakthrough, supernatural provision financially, coming into the homes. I speak scholarships coming in for college and tuition, and so forth. My stepson received a full ride to Harvard and graduated with honors from Harvard. God wants to bless you. And Father, right now we thank you for finances showing up in bank accounts, raises on the job, witty inventions. We speak that forth Jesus’ name for literally a deluge of finances coming in, in Jesus’ name.

SID: Joan, I want to see our people walk in the same favor you’re walking under. I want to see our people walking in the same favor It’s Supernatural is walking under. Let me tell you why we’re walking in such favor, because we understand the spiritual law of evangelism. Here’s how it works. When God wanted to reach the whole world, he picked a Jew. He went to the Jew first. When Jesus wanted to reach the whole world, he said, “I go only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” It’s as if God planted a seed with the Jew. It’s as if Jesus planted a seed with the Jew to reach the whole world. When Paul the apostle, to the gentile, wanted to reach the whole world, what did he say in Romans 1:6? “I’m not ashamed of the Gospel. It’s the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes to the Jew first.” That’s the secret to the unusual favor that Joan and I are walking under right now. And I pray that same favor will overtake you and the wealth of the wicked is stored up for you, the righteous.

JOAN: Amen.

SID ROTH: Get ready. Put your hands out to receive. It’s God’s time for your favor now.

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Sid Roth welcomes Rebecca Greenwood

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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah, her name is Rebecca Greenwood and God has groomed her to help you get free; an area that’s been demoted to the back room if it’s even there.   And half of Jesus’ ministry was casting out evil spirits.  Imagine if Jesus was walking in the flesh today with what’s going on in the movies, with what’s going on television, with what’s going on with video games, I mean almost everyone He meets has got generational curses on their life and it’s affecting them, it’s crippling them.  People can’t walk into their destiny and it’s so simple and that’s why God raised Becca Greenwood up as a new believer, God gave her a vision; took her up to the throne room and showed her the people that she was responsible for to help them get free so they could achieve their destiny.  And she starts out with let’s get the children free, but this is going even further back, Becca tell me about the unborn baby rose from the dead but everything that she does for children should be done for teens if it wasn’t done when they were a child.  And everything she does for teens should be done for adults if it’s never been done.

Becca:  Amen, well this you know Sid was an incredible story and just supernatural moment.  There was a young woman who she had one miscarriage and she was pregnant again and she had gone to the doctor and they could not find a heart beat on the second visit with her child.  And so her parents requested myself and my team we were actually ministering in her city, if we would meet with her and minister to her?  We said, “Absolutely.”  And so she came and we began to pray for her and there was trauma that had happened and so some open doors of abuse that had happened in her earlier years in life, and when we were ministering to her the Lord began to prophetically show me that that trauma and that abuse had released this, it was almost like a curse of death in her womb.  And so I walked over, the presence of the Lord was just so beautiful and we walked over and we laid hands on her womb and just very gently just spoke, I break all power of death in this womb right now and we say that it will not steal, this death will not steal, the trauma will not steal the seed of this woman’s womb.  And we broke the power of death off her womb and off that unborn child and we spoke life, we just stood there and laid hands on her womb and just released and spoke life into her womb.  And we were all weeping; the presence of the Lord was so tangible.  And so we left, we told her before that next doctors visit where they’re going to check for that heart beat, get not cards that talk from the word of God and get scriptures from the word of God; write them on those note cards and stick them up on your mirror where you’re getting dressed.  On your refrigerator where you see them, just speak life.  She goes to the doctor and they put that little monitor, the Doppler on her belly there and they’re trying to hear the heart beat, but they did it once and they lifted it and they said “We can’t hear it.”  And she said, “And she started to weep,” and she said, just try one more time and my child is alive.

Sid:  Now if they had not tried again, what were they going to do?

Becca:  They were telling her that they would have to perform a DNC.  And so she was literally fighting for the life of her child.  And she said “Just please put it on just one more time, I know this child is alive and at that request they put that monitor back on her stomach and you could hear just as plain as day the heart beat of that baby.  And he is alive, he’s beautiful, he’s thriving, and literally we prophesied that that the child that would be born would be a prophet of God and he’s just a toddler, but that’s proving to be very true.  And so we can even hearing and understanding this the power of not even just we needed to see that child raise and resurrected and brought back to life within her womb but even the power of freedom and deliverance that came into her life and all the other children that she will have as well.  And you know even right now, I just feel very strongly a word of knowledge that there is a mother that is listening and I sense that and I’m seeing that you have a child and I believe your child is around the age of thirteen and this child has really been struggling with fear and has also been struggling with depression and right now I just want to pray in agreement for that child that this young child that I am seeing even in the night hours those night terrors that seem to really have been intensifying and this mother has really been crying out “Lord, what is the answer.”  So whether we come together in agreement for this, I believe it’s a girl, I’m seeing a girl around the age of twelve or thirteen and that fear that has gripped her that this is her season of freedom.  We speak that all fear and all nightmares and night terrors that are resting on this young girl that are intensifying in this season; we say that you are canceled now in Jesus name.  And Lord we speak boldness and courage and power and love and a sound mind into this beautiful young girl.  Lord we thank you that you released your ministering, even warring angels to be dispatched in her room and where the enemy has brought fear to her in the night hours to shut down that prophetic anointing and gifting I her that is so strong, Lord I thank you that she will begin to see your angels, that she will begin to see things of your kingdom, Jesus.  That she will see You and she will experience You and Your love in the night hours, where fear has tried to take advantage and intimidate and we say that assignment is canceled and finished right now in Jesus name.  And I also see that there is another woman that is listening and I’m feeling that she also heard my testimony earlier in the week Sid, how the Lord set me free from depression.  And I hear the Lord just speaking to you that this is your season of hope and joy and the depression that came into your life came in because of repeated years of trauma and abuse.   And your younger years, but Lord right now for this sister that I’m seeing and I believe you are in your thirty’s that I’m seeing, Lord we invite you Holy Spirit to come now, touch her heart.  Lord heal her hurts and the traumas in her heart Lord from the time that she was a very young age and right now we speak that that depression lift off of her.  I speak and release freedom, we cancel all assignments of depression and heaviness and that generational cycle of abuse that has come down that family line sister that rested on you.  We break that pattern and that cycle now, right now and we speak and release freedom and life and the love of the Lord.  And Lord ever as we’re praying flood over her from the top of her head to the souls of her feet with your Father’s heart of love.  And Lord let her be captivated by your Father’s heart her.

Sid:  I see someone where there’s a creative miracle happening right now, you are getting a new hip.  You have pain in your hip area; you are getting a new hip right now in Yeshua’s name.  Now something that bothers me Becca a great deal is that people have things in their homes that attack demonic spirits or things have happened in their homes that they are not even aware of that attack demonic spirits.  Could you briefly tell me the story of Julie and Ron that had the new baby that’s never slept later than 5:00AM and would not sleep any longer than thirty minutes at a time and had these screaming episodes.

Becca:  And basically what you just described is exactly what happened with Julie and Ron and their daughter and that happened with her from the time that they brought her home as a new born until around the age of a year and a half.  And no sleep any longer than thirty minutes and it really developed into just total fear.  And Julie began to realize there’s something not right with this and there was one evening where it escalated so much so that they brought their daughter into bed with them and she actually was sleeping that night but she was very restless sleep.  So Julie decided to go sleep in another bedroom, it was there guest bedroom.  In this guest bedroom she had this dream that was very vivid very real, some sort of cult abuse kind of thing happening in that room.  And literally in the dream she began to feel demonically attacked to where she was choking.  So the next day when they went to church she told her prayer pastor what was going on and she said, “We need to come pray in your home.”  And so she came and the prayer team prayed in the home and by word of knowledge, prophetic revelation they felt very strongly that there had been an occult activity and abuse that had happened in that home with previous owners.  So they prayed and they broke the power of abuse, perversion, they broke the power of occult activity and that night their baby daughter who had not slept I mean one night all the way through since she was born, literally slept thirteen hours straight.  And Julie was so concerned, she kept going in and check on her and she realized I have a daughter that loves to sleep but the enemy was trying to rob her of that sleep.  And they found out later after that prayer time that sure enough the people that had previously owned that home had sexually abused their children and were involved in occult activities within that home.  So we have to understand the things that are in our home from previous owners, we have to understand when we buy new places to pray through them, set them aside for the Lord.  We don’t want to have things in our home that are magnets that will attack the demonic.

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Our Guest Mark Virkler

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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be able to hear God’s voice for themselves; wouldn’t that be wonderful?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to do what Jesus did, Jesus said, “I only do what I see,” s-e-e what I see my heavenly Father doing.  My guest, Mark Virkler has written an interactive book called “How to Hear God’s Voice?”  And Mark if someone goes through this entire interactive book what should they expect?

Mark:  They should expect to hear the voice of God; see vision and be able to write out page after page on a daily basis of what God is saying to them.

Sid:  Now, I would like to find out where the rubber hits the road so to speak in your life through hearing God’s voice and journaling.  How this has affected you and changed you; give me some real life stories.

Mark:  Well, everything in my life changed but let’s start with one story of a real trauma that I went through that needed to get healed by the power of God and how He healed it through His voice and vision.  The trauma was after I had worked for a number of years for a church I was fired instantaneously, they called me one night at 7:00 and said, “We want to have breakfast with you.”  And I said, “Sure.”  We had breakfast the next morning and they said, “We terminated your position last night in the board meeting, we want you to clear out your office today and leave.”  Ha-ha and I laughed because I knew they were joking, but they weren’t and man talk about being wounded because I worked there for seven years, and I planned on being there for the rest of my life and their kicking me out.  And so I got really angry and I got really bitter.

Sid:  Did they give you good reasons?

Mark:  No, they gave me a few reasons that they had, but none of them were really the real reasons, okay but they were the reasons that they gave me; and none were valid I think in my book.  But I think I do know what the valid reasons were and that’s fine, but basically I was angry and bitter you know and for the next six months I was angry and bitter and then I had arthritis in my knuckles for the next six months because of anger and bitterness.  I had arthritis in my knee and I realized fine, now I’m going to be crippled in my old age because of these miserable people and what they’ve done to me.

Sid:  So now your unemployed and getting crippled, ha-ha.

Mark:  Exactly, and so I said, “I don’t want to be crippled so I said fine I forgive them,” but I still hated them so that didn’t work.  So I said, “Fine, I really really forgive them and I still hated them.  And I said fine, “I really, really forgive them” and I still hated them and I said, “Guess what this prayer wasn’t working” and I had finally learned that if one prayer doesn’t work try a different style of prayer and I realized there are different styles of prayer.  One style is inner healing, so I said, “I’m going to try inter-healing kind of prayer” and inner healing is when I invite Jesus into the scene to see what He’s doing because the picture I’m looking at in my mind doesn’t include Jesus.  I’m looking at these three men in the restaurant table and me sitting across from them and them firing me and blood all over the floor and I’m stabbed to death and Jesus was nowhere in my picture.  So the question of course would is that a true picture or is that a picture with a lie in it?  And the answer is it would be a picture with a lie in it because the truth is Jesus is Immanuel, God with us.  And so I said, “Fine, I need to do inner healing and invite Jesus into the scene because I know He was there.”  And in my morning devotions I said, “Lord Jesus where were You at in this restaurant?”  And so I looked around and the picture in my mind’s eye was to see if I could find Jesus.  And I figured He probably had a baseball bat and He was clubbing them to death and you know “How dare you touch my son you know.”  And so I’m looking for visions and the picture that lights up on my mind is Jesus standing off where the waiter would stand in the ally way and He’s laughing hilariously and slapping His knees?  And I said, “Excuse me I’m bleeding to death over here what is so funny?”  And I’m tuned to spontaneous flowing thoughts and I’m journaling and writing down what Jesus is saying and He says, “Mark, don’t you know I set this whole thing up?”  and I said, “Don’t tell me that I’ll get mad at you too,” and He said, “Mark I have told you now for two years to get on the road and teach communion with God and you wouldn’t go so I just helped you by throwing you out of the nest.”  And I said, “Yeah, but I’m going to die.”  He said, “Well, you want…

Sid:  Now are you seeing this and like watching a movie screen; what’s going, how are you receiving this?

Mark:  I’m receiving this the same way you saw this snap shot, yesterday’s session.  A picture or spontaneous picture lit up on my mind, I mean I started the scene by picturing in my mind the restaurant table with the three men was there.  And so that’s a godly imagination okay, and then I asked the Holy Spirit to take it over; I invited the Holy Spirit to take it over and He took it over.  Jesus showed up and Jesus showed up in that picture inside of my mind it’s moving, Jesus is moving, He’s laughing so it’s spontaneous pictures on the screen inside my mind and the words are spontaneous thoughts coming to me which I am writing down.  Okay.

Sid:  Okay.

Mark:  Flowing words, flowing pictures; “Because out of your innermost being shall flow.”  So when you are tuned to flow you’re tuned to the Holy Spirit.

Sid:  So after having a vision like this did you have any problem with forgiveness?

Mark:  Well, I said, “Lord I was going to leave I just wanted to pay some bills off you know and get some money in the bank.”  He said, “How long would that have taken you?” Because I had $15,000 in bills and I was only making $22,000 a year and I had a family of four to support.  And I said “Lord, it would probably taken me thirty years,” that’s why I kicked you out because you would have never fulfilled your destiny.  And He said, “You can see these men as wicked men or you can see them as instruments in my hand thrusting you into your destiny, and if you see them as wicked men it’s going to produce crippleness and poor health and destruction for you and if you see them as instruments in my hand it will produce life and fulfillment.”  He said, “You choose the picture you want to look at.”  I said, “Well, I think I should go with the second one because I don’t want to be crippled in my old age so.”

Sid:  So what happened with your arthritis?

Mark:  Instantly went away.

Sid:  Instantly?

Mark:  Well, within twenty-four hours the pain…

Sid:  That’s instant, that’s instant.

Mark:  It’s down to 50% down, you know because I just couldn’t hate any more okay and hatred just pours toxins into your joints you know and you can’t hate because when you hate I turn you over to the tormentors, which are demons.  So I also renounced any demons that have attached themselves to me; and so between those two things within less than a week all pain was gone, okay.  So He brought emotional healing, spiritual healing, physical healing and I wrote on a three by five card, the Lord said “Mark, I want you to have me show you all the gifts that are placed in your life through the seven years that you’ve worked at that church.  And so I wrote them all down tuned into flow and had God show them to me.  It was a fabulous list of gifts.  And He said, “Put that at eyeball level and look at that because whatever you fix your eyes on grow within you.”  And whatever to become, so I’ve learned that a hurt is healed when you can see the gifts that God was producing in your life through it; and I put those gifts at eyeball level and yes, I was able to forgive, release, honor and bless them for doing something for me that I was afraid to do myself.

Sid:  Mark, give me a few stories of people that have learned to hear God’s voice and it’s helped them in their business.

Mark:  Well, Sid, one person I can share with you is Bill Duplay, he works as one of the Vice Presidents at Hewlett Packard in Canada, he goes to John Arnotts church out there Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship.  And he’s been involved in renewal all of his life and he’s taken out course, communion with God and all of his life he’s been getting creative stuff for the business field.  And they’ve send him all over the world as one of their spokesmen because he’s so effective and so good.  And one of the things he told me this morning on the phone because he emailed me and was journaling and just to bounce it off for me, he believes in spiritual advisors too.  He said, “He has given, had printed up by Hewlett Packard, nine different leadership messages which Hewlett Packard has projected out to the entire company.  And he’s said he’s received all nine messages from the Holy Spirit as a Rhema Words, spontaneous flowing stuff which is direction for the company for the month, for the year; and the future.  And he said he gets it about six months before the rest of the company gets it and he releases it to them and they like it and they make it part of their leadership messages that they send out worldwide through Hewlett Packard.          `

Sid:   You know it occurs to me that we’re going through some pretty dark times in the world from an economic viewpoint, but it doesn’t have to be dark times for Bible believers and I think this is God’s supernatural transfer time where the wealth is going from the sinners to the righteous.

Mark:  Exactly, …we have thousands of groups actually

Sid: Well, give me another story of someone that it helped them in their business.

Mark:  Alright this was an email that I got from Suzanne; it was about a husband, Roger.  He was doing doctorial level mathematics thesis and he received revelation through a dream.  It was 1995, my husband Roger was working on his PHD Thesis in Aerospace Engineering.  He was working on robotics and the title of his thesis was Chemomatics and the Design of a Class of Parallel Manipulators.  Obvious so math was needed for the control of the parallel manipulators and the only trouble with the math was that it wasn’t working for Roger as he needed it to.  It was during a dream that night that Roger got an equation he needed to control his robot.  He got up and began writing down what he was getting and the math that he got in his dream led to a thirty-three page equation at the end of his thesis.  At the front of his thesis Roger stated I would like to thank God for giving me constant wisdom, guidance and strength.  And she said, “He got a lot of flack for that statement especially from his supervisor, but he never wavered because he knew the revelation he needed form that robot came from God through a dream at night.”

Sid: Mark, would you pray that those that are listening would experience this same flow of creativity?

Mark:   Yes, Father we thank you that you are the creator of the Universe and your creativity lives within us and you desire to release it out through us to touch and heal your world.  And so Father right now we open our hearts, we lift our hearts and our hands to you and we ask Holy Spirit anoint us, anoint our hearts with Devine creativity, anoint our minds with Devine creativity.  Allow us to see what You, see You in the spirit realm and what You want to release in this world.  And Father raise us up as the Spirit anointed leaders of who disciple nations and we’ll give you all glory, honor and praise for that which you do through us in Jesus Name.  Amen.

Sid:  You know Mark; I have to believe that what you are teaching is such essential mentoring information that every church and Bible study in the world should have this as foundational.  In fact I was reading in your book that Toronto Airport Vineyard uses this with their leadership.

Mark:  They surely do and they have me up about five times a year to teach this over and over and over in their church.

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