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Our Guest Kynan Bridges

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Sid: My guest Kynan Bridges, I’m going to put some very difficult questions to him that you need the answer to. Kynan, is it God’s will for everyone to be healed? I mean everyone?

Kynan: Yes.

Sid: That’s the short answer comment a little more.

Kynan: (Laughing) Well yes and this is why. Remember the Bible said that “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” Now that everlasting life is not just eternal life.” It is don’t get me wrong its eternal life but it’s what Jesus referred to in John 10:10. He said “I would that they would have life and have it more abundantly.” The word zoe “That’s life overflowing, supernatural life, life to the full, life that overcomes.” So God is not just interested in salvation but He’s also interested in our quality of life. So my statement will be this or my question will be this, “If God desires for all men to be saved via Yeshua why wouldn’t He desire for all men to be healed through Yeshua?” That’s the question.

Sid: Well that’s a fair question. You know what come to my mind Kynan Psalm 103 which most people know “Bless the Lord all my soul and forget not all of His benefits, who’s forgiven all of my sins.” And a real Christian would never doubt that but keep reading “And healed all of my diseases.” Can you get any more specific than that? (Chuckling)

Kynan: No you can’t. Now let me give you another scripture in the New Testament that even confirms it further. In Matthew chapter 12 verse 15 the Bible says that Jesus went into the coast, he departed from a place and the people brought all of their sick before him, they brought multitudes. The Bible says that He healed them all. Now all comes from an interesting Greek word which means “all.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Kynan: (Laughing) And when people understand that it was the heart of Jesus to heal all that were sick. Now when people understand that it was the heart of Jesus to heal all that were sick. Now I hear people say this “Well you know Jesus didn’t heal everybody.” Well Jesus also didn’t leave Judea. So of course everybody on earth was not healed during the ministry of Jesus but it was His heart, it was His intention that He heals anyone that came to him in faith and sincerity.

Sid: Now we were talking about deliverance and sometimes it’s a healing, sometimes it’s deliverance. You’ve been teaching lately about open portals to be demonized such as these adult book stores and adult clubs. What do you mean by that?

Kynan: Well this is… I can show you in the scripture but I also want to give you a practical example of something that literally happened to me. I was driving down the street one day and the road that I take to get home there’s a string of adult stores. And one day I was just minding my business and the Lord draws my attention to a store on the other side of me and I turned to the left and I see it. And the Lord says “Do you see this store?” And I say “Yes Lord.” And He said “That store is a demonic portal.” And I said “What do you mean?” He said “That store is a gateway to which Satan and his demons can enter in and bring in chaos, death, murder all sorts of things. That’s why many of the very problem areas in communities in neighborhoods you often see two things. You’ll see adult clubs and stores and you’ll see liquor stores and things of that nature. There is a spiritual connection between those stores as gateways and the calamities in the communities. Well the same thing is true because the Bible says that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. It says in 1st Corinthians 7 that we are to flee fornication. Now fornication the Greek word pornea is not just talking about sexual intercourse. But it’s talking about the literal translation pictures of prostitutes. It’s talking about immorality both with our eyes and with our actions, and it was a symbolism of idolatry.   Simple prostitutes would engage in sexual acts and fill themselves with demons so that they could venerate the gods. Now what happens to a believer who is exposed to this kind of demonic activity? Paul poses a question “Can you be a partaker of the Lord’s table and the table of devils? God forbid.” Remember Sid the role of demonic spirits and the kingdom of darkness is to inflect disease, calamity, oppression and even death if possible. So many times Sid people are actually being demonized and the fruit of that demonization is sickness and oppression and they don’t even know it.

Sid: Well what about forget the adult stores, in every home there’s computers and pornography is just running ramped now among young people. Among Christians, I mean it shouldn’t be if those adult stores and those liquor stores are that dangerous what about in your own home?

Kynan: That’s even worse because your home is where your heart is, it’s where your safety is. And many people are opening the gates to their family, to their children to be oppressed to be afflicted by the devil through those kinds of portals. And what you have to do if you want to see breakthrough Sid, you have to begin to collapse demonic portals. As you collapse those demonic portals by the Name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus and the word of God you will close the door and you will find that the propensity toward affliction, prolonged illness it will begin to dissipate from a person’s life.

Sid: Let me ask you this question because a lot of people are pondering this. What does someone do that understands intellectually about healing? They’ve been hearing it for the last 20 years healing in the atonement but after a long time they’re just not healed; what do you advise them to do?

Kynan: Well I would advise them to do like Paul advises all of us to in Ephesians chapter 6. “Having done all to stand, stand therefore with your loins girt about with truth; having on the breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation, the sword of the spirit, your feet shod with the gospel of peace.” And that’s talking about the full armor of God, my point though is I have experienced this many times, I have gone through this many times, I have loved ones, I have friends that have experienced this many times. And we have to get to a place Sid where we recognize that God’s word is immutable, is unchangeable. And we need to do 2 things Number 1 we need to identify strongmen that maybe holding out healing captive. So this could be demonic strongholds, it could be generational influences, the other demonic forces that are preventing your healing from manifesting. And 2, we have to persevere by taking on the shield of faith. Because the darts of the enemy that comes against a believer comes in the form of discouragement,  depression, despondency, despair. These things are designed to cause us to cast away our confidence and right when where we’re at the time we’re about to strike oil, anointing oil that is, healing, that’s when many people give up Sid, I’ve seen so many times they become cynical, they become bitter, they become frustrated right about the time they’re about to receive the manifestation of their healing. So those are the two things that I would definitely advise. Number 1 identify is there something preventing my healing from coming forth? Is there a demonic force? Is there some sort of stronghold? And 2 I need to persevere, I have to refuse to give in to my feelings.

Sid: Our time unfortunately is slipping away, but how would you like Kynan to teach you all of the secrets that’s taken years for him to learn. Tell me why you wrote the book your brand new book “Ninety Days to Possessing Your Healing.”

Kynan: I wrote this book because I am on a mission to see the body of Christ liberated from the oppressive hands of the enemy. You know the Bible says in 1st John chapter 3 verse 8 it says “For this purpose was the son of God manifested that He might destroy the works of the evil one.” I’m going to do as Jesus did Sid, John 14:12 says “The works that I do you shall do also and greater than me you do because I go to the Father.” Jesus destroyed the works of the enemy and I want to do the same and that’s why I wrote this book so that people Sid can be set free from debilitating sickness that we keeping them from fulfilling their purpose. God does not want you in a hospital bed; He does not want you in Hospice because as long as you are there you cannot go out to the nations, which is the way He’s called us all to be.

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Our Guests Rolland & Heidi Baker

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Rolland & Heidi Baker

Sid: My guest, and I’m so excited to have caught up with them are Heidi and Rolland Baker from Mozambique. I caught up with them here in the United States. But Rolland is… I interviewed you previously as I mentioned to you I read a book a number of years ago and the title of the book was “Visions Beyond the Veil.” It was about a missionary that went to China and he worked with the street kids, and these street kids had more things going on from the Kingdom of God than any people I’d ever heard of. They were having visions, they were going to heaven, they were knowing things about the scriptures even before they’d even read the Bible. I remember before I put the book down I said “Boy, I’ve got to interview this man.” And I go so upset when I found out that he had already been promoted to heaven. But then I found out that his grandson is around and that’s who I have on the telephone right now, Rolland Baker. And I understand that more people have become missionaries from reading that book “Visions Beyond the Veil.” And I have a picture in your new book of a city in China where your grandfather was. So obviously you went there and did some investigation, is that right?

Rolland: Well actually I was born in Kunming.

Sid: Ho.

Rolland: Where “Behind the Veil” took place. And that picture in the book is of the very court yard and chapel in the old Chinese building where those visions took place.

Sid: My goodness, did you spend many hours in there praying?

Rolland: Well it means a lot to me because the book affected me as much as anybody else. And so yes, it was very very meaningful to find that old building. I came back many, many years later and my father helped me find it. I was standing in the courtyard and in that chapel and it was just a beautiful amazing overwhelming time for me.

Sid: Now did you as a young person did you, did you have the desire to do the same thing your grandfather did? And that is work among the needy people in China and see these young kids become powerhouses for the Lord?

Rolland: Well I was overwhelmed by my grandfather’s testimonies and as I grew up I would visit him often and sit on his lap and he would tell me stories upon stories of supernatural encounters and demons and angels and visions. But I myself just simply as a young boy and man never thought I would be a saint like that, never thought that I could ever attain to experiences like that. So at first I settled for another life, a life of science and study and career back in the states. But it took a while for me to realize that God was calling me to a similar missionary life.

Sid: And now looking backwards, for those that aren’t familiar with the Baker Ministry they’re in Africa. They have started upwards of 5000 churches, they support 2000 orphans where they feed them daily and take care of them under their ministry; some 17 people have been raised from the dead. And I have to tell with all of those things the thing that tickles me the most, that excites me the most is you now and your wife are reaching orphans that are having the same experiences that the orphans your grandfather reached.

Rolland: That’s true, one of our main motivations to coming to Africa was to try to find the poorest people that we could find and the most helpless which would mean street children. And see a continuation of visions beyond the veil.    

Sid: Now how did you happen to come to Africa because I mean, I know your history, I know you were in Hong Kong and in England. And you know you did a lot but how did you happen to come to Mozambique?

Rolland: Well God dealt with us in several different streams and several different ways. Heidi herself long before she met me was filled with the Spirit and caught up in a vision in which Jesus audibly appeared to her and spoke to her and told her to be a missionary to Asia, England and Africa. I eventually also realized that God was calling me and that there was actually a possibility (chuckling) of my experiencing a life of missions in faith like my grandfather. And so while we were both in Hong Cong at the start of our missionary life in the ’80s I was reading a Time Magazine article and it was talking about the revolution and the persecution of Christians and the atrocities in Mozambique. They were having a terrible protracted civil war and I saw… I read to Heidi that the Red Cross trucks were being blown up by rebels and so many people were being killed by land mines and it just was one of the most horrible places on earth to be at the time. And even though we were ministering to so many poor street people in Hong Kong we had this restlessness. We knew that Hong Kong was not the poorest most remote and neglected place on earth. So we were looking for a more drastic place to prove the gospel like my grandfather did. He tried to get as far away from the nearest white man as possible and he ended up 10,000 ft. in the mountains of China to find the most needy place that he could find. But I read about Mozambique, Heidi’s immediate reaction was “We need to go there” (chuckling). And then over the next few years while we were studying in England and working with a street ministry there that we started as well the Lord began to supernaturally encourage us and point us and facilitate our interest in Africa. We did a lot of research in various countries of Africa and we kept zeroing in on Mozambique as the most poorest and the most needy.

Sid: You know as I have looked over your life story I can see the hand of God on your life starting with your grandfather and maybe it goes back even before that. Was your great-great-grandfather in ministry?

Rolland: No, I think it started with my father, I didn’t know my great-great-grandfather very well. He was in Ohio, it began with my grandfather actually. He left as a traditional evangelical missionary in the early 1900’s and then in his earliest times in China he encountered the Pentecostal Movement and was…that was a life changing thing for him. When the Holy Spirit filled him in that way and just kept pouring into him he was radically transformed and the Holy Spirit began to speak to him. And he was moved to go to the city of Kunming in far west China without support. And when he got there he and my grandmother just began to take in poor orphans he basically did everything upside down. Instead of beginning with big conferences, and conventions, and speaking with leaders, and government officials, and so forth he began with the least of these. Just the kids that he could find in the gutters, many of them were so sick that they would die in a few days but my grandmother would keep bringing in and washing them off. And he just started at the bottom and other missionaries thought that he was wasting his time you know he wasn’t dealing with potentially influential people. But he just kept doing it he just kept taking the low road and the result was one day the Holy Spirit just fell on these children and poured out more revelation on them than I’ve ever heard of in church history.

Sid: Now I’ll tell you I just couldn’t get over that book; somehow it came into my hands and experience it. But I have your book now and guess what? This could have been part of your grandfathers book.

Rolland: That’s true we came to Mozambique and we picked up and we volunteered to take over and we picked up, the volunteered to take over and take care of this old dilapidated government orphanage the government and other missions didn’t have any money to help with. And within a few months the children were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and began to receive visions just like my grandfather’s children did. And almost every day children were coming to us with visions. Jesus appearing to them, as some of our rascally kids you know they were causing trouble and stealing and fighting. Jesus would come and in one night just tell them just to stop that, stop your stealing, stop your fighting and start serving Me and start preaching for Me and tell the people that “I’m coming soon and they’re not ready.” And the next morning they’re out preaching to our whole group.

Sid: I have to tell you after knowing your story and your wife’s story and how God has used you. What we call Christianity in the west, what we call religion in the west I don’t think that we can even call it that compared to what you’re doing. How would you like to be in a nice beautiful church as the pastor say in a beautiful city in the United States, have 1000 plus people and an IRA your retirement, everything compared to what you’re doing.

Rolland: Oh, we wouldn’t trade it for anything. (Laughing) The most valuable thing that we can ever have is faith, faith in our God, faith in our Savior and have our minds up there where He is instead of bog down here. And what the American Church needs is faith.

Sid: Now why don’t we have it here?

Rolland: (Laughing) Well Jesus has competition.    

Sid: Who’s His competition?

Rolland: Competition is the cares of this world, it’s exactly what Jesus said, it’s not a new concept He talks about the seed. Some seed falls on rocky ground and some seeds falls in the weeds and it’s the cares of this world and the attraction of the things of this world that distract us. So it’s the love affair with Jesus that we’re really after and the problem is if people don’t have enough faith in Him to be attracted to Him and so they’re diverted by other things.

Sid: Our talk is right but we don’t get the experiences your kids get, we don’t get the miracles your kids get. You think that’s it?

Rolland: Yeah, it’s an issue of word and Spirit. We need the word to understand the truth but it takes the Holy Spirit to take those words and use it like a sword to convict us and change us and to fill us with a fiery real love for God and for each other.

Sid: Well you know Rolland I heard your wife Heidi speaking about the sermon on the Mount I have never heard someone teach on the sermon like that because she taught by this is how it plays out in life as opposed to theory. And I’m going to ask her on tomorrow’s broadcast to do some teaching on that. And also it’s all supernatural the way the two of you got together, I see how God put the two of you together. I mean it’s perfect for the ministry that God’s called you to. But we’re out of time today….

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Our Guest Pat Schatzline

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Sid: Oh my guest Pat Schatzline is red hot for the Messiah. Did you know that God can speak to you? I mean the Bible says “My sheep hear My voice.” Maybe, just maybe you need this down load from heaven. Pat Schatzline heard from heaven how you can be part of the end time remnant. In fact I’m going to ask him to pray a special supernatural prayer for you at the end of this broadcast. But Pat one night your wife comes to you because she has had a dream and tells you that you’re supposed to go to China to rescue your daughter. You don’t even have a daughter.

Pat: I certainly didn’t have a daughter. You know we tried for 10 years to try to have a child. Prophetic words over us, we have a son but for no reason, for no reason at all, the doctors could not find a reason we could not have another child. And Karen came to me Sid and she said Pat I had a dream I saw our daughter and I heard her crying in another land. And the Lord had spoken to her “And Karen in your despair you must rescue.” She was in despair for not being able to have another child. And so we began the process the journey. We even had it interrupted by stars and we would have gotten another child but we wouldn’t have gotten my beautiful little Abigail which is my Father’s joy. Karen has this dream and we go to China and we get our little girl. Sid I’ve got to tell you something that happened. About a year and half ago I was out of town and all of a sudden Karen calls me and she’s crying and I said “Honey, what’s wrong?” She said, we call her Abby, she said “Abby just came up to me in the house.” And I said “What happened?” She said “Mommy, I had a dream last night” and she said “Jesus came and saw me in my dream.” And Karen said “Really.” Now Abby’s 11 years old and she was about 9. And Karen goes “He told me, He reminded me that when I was in the orphanage with the other babies sleeping in the bed when I was cold.” She was 9 months old when we got her, that He used to say “Abby, hold on your mommy’s coming to get you.” “Mommy” she said “Last night He came and saw me and said “See Abby, I told you that your Mommy would come get you.” And she said “Isn’t that funny Mommy and runs off.” And Karen’s weeping controllably and I’m in a hotel room, I’m weeping uncontrollably that God loved our daughter enough, because He loves all of us that way to rescue her and break that orphan spirit. God has not called us to be orphans and the number one attack on the church today is an orphan spirit. Not realizing that God the Father has called you not to be slaves, but to be sons and daughters. He’s loves you so much I’m not going to leave you as an orphan spirit. That’s why anybody listening right now you can just say “God I need to feel the love of the Father around me.” Maybe you never had a dad you’ll feel His arms around you right now where you’re at. He’s breathing on you.

Sid: You talk about an orphan spirit, describe an orphan spirit.

Pat: An orphan spirit is a spirit that doesn’t truly believe that God loves you enough to make you His own. It doesn’t truly believe that God can do what He’s promised. An orphan spirit is a spirit waiting on God to leave them in the worst situations. We have raised a generation (I write about this in the book) 34% have grown up without parents, 72 percent in the inner city. So when we talk about God the Father most don’t even know what that means because they don’t even know what a father is because father’s have abandoned their families especially in America. But God says “I am a Father that will not walk away from you.” It took me years Sid, I was in ministry for years before I realized the true love of the Father that no matter what happens He won’t walk away from me. And an orphan spirit is a spirit that will keep you from ever having an encounter with God because you don’t believe that He’s really there when He says “I’m screaming your name right now.”

Sid: I believe that you can start people to be part of the end-time remnant. I believe that you can pray for people so that they can begin to walk with God, hear God. Demonstrate the kingdom and live as sons and daughters of the living God now, not when they’re in heaven but now.

Pat: Yes, well those that are listening right now you’re not an oops, you’re not an accident, you’re not a failure. Sid can I pray for them right now?

Sid: Please.

Pat: I cry out to You on behalf of those that are listening. Father, no matter what they’ve been through, no matter what scars they possess, no matter what pain they’ve been through I pray in Jesus Name that all they have to do is call out Your Name and Jesus You are right there with them. I pray for a supernatural encounter to overwhelm them. If they’re driving by car or their listening at home the glory of the Lord is filling your vehicle and His love is beginning to kiss you. And the presence of God is breaking an orphan spirit off of you because you are called a remnant, you are not an oops, you’re not an accident, you’re not a failure. There’s no such thing as someone that God can walk away from. He gave everything for you the ultimate sacrifice for you. So in Jesus Name all you got to pray is “Jesus, change me, forgive me, and invade me.” And His glory will walk in on you right now. And Father I pray that as their sitting there they’ll be so overwhelmed by your love; Father they’ll look down and see their scars are gone if they’re cutters. Father, they’ll begin to feel the glory of God shooting through their body. And sickness in their body must go now in Jesus Name we command it, devil you have no authority. And Father we pray for the freedom and the outpouring of God for the last days remnant to rise up. This is the moment where God begins to say here is why you were born, you weren’t born for the pain you were born for the joy. And God is bringing you up and pulling you up and grabbing a hold of you and taking you back to the cross the place of freedom and authority. In Jesus Name because the Bible says in Isaiah 10:21 “A remnant will return, a remnant of Jacob.” You are the remnant that God has planned to use. He has given you a mission field and it is right… one step away from you He has called you. If you’re a dad listening right now I pray that God gives you the authority to walk right in your house and be the spiritual thermostat. He has called your family to intimacy with God, to lay hands on your family, to wash your families feet again. If you’re a mom, if your weary, you’re a single parent who ever is listening God says “I lay down beside you as you go to sleep at night, I sing songs over you.” Just cry out to Him, God says “I’m right here.” And Jesus, I declare an encounter of Your glory like we’ve never experienced right now. In Jesus Name.

Sid: Now you call these encounters “An audience of One” explain.

Pat: You know I use the story in the book of meeting my daughter for the first time. When she reached out and rubbed my face at 9 months old and said “Bobba.” And audience of one is like getting a letter in the mail of how God said “I’ve been waiting on you.” It’s the woman that washed the feet of Jesus “Mary when she washed her feet with her hair, the room was full of people, nay sayers, Pharisees but she had an audience of one. The audience of one is that place where you begin to realize and it’s also the word of God. Anyone that God has ever used has had to have an audience of one where God walks up to you and talks to you. Sid, I’ve had the audience of one over and over. One time I was preaching at Brownsville and I was standing at the school of ministry there and revival broke out and they brought me into to speak. And I said “Be careful God will bump into you.” You know as I’m standing there praying I got shoved and nearly knocked on the ground. I thought that someone had done it, I got upset and I turned around and I thought that it was one of my staff members. And the Lord said “You said I would bump into you.” And oh my goodness I began to weep. The audience of one is what God did when He broke failure spirit off of me and Sid fear spirit off of me. It’s what He did when He broke grief off of me when my sister died. My wife came home one day and I’m sitting at the top of the stairs and she could see it it’s been 6 months since my sister died. She said “Jesus is standing behind you Pat go in your prayer room He’ll have an encounter with you.” Audience of one is when I found a letter in my yard that had fallen out of the tornado of 2011. And that letter said it was a sheet of paper out of a book, it had fallen out of the tornado that had come through this house, I live in Birmingham. And on April 25 I picked up the sheet of paper soaking wet and it was a page out of a book that said “After these disasters will come a World War.” I ran into my house and went up to my prayer room and was on my knees and I received a text that David Wilkerson had just died in a car accident from his nephew. As I’m sitting there the Lord said “You tell them.” And I said “Why did you put this in my front yard?” I’m holding the paper right now as I’m talking to you and the Lord said “You tell them their running out of time, tell them that I’m coming back, tell them that things are going to get worse but I am with them to hang on.” That’s an audience of one.


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Our Guest Peggy Joyce Ruth

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Peggy Joyce Ruth

Sid: You know you don’t have to be a mental giant to know that there is a spirit loose in the world and it’s called a spirit a spirit of fear with the… ever since 9/11. And then you throw in the movies that are going on with the New Age. And what’s going on in the schools, and what’s going on with the morality from television and it just breeds fear. Recently I heard a wonderful sermon on fear and how to overcome it, but you know what, he didn’t say how to overcome it. He told he said pray, read your Bible but I need something more tangible I don’t know about you but I need something more tangible than just a generic read your Bible. I have on the telephone a friend that has been on previously Peggy Joyce Ruth. She is speaking to me from her home in Brownwood, Texas. She has devoted the last 25 years of her life studying Psalm 91. And if I know one thing I know this it’s more important to digest the word of God than to even read the word of God. You can have a speed contest of reading your Bible, but if you don’t literally digest those words and get them into your spirit all it is is black ink on white paper. That’s why God said to Joshua “You must meditate on My word day and night.” And in the Hebrew the word meditate means to mumble and mumble it out loud and personalize it. And so that’s why I was so excited when Peggy wrote a book on Psalm 91, but she has just come out with a new book that I know will be far more important than even her previous book. It’s Psalm 91 for young people, for children. Peggy, for those that aren’t familiar with you, how did you happen to do such an intense 25 year study of Psalm 91?

Peggy Joyce: Well 25 years ago I was under the care of a physiatrist and I was so terrified I was afraid of cancer, and I was afraid of car accident, and I was afraid of losing a member of the family and…

Sid: And speaking about diseases and things everything every time I pick up the newspaper they say something that use to be healthy for you is now unhealthy for you, you don’t know what to eat.

Peggy Joyce: Exactly and I had come to the place that it had put so much fear on me that I literally was… I had taken shock treatments, all the shock treatments that they could give me. They had given me all kinds of antidepressants. So one day I just cried out to God and I said “Is there any way that we could escape the evils that are coming on this earth or do we just take our chance with everybody else or whatever will be will be?” And I laid down across the bed and I had a dream, the dream only lasted about 5 minutes. But it was a really unusual dream and God supernaturally quoted to me out of Psalm 91. Now I did not know my Bible 25 years ago, I didn’t have any idea that what was being said to me was even out of the word of God. But the Lord just supernaturally then took me to Psalm 91 and there it was the very thing that He quoted to me in the dream. And it was the answer, the answer for every single thing that I had ever feared. And I started studying it, I mean when you’re talking about digesting it your right it doesn’t do any good to just read. It’s when we take that word in and every word has meaning. And I was so excited to find out that there’s promises of protection all through the word. But this is the only place that where all the only promises of protection are gathered together in one collection.

Sid: You know that’s so important Peggy Joyce please make that statement again.

Peggy Joyce: There are promises all through the word but this is the only place where all of the promises are gathered together in one collection in a covenant. Every extreme evil known to man will fall into one of four categories. And those 4 categories are listed in Psalm 91 verses 5 & 6 and it tells us that we do not have to be afraid. And it names the four categories it says “It will not approach us.” And I got so excited about that that I started saying “Lord can this possible? You know it’s going to be going against the entire world to start to believe this because 25 years ago I’d never even heard the word Psalm 91 mentioned, you know we hear it all the time now, but 25 years ago you didn’t. And the Lord… this has been the most exciting 25 years I’ve been teaching this now and not only to our church but I’ve taught it in different conferences. And finally that’s when the Lord had me write the book because it could reach so many more people. And the Lord showed me in Romans 5:20 that “Where evil abounds the grace of God is in greater abundance.” And I tell you the world is definitely… evil is definitely abounding in the world. But I believe that God showed me that His covenant promise of His protection in Psalm 91 is the grace that is in greater abundance for our needs in the area of protection.

Sid: You know Peggy they think that the line of all of those wonderful things in protection of Psalm 91 are wonderful, but the thing that excites me most about Psalm 91 is the very last line. God say with long life I will satisfy him. In other words, someone can have a long life but not be satisfied.

Peggy Joyce: Exactly.

Sid: Can you picture this this is a promise to someone listening to me right now it’s to whosoever, that’s you. You’re going to live and not die and declare the works of the Lord. With long life you won’t just have a long life; with long life you’ll be satisfied with such intimacy with God. You can’t you won’t be able to worry even if you tried. (Laughing)

Peggy Joyce: Oh, and I had the sweetest thing happen there was a little lady from Minnesota that called she was having her 100th Birthday. She told me when she read my book she got so excited because she had lived a close relationship with the Lord and she said “I have about 100 people coming to my Birthday party, she said I want to order 100 books because I want to give every family that comes a gift” because she said “I want them to know what I experienced all of these years.” (Giggling)

Sid: Now tell me about the book for young people, I have a burden in this I’ve got granddaughters and I see the type of thing they get from school and praise God I just purchased Sky Angel for them so at least we have the right thing coming out of that box called television. But how did you happen to write this book and why?

Peggy Joyce:   Well, I’ve had parents from all over literally all over the United States who have asked for a book that would teach Psalm 91 to a child. See there’s quite a number of articles written on Psalm 91 encouraging parents to pray this covenant protection over their children and I fully agree with that. But I have not ever read anything teaching the child himself how to appropriate his protection covenant. And you know mom and dad are not always going to be there.

Sid: You know what age range would you use your book for?

Peggy Joyce:   Okay, what I did I got a great many of mothers and children to read the manuscript ahead of time before it went to press to see what age it would really work for. We found that the reading age level for a child that’s going to read it for himself starts about 9 years old and goes on up through teenagers. In fact, I have a lot of adults that tell me they like this book a lot better than they liked the one for adults.

Sid: I’ve heard that also, but what about the ones that are even younger than 9 that can’t read themselves.

Peggy Joyce: I have a bunch of mothers who have children that are aged like 4, 5, 6 and they’ve taken the book and they say that they are just amazed at how much their little 4 years old are being able to get. So it’s written so simply that those that are too young to read for themselves that they can easily understand it when it’s read to them, but it’s amazing that it works for the young people on up clear through the teenage years. And a perfect example of this, is my little grandson Avery Adams. He’s 4 years old, he lives in Montana with his mother and dad and they’ve taught him they’ve taken Psalm 91. They’ve taught it to him they’ve taught in his own little way about his authority over sickness. And they’ve said now instead of running to his mommy every time he gets hurt they’ll hear him say “Devil you can’t hurt me by Jesus’ stripes I’m healed.” And he’ll say Psalm 91 he may not know it exactly what it means but he’ll say that. And they say now it’s unbelievable about how he’ll just go right on playing where he used to come running and crying. So he has a covenant of protection as young as he is.

Sid: You know we think that we’re the ones that we’re supposed to pray for these young people but the truth is, they’ve got so much faith when you tell them the truth that you’ll end up wanting the young people praying for you.

Peggy Joyce: Oh, listen I’d rather now have a child pray for me than an adult because they just pray with so much faith. And the reason that I wanted this book out is because these little children they can learn from another child’s experience.   When they hear what other children have done and the miracles that other children have seen happening well, their excited. They’re ready to put it into practice.

Sid: You know the thought is crossing my mind that there are many house churches or house Bible studies but their normally for just adults. Wouldn’t it be great if 2 or 3 families get together and read 1 chapter each Bible study and discussed it as families to overcome fear and all the junk that’s happening on this earth?

Peggy Joyce: And I’ve had a lot of mothers write me or call and say that’s what they’re doing that their using the book. And that’s what they’re doing they’re taking a chapter at a time and their using that as their family devotional to teach it to their children. So I’m excited about that.  

Sid: Now I know it’s brand new and you don’t have much feedback but the thing that I like so much is you teach and then you have testimonies of young people that have appropriate these promises line upon line.

Peggy Joyce: Exactly, it’s just filled with heartwarming stories of youth that have victoriously stood on God’s word. And it’s just overflowing with testimonies and ideas on how to apply the truth. And some really well done illustrations. I got this guy who is really good with illustrations and he’s illustrated different stories in the book. Then what the children are enjoying as much as anything I put a picture of them at the end…

Sid: Of the people that had the miracles…we’re out of time Peggy Joyce….

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Our Guest Chuck Pierce

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Chuck Pierce

Sid: Chuck I promised our Mishpochah that you were going to pray on yesterday’s broadcast just as we were going off the air, we really didn’t do it justice. Your wife had an amazing healing with supernatural things as she began to worship, would you recap that very quickly?

Chuck: Well, Pam had had a bad diagnosis. It’s been so good being with you Sid this week has been so good being with you this week and it’s been great being with you. I just wish every listener could have been with us all week. And I just want to say this this ministry is a trumpet for what God’s doing so please be a part of Sid Roth’s ministries and what it represents in the earth now in developing that new wine skin of the One New Man. So and with that I want to say this one of the things and we’re talking about worship wars and the book “Worship Warrior.” God spoke to me when Pam was barren and couldn’t have children and said these words to me “The new song will break the old cycle.” Well Pam wasn’t an extrovert type of worshiper and earlier in the week I shared about the freedom God had brought me into, and so I kept encouraging my wife “Honey if you will respond to God in worship as He’s calling you to worship you’ll see changes in your life.” I’ll never forget Sid she said to me “You know you’ve gotten us in so much trouble because we were in a denominational church through worshipping especially that time you stood up and raised your hands in the choir.” We were both in a 140 member choir church and I stood up when we sang “He’s Alive” and raised my hands and that got us in so much trouble.

Sid: (Laughing)

Chuck: She said “Chuck there’s only 2 places in the New Testament it talks about raising hands because she’s a brilliant lady. And I said “Listen, I don’t care if it’s in the concordance it doesn’t matter God wants us to respond to Him, He wants us to acknowledge who He is.”  

Sid: What would you say to someone that says “But that’s not my personality, that might be yours Chuck but it’s not mine?”

Chuck: Well it might not be your normal personality but we’ve been all been called and worship will lead you into a response with your body. That’s why He talks to us about dancing and God’s going to restore the Tabernacle of David fully, we’ll be dancing. They’ll come a time where God will require you to dance and express yourself to Him with your body lifting holy hands to Him. And what happened with Pam was we were at a James Robinson Conference and while we were there at James’s Conference John Wimber was ministering and Pam had been diagnosed that she would never have children she had endometriosis.   And all of a sudden in the midst of that time she lifted both hands, I looked over I felt the presence of God around us. She had both hands up waving them, and I said “What’s happening?” And she said “It’s like hot oil is going down through my body and what it did was actually right there in the service it had knocked the clot out of her uterus. She had her first normal monthly cycle that I had ever known her to have and I had known her for over 12 years. She then got pregnant two weeks later and got pregnant, and pregnant, and pregnant and pregnant over again. And I want to say to you God broke that old cycle in her womb. Now some of you are listening out there and I just believe today in this last day of us discussing this if you will make a shift in worship, and I don’t think that Pam could have experienced that had she not lifted her hands before the Lord. I don’t think that she could have really come into what God had for her. She was totally liberated and she was totally healed and she actually had 7 children. Now that’s important to understand because there’s seeds of revival locked up within us, there’s seeds of destiny locked up within us, there’s seed of inheritance locked up within us and through worshipping God you can be set free!

Sid: I think it’s time for us to worship God.

Chuck: I thinks that’s right and I just want to tell you right now what I’d like to do Sid for the listeners I’d like to pray that everything that would be distracting them from worship. I would like to begin to address some of those distractions and then I want to declare that they will break into whole new dimension of freedom and worship. Now Father I come right now and I thank You for what You’re going to do, I thank You Lord for how Your going to release a dimension of faith in every listener out there that has been listening. I thank You Father that they will win the war of faith that they are in. Father, I decree right now that any care of the world that’s distracting them I break the power of that conforming plan of the enemy from around them. Lord I decree right now that they are fruitful, Lord that barrenness will begin to break off of them. Some of you might be physically barren right now and I decree that it will be broken in Jesus name. Lord says, “Lift your hands now and begin to worship, let the sound of the Lord that’s in you go out it’ll change the atmosphere around you.” Father I declare some that might be listening in their job I declare a quickening power of the Lord to come into their cubicles. I declare that as they begin to bless You right there in their cubical the whole atmosphere of the floor they work on will be changed. Father I thank You right now that there are some (I see some that have arthritis in their arms and in their joints). I declare that as they stretch those joints out and Father as they stretch out to You Father I declare a healing power. Father even as I say that right now there’s worship right now coming into some and there’s someone out there a renal problem. And the Lord’s saying “Clap your hands before Me and I’ll begin to heal you.” Now we come right now and we pray for the peace of Jerusalem also. Father we say “Let wholeness come into Jerusalem, we bind any divisive spirit to divide your covenant plan of that city.” And Father we also declare any spirit that would like to divide and weaken us the power of that is broken. Lord we say show us places where covenant breaking spirits exist around us. Lord we love you we bless you, Father I say let glory faith begin to manifest in these people. Father bring them into a new place with You. Lord, bring me into a new place with You bring Sid in a new way. Father and I say “Let the manifested presence of Yourself begin to be sensed around us.” Lord, anoint us, radiate through us and let us walk into this world with victory. Father, we love You we bless You in Jesus Name. Amen

Sid: Well, Mishpochah I can tell you we are in the presence of God. Explain quickly Chuck what it’s like to be in the throne room. Are you in the throne room when you were praying just then?

Chuck:   I feel like my spirit that has been given position in the heavenlies next to the Lord Jesus Christ and that I’m connected here in the earth realm through the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe once I come before the Lord He gives me access right in and I can come boldly and ask the Father to begin to bless everyone that’s listening. I mean Sid there’s power and blessing and most of the time we never see Father wanting us to bless us. Some of you have never received the Father’s blessing out there. The Lord says “Come up, come up, come up I want to bless you.” Some of you are from broken homes the Lord says “Let My Spirit of adoption comes down on you.” Some of you have been abandoned, you’ve been rejected and I break that power.” The Lord says “Come up boldly and let Me pour My love over you, submit yourself to me, anything the enemies doing resist him he’ll flee. Father I thank You for the opportunity to come boldly into Your throne.”

Sid: What’s the next thing that’s going to happen in the United States and in Israel?

Chuck: I believe we’re in such a key time I believe that this year we will be contending for God’s covenant plan. Now if you’re listening out there worship because this is the year where you think you’ve been wearied in the past it says in Jeremiah 12:5, but if the footmen have wearied you you’re never going to be able to tend with the horses and cross over at the flood plain of the Jordan.” I believe that this year where Israel will become very very prominent the understanding of God’s covenant land will become prominent. And nations will begin to align the goat and the sheep nations. I’m praying that we’re a sheep nation; that we make the right alignments this year. I’m praying that we are able to break our weariness. Now if you’re listening to me God wants to break the power of weariness off of you. He says that circumstance you’ve been in I will want you see how I was training you so that you could even have more strength to contend in days ahead. So I want to say to you this will be a year of contending but it’s also a year of secrets being revealed, mysteries being disclosed and surprises in our midst’s, and that’s going to come if we’re a worshipping people.


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