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Sid: My guest Kynan Bridges, I’m going to put some very difficult questions to him that you need the answer to. Kynan, is it God’s will for everyone to be healed? I mean everyone?

Kynan: Yes.

Sid: That’s the short answer comment a little more.

Kynan: (Laughing) Well yes and this is why. Remember the Bible said that “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” Now that everlasting life is not just eternal life.” It is don’t get me wrong its eternal life but it’s what Jesus referred to in John 10:10. He said “I would that they would have life and have it more abundantly.” The word zoe “That’s life overflowing, supernatural life, life to the full, life that overcomes.” So God is not just interested in salvation but He’s also interested in our quality of life. So my statement will be this or my question will be this, “If God desires for all men to be saved via Yeshua why wouldn’t He desire for all men to be healed through Yeshua?” That’s the question.

Sid: Well that’s a fair question. You know what come to my mind Kynan Psalm 103 which most people know “Bless the Lord all my soul and forget not all of His benefits, who’s forgiven all of my sins.” And a real Christian would never doubt that but keep reading “And healed all of my diseases.” Can you get any more specific than that? (Chuckling)

Kynan: No you can’t. Now let me give you another scripture in the New Testament that even confirms it further. In Matthew chapter 12 verse 15 the Bible says that Jesus went into the coast, he departed from a place and the people brought all of their sick before him, they brought multitudes. The Bible says that He healed them all. Now all comes from an interesting Greek word which means “all.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Kynan: (Laughing) And when people understand that it was the heart of Jesus to heal all that were sick. Now when people understand that it was the heart of Jesus to heal all that were sick. Now I hear people say this “Well you know Jesus didn’t heal everybody.” Well Jesus also didn’t leave Judea. So of course everybody on earth was not healed during the ministry of Jesus but it was His heart, it was His intention that He heals anyone that came to him in faith and sincerity.

Sid: Now we were talking about deliverance and sometimes it’s a healing, sometimes it’s deliverance. You’ve been teaching lately about open portals to be demonized such as these adult book stores and adult clubs. What do you mean by that?

Kynan: Well this is… I can show you in the scripture but I also want to give you a practical example of something that literally happened to me. I was driving down the street one day and the road that I take to get home there’s a string of adult stores. And one day I was just minding my business and the Lord draws my attention to a store on the other side of me and I turned to the left and I see it. And the Lord says “Do you see this store?” And I say “Yes Lord.” And He said “That store is a demonic portal.” And I said “What do you mean?” He said “That store is a gateway to which Satan and his demons can enter in and bring in chaos, death, murder all sorts of things. That’s why many of the very problem areas in communities in neighborhoods you often see two things. You’ll see adult clubs and stores and you’ll see liquor stores and things of that nature. There is a spiritual connection between those stores as gateways and the calamities in the communities. Well the same thing is true because the Bible says that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. It says in 1st Corinthians 7 that we are to flee fornication. Now fornication the Greek word pornea is not just talking about sexual intercourse. But it’s talking about the literal translation pictures of prostitutes. It’s talking about immorality both with our eyes and with our actions, and it was a symbolism of idolatry.   Simple prostitutes would engage in sexual acts and fill themselves with demons so that they could venerate the gods. Now what happens to a believer who is exposed to this kind of demonic activity? Paul poses a question “Can you be a partaker of the Lord’s table and the table of devils? God forbid.” Remember Sid the role of demonic spirits and the kingdom of darkness is to inflect disease, calamity, oppression and even death if possible. So many times Sid people are actually being demonized and the fruit of that demonization is sickness and oppression and they don’t even know it.

Sid: Well what about forget the adult stores, in every home there’s computers and pornography is just running ramped now among young people. Among Christians, I mean it shouldn’t be if those adult stores and those liquor stores are that dangerous what about in your own home?

Kynan: That’s even worse because your home is where your heart is, it’s where your safety is. And many people are opening the gates to their family, to their children to be oppressed to be afflicted by the devil through those kinds of portals. And what you have to do if you want to see breakthrough Sid, you have to begin to collapse demonic portals. As you collapse those demonic portals by the Name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus and the word of God you will close the door and you will find that the propensity toward affliction, prolonged illness it will begin to dissipate from a person’s life.

Sid: Let me ask you this question because a lot of people are pondering this. What does someone do that understands intellectually about healing? They’ve been hearing it for the last 20 years healing in the atonement but after a long time they’re just not healed; what do you advise them to do?

Kynan: Well I would advise them to do like Paul advises all of us to in Ephesians chapter 6. “Having done all to stand, stand therefore with your loins girt about with truth; having on the breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation, the sword of the spirit, your feet shod with the gospel of peace.” And that’s talking about the full armor of God, my point though is I have experienced this many times, I have gone through this many times, I have loved ones, I have friends that have experienced this many times. And we have to get to a place Sid where we recognize that God’s word is immutable, is unchangeable. And we need to do 2 things Number 1 we need to identify strongmen that maybe holding out healing captive. So this could be demonic strongholds, it could be generational influences, the other demonic forces that are preventing your healing from manifesting. And 2, we have to persevere by taking on the shield of faith. Because the darts of the enemy that comes against a believer comes in the form of discouragement,  depression, despondency, despair. These things are designed to cause us to cast away our confidence and right when where we’re at the time we’re about to strike oil, anointing oil that is, healing, that’s when many people give up Sid, I’ve seen so many times they become cynical, they become bitter, they become frustrated right about the time they’re about to receive the manifestation of their healing. So those are the two things that I would definitely advise. Number 1 identify is there something preventing my healing from coming forth? Is there a demonic force? Is there some sort of stronghold? And 2 I need to persevere, I have to refuse to give in to my feelings.

Sid: Our time unfortunately is slipping away, but how would you like Kynan to teach you all of the secrets that’s taken years for him to learn. Tell me why you wrote the book your brand new book “Ninety Days to Possessing Your Healing.”

Kynan: I wrote this book because I am on a mission to see the body of Christ liberated from the oppressive hands of the enemy. You know the Bible says in 1st John chapter 3 verse 8 it says “For this purpose was the son of God manifested that He might destroy the works of the evil one.” I’m going to do as Jesus did Sid, John 14:12 says “The works that I do you shall do also and greater than me you do because I go to the Father.” Jesus destroyed the works of the enemy and I want to do the same and that’s why I wrote this book so that people Sid can be set free from debilitating sickness that we keeping them from fulfilling their purpose. God does not want you in a hospital bed; He does not want you in Hospice because as long as you are there you cannot go out to the nations, which is the way He’s called us all to be.

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