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Our Guests Tom Horn & Cris Putnam

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Sid: My guest Tom Horn is coauthor of the bestselling book that many of you have been talking about called “Petrus Romanus, It’s the Final Pope is Here.”  And you made headlines literally Tom when you predicted that the Pope would resign and the next Pope would be the final Pope.  But before we get to some of your amazing background that God had to prepare you for this project, briefly describe why every Christian in the world must read “Exo-Vaticana.”

Tom: Well every person in the world should read “Exo-Vaticana” for one reason and I don’t mean this as to brag, we were the ones who correctly predicted that Pope Benedict the XVI would step down and we explained why he would.  The first Pope to do so in 600 years; In fact Sid we found out that we were more accurate than we thought that we would be in last year’s book “Petros Romanus” which is picked up in this new book “Exo-Vaticana.” And by the way “Exo-Vaticana.” is actually over 600 pages long.  But the subject matter that we have been talking about we had predicted first of all in the book last year that Pope Benedict would step down in either March or April of 2012. Later in that work we said “If he doesn’t step down in March or April he will before the end of 2013. Now we found out that we were accurate in both cases which is astonishing, right?  We found out that in February the 11th the New York Times right after the Pope stepped down they interviewed Giovanni Maria Vian.  Now that is the Vatican’s spokesperson for the El Observatory Romano, which is there offical media mouth-peace.  And in that article and people can look this up it’s the New York Times article “A Statement Rocks Rome” if they want to Goggle it and read it for themselves. They admitted that Pope Benedict actually stepped down at the end of March 2012; he did so privately; he did so with a half dozen Cardinals.  And in fact they said that his decision to step down then was held in what they called “A reserve that no one could violate.”  So they couldn’t even be shared among the curry among the other Cardinals who would form the conclave and immediately in April they started remodeling a building that the nuns had been using there are the Vatican that would then serve as an apartment that the Pope would retire in. So he actually resigned officially right when we said he would, but then he didn’t make it publicly official until this year in February 2013 which was also what we said he would do.  So the point about that is if this incredible research and it wasn’t just Tom Horn and Cris Putnam I had a team, I had a private investigator.  We spent over a year researching the material that would go in to this book; we had probably 20,000 pages or more of documents. This was a tremendous research project and wanted to make sure that we covered our trail. Because if you are going to predict something that hasn’t happened you know in 600 years you probably ought to have good reasons for making such a spectacular decision.  Well, if we were right about that people are going to be blown away about what we’re saying in “Exo-Vaticana.”  The bottom line is there certainly are from horse’s mouth, I mean there are documents that were provided to us by leading astronomers and academics from the Vatican who were willing to talk to us over 5 times we interviewed the Vatican’s top astronomer Guy Consolmagno.  From their own mouths and the documents they sent us they definitely are preparing for the arrival of an alien intelligence and they definitely believe that this is going to require a change to the gospel as we understood it until now.  As a matter of fact they believe that these intelligences are superior to us morally; they’ll be coming here to evangelize us and in fact that to not believe in their message will be the real heresy.  So this is a gigantic set up for what we believe to be an end-times deception

Sid: Well, it’s a perfect scenario for the one world religion; I mean what if I mean, I can just paint the picture, the world is in a catastrophic position, the economies are reeling, national disasters are going on in countries all over the world.  The economy is falling apart there is shortages of food, there’s wars going on. I can paint that picture and all of a sudden what do you think the Catholic position will be when some alien comes in and says “I can help you, I can solve everything.”

Tom: Well, that’s absolutely right and as a matter of fact anybody who reads this book, who reads to the documents that we are providing in the book; in fact I should also let audiences know that your ministry Sid Roth It’s Supernatural basically have a world exclusive on having the first release of this book before anybody else will be able to get it in their hands. But smack dab in the middle of this whole conspiracy isn’t just…they’re going to find that it’s not just NASA, it’s not just aeronautic and space administrations like the European Space Agency.  Some of whom are saying that an official disclosure is going to be made in the year 2013; they’re going to find right in the middle of that the Vatican.  And in many ways that makes perfect sense, the scenario you just described. Official disclosure of extraterrestrial intelligence habitual alien world suddenly some intergalactic Messiah appears to solve all of our problems and it’s going to be warmly embraced by the world.  And they will be in the middle of it because as the most powerful church on earth it has its own diplomatic core of ambassadors posted throughout the industrialized nations of the world. The Vatican is uniquely positioned and has been actively preparing as we show in this book for this moment.  They have put themselves intentionally in the position to be the benefactors of an alien invasion.

Sid: But you know simultaneous with this it seems as though the scriptures are being devalued as not being authentic in fact many of the Jesuit Scientist don’t even believe in the scriptures any more,

Tom: Yeah, that’s right and as a matter of fact the book starts out with Cris Putnam and I going to the Vatican National Astronomical Technology Telescope in Mt. Gram in southeastern Arizona to ask the Jesuit astronomers why, you know why are they carefully releasing to media the recent years these captivating comments having to do with an alien intelligence and why believe that it’s going to so dramatically force really upon us a reevaluation of Christianity as we have understood it.

Sid: Now tell me some of their responses to that.

Tom: Guy Consolmagno is a leading astronomer he also terns up at the media as a spokesman for Vatican; he’s worked for NASA. He’s taught at Harvard, he’s taught at MIT. Right now he splits his time between the Vatican Observatory Laboratory what’s called the Specola Vaticana, which is headquartered at the summer residence of the Pope in Castel Gandolfo, Italy.  He splits his time between there and Mt. Gram in Arizona, but he is one and we interviewed him 5 times. He’s one that focused so much time and effort in recent years to reconcile Science and religion in public forums specifically as it relates to the subject of extraterrestrial life and its impact on the future of faith as we have known it and specifically as a person that we targeted. By the way once he knew who we were and what we were really doing then he still kept talking to us but his answers became really short and it’s not altogether evasive.  But on the upside he was gracious enough to send us a copy of a private PDF which is gold mine of what he and the Vatican are considering regarding ramifications of ET. And in that what he says to answer your question, is that first of all the Bible is not contrary to the idea of extraterrestrial intelligence; then to illustrate to the soundness of that possibility he argues that humans are not the only intelligent beings in the universe and this is proved by the Bible.  And then he astonished us be making his theological argument by pointing to the angels that fell and created the Nephilim of Genesis chapter 6 it actually goes through and details how they came down and what they did. And then he ends it saying if you interpreted those creatures as angels, aliens, whatever you want it doesn’t really matter for the sake of the argument the point is that ancient writers of the Bible like all the ancient people were perfectly happy with the possibility that other intelligent beings could exist; could be morally superior to us who could also visit the earth again in the near future.  And I emailed him back and I said “Well now, think about what you’re saying, I mean do you actually mean to use the story of the Nephilim from the Bible as an example of a kind of space saviors that you are looking forward to come back for our salvation?”  This just seemed incredible to me and yet when people read “Exo-Vaticana.” they will find that it is substantiated over and over again by some of the leaders. He also by the way quoted to John 10:16 that says “Another sheep that I have which are not of this fold them also I must bring and they will hear my voice and be one fold and be one Shepherd.”  And He said “Perhaps it’s not so farfetched to see the second person of the Trinity,” now get this I’m quoting him now, he writes to me “Perhaps it’s not too farfetched the second person of the Trinity, the Word who was present in the beginning John 1:1 coming to lay down his life and take it up again not only as the son of man but also as a child of these other races.” end quote, that’s an end quote. So again emailed him back and I said  Really Vatican scholars believe that Jesus might have been the star child of an alien race. I mean do the Jesuits really hold that the virgin birth was in reality an alien abduction scenario in which Mary was impregnated by ET giving birth to a hybrid Jesus so it’s amazing.  Now I should tell you I also have had Catholics who have heard us on radio and television talking about some of this stuff over this last year that have email me and said “You know these Jesuits absolutely do not reflect our true faith; I mean these guys are utter heretics.”

Sid: Well, if that’s the truth then what difference does it make?

Tom: Well, the difference that it makes is that they’re the ones who write the rules, that right now there’s Opus Dei level theologians who are writing rules; who are writing the theology for Rome that will be…

Sid: Whoops, we’re out of time, we’re going to pick this up right here next week.

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Our Guest Rich Vera

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Sid: My guest, Rich Vera, is red hot for the Messiah. If you had had the experience he had, I mean going to heaven being given a supernatural gift where he just looks at people and knows what’s going on inside of them; he knows about their future. As a matter of Rich you were telling me off the air that many times you can’t watch Christian television because you know too much.

Rich: That’s correct. In fact, I make a choice not to because the same Spirit that reveals to me when I’m in front of a person. I get to see, you know, so many things and sometimes they don’t match with their actions, so I just stay away.

Sid: I understand in a way it’s such a fabulous gift you have, but in another way… You know what it reminds me of a guy once that had the same type of gift you have. He said “You know Sid sometimes I wish there was shield between myself and the person I’m talking to. I don’t want to know what they’re thinking.”

Rich:  Exactly, you know really it is a gift that you can you personally in trouble because it is very easy to go from there to criticism and judgment. So what really keeps you it’s walking in the love of God knowing that God loves people, and no matter what they’re going through there’s always a way out.  So it’s like you said “It can get you into trouble sometimes.”

Sid: Okay, I want to take you back to the beginning, in my opinion based on studying the notes of your life. You’ve got a free ticket to Orlando, but that was not what you thought it was. You thought it was an opportunity to go to Disney, to go to bars, to have fun. So you rent a room and the owner of the rooming house just happened to be a member of Benny Hinn’s church. Why did you even go with her to a meeting?

Rich:  Actually that’s correct. I just turn 18 so I had the legal to go and do things that I could not as a young, young person. I took the pass, the ticket, because it was a free ticket to go away from home and do something without my parents finding out.  When I went to Orlando I was fully intending on going out to the clubs, going out as a young man meets some girls, just live it up. It happens to be a very rainy day in Orlando, and Orlando when it rains it really rains in Florida. I didn’t have a car so I had to walk, catch the bus anywhere I went. The lady asked me if I would like to go and get something to eat. She said “I’ll buy you something.” So as an 18 year old kid if you’re going to buy me some food I’m going to say “Yes.” So I went and we went to Burger King, and she said “Order whatever you want.” I order an extra-large of this and extra milkshake, and extra this. In the middle of my eating she looks at me and says “How about going to church tonight with me?” I saw myself eating all the food she just bought me and if I was going to say no I thought she was going to charge me for it. So I said “You know what…” I thought to myself “Let’s go to the mass, 45 minutes, you know, get out and she’s happy and you have free food.”

Sid: What did you think when you saw people being healed when miracles started happening at that Benny Hinn service?

Rich:  You know never in my life went to a Christian church, never anyone ever witnessed to me the Gospel. My only experience was the mass. When I walk in the place I was really overcome by the presence of the Holy Spirit, now I know it to be. Back then I had no idea what it was, so I felt the desire to cry, and cry, and cry, and like an electrical current will go in and out of my body. So I was first of all overcome by that, and that caught my attention. That’s what caused me to stay and not walk out in the parking lot waiting for the lady to get out. Then suddenly Pastor Benny comes out and begins to sing some worship, and I don’t know what he preached, what he said cause the whole time I was overcome by the presence of God, until he started calling people out. There was a young man with a brain tumor, or brain cancer, and the mom comes up and the young man was healed, and the head was large and being reduced. Another young man who dove into a pool with little water broke his neck and was paralyzed; got out of the wheelchair was walking, they were crying. He prayed for them, you know, the power of the Spirit touched them. Anna was completely hooked to it because the presence the Lord plus what I was seeing it grip my heart. I just knew there was something to it that was beyond a church show.

Sid: But then that evening at 2:30 in the morning, something happened to you that, I assume this has never happened to you before.

Rich:  Yes it is true I have never had a supernatural experience before in my life, never sought it. I was the most disqualified person to have a spiritual experience; I mean I was a church goer by name, yet living the life of any worldly teenager out there. I went to the house and there was a Bible place on the table next to our bed, I was used to seeing Bibles all my life so it wasn’t a big deal having a Bible. I felt something inside of me put a desire to read the red writings of Jesus in the book of John. Well as a Catholic I was familiar with the scriptures to a point, and I was always fascinated by the writings the red words of the Bible. I always loved them. So I opened up and started reading them and I fell asleep reading the red words of the Jesus in the Bible. Around 2:30 in the morning, and I know it was that time because the alarm clock had the big red numbers. About 2:30 in the morning I felt somebody had come into my room and turned the lights on. So my reaction was to sit up and see who came into the room, and the moment I sat up an invisible hand hit me on the chest and nailed me back on the bed, my entire body got paralyzed. It felt like electricity on my body; I couldn’t move my fingers all I do was move my eyes, and my heart was beating with fear, and suddenly through the door, without opening the door, the whole room became, I said the lights were on, and I see 2 individuals walk through the door. The moment they walked in I experienced a vision, the first time I experienced a vision. I saw this mass of people as far as the eye could see. Everybody was wearing black clothes and black hoods, and way at the end there was a small little door with a bright light and instantly I knew that was the place I wanted to be. Because of the press of people I wasn’t able to get to the light, and I saw the hands of the Lord stretch towards me, not saying a word just a smile on His face with hands stretched towards me. I ignore Him and I try to climb on top of people to get to the light, and I keep falling on the ground. In my frustration I thought to myself “Maybe He can help me.” On the moment my hand stretched out and my finger touched His finger, my middle finger touch His middle finger, in that second I was taken from the back of the line and found myself inside this room that was bright, and the light was going around me, going through me; the light was an incredible light but all I did was weep and weep and weep. Suddenly after crying I opened my eyes and I see the Lord and He tells me something, He said “Nothing will separate you from the love of God. When you are 21 years of age I am going to have a plan for your life and you will preach My word, and you will do what I have for your life. I had no idea what He meant all I know is that I was crying so hard that I felt inside of me just to embrace Him. So my body hug the lower part of His body and He lay His hands on the back of my head and I felt currents of that same electricity I felt at the church. Now it was flowing up and down my body, and then suddenly He left, went out through the door, the room went back to darkness, the hand let me go from the bed, and I jump up on my feet and I open the door looked to the right to the left, the house was dark. Went into the bathroom couldn’t believe that I was crying like a little baby, could not believe. I raise my hands in the bathroom and I said “From now on I know that You are the Christ and I put my faith in you.” Instantly in that bathroom this weird foreign language begins to come out of my mouth; I felt my mouth by itself beginning to jibber and talk, and I had no idea what it was, and I was filled with the Holy Spirit and began praying in tongues right in that bathroom.

Sid: Then a week later you heard the audible voice of God; what did He say to you?

Rich:  I went every single day to the church, never made it to the clubs, never made it to Disney, it’s like the Lord took me and took every desire out; all I wanted more of this experience. I went to church, it was a Sunday night, leaving out of a healing service. Benny Hinn used to have healing services every Sunday night. I was leaving the healing service maybe 10pm there was young guy on a motorcycle who said “I’ll give you a ride if you don’t mind riding on a bike,” and I said “Not at all, and I’m staying so many miles away.” He told me go ahead and wear my helmet, it’s for safety.” So I put the helmet on, we are leaving the parking lot, not even 2 blocks from the church, I hear from inside of the helmet a voice like a radio talk to me and says “You’re not going back.” I took the helmet out and look inside the helmet and I told my friend “Jesus just talked to me right now!” He goes “What?” I said “Jesus is inside of my helmet, and He just told me that I’m not going back.”

Sid: [Laughing]

Rich: He pulls to the side and tells me “What do you mean He’s inside, He’s not inside of your helmet.” So I’m looking inside of the helmet and I say “The voice came” and I’m patting the helmet, and I just knew instantly, of course my friend was laughing thinking I’m just being fanatical or crazy.

Sid: But you know that was such an important word because had you left and gone home, you wouldn’t of been discipled and mentored, became a youth leader; but you had such an insatiable hunger for the presence of God you would pray hours every day and you began to hear God’s voice clearly, even without that motorcycle helmet. Seriously I can’t wait for everyone to hear what happened when you went to heaven because when you went to heaven you were given skills to allow people to enter the glory of God. How to live in the glory; how to have everything they need in the glory of God; healings occur, creative miracles occur, you begin to hear God’s voice for yourself; you’re restored in every area of your life.

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Our Guest Sharon Allen

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Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah her name Sharon Allen. She’s one of the 10 Jewish people that I put in my book that God directed me to write. It’s called “They Thought for Themselves.” We found out all this week Sharon who was raised in an observant Jewish home went to the West Coast, she married a man that wasn’t Jewish, but they were members of a very religious Jewish synagogue. Her husband participated; it was time now for him to convert to Judaism, and everything was going fine, but because this was an Orthodox group of Jews he had to renounce Jesus. He said “I’m not willing to do it” and Sharon was shocked. She knew he came from a Christian background, but he never went to church, he never read the Bible, his god was money he was in Real Estate business. So to prove that he was, as she put it “mashugah,” that’s a Hebrew word for “crazy.” She started reading the scriptures, and reading, the more she read the more convinced she was that Jesus was in fact the Messiah. Then she said “I’ll know what I’ll do I’ll read all the Jewish commentaries. So she got quite a library; she read all the Jewish commentaries she could get her hands on. Then she started reading what are called anti-missionary books. These are books written by rabbis, or Jewish people that want to prove Jesus is not the Messiah. She got into quite an exchange with a man that wrote one of the more famous anti-missionary books his name is Gerald Sigal. On yesterday’s broadcast you said that you would argue with him because now you had read the scriptures for yourself, and he would make statements that were untrue. You wouldn’t leave it alone, for instance, he said “Jesus could not be the Messiah because there’s no women in Jewish genealogies, and what did you say?

Sharon: Well in 1st Chronicles, in the Hebrew scriptures in the book of Chronicles, 1st Chronicles, there are most definitely are women in that Jewish genealogy. There were things like that that kept occurring.

Sid: But Sharon, I mean it’s overwhelming, everything you’re doing is pointing to as you call Him, “That Man,” Yeshua, Hebrew for Jesus. Why didn’t you just believe in Him, what’s stopping you?

Sharon: To me it was the most important decision that anyone could ever make, and because of my background I was so concerned about making a mistake that there was just no way I was going to believe in something that I felt was “goyisha.” So I just could not understand, you know, how this confusion could even happen because if Jesus is for the Jewish people why wouldn’t the rabbis have understood that? Of course, I was always raised to respect my rabbis, to believe what my rabbis would say, and this is the most important decision in anyone’s life is God, making a choice for God. So it was just so difficult for me, but it’s true. Everywhere I looked, everywhere I turned, everything I heard, everything read, everything I saw kept pointing me into the direction that what they say about Yeshua is true.

Sid: Now, your daughter of course, as you explained earlier this week, is going to what you would expect the Hebrew academy, a nice Jewish school. You find out they’re having a meeting at this school with a very famous rabbi. Tell me what was this meeting?

Sharon: Well my rabbi, Rabbi Mendel Duchman, had called me and he had said “You know at Alisa’s school there’s going to be this very famous deprogrammer. He is actually an internationally known deprogrammer by the name of Rabbi Immanuel Schochet.  He’s going to be speaking at Hebrew Academy, and maybe you can go and maybe at some point you can ask him to help you.” So Ron and I, and Alisa decided we would go. We were very excited about going, we were comfortable about going because this is my daughters school we know everyone there. Before we went we had devised a plan, and this was the plan we would go we would sit very quietly in the audience, we wouldn’t say a word. Then after the meeting was over, and only after everyone was leaving then I would quietly go up to the rabbi and ask him if he would please help me. So we went, we went that evening; we sat up front because this was Alisa’s school we were very comfortable there, and Alisa was on one side of me, and Ron was on the other, and we sat there. We listened to the rabbi, the rabbi spoke about Israel, a little bit about the Jewish people, and traditions. This was really being used as an outreach to the Jewish community so that those that were not sending their children may decide “Yes” they would like to send their children to a Hebrew day school like Hebrew Academy. When the rabbi was finished speaking he opened it up to the audience. The first person raises their hand and says “I have a question. You know I don’t know what we’re going to do about the missionaries who are in the area.” The rabbi said “You don’t have to worry about the missionaries in the area you just have a Jewish home and you don’t have to worry.” He said “Does anyone else have any questions?” The second person raises their hand, says “Rabbi you don’t understand these missionaries are having meetings with our children in the area, and we don’t know what to say to them.” The rabbi said “Look if you send your children to a Jewish day school like Hebrew Academy you don’t have to worry.” Now the third person raises their hand and says “Rabbi you don’t understand the situation there are missionaries that are having Bible studies with our children, and our children are bringing home scriptures that we don’t understand.” Well at that point the rabbi became quite animated he was standing on a platform, and he had a podium in front of him. He grabbed the sides of the podium, and he sort of brought his body up over the podium and loomed out into the audience, and he shouted “Never ever under any circumstance does any knowledgeable Jew who has a Jewish home who understands Yiddish kite, who knows their Judaism ever turns to ‘That Man!’” I was in shock because I thought he’s talking to me, and so I grabbed Alisa’s hand and I said “Do you think I should say something?”  Alisa said “Yes mommy” and I grabbed Ron’s hand, and I said “Do you think I should say something?” Ron said “Yes.” So I said to the rabbi “What do you say to somebody like me I have a Jewish home, I know Yiddish kite, I am a Jewish woman who understands Judaism, but when I read my Bible,” and I had brought my Hebrew Bible with me and I was holding it in my hand. Then I said “But when I read my Hebrew Bible I see ‘That Man.’” Well from that moment until the end of the evening, which was about 12 midnight…

Sid: Now you’re pretty bold Sharon. I mean up until this point… now you’re publicly saying something.

Sharon: I couldn’t help myself. After the third person asks the same question and the rabbi was so emphatic with his answer. My daughter said “Yes,” and my husband said “Yes” I felt I had to say something. When I said that from that moment on the rabbi and I were in direct dialog the rest of the evening, until about 12 midnight. During the course, during the course of the discussion between he and I, both my husband and I would say “Maybe we should let someone else talk.” The audience themselves would say “No we’re interested in what you’re saying, and what you’re talking about.” Because the rabbi and I were talking about scripture, we were talking about Jewish history, we were talking about Yiddish kite, we were talking about traditions that the Orthodox Jewish people keep, which seems to point to the idea that we do need to sacrifice even if we don’t have the temple any longer. Because the Orthodox Jews we still have certain traditions that we do. Such as on Yom Kippur before Yom Kippur the Orthodox Jewish people, for the man they take a rooster and 3 times they turned the rooster over their head, they swirl the rooster over the head say “May this rooster, may my sins be put onto this rooster.” If it’s a woman…

Sid: Well you know Sharon my father was raised in Poland his father, my grandfather, used to do the same thing because you see the Talmud says “You can’t even have Yom Kippur, the day of Atonement, without the shedding of blood.” Let’s pick up here on tomorrow’s broadcast.


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Our Guest Roy Fields

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Sid: My friend Roy Fields who is a worshiper of God and he feels God’s pleasure when he worships. I’ve been in his meetings some that had 100,000 people came to various meetings all in total because there was such a God hunger.  Roy on yesterday’s broadcast I asked you about children in different states that see the same angel when you worship.  Tell me what they told you.

Roy:   Yeah, it was the craziest thing they came back to the CD table and I only heard one of them because I saw a video, but the other three told my staff to get a message to me that during the worship we had about 8,000 people in the arena most of those nights.  And they said “They looked up and behind me was standing something like a 14 foot angel waving a sword on fire.”  And when I first heard it I thought “Wow, that’s awesome.”   Because I’ve never seen anything, I’ve heard things in the past but when two – three weeks went by and another child from another state said the exact something, and then another child and then another child; Sid there had to be an angel waving a sword on fire behind me while I was leading worship.

Sid: And at some of the meetings where they reported the angel did you notice anything unusual that went on with say the salivations, or healings?

Roy: Oh yeah, there was a couple nights healings broke out where there wasn’t even a word of knowledge people just started screaming out in the middle of the meeting and all of a sudden they would be coming up to the platform.  Nobody touched them, nobody gave a word of knowledge they were just healed; I remember particularly in the beginning weeks of the revival that there was a 15 year old kid who had a burn-mark on the right side of his leg, or the left side, of his leg and in the worship it disappeared.  And he came up and pulled up his pant leg and showed it and that got my attention; that really got my attention.  I was like “Wow!”  There’s one thing of being, what’s the word, there’s one thing of being addicted to His presence it’s a whole other thing about being healed because of His presence.

Sid: I have a question for you here’s a statement you’ve made a quote from you Roy, “When we worship it activates us to believe.”  I’ve always seen that with certain evangelists if they’re smart they have worship before they teach and then pray for the sick.  But in your meetings people get healed just while they’re worshiping.  What causes that?

Roy: Well the statement that I made that activates belief is because when you’re going through life and you wake up in the morning the typical American, or typical person around the world goes to work and they have to go provide and make money and then come home. It’s kind of a monopolist thing and yet it’s a necessary thing.  And when they come into a service where Jesus is being lifted up worship; when you’re singing about God; when you’re singing to Him, mainly to Him not about Him your heart begins to line up with your words and you’re words begin to line up with your heart and now you can all of a sudden believe because you’re in that atmosphere.  Do you know what I mean it’s kind of like when you hear soaking kind of music you automatically feel peace because it’s about the Lord.  It’s just music is very universal and powerful Sid; it’s the only thing I’ve seen besides laughter or even speaking in other languages that everybody understands immediately when you play the first few notes.  It’s so powerful. When David you know you think of David when he played his harp why did the demons leave King Saul?  Because music is so powerful and when you add a heart to music and not just a heart but a heart to God it is extremely powerful.

Sid: Tell me about your song “In the presence of Angels.”

Roy:  “In the Presence of Angels” was written around December 2007. I was in this person’s house a friend of ours who is a boat Captain and he’s got a dolphin cruise off the Gulf Coast of Florida and one night we had this small little meeting where I led worship and then preached and then that night I just couldn’t stop singing to God I just continued going on through the night.  In the middle of the night probably about 1:00 in the morning while I was worshiping God I heard this melody   I wasn’t trying to work out a melody, some people try to write stuff, I really try to hear; I head this (Singing) “Dada da, dada da, da da da, da-da-da and I felt like I had a brunch from Heaven.  I felt like I was seeing angels dancing around in formations and stuff and around the throne kind of thing and it just came to me (Singing) “Holy, holy, holy, holy” I heard it over I must have played that song that night probably about 2 hours straight and it’s 4 chords.  So you think it would be monopolist but it wasn’t it was just like…I looked down at my watch and I thought there is no way I’ve been playing this for 2 hours, that’s how that came about.

Sid: Now, do you believe you actually heard the angels singing?

Roy:  I do, I do today; I probably didn’t 10 years ago but I definitely do today and I’m not afraid to say that.

Sid: What was their worship like?

Roy: It causes you to have to fall on your face.

Sid: Well okay if you’re driving I suggest you pull to the side of the road.

Excerpt: “In the Presence of Angels”

Sid: That was “In the Presence of Angels” by Roy Fields. He got this song from angelic help; it came from Heaven. When people go into his meetings the anointing is so strong because there’s a hunger and expectancy for revival.  I mean Roy you have been blessed you’ve been with so many men of God that have moved in revival it’s kind of contagious. You’ve been with Rodney Howard-Brown, recently with Reinhardt Bonkheke, and I imagine when you lead worship for these people whatever anointing they’re moving in it kind of falls back on you and you capture it. Then when you do your own meetings you see the same results people in your meetings experience the fire of God, the love of God; the breakthrough, the develop deep hunger for God.

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