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Sid: This week I’ve been speaking about my brand new book I’m so excited I feel like almost a third party looking at this book. I mean it’s like I know I didn’t write it; I know that God supernaturally put the materials in my hand the information in my hand. Because I believe this is a key catalyst to the next, to the greatest, to the last move of God’s Spirit on planet earth.

Now I’ve been talking all this week about and I’m looking at it right now it’s such a beautiful cover. The title of the book is “The Last Lap” subtitled “The Emergence of the One New Man.” And there’s a picture of a Gentile Christian and a Messianic Jew with their arms together, locked together running around a track. It’ a relay race and it’s the last lap that is coming up. And rather than the Jewish Believer passing the baton to the Gentile or the Gentile Believer passing the baton to the Jewish Believer the 2 are running together.  And there’s a prayer shawl around them and the glory of God is around them and this is God’s Champion because as you look at them running together you won’t see a Jew and a Christian running together, you’re going to see them merge into One New Man. This One New Man has a name He’s the King of the Jews Yeshua Jesus the Messiah and its God’s Champion. And we’re about ready to participate in the greatest event of history the salvation of the world.

You see I found out that there’s a law of evangelism that has been hidden from the church. It’s called… well it’s in Romans 1:16 Paul says “I’m not ashamed of the gospel because the gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes to the Jew first.”  Not just God’s historical order which it was but God’s historical order and God’s spiritual order. And I have found that as the church reaches out to Jewish people it opens up a supernatural door of evangelism to all people you’ll have to read the book on this. But there’s a section in the book that I can’t deal with completely but I must get your understanding enlightened on and it’s got to do with the Biblical festivals. There’s a lot of controversy about it you see the devil tries to get you in one religious ditch or the other religious ditch but there’s no time for religious ditches anymore. Are you aware of the fact that every major event during the life of Yeshua occurred during a major festival?

Are you aware of the fact that more miracles occur on the Shabbat that’s Hebrew for Sabbath than any other day?  Well the book of Colossians the 3rd chapter the 16th and the 17th verse tell us what these festivals are. They’re shadows of things to come, understanding that now let’s look at Leviticus the 23rd chapter where it begins to talk about the various feasts starting in the 1st verse. Leviticus chapter 23 verse 1 “And the Lord spoke to Moshe, Moses saying “Speak to the children of Israel and say to them the feasts of the Lord.” Now the word feasts is moad which means the appointed times, which means the appointments.

Did you know that God has an appointment with you? You don’t want to be late now you’re not late for a doctor’s appointment if you have a life threatening disease you will not be late for a doctor’s appointment how much more a moad. An appointed time meeting place that’s what the word in Hebrew means a meeting place for you and God. So the word feast means a time to meet with God an appointed time. The appointed time of the Lord which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are my feasts. So these are Jewish feasts, these are Biblical feasts but even stronger God says “These are My feasts.” Now I want to establish something right here this has nothing to do with salvation, this has nothing to do with righteousness.  You are saved because of the blood of the Messiah repentance and the blood making Him Lord!  Plus nothing however it’s got a lot to do with the salvation of the world. It’s got a lot to do with understanding the end times. I am convinced that we have many of the ingredients for the end times we know from the word of God but the order is completely different and the key to understanding of the last days. And if God’s children don’t understand what’s going to happen if it’s a mystery if God’s children then how are we going to be walking in line with God?

Now with that let me read to you again Leviticus chapter 23 verse 2 “Speak to the children of Israel and say to them the feasts, the moad, the appointed times the times that you are to meet with Me which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations.” You know what the word convocation means in the Hebrew? It means rehearsal these feasts are rehearsals, rehearsals of what? Great events in the life of Messiah from the past and great events in the life of the church in the future. How are we going to know these great events, how are we going to know to rehearse these great events unless we understand the Biblical feasts.

Now can we understand them from a rabbinical Jewish background? Yes, there’s much to understand from rabbinical Jewish background? Yes there’s much to understand about from rabbinical Jewish background. Can we understand them from a Messianic Jewish background? Yes there’s much to understand from a Messianic Jewish background but I believe that there are mysteries in these feasts that we will not understand until that one new man emerges the Jew and the Gentile one new man in the Messiah. Why did we stop observing these feasts?  I can tell you why because the devil read the book. In the book of Ephesians it said that Yeshua came to break down the middle wall of separation between Jews and Gentiles and the devils tried to erect the wall of separation between Jews and Christians.  And one way he’s done it is he’s had the church leaders and in my new book I go into detail and you’ll understand that the reason that we observe Shabbat, or Sabbath, on Sunday has nothing to do with the resurrection of Yeshua.  It originally was done to distant ourselves from anything Jewish. Now who stands to gain form distancing ourselves?  From erecting a middle wall of separation between Jews and Gentiles?  The devil.

There is something so supernatural about the Shabbat, about the Sabbath turn with me to Isaiah 58th chapter the 13th verse. “If you turn away your foot from the Sabbath from doing your pleasure on My holy day and call the Shabbat a delight the holy day of the Lord honorable and shall honor Him not doing your own ways but finding your own pleasure nor speaking your own words then you shall delight yourself in the Lord and I will cause you to ride on the high hills of the earth and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father the mouth of the Lord has spoken.”

I love the New Living Translation of Isaiah 58:14 “If you observe the Shabbat He says if you do this I will give you great honor and give you your full share of the inheritance I promised to Jacob your ancestor.” And I can tell you that God rested on the 7th day the Sabbath.  It would start Friday night and ends Saturday night and there is a spiritual law and a physical law that we need to rest and we need to stop doing our own things and our own ways and take a day to rest the body. The only rest is really in the true Sabbath who’s Yeshua Jesus is our true Sabbath.  But I believe there’s certain supernatural blessings when we identify with not just the Jewish feast, not just the Biblical feasts but He calls My feasts. Which are called holy convocations, and again the Hebrew for convocation means rehearsals.  Rehearsals for things that will happen in the future, coliseums will not be big enough to house all of the believers when we come together on these biblical festivals there’s going to be such an outpouring of God’s Spirit.

…I believe that we are in store for a reformation. One of the greatest reformations in history what Martin Luther had was nothing compared to the reformation that’s coming it’s the last great move of God’s Spirit and I believe many of the ingredients are highlighted in the book “The Last Lap” subtitled “The Emergence of the One New Man.”

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Our Guest Larry Sparks

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Sid: Hi Sid Roth here with Larry Sparks and Larry has been studying revivals and there is a lot to be learned as far as anything they did we can do. And I believe that we’re so close to the return of Jesus we can even do it better. Tell me some of the things that you’ve learned about studying previous revivals.

Larry: Well first thing is I immediately I think of the Welsh revival there’s a man named Evan Roberts. This man was desperate for God. He was hungry to seek God he was hungry to see God move in his city and his nation in a powerful way.  And the thing that we learn from Evan Roberts is that there is a need for perseverance.  You know one thing that I read that he wrote is that “I said to myself I will have the Spirit,” and through all weathers and despite all difficulties I went to the meetings. He was constantly in atmosphere and environments where the Holy Spirit was moving he was constantly doing what he could to keep himself hungry. He said…and this is what gets me he said “For 10 or 11 years I have prayed for revival.  I could sit up all night to read or talk about revivals it was the Spirit who moved me to think about revival for 10 or 11 years. Now I’m not saying that that’s always the case where we have to pray for 10 or 11 years but Evan Roberts tells us that there is perseverance that is needed to experience the breakthrough. As a result I believe that the Welsh revival, this man carried he prayed for this for 11 years and he saw over 11,000 people come to know Jesus.

Sid: But what about someone like Katherine Kuhlman what did you learn from her?

Larry: I learned from Katherine Kuhlman that there’s always more and that’s interesting to think because Katherine Kuhlman was somebody I wish I had known because here’s this lady who walked in unusual miracle healing anointing. I mean her healings here I go on YouTube I go on the computer and I watch them and her demeanor and her kindness and compassion it just it’s just amazing. And the miracles would just breakout in the presence of God. But I’ll never forget I watched her talk to the Student Body at Oral Roberts University and the first thing she said this to me was the secret of her ministry.  The first thing she said as she opened in prayer is she said “God there’s no one here that’s hungrier for more than me.”  And I thought to myself Katherine wait a minute your hungry for more, you’re seeing things that we desire to see, you’re seeing things these amazing miracles just popping left and right in those services, in those meetings and yet here she was saying “God there’s no one hungrier for more than me.” So how does that translate, what does that mean?  It means that the God that lives inside of us is enormous He is huge, He is great!  And Katherine recognized this Katherine knew this that the Spirit of God who lived inside of her was capable was capable of accomplishing anything.  And she had stepped into a certain measure of anointing, of power, or miracles but she wasn’t satisfied she was wanting more. And Sid I believe there’s some listeners who are tuning and there’s a couple of categories and I think the Lord really wants to minister to just based on that word, just based on that word from Kathryn back in the 1970’s for those of you who feel like “You know what I’ve never experienced the filling of the Holy Spirit, I’ve never been filled with the Spirit, I believe in Jesus He’s my Savior but I’ve never encountered God.  I’ve never encountered God like you’re talking about I believe the Holy Spirit wants to fill you. And I believe that those that have been filled with the Holy Spirit and maybe you’ve spoken in tongues, maybe you operated in prophecy, or gifts of the Spirit and I believe that there’s more.  In the Book of Hebrews it talks about the elementary things of the faith has repentance and baptisms, baptism plural. And I believe that there are multiple baptisms we can experience in the Spirit. Yes we get certain gifts but I believe that there are so much more that we can walk in.

Sid: Larry tell me a contemporary someone now that is in the forefront of revival and what you learned from that person.

Larry: One person I actually gotten to spend a good amount of time with is Randy Clark and some of you may know Randy Clark as the evangelist God used to really help to ignite the Toronto Renewal Blessing. God’s used him in a powerful way in healing and teaching other people in activating them in healing ministry. What I’ve seen in Randy is 2 qualities 2 keys to sustaining a life of revival. We all want revival we all want the move of God we all want to experience God. And God wants to touch you but I also want to encourage you God wants to transform you and in Randy’s life I see these 2 keys that were humility and hunger. Now what does that look like? Humility recognizes that there’s so much more of God that I’m presently experiencing.  And Randy was a leader he was a pastor, he was somebody as leaders and pastors it’s easy for us to think “Well even though deep down I’m hungry for God I don’t want to show it in front of my people, I don’t want that to be a sign of weakness no that’s the greatest strength because when you lead a church or ministry or people or Bible study and you’re hungry you’re leading them into the same place that you’re going. And that’s what happened with Randy he got hungry he had these dramatic encounters with God starting in 1984 where everything for him and his church changed. He had an impartation of healing and then his church became a place where God would move for moving. He had in 1989 he had another encounter and then God used him in a greater measure with words of knowledge and healing.  And then finally I believe it was 1993 the Lord touched him in a very different way each encounter was unique and different but each encounter made him want more. And there was that humility that said “God I know that there’s more” and hunger which was that driving force that caused Randy to go to different places to interact with different people who were experiencing the move of God he was not to a point of arrogance to where he thought “I don’t need to go somewhere if God’s going to touch me He’s going to touch me wherever I am. Now sometimes we need to go somewhere because it demonstrates true desperation and hunger for God.

Sid: I’m feeling a presence of God and one of the things people say about when they read your book even though it’s brand new we’ve read the manuscript before it became a book that it stirs them up to such hunger for God. I can’t think of a more important thing. So would you pray for people right now that they’d be stirred up, that they’d be hungry for God?

Larry: Yes, yes. Father we thank You that there is more, thank You that every time that we go to the Bible and we look at Jesus we see that there’s more and we are just discontent living where we are. It’s not condemnation we don’t feel bad about where we are we get excited because we know wow God there’s so much more; so I pray for those that feel “You know Larry I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit right now.”  I pray in the name of Jesus the people that are listening who desire to be filled for the first time ever Holy Spirit touch them from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet fill them to overflowing, give them just a mighty baptism in Your Spirit. And I pray that it’ll be a deep and profound encounter God that they will live out of that they will be able to live their life out of that. And that God that it’ll be such a memorable moment that they will always have it as a reference point in their life. And for those you that think to themselves “You know what I’ve been filled with the Spirit in the past I’ve had an experience, I’ve been baptized in the Spirit but there’s something inside me that wants more; I’m not just content to just having this one gift or doing this other thing; I’m not content to wear a spiritual merit badge saying well I was baptized in the Holy Spirit now what?” The now what Paul says “Be filled with the Holy Spirit.” And the Greek means to be ever filled, there’s no end the increase of His government no end of the increase of how much Spirit of God can fill you in the earth there’s no end. So right now I pray for those of you who either you’re hungry for another touch or you’re just on fire and your just saying “You know what I’ll take as much more as God wants to give me.” Holy spirit I just ask You to release that in peoples rooms, in peoples cars wherever they’re listing God give them a deep and profound encounter God and bring them to that place of more or more; God that it just wouldn’t be a moment it just wouldn’t be an encounter and experience I pray for sustained measurable results that they would actually see life change on a continuous everyday basis because of these encounters that we’re praying for right now in Jesus Name.

Sid: …After all of these years and having such a hunger for God how do you still have a hunger for God?

Larry: I do that by just doing some very practical things and I’ve mentioned them but I have seasons and times when I feel my faith is dry I remind myself of what He’s done I listen to testimonies I watch testimonies, I read revival books, I crave stories about what God has done and what God is doing. Maybe some of the most powerful ones is I actually remind myself of my own encounters that I’ve had with God and just remind myself. And I ask Him I ask the Lord to take me back to that moment like smell the smells and hear the sounds and bring me back to that moment of encounter and remind me how powerful it was. Remind me truly of what I have living inside of me.

Sid: Is this the generation that is going to see the greatest revival the world has ever seen?

Larry: I believe it is, I believe it is because this generation…so many people look at this generation and say “It’s a fearless generation, it’s a reckless generation.” It’s a generation that I believe is wired to crave the supernatural and the problem is that if we as the church don’t give them the Biblical foundation of walking in the supernatural they are going to look for it somewhere else and we cannot…that must be illegal on our watch they cannot go to the New Age, they cannot go to the occult, they can’t go to witchcraft or what Hollywood has and all of the different places because the supernatural should be natural to every single Christian.

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Our Guest Jonathan Maracle

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jonathan maracle

Sid: My guest by way of telephone I’m speaking to him in Ontario, Canada.  He is what is known as a First Nation’s Man his name is Jonathan Maracle. And for those that are not familiar with that terminology what does that mean Jonathan?

Jonathan: Well First Nations is the title given to the host people of the land. In Canada that’s what the official name is of our people because we were the first people of the land. And so it’s kind of a term that brings respect back to the First Nations or to aboriginal people to this land because for a long time we weren’t even considered human beings we were subspecies and so when they referred to us as First Nations there was an element of respect there of restoration and integrity.

Sid: Well let’s go back on yesterday’s broadcast you were making in the secular realm as a recording artist. Had a song actually that was on the TV series Highway to Heaven, your father was a minster and he never stopped praying for you as you went down, down, down into drugs and in the secular activities you were involved in. And one day you cried out to God and it just seemed like immediately after not having heard from your father for several years you got a phone call.  And so you went out to visit him what happened next?

Jonathan: Well I got out there to visit him and I stayed with my mom and dad for almost a week and during that time there was a lot of church activity that they were involved in. They took me several times to church meetings with a leading evangelist and I really didn’t want to be there at that time.  I was still getting over you know my issues and I didn’t want anything to do with it. So I kind of had a little bit of a upheaval with them and said “Look I came to be with you guys not to go to church.”  And so they understood and they backed right off and they didn’t try to force me go anymore. But on Sunday Sunday had come up and it had been like several days and we had just had good relationship, son to parents together. On Sunday they were leaving for church on Sunday morning and and they asked me “Would you like to come with us you’re welcome to you can stay home whatever you want to do.”  They didn’t put any pressure on me and without the pressure I had a choice and I opted to honor them and go with them. So we went and you know I was a very loner kind of a person and I don’t know where mom and dad were whether they had already gone in or whether they were behind me probably had already gone in. But I stepped inside of the door of the church and this little lady she was probably 75 years old I don’t even know who she was she could have been an angel by the way I feel. But I stepped inside the door and she walked over to me and she actually put her arms around me and said “Son I love you.”  And I looked at her and I said “You love me?” Because I mean I looked like a Rock and Roller, I had long hair and I was kind of rough around the edges and I said “You love me?”  And she said “Yes, I love you with the love of Jesus.” And at that moment the only way that I can really truly describe how I felt I felt as though as someone had a warm bucket of oil and they just poured over the top of my head and it went down and it covered my entire body and the warmth came all over me. I didn’t know what it was I just knew that something was happening. So I went inside the church and sat down and preacher preached it was like nobody else was there I was alone listening and from there things just began to happen.  God kept wooing me and I had got interested in the word and got interested in what God was saying and doing in my life and its just been from glory to glory since then.

Sid: Now your dad actually commissioned you in there was a song when you were commissioned, tell me about this song.

Jonathan: Well my dad died February 8, 1999 and just before that sometime in mid-January my dad called me up to his house just because he wanted to share with me and I didn’t really know he just called me up and every once in a while we would get together in the morning and pray together and he would share the word with me because he was a wealth in the word, just loved the word and loved what it meant to him and loved Jesus. And he I would come in and he would always sat in his chair in the corner and he had on his bathrobe and he was always up like before 4:00 and 6:00 every morning and in prayer. And so I came up and I sat down with him it was probably 6:00 or 6:30 in the morning and when I came in he was crying and he was sitting on the edge of his chair and had his finger on his Bible and he had his glasses on and he was reading.  And he just began to tell me he said “Son you’ve got to tell the world about Khenoronkhwa. I said “What do you mean dad?” He said “You know Son that Khenoronkhwa means love but it means medicine.” And he said “And you’ve got to tell them this that Jesus is the medicine that’s going to heal the world.” And he said “You’ve got to carry this message.” And the thing was that my dad as a Native Man grew up in very very hard situation.  His language was taken away from him as a boy but he still he spoke fluently but they tried to take it away in the 3rd grade. They would spank him put him in the corner with a dunce cap on if he spoke his language because they said that it was an evil language and that it was a pagan evil language. And so you know my dad had great reason to be angry because of the way he was treated but instead he said “Jonathan,” he said “The white people just don’t understand he says I’ve tried to tell them all of my life that they’ve got to change that they’ve got to understand that they’ve got to care about us as a people.” And he said “And the Bible says that ‘They shall know the truth and the truth that will set them free.’” He said “You have to continue to carry this truth this message whether they like to hear it or not you’ve got to tell them that the generational curses that are upon them have to be broken.”

Sid: We’re going to find out more about the breaking of the curses, but I’m going to tell you I don’t understand a word that’s being sung in the Mohawk language but there is something that gets me praying. In fact we used your music for our International Intercessory Prayer Conference and everyone just really got into the Spirit.  This is the song that came out with the Commission that God gave you of tell the world they need to love, they need to know love Himself which is Jesus.

Jonathan Maracle worship excerpt: Khenoronkhwa

Sid: That was a selection from Rise Up Mighty Warrior.  Jonathan you were telling me about amazing thing that happened in communist China when you were there.

Jonathan: Yeah Sid you were telling me about how you would listen to our music and it touched the spirit of the your intercessory times with your people. And it made me think of when I was in communist China and we were sitting there with Elders all in the back of this one auditorium that we were in as we were singing and they sent their interpreter up to ask me “Why when you sing do we feel it hear?” And he put his hand over his heart and I said “Go tell them it’s because I sing from the One that I…that I sing because God is the reason that I sing.” And so they went back and he told them and they sent him back up and said “Well why do you want to serve a God?” And I said “Well, because He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for me and that’s the reason.”  From that point on I had Chinese people coming to me and asking me in parking lots and different places…

Sid: Listen there is an anointing on this music to set people free of everything.

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Our Guest Reinhard Bonnke

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Reinhard Bonnke

Sid: Talk about being red hot for the Messiah I have hear a headline from a Nigerian newspaper, The Post Express. It says “Bonnke raises man from death in Onitsha,” now this is in Nigeria. We are going to be talking about this this week because this is without a doubt one of the finest most documented, longest time that someone has been dead and came back to life of any that I’ve ever heard of before. The most authentic, the most medically verified. But Reinhard I would have to believe that is not the most exciting thing, the most exciting thing you said to me before we started, and I’m speaking to Reinhard Bonnke at his home in Orlando, Florida right now. You told me that 9.12 million people in a recent 5 month period have made written decisions for Jesus. In your wildest imagination did you ever think that would be possible?

Reinhard: Yeah, well Sid I rejoice it is actually mind boggling to see this ocean of humanity in front of me. You know a million people we have a peak attendance of 1,600,000 in a single service.

Sid: How can they hear you? How could a speaker system be large enough? That’s bigger than most cities.

Reinhard: I tell you we have a speaker system you can a pin drop hear miles away it is absolutely fantastic. It’s a Maya system it’s the best PA system, amplifying system in the world and that’s what we have believed and we make use of it. The people can’t see me I can’t see the people but they hear me very very well and respond tremendously.

Sid: I have a picture here in front of me of one of these large campaigns. I mean it’s such a sea of humanity. But many years ago you had a vision as a young man from God. Did you see this in the vision about Africa?

Reinhard: Yes well I cannot say that I saw this in a vision in such dimension as we see it in reality today. You know the Lord said that I would… when I was young I heard Him say that I would stand before presidents, and kings, and prime ministers and preach to nations. But you know one doesn’t know is it just real or is up to interpretation, but this is literal it is absolutely literal. I praise God. When I was a young man I went from prophecy to prophecy, today I go from fulfillment to fulfillment.

Sid: You told me something else that was terribly exciting and that was in 2001 you had a campaign in the Sudan with Muslims. What occurred?

Reinhard: Well I had the first campaign in Sudan in Khartoum in April 2000. The first meeting had a crowd of 30,000 people for us this is very small but…

Sid: I tell you what I’ll take 30,000 anytime (laughing).

Reinhard: (Laughing) …and when I started to pray for the sick from the platform a deaf-mute was healed. A young man of 20 years of age his name was Omar Mohammed who had suffered a lightning strike and his father died in that instance and he was deaf and mute as result of it. Within a split second this young man received perfect hearing and perfect speech. When he came to the platform I could hardly believe it because he spoke so perfect I wouldn’t believe he was deaf and mute but the people knew him and they shouted “That’s the beggar from the university.” The next day the crowd jumped already to 80,000 and it kept jumping, and to 210,000 people. I would say 95% – 98% of them were all Muslims. We saw Muslims healed, the blind healed by the dozens. I saw God pouring out His mercy on these people in such power. I would say almost more than I see Him pour out on Christians. As a matter of fact, some Christians were there and they saw the Muslims getting healed whole, saved and they said “Does Jesus love the Muslims more than His own children?” I said “No! According to your faith be it unto you.” This is what happened there.

Sid: Is that Christians have had so much that we’ve almost gotten religious rather than being hungry? Is that one of the reasons?

Reinhard: Well I don’t know I think we have complicated issues. To receive a miracle from God doesn’t mean that we need to have an M.A. in theology. If you see the records in the New Testament the greatest miracle, you know the Syrophenician woman she was not an Israelite woman she knew nothing about the word of God, and there a great miracle was given to her. So this is the proof that we don’t need to know the Bible by heart before we can expect a miracle. Its just that people in all simplicity stretch out their hand by faith and take it by faith and receive it. This is how it works, fear not only believe.

Sid: You know a name that is almost unfortunately become a household word in the United States, Osama Bin Laden. You actually got a message from him, what did it say?

Reinhard: I got an email from him that was April last year. With copies sent to CNN and the BBC, and a whole list of other organizations I did not recognize. It was done in Arabic, I had never seen Arabic on the internet at all. Then the translation into English right at the bottom saying “Bonnke if you come back to Khartoum we are going to shoot you.” So the sender it said there as clear as the day was Osama Bin Laden.

Sid: Hmm. Now when you were there in 2000 did many Muslims come to the Lord?

Reinhard: Yes!  In great abundance! In great abundance! The first 2 days the VIP section was almost totally empty. The last 2 days they were packed with government ministers and their large families, there was no room enough. They were responding to the gospel. We had hundreds of thousands of decisions for the Jesus Christ in that very Easter celebration we called it, Easter Celebration.

Sid: Did you have any idea how many of those were Muslim?

Reinhard: Well since there are so few Christians…

Sid: (Laughing)

Reinhard: …I dare you just have a guess, but I was told that Khartoum was flooded with home cell groups and get-togethers. It really had a mighty, mighty impact.

Sid: Reinhard would there have been anyway that number of Muslims would have come the Lord without miracles?

Reinhard: I don’t think we would have gotten their attention. I think… I’m not saying that miracles are there just to draw the attention to the gospel in form of ad registrant I don’t believe that. I believe that the healing power of Jesus is inherent in the gospels. When the gospel and it is believe that healings just flow out of it, flow from it. I have come to see that the tree of life as we see it right in Genesis and we also find it back then in the book of Revelation. This tree of life which has so many leaves and these leaves are for the medicine for the nation. I’ve come to see the word of God as the tree of life and every leaf in the word of God is healing. When we preach the word of God from these leafs of the Bible the tree of life healing will flow so… this is all pulled together. The medicine is in the gospel, in the tree of life and at the same time it stirs whole cities and whole nations that brings the people, but the purpose is not and foremost for advertisement it is for compassion, the compassionate heart of God of the Lord. This compassion flows through us to those who need help and healing.

Sid: Reinhard when you got such a serious death threat from this Osama Bin Laden, why were you willing to go? Why didn’t you just cancel?

Reinhard: Well we prayed, we prayed you know, we go by the direction of God almighty and by the Holy Spirit. We are not just bluffed… I am being bluffed so often… I don’t chicken out. So we prayed and the Lord spoke to us…

Sid: Reinhard we’re out of time right now.

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