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Our Guest Steve Hill

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STEVE: I’m from Texas and we deep fry them. And, um…. amen. And so we’re all praying that somehow that company will be revived.


STEVE: But I’m reading all the Twinkies and the cupcakes and all the fun stuff and Jesus you know had some really neat stuff to say. And I’m going through this devotional, just personal devotions, I was just going through this red book, same as you going through your KJV, or NIV or NAS, whatever it is. And you’re just doing the red, red letters that’s all it is. I got about a third way through it and just stopped, and I turned to Jesus, and I said: This is fascinating, Lord. I am surprised that You weren’t killed way before the cross. Look at this! I mean the stuff that He said, is anybody paying attention? I mean from the weeping and gnashing of teeth, the judgments, the name calling, the cleansing the Temple! It just goes on and on and on and on. Then He says things like “Remember Lot’s wife!” When was the last time you heard a grace teacher preach on remember Lot’s wife? And by the way I’m a grace teacher. I’m a grace tea… boy… [Steve sings to tune of Amazing grace]: Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. And if I decide to go back to sin, in hell He will cast me. I just wrote that.


STEVE: But you know the message today is hey, once you’re saved, “party hearty!” So I read all these words in red and I didn’t get two-third through this little book. And I closed it. And I said, Dear Jesus.” If pastors and laity, ministers, all of us would just talk about the words in red we could change this nation. But no, we’re not going to do that because we don’t want to offend anybody. While the politicians, and the rock artists, and the, uh, strippers and the porn execs, they don’t care about offending us. They put their junk right in front of us. You can’t watch a ball game, can’t watch TV. You got to fast forward through the commercials. You know we have all these apparatuses that you hook up to your TV to clean it up and all, and stuff still gets through. I was at a, um, a Fed Ex the other day, and uh, how many love witnessing? Okay, about a third.

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September 27th, 2018 at 6:57 am

Our Guest Patricia King

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PATRICIA: I was a mess. I had only darkness in my life. I was oppressed in every way. I was ready actually to go into a mental institution. I was a… truly that was the state I was in. I had darkness all around me. But Jesus is a God who creates light and life in us. And I remember that night getting down on my knees and saying Jesus I don’t even know how to pray or anything. But I heard some people say that You would bring light into the darkness and You would give me new life. And maybe You could forgive my sin. And I said I don’t know for sure because my sins are pretty bad. But if You would like to come into my heart I want to invite You in tonight. And you know what? I didn’t know for sure if He would come in or not because I felt so full of guilt and shame. I felt so evil within. But He didn’t hesitate. And that night He came into my life like liquid love.

He released liquid love on the inside and He literally removed my sin, my guilt and my shame in an instant of time. In an instant of time. Because He created new life within me. He can create new life within you tonight as well. And if there’s anyone here or if you’re watching through the screen tonight. If there’s anyone that wants to come to Jesus and have Him create a brand new beginning for you. A brand new life. It’s not a normal life. It’s an eternal life. It’s one that’ll, that’ll just be there in Him forever. That tonight can be the beginning of the rest of your life. And so just pray with me right now. Lord Jesus, come into my heart and forgive me of all my sin. I believe that You are the Savior of the world. And I invite You to be my Savior. Thank You, Jesus, for releasing me completely from all the sin, the guilt and the shame, and for writing my name in Your Book of Life in Christ Jesus. Amen. Amen.

SID: Did you enjoy Patricia King?


SID: Where was this teaching when I was a brand new believer? I wish I had that! That’s why I have such a passion for you to have this. Because I did it the hard way. There’s an easier way to be mentored in the ways of God. Moses was told that if he would pray a special supernatural prayer over the people that they would have God’s name sealed upon them. I want to pray that same prayer over you. And when I pray this prayer I’m going to do it from a New Covenant perspective looking back at what Jesus did, as opposed to and Old Covenant perspective… that was looking forward to what Jesus was going do. Are you ready to receive? You are going to receive from God right now if you believe.

Why? All things are possible to those who believe. But? No, you’re not a motor boat. But, but, but, but, but. No “buts” allowed. The Lord blessing you right now! The Lord is smiling upon you right now! The Lord is surrounding you with His favor right now! The Lord is gifting you. GRAB IT! Right now! The Lord is healing you right now! The Lord is giving you His Shalom, His completeness in your spirit, in your soul, and in your body right now! In your body! In the name that is above every name, Yeshua ha Mashiach, Tsidkenu. Jesus the Messiah, our Righteousness! And all God’s people said what “amen” means. So be it!

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September 19th, 2018 at 4:30 am

Our Guest Patricia King

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PATRICIA: And I’m decreeing it. I’m decreeing it. And I’m, I’m doing actions towards that. I’m writing papers on it. I’m doing, you know, um, media on it. I’m building media on it. We’re doing things on the ground to literally rescue children. It just started with one little vision. It keeps growing and growing. But you see if everyone did something that all connects together and we’ll, we’ll create a tipping point where it’s all going to come down. There’s people today going into the Body and saying let’s raise up a standard of righteousness.

Because you know what? If we could, um, through our prayer and decree take out internet pornography addiction then we could wipe out the sex trade pretty easily because that’s what fuels it, you know? It’s just going to be easy when we get a hold of God and when we have faith to know that we walk in partnership with Him. Many people say, “Oh, the earth is so full of terrible things.” In fact I had someone Facebook me about a week ago and they said you know, um, “It’s just disgusting, you know what kind of God do you serve when there’s so much suffering in the earth and there’s little children suffering and everything?” And it just hurt me to think people would think that way about my God. Because my God is good. And it’s not God that is leaving the earth in the mess it’s in.

It is us! The scripture says “The heavens belong to the Lord but the earth belongs to the sons of men.” And He gave us His authority. He said “All authority belongs to Him. He is in us.” And He says “Now you’re My Body in the earth and the works that I do you will do also and greater works than these will you do because I go to the Father.” But He left us in the earth with His name, with His power, with the tools in scripture given to us to work and labor, co-labor with Him for the glory of the Lord. And I declare in Jesus’ name that the knowledge of the glory of the Lord is going to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. And you and I get to create that. I want to, um, just make some decrees over you right now. First of all, um, you can be positioned right now for a breakthrough of creative power.

How many of you would like to receive an anointing from God to create realms and atmospheres? Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to decree over you and you WILL activate it tonight. I really believe it. I have faith for that that when I decree it over you it will be activated. But before I do that I would like you to, just in your own heart before God, uh, repent from a few things. Because when you repent from things that are not aligned with God’s word then times of refreshment will come to you.

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September 9th, 2018 at 6:39 am