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Our Guest John Ramirez

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Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest was a high ranking satanic priest that sold his soul to the devil. Now that he has a new Lord, Jesus the Messiah, he is exposing the number one weapon in the devil’s arsenal. Want to know what it is?

Sid Roth has spent over 40 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural.

SID: Every time I talk to John on the phone or I’m in person with him, I think this is someone else that spent 25 years with a blood covenant with Satan. You really are a different person.

JOHN: Totally.

SID: I mean, having a blood covenant with Satan. How’d you break that?

JOHN: Yeah. I tell you, in 1999, I left my body and went straight to hell. The devil showed up in hell. He told me how much he loved me. He couldn’t let me go because he had to destroy me because I was someone in his kingdom that was very special because of the witchcraft, and the astral projecting, and the tormentors that would release on people with fear, and destroy people’s life. And the devil said, “I can’t let you go.” But the cross of Jesus Christ appeared in hell. Even the word of God says, “Son, you make your bed in hell. God is there.”

JOHN: And when I went to hell and I left my body and I was there when the devil showed up in hell, he was so furious to destroy me. And when he went to grab me, the cross of Jesus Christ was between him and I. And when he went to make contact with the cross, the cross dropped him like he was a tumbler on the floor. He had no power. And I couldn’t believe it. I ran into the part of the veil, and he came for the second time. When he came out, he went to grab me, and the cross of Jesus Christ appeared again. And when he made contact, he just fell down like a piece of paper. It was the Lord Jesus Christ setting me free. And I came back into my body and I went to hell as a high rank devil worshiper, a general in the kingdom of darkness, and I came back as a believer in Jesus Christ.

SID: You told me, the number one weapon in the devil’s arsenal was the real hold that the devil had over you while you were in witchcraft, and that was fear.

JOHN: Fear. Fear. The devil is a spiritual pharaoh. He plagues fear on the people that practice the occult. The fear on people is a terrorizing fear that if you miss a beat, or if you miss an assignment, or you miss a ritual, or you don’t do it in the next ceremony, either someone in your family will die, you would die, or you will get into a horrific car accident. And that was my life for 25 years.

SID: That’s an awful life.

JOHN: Yes, it was.

SID: Did you realize … I’m kind of curious, did you realize how awful it was when you were in it?

JOHN: Oh yeah, absolutely. But then the other part was, if I get out then I’m signing my funeral.

SID: So you were a real prisoner? I want you looking at camera and you talk to someone that’s in satanism or witchcraft and tell them there is freedom.

JOHN: I just want to say whether you’ve witchcraft, new age, any occult practices in your life and they’re lying to you. Because the devil is the father of lies, he’s lying to you how he’s going to kill, steal and destroy you. You have an opportunity, the one avenue, one door to get out. His name is Jesus Christ. He did it for me. 1999, I’ve been set free. And the torment that’s came for me for 30 days, but the Lord Jesus Christ kept me, delivered me, set me free, and today I’m exposing the works of the enemy, his number one weapon, which is fear.

SID: If the devil was so strong, how come he leaves you alone?

JOHN: Well the devil has power. The devil has crazy power, but not the right power for the believer.

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May 26th, 2020 at 8:23 am

Our Guest Carol Arnott

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SID: Well for 25 years you’ve taught this, you’ve seen the fruit of this. I mean I have had people in my chair that their lives were transformed from soaking at the Toronto Airport Church but the good news is you don’t have to go anywhere to soak before God. So tell me, what is that plate of water and that sponge and that towel there for? You’re scaring me.

CAROL: The towel is to dry my hands, but.

SID: You’re not going to, no?

CAROL: No, but you see this is what most of you looked like a few minutes ago. I saw you on TV looking at our studio audience and you’re hard, you’re tough, you’ve got hurts, and you’ve got pain and you’re busy in your life. But we want to see what happens because we want to pray anointing over this water and we want to put Mr. Sponge in there and see what’s soaking in God’s presence will do. So Lord, we anoint this water. Don’t we Sid?

SID: We do.

CAROL: And we put Mr. Sponge in and we’ll check on him in a little while to see how he’s doing, whether he’s still as hard as he was.

SID: Now you say it’s imperative to make time for God to heal our broken heart but most believers say, “God’s already taken care of it.” I had a staff member, a producer with our ministry who read your material, has been soaking for decades, but he followed the instructions you taught which are, you’ve learned in 25 years of teaching thousands how to do this, did it. And he said it amazed me but it also amazed him. He had a healing in his heart, literally started weeping before the Lord. How could it be after all those years as a mature spirit? They’ll believe it. How could it be?

CAROL: It’s amazing because the hurts and pains that we’ve had growing up are like layers and it’s just been layer upon layer upon layer. But as we still ourselves, our God knows what the hurts and pains are. And so, if we’re still before him he might just put his finger on that like he did with your staff member and that was a real deep wound in his heart that effected his whole life.

SID: How important is it for us to get our hearts mended before we enter into this great move of God’s spirit?

CAROL: Well Sid, I believe that the next move is a move of holiness now not based out of good behavior but based on our hearts. In Mark it says because out of the heart are the issues of life. All the lewdness and bad everything comes out of our heart. And so, God wants to open up those areas that have been locked up and free us because you see when he pours out his spirit like we’re expecting him to do, we want to be pure.

SID: But what if our heart has these old wounds that are covered, covered, covered, covered over?

CAROL: You see that’s what soaking does. It opens you up to intimacy, it opens you up to God to hear his voice that still small voice and then he’ll tell you, “Carol you’ve got this problem in your heart, will you let me heal it?” And so then you work through whatever it is just like your staff member did and God’s just set him free and but whatever time he took to soak it wasn’t long.

SID: Boy, the presence of God is, I just have to interrupt you and tell you because I have a word from our sponsor God. God said that people’s wrists are being healed right now, carpal tunnel is being healed right now. Anything you need in the wrist area and now I’m hearing it’s spreading to the hand. Anything you need in the hands, arthritic fingers, anything you need just take it right now. And when we come back I want to find out because I’ve been watching Mr. Sponge and I want to find out what happened to Mr. Sponge and when we return I’m going to ask Carol to tell you about one of the first times she saw radical stage four cancer healed through soaking. Be right back.

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May 17th, 2020 at 4:02 am

Our Guest Ryan Johnson

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Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest’s mother, she was a strong believer, had stage four cancer. She reached her breaking point and wanted to die. Life was just too hard. Because of the revelation that God taught my guest, she was healed. Next on, It’s Supernatural.

Sid Roth has spent over 40 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural.

SID: Ryan, at lunch today, I asked you, what do you see happening in the future? For those who they don’t know, Ryan is a seer prophet. Ryan, what’s going to happen in 2020?

RYAN: I believe that one of the greatest outpourings is going to incur in the body of Christ through the repentance of our hearts. We’re going to see men and women go back to the altar, cry out to God. They will weep because of a renewal of a fear of the Lord, a holy fear, but their weeping at the altar, will turn to joy and joy will burst forth out of the body of Christ again.

SID: I know that that word, it’s from the heart at God. Ryan. Right after you became a believer, then you were supposed to have heart surgery and you were dealing with that. What happened?

RYAN: Yes, sir. Early in my life I became addicted to alcohol and pills. And I consumed it so much so quickly. I’d caused major damage to my heart. The inside of my heart was swelling.

SID: How old were you when you started this?

RYAN: When I started, I was around 13 years old and it carried for a number of years. I kept it hid for a long time, but eventually I ended up in and out of ERs, having to be pumped with nitroglycerin. I was on stroke levels multiple times. I was born again November 30th, 1997 and in January of 1998, I went to my first prayer meeting. Had no clue what it was, and I told the Lord, I said, “Lord, I don’t know a whole lot about you. I know the basics, but they tell me you’re a healer and I don’t want to have this major surgery. I’m too young. I need to be healed.”

RYAN: And I just sat there and I was quiet for the rest of the time and then I heard “Healed.” That’s all I heard, “Healed.” And I got up and I turned around and the whole sanctuary was empty. And there was one lady, had known me all my life, and she said, “Ryan, do you know how long have you been praying?” I said, “No, ma’am.” She said, “Three and a half hours.”

SID: My goodness.

RYAN: I called the doctors. I rescheduled all my tests. Everywhere I had failed, I passed with flying colors.

SID: He didn’t know anything about healing. He had no paradigm. He had no formula, but he heard that God healed and he heard the word. And it’s interesting, it was past tense. He didn’t just say, God didn’t say, “You will be healed.” He said, “Healed.” It reminds me of First Peter 2:24, by his stripes you were healed. So then for 15 years he became a mighty man of God, taught mountain-moving faith. So it’s signs and wonders. And then God pulled the carpet from under him. What have … I mean this is … my boy, what happened?

RYAN: I did. I lived a life where a lot of people said, “You have radical faith, Ryan.” And I used to say, “It’s not radical faith, radical faith is nothing more than obedience.” You hear God, you activate upon it and you go. But it’d become something I’d become a little bit prideful about. I was achieving these levels of faith and I was visiting my parents’ church in January and I was sitting there and the Lord spoke to me and he said, “What you know about faith is nothing.” And it was like a gut punch.

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May 6th, 2020 at 3:55 am