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Our Guest James Goll

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Sid:  My guest James Goll is a seer, now I know about people that hear things, what is a seer?

James:  You know a seer is a prophet, but not all prophets are necessarily seers. So a seer is actually a word from the Old Testament a couple of different Hebrew words are translated into the English word seer.  And it simple means a revelatory gifted person in God who moves in the visionary and dream capacity.  In other words, it’s the way God speaks to them is through the seer dimension.

Sid:  And I found it interesting on a previous show that you said that you didn’t start out this way, you prayed it in.

James:  Yeah, that’s absolutely true and I also was around people who moved in this way because you know what atmosphere or association makes a big difference on what you catch.

Sid:  You know I also believe that same things is true for the church that you go to; you go to a church that doesn’t believe in healing and guess what slowly, slowly you’ll become like them; they’re not going to become like you.

James:  That’s right you see you need to be in the atmosphere of the supernatural and if your around healing you are going to catch healing; if you’re around the evangelism you’re going to catch evangelism; if you’re around signs and wonders, you’ll move in signs and wonders.  If your around the prophetic seer, dreams and visions it’s going to get on you.

Sid:    Well, speaking about the prophetic seer dreams and visions I believe you were talking about yesterday’s broadcast that we didn’t have enough time to finish; is for right now for God’s people and it’s extremely important.  Would you recap it and then share the rest?

James:   That would be great. I had this wonderful experience just recently that was a dream about open heaven’s and I had been writing about this, praying into it and speaking about it and God had his heavenly Devine commentary and He gave me more understanding.  And in this dream and in this dream the feeling arena was very alive, and in it I’m in a room where there’s a low ceiling. I’m trying to stand up all the way, stand upright, but I couldn’t stand up all the way because the ceiling was too low.  And in the dream I could feel my head budding up against the ceiling of this room.  Now this was a religious room, it was filled with stale old smells and an atmosphere that was just stale.  Sorry but a lot like some church cultures are who don’t believe that God is same yesterday, today and forever, and they believe in sensationism.  But in the dream it was a stale atmosphere and the room was too small the ceiling was too low, and I’m trying to push up, push up the ceiling so that it would be higher.  Now in the dream the Holy Spirit let me know that he appreciated all my efforts of trying to raise the roof and make the ceiling higher.  Then God responded to like my desire and He came from heaven’s initiative and he bore a big hole open like He sawed a big hole open in the middle of the room.  I moved over in the dream, out of where it was too small and too low over into the center and I had to centered on God’s word; centered on God’s presence; centered in God’s will and centered on the person of Jesus. When I moved over and was properly positioned I looked up and I could stand upright and the room was filled with just wonder and atmosphere of faith, and revelation, and the supernatural.  The sky was blue, that’s revelation and that’s a prophetic promise and then a breath of fresh air, the wind, the Holy Spirit blew down through the open heaven opening came down into the room; swept the stale atmosphere out. Then I’m looking up and then there’s a word after I woke up with the dream and it said, “Get position for an open heaven.”  I woke up from that and I just had these divine knowings that you know what you can carry an open heaven with you wherever you go.

Sid:  For those that aren’t familiar with that terminology what does an open heaven mean to you?

James:  Wow that’s really good it’s used several times in the scriptures, it’s used in the book of Genesis; Jacob took a nap and he had a dream that the neighbor Jacobs ladder that came down and the heaven’s opened.  God was standing at the top of the ladder, angels ascending and descending.  The Book of Ezekiel, Ezekiel has an open heaven experience; in the book of Mathew Jesus it says “The skies were opened the Holy Spirit in bodily form as a dove descended, fell and remained.  Descended and remained upon Jesus and the voice of the Father spoke in an open heaven and said “This is My Son in whom I’m well pleased.””  In the book of revelation and in the fourth chapter the first through the fourth verses it says, and I saw a door standing open in the heaven and I heard a voice out of a trumpet speaking to me saying, “Come up here, come up higher and I will show you things that are…

Sid:  Alright, what does it mean to be positioned for an open heaven?  What do we have to do to be positioned?

James:  We got to move from the side issues over to the center, the center of God’s Word, the center of God’s will, centering in upon in upon the person of Jesus Himself.  Don’t get stuck over here in the side thing’s, don’t get stuck over here where it’s a low ceiling, move out of that place; move over into the center or God’s Word, the center of His will; the center of His presence; the centering in upon the person of God Himself.

Sid:  You know I see so many Christians that are divided over minors rather than the majors.

James:  That’s right.

Sid:  And these minors I don’t think we’re going to know the answer to until we get on the other side.

James:  You know you stick with the main and the plain, major on the major things, don’t major on the minor.  And I tell you when you keep centered in the Word, centered in the will of God; centered in the person of God, God will put an open heaven over your life.  And the Spirit of revelation will be upon you.

Sid:  Now you talk about in your book that there different categories of dreams.  Some dreams are from the natural man; some dreams are from the demonic, some dreams are from the Holy Spirit.  Talk a little bit about how we should figure out which it’s from, and what we should be paying attention to.

James:  You know you can always; sometimes tell by a period of time because it’s by their fruit you will know them.  And this is true in dreams as well, there are some things that are just natural dreams. There because of what you’re worrying about and your soul is rehearsing those things.  But you can tell when it’s a dream from heaven, it’s clear, there is a recall, it doesn’t haunt you in a fear manner, but it will produce edification, and faith.  And of course the whole demonic arena of dreams it still tries to steal your faith, it tries to shut you down, it tries to speak unbelief, and fear, and things of this nature to you.

Sid:  Now, I’ve got a copy of your book, “Dream Language;” you’ve written many books, but I happen to believe that this is probably one of the key books for the time and season that we’re living in.  You’ve been teaching about dreams and visions and words of knowledge for a long time.  What are you so attracted to this?

James:  You know again it was because the Lord spoke it to me and He commissioned me to release training materials to help people, help mentor them.  You see books were some of my mentors, these books of mine and Sid’s and other’s.  Dream Language could be a mentor in your life, it can help equip you; give you practical tools.

Sid:  Alright you talk about there is a supernatural impartation on this book, what do you mean?

James:  You know if you just partake of this I tell you it’s so full of the word of God the Holy Spirit is going to activate the Spirit of Revelation into your life.

Sid:  James, tell me one person in the affect your teaching on dreams had on them.

James:  You know I have a friend who’s actually an architect, and he you know does a blueprint of things. He’s a brilliant man but he sat in this class and he read the book and there has been an impartation or change that’s happened in his life.  He now get’s dreams and revelations where he’s like hovering over geographic areas and he sees what’s called spiritual mapping and he sees the dark areas and the light areas and he’s being given keys to spiritual warfare through dreams, and this can happen for you too.

Sid:  You know I find that when I interview people that have strong anointing for say miracles or healing I say “Who laid hands on you for that impartation, or who were you hanging around.”  And the same thing is true for dreams and visions and words of knowledge and wisdom and that’s what James is talking about.

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Our Guest Barry Feinman

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Sid:  My guest another Jewish man that is red hot for the Messiah, Barry Feinman, Executive Director of Jezreel International. He’s been explaining all this week of the supernatural call of God for him to put together a humanitarian organization that emphasizes getting goods to Israel. But getting humanitarian efforts to people worldwide that are needy, Barry I bet you had no idea that people worldwide are in such need?

Barry:  Oh Sid, it’s overwhelming, totally overwhelming that even more so is God obviously knew it and there is such a mandate on us as the body to be there for the poor and the needy.

Sid:  Give me some Biblical reference as to the mandate to be there for the needy. Sid Roth supernatural

Barry:  Well, let me just give you – in Roman’s 15:27 for Israel, it’s actually before that, it says “For it please those from Macedonia and Achia to make a certain contribution for the poor among the saints who are in Jerusalem.  It please them indeed and they are their debtors for if the gentiles have been partakers of their (Israel’s) spiritual things then their duty is also to minister to them (Israel) in material things.”  That is such an eye opening scripture.  Because here’s Paul, Rav Shaul the Apostle Paul, writing to the Gentiles who were in Rome. Telling them that if you have partaken, and basically in the good news of Messiah and the Word of God, then it is your duty to begin blessing them materially. Most churches unfortunately don’t know how to that or go about that, and we have made a way for the church to be able to, the Gentiles to be able to bless Israel materially.

Sid:  Tell me a few more scriptures like in Acts 10 about Cornelius.

Barry:  Oh, I love that, you know Cornelius, this is a real eye opener. You know because it’s beautiful it’s going again talking about giving alms giving to a charity.  In Acts 10:1 it says, “There was a certain man in Caesarea called Cornelius, a Centurion, of what was called the Italian regiment.  A devout man and one who feared God with all of his household who gave alms, charitable, generously to the people Israel, and prayed to God always. In about the ninth hour of the day he saw clearly in a vision an angel of God coming and saying to him, “Cornelius.” When he observed him he was afraid and said, “What is it Lord?” so he said to him, “Your prayers and your charitable giving, your alms, have come up for a memorial before God.””  It doesn’t say your praise came up, or your Bible studies came up, or you preaching came up, it doesn’t say any of that. It says clearly, “That you prayers and your charitable giving to the poor have come up as a memorial before God.”

Sid: Why don’t we conclude on the scriptures on giving Matthew 25. I mean this phenomenal once you understand it. Sid Roth tv programs

Barry: Yeah, this one hit me so hard several years ago.  That Matthew 25, and everyone knows the scripture because Yeshua is speaking and He makes it very clear about the sheep and the goats.  In verse 31 in Matthew 25 it says, “When the Son of man comes in His glory and all the holy angels are with Him, then He will sit on the throne of His glory and all the nations will be gathered before Him.  He will separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats.  He will set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on His left. Then the King will say to those on His right hand, “Come you blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world, for I was hungry you gave me food, I was thirsty you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you took me in. I was naked, you clothed me, I was sick, you visited me.  I was in prison, and you came to me. Then the righteous will answer Him and say, “Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, and thirsty and give you a drink, when did you see you a stranger and take you in, or naked and clothe you, or when did we see you sick, or in prison and come to you?” The King will answer and say to them, “As surely I say to you, as much as you did it to one of the least of them, my brethren.””  He is speaking in context now because he is in Israel.  Then He will also say to those on the left hand, “Depart from Me you cursed into the everlasting fire for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me no food, I was thirsty you gave me no drink, I was a stranger you didn’t take me in, I was naked you didn’t clothe me, when I was in prison you didn’t visit me, and I was sick, and in prison” it says, “you didn’t visit me. And they will also Him saying, “Lord, when did we see you hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and we didn’t minister to you?”  Then He will answer them saying, “Assuredly I will say to you, and as much as you did not do it to one of these, the least of these, you did not do it unto Me.”

Sid: You know Barry, I looked up the word brethren, which he uses in Matthew 25, I believe it is 40. He says, “You have done unto the least of these my brethren,” and it means physically from the womb. There is no way that you can spiritualize it, it means the physical Jewish people.

Barry:  Yes.  It ends on verse 46, and most people stop down there and it says, “And these,” the ones on His left side, the ones that didn’t do this, “And these will go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.” It’s all over for the separation has to do with taking care of the least, the lost, the last, the poor, the needy, and this the mandate that we all have.

Sid:  Alright, what is going on today in Israel that you have witnessed with your own eyes as far as the needs?

Barry: Sid, the needs as you know when the Lebanon war broke out two summers ago.  We talked about it on this show.  We pretty much stopped everything we were doing anywhere else and we focused directly and straight into helping them up there.  The needs were absolutely overwhelming to see the devastation up in the north part of Israel.  We ended up shipping seven tractor-trailer loads of supplies up there.  A lot of your listeners from that one show we did really responded, and it really blessed us, and it just helped us so much.  Now recently, of course, we know recently that Hezbollah is all re-equipped with even further missiles now. But what is taking place out of the Gaza hitting the little city of Siderot, and all the other surrounding towns and cities over there.  These people, in fact our next newsletter coming out is going to be all about that. I just got an email if there is any way we can increase our shipments to Israel.  The needs are increasing, can you send more, they are asking us. Of course it takes to send more, it takes finances, it takes more supplies, it takes everything.  So we want to do everything we can at this point to help, and to rally the church to help us do that. I got a chance to speak in an Assembly of God Church in Long Island recently. He wanted me to come down and share about Jezreel, and share about taking care of the poor and the needy. I am up and there and I am sharing all scriptures Isaiah 58, Matthew 25, and the different scriptures. I am sharing God’s heart for the poor and the needy, and of course about Israel, and going through all of this.  So I said I shared this story; I said a missionary came to me who he and his wife and family are moving to the Philippines and he said to me, “Barry can Jezreel help me get a container because the Philippino people are so poor?”  And I said, “Of course we can, tell me more about yourself and the church.”  He says, “Well,” and he tells me about himself and he says, “I belong to a large church of about 7,000 people.”  And I said, “Wow, wait a minute,” and the Lord just kind of down loaded this to me.  I said, “Robert if your pastor brought you to the pulpit and said, “Church, this is Robert he and his wife and family are laying down their lives to go to the Philippines and bring the gospel there; we need to help these people; so beginning next Sunday I want every man, woman and child to bring one tube of toothpaste, how many of you think you could do that, you can bring more if you want but I’m only asking you to bring one.”  The following week I’d like you to bring a bottle of shampoo, the following week a roll of toilet paper, and in other words I gave them six items to for the people to bring and in the seventh week, every man, woman, and child bring $1 to the altar, you can bring more if you want just asking for $1.”  And so at the end of seven weeks what took place one church and I said in between, “You can bring clothing in good condition, and we’ll put up a Philippino flag in the warehouse for you and let the people come and look and become a part of it.”  I said, “But just think of this in one week and just in one, and I mean in seven weeks you got 7,000 bottles of shampoo, 7000 tubes of toothpaste, I mean just think of that in quantity and so I’m telling this story from the pulpit on Long Island in this Assembly of God.   And at the end the pastor asked me if I would leave some time to pray for people before the service began and I said, “Of course.” At the end of the service she said “Listen folks we are not praying today, we’re going to do something, we just heard a word today; I’m going to ask everybody right now before the service starts, the Dollar store down here, there’s a Wal-Mart over there; there’s a store over there and he’s giving people directions where to go.  He goes, “Everybody don’t you do anything, you need to go right now and you need to go get some stuff for this, we are going to bless Israel today.”  And so the second service comes and the same thing happens in the second service and this guy disappears on me, the pastor and I said, “Where are you going,” He said, “I can’t preach this and not do this myself, I’m going to go buy some stuff.”  I’m telling you at the end of the second service people started coming in from the first service and then about a half hour later people started coming from the second service.  Do you know that we had to rent a U-haul from one church; it was about a 800 member church; one church people were coming with bags and bags of stuff. While I was preaching I said, “Listen, let me tell you something else, someday this church is going to sponsor a container to Israel.”  It’s a $3500 from Albany, New York to Israel and pastor stood up and said, “That’s done today,” just like that he points to me, “That’s done, just like that.”  So when I left there he gave me a check to pay for the container to Israel, and by the way that container just arrived in Israel, we just got a wonderful letter from Israel for him.  The church, the Assembly of God sponsored the container and gave us a U-Haul full of brand new supplies, and I was just thinking this is just one church and it didn’t fall on one person, everybody got a chance to partake, everybody…

Sid:  Barry, I want because we get letters all the time, who do you support Sid as far as doing humanitarian efforts in Israel, and I can tell you that we support Jezreel International.  So what I want is don’t send us any money, don’t send us any toothpaste, I want you to call our 800 number and we’ll give you the Jezreel brochure. Just call that number and you’ll find all the information you need to be part of this great humanitarian effort to Israel.

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Our Guest Barry Feinman

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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah another Jewish man that’s red hot for the Messiah. The Executive Director of Jezreel International, Barry Feinman and we found out yesterday that Barry a good mutual friend Jonathan Bernis who had just received a call from God to go to the former Soviet Union.  And he did a major outreach to Moscow and no one thought he could fill the auditorium but he did.  Barry how many people were in the auditorium would you say?

Barry:  There were at least 50,000 people, over half of them Jewish.

Sid:  And what percentage would you say of them that came forward to make profession to make faith?

Barry:  I would guess at least 90% of them.

Sid:  Well, when I was there in St. Petersburg it was close to 100%, they didn’t come walking down the aisle they came running down the aisle the way anyone in their right mind would do, but we have this American version of Christianity.  But these were Jewish people that had never heard the good news, and they had had seventies years of atheism and communism. All of a sudden they found out you can know God.  And the natural reaction is to run to know God!

Barry:  That’s right.

Sid:  So any way you witnessed this with your very eyes and God used this to have you start your humanitarian organization that sends humanitarian goods to all over the world, but with an emphasis to Israel; Jezreel International.  Tell me about how that came about. Sid Roth supernatural 2012

Barry:  Well Sid, I was so moved I had an absolute life change there, but while we were in Moscow and I was in the streets of Moscow and we saw the people and how they lived it was heart breaking, I mean I could not believe people were living like this in the city like this.  Jewish or non-Jewish it made no difference, just the lifestyle was terrible.  And flying back another mutual friend of ours David Levine asked me on the airplane, he said, “So Barry what role do you think you’re going to playing in this whole prophetic time of reaching the Jewish people in the former Soviet Union?  And I said “David I don’t know, but I know that I’m going to something but I just don’t know.”  And I prayed and really I didn’t hear much of anything that whole year Sid until the following summer and Jonathan had another outreach, this time to Odessa and this time he had the chutzpah to rent a outdoor football stadium, soccer stadium that seats, I think it seats 35,000 people.  And he got the same deal from the manager in that place, but Jonathan went ahead and did it anyway and it was all done as you remember they were done so well, so professional. This time there was my guest it had to be at least 70 – 75,000 people that showed up over three nights in Odessa.

Sid:  And by the way that don’t know it every other person in Odessa has Jewish blood, I mean its amazing city but go ahead.

Barry:  Yeah, and so you know both of these outreaches Sid I felt like I was living in such a prophetic moment in time. It was just, I felt like I was almost reliving the book of Acts, I don’t think that since the books of Acts have so many Jewish people come to Lord in one setting.  Anyway by looking at the people in the streets and how they’re living in Odessa just broke my heart and I said, “You know I have to do something.”  I got to do something about it, “I don’t know what God, but you’re going to have to use me to do something.”  And I know Sid I think you know this but my background I had 25 years in the shoe business, I use to own some shoe stores.

Sid:  I do remember this I interviewed you many years ago.

Barry:  Many years ago and I tell people you know I’ve gone from soles to souls you know and heals too.  [Laughing] So I got a lot of business background and just trying to figure out how can I, how can we do this and so my mind is spinning and going.  And to make kind of a long story short, when I got back from that trip there was another mutual friend, Stuart Winograd that just got a call from God to go the former Soviet Union to lead a congregation because of one of these outreaches, so many people came to the Lord he birthed a congregation there.  And he was asking for people to help with humanitarian aid and so he had a secretary who was calling all the churches and all the Messianic congregations in upstate New York to see if they could start gathering some supplies, and he gave us a list of things they need.  So that in my spirit just leapt over this idea so I told my congregation this is what we’re going to do and I laid it out to them.

Sid:  At that time you were a Rabbi of Seed of Abraham Messianic Jewish Congregation in Albany, New York.

Barry:  Yeah, I told my congregation about it and over about a four week period we gathered about 20 – 25 cases of stuff. Anyway we sent it up to Syracuse and they were going to send out a container from there.  So a month or so later I called the gal on the phone and I asked her how the outreach was going.  And she said, “Barry, I am overwhelmed, my livingroom is full, my dinning room is full, my garage is full, I can’t move in my house, this is much bigger then I ever thought it was going to be. I should have gotten some kind of warehouse for this instead.”  And I said to her, her name was Rebecca, “Shouldn’t something like this be going on all the time?” She said, “Yes.”  And I said, “You know I’ve been praying about that,” and she said, “You have, you know I’ll pray with you to do it.”  And I said, “Okay.”  And so anyway the bottom line was is that at that time Sid we had outgrown our congregation and we were looking for a new facility. So in my mind, now this is a Barry idea, in my mind I said, “I got an idea, what I’ll do is I will look for a congregation, maybe get an extra couple of thousand square feet in the back of it. We’ll start gathering some stuff from people and once and while we ourselves will ship a container.”  Now that was easy for me, I could handle that, it was my size, it was a Barry size idea.  But God made it very clear that this was not a Barry idea, this is Mine, and this is much bigger than you are.  And so the thing began mushrooming and before you know it we ended up getting a warehouse. We ended up just in faith, the whole thing was in faith. I had a crisis of faith Sid in my life.  And those that are listening today, God’s given you something to do and you’re going through a crisis of faith, I had such a crisis of faith and I’ll tell you what happened, I stepped out in faith and got this warehouse.  And in our first year Sid after paying rent from asking people for money and help and everything else we shipped nothing to no one. Our first year and at the end of the year I looked back at what it cost us for the rent, overhead and everything else and I said, “God I obviously completely totally missed You.”

Sid:  You must have felt awful!

Barry:  Awe, my God, I can’t even begin to tell you because my nature is I’m a doer kind of guy and a results kind of guy. So I realized in the second year, but I didn’t feel an unction to close it, so the second year I just decided to just keep pressing into it and going for it and about ¾ of the way into the second year we finally shipped our very first shipment.  Almost two years go by, and I mean financially it was absurd because if I had all that money we could have bought the supplies that were in the shipment. I realized as we got through the second year that again I’m still in that crisis of faith, I’m in and out, in and out of it wondering if I’m doing right and if I missed God on this. I realized looking back that what God was doing in me was killing me.  He was killing me in respect to show me that this was not mine, this was His.  And I’m not going to get an ounce of glory for it and He had to take me through, he had to literally take me through this desert time in my life to understand my total faith in Him, my trust in Him that He has called me to this, and no matter what it looks like I’ve got to persevere in it.  And when I got to that place year three came about and we shipped four, year four came about and we shipped eight, year five we shipped ten, and this last year was the single largest year we ever had in shipping, we shipped fifteen overseas containers plus we helped a lot of local help in our area. Sid Roth wiki

Sid:  Barry I want to deal tomorrow with what you’re doing in Israel and the needs of Israel.

Barry:  Yes.

Sid:  So we’ll pick up right there on tomorrows broadcast.

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Our Guest Julie True

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Sid:  Well, Mishpochah you know that I’m on a quest for greater, and greater, and greater, and greater, and greater, and greater intimacy with God.  And I’ve never been on drugs, I’ve never been an alcoholic, but I can imagine I have that same compulsion that a heroin addict would have.  I cannot get enough; I want to sell my whole life out to serving the living God.  And every once in awhile I get a music CD, then I start using as my personal soaking music, and I’ve got one now that is doing things for me like no other music has. I want the same thing to happen to you.  I have artist on the telephone right now at her home in Franklin, Tennessee.  Her name if Julie True, and her CD is called “Healing Love,” subtitled “An Interactive Healing Experience.”  And that what my objective is with radio and television, I want it to be interactive I don’t want it to be entertainment sport.  I want it to accomplish things in your life when you’re listening to us either myself, or Julie True, we are going to say something that’s going to change the destiny of your life, it’s going to cause you from going to the right go to the left.  Julie I didn’t even know all the details about this CD because I’ve known James Goll a long time and you were actually at his teaching which then became a book called “Angelic Encounters.”  And you were leading worship.  Tell me the whole story behind this CD because I mean the CD I can just play and people will realize what I’m saying I don’t have to explain it to them.  But tell me the story behind the story.

Julie:  My husband and I have been part of James and Michal Ann Goll’s ministry for the last 3 or 4 years in a real focused way. I was asked to do the soaking time and the worship time at this class that was going to go on for several weeks.  And so any way we just sort of as a thought right before it started we decided to record it.  And there was – everything just fell into place so. We really had in mind that we were going to record some of the songs that I’ve written and that I use in ministry time and you know that’s what we were intending to do, but as I sang my heart in between the known songs what ended up happening was that really what we felt like God’s heart was, was in the spontaneous songs that came from the heart.  What I mean by my spontaneous I just mean there are just songs that I sing in that moment and it was and you know just spirit to spirit.  And so that’s how what this is a compilation of the songs that we pulled out of those weeks of recording and just put them together in a form where we were hoping that it would make it where people could soak and rest and have a meditative type atmosphere to open up their spirit to God. Sid Roth radio archives

Sid:  Well you know a picture’s worth a thousand words, I want to play a selection from your CD.  And this is called “Angel’s We Invite You” and since the conference itself that then became a book was on angelic encounters; I’m just curious is feedback you’re getting, are you getting much feedback on this particular song, “Angels We Invite You?”  I would think you would.

Julie:  Oh yes that’s, I get more feedback on that song than any other song on the CD.  And a lot of people are using it.  They put it on repeat that one song and they leave it playing in their house and just invite the angels in.  It’s very simple song, but it’s just to invite the angels in and have had lots of reports from people having angelic visitations in their homes so; and in prayer meetings and soaking times and all kinds of places.

Sid:  Well let’s hear a little bit maybe we’ll hear a little bit more, but this is so rich that, I can tell you what happens I soak to this music and I lose track of time.  Has anyone else said that to you?

Julie:  Oh yes, there’s definitely takes you into a place, a deep place, that is just, it’s restful and…

Sid:  Well, here are the two words that I feel.  I feel peace, and I feel love.  Have you heard that feedback before?

Julie:  Yes, I have, lots of comments about peace and love and being able to sleep and being able to just receive.

Sid:  What do you mean being able to sleep?

Julie:  Well, one person told me that they had read that the number one desire of people in the world is to be able to have a goodnights sleep and to be at peace, and that’s what they are able to do.  I just had a lady the other day that said, “I wake up a lot of times in the middle of the night and I put this CD on and I am able to sleep.”  And  I had another lady that she had, she—her son has demonic types of things happen and she puts it on and he’s able to rest and sleep to that music.  And babies that are able to sleep…

Sid:  Well, I just better tell our people the 800 # to get this CD before we play it on or maybe they’ll just go to sleep.  No I’m just teasing.  Let’s hear our selection from this very powerful healing love CD, it’s called “Angels We Invite You.”

Julie True Worship excerpt “Angel’s We Invite You”

Sid:  That was a selection called “Angels We Invite You” Julie True’s CD “Healing Love.”  And I really believe, I may do what that woman does that told you that she just puts that on to play that one song over and over except I love the other songs so much.  I would love my home filled with the presence of angels. Sid Roth supernatural healing

Julie:  Yes.

Sid:  Julie, tell me a bit about yourself, have you been singing many years?  Have you been, you play the keyboard, tell me a bit about your history.

Julie:  I grew up with wonderful parents and with a love for God but I was not allowed to play worship music.

Sid:  Well, there really is a devil if you’re not allowed to; I can see why the devil would box you in bit allowing you to play worship music.

Julie:  Well, it’s kind of funny, yeah, we were allowed to play any kind of music except music except worship music with the keyboard.  And so it was…

Sid:  But why was that?  I don’t understand?

Julie:  Well, there is this thought that the verse in the New Testament that says to sing and make melody in your heart to the Lord because it doesn’t mention instruments then they were concerned that was offensive to God.  And so instruments are mentioned in the Old Testament, but it was just one of those things, really it has been something that the devil completely stole from that whole religious thing.

Sid:  But when you look in the Bible and you look at the Jewish roots of the faith you have the most magnificent worship and dance and all these things are being recaptured.  But I understand that when you had an immersion in the Holy Spirit, known as baptism in the Holy Spirit, things changed for you.

Julie:  Oh, totally. We just realized that God was bigger than the sign on our Church building.  I mean that’s kind of what happened we just went WOW!  We’re not confined by the, you know God’s not looking at his people as one little group here, one little group here.  He sees all of His children and then we just got opened up to freedom in Him.