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Our Guest Chuck Missler

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Chuck Missler. And Chuck, the only reason you’re involved in this is it’s a missing ingredient, something no one looks at in the End Times, these UFOs. Are these people around today, in your opinion, these descendants of the Nephilim?

CHUCK: I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. Not necessarily as descendants directly because I think that’s been dealt with. But at the same time, I do suspect that the UFOs are in fact a modern day echo, if you will, and that may be what Jesus was talking about when he says, “As the days of Noah were.” That he’s implying a parallelism. And so that’s why we got interested in this in the first place. And if that’s true we can test it very simply, because if we’re correct, these events are going to increase as we get increasingly closer to what we call the End Times.

SID: Okay. There’s an illusion to this, I mean it really grabbed me when you explained it on my radio show, from Daniel.

CHUCK: Yes. Oh exactly. In Daniel, Chapter 2, we have the famous images of Nebakanezer and as we goes through, the mystery is the iron mixed with clay. And when Daniel goes to explain what the miry clay is, he says, “As for the miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with seed of men.” Now I’ve had the eschatological experts confirm this. The “they”, see, he shifts to a personal pronoun, but the “they” has to be something other than the seed of men in order for them to mingle with them. Just dramatically it requires that. So that leads to a speculation, what are we talking about here? One of the possibilities is that we’re dealing here with something that’s not the seed of men, namely, Nephilim, hybrids, and that’s a hint there that there will be a proliferation of hybrids at the End Times because that’s what Daniel is talking about. So that’s a staggering verse to deal with.

SID: You know, one of the fascinating things I find in your two CDs that we’re making available is you talk about Joshua’s assignment to destroy all the people in particular areas that a lot of people wonder about.

CHUCK: Yeah. When you read the New Testament reading, you’re shocked because God tells Joshua to wipe out every man, woman and child of 40 tribes. And that shocks, you know, the New Testament reader because we don’t understand that there is a gene pool problem again. We understand Genesis 6. The flood of Noah was dealing with, among other things, with a gene pool problem, the human predicament. What we don’t realize is, is that Satan had again laid down a mine field in Canaan when he found out from God’s revelation to Abraham that his descendants would be away and then return after 400 years. That gave Satan 400 years to lay down a mine field. When you study the Book of Judges geographically, you discover that they didn’t follow through in certain areas to wipe out their instructions. The places they missed was a place called Bashan. We call that the Golan Heights today. There’s other areas, the central part, that we would call Judea and Samaria, but now it’s called the West Bank.

SID: The West Bank, right.

CHUCK: And there’s a third area, a place called Gaza. And you stand back there and you realize those are areas where they failed to follow through in the Book of Judges, are the same areas that are under dispute today. And you begin to realize that there is a demon overlay on human history here that we need to understand.

SID: That’s my next question. In your opinion, are we talking about aliens from foreign planets or are we talking demons?

CHUCK: Well first of all, I don’t believe, even J. Allen Hynek and Jacque Vallee concluded that they’re not intergalactic for a number of good physical reasons. They believe they’re hyper-dimensional, they’re demonic. They also pretend to be something they’re not. That means that one of their tools is deceptions. And so that gives us a perspective of where they stand biblically. I believe that they are real today and that they are demonic in their root purpose. And so that creates a danger to anyone that isn’t tutored in this area, and that’s one reason that we include it in our materials in terms of our own spiritual hygiene.

SID: Well there are over a dozen astronauts that have reported UFOs. And one astronaut in particular, his name is Dr. Edgar Mitchell, he’s appealing that the files be open. Let’s take a look at that.

CHUCK: Okay.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell: And what I am suggesting it is now time to put away this embargo of truth about the alien presence. And I call upon our government to open up, like other governments have, and you will hear about that this morning, like the Belgians have, the French have, the Brazilians have, the Argentines, the Mexicans have all released their files. It’s about time now that we do the same thing and become a part of this planetary community.

SID: That is so amazing to me, Chuck. Are we going to open up our files or not?

CHUCK: And the very fact there’s resistance is alarming. You’d think that if there’s nothing to hide they’d open it up. So the question that we can only speculate, you only feed speculation the way they’re operating by keeping a secret.

SID: Okay. Former President Reagan, you were telling me about an amazing, amazing statement he made about UFOs.

CHUCK: Well that they may be the ingredient that it may take to get the world together. But on the presidential side, there have been two presidents that have tried to crack the security and couldn’t, and four congressmen. So we need to put pressure–

SID: So what is going to happen when the President of the United States, “There are UFOs. We’re being invaded. There’s gonna be a one-world government.” I mean, there we are, End Time prophecy.

CHUCK: It looks like it’s very easy to see how this could have a major role in setting the stage if we understand the classical biblical scenario. And that’s one reason when go at this area your primary study should be to understand what the Bible has said all along is the destiny of man and the forward history of governments. And so as we watch everyday as we look at our newspaper and see where the world is going, not just in this area, the whole geopolitical horizon is converging. The more you know about your Bible and the more you know about what’s really going on in the geopolitical horizon, the more you see the convergence. We’re plunging into the climax of human history.

SID: Based on all of your Bible study, all your research, where is America right now?

CHUCK: Well America is in deep trouble. The America you and I grew up, I believe, is over. I think that everybody, the most common question I get asked as I travel, I have questions, is where is America in prophecy. And everybody, all the End Time players in eschatology are well identified in the Bible, and they’re there. America is conspicuous for not being. The other question that I always get asked is, why hasn’t God judged America? Billy Graham, several decades ago–

SID: Well listen, we have a few seconds left in this show. We don’t know when the end is gonna, we don’t know the day or hour. Make Jesus your Lord. Get to know him intimately. Let God say, “I want to be your friend.” He’s speaking it to you now.

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Sid Roth welcomes Retha McPherson

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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Retha McPherson, and Retha, this is such a wonderful thing that has happened in your family, but the book was ready to come out and someone put some doubt in your mind, and you prayed for all you were worth and you had a visit, tell me about that?


RETHA: Yes, I really said to the Lord, I said Lord you know what, I don’t want to doubt you, I don’t want to put something out for faith, but I need to know if this is what you want me to do, the book, and I cried that night and he, Jesus himself, came into my room, and the shekinah glory just filled the room, it was white, white glory of God, his shekinah glory, and then I spoke to him, I said, “Jesus is this you?” He says, “Yes.” I forgot about the book, I said to him, “Just tell me why you are so good to me?” And he answered and said, “Because you love me so much.” And then he said, “The book.” He says, “Give me back the book.” So I saw myself giving Jesus the book, so he took the book just like this, and he blew his Spirit in the book. Because we all need his ruach breath, and he did that and he gave it back to me, he says, “Everybody that reads this book, they will receive my Spirit, they will feel my Spirit, the Spirit of Truth will open up this truth to them.”


SID: Okay, I can tell you when I read this book I could literally feel the presence of God pushing me into a greater love relationship with him, this book is new but have you been getting reports from other people besides me?


RETHA: All around the world, I tell the first thing, and then I get tears in my eyes because the first thing people tell me is I could not leave the book and the Spirit of God really spoke to me the whole way and I felt the presence of God and the Spirit of God. And that is all I want to know because this is exactly what Jesus told me will happen.


SID: You were at the U.N. and there was a beautiful mosaic and God spoke to you, tell me about that.


RETHA: The February just before the accident, me and my family were visiting New York, and we were at the U.N. and I looked at this mosaic, I did a strange thing, I said to all, “Come and stand here and let me take a picture of you at the back of the mosaic.” And as I took that picture the Spirit of the Living God said to me a rhema word, and he said, “All the broken pieces of your life is nothing more than a beautiful mosaic of your future.” And this is what me and my family are busy doing now. The Holy Spirit created a new life for us and we have to take the pieces of your life and create a new mosaic.


SID: In your book you talk about it is either let God create a new mosaic of your life, or go back and grab the pieces and try to put it together yourself, and you cut yourself.


RETHA: You will find there are two people. One will ask the Lord to help you to put it all together and create a new mosaic; the other one will also gather the pieces, because that is part of trauma. And you will gather the pieces, but you will find after a year when you are past there, you will see there’s blood and there are bruises and cuts, because they have not stopped building this mosaic. Life is like that. You have to make a choice with what you have in your hands. Beautiful or powerful, you can’t be both. You have to surrender your life to God and God will help you to create this mosaic. All the broken pieces of our lives, what you see is nothing more than a beautiful mosaic of your future, and this is life.


SID: Now there was a message I read about that your son talked about from Revelation and he said we are the Laodicea church. What did he mean?


RETHA: Yes one morning he was writing and he said Mommy you have to go and tell the world that Jesus says, “This is the Laodicea church.” My husband asked me what is the Laodicea  church, I said that this is the last church in the Book of Revelation, so I went to the Lord, I said Lord what do you want to tell me about, I prayed, I was in a church that Sunday and I said what do you want me to tell the people. And I was starting telling the people this Sunday about the Laodicea church and I said you know he was explaining and he says cold or hot but now you are lukewarm. And the Spirit of God stopped me, he said, “No, wait, wait, what do you people call cold?” We said, in South Africa we said, “Ice cold.” And if it is hot, like fire, and the rest, lukewarm. So you can choose today, are you ice cold or are you fire hot, hot like fire?


SID: What does he say will happen if we are just like everyone else, lukewarm?


RETHA: In lukewarm you see this is where you don’t need God, everything is so great in your life and this is what the book of Revelation says, he says I will spit you out of my mouth.


SID: But you were like that.


RETHA: Exactly.


SID: I mean you went to church, you considered yourself a Christian, but you were doing it yourself, your way.


RETHA: Exactly, you see God wants to have his fire; he wants us to have this fire of God inside of you. And if you sitting today listening to us, if you don’t feel the fire of the Living God in you, you have to know, you have to push in, there is more, there is more than just being born again, there is the fire of the Living God, there is abundant life that he speaks about in the word, in John 10:10, he said I sent the Messiah so that you can have life, and life in abundance, and that’s right now, for us now, but you really have to push into his presence, and we have to want to have an intimate love relationship with the Lord, and then you realize you can do nothing, we need the Lord.


SID: Not only do we need the Lord, you need the Lord. You need to know, you could be going to a church, a synagogue, a mosque, but do you have this intimacy with God? This passion you can’t work up, you can’t do works, it is a gift from God but this is what the Bible says, if you draw near to God, and of course you must draw near to him in truth, and there is no other name given unto men in which we must be saved but the name of Jesus. If you draw near to God he says I promise you, I God promise you, I promise you, I will draw near to you. So step one is to tell God you are sorry, you are sorry for all the sins, all the unforgiveness, all the unbelief, all the lack of trust, all the things you have done wrong, and all of those hurts, just give it to him, tell him you are sorry for what you did wrong, you are sorry for the way things are going, you are sorry that your mosaic, that beautiful picture is all shattered, and you are ready to let him put that mosaic back together. And what you need to do is to tell him you are sorry, ask him to forgive him of all of your sins, and come and live inside of you, and let him create the greatest mosaic the world has ever seen. You are a masterpiece because I am looking at you through God’s eyes right now, I am not looking at you through what the mess the world has made of you and you have made of the world, I am saying those broken pieces, you can be in a self-pity or you can say Holy Spirit I give up, make a masterpiece out of my life. I want to love you more, I want to know you, I want to go to that great Jewish wedding. And Retha, if you have never been to a Jewish wedding you don’t know what fun is, but I am talking about the Jewish wedding in heaven. You have an engraved invitation; just accept it.

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Sid Roth welcomes Roberta Simpson

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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Roberta Simpson. Roberta, I went out to the Brownsville Revival, as a matter of fact I am as hungry, maybe hungrier than you, I don’t  know what I am hungrier or not, but I went to all these places, I went to all the revivals, Steve Hill became a friend of mine. He was the primary speaker there at the Brownsville church in Pensacola, Florida, and you would literally run after, they were supposed to come to you, but you would, why would you run after that? Weren’t you too dignified for that?


ROBERTA: Oh listen; I’m not a very dignified person. My husband will always tell you that he is the quiet one of the family but not me. But you know I was there only for a few days time and I

couldn’t waste time because I was from Barbados, I traveled nine hours and three planes to get to Pensacola.


SID: Tell me about the time that you don’t even know exactly what happened, but people reported what they saw?


ROBERTA: Yes, I heard it. Well I, you know as you said I would run after, not run, but I have jumped over pews there to just get to where I wanted to get.


SID: You’re right; you are not very dignified, sorry, wrong image.


ROBERTA: I would wear the proper attire, and I would climb over the pews and I would go where I saw something happening and this particular time…


SID: I wish you all were as hungry for God as Roberta is. I pray that the presence of God just over takes you, that you will hunger and thirst after righteousness and God says, “You will be filled.” So you are hungering and thirsting and you are running over the pews and then what happened?


ROBERTA: Well, I had to go to the opposite side of the church from where I was sitting, and I pushed my way through the crowd and this guy laid his hand on me and I don’t know if it was Steve, or Mike Brown, or the pastor, I don’t remember that, but all I know is I heard this man say, “Look at that woman flying through the air.” And I just, I just flew through the air and I was down on the ground and I was there for a long time and I couldn’t get up, I had to crawl back to my seat. I mean if that is not a humbling experience…


SID: Why couldn’t you get up?


ROBERTA: The power of God, and the presence of God. I think that’s what I loved about that revival, I remember when we first went, Ward and Lydia, my son Ward went first, and then our whole family went, except one daughter who was really rebellious at that time, but she is fine now. But my oldest grandson who was only twelve at the time, he came running to the front after the service and he said “Nana, what is this, what am I feeling?” And you know it was the presence of God. He knew that there was something there that he had never experienced, a twelve year old. And that was what was so wonderful, the presence of God. Sometimes I would feel rain on my face.


SID: Rain?




SID: Like drops falling?


ROBERTA: No, a fine mist, like it is very hard to explain, like a mist of rain.


SID: I have felt the same, I know. And it was the presence of God and the power of God. God was there. You would walk into that service and God’s presence was there and that’s what I hunger for, the presence of God. I heard Heidi Baker say, “If you go to a meeting and the presence of God is not there you could as well go to a tavern or somewhere.” Because what is the point without God’s presence. And let me tell you something, God’s presence is on this set. And Roberta has been having dreams and vision, but there is one in particular Roberta about the Jewish people, tell me about that.


ROBERTA: Well that would have to be twenty-five or thirty years ago now, but it’s as real to me now as it was then. And I was traveling in Canada, I was very uncomfortable during the night and I fell asleep actually, and I had this dream. And in the dream I looked up and saw this blinding light from Heaven and I heard this voice saying to me, “Roberta, my perfect will is for you to minister to Jewish people.” And I said, “Oh God no.” And I looked up and I could see like a throne, I could not see the person on it but like an outline, it was bright, bright light, it was blinding. And you know I am sure God did it so that I would know exactly because at the bottom of this throne was The Throne of God; I saw the writing, The Throne of God. And three times He said that to me, and all three times I said, “No God.’ But then all of a sudden a fear came upon me and I thought, because He said my perfect will, and you know if we are not in His perfect will we don’t have the peace, I want to be in God’s perfect will every day. And every day I say Lord I want to walk in your will today, I just want to do the things you want me to do and be the person you want me to be. And so I kind of argued, but then I said, “Lord if that is what you want me to do I will do it, but You will have to show me how.” Because you know like…


SID: You know Roberta, going back to the early seventies when you saw Jesus and had to become a believer in the Messiah, and when I was rescued from the despair of the New Age, and I literally was going to die, and the presence of God came in my room and revealed Jesus to me, there was a move of God’s Spirit about that time among Jewish people, many of the leaders of the Messianic Jewish movement today came to the Lord at that time. But just as that door opened it slammed shut. And what I believe Roberta, the reason you are sharing that word from God now, after all of these years, is the rain is beginning to fall on Jewish people. I have friends that have Messianic Jewish congregations in Israel, and they tell me every week that Sabras, that is native-born Israeli’s are coming to the Lord, not just Jewish people, but Muslim’s both. I mean we are cousins, mishpochah. That both people groups, there is like a window of opportunity, I am going to put you on the spot since you told me you were spontaneous. I want you to look at the camera and talk to a Jewish person about why Jesus is the Messiah.


ROBERTA: Well apart from the scriptures, it is all there. It is written in your book that He is Messiah. And we were taught from young to expect Him to come, and He has come already. And I just want to tell you it is the most exciting thing because I have been on both sides. It is the most exciting thing to be a Messianic Jewish person, to believe that Yeshua, Jesus is the Messiah. To follow Him, He is the healer, He is the deliverer, whatever your need is today, you might be sick, you might be going through pain and confusion and emotional stress and He is the healer, He is the one, He is the person who He said He is. He is the Son of God. He is everything to me.


SID: And you can be like that butterfly that is stuck to the cross, but better than that you can be a person that the Messiah of Israel will say, “I will never leave you, I will never forsake you.” This earth is going to shake one more time; you don’t have to be a mental giant to realize that, but you will be kept in perfect peace if you will keep your eyes on the Messiah of Israel. The one that came, lived as a man, and according to Isaiah bore your sins and sicknesses on Himself. If He bore it on Himself why are you bearing it? Do you know the word sickness in the Greek means evil? He took that evil upon Himself. And by His stripes, His wounds where His blood came, and even the Talmud in the Book of Leviticus says, “Without the shedding of blood there is no   forgiveness for sin.” Either Jesus is our Messiah or we have no forgiveness of sin, that’s the deal.

And as far as I’m concerned if you like your life the way it is you are mesuga, I know. But if you want to know God, not religion, not religion, if you are Muslim stay Muslim, if you are Jewish stay Jewish, come to know God and be obedient to Him and He will give you the reason why you are living, the purpose of life, l’chayim.

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