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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Retha McPherson, and Retha, this is such a wonderful thing that has happened in your family, but the book was ready to come out and someone put some doubt in your mind, and you prayed for all you were worth and you had a visit, tell me about that?


RETHA: Yes, I really said to the Lord, I said Lord you know what, I don’t want to doubt you, I don’t want to put something out for faith, but I need to know if this is what you want me to do, the book, and I cried that night and he, Jesus himself, came into my room, and the shekinah glory just filled the room, it was white, white glory of God, his shekinah glory, and then I spoke to him, I said, “Jesus is this you?” He says, “Yes.” I forgot about the book, I said to him, “Just tell me why you are so good to me?” And he answered and said, “Because you love me so much.” And then he said, “The book.” He says, “Give me back the book.” So I saw myself giving Jesus the book, so he took the book just like this, and he blew his Spirit in the book. Because we all need his ruach breath, and he did that and he gave it back to me, he says, “Everybody that reads this book, they will receive my Spirit, they will feel my Spirit, the Spirit of Truth will open up this truth to them.”


SID: Okay, I can tell you when I read this book I could literally feel the presence of God pushing me into a greater love relationship with him, this book is new but have you been getting reports from other people besides me?


RETHA: All around the world, I tell the first thing, and then I get tears in my eyes because the first thing people tell me is I could not leave the book and the Spirit of God really spoke to me the whole way and I felt the presence of God and the Spirit of God. And that is all I want to know because this is exactly what Jesus told me will happen.


SID: You were at the U.N. and there was a beautiful mosaic and God spoke to you, tell me about that.


RETHA: The February just before the accident, me and my family were visiting New York, and we were at the U.N. and I looked at this mosaic, I did a strange thing, I said to all, “Come and stand here and let me take a picture of you at the back of the mosaic.” And as I took that picture the Spirit of the Living God said to me a rhema word, and he said, “All the broken pieces of your life is nothing more than a beautiful mosaic of your future.” And this is what me and my family are busy doing now. The Holy Spirit created a new life for us and we have to take the pieces of your life and create a new mosaic.


SID: In your book you talk about it is either let God create a new mosaic of your life, or go back and grab the pieces and try to put it together yourself, and you cut yourself.


RETHA: You will find there are two people. One will ask the Lord to help you to put it all together and create a new mosaic; the other one will also gather the pieces, because that is part of trauma. And you will gather the pieces, but you will find after a year when you are past there, you will see there’s blood and there are bruises and cuts, because they have not stopped building this mosaic. Life is like that. You have to make a choice with what you have in your hands. Beautiful or powerful, you can’t be both. You have to surrender your life to God and God will help you to create this mosaic. All the broken pieces of our lives, what you see is nothing more than a beautiful mosaic of your future, and this is life.


SID: Now there was a message I read about that your son talked about from Revelation and he said we are the Laodicea church. What did he mean?


RETHA: Yes one morning he was writing and he said Mommy you have to go and tell the world that Jesus says, “This is the Laodicea church.” My husband asked me what is the Laodicea  church, I said that this is the last church in the Book of Revelation, so I went to the Lord, I said Lord what do you want to tell me about, I prayed, I was in a church that Sunday and I said what do you want me to tell the people. And I was starting telling the people this Sunday about the Laodicea church and I said you know he was explaining and he says cold or hot but now you are lukewarm. And the Spirit of God stopped me, he said, “No, wait, wait, what do you people call cold?” We said, in South Africa we said, “Ice cold.” And if it is hot, like fire, and the rest, lukewarm. So you can choose today, are you ice cold or are you fire hot, hot like fire?


SID: What does he say will happen if we are just like everyone else, lukewarm?


RETHA: In lukewarm you see this is where you don’t need God, everything is so great in your life and this is what the book of Revelation says, he says I will spit you out of my mouth.


SID: But you were like that.


RETHA: Exactly.


SID: I mean you went to church, you considered yourself a Christian, but you were doing it yourself, your way.


RETHA: Exactly, you see God wants to have his fire; he wants us to have this fire of God inside of you. And if you sitting today listening to us, if you don’t feel the fire of the Living God in you, you have to know, you have to push in, there is more, there is more than just being born again, there is the fire of the Living God, there is abundant life that he speaks about in the word, in John 10:10, he said I sent the Messiah so that you can have life, and life in abundance, and that’s right now, for us now, but you really have to push into his presence, and we have to want to have an intimate love relationship with the Lord, and then you realize you can do nothing, we need the Lord.


SID: Not only do we need the Lord, you need the Lord. You need to know, you could be going to a church, a synagogue, a mosque, but do you have this intimacy with God? This passion you can’t work up, you can’t do works, it is a gift from God but this is what the Bible says, if you draw near to God, and of course you must draw near to him in truth, and there is no other name given unto men in which we must be saved but the name of Jesus. If you draw near to God he says I promise you, I God promise you, I promise you, I will draw near to you. So step one is to tell God you are sorry, you are sorry for all the sins, all the unforgiveness, all the unbelief, all the lack of trust, all the things you have done wrong, and all of those hurts, just give it to him, tell him you are sorry for what you did wrong, you are sorry for the way things are going, you are sorry that your mosaic, that beautiful picture is all shattered, and you are ready to let him put that mosaic back together. And what you need to do is to tell him you are sorry, ask him to forgive him of all of your sins, and come and live inside of you, and let him create the greatest mosaic the world has ever seen. You are a masterpiece because I am looking at you through God’s eyes right now, I am not looking at you through what the mess the world has made of you and you have made of the world, I am saying those broken pieces, you can be in a self-pity or you can say Holy Spirit I give up, make a masterpiece out of my life. I want to love you more, I want to know you, I want to go to that great Jewish wedding. And Retha, if you have never been to a Jewish wedding you don’t know what fun is, but I am talking about the Jewish wedding in heaven. You have an engraved invitation; just accept it.

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