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Our Guest Kevin Dedmon

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Sid:  My guest Kevin Dedmon was a pastor, a burned out pastor, he had a gift of healing when he was a brand new believer and lots of people were getting healed.  But then he prayed for a woman with every fiber of his being that had cancer and she died and then he just flat stopped and could answer any question theologically, but that first love, that excitement it was kind of gone.  And then he went out to the Brownsville revival, got touched by the power of God and was forced to pray for someone and the pain left that person and he realized that what he had as a young, as a teenager had never left him; he had just left what God had for him.  But why Kevin, did you resign from your pastorate and move to Redding, California?

Kevin:  Well, it’s pretty simple I was just hungry, very, very hungry.  I wanted to experience all that God had available for me and I wanted to be part of changing the world in some way.  I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.

Sid:  I know, but you’re a mature pastor now, successful pastor, a Bible School Graduate, why would you go into a classroom with a lot of teenagers, a few older people, but why would you do that?  Wasn’t that kind of humbling?

Kevin:  Well, it wasn’t humbling because it was a result of hunger and there was food available that I’d not tasted yet and I heard a drum beat.  I heard you know that there was a availability that everybody could do this stuff and I had been trained that you know everybody gets to play.  You know John Wimber taught me for years that everybody gets to play, but it looked like not everybody got to play because God’s giftings only sort of came on specially gifted people.  And I was hearing a message from Bethel, from Bill Johnson that not only does everybody get to play but that everybody is playing up there and everybody’s healing the sick and doing these kinds of things and changing the world.  And I’m only going to live once, I want to get everything I can and I want to walk into my destiny; so it wasn’t really sacrifice so much as it was passion.

Sid:  Okay, well Kevin I understand by what you did you demonstrated the huge hunger you had for God.  What advice would you give to someone that said, “I want to be hungry for God,” but their kind of passive, what can get them hungry for God?

Kevin:  Well, our Pastor Bill Johnson says it like this, “You get hungry in the Kingdom by eating, you get hungry in the natural by not eating, but you get hungry in the Kingdom by eating.”  And I would just encourage people that if they want to step into the supernatural lifestyle that’s available in the Kingdom that they just start hungering after it.  Read the book, get the resources, go to the conferences get the impartations from the people that are already walking in this so that they get equipped, they get empowered and they get activated.

Sid:  Well, I believe that if someone reads your book, “Unlocking Heaven” that hunger, when they see what did with your life, and of course what you do is you don’t keep it to yourself.  You share keys that I’ve never seen before.  Actually Holy Spirit showed it to me and I walked away from it; you talk about the key of singing over someone; I mean no one teaches on that; for the key of how to walk in supernatural joy and you say things about that I’ve never seen before.  In fact I’ll tell you an interesting story, years ago I use to lay hands on the sick and I would find myself sometimes when I was standing in front of someone I would sing over them.  And I would find that the power would increase.  So I kept it up and then I started working in what is known as Words of Knowledge so I stopped laying hands on the sick and I stopped the singing.  But I think I’m going to start the singing again.

Kevin:  Ha-ha, I think you should.

Sid:  Give me one example of where you sang over someone and they got healed.

Kevin:  Well, what I do more than anything is, you know I really try to hear what the Holy Spirit is doing in the environment that I’m in.  You know because Jesus didn’t do the same thing over and over again, every miracle was approached differently and there was a different strategy being played.  And so it’s not about a religious formula or a technique.

Sid:  And that’s why so many people that understand the principles don’t see much fruit because they’re down to a formula.

Kevin:  Exactly and it’s about relationship so.  For example I was praying over a woman in Kirkland, Washington and she had been debilitated for five years.  She had had an operation a simple operation and they had somehow, they had cut into her sciatic by accident and she was basically crippled for five years.  And so I started praying over her and I saw a vision of 10K over her head and a brand new pair of running shoes in her closet and sure enough she had been training for a 10K run and she had the brand new pair of running shoes in her closet and she hadn’t …she was planning on using those for her race right before she got injured.  And so as I started praying over her I heard this song in my head that was actually a secular song by a group called REM which goes, It’s the end of the world as know it, it’s the end of the world know it, it’s the end of the world as you know it and I feel fine.  And so I couldn’t sing that over her because that wasn’t faith.  So I changed the lyrics to this secular radio song and I sang.  It’ the end of your pain as you know it, it’s the end of your pain as you know it, it’s the end of your pain as you know it; you feel fine.  And then I had her sing it and she sang “It’s the end of my pain as I know it,” and when she finished the last note she was instantly healed.  She went home that night, her family loaded up into the mini-van and followed her as she put on her brand new running shoes and ran one complete mile that very night. And came back that next day complaining that her muscles hurt because she hadn’t walked, let alone run in five years.  Ha-ha-ha.

Sid:  You talk about being so saturated with the Word of God and the Spirit of God that you spring links, what do you mean by that?

Kevin:  Well, Jesus said, “Is anyone thirsty,” in John 7:37 “Let him come to me and drink, and then river of living water will flow out from them.”  That’s drinking and leaking and to me that’s what supernatural evangelism is all about.  Supernatural evangelism is about drinking in God’s presence, His passion, His love towards us, His kindness, His goodness that is manifested demonstrated in signs and wonders and miracles and in prophetic insights that call out the gold inside of us that encourage us and comfort us, His love, His forgiveness everything that flows from Him we take in and we drink in.  And then we just as naturally as we’ve taken in that stuff we release it, we leak it out of our lives so that others around us then experience the Father’s passion through us; demonstrated in signs and wonders and miracles and healings, prophetic insights that call out the gold in people.  That call them into their destiny; the plans and purposes, the good plans and purposes that God has for their lives.

Sid:  Well, speaking of leaking you rolled over in your asleep put your hand on your wife; didn’t even know what you were doing because you were sleeping; she had a bad case of hives what happened?

Kevin:    Well, right when we came to Bethel Church in 2002 my wife had been suffering from pressure hives, we really couldn’t figure out what kind of hives they were; she had gone to several dermatologists and they couldn’t figure out what it was either.  But for about six months she had this condition where she would have to get up about two or three times in the middle of the night, take a hot bath just to relieve the pain that she was experiencing.  And we came up here and everybody prayed for her and nothing seemed to be happening at the time.  One night I was just lying in bed and I was sleeping my wife was just writhing in pain from these hives all over her legs.  And I just reached over and I put my hand on her stomach and as I did all of the pain left and she hasn’t had one problem with hives since.

Sid:  But it’s so amazing Mishpochah is the number of creative miracles that are going on with Kevin and not just with Kevin, anyone that he’s been teaching…His purpose is for you to do everything he’s doing and even do greater.  I imagine there’s a certain satisfaction when some of your students outdo you.

Kevin:  Oh yes, I’m like a proud Poppa, you know it’s just like with my Son, my Son and I are constantly sharing testimonies back and forth.  And we get to minister together on occasion and it’s just so fun working together and seeing him just excel in releases the Kingdom on people and activating people into supernatural ministry as well.

Sid:  Very briefly tell me about the young girl in Mexico that was missing a jawbone.

Kevin:  Yeah, we were down in Topeka, Mexico praying for hundreds and hundreds of people.  We probably saw in one week’s time probably 2 to 3,000 people miraculously healed.  And one of the gals came up and she was missing a jawbone.  She had been a car accident and her jawbone was missing on one side so that she couldn’t smile, she couldn’t eat an apple, she couldn’t put any pressure down at all.  And I prayed for her and three months later she emailed and said that she had gone back to the doctor because when she went home that night after I prayed for her she could feel her jawbone growing back slowly all night long until the next morning it was completely grown back.  And she was reluctant to go back to the doctor because she did not know what to say; the doctor didn’t believe her until he got out the x-rays and matched them up and determined that it was exactly the same girl.  And he was an atheist and put on his website for awhile this miraculous thing that had happened to his patient.

Sid:  But this is naturally supernatural and I want you to live a naturally supernatural life…

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Sid Roth welcomes Chad Dedmon

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Sid:  My guest, Chad Dedmon is a young man that God has had His hand on for his whole life, he tried to get away from the call, he tried to get away for being a Pastor’s son, but he couldn’t do it.  And in fact when he was fifteen he had a very unhealthy relationship with a girl and at seventeen he broke up and then he went out to a revival meeting because he was forced to in Pensacola, Florida, the Brownsville Assembly of God and he literally laughed for two day.  Get’s back to his High School and a couple hundred students become radical; many most of them get saved and became radical for Jesus.  So out of curiosity did you find a new girl friend, Chad?

Chad:  Ha ha, no I didn’t actually, when I came back from Florida Jesus asked me “Chad, will you not date any girl for a year and will you date Me?”  And I simply said, “Yes.”  But I took that seriously, I said, “Okay.  Well we’re go to go and we’re to have date night every week.”  So and I would talk to Jesus out loud because I would expect Him to talk back.”  And I thought to myself, Jesus is real and He’s just as real as anyone as I’m talking to you and so I would talk out loud and I would take him out to restaurants and I would order two…

Sid:  Weren’t you concerned about what people would think?  I mean, you know what people do with people like that; they put them in an institution?

Chad:    Yes, yeah I just knew that Jesus is real, he was tangible and I just took seriously what He said, He said, “Date Me for a year.”  So I’m like, what do you do with dates?  You take them out to dinner, you talk to them, you get to know them; you take walks and so I would walk on the beach and it was before blue tooth and I would talk out loud and people would give me a weird look.

Sid:  Now I know that you hear God’s voice, but I would have to assume that most of what’s you did was a one way conversation.

Chad:  Yes, it was probably about 80% one way, but I would hear His voice time in and time in and I would order two meals when I went to a restaurant.  And people would say, “Well, it’s only you, when’s your other member of your party going to be here?”  And I’d say, “Well, He’s already here and He’s in His seat right beside me,” and they would look at me very strangely, but I was like I’m taking Jesus out on dates.

Sid:  And many times, not many times, I think most every evening you would start weeping in your bedroom because the presence of God would be so precious to you; tell me about that.

Chad:  Yeah, it was back when there was cassette tapes and I got one cassette tape from Brownsville and I would just play that and just weep and cry out to God and you know, I would be crying and my Dad would come in and say, “Hey it’s time to mow the lawn.”  And he would just find me on the floor and just a mess just weeping and crying and saying “God I love you, Jesus I love you.”  And he would say to himself, “Well I think I’ll go mow the lawn because this is way better you know then him mowing the lawn, I don’t want to disturb him.”  So it was an incredible season of just desperation of hunger, I mean I’d go on fasts and I would just be seeking God and really feasting on God’s presence.  I really believe that when people fast, when they give up something they should be feasting on God’s presence, they’re not just saying no to something, but their saying yes to Him.

Sid:  And now your Father says, “One of the major catalysts for having an encounter with God is hunger for God,” and what you’re describing is you had a great, great hunger for God.  What advice would you give someone that’s listening to us right now that loves God, but just doesn’t have that hunger, how do they get that hunger?

Chad:  Well, we were all created to be hungry for God; we were all created to encounter God supernaturally.  It says, “Taste and see that God is good.”  When Moses encountered God, God said, “Hey, I am going to show you My goodness, I’m going to reveal my goodness.”  See Moses has an encounter, supernaturally with the King of Glory and it had to do with God’s goodness.  And so it says “Taste and see that He is good” and so we are called to feast; it’s almost like an all you can eat buffet bar.  You get to have as much as you want of God, you get to eat as much as you want of God.  And so it’s really our decision, there is something in us that comes alive and says “God, I want you no matter what it looks like, no matter what the cost, I want a supernatural God that reveals Himself.”  And so that’s the advice I would give is just to begin to cultivate that hunger, begin to surround yourself with hungry people, I mean that’s one of the things…

Sid:  I think that’s a big key, if you surround yourself with lukewarm Christians, guess what you become, lukewarm.

Chad:   It is, it is key I mean that was probably one of the things that changed my life being at the Bethel School of Ministry, that I was surrounded by people that were hungry.  And so we would pray until 5:00 in the morning, that’s what I did in High School.  I would get people around me and we would pray through the night and we were just hungry, we would go out into the streets, we would climb into dumpsters; because we were hungry to see Jesus be supernatural.

Sid:  Now there was one night you were in a dorm room in Brownsville and someone prayed for you, what happened?

Chad:  Yeah, I was in a men’s prayer meeting and I had a bunch of people praying for me, but no one was in front of me.  I closed my eyes and I felt like someone punched me right in the stomach and I went flying about a good seven feet and I began to shake so hard my friend said that I was like a fish out of water being electrocuted.  And I shook so hard my shoes went flying off, my shirt came off and I would shake from one end of the room to the other on the floor and I was having this supernatural encounter with God where I could hear people praying, but it was like background noise.  I was aware of this reality, but it was another reality coming in, breaking in and I began to see this cloud with like this electricity and you can’t really even put it into words, but I got taken into Heaven.  I got taken up in the Spirit and I saw the throne room where I saw the Father sitting on the throne and he leaned towards me and as he got closer to me I saw waves of God’s love.  It just kept on getting deeper and deeper, this revelation of His love and He opened up His mouth and He began to speak, but I didn’t hear anything in my audible, I didn’t hear anything with my ears, but I felt the love of God when He opened up His mouth I could feel what he’s saying in my bones.  It was like electricity going through my body and it was the deepest revelation of the love of the Father that I’ve ever had.

Sid:  Now, you’re doing what the Bible says you’re supposed to do, and that is provoke the Jewish people to jealousy, but I’m already a believer.  But I think that anyone that had experienced the full love of God pouring into them it’s got to be a major life changing event in your life.

Chad:   Yeah, it propelled me into you know the fruit and the miraculous and the supernatural was this Baptism of the Fathers love.  It lasted seventeen hours, but it became a lifestyle.

Sid:  But I understand that people had to carry you around because you couldn’t function.

Chad:  I could not function and actually they tried to get me out of it to try to make curfew and so I was coming out of it and I realized, wait a second I’ve been praying eighteen months to encounter the Father’s love and so I began to thank God. I began to go into thanksgiving and thanksgiving always increases the presence of God.  It always prepares the way for breakthrough and so I began to thank Him and suddenly I went right into the throne room and from that point on I woke up on someone’s floor about fifteen hours later and I was apparently screaming I love Jesus this whole time.  Woke up the whole dorm room, the men’s dorms and woman’s dorms and they began to see what God was doing with me and it became contagious where they began to go into this all night prayer where they started encountering God supernaturally.

Sid:  Now that is normal, how would you like to be normal?  Well, one thing would make you normal is if you had the same Dad that Chad had, Kevin Dedmon.  How about if Kevin mentors you?

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Sid Roth welcomes John Paul Jackson

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Sid:  John Paul Jackson, I don’t see how anyone could help but be red hot for the Messiah when they see this DVD were making available this week called, “The Coming Perfect Storm.”  As I said, there are horrible things, very specific that you see happening to the United States, the world in five different arenas but the glory that is coming and it’s almost, and you explain it that as a result of let’s call it maybe warning judgment that is coming, there is going to be a deep repentance and Christians are going to be come real Christians.

John Paul:  Yes, yeah, that’s a good way of putting it, Christians are going to be become real Christians again.

Sid:  And, you know you talked in detail and I asked you before we went on the air to explain it to our Mispocah, but there seems to be a such compromise in the church, and you saw things that are going to be happening as far as exposure, and we were discussing because little by little the church is getting like the world and we don’t see God showing up striking someone down dead, like Ananias and Sapphira we think we can get away with it.  But enough is enough, what is going on?  What is God showing you?

John Paul:  One of the things that the Lord has been speaking to me about is the need to clean up His house and the judgment begins in the House of Lord and if there is warning judgments that’s going to be coming on the land and on the earth in various nations, it’s going to also come on the House of the Lord first and so what God is doing He’s…

Sid:  Well, that’s right God says that judgment begins in the House of God.

John Paul:  Right, so He’s revealing the corruption that’s going on there and sadly what has happened there is an erosion of the God of absolutes.  And whenever you erode the absolutes of God, then you erode a God who is absolute.  When you erode the God that is absolute then there is not absolute one way to get to God and eventually there is really no God that is absolutely God.  So the road to deifying God has been paved with the idea that there’s very few absolutes.  And when you do that, then corruption begins to settle into the church and that’s where we’re at right now, we have a major issue of corruption.  Divorce is as high not only in the church, as it is in the world; the divorce is as high amongst pastors as it is in the world.

Sid:  But it’s condoned, its accepted, the pastor leaves his wife, marries his secretary and he’s back in the pulpit, he may sit down for thirty days.  Something’s wrong with that picture.

John Paul:  There is something wrong and what we’ve done, I believe that we have misused the term grace and have gone over to licentiousness.  Under the guise of embracing grace and the application of grace and mercy we have gone over into licentiousness and that deeply, deeply troubles me.

Sid:  Now you saw sexual perversion being exposed in the church and many people think that well that we’ve seen some of this in the Catholic Church but you’re talking about in the protestant church as well.

John Paul:  I’m talking about in the Protestant Church where it’s not only the issue of divorce it is not only the issue of homosexuality it is also the issue of two other things that are shocking and that is bestiality will begin to be uncovered and…

Sid:  In the church?

John Paul:  In the church, and that will begin to be uncovered. And so what we have, because we have ruled out the absolutes of God then people think that the judgments of God are not longer there; that God’s not looking; God’s not seeing because God’s not acting.  All that is about to change; all that is about to change; when we are longing for a greater glory then we are going to have greater judgment comes with greater glory.  With Ananias and Sapphira there was great signs and wonders that were taking place and therefore there was great and quick swift judgment that was taking place as well.

Sid:  Something that the Holy Spirit has been speaking to you is the woes of 2012, what has God told you?

John Paul:  right well, I wish I would know more I keep hearing I have seen, and I’m not sure that this is actually 2012 or after 2012 but the issues of satellite communication, the issue of planes having difficulty landing because communications goes out.  And communications go out because of satellites that wipe out our communication system.

Sid:  Look, North Korea has got bombs that if they could hit the west coast they could knock out the satellite system on the West Coast.

John Paul:  I wasn’t aware of that, but something is going to happen along those lines.  And I believe that North Korea is far more desperate what I seen and I had a dream and North Korea was far more desperate than most people think of Korea is a small blip on the screen, like nat that just needs to be just swatted away.  But the problem is that that nat, if you want to call it a nat is not thinking clearly, there is something going on in the mind, there is a demonic twisting of thought processes of Kim Jon ll that will cause him to make irrational decisions regarding the nuclear program that he is developing.

Sid:  And could it be connected with the ungodliness of America at this moment that this is happening to us?

John Paul:  I absolutely believe that it is, if the church would take its rightful place, if we would become the backbone of this country again; if we would know how to fight for what we believe, know how to argue without getting angry over what we believe.  If we would know how to make presentation of the gospel and if we would walk in the power of the scripture.  If we would walk in the power that is available to us then people would step back and they would go woe, their knees would knock when we walk into the room.  We would walk into city council meetings, we would walk into government meetings and the leaders would be afraid because they would feel the presence of the Lord with us.  We don’t carry that now, and all we are because of that all we have done is reduced ourselves to another form of logic and its logic arguing against logic.  But God wants to give power to His people, He wants His people to do great exploits and to do that we are going to need to know Him at a much higher level and have a commitment to Him at a much higher level.

Sid:  Do you know what the inner most prayer of my heart is and has been for along time and I have some of my friends that get upset with me over this, but I don’t care, that’s the way I feel; I don’t pray for money.  I don’t pray for expansion of the ministry, I pray for intimacy with God, that’s all I want.

John Paul:  You and me must be the only ones doing that, that’s exactly what I pray for every single day, the presence of the Lord, intimacy with Him.  I don’t pray for money; I’ve never prayed for money, I have prayed for intimacy with Him, relationship with Him because in His presence all provision is found.

Sid:  And I don’t even want the provision, I just want Him, that’s where my heart is at this moment.

John Paul:  Good, I love that.

Sid:  Anyway tell us some more consequences you see as a result of this sin in the geophysical area that will be coming.

John Paul:  One of the five elements of the perfect storm is religion, economics, politics, war and the fifth element is geophysical.  And some of the geophysical things I saw was that, again God is talking, looking at man as mankind seeing mankind as the solution.  So one of the things that is going to have problems is going to be hybrid seed.  Because man has developed a hybrid seed type of, in fact almost every seed that you see out there, the wheat crops, that you’re seeing and everything.  Monsanto and others have developed hybrid seeds that you have to purchase from them and theirs supposedly give you more yield per acre; they supposedly have a bigger seed ect.  But the problem is there is going to come blight on a type of hybrid seed that will keep the seed from germinating.  The Bible talks about first the blade and then the ear and then the full corn in the ear.  And what you’ll see is blades coming through the ground, but you won’t see the ear being developed from the corn.  And whether its corn or its wheat or whether it’s barley or whether it’s oats, there is coming a blight to hybrid seeds and it’s going to create a food shortage.  Not only in the United States, but also overseas.

Sid:  Now, you also talk about a water shortage in the United States in particular.

John Paul:  Right, and I have seen in a vision, I saw thousands of people being evacuated from large cities, not just one, but a handful of cities and maybe more than that, but I saw a handful of cities because there wasn’t enough water in the city to take care of the populations.  So they evacuated people, people left the cities and thousands and thousands of cars, just bumper to bumper cars leaving cities.  Almost like you’d see when a hurricane warning goes out, people were leaving the cities like that because of the water shortage.

Sid:  And you also saw that people moving out of the cities, that’s where the property would be increasing in value because there would all of a sudden be a demand.

John Paul:  There will be a demand and part of what I saw was thistle material, nuclear thistle material hitting one city in particular, which I can’t name right now.

Sid:  I was about ready to ask you, you know that.

John Paul:  But there’s actually two cities that it’s going to hit and that would generate fear for people living in cities and they will rush to the rural areas to by land or buy houses with land.

Sid:  Now, what is this skin sores and diseases that would start appearing on people, what’s that going to come from?

John Paul:  Well, because of some things that are going to be happening in our atmosphere and I’m not a scientist, I don’t want to learn to be a scientist, I have enough on my plate right now, so I don’t understand all the exact terminology.  But there is like a bubble around what I saw in the vision was a bubble around the earth begins to crack there was cracks that formed in this bubble and when those cracks formed rays that use to not get through would start getting through, rays from the sun.  And when those rays from the sun got through it created an unusual type of sore on the skin of people that had never seen this type of sores before; doctors had never seen these types of sores before.

Sid:  Trust me, as negative as this sounds, I got so excited by the time I found out what God’s about ready to do with His people in the midst of what is being described.

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Our Guest Patricia King

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Sid:   And as a matter-of-fact my guest, Patricia King is red hot for the Messiah because you know it says in scripture that “To him who is forgiven much, they love much.”  And if I want a descriptive term for Patricia King it’s someone that the love of God just radiates out of.  And I said this on yesterday’s broadcast, but I’m just overwhelmed when I watch Patricia King’s Television Show, and I see her out on the streets.  And as a matter of fact Patricia you take a lot of people that attend your Glory School that have perhaps never prophesied or never moved in Words of Knowledge, or experienced His glory out on the streets with you.  I asked you this on yesterday’s broadcast, but I want to start there today.  I want you because this is radio we will have you on television, but since this is radio I want you to take street experience and tell me about it.

Patricia:  Oh sure, I remember I mean so many are coming to my mind right now but I remember one time our team decided to go homeless because we wanted to relate to the homeless people; we’d been down in that particular area of our city where there’s a lot of drug addicted people and they just weren’t warming up to us.  So we went homeless and just hung out with them and identified with them.  And on that particular day, I met this young gal, she was a crack addict and she was passed out on the street and so we began to just reach out to her and heard her heart.  We just sat there and listened to her heart.  And after awhile of just hearing her heart and when she trusted us we began to share with her the love of Jesus Christ and the power that He had to set her free.  And all of a sudden she began to weep and weep and weep and so we prayed with her, she received Jesus Christ as her Savior and then we prayed against her addiction.  And as we prayed for the addiction this fire went through her body that she actually felt, she said “I feel fire, I feel like hot on the inside, I feel fire!”  So we explained to her, “That is the fire of God’s love that is the fire of His deliverance power burning up the addiction on the inside of you.”  And she said, “Yes, I believe it” and she started to just weep more and more.  Well, at the end of the encounter she was in our arms, you know we had been rocking her like a little baby and she was just so blessed and so assured in the Lord and immediately sobriety came upon her and she was absolutely normal.  She said, “I feel so normal, I feel I feel so wonderful.”  Now, she had come from another state and ended up in the inner city and back on her addiction.  So her family was in another state and she had run from them and now after receiving Christ she wanted to go back to them.  And so she returned home to the state she was from and got reconnected with her family; and she was instantly set free but entered into discipleship.

Sid:  And I would image that that is the major thing that people are saying that attend your Glory School of they understand the Glory of God; the presence of God and the gifts become activated in their life.  There’s some things that are going on in your ministry that I’ve heard of and there are some things going on in your ministry that I haven’t really heard of.  Explain the lightning’s of God.

Patricia:  Well, Revelation 4 and verse 5 says, “Out from the Throne comes flashes of lightning and sounds and peals of thunder.  And so of course a throne room is a Kingdom reality, there is a Real Throne Room with a real Throne with a real Messiah that sits on that Throne and He is real in our lives.  Jesus said, “Pray in this way, Your Kingdom come Your Will be done in the earth as it is in Heaven.  So I remember the very first time that I experienced lightnings was I think back in around 1999 when we were in a room of people praying and waiting on God, and all of sudden, in the room, and this is inside the house came a visible vivid flash of lightning.  And we all saw it and we said, “Oh, my gosh!” And that was amazing; and that particular night six flashes of lightning came and this was visible; we saw it with open vision.

Sid:  Now, when you say we, did everyone see it?

Patricia:  Everyone saw the light, in fact there was one skeptic in the room who said, “You know maybe it’s not an actual lightning, maybe it’s an electrical short on the light in the natural, you know like the light in the room.”  And so we ended up to just test it out, we shut down all the electricity in the room and just had some table candles on the coffee table and that was all the light that we had at the end of this; and the lightning still came in and so we determined that this was a real lightning from God.  And we asked the Lord, “Lord what is this?” Because that was the first time, we didn’t know what the lightnings were about.  And He began to reveal to us into our thinking thoughts about natural lightning and He said, “As it is in the natural, so it parallels what with is happening in the Spirit.”  And in natural lightning, what happens is that there’s an actual shift because of the lightning that brings things into alignment in the atmosphere.  So the negative ions and the positive ions, I’m not, you know sure how it all works but lightning actually freshens the air; because it brings things out of order into order.

Sid: Well, speaking of out of order into order, tell me about that church that had lightning hit and within that week sin was exposed in the leadership.

Patricia:  Yeah, actually it was about two months after that first encounter we had with lightning, I was ministering in a church and we were just doing a conference, we had been invited in to speak and as we were sitting down at one of the sessions and the Pastor got up in pulpit to give announcement and to introduce us.  All of the sudden the appearance of those lightings came out it was a flash of light.  Not everyone in the room saw that, but I saw it and two other people on our team saw it, we looked at each other and we thought “Oh, my gosh, what was that you know?”  And when we were praying about it afterwards we talked to the Pastor about it and we said, “You know we saw lightning flash on you when you were up on the pulpit,” and we explained to him what we learned about the lightings.  And we said, “You know sometimes, it brings things that are out of order into order,” and we did not know that the Pastor was in sin.  But we told him we said, “This is what God calls for that things out of order to be brought into order.”  And within one week of that lightning flash there was an exposure of sexual sin in that pastor’s life and so it brought cleansing to the church.

Sid:  I’m wondering if we are going to see a lot of that because it appears to me that we have a generation of Christians here in the United States of America, North America that are not that concerning about holiness and living in sin.

Patricia:  I know it’s so vital Sid, that we align ourself with the righteousness of God because we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus; so we need to manifest that.  And I do believe that there is going to be some strong dealings.  I know that a number of months back the Lord spoke to me a Word concerning appropriate discipline that when sin is exposed there needs to be appropriate discipline and repentance or else increase lawlessness will come.

Sid: I see that many people where sin is exposed and the whole gospel is forgiveness but there has to be repentance and they can’t just you know a month later, go back into ministry.

Patricia:  Exactly, I agree totally.

Sid:  …Tell me about when a person goes to the week Glory School in person what are some of the things that people leave with?

Patricia:  In the Glory School, we teach a life in the supernatural; how to live in the invisible kingdom of God with supernatural ability and empowerment; interaction with the Holy Spirit; following Him into all kinds of Devine encounters and Glory encounters; including how to discern angelic presence; and understand from the Spirit what they are doing and how to access by faith through scriptures and the leading of the Spirit Throne Room encounters.  And so students that come learn a strong foundation of the Word concerning who they are in Christ and what they have in Him according to Covenant.  Because as you know Jesus came and cut a covenant for us on behalf of men with God that is an eternal unbreakable covenant full of promises for us to walk in.  So the Glory School teaches us how to walk with Holy Spirit into the Glory dimensions of the Kingdom of God.

Sid:  Now many people that have never moved in the glory realm that have never had Third Heaven type experiences, once they take your school and your classes, this is normal.  This isn’t just the superstar is it?

Patricia:  No, all the Word is for all of God’s people and it says in Deuteronomy 9:29 “The secret things belong to God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever.”  And so when the scriptures are revealed to us God expects us to encounter it and so the Glory School teaches people how to encounter what is revealed to them by the Spirit in the Word.

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