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Our Guest Roberta Simpson

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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Roberta Simpson, and Roberta you cannot tell me that story enough, a Jewish person, the last thing in the world you wanted to do was know Jesus was the Messiah, the last thing you wanted, you hated that church you couldn’t wait to get out of there.

And tell me what you saw?


ROBERTA: I saw Jesus the Messiah, and He was…


SID: Tell me what He was doing?


ROBERTA: He was walking across the church by the altar. And it looked like He just had love and happiness on His face for everybody that was there. And He was walking across there with a purpose and I knew He was the one I needed in my life.


SID: So Roberta loved to tell stories, she is a storyteller, so she thought she’d like to, you did writing letters to the editor on what subject would you write an article?


ROBERTA: Israel and the Jewish people, and you know, whenever there was anything anti-Semitic or anything negative, you know, lies as I would call them, I would write letters to The Advocate and The Nation. Those are our two main newspapers and that was my…


SID: So you took a writing course and you figure maybe I’ll refine this but the professor really crushed you, what did he say about your writing?


ROBERTA: Well, he took my paper, which I thought was quite nice, and he just scribbled it up and made horrible comments and at the bottom he said, “You can’t write.” And then he had the audacity to ask me, “I hope I didn’t discourage you, did I?”


SID: So you are driving your own car along, minding your own business.


ROBERTA: Years, later.


SID: And you hear from God. So you began to actually hear God speak to you?




SID: What did He say?


ROBERTA: Just these four words, “You can NOW write.” And the NOW was emphasized. And I knew it was Him. It was just that still voice in my head and an excitement rose up in me, and a joy.


SID: So did you take another writing course?


ROBERTA: No, no.


SID: So what did you do?


ROBERTA: I went home and I wrote my first story.


SID: Now I don’t know whether it is just us Jewish people but the same thing happened with me, the minute God told me to do something I did it.


ROBERTA: You know if we are not obedient we don’t get any – I look back now Sid, and I think how scary it would have been if I had maybe thought yes I’ll do this and then got home and doubt might have overtaken me and, “Oh I can’t do this I was told I couldn’t write.” But there was a joy in my spirit and I sat down at that computer immediately after I got home and started writing and I haven’t stopped.


SID: And I’ve got it right here, Nana’s Bible Stories, and I love putting, I mean each story has a message. One is on courage, another is on healing, another is on love, and the most important one, on how to know God. Just kind of paraphrase for me about my favorite, The Butterfly and the Cross.


ROBERTA: Okay, well to begin with I used all my children’s, my grandchildren’s names in the stories, and when I first started I started with the lost sheep, and I used my oldest grandson’s name, Ralphie, and if I had known it was going to be a book with a lot of stories, I would have never made my grandchild a sheep. But I went to my little granddaughter Alexandra, and she was six at the time, and I said to her, “What would you like to be in a story, what is your favorite story?” She said “I don’t know.” I said “Would you like to be Queen Esther’s best friend and live in a palace?” You know little girls like to be princesses. She said, “Nope, don’t want to be that.”

I said, “Well what would you want to be?” “I want to be a butterfly.” So I thought there are no butterfly stories in the Bible. Of course I didn’t tell her that. And how narrow minded we can be sometimes because of course there would have been butterflies; there are butterflies in Israel.

And then she really shook me, she said, “I want to be a butterfly at the crucifixion.” And I do a lot of research when I write the stories, I go into the Biblical accounts, I don’t change anything. But when I like for instance, I’m writing a story about a butterfly I don’t know anything about a butterfly. So I went to Google and looked up butterflies and found that the largest butterfly in the world is called the Queen Alexandra. Well that blew my mind. Because it was another sign that God was in it. He knew I was going to have a granddaughter called Alexandra and that one day I would write a story about a butterfly who got stuck on the cross by a splinter and a drop of blood came down and freed her. And then she changes color which represents when we come to Jesus and ask Him into our lives and into our hearts, He changes us, and we are different.


SID: Roberta, at seventy plus, how can you even think about starting a career and coming out with beautiful books like this, the paintings in here are so beautiful and there is even a CD of Sheila Walsh reading, in case you parents are lazy and don’t want to read to your children. But I think you should read to your children. What do you figure God wants out of this?


ROBERTA: Well I believe two things. I believe that many people will come to know Jesus. Many people will put their faith in Him. And I want children to really know Him as they should.

You know sometimes they learn stories in Sunday School but I have tried to write in such a way that children can identify with the characters. Well, maybe not a butterfly, but the butterfly tells a story about the crucifixion. But the little boy that gave Jesus the loaves and the fish, there is nothing much said about him, but they can read a story about him and say to themselves, “I can be like that, I can follow Him.”


SID: But can they fly through the air, I mean literally because the power of God touches them?

That’s what happened to Roberta. She went to a meeting and, were you hungry, are you hungry for God Roberta?


ROBERTA: Sid, I’m so starving, and I always have been. This is the thing, I have always wanted more.


SID: Me too, I don’t understand backsliders. Well when she flew through the air I believe the

presence of God as she explains it, it is just going to hit you right where you are right now. Don’t go away, we’ll be right back in just one moment.

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Sid Roth welcomes Roberta Simpson

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On “It’s Supernatural:” I heard this man say, “Look at that woman flying through the air.” Find out how this woman literally flew across a room, and at the age of seventy she was given the gift of writing to supernaturally cause children to love God.


Do angels exist? Are healing miracles real? Is there life after death? Can people get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent twenty-five years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of, “It’s Supernatural.”


SID: Hello Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. What happens when you are a fine, dignified mother and you go to a church and all of a sudden the wind of God sweeps you in the air literally to another place in the church? This isn’t supposed to happen. And then you are driving your car and God speaks to you at age seventy and says, “I want you to write now.” Roberta Simpson, in addition to everything else I just said about you, you’re Jewish!




SID: So let me take you back a little bit, you are married, you have twins, and tragedy struck, what happened?


ROBERTA: Well I had two children already and they were quite young and I had twins. I didn’t know I was having twins and yet I felt so strange all through the pregnancy I kept asking the doctor what’s wrong? Nothing, you’re fine. And then when I was six months and a week pregnant I was rushed into the hospital, my water had broken and I delivered twins. And the strange thing was that when the first baby came, I still had a big tummy up in the air, and the doctor patted it and said, “There’s another one coming.” And all I could think about was I don’t have enough diapers for two babies and I wasn’t due anyway. But it was a tragedy, I wasn’t expecting twins, my husband wanted twins, I don’t know any other man in the world that wanted twins. And I had them just briefly because they had to rush them to another hospital, it was rainy, it was cool, and they had to put them in an incubator, and just when they got the incubator warm, the second baby died. The first baby was only two and a quarter pounds, and the second baby was three, so I have a miracle child. And she is now forty and has two wonderful children of her own.


SID: Okay, let’s take you back to a day, I think there might have been an insurance agent in your home, you have just gone through this tragedy of losing one of your twins, and the other is on the incubator and everything is going on in your life, but he invites you to his church. Why in the world did you go?


ROBERTA: Well, my husband was always a churchgoer, and he had an Anglican mother and a Catholic father, and on Sunday he had to go to both churches, but just recently in our lives he had made a commitment to the Lord to walk with Him and serve Him, but I didn’t know what that meant at the time. And our little girl, our twin girl had just come home the day before and we had been invited to go to church. And we went, because my husband wanted to go. And I was interested; I thought you know I had faith in God, I believed in Him, wasn’t too sure, I just thought Jesus was a man who was good.


SID: We Jews were taught that He was even a prophet but certainly not the Son of God. So tell me your first recollections when you walk into this church, did you like it?




SID: No? Tell me about it.


ROBERTA: No, they had drums, and I thought, I mean I didn’t know anything about churches, but drums? And they had…


SID: At the shuel we don’t have drums.


ROBERTA: No, and then they had a quartet that sang, and I thought they were pretty lousy, you know. I was just so critical. And my two other children were with me, and it was very hot and they fell asleep and one was asleep on one leg and the other was asleep on the other leg and I felt very uncomfortable. And it was a very kind of loud, ruckus church, it was a Pentecostal church and then the pastor got up to speak and I felt it was just, I did not like it Sid. But I was there because I loved my husband and I went with him.


SID: Well, you were a nice wife. But then the unexpected happened, what happened?


ROBERTA: Well at the very end of the message the pastor said, “Where two or more are gathered in Jesus Name, He is in the midst.” And I had never heard that before but my ears, I kind of, something stirred in me. And he went on to say He is the one that can change your life and you can be a different person and you know, things like that. It was a long time ago now. And something stirred in my heart and all of a sudden, it was a very large church, I saw Jesus come from one end by the altar walking right through the church, by the altar, and I knew it was Jesus, and I knew He was the one I needed in my life, and I knew that He, all of a sudden I realized I had a bitter heart, I was bitter over my baby’s death, I would every night cry out to God and say, “God, why, why did this happen to me, why?” But in an instant I knew He was the one I needed.

He didn’t look at me, but He had this beautiful smile on His face, He had a face of love. And His stride, you know the way He walked across the church, it was purposeful and it was just wonderful. It was something I didn’t want to tell anybody because I thought they would think I was whacko, but it really happened.


SID: Out of curiosity, it was wonderful, but what did you feel inside when you see Jesus? We Jews have been taught He is not our Messiah. You had revelation knowledge, you knew He was. What did you feel inside?


ROBERTA: Excited, I just knew that my life was going to be totally different.


SID: For sure, now out of curiosity, tell me what happened when you – who was the first person you told about this experience?


ROBERTA: My husband, I didn’t dare tell anybody else, I didn’t tell him either for a couple of days.


SID: So how did he react?


ROBERTA: Well I think he was a bit startled, I don’t think he had ever heard of such a thing happening before. But he knew it was real because I was different and I was hungry for God and you know right away I started reading books and God began to bring people into our lives that knew Him and would help us and teach us. But you know from the very beginning I wanted things, the church wasn’t Jewish enough for me, the first book in the Bible I read was the Book of Revelation and that’s pretty frightening.

SID: That would do it to most people.


ROBERTA: And then the first book I read was, “Tortured for Christ,” by Richard Wurmbrand, and then I read “Why Revival Tarries,” and “The Cross and the Switchblade” all one after the other. And I believe looking back now God wanted me to be real, He wanted me to, you know I had wasted a lot of years in my life, I think the one regret when this all happened to me was why didn’t this happen when I was younger?


SID: Well why won’t it happen when you are younger? It is going to. Don’t go away, you are going to find out how a seventy plus year old grandmother is given orders to write from God.

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Sid Roth Welcomes Mary Kathryn Baxter Part 3

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Sid Roth welcomes Mary Kathryn Baxter
SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Mary Kathryn Baxter and we are talking about her thirty nights, each night Jesus took her on a guided tour of hell, and one of the things I find fascinating is the whole subject about the blood of Messiah, but this was brought up in hell, tell me about it.

MARY: Jesus would stress about his blood to these souls that was lost, he would say if you had only believed the gospel, if you would have only believed that my blood was shed to wash away any sin you ever committed, I would have done it, if you had only repented and called upon me,
he stressed that all through hell. And he means just what he says, that it was his blood that was shed on Calvary, if we would believe that he was the Son of God and he came to wash away our sins, and he would stress that. He said you wouldn’t be in hell if you had only believed.

SID: Unfortunately most people if they have not ended their life that are listening to me right now don’t understand how powerful the blood of the King of the Jews, the Messiah of Israel is, Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah, and you that are mocking right now, you are not going to get the last laugh, you are not going to, don’t you mock. Mary Kathryn Baxter, tell me an exact example of when you have pleaded the blood, or tell me something about the blood of Jesus.

MARY: I was praying for this person that was choking, actually choking, and I went and laid hands upon them and began to plead the blood of Jesus, and I believe in the covenant of Jesus Christ. As we began to pray all of that immediately left because it was a spirit that had attacked them. And another where a child had a high fever, we covered them with prayer and the blood of Jesus and the Spirit, the power of God came on me and I rebuked it and it instantly broke through the blood of Jesus.

SID: If we could just see in the invisible world that when we plead the blood, everything that the blood has accomplished, when you say it actually happens, what do you mean?

MARY: Okay, we were in a church Sid, where angels were standing as we were singing the song, “The Bloodline.” As we sang it, I saw a line of angels standing and holding a large line of the blood, it was called the bloodline, all around the church, all around the people, and at times
when we would plead the blood I would actually see a shield of red come down over that person and they begin to get healed, they begin to get delivered, and if there is a cancer in their body, sometimes God lets me see it, the red goes on the dark spot and burns out the cancer.

SID: Now I promised you we would find out about heaven, so for thirty nights she went to hell, but the next ten nights she went to heaven, I have to ask you a question, do young people stay young, like little infants when they get to heaven, or do they grow up?

MARY: They grow up.

SID: Give me an example.

MARY: Okay, children grow up in heaven to the age of maturity, they are called the innocent, okay. And the other scripture Sid, is when “suffer the little children to come unto me for such is the kingdom of God.” And they go to school in heaven, they are taught by the redeemed, and they are taught by angels.

SID: Did you see any children in heaven?

MARY: Oh yeah.

SID: That you knew?

MARY: No, I didn’t know them but I saw many children.

SID: Okay, what about adults, they are say, ninety when they die and go to heaven, do they, are they kind of decrepit, or are they walking around with canes?

MARY: Oh no, Sid, God gives them a glorified body, a brand new body, and they usually look about 33 years old. If they die at a hundred, when the angels get done with them and take them before God they look 33 years old.

SID: What was the music like in heaven?

MARY: It was different praises, different types, levels of music, there was a piano forty feet across, there was a trumpet thirty-five feet long, and different types, different types of music now.
Like we had the Italian band in the Bible, actually I saw people dancing and spinning to it sounded like Italian music. There was Jewish music too in heaven, all kinds of music.

SID: Really?

MARY: Yeah.

SID: Okay, let me ask you this, you saw, envisioned, went to heaven, these books, in this golden room, tell me about that.

MARY: Okay, there are archives in heaven, rooms of books. Okay the first, I saw several rooms, but one room in particular I feel like sharing, was where God has books he wants to bring down and give to people to write, books from heaven, yes, he wants to give them revelation knowledge, and then there were other books of prophecy, there were books of prayer.

SID: Well that reminds me of someone I interviewed that heard songs in heaven, and then many years later heard those same songs being released for the first time on earth. So you are saying with books, it is the same way; there are books to be released from heaven.

MARY: Yes, and there are also anointing oils to be released.

SID: What does that mean?

MARY: There are like vials of oil up there in a certain room.

SID: For healing and miracles?

MARY: It is, certain ministers too, God will send angels to anoint us more sometimes.

SID: You were telling me in some of these books they had records of the prayers, explain.

MARY: Yes, and prophecies, and also there was a group of angels that God sends, and he calls them the northern army, and Sid, they are very big, big angels, thirty foot high, they have huge wings, they have a face like you wouldn’t believe of determination, and they have a sword on their side bigger than a man with flames comes out of it, the stallions that they are on are so high and four foot across the back, when the prayers of the saints come up to God, come in, go to the record room, then they come before the throne, the Lord opens up the prayer book and smoke comes out of it and perfume, and the Lord speaks and his voice is like may waters, he tells them go to earth and answer her prayers, go to earth and answer her prayers, and when the book is opened pages come out and go into the riders hands and they gallop to earth to answer our prayers, they do warfare for us.

SID: You know, I wish I had seen heaven while I am still here, and I don’t want to see hell ever,
but in a way I almost feel I want to, because I want to have that same compassion you have. When you see someone that rejects Jesus, what do you feel?

MARY: it hurts, but most, I tell you the truth Sid, most places I go, everywhere I go they hear this story and they want to be saved, they want Christ in their heart, and once you get to really talk, their little hearts just melt because they really don’t want to go to this place, so I rarely meet anybody that doesn’t want to be saved, rarely.

SID: What about you? The Jewish prophet Daniel says in the 12th chapter of the Book of Daniel, those that are buried in the dust, some shall rise to everlasting life. Mary Kathryn, that is the heaven.

MARY: Right, yes.

SID: Everlasting means no chance of reversal; some shall rise to everlasting life, and some to
everlasting condemnation. So in effect, once someone dies they can’t change their mind because of that word everlasting that is there. So some people say hah, this earth right here, this is hell.
No, if you think this earth is hell, compared to hell this earth is heaven, would you agree Mary Kathryn?

MARY: I agree.

SID: So choose, because you don’t know when your end is going to come, choose right now.
Everlasting life or everlasting condemnation, heaven or hell, life with God, life separated from God forever. The only chance of reversal is now. Why do I say now? Because you don’t know how long you are going to live. Choose life, why will you die oh house of Israel, believe that Jesus died in your place, for your sins, ask him to forgive him and then make him your Lord by saying, “Jesus I make you my Lord.” Or, “Jesus help!” That will do.

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Our Guest Mary Kathryn Baxter Part 2

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Sid Roth welcomes Mary Kathryn Baxter

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Mary Kathryn Baxter, and Mary Kathryn, you had an encounter that Jesus put you through for a reason. You went to hell for thirty nights. Why did he do this?

MARY: For the purpose to win the lost and to let them know and prepare them for the coming of the Lord.

SID: Most people don’t believe a literal hell anymore.

MARY: Oh, I know, yes.

SID: Tell me some of the worst things you saw in hell?

MARY: Some of the worst things, there were two very, very dramatic, there were the vats of fire, there was fire like on the fifteenth night the angel of the Lord even was in the presence there, but Jesus was with me and there was a place where people’s souls that had just died on earth came, and they were thrown into liquid, boiling fire mixed with hot lava, and this was the judgment of God upon the abominables, people that had taught false doctrine to people, people that lied and deliberately blasphemed God, that knew better, and then the other one…

SID: So there are different degrees of punishment even.

MARY: Yes, and then there was a river that flowed all through the beginning of my journey, it was like maybe six feet wide and so deep, flames came up like ten feet and in it was chained together skeletons by the thousands, and the word of God was written in the fires, lovers of their own flesh more than God’s commandments, men loving men and women loving women, and all through the fire…

SID: Were they, just out of curiosity, were there special sections then for people who were lesbians or homosexuals?

MARY: It was in this area in the fires, they were chained with a black chain Sid; they went through the current of fire all through hell, and like 60 to 80 miles an hour.

SID: How painful do you think this was?

MARY: Well their bones were charred red, and they would scream and scream, saying no man cares for my soul. And they would say warn the people not to come here. And most of the people in hell would scream that. Tell my family not to come to hell, tell them to accept the Messiah as their Savior, that’s what they would say. They would cry and no one cares you know, and they curse each other, it’s horrible. And there is another section of the heart of hell that is bad. The heart of hell is for hypocrites and backbiters. It is a real heart, big as a football field and it has got snakeskin on it, and it beats like a real heart. And in it is put people that are hypocrites, backbiters, that really hurt the churches, hurt the pastors, and hurt programs that are real, like yours. And they get warnings and warnings and warnings on the earth but they don’t stop.

SID: Well the greatest warning in the world is to repent because if they don’t repent then it is too late. The best thing in the world is for someone to be warned of sin, and then repent from that sin.

What we are talking about isn’t fantasy. You know you grew up most of your life watching television and you just think all these things are fantasy. Mary Kathryn Baxter, will you look in the camera and tell people how real hell is?

MARY: Hell is very, very real. There is no escape once you get there, there is a – you are turned over to your tormentors. While you are on the earth you need to repent and turn to God, but when you are down there that you cry for mercy, there is no mercy, there are demons in hell that are so evil and they will even touch you like I said before like thousands of razor blades go through your body and also there are worms that bore on your bones, and that is out of Ezekiel about the worms. And the cries of the dead Sid, are so awful, they moan, they regret wishing they had listened to a preacher, wishing they had read their Bibles, wishing they had given their life to the Lord Jesus so they would not be in this place, and there is no more hope, no more destiny, and then they know it, they know the minute they descend into these gateways down to hell that they missed God, and they became like one preacher said, they become a believer, they believe then the Bible.

SID: Tell me some real people that you heard their story.

MARY: Okay, there were quite a few talking to Jesus. They always talk to Jesus, and there was a man, he was really tall, his skeleton was tall, and he had a make-believe Bible in his hand and it was on fire, and he was preaching the word of the Lord in hell and demons were stabbing him and telling him to shut up that Satan was their God and all of that, and I began to listen to him and I turned to Jesus, and Jesus was in the human form Sid, by the way, he was always in the human form, he actually cried in hell, tears would come down his face.

SID: Because from my understanding from reading scripture hell was not designed for humans. It was designed for demons and the devil.

MARY: That’s right, that’s right.

SID: And so you are saying, you know they say God can do anything, but once someone has ended up in hell he can’t get them out.

MARY: Well that’s why Christ was crying; he said I shed my blood that they would not come here. And you know God is a righteous God, and he has to judge righteously.

SID: So what did you hear them say?

MARY: This man was talking, okay, preaching and Christ said to him, peace be still old man. And he turned his whole carcass towards the Lord, and he said Lord I repent now to you, I will do the right thing now Lord, if you will just let me, he called him Lord, out of hell and give me back my body, he said I know you can do this, he said I won’t be prejudice anymore, he said I won’t lie anymore, he said I won’t steal from the church anymore and he said I was a preacher of your word and sin entered into my heart and I yielded my life to the devil and I compromised, he said I compromised you and I did wicked things and he said Lord I have been here many years and I cannot die. He was very – and he was judged and burning in hell.

SID: Tell me another person.

MARY: Okay, there was another person, there was like on one side of the belly of hell, you know the belly of hell was three miles around, seventeen miles high, there were a whole bunch of people back there moaning and groaning and screaming, their skeleton, and one man in particular
was screaming and we went over to him and Christ said, peace be still, he was in hell and he had a skeleton form he had real blood on his hands, and Jesus said the blood of many is upon your hands because he used to serve the Lord, and he used to teach about the Holy Spirit, he had the Holy Spirit, and then he quit teaching and the Holy Spirit left him, and because of his sin Sid,
the man began to sin against God, serving God. He was serving God, that is in Ezekiel, you know the righteous, but you know if you see the sword coming you have to warn the people, but he wouldn’t do that, he would compromise, he wanted money more than God’s commandments, and he told God, they talked, he and Jesus talked, and he said that when you began to open seminars against the Holy Spirit is when the judgment came upon you. He said if you had judged yourself you would not be here. If you had repented, it is always about repentance.

SID: The good news is you are still alive and you can decide where you are going to spend forever. Don’t go away, I want to find about her ten-day trip to heaven, we’ll be right back.

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