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Sid Roth welcomes Bruce Allen

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Sid: My guest, Bruce Allen is red hot for the Messiah some of these experiences that he has had in the Supernatural are really, I mean they are, Bruce they’re really provoking me to jealousy.  And I was looking this picture of a supernatural scroll in Malaysia, tell me about that.

Bruce: Yeah, that was actually Sid, the second time I had seen that.  There was a point about a year earlier where I had been ministering in Singapore and I was caught up into the Third Heaven and there I met my Aunt who had died about eight years previously and she came up, and she was extremely excited, she said, “Bruce it’s so wonderful, there’s so much excitement and activity going on in Heaven.”  And I said, “Why?”  She said, because the Wedding Feast, the Wedding Supper of the Lamb is being prepared, it’s finished and the Lord is preparing a people to come in and she said, “At this point so many people are visiting Heaven to go back and tell the world get ready, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is prepared.

Sid: You know, I’m noticing that.  I am getting so many reports of people that have gone to Heaven and have come back with the Word, “Jesus is coming soon, repent of your sins and live a holy life.”  That’s the word that I’m getting from people that are going to Heaven.  And some people say, “Well, how do we know whether that’s true or not?  I’ll tell you the truth, it doesn’t matter, with a message like that that’s Biblical, you know.

Bruce: Yes, yes, yes and I found the same thing, too everywhere we travel.  Everywhere, matter of fact, in the last three years we’ve had more people enquiring about, “Tell us about the Rapture, tell us about the end times and the eschatology.”  There’s been a resurge, and it’s a supernatural thing that God’s making people aware whether they understand or not that we’re in a season of transition, look up, look up.

Sid: So in 2007 you’re ministering in Malaysia and what happens?

Bruce: Oh, alright let me finish with that, so when I turned from talking with my her there stood this very large angel who had a scroll in his hand, and behind him as far as the eye could see were what, if you’ve ever been out of port you see these containers filled of goods that have been imported or about to exported.  And so I knew, and I’ve known for years that visions are language so I asked him, “Who are you and what is your function?”  He said, “I am the angel of provision that the Lord has assigned to the saints at the end of the age.”  And He said, “And you have the manifest.” And immediately I knew in my Spirit that as we speak by faith, what we speak is instantly delivered by the Spirit of God.  And so fast forward a year later I’m ministering in Kuala, Lumpur in a church that the pastor and the church have become dear, but as I’m ministering all sorts of supernatural phenomenon are taking place.  And all of a sudden there this angel in the room…

Sid: Well, just out of curiosity, just before the angel, tell me a couple of things that were happening.

Bruce: Spontaneous healing, you know to me I just get more excited when God begins to move sovereignly without us having to implement a program.  That’s allowing God to be God and we’re just there to participate in what He’s doing and so we see a lot of spontaneous healings and deliverances.   And I love that.

Sid: Well, I just heard that someone’s back and neck was just healed.  The spine, someone’s getting a new spine just as you were saying that it just released such an anointing.  So you see an angel, “What happens?”

Bruce: So here’s the angel and immediately the Spirit of Prophecy came on me.  This church was in the process of building a new building for their congregation, and being the angel that was there to minister administer and administer the resources of Heaven the Spirit of Prophecy began to come and I told them exactly what I was seeing and what the Lord was saying, that supernaturally this building would be built in ways they hadn’t expected.  And they were snapping digital images. They had, I had a conference there a year earlier where I had challenged them about the supernatural and we had a very unusual event then.  But I’ll explain that later.  And so as they were taking these pictures, where they caught a supernatural phenomena on a digital camera, which I believe is because digital cameras can catch a frequency of light that we can’t see with our naked eye.  And so they caught these scrolls, this manifest on camera.  That was a miracle in and of itself, but the greater miracle to me…

Sid: But wait a second now, I am looking at it right now, and you’re saying to me this could not be scene with a naked eye except if God showed it to someone, which He showed it to you.  Was this the Torah scroll that the angel was holding, this picture I’m holding in my hand?

Bruce: That’s exactly where he was standing and exactly what he was holding, yes.

Sid: Well, if you want to see this picture, go to our web page at  I mean this is beautiful.  This is so phenomenal, so he’s holding this torah scroll, and then what?

Bruce: Okay, it looked like a torah scroll, I want to define that, I don’t know if it was torah the torah scroll, but it looked like it and it was a manifest.  And so they entered into their building program, it was in Malaysia they have their currencies ringgit at cost 16,000,000 ringgit for their new facility.  And then sovereignly and supernatural they’d go to their bank account and money would be there.  Bills would come due that very day and finances would show up.  I believe if I remember the story correctly, at one point God began to multiply the building material.  And they kept the process going, so sovereignly and supernaturally the Lord provided until they had an overflow and over abundance of what they needed and they were able to bless other areas.

Sid: You know as you’re telling me this experience that you had, that in affect is what you see about ready to happen for those that know how to enter in right now.   I have your brand new book, just literally off the press, “Called the Prophetic Promise of the Seventh Day.”  And what you’re saying is the day is as thousand years, so we’re entering into the beginning of the seventh day, and the seventh day of the Sabbath is the day of rest.  And I believe that as people read these promises from the scriptures and understand the revelation that you had, the anointing of God is so strong on this book, and as I believe it must be as you speak, that and I’m experiencing it right now as a matter of fact.   That I believe that as people read what God promises for the seventh day, they’re going to enter into it.  Is that what you’re motion was in writing this book?

Bruce: Oh absolutely, absolutely, that my heart is to provoke God’s people out of apathy or lethargy or a religious stupor into realizing the profound destiny and the call of God for their lives on this day.

Sid: Was there anything else you wanted to add about Malaysia?

Bruce: I can tell you another testimony when Jesus physically came into the room and all eight hundred people saw Him.

Sid: Please!  Ha-ha, eight hundred people saw, what did He look like?

Bruce: Well, this is what’s funny, the Lord provoked me, we were doing a conference with the same pastor, Pastor Colin Gordon and going up in the elevator I told him the Lord had challenged me to ask of Him a sign.  And I said that I’m believing the Jesus and resurrected bodily form, every eye will see Him will step into the room.  And everybody will know Him and they immediately got excited and said yes, let’s believe for that.  Well, the Lord has been teaching me for many years and I teach this everywhere I go, we’ve got to get rid of the boxes that we try to create for God; we try and create God in our own image.  And what I mean by that is that we have a preconceived idea of who He is, how He’s suppose to do it and what time and what manner He’s suppose to do it and so we limit God.  And so when I told them what I was believing for we agreed.  Well, what happened is this whole meeting started out rather supernaturally with signs in the Heavens.  I was sitting at the PJ Hilton in Malaysia and lightning was right outside my window, just lightning, lightning, lightning, lightning supernatural.  I knew that it was supernatural I pulled my chair up to the window to watch because it kept striking within about a mile radius.  And a medical doctor who was also an elder in the church said, “He watched that as he was coming down the freeway and when it came time for the meeting that whole lightning moved over the church.”  So we got to the church and it was down pour and this, they had their church in an office complex because it’s not legal to build a Christian Church, you have to start a business and sublet it out to a Christian community.  And so it had a guard gate at the front and a compound and this man was walking down the street, soaking wet, looked like he’d been just mugged and one of the elders said, he came up to He said, “May I come in?”  And the elder said, “Oh please, come on in,” and they took him up to the office, he was soaking wet.  Now the meeting, the worship is going on and the meeting is going on.  And he said, “Brother what I’ll do I’ll go get you a dry shirt, I don’t have any pants but I’ll get you a dry shirt, let’s take you into the men’s room, you got into the first stall and dry off.”  Well, this man says, “No the first stall is dirty I’ll go into the third one.”  And it was what?  It was just as he had said, so they ran into the office and they found a red T-shirt and a bottle of water.  They brought that back in and the man saw the red T-shirt, he grabbed it and he said, I love red.  So he took off his wet shirt and it looked like he had just been flayed within an inch of his life.  They were astounded and not only that there was a hole in his side and holes in his hands.

Sid: Are you telling me, you were seeing Jesus?

Bruce: That’s exactly what…

Sid: Whoop, were out of time.

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Our Guest Peter Horrobin

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Woman 1: I was very sick and I could not understand why God didn’t heal me.

Man: I felt as if all my prayers were being blocked.

Woman 2: I just couldn’t forgive my father for leaving us. It was like a cancer eating me up on the inside.

Sid: You know, there is a real consequence to sin. There’s a real consequence to unforgiveness. Peter Horrobin, tell me about Sarah.

Peter: Sarah was very badly abused by her father and the consequence of that abuse was long term. But you know, as she was growing up between the age of 9 and 18, she was constantly being used in a sexual and a physical way. When we first met her, she was in psychiatric care because in her late 30s she had completely fallen apart. She could no longer keep all the pain down and it broke out, and she was in psychiatric care, and she was on a lifetime psychiatric disability pension in the United Kingdom. The psychiatrist didn’t believe there was any hope for her. And it was at that point she heard about our retreat and she got permission to come out of hospital under the care of the psychiatrist to come on this retreat. And she learned about forgiveness. She didn’t want to forgive. She’d had a terrible experience. And yet, unless she’d forgive, and she knew that from the Word of God, unless she forgave she would never be able to enter into the freedom that Jesus had for her. It was a long process. But she came to that point of saying, “I choose to forgive.” The psychiatrist, he was amazed when he saw her again. Yes, she wasn’t completely whole. She wasn’t off medication, but she was different. And so he gave permission for her to come for a longer period of time. Three months later, my wife went back to see the psychiatrist with her and he said, “I don’t need to see you again.” She was off all medication. She had been able to forgive, and not only forgive, the healing had been flowing on the inside. Today she is totally restored. Having come from a lifetime of psychiatric disability, she’s now completely whole. She’s more whole perhaps than anybody I had ever known.

Sid: Peter, I am feeling, I don’t know what it is. It’s a presence of God. It’s like honey. It’s smooth. You’re supposed to pray right now for people. There’s an anointing for something special right now.

Peter: There are many people who are watching this who have issues in their life, perhaps people who have been especially abused. They’ve struggled with things in secret, and I’m speaking to you right now. If you know that in your past there are people who have done things to you, unspeakable things, things that perhaps you have never been able to talk about. They’ve robbed of you your future. They’ve robbed you of relationships that have made it impossible for you to live in a normal way. I want you right now to ask God to give you the grace to forgive them, to release them into the freedom of your forgiveness and to say, “I choose now to forgive John, forgive Mary”, whatever their name may be, for whatever it is they’ve done and say, “I release you”. And then ask Jesus to come and heal you. Ask him to come and set you free. Ask him to come and set you free from the powers of darkness. Ask him to let you out of the prison that you’re in so that you can begin to get out into the open spaces of life and begin to enter into your destiny. He will do it. It’s our choice whether we want to ask him to do it. I pray that you’ll have the courage to make that choice.

Sid: The presence of God is so sweet. Tell me about the woman that had her fourth pregnancy and enough was enough.

Peter: This was an amazing story because she couldn’t afford to have another child and she fell pregnant, and she wished this child dead. She wanted it to die in the womb. And so she actually cursed this child to death. The child didn’t die. Many, many years later, something like 40 years later, she was present in one of my conferences and she heard me teaching about the words that we say can bring cursing upon other people. And she suddenly was convicted by the Spirit of God about what she said about her daughter. And she came and asked for prayer. And she confessed of her sin. And I spoke forgiveness to her. And she was just about to sit down when I suddenly heard the voice of God saying, “You’ve got to pray for the daughter.” So I called her back and through the mother I prayed for this woman, who I didn’t know anything about her.

Sid: She wasn’t even there.

Peter: She wasn’t even there. I just prayed that God would set her free from whatever had come upon her in her mother’s womb. A year later back in the same church, this woman came running across the hall of the church with a photograph of a baby. Now here’s this woman. She’s in her mid-60s and I thought, this is a miracle.

Sid: Peter, does this look familiar?

Peter: That’s the baby. And she said, “This baby was born to my daughter. Do you remember praying for her?” And for a moment I didn’t. But then I was reminded and she told me the story that this woman, her daughter, had been married for 14 years and they had been unable to conceive a child and were told that there was no hope whatsoever that they could ever have a child. Within a week of me praying for the daughter to be set free from whatever curses came upon her because of the wrongful words of her mother, she conceived a child, and this woman is so thrilled. She now has a grandson.

Sid: People are being healed right now. Tell them. Speak to them.

Peter: Yeah. As you receive truth into your heart about what God does to other people, you know what it does? It lifts your faith. And as you suddenly can see that if God’s done it for somebody else, He can do it for me. So receive that now. Receive the joy of healing and the joy of healing flows out of your spirit into your soul and into your body. So invite Jesus now to let the joy of his healing flow through your spirit into your soul, into your body as you forgive others, as you confess the things that you’ve done wrong. You know, it says in James, “Confess your sins once and know that you may be healed.” As we bring to God the things that we’ve done wrong that He can bring His restoring life into our lives and give us back our destiny.

Sid: You know, I think it’s interesting. You talk about people have to forgive, ask for forgiveness for what they’ve done. They need to forgive other people. They, some of you need to forgive God. If in one minute, you can tell me a story of someone that needed to forgive.

Peter: Yeah. See, if we blame God for things that He’s not done we’re actually putting Him, as it were, in the jail.

Sid: Stupid!

Peter: Absolutely. Satan is the god of this world, that man through his sin has put Satan in place, and the bad things that happen are Satan’s fault. So if we blame God, what we’re actually doing is saying that God is responsible for the works of the enemy. And sometimes people need to get to that place of saying, “God, I am sorry for blaming you.” You know, there’s many, many people who have had to walk this through. Sarah was one of those. She had to come to that place of saying, “God, why didn’t you protect me?” She was blaming God for the fact that she was not protected from her father’s abuse. And she said, “God, I am sorry for blaming you.”

Sid: “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.” That was the prayer from the cross. And the moment, the second someone does something against you, say that, even out loud if necessary. Father, forgive them. They’re ignorant. They know not what they do. I want you to see those same people you saw that said they could not forgive, at the beginning of this segment, and here’s what they’re going to say after they’ve forgiven. Look at the change in their life. Same change is going to happen in your life.

Woman 1: See, once I truly, truly forgave them for what they did to me only then did God heal me.

Man: It’s like the heavens are no longer brass. My prayers seem to be getting right through to God Himself.

Woman 2: You’ll never know the freedom that it brings until you learn the importance of forgiveness.

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Sid Roth welcome Michael Galiga

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Sid:  My guest is Michael Galiga and we’re talking about my book “The Incomplete Church.”  Why, because it is the message that is so close to the heart of God right now, it’s called the One New Man.  Everything that is going on in Gentile Christianity, everything that has gone on in Messianic Judaism is for this moment in history where John 17:21 becomes true. “I pray that they Jew and Gentile might be one,” one new species of being, “so the world will believe.”  And the same glory when this occurs it’s going to release such a move of God’s Spirit, the same glory that is on Me will be on them, Yeshua, Jesus is saying.  Now in my book Michael, I talk about the Constantine Conspiracy where things were changed in the First Church and I talk about the Rabbinic Conspiracy where things were changed in Judaism.  Isn’t it fascinating the one common denominator in Rabbinic Judaism is you can’t be Jewish and believe in Jesus; and the common denominator in Constantine Christianity is you can’t be Jewish and believe in Jesus you have to become a Christian.  Somehow the Jewishness is being squeezed out and there’s like a wall of separation between Jew and Gentile and one of the things that this fellow Constantine did is he got rid of the Biblical Feasts.  And Leviticus 23:2 God says these aren’t just Jewish Feasts these are My Feasts.  Doesn’t that have a meaning to everyone Michael?

Michael:  It does and it’s amazing, it is really spreading Sid, all over this country; it’s going very quickly not just in Messianic churches, but other churches as well.  You know Davidic type of worship, you know we have The House of David right here in Oklahoma, you know Rabbi Kurt Landry and so it’s spreading very quickly.

Sid:  And the word Feast in the Hebrew means appointments and so if it was translated properly in the English, God says, “These are my appointments.”  Now who would not want to be at a place at the exact time, on time for God’s appointments?  And that same word is even found in the 1st Chapter of Genesis, He said, “He put the sun and the moon out for God’s set appointments.”  And He says these appointments where God promises to show up will be holy convocations and the word convocation in the Hebrew means rehearsals.  So what are these God appointments?  They’re rehearsals of well, the first few Feasts are rehearsals of the First Coming of Jesus, the last Feasts are rehearsals of His Return and where a lot of people have missed it, a lot of Messianic Jews say, “Well if you don’t do it you’re not even saved.”  Now there are many that understand that this is not true, and a lot of Christians say, “If you do those Feasts you are not even saved.”  Now many understand it, but many many don’t, but it looks like two different religions.  But I think we’re coming to the day Michael where the book of Ruth will come to pass; and what happened in the Book of Ruth?  Well, there was two Gentile daughters of Naomi the Jew and one Gentile daughter went back to her gods, here it is in Ruth 1:14, “Then they lifted up their voices and wept again and Orpah kissed her mother-in-law, but Ruth clung to her.”  I love that word Michael, clung to her.  That that is so descriptive, Ruth clung to the Jew, Naomi said, “Look your sister-in-law has gone back to her people, and to her gods; return after your sister-in-law.”  But Ruth said, “Entreat me not to leave you or turn back from following after you, for wherever you go I will go, wherever you lodge I will lodge, your people shall be my people, your God my God.  And you know the thought that’s coming to me Michael, is I was talking in Israel to the director of an exercise spa and he’s a Jewish man and I started witnessing to him; and I said, “You know I do not believe there’s a god for the Muslims, a God for the Jews and a God for the Christians and they’re all three different gods.  I believe in the Shema, I believe there’s only one God, and He has a name according to the scriptures that all three groups respect the Tanakh, or the Torah.  And the name that He has is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, so I believe there is one God.” And he said, “Oh, I agree with you,” and then I said to him, “Just as I believe there is only one God, I believe there is not a Messiah for the Muslim’s, a Messiah for the Christians and the Messiah for the Jews, how could we ever have peace on earth, if there’s three different Messiah’s?”  He said, “Yeah, you got a point.”  I believe there’s only one Messiah and that Messiah is the Jew, Jesus.  And I’m wondering if there’s only one people not traditional Jews, Muslims, Orthodox Jews, the world is either those that are in Messiah, the King of the Jews, Yeshua and those that are not in the Messiah.  It gets pretty simple and when I said to him that I believe the Messiah is the Jew, Jesus and he had to talk to me and he started telling me things about his life and the next day he received the Messiah.  I believe people are looking for answers and just as the world according to scripture is going to have counterfeit one world government and one world religion, you can’t have a good counterfeit unless it’s a counterfeit of the real thing.  And the real thing will be one religion meaning in Jesus, that’s it, it’s that simple.  How does that sound to you Michael?

Michael:  It’s very simple Sid; it’s not hard to understand.

Sid:  And in Leviticus Chapter 23:2 which talks about God’s appointments, isn’t it amazing that so many people think you have to do these, no you do not have to do these Feasts, all you have to do is repent of your sins and believe that Jesus is the true Messiah and has died for your sins and you shall be saved.  But look at the blessings, this is a set time, I mean what would be more important to you Michael, than having an appointment with God that He promises to attend?

Michael:  Nothing.

Sid:  And that’s the way I see it, it’s not a matter of have to, it’s a matter of want to.  And then I’m reminded of Esther, see that was a One New Man, Ruth and Naomi, Jew and Gentile.  And how about Esther and the King, that’s a One New Man, and isn’t it interesting when Esther who I believe is a type of the end time church and I explain this in my book “The Incomplete Church.”…But Esther and the King are One New Man and when Esther a type of the end time church equipped the Jewish people who were about ready to die with the sword, do you know what happened?  The sword is a type of the word of God, revival spread throughout the land.  I mean once this key of the One New Man is open you see it so clearly and I believe we’re coming to the time of what we saw in the first church; and what did you see in the first church?  We saw Peter speak three paragraphs in the Book of Acts and 3,000 Jewish people became believers in Jesus the Messiah after they saw a demonstration of the power of God.  Could you picture these 3,000 Jewish people going into the churches and Messianic congregations and One New Man Congregations throughout the world and I mean it would cause life from the dead, resurrection power in these congregations.

Michael:  That’s exactly right.

Sid:  It’s sort of like you know when there’s a brand new believer it’s so exciting, how about a brand new believer that has never even heard about who Jesus really is, has never put that together, has never read the New Testament, doesn’t know anything except if you’re Jewish you don’t believe in Jesus; which is the big lie.  And what’s going to happen when Gentile Christians start celebrating these Feasts and really believe God that they are set appointments and that God Himself is going to show up when they observe these Feasts and miracles breakout?  Could you picture some of your Jewish friends you telling them what’s going on in your congregation at these Feasts?

Michael:  Wow, yeah it’s going to change things quickly!

Sid:  And incidentally, my friend John Fenn, who I interviewed, he had a revelation of the end time church, he said the end time church is going to look very much like the first church.  Jesus came to him and Jesus said, “You have to start house congregations” and that’s what happened to those first 3,000 Jewish believers, it said they went from house to house.  You have to prepare house congregations to prepare for the times that are coming.

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Sid Roth welcomes Michael Galiga

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Sid:  We were talking about Obadiah 1:15 “As you have,” just before the day of the Lord it says, “As you have done to Israel it will be done to you.”  And the most amazing thing to me, Michael is the anointing of Genesis 12:3 that is still on the Jewish people, because it’s a covenant and God says, “I God will bless those who bless the Jewish people and I God will curse those who curse the Jewish people.”  And my friend John McTernan said to me that he did an investigative study of the number of economic tragedies that have occurred to the United States and found most of them were within twenty-four hours of doing something to Israel.  But that’s what God says in Obadiah 1:15, “As you have done to Israel, I will do to you.”  And he found, he went on the FEMA web site and he found of the ten top since FEMA’s been keeping records economic disasters, hurricanes, things like that have hit the United States nine of the ten were directly tied within 24 – 48 hours of the United States Administration going against Israel.  Has that been made clear to you Michael?

Michael:  It has and you know in the last radio show we talked a little bit about this New Madrid fault and what might happen if we tried to divide the land in Israel, specifically Jerusalem; but I can take it one step further very simple.  The anointing on the Jewish people is so strong; God has not forgotten them that fear tries to come on me.  You know, I am not exempt and I teach on to get rid of fear and make it stay away and how to deal with it, but if you simply pray for the peace of Jerusalem those words physically, you don’t think them, you say them.  You say Father I’m praying for your people; they’re your first people, your first love.  I come second as a believer, I’ve been grafted in.  I’m praying for them, I’m praying for their safety, I’m praying for their well being; I know you love them and I’m pray for them Father, lift them up protect them, put a shield of light around them; fear cannot be there, it will leave.  It’s a thing and it can’t be in the presence of that can of praise praying for His children.

Sid:  So when you pray Psalm 122:6 which says “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” actually it’s not an option, it’s a command.  “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper that love thee.”  And my friend, Dr. Derrick Prince told me once that the word prosper is not just money, although it is money, it’s something that money can’t purchase.  In the Hebrew, its heart peace; so God says, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, thou shall have heart peace that love thee” And I challenge fear to coexist with the peace of God in your heart, Michael.

Michael:  Yeah, it can’t.

Sid:  What have you actually seen happen as you’ve prayed Psalm 122:6?

Michael:  Well, I’ll give you an exact example, in fact it was last week, I was out in Scottsdale, Arizona, any one that’s in the banking business or real estate knows that finance is very difficult; most of our banks are in liquid.  And so I went out in the parking lot out the seminar just walked out into the parking lot and just started praying for the peace of Jerusalem and said, God you know my needs.  I need financing on these two large projects and it simply doesn’t exist, it doesn’t exist today, you’ve got to make it and I’m praying for the peace of Jerusalem, I’m praying, I’m putting your people, your children first and so I know that if I pray for them and I bless them, you will bless me; so I leave it at Your feet.  And so about two hours later I get a call from a fellow in Los Angles and in fact I’m at my desk right now in my office; I just signed two loan commitments to fund those two projects, $280,000,000.

Sid:  And you believe that God is prospering you to be a blessing to the nation Israel.  And I believe God is prospering our ministry to the greatest blessing in the world to the nations Israel and that’s plant the gospel into these Jewish people.  And I believe everyone that is a blessing to Israel, God is going to bless, Genesis 12:3 is still true.  But you know the devil sees the stakes are so high in reference to the Jew coming to the Lord to form the One New Man, Jew and Gentile; one in Messiah; one in Yeshua; those two anointing merging together; which according to Amos it says “When the Tabernacle of David is restored,” and the Tabernacle in the Hebrew is the House or the family of David,” When the family of David, the Jewish people are restored it describes in Amos the last chapter the greatest outpouring of God’s Spirit in history.  The devil understands this and as matter of fact I have to tie in one more scripture, I mentioned it earlier in the week, John 17:22 and 21; Yeshua prayed “I pray that they, Jew and Gentile,” that’s the only two people that existed at that time, it wasn’t Baptist and Catholic’s, no no they didn’t exist.  “I pray that they Jew and Gentile might be one so the world will believe.”  That’s what’s at stake, the world will believe, then John 17:22 says “That when these two become one the same glory that is on Jesus will be on them.”  Do you see an increase in miracles when the One New Man comes into being Michael?

Michael:  Well, I do I can speak for myself and others that I’ve explained this to and they have adopted it and Sid, surprisingly the answer is yes.  But it’s not very difficult to get people to understand this, I’m simply amazed lately it’s becoming more like the way I heard it the first time I heard it, it was a minute maybe at the most before I just believed it. 

Sid:  Well, the same thing that’s going on with Jewish people, the spiritual scales are coming off the eyes of Jewish people, that’s why we’re going to mail my book of Jewish testimonies which is called “They Thought for Themselves” to a million Jewish households in the United States because the spiritual scales are coming off.  What you’re saying to me is that the spiritual scales are coming off of Christians also.

Michael:  Yeah, and in the seminars that I do “Win Every Battle” that’s a very major component is the One New Man and there is virtually no push back at all; people are amazed.

Sid:  Now, also the devil is not taking this without kicking and screaming and so he’s spreading a false teaching called “replacement theology” what does that mean?

Michael:  Well, replacement theology is basically in a nutshell in kind of civilian terms Sid, it is like hey, the Jews they screwed up, they killed Jesus and so now the church, the Christian church is the new Jerusalem, the new Israel, God’s chosen people and the Jews are just kind of pushed to the side.  That’s what replacement theology is, clearly it’s wrong, it’s nowhere found in the Bible and it’s very self serving for those that push that.

Sid:  I don’t see where anyone could read Roman’s 9:10 and 11, the gifts, where it talks about His promises to the Jewish people, and He says “The gifts and calling of God are without repentance.  In other words God will not change His mind with the gifts and callings of God.  And as you explained earlier this week they’re covenants!  So good is not going to change His mind and here’s the good news, if God will not change His mind of His covenants to the Jewish people even while many of us are in disobedience, He won’t change His mind with the covenants to the Christians even though many of us are in disobedience.

Michael:  That’s a great thing to bring it home Sid, because if we couldn’t trust Him to keep His covenant with His own children, and we’re grafted into those people, how would we ever expect Him to keep His promises to us?  The fact is He kept them there and He keeps them now.

Sid:  Well, you know someone that I met many years ago, by the name of Francis Schaefer, he actually sat next to me on an airplane one day, and he’s one of the great theologians of our day; he’s now in Heaven.  And his wife’s name was Edith Schaefer and she wrote a book which summarizes what I want to talk about on tomorrow’s broadcast.  The title of the book was “Christianity is Jewish” you know, Michael, I’m questioning if God wanted to start a new religion called Christianity or if it is not the fulfillment of Judaism?  Which and the word Jew comes from the Hebrew word Yehudah which means worshiper of God.  I think He wanted to make us all one, not two different religions, have you ever thought about that?

Michael:  I have and you know and you alluded to this earlier that Satan worse nightmare is when these two groups come together as one, it’s over for him; and he knows it and he’s kicking and screaming but that’s the worst possible thing that could happen to him and it is happening.

Sid:  Well, before we get to that subject which we’ll talk about on tomorrow’s broadcast, I want to turn to the last prophet of old covenant, and that was the only Bible the first church had, and his name is Malachi and I want to turn to the last word that Malachi said and this is what he said, “Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord and he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their father’s less I come and strike the earth with a curse.  Now Paul call Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in Roman’s 9 “The father’s of the faith,” so if the father’s of faith are the Jewish fathers, who are the children, the Christians.  So what is God saying in this last word to the church before Jesus comes?  He’s saying that if the Jewish people don’t turn to the Christians, and the Christians don’t turn to the Jewish people, there will be a curse on earth.  But if these two people groups become one there will be a release of the greatest blessing the world has ever seen.  But a lot of people don’t know this Michael, but in the actual Jewish scriptures the last book is not Malachi, the last book is Chronicles.  And this is amazing, I want to see what the last word in the book of Chronicles, which is divided in two books in the Christian Bible, 2nd Chronicles is, it says in 2nd Chronicles 26:33 “Thus says Cyrus king of Persia, all the kingdoms of the earth, the Lord God of Heaven has given me and He has commanded me to build him a house, a family at Jerusalem, which is in Judea in praise who is among you of all of His people may the Lord his God be with him and let him go up.  So God wants us to build Him a tabernacle, a house where the middle wall of separation has come down between Jew and Gentile.  Isn’t that amazing in the Jewish Bible, the Jew is called to reach the Gentile and in the Christian Bible the Gentile is called to reach the Jew and when you reach these two people groups you reach the whole world.  It makes so much sense you need help to get confused…

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Our Guest Michael Galiga

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Sid:  My guest is Michael Galiga is red hot for the Messiah.  He is a successful businessman that God has downloaded the One New Man message.  And you know Michael, I believe that one of the reasons that the moment that you heard about the One New Man you got so excited about it is you understood that as an attorney the difference between a covenant and a contract.  And the covenant that God has with the Jewish people in reference to the nation of Israel.  Tell me your understanding of covenant verses contract and why that’s so important to know the different.

Michael:  I am an attorney and one of the things that you learn in contracts your first year of year of law school is that contracts are agreements between men and woman to remind us of what we promised.  Because men and woman, they don’t actually say this part in law school, but they basically say that because men and women lie, cheat and steal; that’s our fallen nature.  So we have contracts, agreements between people and we have certain rules and regulations that govern all of that from the UCC and from commercial code and other statues and common law; it can be kind of complex but those are called contracts.  There’s a huge distinction that most people don’t understand and that a covenant is a promise that the living God made on His own Holy Name.  That means, unlike most contracts and I review contracts and inch thick almost every day; and you red line them and mark stuff out; and you change things, you add exhibits, you get rid of exhibits, it can be 50% change by the time it goes back the first time.  A covenant is not like that, and once you grasp it it’s cool, but until then you can king of struggle with it.  A covenant can’t be changed, it can’t be changed by time; it can’t be changed by space; it can’t be changed by man or woman; it can’t be changed by circumstances; it can’t be changed by governments; it can’t be changed by anything.  There’s no edits; there’s no relining; there’s no exhibits; there’s no modifications; there’s nothing absolutely.  And nothing, and I looked this up in Greek Sid, nothing means nothing; no changes none and it takes something like a two by four to move most people especially men, it seems like in America.  I virtually have to get a two by four out and beat them on the head and they finally go oh, no change means no change like ever!  And I go yeah, now you’ve got it and they go back and look at the covenant that God made with these people.  The heirs of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, this interesting group of people called the Jew and He gave them this everlasting land, means forever.  And that that means it’s their and…

Sid:  And let me read the scripture on that now that you have this concept of a covenant and if you want a covenant it’s got to be by someone stronger than you and you can’t get a stronger covenant than one guaranteed by God.  And this is Psalm 105:8-11 speaking of God “He remembers His covenant forever, the Word which He commanded for a thousand generations.  The covenant which He made with Abraham and His oath with Isaac and confirmed it to Jacob for a statue as an everlasting covenant saying to you I will give the land of Canaan as the allotment of your inheritance.”  How long?   The covenant is forever, a thousand generations and everlasting.  Well would you say Michael, that if God Himself says that it’s a covenant and then defines it with three different ways, a thousand generations, forever and ever, and everlasting; that’s pretty strong grounds?

Michael:  Yeah, that’s permanent Sid that means forever!

Sid:  And so what you have found is that there is such blessings on the Jewish people even in our unbelief.  Tell me about some of the blessings from your research, like even the nation Israel; the various inventions, they’ve had.

Michael:  Well, you know a lot of people especially in America they look at the Jews and they go, well they can’t be blessed.  I mean look they went through the holocaust and they went through all this stuff and they’re in wars all the time, people getting killed.   Well, if you look at the facts, they’re the most blessed people, just statistic’s raw numbers they’re the most blessed people in the history of the world.  They have more Nobel Peace prizes, more Nobel winners as a percentage of their population of anybody in history by a large margin and they developed, for those that are in the high tech sector, you know what the Pentium chip was; the Max chip that all came from Israel.  The technology for AOL instant messaging sometime ago, that all came from Israel; all the PC antivirus software that was all developed in Israel. Cell phones believe it or not the cell phone was developed in Israel and this list is just goes on and on and on.  The Bible says that God creates everything and he’s given these people a unique ability to create.  No other civilization, no other people group in the history of the world has created and continues to like Jews.

Sid:  And you know another thing that interests me is that not only are those blessings there; but God promises that when the two become one and become a new creation it’s like they merger of the spiritual DNAs between the two and you form the full Body of Jesus.  This is why Paul says in Roman’s 11: “Now if their fall is riches for the world.”  And it was riches for the world, because Gentiles were grafted in and could become partakers of the rich promises that God has to Israel about the whole world being blessed, all the nations being blessed in the seed of Abraham.  “Now if their fall is riches for the world and their failure riches for the Gentiles, how much more their fullness, for if their being cast away is the reconciling of the world, what will they’re acceptance be, but life from the dead.”  And personally I see Israel doing nothing, but getting better in their economy and every aspect of the nation Israel; which will provoke the world to jealousy.

Michael:  Yeah, Israel is thriving right now, despite and you know the American press it doesn’t appear that way, but the press doesn’t always cover everything thoroughly.  But Israel’s thriving right now; they are doing better than they have ever done, since they became a nation in a day in 1948.

Sid:   And what a lot of people don’t know is that in the end times there is sort of the catalyst for judgment and everyone knows about Joel chapter 2, “God will pour out His Spirit in the last days,” but they don’t know about Joel Chapter 3 which says “the nations will be judged in the last days for one sin and that is dividing up the land of Israel.”  Isn’t that amazing, and then talking about the day of the Lord just before the Messiah returns, Obadiah 1:15 says very clearly; “As you have done to Israel it will be done to you.”  

Michael:  Sid, can I say one thing about dividing up the land?

Sid:  Yes, please.

Michael:  I’ll make this quick, but I’m very, very, very concerned about what our country might do in putting pressure on Israel sometime in the summer or fall when you know our Administration gets pass health care and the economy and things and begins its focus with all its power on dividing Jerusalem.  And I dovetailed that in with historically whatever we’ve done to Israel as a country God has done to us, a blessing or curse; but He loves us because we’ve helped them so many times.  Especially since 1973 with President Nixon and that airlift, but my concern now is that sometime in the fall right before the elections that we do put the pressure on Israel to divide Jerusalem.  And there is a fault running right through the middle states called the New Madrid Fault.   The USGS the United States Geological Survey just came out with a report; took about ten years to write it and they say that fault is really overdue; it could happen anytime and it would make the Mississippi River Run backwards.  It would be a massive, massive earthquake and basically divide our country into east and west and it would remain that way for decades.  Pipelines which I’m in the middle of gas business as well, natural gas supplies would be interrupted for many years; people in the north would have to move to the south; it would be like hurricane Katrina on steroids.  And so what I’m seeing is that you know hopefully this doesn’t happen, but if we try to divide Jerusalem like I think we might in the fall a few weeks before the election, we may see that knew Madrid fault cut our country in half.  And several prophets have been prophesying buy every piece of land you can, in Oklahoma and the southern part of the United States, but buy land soon.

Sid:  Now, why is that?  Why should they buy it?

Michael:  If that quake does cut out country in half you would see, according to USGS, I mean you would see probably 100,000 people dead and the report says that if Memphis and St. Louis disappear in a few minutes.

Sid:  So what you’re saying is that people will have to move somewhere and they’re going to move somewhere and they will have to move to that land.

Michael:  Yes, they have to move somewhere warm and they can’t stay in the north because there won’t be natural gas and heating supplies and so they have to overnight.  Image if this happened in October right before the elections to of course gain the kind of support. Image Middle East peace has evaded everybody; and so it’s a big coo for anybody Republican or Democrat I’m not picking on either one; but whoever pulls this off if they can is going to be hero forever and it’s going too much to the benefit of they’re party.  So you try to do that and if this happens and that fault goes then you got probably 30 or 40,000,000 people having to move from the north to the south in a matter of weeks and what a thing that would be.  Real estate in Oklahoma and Texas would go up tenfold in a month and so I’m buying everything I can get my hands on just like Cindy Jacobs is one of the prophets that said that to me personally. 

Sid:  Well, you know I have friends that are prophets that I’m sure you don’t even know that I respect greatly and what they saw is once the health care is settled every focus of the current administration will be to divide up the land of Israel.  And only prayer could stop this, but if we don’t pray our nation could be divided.

Michael:  Yeah, and Sid I see the timing, just from a humanistic standpoint I’m a planner, if I was going to plan this, I would say buy land soon, make it come on strong in July, August, September key it up to an ounce October 15th or so a couple of weeks before the election so that you can get as much benefit as possible because it will be twenty-four seven on the networks, newspapers and everything for two or three weeks at least.  You couldn’t do it in the spring it’s too far away from the elections, you couldn’t do it in the summer everybody’s on vacation and it’s too far away from elections.  September not enough, October’s perfect if you’re going to do.

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