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Woman 1: I was very sick and I could not understand why God didn’t heal me.

Man: I felt as if all my prayers were being blocked.

Woman 2: I just couldn’t forgive my father for leaving us. It was like a cancer eating me up on the inside.

Sid: You know, there is a real consequence to sin. There’s a real consequence to unforgiveness. Peter Horrobin, tell me about Sarah.

Peter: Sarah was very badly abused by her father and the consequence of that abuse was long term. But you know, as she was growing up between the age of 9 and 18, she was constantly being used in a sexual and a physical way. When we first met her, she was in psychiatric care because in her late 30s she had completely fallen apart. She could no longer keep all the pain down and it broke out, and she was in psychiatric care, and she was on a lifetime psychiatric disability pension in the United Kingdom. The psychiatrist didn’t believe there was any hope for her. And it was at that point she heard about our retreat and she got permission to come out of hospital under the care of the psychiatrist to come on this retreat. And she learned about forgiveness. She didn’t want to forgive. She’d had a terrible experience. And yet, unless she’d forgive, and she knew that from the Word of God, unless she forgave she would never be able to enter into the freedom that Jesus had for her. It was a long process. But she came to that point of saying, “I choose to forgive.” The psychiatrist, he was amazed when he saw her again. Yes, she wasn’t completely whole. She wasn’t off medication, but she was different. And so he gave permission for her to come for a longer period of time. Three months later, my wife went back to see the psychiatrist with her and he said, “I don’t need to see you again.” She was off all medication. She had been able to forgive, and not only forgive, the healing had been flowing on the inside. Today she is totally restored. Having come from a lifetime of psychiatric disability, she’s now completely whole. She’s more whole perhaps than anybody I had ever known.

Sid: Peter, I am feeling, I don’t know what it is. It’s a presence of God. It’s like honey. It’s smooth. You’re supposed to pray right now for people. There’s an anointing for something special right now.

Peter: There are many people who are watching this who have issues in their life, perhaps people who have been especially abused. They’ve struggled with things in secret, and I’m speaking to you right now. If you know that in your past there are people who have done things to you, unspeakable things, things that perhaps you have never been able to talk about. They’ve robbed of you your future. They’ve robbed you of relationships that have made it impossible for you to live in a normal way. I want you right now to ask God to give you the grace to forgive them, to release them into the freedom of your forgiveness and to say, “I choose now to forgive John, forgive Mary”, whatever their name may be, for whatever it is they’ve done and say, “I release you”. And then ask Jesus to come and heal you. Ask him to come and set you free. Ask him to come and set you free from the powers of darkness. Ask him to let you out of the prison that you’re in so that you can begin to get out into the open spaces of life and begin to enter into your destiny. He will do it. It’s our choice whether we want to ask him to do it. I pray that you’ll have the courage to make that choice.

Sid: The presence of God is so sweet. Tell me about the woman that had her fourth pregnancy and enough was enough.

Peter: This was an amazing story because she couldn’t afford to have another child and she fell pregnant, and she wished this child dead. She wanted it to die in the womb. And so she actually cursed this child to death. The child didn’t die. Many, many years later, something like 40 years later, she was present in one of my conferences and she heard me teaching about the words that we say can bring cursing upon other people. And she suddenly was convicted by the Spirit of God about what she said about her daughter. And she came and asked for prayer. And she confessed of her sin. And I spoke forgiveness to her. And she was just about to sit down when I suddenly heard the voice of God saying, “You’ve got to pray for the daughter.” So I called her back and through the mother I prayed for this woman, who I didn’t know anything about her.

Sid: She wasn’t even there.

Peter: She wasn’t even there. I just prayed that God would set her free from whatever had come upon her in her mother’s womb. A year later back in the same church, this woman came running across the hall of the church with a photograph of a baby. Now here’s this woman. She’s in her mid-60s and I thought, this is a miracle.

Sid: Peter, does this look familiar?

Peter: That’s the baby. And she said, “This baby was born to my daughter. Do you remember praying for her?” And for a moment I didn’t. But then I was reminded and she told me the story that this woman, her daughter, had been married for 14 years and they had been unable to conceive a child and were told that there was no hope whatsoever that they could ever have a child. Within a week of me praying for the daughter to be set free from whatever curses came upon her because of the wrongful words of her mother, she conceived a child, and this woman is so thrilled. She now has a grandson.

Sid: People are being healed right now. Tell them. Speak to them.

Peter: Yeah. As you receive truth into your heart about what God does to other people, you know what it does? It lifts your faith. And as you suddenly can see that if God’s done it for somebody else, He can do it for me. So receive that now. Receive the joy of healing and the joy of healing flows out of your spirit into your soul and into your body. So invite Jesus now to let the joy of his healing flow through your spirit into your soul, into your body as you forgive others, as you confess the things that you’ve done wrong. You know, it says in James, “Confess your sins once and know that you may be healed.” As we bring to God the things that we’ve done wrong that He can bring His restoring life into our lives and give us back our destiny.

Sid: You know, I think it’s interesting. You talk about people have to forgive, ask for forgiveness for what they’ve done. They need to forgive other people. They, some of you need to forgive God. If in one minute, you can tell me a story of someone that needed to forgive.

Peter: Yeah. See, if we blame God for things that He’s not done we’re actually putting Him, as it were, in the jail.

Sid: Stupid!

Peter: Absolutely. Satan is the god of this world, that man through his sin has put Satan in place, and the bad things that happen are Satan’s fault. So if we blame God, what we’re actually doing is saying that God is responsible for the works of the enemy. And sometimes people need to get to that place of saying, “God, I am sorry for blaming you.” You know, there’s many, many people who have had to walk this through. Sarah was one of those. She had to come to that place of saying, “God, why didn’t you protect me?” She was blaming God for the fact that she was not protected from her father’s abuse. And she said, “God, I am sorry for blaming you.”

Sid: “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.” That was the prayer from the cross. And the moment, the second someone does something against you, say that, even out loud if necessary. Father, forgive them. They’re ignorant. They know not what they do. I want you to see those same people you saw that said they could not forgive, at the beginning of this segment, and here’s what they’re going to say after they’ve forgiven. Look at the change in their life. Same change is going to happen in your life.

Woman 1: See, once I truly, truly forgave them for what they did to me only then did God heal me.

Man: It’s like the heavens are no longer brass. My prayers seem to be getting right through to God Himself.

Woman 2: You’ll never know the freedom that it brings until you learn the importance of forgiveness.

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