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Our Guest Gary Carpenter

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Sid:  This week we’re going to clear up some mysteries that should not be mysteries to you anymore. I have on the telephone Gary Carpenter I’m speaking to him at his office in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And Gary got saved in 1980’s God immediately in the Word of Faith teaching it did not work for him until in the early 90’s he began attending Dave Roberson’s church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  And Dave the first time made it clear as to why it’s so important to pray hours in unknown tongues and how the ministry God has for you is being stopped and blocked, the revelation knowledge the direction. And it can all be unclogged by praying in unknown tongues.  And so Gary was a truck driver and after really analyzing this he decided the Lord told him…well did you decide or the Lord tell you to pray in tongues all of the hours that you were in a truck?

Gary: No that was my decision after listening to Pastor Dave and reviewing and analyzing all of the verses and checking them out for 6 months I came to that decision on my own.

Sid: So he began to pray in tongues 10 hours a day.  And on February 1994 he heard people say “Oh I wish I heard that from God.” But he heard almost an audible if not an audible voice say “I call you to full time work for Me” instead of the world.  And this is your last run quit your job and come work for me. But pragmatic Gary he’s got an engineering background and what do you expect? And he did not do this for 10 months and then on December 4th 1994 he’s in a cold foggy night in Arkansas he’s in the truck and he pulls off the road he could hardly breathe what was going on Gary?

Gary: Well I am normally a very healthy person I had never had any kind of heart problems in my life but on that night in Arkansas the road was so foggy I decided I was going to have to get off the road it just wasn’t safe to keep traveling. I pulled into a rest area parked the truck for the night and was preparing to get a night’s sleep and then leave the next day. All of a sudden I could not get my breath I couldn’t breathe I remember  I was sitting in the driver’s seat of the trunk I opened the door and turned sideways facing the open door just so I could get some air.  And apparently what happened I blacked out I have no remembrance of the fall. But you know those truck cabs are pretty high and apparently I was unconscious I blacked out and fell and without being awake or conscious I didn’t block my fall with my arms or anything and I landed right on the top of my head right on the asphalt.

Sid: Woo.

Gary: Well I laid there for 6 hours on icy asphalt pavement on a foggy night in Arkansas and thank God it was so foggy because and no traffic was moving in that rest area because the way I fell I was about half out into the street.

Sid: Now you made the point on your yesterday’s broadcast and for those that are listening for the first time you have to reinforce this you said that “This wasn’t God’s form of punishment for not obeying His voice what was it?”

Gary: See the Good Shepherd was leading into ministry that was His call for Gary Carpenter and He had already told me 10 months earlier to the day by the way February 4th He told me and this was December 4th almost the same place in Arkansas by the way (Laughing).  And He had told me to come you know follow Him in the ministry to go to work for Him that’s the path that the shepherd was leading the sheep but the sheep refused to go down that path. I was going off on some side trail on my own. Well you know the thief is out there that’s where the wolves are there’s no safety for the sheep if he on purpose goes away from the path where the shepherd is leading. The Psalmist said “Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Well I’ve learned it’s best to stay within rod and staff length (Laughing).

Sid:  Hm.

Gary: You need to follow the shepherd close enough you know to be in His protection so it wasn’t God that did that to me but by my own disobedience to…I mean it was nothing about what if…nothing about His instructions that I did not understand. I understood what he had told me to do but I was just not obeying Him.  He protected and covered for 10 months but eventually I got myself out there far enough where the wolf had a shot at me. And I’m convinced he devil was intending to take my life that night I landed right on my head. The next morning the trucks started coming you know the fog was lifting and the trucks were beginning to move and I’m still unconscious on the payment I laid there for 6 hours. The first one around thank God he didn’t run over me but he stopped and him and some other truckers come over and they CB’d they radioed for an ambulance an ambulance came and they put me in it and they took me to the hospital.  I vaguely had some recollection I was sort of in and out of consciousness at that time. They notified my wife and my daughter who came down to the hospital in Arkansas. But I came very close to dying Sid for 2 days I was just in and out of consciousness I’d be awake for a few minutes and I’d drift off again. When I finally came to enough to where my mind was working and I could understand what had happened almost the first words out of my mouth to my wife that I have come to a conclusion I think it would be best if I obeyed God (Laughing).

Sid: Okay thanks so actually what was wrong with you physically?

Gary:  Well that’s another interesting thing that the little hospital in Arkansas did all they could but their diagnostic equipment was not very very modern.  So they never really you know find the source of the problem that wasn’t discovered until I come back to Tulsa.  And to make a long story short they called in supraventricular tachycardia.

Sid: Sounds bad to me.

Gary: Yeah and what that is it’s the opposite of arrhythmia. Arrhythmia is when your heart misses a beat now and then supraventricular tachycardia is where it does a super beat every so often. That in itself is not dangerous but when you start getting a sequence of those all at once like boom boom boom then it vacates the heart of blood and you black out.  And that’s what had happened to me and that’s a pretty dangerous thing for a truck driver as you could imagine.

Sid: Do still have that condition?

Gary: Well no what was interesting too they told me too that condition is always genetic.  I come from a very large family and no one on either side of my family in history has ever had supraventricular tachycardia. So I knew that this was just a blatant attack by the devil. They put me on medication after they discovered what it was that regulated my heart beat and again because of the time factor and they just tell you and of course Pastor Dave prayed for me several times and over a 2 year period again since I had learned to hear the voice of the Lord the Lord weaned me off of that heart medicine a little at a time a little at a time.  I took the last dose of it in May of 1998 I’ve never had another symptom since.

Sid: Question.

Gary: Yes Sir.

Sid: How did you learn to hear the voice of the Lord?

Gary: Primarily through those long hours of praying in other tongues. The whole relationship changed. We started off Monday talking about starting off in the word of faith movement.

Sid: Yes.

Gary: Now the difference was I was coming into intimate contact with the Lord where He was giving me His mind for my life.  See I kind of again whether they intended it or not I kind of had the impression when I was in the word of faith movement that faith is great but it was mainly to get me what I wanted in this life.

Sid: To make you a millionaire?

Gary: Or whatever you know rich, famous or…

Sid: Who would say no to that?

Gary: Give me a giant ministry or whatever it was that you wanted you know but what I found out was if you’ll spend that time in fellowship with the Holy Spirit He brings you in personal contact with the Lord Jesus Christ and you start finding out what He wants for your life. And I started to find out hay it’s best to follow Him.

Sid: Okay you come to your senses 10 months later you almost die, the devil tries to knock you out and then you say “Okay God I’m all Yours.” And now you’re in full time ministry no income you’ve quit your job.  Not only that you have plastic debt credit card debt up around $25,000 did you starve?

Gary: Well I have to admit it was pretty rough in the beginning but would you like to know the reason why?

Sid: Why?

Gary: My continued disobedience (Laughing).

Sid: My goodness would you learn? (Laughing) Where were you disobedient?

Gary: Now aren’t you glad you had me on your program? (Laughing) a great man of faith you know.

Sid: We’re learning a lot I think it’s going to be so…I know you’re teasing me Gary.

Gary: But not really I’m not Sue and I tell people once they every see us in person one thing they find out right away we are as plain as dirt.  We are just your average people with the extraordinary God. And we give people great hope everywhere we go because it doesn’t take them long to realize if God can use Gary and Sue he can use me (Laughing).

Sid: Hm. So I mean you owe this money so did you almost starve?

Gary: Well it was very rough we got behind on everything. See He gave me some more instructions and now that I had firmly decided that we’re taking Step l then instructions for Step 2 came and it’s not at all what I expected. I felt a little bit like Peter must have felt when the Lord told him to go fishing and take up the coin in the fish’s mouth. It is what He said to me made no sense Sid. He gave me 3 verses and His instructions to me He said “I want you to walk the floor and speak out loud with your mouth these 3 verses for 4 hours a day.”

Sid: What were they?

Gary: Psalms 34:10 which is “The young lions do suffer and lack but those that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing.”  And 2nd Corinthians 8:9 “For we know the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ though he was rich yet for your sakes He became poor that you through His poverty might be rich.” And the 3rd one was a very familiar one Philippians 4:19 “My God shall supply all of your need according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus.”  Now again His voice was very clear that’s the difference when you start pray a lot in other tongues you start hearing His instructions to you it’s not just formula it’s a relationship now.  And I understood what He said, I understood those 3 verses that He wanted me to say them out loud with my mouth for 4 hours a day.  Now the question is did I do that?  No here’s my continued disobedience I did not do it.

Sid: Now had you followed instructions what would have happened?

Gary: Well I know what would have happened because again roughly 10 months later I did start obeying those instructions and I know what happened.

Sid: What?

Gary: Sure enough at that point my mind after…

Sid: Oh we’re out of time Mishpochah come on back tomorrow.

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Our Guest Perry Stone

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SID: Sid Roth here with Perry Stone. And there is a teaching, it’s an old teaching, that’s resurfacing right now. It’s called Preterism, and it basically states that the Book of Revelation is already completed. You don’t even need that book any more. Now you throw out the Book of Revelation, you throw out the Old Testament and you throw out the Word of God. Now Perry Stone, what would you say to someone that walked up to you and said, “Look Perry, 70 A.D., you know what happened in Israel? Everything took place in the Book of Revelation.”

PERRY: First of all, let’s talk about who they are. These are individuals that believe that Matthew 24, the Book of Revelation, most of it was fulfilled in 70 A.D. Why do they say that? Well you had the destruction of the temple, destruction of Jerusalem, the Jews being scattered and then Josephus talks about these cosmic signs, stars shaped like a sword, the voice that came in the temple saying, “Let us depart hence,” a comet that was seen over the city. So what they do is they take the cosmic signs that Josephus wrote about, they take the fact the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed and the Jews were scattered and they basically say all of Matthew 24 was fulfilled. But the problem you have with that, there’s a couple of problems. Problem number one is the Bible says, “There will be a generation that will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of glory and the tribes of the earth will morn.” Show me where that happened in 70 A.D. It did not happen. Number two, anybody who’s a Preterits watching, they know this because the people who have revived this doctrine, this is their biggest weakness. They believe the Book of Revelation was written 68 A.D., just about two years before the destruction. Therefore, when John, for example is told to measure the Temple of God in Revelation 11, they say, well that was the temple in Jerusalem. It had to be written by 68 A.D. because the temple was destroyed two years later. Here’s the problem you have. The early church followers, three of them, talk about the Emperor Domitian, who was the emperor in 81 A.D., when he came to power. Now the temple is destroyed in 70 and the emperor, that was the emperor when John wrote the Book of Revelation comes in 81 A.D. and he dies about 94, 95, it blows the theory away. There’s nothing a Preterist can stand on when they understand that history reveals the Book of Revelation was written in 95 A.D., 25 years after the destruction of the temple. And Sid, the scripture they use in Revelation 11 about measuring the Temple of God is a temple in the tribulation period, not one that existed in 70 A.D.

SID: So if it’s so blown out in the water, why does anyone believe in this Preterist thing?

PERRY: Because they don’t know the Bible or they don’t know how to properly interpret, you know, the Book of Revelation.

SID: Who gains by someone tossing out the Book of Revelation and tossing out the Old Testament?

PERRY: Well no one gains.

SID: Yeah. And there is someone that gains: the devil.

PERRY: The enemy gains.

SID: The devil gains.

PERRY: The kingdom of darkness gains because there’s a lot of reasons why people should study the book. Because I’ve looked at it from the historical perspective, the allegorical perspective. I’ve looked at it from the four main perspectives. The only way to interpret the book properly is futuristic from Chapter 4 to Chapter 22. And Sid, here’s the reason why. Because if you look at the numbers of people who are dying in the tribulation, a third, a third, a third, never in the history of the world, and I want everybody to hear this, never in the history of the world is there a time that you can find where those numbers ever came into existence yet.

SID: What about another old doctrine that is floating around now. It’s called Kingdom now. We are going to take over the political realm, the art realm, every realm of the world and present Jesus the earth on a silver platter. What’s wrong with that thinking?

PERRY: Okay. It’s the same thinking the Pharisees had. The Pharisees had it mixed up because they said they wanted a Messiah who would conquer Rome, put Israel in a political power position. So when Yeshua came, he came as a lamb, not a lion. He comes as a lion at the end of the tribulation. Okay. So they had it mixed up because when they saw him they said, we want to make him a king, we want him to conquer Rome. He didn’t do that. What did the disciples say when he was going back to Heaven? Will you restore the kingdom to Israel? They wanted a political kingdom, but they got a spiritual kingdom. Now the Kingdom of God, is on Earth through the church. But here’s what we’re doing, setting people free from demon spirits, healing the sick. We’re delivering people from sin, getting them ready for eternity.

SID: Which party is that exactly? Is that Democrat or Republican?

PERRY: There you go. And so the kingdom is now spiritual. And today people have got it mixed up again because they think that we, the people, make a political kingdom. We take over the government. One guy told me it’s getting better and better. I said, if it’s better and better I don’t want to see worse and worse. I mean, you know—

SID: How can someone say it’s getting better and better?

PERRY: I’m telling you, it makes no sense.

SID: I can’t afford it.

PERRY: So here’s the point I make with that. There is a kingdom, yes, the Kingdom of God is on Earth and it’s working in us now. But it’s a spiritual kingdom delivering people from the power of demonic activities in sin and Satan. The Messiah will come. You can’t have a kingdom without a king. The king will return. In Revelation 19, the timing is at the conclusion of what’s called the Great Tribulation. The saints of God will rule and reign with him for a thousand years. Then we have the actual kingdom on Earth, political and spiritual. Because when he becomes king he rules the earth with wrought of iron. We’re not ruling Earth with a wrought of iron, because we can’t rule because our king has not returned yet.

SID: What about the Rapture? What a divisive area. But what an exciting area when you spend 80,000 hours studying the Bible. The only book, the Old Testament was the only book the first church had. We’ll talk about rapture when we come back.

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Our Guest Perry Stone

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SID: Now if I was give you a book that has thousands, literally thousands of precise predictions of what will happen in the future, and if I showed you that thousands of them have already come true, would you like to look at the last third of the predictions that haven’t had a chance to come true, or would you toss that book out? Many Christians have tossed out the Old Testament, have tossed out the Book of Revelation and won’t have a clue about the last days. And I’m concerned about you. I want you to be the head and not the toes. I want you to overcome. I don’t want you to just be a patsy for the Antichrist system that’s coming. Perry Stone, just tell me a few of the prophecies that haven’t come true yet.

PERRY: Okay. Daniel 9:27 is seven years of which a treaty has to be signed with Israel, with surrounding nations. That is has absolutely not happened yet. That’s where the foundation comes for the seven-year tribulation period, is Daniel 9:27. Now look at some prophecies, for example the big one in my opinion, you have Isaiah 17:1, a destruction of Damascus, which is going to take place. That’s just a second one, for example, that has not yet happened. Damascus is one of the oldest continuing cities in the world as far as going all the way back to the time of Eliezer and Abraham. The third scripture that I’d say is definitely, you can see the formation, the fermentation of the nations is what I call it, is Ezekiel 38 and 39. This is called the war of Gog and Magog. For example, Persia, which is Iran, heads up that battle. And then you have countries like—

SID: Isn’t it interesting that Iran is surfacing as a world dominant player right now. Russia is surfacing as a world…. I mean, isn’t everything coming into place?

PERRY: Let me just say it this way. When the, they call it the Arab Spring took place in Egypt, I told my staff, I said, if we’re really in the time of the end, Libya has to fall next. And they asked me, they said, why do you say that? I said, go to Daniel 11 and read where it talks about the Antichrist. Now this is the chapter that deals with the man who’s coming in the future called the Antichrist. And it says, that he’s over the treasures of Egypt, the silver and gold of Egypt and the Libyans and the Ethiopians will be at his steps, meaning they will be following his footsteps. And you know, the situation happened in Egypt and then it was followed up in Libya when Qaddafi was killed. And it’s left a void. There’s a tremendous void in those two countries. Now in the future, we don’t know the timing of this. Only God has the timing. But in the future there will come a, I encourage people, for example, to read Isaiah 19. It says, the civil war would be in Egypt, brother against brother. It says, there will be no jobs in Egypt. Now part of that’s happening now. But there’s a second head of that where it says, Egypt is given over to a cruel lord. That’s according to most scholars, the Antichrist. So the point is that when we see the alignment in the Middle East, we see the prophecies taking place in Israel. These are so specific by the prophets that it’s not a guesswork thing.

SID: You know, talking about specific, wait until Perry tells you about the destruction of nuclear war in Zechariah about the skin. Explain that.

PERRY: You want to talk about that? Okay. There is a scripture, there is a real odd scripture in the Bible that says, “The Lord will allow a plague to come upon the people that attack Jerusalem,” and it would be “that their eyes melt in their socket, their tongues melt in their mouth.” You’re thinking, okay, what could this be? Without going into details, I know this for a fact. There is a bomb. It has been invented. I also know it has been tested and I’m not going to go to any sources for that. It’s called a neutron bomb. What it basically does is it, let me just explain it in simple terms. What it basically does is when it explodes it leaves, it can leave a building intact, it can leave a vehicle intact. But it actually melts the skin on the human being and it leaves them in skeletal form.

SID: The Bible actually says their standing in skeletal. How could Zechariah thousands of years ago have known about a neutron bomb? Most of you don’t even know what a neutron bomb is. But I have to ask you about the rapture. What does the word “rapture” mean?

PERRY: From the Latin translation of the Bible, the New Testament is written in Greek. First Thessalonians 4, the phrase, “We should be caught up,” that Greek word means to be snatched up suddenly, snatched up by force, snatched out of danger’s way. When St. Jerome translated the Bible from Greek to Latin, the word “called up,” he chose the Latin word where we get the English word “rapture” from. And it basically means in the setting of the context of the scripture, it means to be literally called up. Because the Bible said that when he comes, Christ comes, Messiah comes, we’ll be called up to meet him in the air. So people often times will say to me, you use a term that’s not found in the Bible. I said, you know, believers use terms all the time. We talk about trinity. We talk about second coming. We talk about millennial. None of those words are in the Bible. But we use them as English words to describe what is written in the Bible, to describe an event, to describe what that word means. So often we’ll use that particular word because people are familiar with that word around the world. So that’s why that word is used.

SID: Now you believe in what is known as a pre-tribulation catching away.

PERRY: Right.

SID: Or rapture. What is the strongest reason that persuades you that that is correct?

PERRY: One verse is in Luke where Jesus says, “Pray that you be counted, escape all these things and stand for the Son of Man.” Then the Lord tells the church in Revelation, “Because you’ve kept the word of my patience, I will keep you from the hour of testing coming upon the whole earth.” But one of the things, and here we go again, you have to start in what we call the Old Testament. You will discover eight examples. It starts with Noah then it goes with Lot, then it goes with the 144,000 Jewish in Revelation, and then it goes all the way through when the Babylonians came in and the righteous were marked with the seal on their head and protected. There is an escape found eight times in the scripture of individuals who escape judgment. Now Nahum says this: “God has not, God appoints his wrath for his enemies.” And Paul said, “God has not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation through His son.” There’s so many scriptures.

SID: Isaiah 26.

PERRY: Yes. And in our Revelation teaching I show the scriptures of why I believe it’s Preterits, because we’re not appointed to the wrath of God and we are, I’m going to say it this way and this is going to be a little controversial. But this is basically what I’m saying. The Father has a bride who is Israel. You can read that in the Old Testament. He says, “I’m married to Israel.” But the son has a bride, which is the church. And before God can rescue His bride, the son has to rescue his bride. Now he comes from the church and then God turns His attention back to His bride and brings salvation and deliverance to them. And there are scriptures for all of this, but that’s a big statement that’s just been made. I know the people are kind of going to have to muse on that one a little bit.

SID: How about if I give you one minute to explain your revelation of 666.

PERRY: Oh wow. Well if you look, you know what, it’s going to take more than a minute. But I will say this. Honestly, and I’m going to make this short in one statement, it can be linked to the Islamic religion, and that’s the short version.

SID: Okay. I’m going to tell you something. I want you to fall in love with God’s Word. I want you to fall in love with God. I’ll be candid with you. The issue is not when the rapture occurs before the tribulation, in the middle, at the end. The issue is are you going to be raptured? That’s the issue. Do you know God? If you don’t make Jesus your Lord. Believe that He died for your sins. Say with your mouth, I make Jesus my Lord. Because of his death and resurrection, and blood my sins are atoned for and I am clean in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Our Guest Steve Gray

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Steve Gray

Sid: I want everyone everywhere to be so excited about the Messiah; I mean some of you your head is hanging down and saying “Woe is me.” How are you going to provoke Jewish people to jealousy? It says “Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke Jewish people to jealousy.” But you say “Sid, you don’t know what’s going on in my life.”   But I’m a member in the human race and I know that this is truth. I know that if you’ll stop feeling sorry for yourself; I know that if you’ll put your eyes on the Messiah He’ll keep you in perfect peace.” I know that that He loves you; I know that He loves you enough to send His Son to die for you. God so loves you it’s not just a cliche if you saw that movie “The Passion of Christ.” everything that Jesus went through were for you; you are important. Now I’m going to talk to a man that was about ready to just leave the pastorate; leave his family; just leave everything; just run away. Steve Gray who is the Senior Pastor of World Revival Church in Kansas City; his church has been in revival some 8 years it’s hard to believe but I’ll take you back then and what did you want to do before God’s power hit you?

Steve: Well, yeah I was at the point that I thought maybe I should quit. I think the amazing part of the ministry I should say. The amazing part of the story is we’re not talking about a non-believer here that is suddenly transformed; we’re talking about somebody that’s in the ministry 20 years and was doing good; good but it wasn’t God’s power it wasn’t God it was just good. And it wore me out just trying to do good and and be good without the power of God. And I’d kind of come to my limit and then the place was “You know what without the power of God I tried to do good but there was a lot that didn’t turn out so good; and there was times when I wasn’t so good and I had to admit that to myself.” So I began to have regrets and see my failings and all of a sudden it was well, what’s this all about? Where do I go from here just preach another sermon about some inspirational thought that I had or got out of Readers Digest or something like that; what do I do. And everything became empty and I wanted to have the real thing and I began to go on a search and my heart was hungry and I desired for it. And like so many other people it came at the lowest point and the darkest time but it made me vulnerable and not only to my own thoughts which weren’t too good sometimes. You know I thought maybe I was finished or maybe I was worthless and it put me up against the devils thought and he was telling me that I was worthless and defeated. But it also made me vulnerable to God and God was willing to do something and I didn’t give God an option. I didn’t give God the right option I gave God the option that “God I could quit; I could retire; I could go sell cars; I could go back to teach…

Sid: No, no, don’t do that, don’t sell cars but go ahead; but go ahead. (Laughing)

Steve: I said but…I didn’t give God but one option and that is that He would actually come down and touch me in such a powerful way that I would be different. But not only I would feel different and think different I would have a different ministry that would be effective. And that I could just reach out my hand; or take the hand of another pastor or another person that’s hurting and devastating as me and as in a matter of seconds they’re changed; different; they’re outlook; they’re full of hope; they’re ready to go back and preach; they’re ready to go back and get in church; they’re ready to go back and get back in the saddle and ride again. It’s amazing; but that’s what happened to me. And it came down when I walked into my…and I like the story too because I was in my own church and that’s what I love to see people go into their own churches and there they meet the power of God that empowers them to go the next level and the next step.

Sid: Take me to the moment that power came on you; give me a picture of it.

Steve: Well I came a part you know I’d been in the ministry 20 years; I’d been pastor there for 12 years; same building; you know the same same parking space.

Sid: (Laughing)

Steve:   Same door; same everything was the same and I pulled in the parking space and I’d been praying and seeking and I could hear the music through there and I’d made the decision…I’d first thought I maybe wasn’t going to go back but I decided I would go back and I’d step into that room again but if God doesn’t do something I am not going to start over; I’m not going to just going to turn this leaf over it’s got to be changed. So I was a little nervous about that but I was willing to walk in; the music at already started the service. I put my hand on the first door and I went through; I stood outside; I’d put my hand on the next door and I thought “Well, here I go this is it.” Well, I pushed open the door and I walked in and all eyes in the congregation went to on me and the first person I saw though, really saw though was Kathy my wife Kathy. And she was about 20 steps away or so and I got a little closer and I decided that well, I’d been away I’d been seeking God; I’d been trying to find what to do; I hadn’t seen her and I thought I hadn’t seen her I’d just give her a hug that’s it. That’s what a husband should do after he hadn’t seen his wife in 2 weeks; I walked toward her about 8 more steps I stuck my arm straight out to give my wife a hug but before I could even touch her the power of God came like a lightening bolt from heaven. And I mean it struck; it struck hard and precise and quick and it was just in the twinkling of an eye “Wham” and it was electrified inside inside, outside, I’m almost about to relive it right now Sid (Laughing).

Sid: Well, I can feel the presence of God around what you’re saying.

Steve: Things came in but not only that things lifted off; it was like it just fell off of my shoulders the weight. And I was like “Who am I, what is happening to me?” And I began like the person in the Bible that walking, leaping and praising God after they were healed; I was responding without thinking about what I looked like. I jumped up and down, my arms were going up and down. Kathy says I did a couple of twirls and I don’t know if I ever did in my life.

Sid: (Laughing)

Steve:   And I was different; but not only was I different I was ready to really do something. I was different as a person in my spirit; in my soul; in my body I felt different; but I was empowered and I didn’t know I was empowered then; but it wasn’t going to be a very few minutes later where I saw the power of God begin to work as I was an in effective person in the power of God and suddenly I was affective.

Sid: You know I see some key ingredients; I see number 1 you were crushed.

Steve:   Yeah.

Sid: I see number 2 you were desperate.

Steve:   Yep.

Sid: I see you were desperate for reality or toss in the towel but I don’t want the facade anymore.

Steve: Yep

Sid: And you reached that point and I believe that we have listeners right now that are at that point; they’re ready to throw in the towel. But guess what you are in the position that Steve was in. You have just been positioned to receive this anointing; this manifest presence of God. Now Steve is taking this presence of God one on one to Jewish people; but he can only like I can only do it to one person at a time so to speak, but guess what through radio, through television, through internet there is such an anointing on what Steve is saying right now. Steve, I believe that those that have put their self in position right now would receive. And I pray that the spiritual scales come off of the eyes of that pastor that is listening right now. You are desperate, Steve I want you to pray for everyone that’s hungry right now to be filled.

Steve: I want to pray because it’s a nice warm day here but I got chills on my body; all over my body right now just in the excitement of this moment to pray for you listening that the presence and the power of God will strike your life. I got a whole world ministry out of it and the whole worlds waiting on you. I pray “Jesus, Yeshua right now; Jesus the Messiah come Yeshua the Messiah come now in Your power right now; stretch forth Your Mighty right arm and Strike now! (Swoosh) in the name of Jesus; now let that power in; just receive, just receive. He just wants to know you’ll let Him in. Come and touch them with your power God; touch them now and put the fire of God in their bones; give them a new ministry; start new ministries; open the eyes to see the things Your doing, give them ears to hear what You’re doing and empower their hands for sick people; empower their hands with the anointings for depressed and demonized people and give them words to speak to Jewish people the power and presence and glory of God. You gave me a whole ministry, now give it to others, spread it around. Now if you’re listening to me right now receive, receive, receive, and receive and don’t you doubt in your heart; don’t you dare doubt in your heart it happened to me and it can happen to you in Jesus Name.

Sid: And let me also tell you something; don’t get faked out. Steve had a tangible encounter; but I believe that the anointing of God can go through the spoken voice; can go through laying on of hands; it has Biblical precedent and I believe that anointing went into you. And what you do with it is up to you but if you will thank God that His presence is in you that you are a changed person and begin to worship Him and do not look back I believe that everyone who asked received.   Now I want you to start doing something, I want you to start your own witnessing to Jewish people.

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Our Guest Pat Schatzline

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Sid: Oh my guest Pat Schatzline is red hot for the Messiah. Did you know that God can speak to you? I mean the Bible says “My sheep hear My voice.” Maybe, just maybe you need this down load from heaven. Pat Schatzline heard from heaven how you can be part of the end time remnant. In fact I’m going to ask him to pray a special supernatural prayer for you at the end of this broadcast. But Pat one night your wife comes to you because she has had a dream and tells you that you’re supposed to go to China to rescue your daughter. You don’t even have a daughter.

Pat: I certainly didn’t have a daughter. You know we tried for 10 years to try to have a child. Prophetic words over us, we have a son but for no reason, for no reason at all, the doctors could not find a reason we could not have another child. And Karen came to me Sid and she said Pat I had a dream I saw our daughter and I heard her crying in another land. And the Lord had spoken to her “And Karen in your despair you must rescue.” She was in despair for not being able to have another child. And so we began the process the journey. We even had it interrupted by stars and we would have gotten another child but we wouldn’t have gotten my beautiful little Abigail which is my Father’s joy. Karen has this dream and we go to China and we get our little girl. Sid I’ve got to tell you something that happened. About a year and half ago I was out of town and all of a sudden Karen calls me and she’s crying and I said “Honey, what’s wrong?” She said, we call her Abby, she said “Abby just came up to me in the house.” And I said “What happened?” She said “Mommy, I had a dream last night” and she said “Jesus came and saw me in my dream.” And Karen said “Really.” Now Abby’s 11 years old and she was about 9. And Karen goes “He told me, He reminded me that when I was in the orphanage with the other babies sleeping in the bed when I was cold.” She was 9 months old when we got her, that He used to say “Abby, hold on your mommy’s coming to get you.” “Mommy” she said “Last night He came and saw me and said “See Abby, I told you that your Mommy would come get you.” And she said “Isn’t that funny Mommy and runs off.” And Karen’s weeping controllably and I’m in a hotel room, I’m weeping uncontrollably that God loved our daughter enough, because He loves all of us that way to rescue her and break that orphan spirit. God has not called us to be orphans and the number one attack on the church today is an orphan spirit. Not realizing that God the Father has called you not to be slaves, but to be sons and daughters. He’s loves you so much I’m not going to leave you as an orphan spirit. That’s why anybody listening right now you can just say “God I need to feel the love of the Father around me.” Maybe you never had a dad you’ll feel His arms around you right now where you’re at. He’s breathing on you.

Sid: You talk about an orphan spirit, describe an orphan spirit.

Pat: An orphan spirit is a spirit that doesn’t truly believe that God loves you enough to make you His own. It doesn’t truly believe that God can do what He’s promised. An orphan spirit is a spirit waiting on God to leave them in the worst situations. We have raised a generation (I write about this in the book) 34% have grown up without parents, 72 percent in the inner city. So when we talk about God the Father most don’t even know what that means because they don’t even know what a father is because father’s have abandoned their families especially in America. But God says “I am a Father that will not walk away from you.” It took me years Sid, I was in ministry for years before I realized the true love of the Father that no matter what happens He won’t walk away from me. And an orphan spirit is a spirit that will keep you from ever having an encounter with God because you don’t believe that He’s really there when He says “I’m screaming your name right now.”

Sid: I believe that you can start people to be part of the end-time remnant. I believe that you can pray for people so that they can begin to walk with God, hear God. Demonstrate the kingdom and live as sons and daughters of the living God now, not when they’re in heaven but now.

Pat: Yes, well those that are listening right now you’re not an oops, you’re not an accident, you’re not a failure. Sid can I pray for them right now?

Sid: Please.

Pat: I cry out to You on behalf of those that are listening. Father, no matter what they’ve been through, no matter what scars they possess, no matter what pain they’ve been through I pray in Jesus Name that all they have to do is call out Your Name and Jesus You are right there with them. I pray for a supernatural encounter to overwhelm them. If they’re driving by car or their listening at home the glory of the Lord is filling your vehicle and His love is beginning to kiss you. And the presence of God is breaking an orphan spirit off of you because you are called a remnant, you are not an oops, you’re not an accident, you’re not a failure. There’s no such thing as someone that God can walk away from. He gave everything for you the ultimate sacrifice for you. So in Jesus Name all you got to pray is “Jesus, change me, forgive me, and invade me.” And His glory will walk in on you right now. And Father I pray that as their sitting there they’ll be so overwhelmed by your love; Father they’ll look down and see their scars are gone if they’re cutters. Father, they’ll begin to feel the glory of God shooting through their body. And sickness in their body must go now in Jesus Name we command it, devil you have no authority. And Father we pray for the freedom and the outpouring of God for the last days remnant to rise up. This is the moment where God begins to say here is why you were born, you weren’t born for the pain you were born for the joy. And God is bringing you up and pulling you up and grabbing a hold of you and taking you back to the cross the place of freedom and authority. In Jesus Name because the Bible says in Isaiah 10:21 “A remnant will return, a remnant of Jacob.” You are the remnant that God has planned to use. He has given you a mission field and it is right… one step away from you He has called you. If you’re a dad listening right now I pray that God gives you the authority to walk right in your house and be the spiritual thermostat. He has called your family to intimacy with God, to lay hands on your family, to wash your families feet again. If you’re a mom, if your weary, you’re a single parent who ever is listening God says “I lay down beside you as you go to sleep at night, I sing songs over you.” Just cry out to Him, God says “I’m right here.” And Jesus, I declare an encounter of Your glory like we’ve never experienced right now. In Jesus Name.

Sid: Now you call these encounters “An audience of One” explain.

Pat: You know I use the story in the book of meeting my daughter for the first time. When she reached out and rubbed my face at 9 months old and said “Bobba.” And audience of one is like getting a letter in the mail of how God said “I’ve been waiting on you.” It’s the woman that washed the feet of Jesus “Mary when she washed her feet with her hair, the room was full of people, nay sayers, Pharisees but she had an audience of one. The audience of one is that place where you begin to realize and it’s also the word of God. Anyone that God has ever used has had to have an audience of one where God walks up to you and talks to you. Sid, I’ve had the audience of one over and over. One time I was preaching at Brownsville and I was standing at the school of ministry there and revival broke out and they brought me into to speak. And I said “Be careful God will bump into you.” You know as I’m standing there praying I got shoved and nearly knocked on the ground. I thought that someone had done it, I got upset and I turned around and I thought that it was one of my staff members. And the Lord said “You said I would bump into you.” And oh my goodness I began to weep. The audience of one is what God did when He broke failure spirit off of me and Sid fear spirit off of me. It’s what He did when He broke grief off of me when my sister died. My wife came home one day and I’m sitting at the top of the stairs and she could see it it’s been 6 months since my sister died. She said “Jesus is standing behind you Pat go in your prayer room He’ll have an encounter with you.” Audience of one is when I found a letter in my yard that had fallen out of the tornado of 2011. And that letter said it was a sheet of paper out of a book, it had fallen out of the tornado that had come through this house, I live in Birmingham. And on April 25 I picked up the sheet of paper soaking wet and it was a page out of a book that said “After these disasters will come a World War.” I ran into my house and went up to my prayer room and was on my knees and I received a text that David Wilkerson had just died in a car accident from his nephew. As I’m sitting there the Lord said “You tell them.” And I said “Why did you put this in my front yard?” I’m holding the paper right now as I’m talking to you and the Lord said “You tell them their running out of time, tell them that I’m coming back, tell them that things are going to get worse but I am with them to hang on.” That’s an audience of one.


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