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SID: Now if I was give you a book that has thousands, literally thousands of precise predictions of what will happen in the future, and if I showed you that thousands of them have already come true, would you like to look at the last third of the predictions that haven’t had a chance to come true, or would you toss that book out? Many Christians have tossed out the Old Testament, have tossed out the Book of Revelation and won’t have a clue about the last days. And I’m concerned about you. I want you to be the head and not the toes. I want you to overcome. I don’t want you to just be a patsy for the Antichrist system that’s coming. Perry Stone, just tell me a few of the prophecies that haven’t come true yet.

PERRY: Okay. Daniel 9:27 is seven years of which a treaty has to be signed with Israel, with surrounding nations. That is has absolutely not happened yet. That’s where the foundation comes for the seven-year tribulation period, is Daniel 9:27. Now look at some prophecies, for example the big one in my opinion, you have Isaiah 17:1, a destruction of Damascus, which is going to take place. That’s just a second one, for example, that has not yet happened. Damascus is one of the oldest continuing cities in the world as far as going all the way back to the time of Eliezer and Abraham. The third scripture that I’d say is definitely, you can see the formation, the fermentation of the nations is what I call it, is Ezekiel 38 and 39. This is called the war of Gog and Magog. For example, Persia, which is Iran, heads up that battle. And then you have countries like—

SID: Isn’t it interesting that Iran is surfacing as a world dominant player right now. Russia is surfacing as a world…. I mean, isn’t everything coming into place?

PERRY: Let me just say it this way. When the, they call it the Arab Spring took place in Egypt, I told my staff, I said, if we’re really in the time of the end, Libya has to fall next. And they asked me, they said, why do you say that? I said, go to Daniel 11 and read where it talks about the Antichrist. Now this is the chapter that deals with the man who’s coming in the future called the Antichrist. And it says, that he’s over the treasures of Egypt, the silver and gold of Egypt and the Libyans and the Ethiopians will be at his steps, meaning they will be following his footsteps. And you know, the situation happened in Egypt and then it was followed up in Libya when Qaddafi was killed. And it’s left a void. There’s a tremendous void in those two countries. Now in the future, we don’t know the timing of this. Only God has the timing. But in the future there will come a, I encourage people, for example, to read Isaiah 19. It says, the civil war would be in Egypt, brother against brother. It says, there will be no jobs in Egypt. Now part of that’s happening now. But there’s a second head of that where it says, Egypt is given over to a cruel lord. That’s according to most scholars, the Antichrist. So the point is that when we see the alignment in the Middle East, we see the prophecies taking place in Israel. These are so specific by the prophets that it’s not a guesswork thing.

SID: You know, talking about specific, wait until Perry tells you about the destruction of nuclear war in Zechariah about the skin. Explain that.

PERRY: You want to talk about that? Okay. There is a scripture, there is a real odd scripture in the Bible that says, “The Lord will allow a plague to come upon the people that attack Jerusalem,” and it would be “that their eyes melt in their socket, their tongues melt in their mouth.” You’re thinking, okay, what could this be? Without going into details, I know this for a fact. There is a bomb. It has been invented. I also know it has been tested and I’m not going to go to any sources for that. It’s called a neutron bomb. What it basically does is it, let me just explain it in simple terms. What it basically does is when it explodes it leaves, it can leave a building intact, it can leave a vehicle intact. But it actually melts the skin on the human being and it leaves them in skeletal form.

SID: The Bible actually says their standing in skeletal. How could Zechariah thousands of years ago have known about a neutron bomb? Most of you don’t even know what a neutron bomb is. But I have to ask you about the rapture. What does the word “rapture” mean?

PERRY: From the Latin translation of the Bible, the New Testament is written in Greek. First Thessalonians 4, the phrase, “We should be caught up,” that Greek word means to be snatched up suddenly, snatched up by force, snatched out of danger’s way. When St. Jerome translated the Bible from Greek to Latin, the word “called up,” he chose the Latin word where we get the English word “rapture” from. And it basically means in the setting of the context of the scripture, it means to be literally called up. Because the Bible said that when he comes, Christ comes, Messiah comes, we’ll be called up to meet him in the air. So people often times will say to me, you use a term that’s not found in the Bible. I said, you know, believers use terms all the time. We talk about trinity. We talk about second coming. We talk about millennial. None of those words are in the Bible. But we use them as English words to describe what is written in the Bible, to describe an event, to describe what that word means. So often we’ll use that particular word because people are familiar with that word around the world. So that’s why that word is used.

SID: Now you believe in what is known as a pre-tribulation catching away.

PERRY: Right.

SID: Or rapture. What is the strongest reason that persuades you that that is correct?

PERRY: One verse is in Luke where Jesus says, “Pray that you be counted, escape all these things and stand for the Son of Man.” Then the Lord tells the church in Revelation, “Because you’ve kept the word of my patience, I will keep you from the hour of testing coming upon the whole earth.” But one of the things, and here we go again, you have to start in what we call the Old Testament. You will discover eight examples. It starts with Noah then it goes with Lot, then it goes with the 144,000 Jewish in Revelation, and then it goes all the way through when the Babylonians came in and the righteous were marked with the seal on their head and protected. There is an escape found eight times in the scripture of individuals who escape judgment. Now Nahum says this: “God has not, God appoints his wrath for his enemies.” And Paul said, “God has not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation through His son.” There’s so many scriptures.

SID: Isaiah 26.

PERRY: Yes. And in our Revelation teaching I show the scriptures of why I believe it’s Preterits, because we’re not appointed to the wrath of God and we are, I’m going to say it this way and this is going to be a little controversial. But this is basically what I’m saying. The Father has a bride who is Israel. You can read that in the Old Testament. He says, “I’m married to Israel.” But the son has a bride, which is the church. And before God can rescue His bride, the son has to rescue his bride. Now he comes from the church and then God turns His attention back to His bride and brings salvation and deliverance to them. And there are scriptures for all of this, but that’s a big statement that’s just been made. I know the people are kind of going to have to muse on that one a little bit.

SID: How about if I give you one minute to explain your revelation of 666.

PERRY: Oh wow. Well if you look, you know what, it’s going to take more than a minute. But I will say this. Honestly, and I’m going to make this short in one statement, it can be linked to the Islamic religion, and that’s the short version.

SID: Okay. I’m going to tell you something. I want you to fall in love with God’s Word. I want you to fall in love with God. I’ll be candid with you. The issue is not when the rapture occurs before the tribulation, in the middle, at the end. The issue is are you going to be raptured? That’s the issue. Do you know God? If you don’t make Jesus your Lord. Believe that He died for your sins. Say with your mouth, I make Jesus my Lord. Because of his death and resurrection, and blood my sins are atoned for and I am clean in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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